Drug Dealer’s Revenge

Story Title: Drug Dealer’s Revenge

Author: JJGARCES1980

Celebrity: Demi Lovato

Story Codes: rape, anal, oral, MF

Disclaimer: The following story is a fantasy and fantasy is legal. It’s on you if you think any of this is real. Questions/comments? Hit me up at john.garces01@gmail.com.

Life as a drug dealer in Hollywood is a little bit different than life as a drug dealer anywhere else, simply because of all the big-time money involved in doing drug deals with celebrities.

I suppose it’s also no secret that Demi Lovato has had some dealings with me before, back when I was first starting to make a living as a drug dealer to the stars, but now that she was supposedly walking the “straight and narrow” path, I didn’t expect I’d ever be dealing with her again.

But as time went on, and I found myself more and more immersed into the drug scene, I started to hear rumors that maybe Demi wasn’t as clean as she was telling everyone she was.

“I don’t believe it, someone would’ve ratted her out by now,” I said to my drug provider when he claimed that he had run into Demi on the street one night and she told him that she was looking to get a fix, not willing to believe it unless she called me herself to tell me that.

“I gave her your number,” my guy told me as he brought me a truck load of the latest stuff he had just cooked up, making me aware of the possibility, slight though it might be, that I would be hearing from her soon.

But my life had changed since then, too, and what Demi didn’t know is that I have on several occasions raped girls in exchange for the drugs they want, and in some cases, raped them when the deal went bad.

But either way, they got raped, and if Demi decided to ring me up, she was going to get raped, too.

A few days after that conversation with my provider, I got a call on my phone and immediately knew the number as Demi’s.

“Demi? Long time, no speak,” I told her, hearing her laughing into the phone as she began the conversation with me.

“I know I’m the last person you probably expected to hear from John,” Demi told me as she began to tell me why she was calling me, “but every now and then, I still need a fix, and I know I can trust you to get me one without going to the press and blowing my “straight, clean” image I’m trying to portray now.”

“Whatever you need, I have it Demi,” I told her, smiling to myself at the thought of getting her alone with me and finally helping myself to some of her pussy, “I just got a shipment in, actually. So why don’t you come on over and we can make a deal. You know where I live.”

“Great! See you soon then,” she told me, rushing to hang up the phone as I prepared myself for her arrival, going over in my head all the things I wanted to do to her.

“Come on in Demi,” I told her as I answered the door about an hour later, staring at Demi in her tight black leather pants and low-cut white shirt that showed off a lot of her tits, smiling at her as I invited her in and checked out her ass.

“I was surprised to find out that you were still dealing John, I figured you would have made a better life for yourself by now,” she told me, clearly flirting with me as she rubbed my arm, a move I remember her using to get what she wanted before.

“I’m just as surprised that you’re still doing drugs Demi,” I told her as I led her to the stash I had in the back of the house, “last I heard, you had successfully been in rehab.”

We made small talk like that for a few more minutes, but eventually, we got down to business, and it didn’t take long for Demi to start complaining about me trying to over-price her.

“What the hell John?!? It’s just a little coke,” she complained when I told her how much money I was requesting for the drugs, “it’s not like I’m buying you out of the really good stuff or anything.”

“Demi…Demi…settle down sweetie…” I told her, looking her in the eyes and making her start to cower in fear as I grabbed her arm and thrust my crotch between her legs, “I’m sure there’s some other way you could pay for it, baby.”

“Things have changed since the last time you did business with me Demi,” I told her as I cornered her and started pulling her pants down, punching her in the face when she tried to stop me, “and since you’re unwilling to pay the price I want for this coke, you’re just gonna have to use your pussy to pay for it. Whether you want to or not.”

“OHGOD…oh my God…why John??” she asked as I punched her in the stomach, doubling over to allow me to slide her pants and her panties off as I removed my own clothes, ripped away her shirt and bra, and slid into her.

“Because I can Demi,” I told her as I began to thrust in and out of her, her tight pussy walls stretching out and wrapping tightly around me as I started raping her, “and because you never wanted to give me some pussy when we used to do drugs together before.”

“FUCK…I…didn’t…like…you…like…that…” she moaned as I pulled on her hips and drove my dick into her pussy, her walls massaging my dick as I beat her cunt like she had stolen something, which she was trying to do.

“Save it Demi, I know you slept with all of your other dealers except for me,” I told her as I pulled on her hair, using it to propel me deeper into her pussy as she wiggled her hips and tried to get away from me, “like I’m not good enough for you or something.”

“FUCK…SHIT…I knew I should’ve never come over here…” she cried out as I bottomed out inside of her, my balls slapping her ass as her walls wrapped tightly around me and she started to cum for me.

“You’re gonna cum for me Demi…are you sure you didn’t come over here to get something else that starts with a “D”, baby?” I taunted her as she shot a load of her cream out over my dick, throwing her head back as I began to pick up the speed of my movements into her.

“OHGOD…don’t cum…” she moaned when she felt me grabbing her hips and burrowing my dick past her cervix and into her womb, thrusting into her a few more times as I shot my cum deep into her pussy, Demi moaning in disgust as I peppered her pussy with one load after another of my baby batter, not pulling out of her until every drop of it had found its way into her tight cunt.

