“Oh shit.” Hilary cursed into her cell phone as her car quietly rolled to a dead stop.

“What? What is it?” Her sister asked on the other side.

“Oh this fucking car just stalled, and I have no idea where I am.” She explained. She looked around
the dark street. The run down part of LA was far from where she was planning on heading, but she had taken the wrong off ramp, and wound up lost in the far corner of the city. “Look. I’m going to call you back in a bit. Okay.”

“YOu’d better. Be careful.” Her sister concluded. Hilary hung up, and glanced at her phone.

She started to dial 411 when there was a knock at her window. She looked up to see what was going on and a long dark haired man stared back at her. Fear washed through the young singer/actress as the man glared right at her. “Can I help you?” Hilary called through the window.

“Get out of the car baby.” The man instructed his eyes locked on Hilary. “Now!” He barked. He grabbed the door handle, and started yanking on it. The door started to open, but the lone occupant grabbed the handle, and pulled the door closed, fumbling to hit the locking switch. Before she could, the passenger door swung open, and she screamed as another young man climbed into the passenger seat, grabbing Hilary by the hair, pulling it hard, making her scream in pain, and fear, letting the door go. It swung open, and the first man grabbed her, and the two men began working the kicking and screaming woman out of her car. She kicked and screamed, clawing at them as she fought to get loose, but they dragged her out of the gradually. She could feel her short black skirt bunching up around her ass, and she flushed with humiliation at the thought of her attackers being able to see her panties.

They finally worked Hilary out of the car, and she fell to the pavement. She felt them grab her hair, and force her to her feet. The first man laughed at her as she flailed her arms trying to break free again. He stepped behind her, forcing her against the hood of her car. She screamed in terror as she felt him pull her panties to her knees. “That’s it bitch. Keep screaming. No one’s gonna give a fuck.” He slapped his ass, and she heard him undo his pants. His friend stayed in her car, rummaging through it, jamming stuff into his pockets. He punched her in the side, and laughed as he watched her recoil in pain. “I’m going to love this. Never fucked a celebrity before.” He cheered. “I just thought you were some dumb rich bitch.” He snarled. Hilary felt the man’s gruff hands between her legs, and he plunged his fingers into her slit. “There it is.” He laughed. She screamed again, pushing herself away from the car, hoping to knock the man off balance, only to be slammed back against her black Jeep.

Hilary was sobbing, and screaming, as she felt the man’s tip pressing into her pussy. She was terrified of him raping her, and began begging him to stop. Before he could plunge himself into her soft pink fuck folds, he was suddenly jolted away. Duff heard him fall to the ground, and she spun around to see a young man standing a few short feet away from her, towering over the fallen attacker. He swung his arms up, and a silver baseball bat glistened in the street light. The stranger swung the bat down, and it slammed into the man’s exposed erection. He grabbed at his crotch, and yowled in pain, rolling onto his side. Hilary saw the second figure jump out of her car, and charge at the third stranger . Without even looking, the other man spun around, swinging the bat upwards, and caught the man under the chin, knocking him back, and onto the ground.

The stranger looked over at the teary eyed beautiful brown haired woman in front of him. He stashed the baseball bat under his long canvas jacket, and stepped up to Hilary. “A little out of your neighbourhood, aren’t we?” He asked casually. He crouched down in front of her, and slowly pulled her panties up, standing practically against her, as he pulled her skirt down, and gently tugged on it making sure it was all down. He stepped back from Hilary, and smiled at her.

“My car stalled. I don’t know why.” She quietly announced. Her body still trembled from fear, but she was trying to slowly regain her composure.

“Have you run out of gas?” The figure asked. He watched the frightened woman close her eyes as the answer to his question appeared on her embarrassed face. She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. What a simple problem to keep from happening, was all she could think. “It’s okay. IT happens. I guess you’ll have to call a tow truck. There’s not a drop of petrol around for blocks.”

“Thank you.” She timidly acknowledged. The young man nodded, and turned slowly. “Please!” Hilary called out. The young man turned around slowly. “Don’t go. I mean. If they get up, or more come…..”

