Driving Miss Alba

Driving Miss Alba
by Bob Decker (ErosTrek) – ds9eros@hotmail.com

“Good evening Miss Alba, there’s a limo waiting for you outside” the hotel’s
manager had spotted Jessica Alba stepping out of the elevator and had
out from behind the reception counter to greet her. She was a celebrity
all. And she was looking particularly beautiful tonight, which made the
wish he was some forty years younger than he was.

“Thanks, Mr Sato” she said smiling at him in such a way as to make his heart
skip a beat.

“Have a good time at the premiere” he bowed at the waist.

“I will” and she
stepped out into the cold Seattle evening.

She shivered. Her clothes were not designed to keep her warm. They were
to show off her sexy figure, and they exposed more skin than they covered.
ran quickly to the waiting limo and got in, the driver slamming the door
behind her.

He got in and looked back at his passenger, touching the brim of his cap
two fingers as a greeting.

“Where to Miss Alba?”

“The Seattle Paramount cinema, please.”

“Ah so you’re going to the red carpet event they have on tonight?”

“Yeah” she grinned “I’m sorta the guest of honor.”

“Oh really?” The limo pulled away from the curb and merged with the traffic
the driver kept up the small talk with his famous passenger.

“Yup. Today is the premiere of Dark Angel : The Movie. The fans have really
waiting for it for such a long time, but I only managed to convince Jim to
do it
after … well, let’s say I made it worth his while.”

The driver glanced back in the rear view mirror and managed to catch the
look that flashed for a moment across Jessica Alba’s face. She noticed his
glance and recrossed her legs slowly allowing him a moment’s view down
her thighs at her white panties.

He cleared his throat in embarrassment, then continued as if he hadn’t seen
anything out of the ordinary.

“If I may ask, is Jim the famous James Cameron?”

“Yeah he is. You know, he directed Titanic, T2 and of course the series I
in, Dark Angel.”

“Oh, must be great to have worked with him. I must say I’m a fan of most of
films” the driver cleared his throat again and his cheeks colored slightly
though in the dim lighting no one would have noticed “and I’m also a big fan
yours Miss Alba.”

Jessica laughed, “Really? That’s good to know.” She fished about in her
red handbag, “It’s your lucky day today, I got a few pictures with me for my
fans you know and I’ll autograph one for you if you want.”

“That would be very nice of you Miss Alba.”

“Oh stop calling me Miss Alba, I’m Jessica. What’s your name?”

“Robert Decker, Miss .. ehm .. Jessica. Friends call me Bob though.”

“Great! So how does, ‘To Bob, Love & Kisses, Jessica’ sound?”

Bob gulped, “That .. That’s very nice.”

She levered herself up out of the back seat of the limo and moved forward
the driver could feel her warm breath on his neck from across the half
glass partition.

“Here you go” and she handed him the autographed picture. For a moment the
swerved across a couple of lanes almost causing an accident and resulting in
furious honking of horns from oncoming cars before Bob regained control.

Jessica giggled as she held on tightly to the leather front seat headrest as
limo swung her about during the momentary loss of control. “That’s from my
latest Maxim photoshoot.”

“I-It’s very nice” Bob finally managed to stutter. The pic showed Jessica
standing on a beach in front of an ocean scene in a bright red, very tight
fitting top and tiny green bikini bottom panties. Her skin was an almost
color and she simply seemed to radiate beauty. Oh how envious his friends
going to be of him having met such a sexy star!

“I knew you’d like it.” Her voice suddenly became low and sultry. “Bob

“Yes Miss Alba .. errr, sorry, Jessica ..?”

“Stop the car somewhere.”

