Drew Barrymore’s Revenge

Drew Barrymore’s Revenge

It was the end of the school year at the Ryder School for Girls.

Emotions had been building all year between two of the Ryder’s School
pupil’s Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone.

The rivarly between the two actreses was just about to come to a
climax, the forest behind the Ryder school was packed full with
Teenage girls, all there to watch the two teen actresses stlle their
agurments once and for all.

Alicia had told everybody to come and watch her teach Drew a lesson.

Alicia had been on Drew’s case ever since she had transferred
to the
Ryder School three months ago.

Drew was not exactly a dog in the looks department, but the attention
Alicia received from everybody, teachers, students and guy really
pissed Drew off.

Alicia had taken every opportunity to put down and insult Drew in
front of everyone at the school.

She’d been really pushing it…

Now was the time Drew thought to push back.

Both Alicia Silverstone and Drew Barrymore were both wearing their
Ryder School gym strip. The two actresses circled each other, the
crowd cheering Alicia on.

Even now Drew thought, Alicia was still the centre of attention…

Alicia came at Drew, spinning on her heel to deliver a drop kick.

Everybody knew Alicia had taken martial arts courses for her Batgirl

However Batgirl was in for a very unpleasant surprise!

Drew easily side-stepped Alicia’s kick, grabbing her ankle as she went
by and dumping her heavily on the ground, stunning the actress.

The crowd of Teenage girls, including Claire Danes, Christina Ricci
Lacy Chabert and Natalie Portman were stunned, Alicia had been the
favourite to win this grudge match all along, now they weren’t so

Drew stood over the Batbabe.

Alicia scrambled up, angry, losing her composure, she charged at Drew

Drew stepped inside her swinging fists and jabbed her fist straight
into Alicia’s gut.

The Blonde teen actresses breath whooshed out of her as she doubled
over in sudden and unexpected pain.

Drew jerked Alicia up by the hair and slapped her face…

Once…. Twice….

Alicia was gasping, a stunned look in her eyes, she couldn’t beleive
this was happening, Drew was smaller than her.

Alicia didn’t have much time to think on her situation Drew pushed the
Batgirl with her palm, dumping her on her ass.

Alicia rolled weakly onto her side, curling up…

There was a stunned silence and growing excitement in the forest
behind the Ryder School.

Drew knelt down and shoved Alicia further over, face down, and then
grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt.

Drew pulled it up over Alicia’s head and then right off.

Alicia Silverstone, the Ryder’s School most popular girl was gasping
for air, obviously panicking.

"Noooo" Alicia tried to say…

Drew undid Alicia’s bra and jerked it off, using it to tie her hands
together in front of her.

Alicia Silverstone pressed herself down against the grass, afraid of
exposing her breasts.

Alicia begged Drew to stop.

"I give in, I give in!", she pleaded. "You win!"

Drew just laughed.

Drew said, " Alicia, I happen to know that you planned no mercy for me
if you had won this fight!"

Drew picked up Alicia’s shoulder bag off the ground opened it.

Drew pulled out something, first a long handled hairbrush and then one
of the biggest dildos you can imagine!

"I overheard you boasting Alicia ! I know what you planned to do this
to me! Well, I’m not going to let down the girls, accept there’s a
change of plan, you’re going to be the star attraction!"

Alicia did all she could to get away, but she really had no chance as
Drew torn off Alica’s runners, peeling off her socks.

The crowd of Teenage girls, pressed forward as Drew grabbed the
waistband of Alicia’s shorts and dragged them down her legs and off…

Just her panties were left now…

Alicia was really wailing now, begging for mercy, for help… but no
one even tried to help Alicia!….

Drew knew they didn’t want her to stop They were getting really turned
on by the sight of Alicia being stripped naked aganist her will.

They wanted to see Alicia brought down to size! They wanted to see
her naked… Wide opened and exposed…

To the delight of the the crowd of teenage girls….

Drew slowly peeled off Alicai’s panties, revealing the actresses bare

Alicia Silverstone was now completely naked…

She blushed redder than ever, her whole teenage body shaking with
humiliation, her breathing nervous and gasping…

Drew grabbed Alicia’s blonde hair and jerked her up on her hands and

Drew told her and the crowd, "You see that stump over there?

" I’d that’s about one hundred yards away, Alicia you’ve got 30
seconds to get over there, on your hands and knees…..

If you don’t, I’m going to give you what you really deserve, an over
the knee, bare assed paddling!

Now, move !"

With that, Drew hit out at Alicia’s exposed ass with the back of the
hair brush. She yelped in pain, then began hurrying toward the stump.

Drew walked alongside of her, smacking her ass with the hair brush,
hurrying her along, while Drew counted out the seconds.

Alicia did her best to avoid the blows, moving her ass around but to
the delight of the crowd Alicia only succeeded in putting on a good
show for the crowd

– Her teen ass bouncing, her tits swaying…

Drew counted off the 30th second counted off just a few feet short of
the stump. Drew stood her up, then sat down on the stump while
dragging Alicia forward, over my lap.

Drew laughed. " Now Alicia," Drew sneered at her,

" You’ve been bad, you’ve been mean and now this is where you start to
pay for it !"

Drew shouted out to the crowd.

"You’re about to get the spanking you deserve, but it can be a long
one, or a short one.

You’re going to get at least 40 whacks, but I am not going to start
counting those 40 until one of two things happens.

