Drug Trials

Title: Drug Trials

Author: Money

Celebs: Shakira

Codes: MF, oral, anal, breast expansion, giantess, drugs

Summary: Celeb goes to get fertility pills only to have them backfire with nymphomania, growth spurts, and exagerated body parts.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality it’s all in fun any feedback send to rockcook5@yahoo.com I would like to thank Grobnar for allowing me the chance to write this now on with the story

Shakira dropped the bag of pills in the passanger seat slightly perturbed. All she wanted was her fertility meds, but for some reason she had to go to the Pharmacorp headquarters. The Columbian singer rolled her eyes as she put the car in gear. With all the money these companies made you’d think they could manage to not screw things up. Yet she had to deal with them, her last pregnancy was high risk and if she wanted to have another kid, she needed an edge. That little bag contained her edge. Height, weight, measurements, everything was checked for those little pills, they must have been awesome to go through that much trouble.

Being part of a couple can be fun in Dozer’s case he had to be covert about it given he was hooked up with Shakira. She had wanted kids for years but her career seemed to always take her far away now with some down time before her next album she came home really excited.

“Ok this isn’t normal.” he said

“Don’t worry this one is for me a new fertility enhancer I couldn’t find a replacement for your sperm enhancer so got a fresh supply.” she said

He couldn’t even read the label but started reading the potential side effects he watched Shakira looking for signs checking off the ones that applied to guys.

“10 pages of side effects and nothing yet this could work.” he said

“I am feeling sooooo good right now.” she purred

He could tell that the stuff had hit her system it seemed to be doing more than just increasing her egg production he couldn’t pinpoint it yet but Shakira was rubbing herself all over crawling on the floor like a sex starved kitten begging for milk.

“This is kinda fun watching you love this pornstar thing you got going on now.” he said

“Just getting started.” she said

He could feel the heat like radiation coming off her body so started backing away while she continued to writhe on the floor arching her back.

“Your not going anywhere.” she said

“Be gentle.” he said

Shakira couldn’t control herself ripping Dozer’s shirt open while dry humping his leg he returned the favor groping her boobs sucking them rather hard making her shudder in pleasure.

“Fill me with babies.” she purred

“Will do.” he said

Her shirt flew across the room in a heap of torn fabric a few strings caught in Dozer’s fingers Shakira’s pussy stuffed with his monster cock causing her some mild pain from his size but she humped it like a total pro legs hanging out.

“Feels so good.” she moaned

“Your going faster than a rabbit on caffeine pills.” he said

The bulge in Shakira’s abs were obvious Dozer was nearly wrecking her vagina on every stroke of his monster cock as he continued the relentless pace.

“I can see stars.” she said

“Just a bit more.” he said

The sound of flesh having sex in all it’s glory could be heard on the next block between Shakira’s grunts and moans her legs totally open to his thrusting member strong arms, and sex drive on overdrive.

“Gonna….gonna….:” she said

“Can’t hold it.” he said

Dozer unloaded a huge amount of spunk flooding Shakira’s birth canal in the process she was sure she was pregnant with all that plastering her insides he pulled out his thick cock still erect.

“Oh your still hard today just keeps getting better for me.” she said

Dozer couldn’t deny her oral skills yet Shakira had to use both hands getting his monster cock down her throat she barely got it halfway down before it went off again and splattered her chest and face.

“Well….the thickening agent in your sperm enhancer worked.” she said

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” he said

Shakira took a small break from sex to throw him into the shower stall sucking him off while his spunk was washed away by the water on her chest her oral skills on full display stuffing his monster cock down her throat her eyes lost in lust before he could pull it out.

“More.” she said

“You asked for it.” he said

Dozer couldn’t give her anal he wasn’t sure she could handle it in her current state so opted to run his dick on her spine while Shakira stroked it with a free hand.

“I can feel it pulsing in my hand.” she purred

“Hit the dirt.” he said

Dozer unloaded his thick spunk all over Shakira’s back just missing her hair his 24 inch monster spewing extra amounts on her ass which took forever to get off her body.

