Drug Dealer’s Revenge Chapter 3

Title: Drug Dealer’s Revenge Chapter 3

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Miranda Lambert

Codes: MF, rape, oral, anal, preg

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”

I was still basking in the glow of raping and impregnating Selena when business picked up again, and with a boom.

It seems Selena had made a lot of enemies during the time she was on-again/off-again with Justin, and when word trickled down of what I did to her, I was an instant hit with him and his crew, and it kept me very rich for a very long time.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t looking forward to the next opportunity I got to go after a hot female celebrity, even if the one I was going to find myself raping next was someone I would’ve never expected in a million years.

See, though I reside out here in Hollywood, I do pay attention to other entertainment news, cause as a “drug dealer to the stars”, you never know when it might have an effect on your business, so I was naturally more than a little curious to see the news about Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorcing, and mainly for what I thought it might be able to do for me.

There had always been all kinds of rumors about their marriage being over, or at the very least on rocky ground, before it actually ended, and usually they revolved around cheating and alcohol.

Things like that work both ways of course, and it just so happened that Blake had just started dating Gwen Stefani when Gwen contacted me one night seeking my help in “luring” Miranda to my place.

“I know you’re only interest is in yourself, and that’s why I’m offering you one million dollars of my own money if you can somehow lure Miranda there under the guise of selling her drugs and rape her,” Gwen told me, going on to say that she had heard through Blake all of these stories about Miranda going on booze, weed, and coke-fueled orgies and getting drunk or stoned after her shows and hooking up with random fans.

“I’ll see what I can do and get back to you,” I told Gwen, the thought of getting rich and getting some fine country cunt both going through my mind as I contacted Miranda at the number I was provided.

“Miranda Lambert. Come on in,” I nonchalantly said to her when she arrived at my door a few weeks later, having thought she had already reached a deal with me.

“You told me on the phone that you’re the best drug dealer in Hollywood, and since I am going through a divorce right now, and don’t want to be seen buying in Nashville, I thought I would seek you out,” she told me, smiling at me and acting as though she was going to lift her shirt up as she started to follow me to the back area of the house where all the drugs were stored.

“What are you looking for Miranda?” I asked her as I showed her the weed, coke, heroin and other assorted street drugs that I had, her eyes lighting up when she saw a shipment of street quality weed that I had just received.

“How much for the weed over there? I’ll hide out in town for a while and smoke it, but I don’t want to risk being caught with anything else,” she told me, balking immediately at the price that I quoted her, which was intentionally much higher than I had quoted her over the phone.

“I am sorry that that is a little rich for your blood Miranda. But I figured a country music superstar who is going through an ugly divorce like you are would be willing to pay it,” I told her as she grabbed my arm to stop me from going back to the front of the house.

“I’m sure we can reach another sort of agreement,” she told me, smiling, winking, and pulling up her shirt to flash me her tits, since she had no bra on underneath of it.

“There’s more where that came from if you give me the drugs baby,” she cooed in my ear as she lifted her shirt for a little longer, only to pull it down as I reached out to squeeze one of her tits.

“Let’s go inside and talk,” I told her, thinking briefly that she might be willing to lay down for me, but wanting to get her inside no matter what happened.

“Drop the shorts and we have a deal,” I told her, smiling to myself when she slid the shorts down her legs and showed me her pussy for a brief second.

“That’s all of the pussy you get baby,” she whispered as she brushed my arm, causing my dick to jump out of my pants in a way that I knew I had to do something about it soon.

“I need to see more…and maybe DO more with you to make this deal happen Miranda…” I whispered to her as I took off my clothes and cornered her, pulling her shirt up again, and then off, as I slid her shorts down and pushed her down on the couch.

“You can look but you can’t touch!” she shouted at me as I climbed on top of her and started fondling her tits, my dick running along her slick pussy lips as I forced a kiss on her.

“You may be the queen of Nashville. But I make the rules out here slut,” I told her as I slid into her, her whole body tensing up when she felt my dick pressing into her unprotected pussy and thrusting away inside of her.

“NO! STOP! YOU’RE RAPING ME!” she shouted as I plunged in and out of her, her tight, country pussy wrapping a little tighter around my dick each time I slid into her.

“You flashed me all your goodies Miranda. So I know you really do want this,” I taunted her as I covered her mouth with my hand, her screams becoming muffled as I drove in and out of her and forced her legs around my waist as I began to suck on her tits.

“MMMMPPPPHHHH!” she moaned, her pleas for me to stop getting more and more desperate as I buried myself balls-deep inside of her and she realized I wasn’t going to be pulling out anytime soon.

“A nice, tight pussy like this needs a load or two of fresh cum inside of it Miranda,” I hissed as she arched her back in an effort to get away from me, but all it really did was cause me to start slamming into her g-spot as I stretched her cunt in a way that her now ex-husband probably hadn’t in a long time while she came for me and coated my dick in her pussy juice.

“NO! NO! PLEASE! Not inside me! I’m not on the pill and I’m on my period right now!” she cried out, her walls gripping and squeezing my dick as I pushed past her cervix and into her womb.

“Not my problem Miranda. Guess you shouldn’t have tempted fate by turning me on like you did,” I sneered as I drove myself into her one last time and came in her, her walls milking my cum as I shot it into her five or six quick spurts.

“OHGOD, no. This is the last thing I need…” she moaned as I filled her womb, holding myself inside of her until every last drop of my virulent baby seed had shot into her, then pulling out.

