Driving Miss Jojo

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Celeb of choice in this story is Joanna Levesque (JoJo). The codes are (MF, cons, oral, anal). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Driving Miss JoJo

By voodoojoe

“And how are we today, Joanna?” I asked as JoJo strapped herself into the seat next to me.

“Tired,” she responded, rolling her eyes at my use of her proper name. I called her JoJo as often as not, but I was about the only person that actually addressed her as Joanna.

“Tell me about it,” I said, pulling out of the driveway. “You’d think they could schedule these photo shoots for a more civilized hour, like noon.”

“They do, they just want you there early for makeup and wardrobe,” JoJo said, though she smiled to let me know she understood what I meant.

“At least you get to stay busy posing, I have to stay in the car,” I said.

“So that’s why you’ve always got a box of wings from Hooters when I get back in the car, huh?” JoJo countered.

“Okay, so I make a pit stop or two, sue me,” I said as I pulled up to a drive through coffee stand. I knew we both needed a boost and JoJo looked at me like I was a god when I passed a cup of hot coffee to her.

“I’m talking to mom about giving you a raise when we get home,” JoJo said before taking a sip of what had rapidly become the elixir of life for her.

“Forget about the wings from Hooters and we’ll call it even,” I said.

+ * + * +

It had all started four years earlier when JoJo was first starting to make waves. Her first single had just topped the chart and she was beginning to draw a lot of attention. She was on tour in LA and I was working for a limo company, which assigned me to drive her back and forth from her concert.

The fateful moment came when they were leaving their hotel and getting into the limo. JoJo’s mom, Diana, had forgotten something in their room and had left JoJo in the limo to go get it.

While waiting, I noticed a couple guys that caught my attention. Don’t really know why they did seeing as how they fit into the background. Maybe it was because they seemed to fit too well, or maybe it was because they seemed to take more interest in a limo in front of a nice hotel in LA than seemed warranted.

Either way, I locked the doors and had my eye on them as they approached. One of them went to the rear door and tried to open the door while his friend did the same to the front door. JoJo seemed to be freaking out in the back so I hit the gas and zipped out of there in case they tried to break a window to get into the car.

When I came back a few minutes later a couple cop cars arrived at the same time and before I knew it I was being pulled out of the car and laying on my stomach while my hands were cuffed behind my back. It took JoJo to explain everything before I was allowed to get up.

Probably out of fear of being sued as much as gratitude for possibly saving her daughter, Diana offered me a job driving them around while they were in town. For the few days they were in town JoJo and I hit it off and when they moved to LA JoJo put me on the short list to be her assistant/chauffeur. And when I say short list, I mean I was the only one JoJo would consider.

The pay wasn’t great, but they put me up in their guesthouse so I saved a fortune on rent. I became one of the family, almost like I was the big brother, even if there was always a reminder that I was the employee and they were the employers.

Of course, I knew it was coming to an end soon. JoJo was getting old enough to drive herself, I’d even been the one teach her how to drive, so it was only a matter of time before that part of my job description was taken away. Once that was gone, it would only make sense to find someone better suited to be her assistant, but I was content to play out the string and then move on when she decided she didn’t really need me around any more.

+ * + * +

“We’ve got a half hour, want to get in a few innings real quick?” JoJo asked me as I parked in front of the building her photo shoot was in.

“Normal rules? Five innings, loser buys lunch?” I asked her as she fired up the PS3 that was connected to the flip down monitor in the car.

“How about loser has to run naked through the house when we get home?” JoJo asked, smirking at my unease.

When I first started working for her I knew she had a bit of a crush on me by the way she flirted with me, but luckily when she started dating Freddy Adu she’d focused her attention on him. After they broke up she had seemed to forget about me, but lately she’d started flirting with me again, only this time with the full blossom of womanhood behind her.

“Let’s stick to lunch,” I said, trying to divert her attention back to the game.

The attention was flattering and I’d definitely noticed how much she’d grown up in the last couple years, but the situation was just too complicated. First, at seventeen she was several years younger than my twenty-four. Second, fooling around with the boss, or more particularly the boss’s daughter, was a quick ticket to the unemployment line. Then there’s the fact that I looked at her more as family than a potential love interest and it all added up to something I wasn’t about to mess with.

“Red Sox again? Way to change things up,” I chided her as I picked the Angels for pretty much the hundredth time.

“You stick with what works,” JoJo said, shrugging her shoulders.

