Driving Miss Lawrence

Title: Driving Miss Lawrence

Author: Dave Sxxx

Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: MF, cons, oral, mast

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. I welcome any and all feedback, you can reach me at davidsxxx87(at)gmail(dot)com.

Toronto, Ontario

Living in this city can be a little crazy at times. Like all major city centers there are always events going on that bring all different kinds of people in and out. My personal favourite is always the annual film festival, not only are there lots of good films to see but there are always some great looking actresses out and about seeing the sites. I always try and take advantage of this festival to earn extra money as a driver to and from different events, sometimes it pays really well and you can meet some nice genuine people. Other times not so much.

This past year in particular I was working hard to get any extra trips I could as I had hit a bit of a rough patch and could use the extra income. I had just split with a long-time girlfriend and it did not end well. So needless to say I was just getting my feet back under me and trying to furnish a new apartment and this year’s festival proved to be very beneficial in many ways.

Just like most other males out there when the whole “fappening” happened I was pretty excited to see some of the celebs who we all finally got to see naked or at least topless. Not that invasion of privacy is a good thing but I certainly wasn’t going to complain, of course it just so happened that one celeb who I have constantly fantasized about, Jennifer Lawrence, was among those whose pics were leaked. I spent more then a few nights staring at those pictures of her while I was jerking off, imagining all the things I would love to do to her if somehow we lived in bizarre world and it was possible. So imagine the thoughts running through my mind when I found out that the first person I would be picking up and driving for would be actually be J-law herself.

I have never spent as much time making sure everything was perfect for her ride that afternoon, I was so excited I showed up at her hotel 2 hours earlier that I was supposed to, but the cops didn’t like me blocking traffic so I just drove around until it was time to come back.

As I was about to pull up to the front of the hotel I got a call from my boss. “Dave, he said, make sure you pull around the side entrance to the hotel”

I was glad he told me this when he did otherwise I would like a fool in front of my fantasy girl and I can do that easily enough on my own I don’t need any help. I put the car in park, jumped out quickly and opened the door waiting for Jennifer to come out.

When she finally made her way out and towards me I thought here’s a chance for me to be all suave and make a good impression on her. I went to take off my driver’s cap like you see limp drivers in movie’s do. My attempt wasn’t quite so smooth, I ended up doing it too quickly and throwing my hat onto the group which prompted laughter from Jennifer and me to stammer like an idiot in my apology. I quickly closed the door and climbed back into the driver’s seat. “Great now she thinks I am a dork” I said in my own head.

She could tell I was embarrassed and quickly said “Don’t worry about that Hun, as long as you don’t crash with me in here you can throw your hat all day”

I chuckled and replied “I’ll do my best Miss Lawrence”, she responded “please just call me Jennifer”

“Ok Jennifer, lets get you where you need to be” I said, as I pulled away from the curb and proceeded to head to her destination.

“How are you enjoying your stay so far?” I asked her, trying not to stare as she sat in the rear.

She was dressed in a tight but not skin tight royal blue dress, which clung to her curves perfectly and revealed just the right amount of cleavage that had made me cum so many times prior to this. Her hair was up showing of her gorgeous face and neck which just made me want to kiss and suck her neck while I was inside her.

“Damn, I better stop thinking like this” I thought “Driving with a hard-on is not very comfortable.”

“I am having a decent time so far, other than having almost no private time with all my scheduled engagements” she said with a sigh.

“That’s too bad, there is lots to do if you’ve got the time here, we have something for everyone” I said.

“And what is it you like to do with your free time?” She asked me with a mischievous look in her eye. “And what is your name by the way?”

“I am Dave” I told her, barely registering that little look she had given me. “It depends on what kind of mood I am in” I told her.

“I have had some changes to my life recently so been keeping things low-key while I get everything sorted out. But I like to think of myself as an open and adventurous guy so I don’t usually say no to much.”

“Have you driven for many other celebs?” I responded with a smirk “Only a few the last couple of festivals and certainly not one as gorgeous as you, although Jack Nicholson is a close second.”