“But .. you’ll be late for the premiere. With the traffic as it is right now
we’ll be arriving just in time and …”

Jessica was wearing a short red dress with a deep cleavage and thin straps
each shoulder. The skirt part of the dress showed off a lot of her thigh,
up on one side almost to her waist. Bob, being a much greater fan of Dark
and Jessica Alba than he’d dared admit, had already recognised it as the
sexy dress she’d worn in the Dark Angel pilot episode. The one she’d taken
off a
high class whore. The one she’d dived into a pool with and then come up all
soaking wet, the tight dress clinging wetly and even more tightly to her

Now, much to Bob’s amazement she pulled aside one of the straps, letting it
down her arm, exposing a matching red bra that barely covered three fourths
her full breasts. Bob stomped on the brake pedal and the limo came to a
screeching halt in bare seconds. Oh god, what was she doing!?

The other strap came off her shoulder and the dress fell down about her
She continued to smile at him as he twisted himself around in the seat to
get a
better view just as she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra.

“Miss Alba!” the driver said in a strangled voice as her bare breasts
slightly as they were freed of the bra but remained firm and perky, not
a millimetre as their support was removed. “I..I..Wha..What are you doing?”

“Oh Bob, come back here and fuck me” she sighed “I’m feeling sooooo hot.”

“I..I..don’t think … don’t know …”

“Come on Bob, just do it. You know you want to” she squeezed her tits
then tweaked her hard nipples with her fingers “oh yeeeeahhh, please suck
for me” she moaned.

Bob was in shock. He’d been driving people around in cabs then in limos for
five years and he’d seen lots of crazy things, but never had a woman offered
herself to him in such a way, let alone that the woman was a celebrity, an
international movie star no less … one he’d had his share of wet dreams
too! Should he go back there and do as she was asking .. no, more like
him to do? Was this some sort of joke? Would he lose his job over this?
He’d made his choice. Bob scrambled out into the street and within seconds
had opened the left rear door and ducked into the large passenger cabin.

Jessica was waiting for him. She hugged him, pulling him down against her
chest. He could feel her stiff nipples poke at him as her breasts flattened
against his chest and his boner grew another inch or so.

“Oh yeah” she kissed him on his lips, sucking at them greedily and pushing
tongue into his mouth, her front teeth scraping against his. Bob felt the
go out of him as the sexy young woman assaulted him. A part of his mind was
wondering what the hell was up with her and telling him not to take
advantage of
a woman in this state. The rest of his mind was telling his conscience to
off. Whatever second thoughts he may have been about to have left him in a
as he felt Jessica Alba’s hands rove over the front of his pants, grabbing
his hardon for a moment before undoing the button and unzipping him. She
in to free his cock from his underpants and pulled it out to stare at it
lovingly as he lay back on the plush seating.

“It’s so big” she gasped as she closed her fist around it and began to slide
hand up and down the shaft. A look of intense bliss crossed over the
face as the beatiful actress began to speed up her handjob, twisting her
around his cock as it went up and down. At the top, his pisshole was already
releasing the first droplets of pre-cum and she quickly ran over them with
palm to spread them around.

She had been crouching on the floor before him but now she got up and sat on
seat next to him, though before she did that she hitched up her skirt around
waist, exposing her tiny white panties, the same ones he’d glimpsed a few
minutes ago.

“Jessica …” he finally managed to gasp as she continued to rub his pole.

“Yeah?” she whispered in a throaty voice.

“It .. It feels so good …” he hesitated for a moment “… can I touch

She stopped for a moment and looked him straight in the eyes. “Of course
What are you waiting for?”

Bob’s heart skipped a beat. Yes, yes, yes! A dream come true. Not only was
jacking him off, but she actually wanted him to touch her. He laughed, which
made her look at him again for a moment before she snuggled sideways against
him. His hand brushed against the bare skin of her back, enjoying its silky
smoothness. Lower and lower his hand went until it encountered her dress
up in a rope around her waist. Skipping over it he continued down, exploring
lower back and sliding his hand under the hem of her panties until he was
cupping her wonderfully curvaceous butt. He squeezed the tight flesh gently,
then his hand continued to explore, finding her crack. He traced the tips of
fingers down that canyon between her butt cheeks and she wriggled slightly,
if she was being tickled by him. Bob felt her raise her hips off the seat.

“Take my panties off” she urged suddenly.