I had set the alarm on my watch to make sure we didn’t get too engrossed in the game and make her late, but it turned out to not be needed. It was a pretty uneventful few innings before I finally got Figgins on base and Vlad blooped a single that got deep enough to score Figgins from second to end it just in time for JoJo to go inside and get her picture taken a few dozen times.

“See, you should’ve taken the naked bet,” JoJo said, smirking again and making it impossible to tell if she was really hitting on me or just trying to make me uncomfortable. I’d spent so much time around her that normally I could read her like a book, but she still had the ability to mask her thoughts when she wanted to.

“You buying lunch won’t make your mom as mad as if she caught you naked in front of me,” I countered, trying to hide my discomfort as best I could.

+ * + * +

After the shoot JoJo had suggested hitting Subway and then eating by the pool. It was warm enough that I wasn’t about to object to taking a swim.

So when we got back JoJo split off to change in her room while I headed out back. I dropped off the sandwiches on the table by the pool and headed to the guesthouse to change into swim trunks of my own.

I had just taken a bite my spicy Italian sub when I looked up and saw JoJo emerging from the house clutching a robe around her. The impish grin on her face let me know she was up to something and I idly wondered what it was.

“A bet’s a bet,” JoJo said, pulling her robe open.

Images of JoJo’s naked body floated through my mind before I realized that she was wearing a green bikini under the robe. I’d worked hard to keep sexual thoughts of her out of my head and just like that her ripe melons were at the forefront in my brain. What’s worse, I liked it even though I’d thought I considered her to be more of a friend or even a sister than a potential love interest.

“I got you, didn’t I?” JoJo asked as she slipped into the pool rather than sitting at the table to eat lunch.

“A little,” I said as I got up and dove into the pool.

“Uh oh,” JoJo said mockingly as I moved towards her. She squealed as I picked her up out of the water and threw her.

When she broke the surface she slapped the water, splashing water towards me. Then with an evil look she advanced on me. She jumped at me but when I started to brace myself for a dunking she surprised me by grabbing my shoulders and kissing me instead.

In shock at her unexpected move I stepped backward but my foot slipped on the bottom of the pool, sending me under the water. Getting my feet back under me I popped back up sputtering and coughing up water.

Seeing her coming towards me again I backed up, a bit more carefully this time. She was stalking me like a lion looking for lunch and I knew I was in trouble. Between the kiss and her trick with the robe I was out of sorts and she was pushing her advantage. Problem was that I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to escape.

Feeling my back hit the wall of the pool I started to move to the side. She slid to the side with me cutting off my escape until I finally found myself cornered. With nowhere for me to go, JoJo pressed herself against me and lifted up to kiss me.

“No,” I said, putting my hand over her mouth before she could succeed.

“Why not?” JoJo asked, tilting her head back enough so my hand wouldn’t muffle her words.

“Well, you’re seventeen for one,” I said, feeling like I was on a train careening out of control down the side of a mountain and if I didn’t stop it now I’d wind up battered and broken at the bottom.

“Only for a couple more months,” JoJo countered, pushing my hand away.

“I’m still too old for you,” I said. “You don’t want to do this.”

“You really are dumb, aren’t you?” JoJo asked me. “I’ve been in love with you since that first weekend.”

“That was just a crush, one that I’d hoped you’d gotten over,” I countered.

“Back then it was, but I’m old enough to know how I feel,” JoJo said, looking more than a little hurt.

“Tell that to your mom when she fires me for messing with her daughter,” I said, lifting myself up to sit on the edge of the pool.

“Then we won’t let her catch us,” JoJo said, insinuating herself between my legs.

And just like that my last bit of resolve was gone. Looking down at her as she looked up at me expectantly did me in. In my head I knew it was a big mistake, I cared for her but it seemed destined to end badly for both of us. She’d pushed me beyond the point where my head had any impact though; all my thoughts were being routed through my crotch and it was just thinking about her tight teenage body begging to fucked.

Lifting my legs out of the pool I crouched down and extended my hand to help her out. When she was out of the pool I started to stand but she threw her arms around my neck as if I would change my mind if she gave me a minute to think without her pressed tightly against me. With her clinging to me like a rag doll I headed toward the guesthouse.

Reaching the bed our wet bodies toppled onto it. Kissing her softly I reached underneath to unhook her bikini top. Drawing back I pulled her top down her arms and licked my lips at the sight of her bare breasts. Even on her back they looked so round and soft that I couldn’t help but lean my head and take one of them into my mouth.

“Uhh, yeah,” JoJo moaned, grabbing the back of my head and holding it in place.