“I’m not through with you yet, country slut,” I hissed as I readjusted and slid back into her, Miranda laying there and turning her head away from me as I helped myself to more of her fertile pussy.

“OHGOD. What else is he gonna do to me?” she moaned, her eyes closing as she laid there and waited for me to finish with her as my dick thrust in and out of her again.

“I’m gonna put a baby inside of you Miranda. That’s what I’m gonna do,” I told her as I slapped her face a few times, throwing her legs back around my waist as I buried myself up to my balls inside of her again.

“That’s really what you want, isn’t it Miranda? That’s why you cheated on him with all those other guys. So you can have a bastard kid, isn’t it?” I taunted her as she banged her fists into the couch, begging me not to cum in her again.

“P-please d-don’t cum in me again. I’ll suck your dick and let you have my ass if you don’t,” she whispered, obviously trying to play me for a fool as I felt her cum starting to run my dick again.

“Like you’re really telling me the truth after the way you played me before,” I hissed as I started choking her out, my thumbs digging into her windpipe as I started to cum deep into her pussy for the second time.

“That’s so I don’t have to listen to you whine about getting pregnant by me. And you’re gonna give me those other two holes anyway,” I told her as I choked her out for a few more seconds, my cum continuing to shoot deep into her cunt and splash into her baby maker as I began to pull out of her.

“Get down there and suck it or I’ll keep squeezing till Nashville starts mourning your death,” I warned her as I pulled out of her, slapping her in the face and then punching her in the stomach to force her to the floor.

“MMMMPPPPPPHHHH,” she moaned as she wrapped her lips around my dick, my hands going to the back of her head as I forcefully fucked her face.

“Those lips feel almost as good around my dick as your other ones do,” I taunted her as I slammed my dick to the back of her throat, her hands wrapping around it to try and control the pace I was face fucking her with.

“Go to hell,” she hissed as she worked her lips over my dick, her eyes filled with fire for me as she tried to bite down on it.

“Bite it and you’ll be the one going to hell. I’m gonna cum, too, so you better swallow it,” I warned her as I slapped the back of her head and forced my dick to the back of her throat as I came.

“OH YEAH,” I hissed as I came down her throat, her lips smacking around my dick as she struggled to breathe around the cum that was invading her expanding throat, finally swallowing it all of it and letting my dick escape her mouth as she tried to crawl away.

“Where do you think you’re going bitch? I’m not done with you yet,” I sneered at her as I came up behind her and grabbed her hips, running my dick along her pussy lips and her tight ass cheeks.

“I was considering going for your ass and letting you go without taking this pussy again, but not anymore,” I told her as I slid into her, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick as I started raping her from behind on the floor.

“UGH. UGH. OHGOD,” she moaned as my dick battered her pussy, her walls stretching out further than they had before as I bottomed out inside of her for the third time.

“The good news is your ass is getting spared. The bad news you’re gonna be having my bastard son or daughter in 9 months,” I taunted her as I drove myself in and out of her, Miranda finally giving up the fight and hanging her head in shame as I finished up my third rape of her pussy.

“Yeah, hang your head in shame, bitch. You came all the way to California to get happy, and all you’re getting is raped!” I taunted her as I drove in and out of her, her walls putting the squeeze on my dick again as she pleased with herself not to cum for me again.

“GODDAMMIT MIRANDA. Not again,” she cursed herself as her body went limp and she came all over my dick, her pussy clamping down on it as she painted my dick with her cum.

“Slut,” I hissed in her ear as I grabbed her hips and buried myself inside of her one last time, cumming inside of her fertile fields for the third and final time.

“I ought to be paying you for this, slut. That’s how good a fuck you are,” I taunted her as I held her close to me and emptied my balls into her for a third time, laughing and grunting in her ear as I shot my babies into her one last time and pulled out of her.

“I hate you!” she shouted as I pulled out of her, finding newfound courage after I finished up with her, and living to regret it when I started strangling her again after pushing her onto the couch again.

“That last one was for Gwen bitch. And for your ex-husband, too,” I finally revealed to her as I ran my dick over her pussy lips, taunting her with the threat of taking more of her pussy for myself.

“P-please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. You can even see the kid if you did get me pregnant,” she begged me, willing to tell me anything in order not to get raped again.

“I am going to let you leave now Miranda. But only because I’ve already used your pussy up so much that you’re no good to me now,” I taunted her as I thrust against her pussy lips a few more times and forced a kiss on her.

“And I doubt you’ll be of any use to anyone else once word gets out you’re pregnant,” I continued, finally letting her go and laughing as she stumbled around the room to put her clothes on.

“Hey Gwen, it’s me. Yup, the stupid bitch came here and fell right into our trap,” I said on the phone to Gwen, sharing a laugh with her as we discussed how we had lured Miranda right into our plot to bring her down.

“Now that she won’t be bothering you anymore, make sure you hold up your end of the deal,” I reminded her as she promised to send me the check for my services in the mail, thanking me for doing business with her as she hung up the phone.

I had just received Gwen’s 7-figure check in the mail when the news broke about Miranda’s pregnancy, and the country music industry, being sexist as it is, immediately assumed Miranda deserved everything she got, which effectively ruined her career.

But naturally, all the TV tabloid shows were seeking me out for a comment on the story, as it turns out that sending checks by mail wasn’t the best way to do business.

But if any of them thought they could take me down, they had another thing coming, especially considering I was going to take another victim soon.

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