She leaned forward to slap me on the shoulder, letting me get an even better look at her perfect tits as she bent over. I felt my cock jump just at the sight of them. Obviously I was less then discrete with my stare, I received a glare that would have killed me if it were possible.

“I’m so sorry Jennifer, I didn’t mean to stare at you like that. I don’t know what came over me” I stammered in hopes she wouldn’t call my company and make me lose all my upcoming shifts.

“You’re probably one of those perverts who has my pictures saved on your computer and home and jerks off to them all the time, aren’t you?” She said angrily. I couldn’t even manage a response to her statement, obviously no matter what I said she wouldn’t believe so I just shut up and kept driving.

After a few more minutes of silence we reached our destination and I got out and off went my celebrity crush, pissed at me for staring at her tits. I thought for sure I was finished, no more extra cash for me. But I never got a call, so I went back at the end of the night to pick Jennifer up I was determined to make it up to her.

I opened the door, no fancy tricks this time, and she got in without so much as looking at me. “Ouch she is super pissed.” I climbed in the front and slowly pulled away and headed back to her hotel.

“Look, Jennifer, I am really sorry for staring you like that. Its just that you are so beautiful and I couldn’t help myself. That doesn’t excuse my behaviour but I just wanted to apologize again. I will have you at your hotel shortly” I said, expecting no response.

She seemed genuinely serious when she said “That’s alright, I guess I can forgive someone as hot as you”

Wait, hold on. What did I just hear I thought to myself, no way she meant what she just said. I mean I certainly don’t think I’m a bad looking guy but I wouldn’t classify myself as hot. I decided to test her and figure out if she meant it or not.

“I don’t have to drive you straight back to your hotel if you don’t want. I could drive you around so you can see some of the sites, it’s the least I could do” I said, hopeful she would take me up on my offer.

She thought about it for a moment then made a quick call to one of her people I presume. “I will be back in awhile” she said to person on the other end of the phone. “That sounds like a good idea, as long as I can have a drink back here while you show me around”

“Of course you can, you’ll find a chilled bottle of wine and a glass back there” I said happily. She found the bottle quickly and poured herself a glass. There I was driving my dream girl around the city and chatting away. She had warmed back up to me and was being very friendly.

“Look” She said “I think you need to do more to make it up to me form earlier.” “Ok just tell me what I can do and I will” I said to her.

“Take me somewhere private so I can go for a walk along the water”

“Anything you want Jennifer”

I got to a little spot that I had been a few times before that was gorgeous for walking along the water front and not many people were out this night so she wouldn’t be noticed. She went to start walking then looked back at me “Well, are you coming with me?” Without hesitation I caught up to her quickly and starting walking in stride with her. All of a sudden she slipped her arm through mine, sending a jolt through my body and straight to my cock. I had hoped she didn’t notice, if she did she played it off well.

After a short time, she found a bench and suggested we sit. We sat down, Jennifer sitting very close to me and I offered her my jacket as the wind was chilly, she accepted and we sat there staring at the water together. She broke the silence first, “You know you never really responded to my question before.”

“What question was that?” I asked, hoping it was about jerking off to her pics. “You know exactly what question I’m talking about” she replied. I just stared at the ground and sheepishly said “I won’t lie to you. Yes, I have, quite a few times and I still do from time to time.”

I felt her hand on my thigh all of a sudden, gently moving up and down. Getting dangerously close to my ever growing hard-on. Her hand grazed over the head and gave a slight squeeze. I turned to look at her, leaned in and just went for it. I kissed her deeply, our tongues moving to play with each others. I pulled away and looked at her to see if she wanted me to stop. Her hand stroking the length of me through my pants was all the hint I needed to kiss her again. We embraced for a few minutes this way, my lips finding my way to her neck that I had fantasized about kissing and sucking earlier. Her soft moans were music to my ears until she broke our connection.