“I’ll clean these guys up. You get back in your car, and lock the doors.” Hilary nodded, and climbed back into her car quickly locking the door. She picked up her phone off the floor, and started dialling again, as she peered out, watching the young man drag her attackers off the road into the night.

The tow truck showed up a few minutes later, and the driver went about pouring a Jerry can of gas into the client’s car. The young man had finished dragging the two men into the alley, and sat on the curb of the streets, smoking a cigarette as he stood guard over the young woman. When Hilary paid the tow truck driver, she sauntered over to the young man. “If I directed you, could you drive me home? I’m still a little shaken up from everything.” She pleaded. Even as she said it, it was a crazy request, and she felt embarrassed to ask it.

The mystery man rose to his feet, and brushed his dirty brown canvas jacket, which was spotted with multiple patches. “I guess if you were that hard up for a ride.” He replied casually. HE took the keys from the young woman, and motioned for her to lead the way.

Getting out of the dangerous neighbourhood took more wrong turns than Hilary wanted, and she was starting to get embarrassed. When they finally came back onto the freeway, she sighed a breath of relief a the car was finally headed to her place. Hilary Duff felt awkward about having some homeless guy driving her home, but the night had been anything but normal, and she didn’t want to be alone for a while. She shifted slightly in her seat, and peered around the freeway as the main vain through the city managed to still bustle. She caught the young man staring at her long smooth legs, and grinned slightly. After a few more minutes, Duff reached out, turning down the radio. “Do you know who I am?” She asked.

The young man looked over at her, and then back at the road, before glancing back at her yet again. HE thought for a bit, but simply shook his head. “Should I?”

Hilary shook her head with a laugh. “Oh God! Probably not. It’s just….. I’m sorry. You just don’t seem phased at all, and I guess I sort of figured most people would be if they recognized me. I know I sound like a really vain bitch right now, but it’s true.”

“Well. I don’t have a clue. Sorry. Who are you?”

“I’m Hilary Duff.”

There was a brief moment of silence, and Hilary watched him thinking. “Not ringing any bells, but I don’t really follow the celebrity world. Tell me why I should know you.”

Hilary giggled. She felt totally ridiculous talking about herself like she was, but she thought for a moment, then started explaining her rise to fame.

The gloss black Jeep finally rolled up the front driveway to the mansion Hilary shared with her sister. It rolled to a stop, and the motor cut out. “Nice place.”

“Thanks. We used to live with out mom, but she moved out when I turned eighteen. Got a smaller place of her own, and just let us take over.” She explained. She turned her to look over at the young man who smelled like it probably had been a long time since he had showered. “So I saw you staring at my legs.” She commented. She expected him to shy away at her remark, but became intrigued as he stayed completely casual.

“Not my fault they look so nice.”

“You’re really very sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

The young man shrugged. “I guess. I just don’t get excited about things very often.” He explained.

Hilary studied the young man who casually looked back at her, gazing at her patiently. She couldn’t help but find him incredibly handsome, and was intrigued by his calm attitude. He hardly seemed to take any interest in knowing he was sitting next to a woman who was famous all around the world. “Do you want to come in?” She asked. “I really don’t want to be alone tonight. I’m sure you understand.”

“Sure.” He agreed. Hilary smiled, and started climbing out. She paused for a moment, and glanced over her shoulder. “Feel free to stare at my ass if you want.” She remarked with a smile. She climbed out, and started for the front door. The mysterious man followed behind her. She wondered if he was staring at her ass, and was tempted to look over her shoulder, but resisted. She stopped at the door, and turned around. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Lone. Conrad Lone.” Hilary nodded. She wondered if it was true. She unlocked her door, and lead him inside.

“Come on. I’ll give you a tour, then you can take a shower if you want.” She announced.

The tour was brief, and basic. She showed him the main areas of the house, which of course went without needing much explanation. She walked him to the upper level, and pointed out the rooms as she went by, finally stepping into a tiny bedroom. “You can leave your stuff in here, if you want. The bathroom is across the hallway. You can shower if you want. I might have some clothes my ex left behind. I can go take a look if you want.”