“What’s the matter Demi? Afraid you’re gonna make a bastard love child with me?” I taunted her as I slapped her ass and pushed her to her knees, slapping her in the face with my dick.

“You wish you were man enough to get me pregnant,” she hissed at me, taking a backhand across her face for her troubles as I slapped her with my dick again.

“Maybe you need to suck it then, and see if you can convince me not to put it back in your slutty cunt,” I spat as I placed my hands on the back of her head and forced my dick to the back of her throat as I started to fuck her face.

“MMMPPPPHHH…” she moaned as I roughly fucked her face, her hands wrapping around my dick as she started to suck on it, shooting daggers at me with her eyes the whole time.

“YEAH…gonna cum soon Demi…if you swallow it for me I might leave you alone baby…” I told her, having no intention of actually doing that, as she bobbed her head back and forth on it as I lurched my hips into hers a few more times and erupted down her throat.

“YEAH…cumming bitch…” I hissed as I shot my load to the back of her throat, Demi struggling to drink it down before succeeding and quickly pulling off of my dick when she was done.

“You’re not going anywhere Demi…bend your sexy self over again…” I told her as I grabbed her hips, pushed a hand into the back of her head and forced her to do it, running my dick along her asshole and sliding it into her.

“No…please…not my ass you fucker!” she pleaded with me as I began to thrust into her, throwing her head back as she screamed at my anal violation of her, “you can have my pussy as many times as you want if you want it that bad. Please not my ass!”

“Too bad for you slut,” I hissed as I drove myself in and out of her ass, her anal walls wrapping tightly around it as I bottomed out inside her bowels and held myself there, “but since you want me to fuck your slutty pussy so bad, I guess I’m just going to have to rape it again, too!”

“FUCK…OHGOD…you’re hurting me…” she shouted as I pulled her hips roughly back into mine, burying myself inside her bowels as I blew my load into her, pumping her full of my cum as I came with a grunt into her ass.

“OHGOD…I wish I was dead…” she moaned as I finished blowing my load into her ass, pulling out of her and pushing her onto the couch.

“FUCK…get away from me…I never want to see you again!” Demi shouted at me as she kicked me in the nuts, running for the front door and almost making it before I grabbed her around the waist and carried her kicking and screaming back to the couch, throwing her down on the couch as I straddled her and lined my dick up with her pussy again.

“I’m gonna make you suffer before I finish you off now Demi…” I hissed as I kissed her neck and made out with her, forcing my tongue down her throat as she tried to push me away.

“Just…get…it…over…with…” she cried when she felt me sucking on her tits, taking extra time with them just to drag out my rape of her and piss her off, finally sliding into her and starting to thrust in and out of her pussy again.

“I’m going to make this last as long as I can Demi,” I told her as I battered her pussy with my dick, “because chances like this don’t come around that often.”

“UH…UH…GOD…I can’t believe I was so stupid…” she told herself as I forced her legs around my waist and started sucking on her tits again, her walls starting to cling to my dick as she arched her back and threw her head back.

“Yeah…cum for me Demi…you know you want to slut…” I hissed as her eyes rolled back into her head, her hips pushing into mine as she went limp and shot a fresh load of her cum all over my dick, crying out in disgust at her own inability to control her bodily functions.

“This was every bit as good as I was hoping it would be Demi,” I taunted her as I pulled her hips into mine and bottomed out inside of her, her walls putting the squeeze on my dick as I unloaded into her.

“UGH,” she moaned when she felt my warm cum invading her pussy again, filling her womb with it as I drowned her pussy in my cum before pulling out of her.

“Don’t forget your drugs slut,” I told her as I threw the bag of cocaine at her and walked over to the coffee table.

“Keep them you asshole!” Demi shouted as she got dressed and tried to leave, only to be stopped by me as I poured the coke out on the table and force-fed it up her nose.

“Come on Demi…let’s do some coke together just like the old days bitch!” I hissed as I forced some more of it up her nose, seeing her face start to drain of color as her heart started to beat out of her chest.

“OHGOD…FUCK…you’re killing me…” she moaned right before she passed out, clutching her chest as she hit the floor.

“NOW we’re even for all those times you denied me pussy when we were hanging out and doing drugs together,” I told her as I called the police, notifying them that I had an unconscious Demi Lovato on the bathroom floor of my house, and that it was because of a drug overdose.

“Say goodbye to your career slut,” I told her as I watched them wheel her away, still unconscious and barely breathing as she was loaded into the ambulance, and not really caring whether she survived or not.

Demi did manage to survive, and the first thing she did after she recovered was swear on her life that she had been raped and that she had been force-fed the coke, but it was her word against mine, and even though I’m a scumbag of a human being, she couldn’t compete with a drug dealer that has a security system that showed her cumming for me every time I fucked her, so her career probably won’t be as lucky.

After all, it is hard to have a career when you get called a “druggie” everywhere you go, and when you’re being forced to go back to drug rehab that you don’t really need to go to.

And as for me, well, I did my time for dealing drugs, but since I have friends in high places, I was released for good behavior and gave up the drug dealing for good when I got out, since it had already gotten me what I was after.

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