Drinks With Mariah


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-Drinks with Mariah-

(MF, nc, oral, drugs, Mdom, bond, humil, BDSM, ws)

Exorcist Dave

A bit longer this time, thanks to NY for his input.

It’s one of the hottest shows in Hollywood this year, the cream of the music and film industry are in attendance. By some miracle, or horrendous mistake on the organisers part, so to is Mariah Cary. Fortunately for the organisers and the entire hearing world for that matter myself and a number of my agents are also here, although we have a slightly different kind of revelry intended than most of the other patrons.

Anyway the evening passes slowly she drinks and dances, dances and drinks no one paying more than the usual ogling attention to her. It is closing on one in the morning and the party is still buzzing when our little Mariah goes down stairs to the basement level where ‘ladies’ toilets are. She sways into one of the cubicles a little woozily. Now I’m waiting for her, I lock the door slowly and quietly so as not to alert my quarry.

Mariah’s cubicle door opens and she steps out quickly moving to the door, there is a sharp click and a tug. Mariah quickly realises I’ve hooked something to the cheap collar she wore out tonight, she turns about in outrage fortunately I punch her firmly in the stomach before she can see me. She recoils bending over double and whimpering in pain my hands firmly on the leash I attached to her collar. I hold her there as I grab something firm and leather from my pocket.

Quickly I haul a leather discipline hood over her head, Mariah is so shocked she doesn’t struggle as the thing is locked tightly into place over her head. The hood includes a tight strap holding her jaw and her mouth firmly shut stifling her protests, with a click the padlock is shut trapping her head. All Mariah slut can see through the cruel leather device is the tiled floor of the toilets as her hands pull and tug on the hood in a futile effort to free herself.

I hold her as she struggles flailing desperately for a minute until I decide she’s had enough. Quickly I snatch her wrists and lock them in hand cuffs tight behind her back.

Neatly I force her hot little hands into finger-less leather mittens that are fastened tight around her now useless hands. She twists and curls her body trying to get away from me but I’ve got the leash tight, her days of free will are over. I kick the back of her knee, she drops to her knees banging them cruelly on the hard floor. She whimpers again through her forcibly closed mouth.

There is a metallic clatter somewhere ahead of her she looks up and in terror sees a small metal cage on wheels, the sturdy looking thing is about 3’ by 4’ by 3’. Just large enough to fit her, she struggles and mumbles desperately as the door is opened and she is dragged by her collar into it. With a slam and the click of a padlock the door is secured behind her, a cloth cover is thrown over it and she is quickly wheeled away into the night…

I don’t normally step out to abduct celebs myself but with Mr Cary I make an acceptation. This total whore embodies everything I hate about show business, she succeeds despite a total lack of talent, personality or intellect. The model of T&A over talent. I’m going to make an example of Mariah, an example of what happens to show biz whores.


Some time later Mariah comes too. She takes in her surroundings slowly, not that there’s much to see. She’s naked in the bed of a decidedly posh hotel room somewhere in an exclusive area. She is physically quite unrestrained, but the awesome quantities of drugs I have pumped into her system do have a fairly binding effect on her. She tries with all her might to get out of bed, she just about succeeds in sitting up.

It is at this moment I choose to enter the room. I sweep inside and push her back into the bed, she is most unappreciative of this.

“Nooooo” she breaths, the sound is in fact little more than a breath for she can barely speak. That is unfortunately for her the only protest she is able to register.

“Hello Mariah, I’m here to punish you” my grin widens “I’m going to make you suffer, publicly”. With a hand motion I acquaint Miss Cary with the video camera in the corner, its unblinking eye taking in every moment of her humiliation. She tries to grapple with me, but in her drugged state all I need do is brush her away. I grab her wrists and roll back dragging her onto me, with ease I pull her mouth onto my dick. She tries to push away futilely, although she is truly incapable of any physical action she is fully aware of what I am doing to her.