After lavishing some attention on one nipple I switched to the other one. While I massaged the areola and surrounding area with my lips my tongue alternated between caressing and flicking the nipple.

JoJo grunted slightly in disappointment when I let the nipple slip from my mouth but when I started down her stomach her displeasure seemed to lessen. I could taste the chlorinated water that was still on her skin as I dragged my lips and tongue across her taut belly. Reaching her belly button I flicked her piercing with my tongue.

JoJo gave a little giggle and squirmed at the touch so I lightly bit down on the dangling part of her piercing. Hooking my fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms I gently tugged on the piercing as I pulled them down her legs. When they reached her knees she lifted her legs and pulled back to finish taking them off.

As I tossed the bikini bottoms to the side JoJo brought her legs down and spread them slightly, giving me my first glimpse of her pussy. Her labia were puffy and starting to open up from her arousal. There was sheen of moisture glistening on her pussy lips that wasn’t from the pool as I leaned in and slowly dragged my tongue through her folds.

“Please?” JoJo begged when I stopped short of her clit.

For a moment I thought about teasing her but then remembered that her mom could be home any time. I already had my tongue in the honey pot so to speak, so I figured I owed it to her now that she was expecting it.

Finding her clit I flicked it with my tongue. Wrapping my lips around her sensitive nub I applied suction until she started to buck her hips, humping my face. Letting go I gave it a couple more flicks of my tongue until it started to peek out from under its hood.

Bringing my right hand up I rubbed her clit with my thumb. As she worked herself against my thumb I dipped my tongue into her hole, collecting some of the moisture that was starting to gather at the entrance.

While my tongue worked on her pussy my eyes were drawn to the pucker of her asshole each time I pulled back for another turn. I’d always had a thing for anal sex and JoJo’s ass was calling for attention. Sliding down from her pussy I let my tongue brush against her asshole with a light touch.

“Uhh,” JoJo gasped, her body stiffening at the unexpected move. She didn’t make a move to push me away or tell me to stop though so I gave her ass another, firmer lick.

Deciding that I could come back to it if I wanted, I brought my tongue back to her pussy. This time my tongue took its place at her clit while my index finger toyed with the folds at her entrance before I started to ease it into her.

Her pussy gripped my finger tightly as I slowly worked it in and out of her. Each flick my tongue made on her clit seemed to cause her pussy to squeeze my finger and milk it.

“Fuck me,” JoJo demanded.

I thought she meant with my finger so I pulled out my finger so I could add another one but she reached down and grabbed my shoulders. She wasn’t strong enough to do much, but she pulled on me insistently enough that I got the hint.

Popping up to my knees I pushed my swim trunks down. Before I could even get them down though JoJo was grabbing my arm, trying to pull me down on top of her. I barely got one leg out before she pulled my off balance and I had to put one hand out to keep from crushing her underneath me as I toppled over.

Putting my hands on the bed on either side of her I kicked my trunks off as she reached between us to grab my cock. Feeling the head of my penis rubbing against her snatch I pushed forward, driving into the velvety softness of her pussy.

“More,” JoJo hissed when I stopped about halfway in.

I gritted my teeth as I started to withdraw a little before pushing my way back in. Her teen pussy was so tight that it felt like it was going to break my cock in half if I didn’t take it slowly. There was no way I was going to be able to plunder her depths full bore right off the bat, even if that was what she seemed to want.

As I worked more of my shaft into her I felt her start to loosen up and allow me to push the rest of the way into her. I only had maybe an inch or two left, but it was still a relief for both us to feel my balls resting against her ass.

I wanted to take a moment to revel in the feeling but JoJo would have none of it. Hooking her legs around my waist she pressed her heels against my ass and lifted her hips to let me know she wanted me to keep going.

As I withdrew halfway I look down at her. Her eyes were half closed and she was biting her lower lip in concentration. She looked so cute lying there that for a moment I wondered how in the world it had taken me so long to recognize just how beautiful she’d become. When I slid back in she moaned and pushed upwards to meet my thrust.

I started a modest pace but JoJo would have none of it. Pressing her heels against my ass she tried to urge me into a quicker tempo. When that didn’t work she started slamming her hips against me harder.

“Fuck me,” JoJo demanded, glaring up at me as I kept my slow pace.

“If you want it so bad, then you do it,” I said, dropping down until I my weight was on top of her. Kissing her I slipped a hand under her I rolled over onto my back, pulling her with me.

Breaking the kiss JoJo put her hands on my chest and pushed herself upright. Getting her knees underneath her she grinned down at me as she started to lift herself up. She started slowly like I did, but quickly built momentum.