“Why don’t you come back to my room with me?” She said, as if there was any other response but yes. We quickly got back to the car and I started driving rather quickly, hoping she wouldn’t change her mind. Looking back at her I noticed her fidgeting with her dress, at first I though it was her having second thoughts about this but then I noticed a hand slip up and under. She knew exactly what she was doing and wanted to give me a show I guess. I pulled the dress up exposing her sexy legs and to my (pleasant) surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. She just stared back at me in the rear view as she slowly started to pleasure herself. Her delicate fingers spreading her lips and working in small circles.

“You are making it very difficult to concentrate on driving for me you know” I said to her. All she did was stare back at me while she slipped a finger into her wet pussy. I died then and been a happy guy, but thankfully I didn’t.

We pulled up to the side entrance again, Jennifer fixed her dress leaned over the seat and kissed me deeply again. “I am in room 1508, don’t make me wait for you” I let her out and stared and she walking inside, I swear she could see me stare as she gave her ass a wiggle to remind me to hurry up. I quickly got back into the car and found the closest spot I could, not caring if I was towed or ticketed. I went inside the hotel and rode the elevator up the 15th floor. I knocked on the door, still hard as ever in my pants. She opened the door and was still in her dress. “Finally, now can you help me out with this thing/” Turning around to show me her zipper.

I stepped inside the room and we came together and began to kiss passionately again. I reached behind her while our lips were locked together and pulled the sipper all the way down. She stepped out of the dress to reveal a gorgeous black lace bra that held her perfect breasts just right and that gorgeous pussy that she had been playing with. My hands worked her bra free and I stepped back to admire the sheer perfection that she is. “You just going to stare at me all night? She said. Without responding I wrapped my arms around her and gently squeezed her ass, kissed her deeply and moved her towards the bed. I laid her down on the bed and quickly proceeded to strip myself of all my clothes off and toss them onto a chair.

When my cock sprang free from my boxers Jennifer said “mmmm now that is one gorgeous piece of meat” I’m not a huge guy but pack a respectable 7 inches which is nice and thick with a big head. I have been told it is quite nice by a few girls in the past. She moves towards me on the bed and grabs me with one hand, slowly strokes up and down the length of my shaft. Jennifer then leans down and takes a long slow lick, running her tongue up and down bathing me in her saliva. She stops at the tip and swirls her tongue around it, causing me to groan in pleasure. I looked down at her as she started to take me into her mouth, each time taking a bit more until she had ¾ of me in her mouth. She sucked hard as she slowly pulled off and began to bob her head up and down slurping and sucking as she went. She used her other hands to rub my balls, which she then began to lick and suck as she stroked me fast. My breathing was getting very heavy as not only had it been a few months since my cock had had any attention from a woman but this was Jennifer fucking Lawrence sucking me. I was struggling to keep myself from cumming.

I reached down to feel those tits that I had fantasized about and was squeezing them, playing with her nipples pinching and rolling them in my fingers until they were nice and hard. She obviously enjoyed this as I could hear her moaning, even with a mouth full of cock. I could feel myself getting close to the edge of no return as she working her warm, wet mouth up and down me.

“Jennifer” I panted, “You keep this up and I am going to be cumming in no time.” She just stared up and me and increased the speed and suction she was applying. That was it I couldn’t hold back any more, I threw my head back and let out a low guttural moan as I felt the cum rise from my balls and begin to fill her throat. She didn’t miss a beat and swallowed every last drop. Holding the tip in her mouth as the stroked my shaft, sucking hard to get it all. When I had finished she gave one last stroke just to make sure she had gotten everything and came off my cock with a pop of her mouth. “Wow, that was hands down the best blowjob I have ever gotten Jennifer” I said looking down at her. “Time for me to re-pay you for that.”

I climbed onto the bed with her and began to kiss and lick my way from her neck down to her breasts. Taking one in my hand I ran my tongue in circles around her nipple, my other hand gently playing with the other nipple. I sucked on each of her nipples, flicking them with my tongue back and forth until the were nice and hard. I kissed my way down her stomach until I was between her thighs, I decided to tease her by kissing up and down each thigh just barely running my mouth over her pussy as I switched sides. Eventually she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tight against her. I reached my tongue out and ran it slowly up and down her slit, loving the taste and smell of her.