As I fuck her throat with abandon her hands and legs flail slowly and weakly. Finally I finish off in her mouth, I get up from the bed as she lets my come drool out from between her slutty lips. She coughs and wretches, I can’t quite bring myself believe that she’s never deep throated before. I muse over this as I cross to my bag of tricks and produce a bull whip.

“Now fist things first you little bitch…” she looks at me vacantly from the bed as I speak. Mariah is on all fours on the bed head low trying to get her head strait, her eyes drift shut tiredly. With a whistling crack my whip adds a stripe to her bubble but, the first of many. “… I want you to clean that mess from the bed sheets.” She looks at me a mix of confusion and horror.

I add another couple of lashes to her back and ass before she decides to comply. She licks and slurps the foul cum and spit from the soft white linen with tremendous difficulty. It takes her around five minutes to clean the sheets of a fashion.

“Did you enjoy that?” I smirk. She grunts something in the negative. That was a mistake, time to correct the dog. Whip flails her as I bark my commands at her. “You answer me when I speak to you! Sluts like you love eating come don’t you whore!” I hope she can hear me through the pain I inflict on her squirming and writhing form.

“Tell me again.” Something must have been beaten into her thick skull cause her answer is right on cue.

“I enjoyed it” she slurs weakly. Good but not good enough.

“You, call, me, master, you, pathetic, little, slut!” I punctuate my words with my whip. I’m going to switch toys soon, her back is a real mess… not that I care.

“Sorry Master” she finishes meekly. She tries to get up again and falls over onto her back. I am enjoying this.

“Ok Ms Cary why don’t you tell me why you always ware such revealing cloths, and remember what happens if I don’t like you answer…” I think I’m getting through to her swimming head.

“I lihke thoo tease mehn whith mhy bhoddy… master” she slurs.

“And how do you feel when men stare at your slutty body.” I snarl at her.

“Hornehy Mahster” she is resigning herself to her fait now, excellent.

For the next hour and a half I verbally humiliate miss Cary in every way I know how. She’s told me (and the video camera) of her every sexual experience, she even admits to being with a horse once, something I personally doubt.

It’s time to move on to her next humiliation. She, well I’ll really get of on this one.

“You must be really thirsty with all that talking slut…” I smile at what’s to come “… would you like a drink?” She nods, she is barley conscious with the drugs and shame, but she nods. I take a glass and a bottle from my bag. Next I drag her into a as sitting position on the bed. I pour her a drink and offer the glass to her, it is an excellent vintage, a week old bottle of Sarah Michelle Geller’s piss complete with traces of dog cum, served ice cold of course. She takes one sniff and bats it from my hand in an act of defiance, she tries to get up again. She is stopped rather quickly, I sit down behind her and hold her in position between my legs. With one arm twisted up behind her back I offer her a second glass.

“Drink it down honey, your finishing the bottle tonight.” She tries to resist but between the drug and the way I have her held she doesn’t have all that much choice. I press the chilled glass to her cock sucking lips and have her drink. Some of the piss drools from the side of her mouth and down over her breasts but the bulk of the foul liquid makes it to her mouth. And with a little force the rest makes it to her stomach.

For the remaining ten or fifteen minutes she takes glass after glass, progressively spilling more and more over her bulbous tits and down her flat stomach to her long legs. She’s had well over two pints now, poor whore.

I get up and let her flop backwards defeated, she murmurs something unintelligible as I pour the rest of the bottle over her, soaking her hair and covering her body. She lays there barely able to move. I watch her as I get quickly dressed. I check the video camera is still sending the images via satellite to my computer.

Shortly I pass out through the door and let in a bunch of around fifteen horny teenage fans in after me. I watch them as the pounce on the barely struggling starlet. The poor slut is going to be gang banged till she tares.

Around midday the next day Mariah Cary comes too, drenched in cum and laying in the bed of a hotel room with no idea what happened… Still it’ll all come back to her when she sees the video, which will be out on general release soon.


Comments to the above address plz. This story contains elements of one of my other stories ‘Snatching Sammie’. More if Requested.

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