“Oh good your still hard.” she said

“Having you naked helps.” he said

She pulled him into the bedroom on top of her riding the waves of pleasure going through her body while being pumped full of more sperm making her belly slightly bloated passing out from the earth shattering orgasm.

A few days later

Dozer and Shakira had been having sex nearly every hour they were awake they had discovered a side effect not covered in the paperwork nymphomania but were too busy to report it to the company and Shakira wasn’t about to say anything to her label.

“I’m thinking a change of scenery for some fun.” she said

“Hmmm…..a high school parking lot might work.” he said

“I’ve had a fantasy that would fit just right for it.” she said

“Let’s roll.” he said

He loved Shakira’s creative side when it came to sex but even he wasn’t crazy enough to be in the same car with her when her nymphomaniac streak was in control so they took both cars.

Dozer was barely parked before Shakira was in his lap fishing his 24 inch monster cock out going down on him with a blowjob that nearly made him explode right then.

“So thick.” she purred

“Your oral fixation is really something.” he said

Being so petite Shakira loved crawling on Dozer even in his ride she enjoyed stretching out while sucking him off. The confined space was handled with moving the drivers seat back allowing Shakira to stradle him her brown top and jeans pressed against him as they kissed.

“Sneaky boy running your hands up my spine.” she cooed

“That’s….not….me.” he said

The sudden added weight in Dozer’s lap broke 4 springs in the seat while Shakira’s shirt grew tighter suddenly sporting some rather large 45FF’s to go on her 6 foot tall frame.

“Well this is interesting.” she said

“Boobs cutting off…air.” he said

Her pants were destroyed with the sudden growth spurt grinding her pussy into Dozer’s lap making her wet the next one made her grip te door handle bending it nearly in a pretzel shape her shirt exploding with¬† some 55HH’s

“This is intense.” she purred

“I’m sure it is.” he said

Shakira kept going bending the steering column with her ass denting the roof with her spine yet Dozer was cool through it all when she stopped she measured out at 55HH-45-50 and 8 feet tall.

“No fair you got taller.” he said

“And really horny.” she said

Even with limited motion Dozer was all over Shakira’s increased boobs sucking¬† rather hard driving her crazy while impaling herself on his monster cock breaking the cars motor with the shockwaves of her thrusts.

“So many babies.” she moaned

“Stay focused.” he said

The delusional side of Shakira’s imagination saw her belly stuffed with a number of babies as she gave birth in a continuing cycle making her slam her hips harder on his shaft she was bound to get pregnant.

“Harder.” she said

“On it.” he said

Shakira was hammering down on his shaft at a staggering pace his monster gearing up for another explosion of baby batterthe tires on the car broke letting out air.

“Almost….there.” she said

“Can’t hold it.” he said

The dam broke for both of them her orgasm causing a spasm fit biting his finger his orgasm plastering Shakira’s love canal in a torent of spunk her ear shattering scream slightly muffled by his efforts.

“I’m not done yet.” she said

“Me either.” he said

Even with Shakira’s added assets being larger than normal she moved around easily enough getting in position for anal his monster cock sliding in with minimal effort her spine relaxed on Dozer’s chest.

“Give it to me as hard as you can.” she said

“I’ll try not to break you.” he said

Shakira was humping away groaning on every stroke Dozer’s dick buried in her ass still she enjoyed it his massive hands feeling her up her orbs as the shocks and struts broke.

“Feeling the earth…move.” she moaned

“Works for me.” he said

Her pounding masked the noise of both axles breaking beyond repair taking the transmission with it Shakira was beyond bliss getting pumped full of Dozer’s sperm in what seemed to be buckets at a time arching her back and twisting the steering wheel with her hands an orgasm storming across her body.


A few days later

Shakira had yet to get pregnant even with all the sex they had the fertility drug and sperm enhancer did help with a significant boost in stamina for both of them but being her normal size again she wanted that rush.

“I have an idea for some fun.” she said

“I’m game as long as you don’t wreck the other car like you did mine.” he said

Dozer was still slightly pissed about his ride ending up in the scrapyard getting it towed there was easy getting them to take it having to explain what happened to it was tough. Shakira was happy to get him another one what he picked would arrive soon enough and she wanted to have sex in it first.