I spread her lips slightly and worked my tongue in circles across her clit gently, slightly increasing the pressure I put on it with my tongue. She moved her hands off my head, satisfied that I was where she wanted me, to play with her tits squeezing them as my tongue was flicking her clit. The sound of her breathing heavily and moaning were driving me to lick her faster, making me want to taste her cum on my lips. I slipped a finger deep inside her making her gasp, her pussy felt like a vice on my finger. “Maybe she is as sexually deprived as I have been” I thought.

I worked my tongue and finger in unison, her breathing became shallower and I could tell she was getting closer and closer to cumming. I added a second finger inside her and that pushed her over the edge. “Oh fuck I am cumming” she moaned as her body tensed and then released. Her hips were bucking against my face as she rode the waves of her orgasm. I didn’t stop licking until she had come down from her high. “God I needed that so badly” She said breathlessly. We laid beside each other, I let my hand linger on her pussy very softly rubbing her, my cock had gotten hard and was pressing against her. “Hmm looks like someone wants to play some more” she said with a grin. “How could he not” I said back to her.

She rolled over on-top of me and reached her hand down between us to grip my cock. Holding it still she lowered her pussy and I watched as her lips spread and she slowly started to take me inside her. “Fuck you are so tight” She didn’t say anything, just started to work herself up and down until she took me all the way side her. “A perfect fit” she said as she started to grind her hips, working herself back and forth against me. I reached up to play with her tits as she rode me hard, the sounds of her moaning filling the room. I gripped her perfect globes of ass cheeks and helped her as she started to bounce up and down, my balls slapping against her ass every time. I used my hands to hold her hips still as I began to thrust into her, pounding away at her tight pussy. She had her head back and mouth open as she moaned.

“Take me from behind” She moaned. I pulled out and let her get on all fours, I spread her cheeks and gave her pussy and other few licks before moving to place just the tip of my dick inside her. I gave her ass a slap enjoying the slight jiggle before sliding a few inches deeper into her. I pulled out even slower until just the very tip was in her. Wanting to tease her, make her beg for it. I did this a few more times with her trying to push herself back against me and get more of me in her. “Please fuck me hard and deep, I want it so bad” She begged me.

I hesitated a second, then gripping her ass and slammed my whole length deep in her. She screamed at the unexpectedness of it, the scream quickly turned to moans as I started to thrust in and out of her pussy quickly. She reached a hand underneath her to rub at her clit as I was pounding her. I could her moans getting louder and louder as she got closer and close to another orgasm, I picked up the pace of my thrusting wanting to push her over the edge and with a few more she was there. She buried her face in the bed and moaned loud as her pussy clamped on my cock, making it hard to thrust. She came long and hard coating my dick with her juices.

When she was done I knew I wouldn’t be far behind. I pulled my cock out of her, much to her disappointment and stood at the side of the bed. I pull her over to me and spread her legs as I thrust back inside her. She grabbed one of her legs in each hand and held them open for me, letting me get even deeper. “That’s is baby, fuck the girl you jerk off to all the time. Fuck her hard and deep” Hearing her talking to me like that brought me even closer and she recognized it right away and kept on talking like that, wanting to make me cum. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy baby; I want you to cum for me.”

“Give me that cum all over my tits” She said, reaching up to squeeze them together. That was all I could take I pulled my cock out and Jennifer got on her knees on front of me took hold of my shaft and started to jerk me fast. I threw my head back and couldn’t make a sound as I started to cum. I felt the cum explode from the head of my dick and I looked down as I watched Jennifer Lawrence covering her tits in my cum.

She slowed her hand and leaned in to suck the last bit from the tip, making my legs shake as she did. We both collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied. “I certainly didn’t think that was how this night was going to go, especially the way it started.” I commented. I looked over at her sexy naked body and was hoping this wasn’t a dream. “Well I am in town for the rest of the week, maybe you could “drive” me around while I am here.”

“I am at your service as long or as much as you need me” I said with a wink.

The End………………?

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