Either I reach 40 spanks once, and then start another 40…or else you
spread your legs nice and wide and let everyone here look at your

"No! No! No!" Alicia begged, squirming, " NO DREW PLEASE Please,
please don’t, please, I’ll do anything, anything-"

Drew just laughed.

She took the hairbrush and began the spanking!

Splat! One! Whack! Two! Ca-rack! Three!

"Just think, Alicia, you can still win a moral victory! Maybe you can
hold out through all 80 strokes and not show anyone your pussy! Maybe
you can show everyone how tough you are, that you can take this
spanking without humiliating yourself!

Think you can do that?"

Alicia’s ass jiggled, her whole body shook. She began to cry
out. Drew knew it wouldn’t take much more…

Ten strokes, that’s all it took.

Alicia screamed at me to stop, and quickly spread her legs wide open,
exposing her naked slit for everyone to see!

The crowd went wild, humiliating Alicia further, The teenage girls
impressed with how complete and public Alicia’s humilation was.

A fresh burst of tears poured down Alicia’s cheeks. "You bitch! You
fucking bitch! I hate you!!"

" Alicia, I’m going to give you another choice. You know how sore
your ass is, now you can either do what I say, or else I’m going to
give you some more spanks. Two Hundred. Can you imagine two hundred
more on your ass….

Or you can do something for me…"

"Wha-what?" Alicia said, trembling…

Drew opened Alcia’s shoulder bag and pulled out a pair of scissors and
a razor.

"I think Alicia everyone here would enjoy watching you shave your
pussy hairs off for us, don’t you think?"

Alicia gasped.

Alicia pleaded with Drew, begged her not to make her do it, Drew just
brandished the hairbrush and told her to turn over.

With a fresh burst of tears, Alicia gave in and took the scissors.

"But first, I think we all need something to remember this with"

" Claire, Lacy will you help me out ?"

" What ? " the two actressses said…

" I need two camera people…. " Drew said

Lacy Chabert and Claire Danes looked wide eyed at each other, both had
been really turned on by what they’d just seen and had really damp

They both smiled at each other and said…..

" OK ! "…..

At this Drew handed Lacy and Claire two camcorders.

" Alicia, Claire’s camera will be recording your pretty face, while
Lacy’s camera will be filming just your pussy…..

This should be quite an education for Lacy" Drew smiled at the "Lost
in Space" teenage starlet….

A huge round of applause and laughter followed….

But not from Alicia, "You fucking pervert Drew, I will never do that"
she screamed.

Alicia rushed to her feet to escape, but the actress had no chance,
she was caught by Christina Ricci and her arms were held behind her
back, Christina’s large teenage breasts pushing into Alicia’s naked

"It looks like you need further convincing Alicia, five slaps on each
of your tender tits with this should do the trick"

Drew showed her a fly swatter she had brought along for just this

As Christina Ricci held AliciaSilverstone Drew Barrymore asked the
crowd if they would count each spank.

The crowd of teenage girls looked down at Alicia…..

She was everything most girls hated, and most guys wanted.

Drew brought the swatter down on Alicia’s right breast.

" One!" shouted the crowd.

Alicia let out a loud scream and tried to break free from Christina

Christina easily held Alicia tight.

Another swat this time on Alicia’s left tit.


It jiggled and bounced as she screamed and cried.

There was a general consensus we could be here all week as far as my
crowd were concerned.

No, no, please, please I can’t stand it" Alicia was crying for Drew
to stop.

The next two blows came down right on Alicia’s perky little nipples,
Drew had never heard anyone scream as loud.

" Lacy give me your panties"

" What ?" Lacy said

" I don’t want the teachers back at the school to hear Alicia’s
screams, they’ll spoil our fun, take your panties off NOW" Drew said

Lacy knew better than to cross Drew Barrymore pulling her school skirt
up she pulled down her panties, giving the crowd and Claire’s
camcorder an glipmse of her teenage bush….

Drew grabbed Lacy’s panties and sniffed them….

" Mmmmmmm Lacy we are turned on aren’t we" Drew said as Lacy Charbert
went bright red.

Drew took Lacy’s damp panties and stuffed them in Alicia’s mouth.

"There that should shut you up."

The crowd of teenage girls cheered as Drew brought down two more quick

Drew then invited Natalie Portman to stand beside Alicia and grab her

Like Lacy, Natalie knew now not to cross Drew….

Using her index fingers and thumbs Natalie roughly pulled Alicia’s
tender nipples away from her body.

" Natalie I want you to pull up as hard as you can"

Natalie pulled on Alicia’s nipple drawing more muffled screamd from
the blonde actress.

On Drew’s orders Christina let going of Alicia and she curled up on
the ground, her hands all though still tied went up to rub her aching
teenage breasts.

"Now that should make you little more obedient," Drew sneered at her.

"Please no more, I’ll do anything," Alicia pleaded as Drew pulled
Natalie’s panties out of her mouth.

"No, I’m not even close to being done with you yet I know that you
were going to make me walk through school naked if you won," Drew told

"No, that’s not true I swear!"

"You’re a lair!" Drew shouted at her.

"You were going to make me walk down the hall naked didn’t you!" I
swatted her again.

" You’ll all pay for this" Alicia screamed

"No you’ll pay now" Drew screamed back as she brought down the fly
swatter with all her strength.

Most of the blow caught her right on that beautiful blonde pussy of

Alicia shrieked….

"I think it’s time for you to shave?, What do you think?" Drew said
looking around at the teenage girls in the crowd.

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