College campus locker rooms

“Check this out…look what I found.” she said

“Wow…the fantasy part of my brain just hit overdrive.” he said

The teams were on roadtrips so the locker rooms would be empty for a few days Shakira had dug up a cheerleader outfit in the girls lockers given her petite size it was snug in a few places.

“I’m sure this could help get us a baby in no time.” she said

“I’m motivated.” he said

Shakira was quick to run and hide playing with Dozer she was in a bathroom stall huddled on the stool while he was systematically opening the lockers in the other room creeping closer.

“Shaki….you can’t hide forever.” he said

“I’m going to fill your belly with babies.” he said

Her brain had a tough time not imagining herself knocked up she started rubbing herself even as her hand got larger the size of a catchers mitt Shakira didn’t moan biting her lip but it wouldn’t last.

“I know your in here.” he said

Shakira’s nymphomania was kicking into high gear the longer she sat there her oversized hand was soon joined by her left foot destroying the shoe and ankle sock.

“Hmmm….still hiding…I’ll just wait right here…stroking my monster cock.” he said

Her brain and outfit couldn’t take it anymore the stall walls were broken down easily the skirt snapped like tissue paper her hips widening.

“Need….cock.” she moaned

Shakira was nearly spread eagled in the stall the toilet was cracked beyond repair the cheerleader shirt bursting open from the massive orbs on her chest the 10 foot tall blonde was a staggering 75LL-55-70.

“Wow…just wow.” he said

“Save it till after I’m pregnant.” she cooed

Shakira was humping away even harder than before her big tits crashing against Dozer’s torso while she wrapped her legs around his.

“Take me now.” she purred

“Baby ahoy.” he said

Dozer matched her thrusts in intensity burying his massive dick to the hilt on every stroke his face in her boobs barely able to breathe draining them Shakira writhing around her hands gripping the lockers looking up at his dick stretching her pussy out a large bulge distorting her abs with it’s thickness.

“I…I’d almost swear…your ….dick is…growing….bigger.” she moaned

“Given your size…I’ll take it.” he said

The meds had combined making Dozer’s dick longer and thicker it was a solid 5 feet long now the thickness rivalinbg that of a 2 liter bottle Shakira loved the feeling inside her the delusional side of her brain imagined her swollen belly cranking out babies at a staggering pace.


Shakira’s orgasm was so intense she twisted the locker in her grip making it look like scrap Dozer pumping nearly gallons of sperm in her pussy at a time before pulling out.

“Your not going anywhere.” she said

Shakira’s grip on Dozer’s thick cock caused it to erupt a huge load on her abs turning them nearly pure white on her tanned skin.

“Hmmm…..wrong direction.” she purred

Her oral skills were beyond anything Dozer knew as she wrapped her massive rack around his tool deep throating it as best she could given it’s girth.

“Now shove that monster in my ass.” she said

Dozer lifted her up driving his dick up her ass pinning Shakira to the wall with it holding her in place her boobs causing dents in the cinder blocks.

“Do it.” she hissed

He thrust his hips hard making her yelp on every stroke the blonde bombshell pawing at her tits and leaving claw marks in the metal pipes her orgasm building again her mind racing seeing her belly full of babies and constantly having sex for years to come with those little pills.

“Almost there.” she moaned

They fell to the floor still humping away Shakira’s tits on a wooden bench that gave out a little too quick given the weight involved her knees were digging into the floor the cracked carpet fragments mixed with cement subfloor.

“Drain that monster.” she growled

Dozer grabbed both boobs unloading one massive shot after another into her ass the white fluid running down her legs came second to the shrill orgasmic scream Shakira let out the vocal shockwave alone rattled a number of locker doors nearby pulling out his dick let out another blast going right up her back just missing her hair before they both collapsed on the floor of the showers.

“If your not pregnant after all this I’ll be shocked.” he said

A few days later

The guys locker room

“Dude this giant dent looks like a palm print…but that’s not possible.”

“You should see the QB’s locker it’s like the thing got crushed and twisted in a scrap yard.”

But that doesn’t explain the smashed ride we found in the parking lot a few days ago.”

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