Watching her tits undulate with her movement, I licked my lips. My hands seemed to move of their own volition and before I knew it they were cupping her breasts. Gently kneading her fun bags, I watched her face contort in a mixture of pleasure and concentration as she used my cock to fuck herself silly.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked her as she lifted halfway off my cock before immediately slamming back onto me.

“Uh huh,” JoJo moaned, staring me in the eyes and fixing me with a smile that showed her dimples to devastating effect.

“Want to use my cock to get yourself off?” I asked her as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Yeah,” JoJo moaned, pressing her tits against my face as I took one of her nipples into my mouth.

As I sucked on her nipple my hand was busy massaging her other breast. When my tongue swirled around the nipple in my mouth, she moaned and rotated her hips to grind her pussy against me with my cock fully embedded in her.

Pulling my mouth off her tit, I switched to her other breast. Sucking her other nipple into my mouth I groped the vacated breast with one hand while the other moved down to rest just above her ass.

“Suck my tits,” JoJo moaned, picking up speed as she felt her orgasm coming on like a freight train.

Doing as she wanted I lightly nibbled on the nipple in my mouth. While I was doing that I extended the index finger of the hand resting on her ass until it reached the crack of her ass. Dragging the finger down the crack of her ass until I found her asshole, I lightly rubbed the area around her anus.

“Uh,” JoJo said, stiffening again as I played at her back door.

Once more she didn’t tell me to stop so I decided to keep it up. As she got used to having her asshole touched she started to relax and resumed her thrusting.

“You’ve got an ass made to be fucked, you know that?” I whispered into her ear as I rubbed my finger against her asshole.

“So close,” JoJo moaned, biting her lip as her movements gained a sense of urgency.

Moving my hand from her chest, I used it to grab her ass. With my finger still massaging her asshole, I finally pressed the tip against the center and felt it start to open up so my finger could slip into her ass up to the first knuckle.

When she gasped at the penetration, I hooked the finger so I could grip her ass with both hands while the finger stayed in her butt. Holding her steady I began lifting my hips, driving my cock up into her.

“Coming,” JoJo announced just before her pussy clamped down on my cock.

Clenching every muscle in my body I went rigid in hopes of riding the waves of her orgasm without having them take me over the edge as well. As she shuddered in ecstasy above me I tried to push all thoughts from my head to help me concentrate on keeping my own orgasm in check.

When she finally collapsed on top of me I took a moment to let my body relax and regain my composure. After a small breather I resumed my thrusting, making small strokes into her pussy until she started to respond.

“You didn’t come?” JoJo asked as she lifted her head up to look at me.

“There’s still more I want to do before I’m done with you,” I said, wiggling the finger still in her ass for emphasis.

“I don’t know,” JoJo said, suddenly looking really nervous, especially when compared to how she had looked when she was throwing herself at me earlier.

“If you’re going to play grown up games, you need to learn to deal with the consequences,” I told her as I continued to fuck both of her holes.

If she really didn’t want to, all she had to was say no and I would’ve been more than content to continue fucking her pussy until I busted my nut. After all, I had looked upon her almost like a sister right up until she’d stuck her tongue in my mouth, so I wasn’t going to force anything onto her that she didn’t want.

“How do you want me?” JoJo asked, sitting up and lifting off my cock.

“On your back,” I said.

I figured that if she were on her back she’d be more relaxed as I fucked her virgin ass. Plus if she decided that it hurt or she really didn’t like it, I could pull out and adjust my aim a couple inches higher to finish up in her pussy.

When she was on her back I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Pushing her legs back I leaned down and gave her asshole a firm lick. The finger in her ass while she was fucking me must have gotten her a little accustomed to having her back door played with because she didn’t freeze up as I lathered her anus with spit this time.

Testing how far she’d really come, I poked the tip of my tongue against the center of her asshole. When she moaned I knew that she was at least coming around to the idea of having her ass fucked.

“Ready?” I asked her as I leaned her legs against my chest so I could line my cock up with her back door.

“I guess,” JoJo said, biting her lower lip as she felt the tip of my cock brush against her virgin hole.

As I pushed forward her asshole instinctively clenched up and I had to stop. Gritting my teeth, I used the thumb on my left hand to rub her clit to get her to calm down. When I felt her anus start to relax I eased forward until the head of my cock popped past the tight ring of her asshole.

With her eyes bulging and her breathing stopped at the feeling of her asshole being stretched wider than she thought possible, stopped to let her adjust the discomfort. My thumb continued to stroke her clit in circular motions and before long her breathing resumed as her anus started to loosen its death grip on my cock.

