Drugging Cheryl Cole

B>Drugging Cheryl Cole
(MF, nc, drugs, oral )
by Heath Brother

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This story is pure fiction, it has not happened and hopefully never will, and any action by any character is not at all indicative of their real life personalities or behaviour. If you do not understand and accept this, are under 18 years of age, or you feel you may be offended, please do not read this story.
Cast: Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud

I’d seen it so many times before, the girls on an end of tour blowout
around d the country. However, this time would be different, for me and one member of Girls Aloud in particular – Cheryl Cole.

For three years now I’ve been working as a limo driver and minder for the group, and as such I know the intimate details of their schedules, and this time, after their last show in Hammersmith, the girls would head up to Knightsbridge for a party at the Mandarin bar.

Now normally, there are two cars, one for the group to go to their hotel, and one for their manager and hangers-on. This time, us being in London, the staff (all rich of course, managers and producers) had their own drivers to take them around, and since Cheryl lived nearby in Earls Court with Ashley, her footballer husband, I’d drive her there whilst the other bloke took the other four girls to their hotel.

Now being semi- in showbiz, you get to make some connections, and I’d nabbed my way into the bar the previous night, with the aim of getting a barman onside. I found one who I thought would be game for my plan, and had a word with him in a private room. I provided £500 in cash, with another £500 two days later, for him to drug Cheryl’s drink.

I’ve wanted Cheryl ever since I met her. She is absolutely stunning, with dazzling eyes, ample breasts, slim curvy frame and round butt, though of course nothing could happen – she is 24, super sexy, married to an international footballer who earns (well, gets anyway) £50,000 a week, and I am 45, earning £60,000 a year working for her and her pals.

Why this night? Well, I didn’t just know that it was the final night of the girls’ tour, when they always got plastered, but as a football fan I knew that Cheryl’s husband’s team Chelsea were playing abroad that night, so wouldn’t be around. She’d be going home to an empty house.

The show went so slowly, as I just sat in the car reading the paper, but as the group piled into the car afterwards, at around 11pm they were already tipsy, and looking steaming-hot. Cheryl in particular, as always, looked delicious in a skin-tight gold silk dress, barely covering half of her thighs and struggling to hold back her large breasts.

They drank champagne in the back of the limo as we drove the short distance to Knightsbridge. Again they went inside, and I waited in the car listening to the radio.

Suddenly, at 1am, I heard a commotion outside, and it was one of the other minders helping Cheryl out of the bar. She looked absolutely trashed, and I remained calm as my heart raced. As they reached the car, I was told Cheryl was drunk off her head, but OK, could I just take her home and make sure she got in alright? Of course, little did anyone know what I was planning, and few knew where she was, secret back entrance – no paparazzi to see her in that state.

I drove the short distance to Cheryl’s block, parked in the underground garage (I’d been given her keys to look after, lest she lose them and some (other) predator find them…), and helped Cheryl to her flat.

Letting ourselves in, I locked the door and told Cheryl she was now home, and that I wanted to put her to bed before I left. She babbled whilst guiding me to her bedroom, I don’t think she even knew who I was. The flat was massive – about 6 bedrooms and 3 living rooms, it was the shit! Finally we reached the master bedroom, and I closed the door to leave Cheryl and I alone to the world.

I lay Cheryl gently on the bed, and told her I would undress her so she could breathe better. Cheryl was drugged almost to the point of unconsciousness, she was in no position to argue, and was extremely flimsy as I removed the thong from under her skirt, and peeled her tight dress off…

I was absolutely stunned as I drank in the glory of Cheryl Cole’s naked body! She was everything I’d dreamed of and more, full breasts, slim waist, meaty thighs and neat, pink pussy lips. I whipped my clothes off and got onto the bed, my cock already up to a full 12 inches for my wonderful Geordie prize!

My hands ran over Cheryl’s smooth, unblemished flesh uncontrollably, eventually one finger going to work on her magical silk pussy. I sucked Cheryl’s beautiful nipples as I fingered her, before I moved downstairs and spent about 20 minutes sucking and licking her. Eventually Cheryl’s body shook with orgasm, and though her eyes were open slightly, they were empty and she could give nothing but a slight moan.

It was now time to take Cheryl for my own and fulfil my deepest desire…

I knelt between Cheryl’s thighs, and gently pushed my huge cock into her by-now decently wet cunt. Cheryl felt so warm and tight, and I just stared at her gorgeous face as I felt myself burying my member up to the hilt inside of sexy 24-year-old Cheryl Cole. I was in heaven, I had to fight so hard not to orgasm straight away!

Once I was all the way inside of my unknowing young lover, I began thrusting as hard as I possibly could into Cheryl, again though she was conscious (just), the drugs had rendered her out of control of her body, and she could not stop me fucking her. So excited, I just couldn’t stop myself orgasming hard deep inside of Cheryl’s pussy, and my seed pumped through to her womb.

Thank God I’d had the snip a few years ago and couldn’t make Cheryl pregnant, although I have to admit it would have been fun watching her heave her belly around knowing I could be the father of her child, but it was probably for the best that wouldn’t happen. Just before I was about to withdraw, I noticed Cheryl had passed out with the hard punishment I’d give her.

After finishing I tipped Cheryl’s hips back to keep all our juices inside of her cunt, before carrying her carefully to the bathroom and washing her private area of our juices. I dried her before taking her back to her bed and snapping a few photos on my phone. I dressed Cheryl as she had been before, and lay her on her stomach on the bathroom floor, head by the toilet – she’d wake up and think she’d just felt sick. Haha.

I left the flat, locking up and putting the key through the mailbox, as those who knew she had got mullered knew I’d taken her home, it wasn’t suspicious.

Getting home about 4am, I felt just amazing as I lay in bed – I had had sex with Cheryl Cole, and she had been fucking amazing, even though she was completely comatose! Waking in a few hours, I texted one of the nude photos to Cheryl, telling her that she might want to put last night down to experience rather than doing anything about whatever small details she might remember. Or, she knew what happened with such photos when the subject was unco-operative…

Now, a few weeks later, having paid the Mandarin barman his other £500 and provided him with the promised photos, I’ve been on holiday from work and heard nothing more about that night, Cheryl seems to be co-operating. Good girl, I wonder whether any of her bandmates might be up for a bit of fun after their next tour?

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