“Wha…” he gasped but he wasn’t about to refuse such an offer. With a bit
help from her, he managed to pull down her panties and in no time at all
were around her ankles and she kicked them off. A voice in his mind was
“You have Jessica Alba completely nude next to you while she’s grabbing your
cock! Do something about it you idiot!” A wild grin on his face and suddenly
the least bit worried about losing his job or being seen like this on a
street because the limo’s glass were mirror tinted … Bob grabbed a handful
Jessica’s ass a bit more roughly than just moments ago making her jump
as he squeezed. She cried out but didn’t stop him. Instead her hand’s up and
down motion became faster and she turned her face up to kiss him again on
mouth. While returning her kiss, his hand continued exploring her body, this
time diving between her thighs from behind until his palm was triumphantly
cupping her groin. He could feel her slit was already spread due to her
excitement and she was also quite wet.

Bob dipped his index finger into that wetness and slid it down between the
folds of tight flesh, piercing deeper and deeper until he elicited a loud
from Jessica Alba.

“Oh Bob yes, finger fuck my cunt” she said to the amazed limo driver then
lowered her head from his chest until her mouth could reach his cock. After
a moment’s hesitation, her luscious lips began to caress his glans, leaving
trail of saliva. She swallowed his dickhead into her mouth and swirled her
tongue around it. Bob closed his eyes. The sensation was incredible, the
pleasure immense! Making loud slurping noises that were turning him on even
more, Jessica continued to suck at his penis with great intensity, ramming
tip repeatedly against her inner cheek, while her hand continued to travel
length of his massive erection.

As her warm mouth continued to work its magic on Bob’s cock, he returned the
favor by pushing a couple of fingers into her slit as deep as they would go.
could feel her clit emerge from its sheath and rub against the back of his
at the joint of his thumb. Twisting his hand around slightly he could now
her clitoris with the tip of his thumb. When he made contact with the tiny
of extra sensitive flesh her whole body seemed to shudder and she sucked
hard on his cock.

“Ummmmmmmhhh” she moaned through a full mouth.

Bob took that as a positive reaction to his touch, and with two fingers deep
inside her vagina wiggling away for all they were worth, he again caressed
clit, pushing back the hood of flesh until it was fully exposed. Again she
out, her body quivering as if an electric current was being passed through
and suddenly, she came. Bob knew she had because he could feel her internal
vaginal muscles squeeze against his fingers rapidly and the flow of juices
seeping out around his hand increased. After a minute it was over and she
her head back against his stomach, panting rapidly.

“Oh god that was so good. I’ve never come so quickly before. I don’t know
come over me today, but your fingers inside me were soooo nice.”

Bob put a hand on her head, caressing her long black hair, letting the silky
strands run through his fingers. The smell of her perfume mingled with her
womanly scent flowed up into his nostrils as she lay against him in post
orgasmic bliss. He had been hard while she’d been blowing him, now he could
break down a steel door with his cock.

“Jessica ….” he said hesitantly as he shifted his body slightly and patted
on her delectable backside. He prayed fervently that she would relieve his
pressure now, not leave him in this condition.

She stirred, giving him a somewhat dazed look, then her lovely brown eyes
to glow as her sinuous body came alive and she got off the seat and stood,
over so as not to hit her head on the limo’s roof, before him. The young
put a hand between her legs and rubbed a few times, then satisfied that she
wet enough, she spread her labia even wider than they already were and
forward until Bob’s cock was just barely touching her pink opening. With one
hand she grabbed onto a handhold above the limo’s side door and raised
into a crouching position, with each leg on either side of Bob’s thighs.
this, she lowered herself slowly onto the driver’s cock which penetrated her
inch after inch until surprisingly she had taken it up to his balls.