“Play with yourself,” I told her as I gave her small strokes, working a little more of my cock into her ass with each one.

With a bit of a grimace still on her face JoJo moved her hands from where they were gripping the sheets. Reaching down her fingers joined my thumb in stroking her clit. With two hands now frigging her clit she finally let out a moan that let me know she was at least having a little fun in her new adventure.

As she took more control over how her clit was treated, I moved my hand away and let her do it on her own. No longer needing to worry about keeping her mind off the pain, I grabbed her legs and spread them further apart to give me a better view of her middle finger as it massaged her nub.

When I had about half my dick worked into her tight ass, I lengthened my strokes. I continued to go slow but I started pulling my cock out until I felt the vise like grip of her anus against the crown of my cock before pushing back in.

“You like fucking my virgin ass?” JoJo asked, taking me a little by surprise as she finally started bucking her hips to meet my thrusts.

“So tight,” I muttered, amazing myself with just how original I could be.

“Fuck my ass,” JoJo moaned, dipping a finger of her other hand into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, finger your pussy while I’m fucking your ass,” I hissed, picking up a little speed as she got more into the act.

“More than one guy has, uh, wanted to do this, but I always said no,” JoJo blurted out as her eyes twinkled devilishly.

“You do have a great ass,” I remarked, finally burying the last of my dick in her ass. “Were you saving it for anyone in particular?”

“Maybe,” JoJo said, a smirk crossing her lips as she used the finger in her pussy to stroke my cock through the walls of her snatch.

“If you were, you aren’t now,” I said, grinning as I shortened my strokes until I was only pulling half of my cock out before cramming it back in.

“What if I, uh, was saving it for you?” JoJo moaned, looking me in the eye as she licked her lips.

“Then I guess you got your way,” I said, not sure whether I should feel proud about it or not.

“I always do,” JoJo moaned, grinning as she quickened the pace of her finger with which she rubbed her clit.

“You going to come?” I asked her, noticing the urgency of her movements.

“Getting close,” JoJo hissed as her breathing became shallower.

“Me too,” I said, the thought of her getting off from having my cock in her ass too much to withstand.

“Almost there,” JoJo moaned, furiously working her clit like a runner making a final kick to reach the tape first. “Oh God, I’m fucking coming.”

As she announced her orgasm, I couldn’t take it any more. Her asshole was tight enough as it was without having it strangle my cock in its orgasmic clutch. Just as it was tightening its grip I pulled out so I’d be able to do one more thing that her insane body demanded.

Moving up JoJo’s body, I straddled her stomach and placed my cock between the mounds of her breasts. As her body bucked through her climax, I grabbed her tits and pressed them against my cock from either side.

Letting a little spit drip from my mouth into the valley I’d carved out between her tits for lubrication, I let my cock slide between her breasts. When her climax began to taper off she lifted her head and licked my cock as it came near to her mouth.

“Real close,” I hissed as the sight of her licking my cock while I fucked her tits threatened to drive me insane.

“Come on my face,” JoJo said before taking the head of my cock into her mouth and sucking on it.

Unable to resist any longer, I lifted my cock out of her cleavage and let fly. She held her head steady as the first spurt hit her on the tip of her nose and dripped down across her lips. For the second one I aimed a little higher and hit her across the eyelid as she managed to close the eyes just in time. By the third shot she’d opened her mouth again and it took her on the chin before I stuffed my cock into her mouth to finish up.

“That’s so hot,” I said, shuddering in pleasure as she sucked the last of the come out of my cock.

“Why?” JoJo asked, letting my cock escape just long enough to ask before wrapping her lips back around it.

“Watching you suck your own ass juices off my cock is just mind blowing,” I said, feeling a little light headed from the spectacle.

The moment I said it I think she realized exactly what she was doing because her nose wrinkled a little. But she’d already started so after a moment she shrugged her shoulders and went back to sucking me off until my cock finally started to shrink in her mouth.

“Still think I’m too young?” JoJo asked when she let my cock slip from her mouth. “Or are you willing to do this again sometime, like every night?”

“Yeah, but I guess since I’ve already committed the sin I won’t get in any more trouble for doing it a few dozen times,” I sighed, wondering what other things she might be up for.

“Good, because my mom is going out of town this weekend and I’m sure we could think of a few things to keep us busy,” JoJo said, her eyes twinkling with enough mischief that I had to wonder if I’d need an iv by the time she was through with me.

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