“Oh baby, that feels so good” he finally managed to sigh through gritted
as she sat still on his rod but somehow made her vaginal muscles twitch

She smiled at him, running her tongue over her full lips. Her body began to
and fall slowly as she began to hump his cock. Bob put his hands around her
waist and began to push her down and then let her rise in synchrony with her
bodies motion, although he was soon urging her to move faster and faster. In
seconds, she was moving like a pro, tossing her head around, her hair
through the air across Bob’s face, while moaning and crying out loudly with
ecstasy as she impaled herself on his ramrod.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck yeah .. ohhhhh, yeah” she panted her voice getting louder

Bob’s hands slid up her sides and onto her full round breasts as they
bounced up
and down. He grabbed one fleshy tit in each hand and squeezed and kneaded
while teasing the erect nipples with his fingers.

After five minutes of this Bob knew that he was about to pop like a
cork. He pulled one final time at her nipples, then cried out, “I’m
Jessica Alba continued to ram herself down onto his dick seemingly ignoring
warning, so he grabbed the base of his cock and pulled it out of her with a
popping sound. With his other hand he began to rub at her swollen, red hot
as she stuck three of her own fingers into her cunt to replace the void left
his cock. Bob began to wank himself off as fast as possible, his hand a blur
his pussy juice lubricated dick until he blew his load across her flat
The thick strands of cum dribbled down into her crotch as the combination of
Bob’s clit rubbing and her finger fucking made her cum for the second time

“Ahhhhhh yesssss, fuuucckkkk ohh yeah” she shrieked, her wild cries echoed
around the interior of the limo as she arched her back and ground her
pussy against Bob’s hand and groin.

Finally the girl flopped back onto the carpeted floor of the limo and just
there exhausted as Bob looked down at the sexy Jessica Alba, naked in his
her body glistening with a sheen of sweat and seminal fluids.

Feeling weak with sexual release, he zipped himself back up, and slowly he
back to his senses. “I’m not sure we’re going to reach the premiere in time
if I drive like mad.”

She raised a hand and he grabbed it and helped her up into a sitting
She kissed him. “Maybe we should just head back to the hotel and you could
up to my room” she suggested. It was a very alluring suggestion too, but
the guest star not appear at the premiere of her Dark Angel movie was one
way of
getting himself fired immediately. Anyway, after the premiere she needn’t
around for the reception and they’d have the whole night to get to know each
other better. He told her as much and she nodded.

“You’re right, Jim will have my ass if I don’t smile for the paparazzi and
them take their closeups of my boobs. It’s the best way to promote a movie,

Bob laughed. “Yeah, seeing your boobs does make me want to see more of you
the cinema, though I doubt he meant you to go so far as you’ve gone today.”

“Well, it will be our little secret, won’t it Bob?” she said while batting
eyelids at him.

Bob’s heart skipped another beat, one of many this evening. He’d have a
attack before the night was over if she continued like this! “Of course,
Jessica” he managed to say, then he added, “We really should get going.”

Bob left her pulling on her panties as he stepped out into the street and
back into the driver’s seat. He could hear Jessica moving about as she got
dressed, pulling the tiny red dress back over her sleek body. It shouldn’t
her very long he thought grinning. He pulled away from the curb and headed
toward the Seattle Paramount.

In ten minutes they had pulled up outside the theatre. The sidewalks were
with people, paparazzi, tv crews and guests in tuxedos and sequined dresses.
made sure he drove up right to the edge of the red carpet and now fully back
his professional mode he got out of the limo, making sure his cap was
positioned, walked around to the rear door and pulled it open.

Jessica Alba stepped out as numerous flashes went off, some of the lucky
photographers managing to take an upskirt shot of the star that would soon
the rounds on the internet and lead to endless discussions of why exactly
inner thighs seemed to be glistening with wetness. She paused for a moment
as if
to tip the driver, though when Bob looked down in his hand after she’d gone
the red carpet was a small note, “I want to fuck you again tonight,

He smiled as he looked at her sexy derriere as she walked slowly down the
catwalk until she had finally disappeared into the cinema. “Not a bad day at
all.” He touched the brim of his cap in a salute, though no one was watching
and he sat back in the limo waiting for the movie to end, anticipating a hot
night of sex with Jessica Alba.

[ For an alternate, sci-fi ending to this story please visit TSSA. Hope
you’ve enjoyed
this story! ErosTrek ]

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