“That would be great.” Conrad commented calmly as usual.

“Okay. Well. I’ll go check for clothes. Um… Towels are in the closet beside the bathroom.” She concluded, stepping out of the room.

Conrad hadn’t had a shower in weeks, and it felt great to finally have one. He spent just under an hour in the woman’s shower, before finally stepping out. He wrapped himself in a towel, and stepped back into the hall. He glanced down the narrow corridor. He was about to step into his bedroom, when he heard something behind him. He looked down the opposite end of the hall. One of the bedroom doors was hardly closed, and he could see Hilary standing in front of the doorway, casually undressing. She wore a pair of tiny black lace panties, and as she slipped off her satin blouse, she revealed a strapless satin bra. He had a clear view of her back, and could feel his cock twitching under the towel. Hilary suddenly turned her head as if something had startled her, and peered back at the man. She slowly turned to face him, but didn’t move to close her door. She had an amazing set of breasts straining against her tiny bra, and her entire body was taut, and shapely. A tiny diamond naval piercing sparkled as she breathed slowly. She slowly licked her full pink lips with just the tip of her tongue.

As Conrad stared at the young woman’s breathtakingly sexy body, she gazed back at his muscular upper body, and found him even more attractive, even with the multiple scars that were dotted all over his chiselled form. She reached out quietly, and closed her bedroom door. Lone didn’t so much as hesitate. He turned, and walked into the spare room where a pair of sweat pants, and a t-shirt were sitting neatly folded on his bed.

He started quietly getting dressed when there was a knock on the door. He turned, and unlocked the brass knob, opening it slightly. Hilary pushed her way in, her long shapely legs stretching out of a tiny silk robe that stopped well above her knees, and hung loose at the top even though it was cut to form to her shape, and the belt was done tightly, he could still see her amazing cleavage. “YOu look better. Smell better too.” She stated. She glanced at him, as he stood in front of her in his shorts. “Should I come back later?”

“Why? Something make you uncomfortable?” HE casually asked. Hilary seemed to be surprised by his casual reply, but it hardly flashed across her lovely face.

“I was wondering what your plans were.”

Conrad studied her for a minute, then snagged the t-shirt off the bed, and put it on. “I don’t know. I don’t normally plan the next day until the sun comes up.”

“Must be nice.” Hilary replied. Her voice was strict, and somewhat cold. She was trying very hard to sound completely unaffected, even though she was anything but.

“Has it’s moments.”

“So. What’s with these?” She asked slowly reaching out for his bare chest, softly touching some of his scars.

“Pick one.” He replied.

Hilary stared him down, squinting her eyes to study him. She looked his chest over, and chose a long dark scar on his left shoulder. She gingerly pressed her delicate finger tips against it. Lone looked down at the scar. “Knife wound two years ago. Bar in San Diego.” Hilary slid her soft warm fingers over Conrad’s firm muscular chest, and touched a round poorly healed scar. “Bullet wound. About six years ago. Guy holding up a convenience store.”

“You know all these wounds?” Hilary asked. Her soft voice kept low, as she ran her fingers from one scar, or poorly healed wound to another. She felt her heart racing madly as she felt the man’s amazing body.

“You’d be surprised how easy it is.” Hilary took a step back, and scanned the man’s body again. She was glad she had panties on under her robe, even if they were fairly small, they kept her aroused young pussy from trickling down her leg.

“So. You get in a lot of fights?”

Conrad looked the young star over a few times himself. She kept a good poker face, but he was able to read people. She was getting more out of the conversation than she was letting on. “I tend towards trouble. That would be a better way of looking at it.” He explained. “I’m guessing you don’t know much about that.” He noted. Hilary looked away embarrassed by his remark. She felt as if he had just spat in her face, and she honestly didn’t know why. “Don’t get like that. It’s not a slam against you. I’m just saying. We have different lives. You have yours, and it’s been rather good, and safe, and then I’ve had mine.” He slipped the shirt on, and quickly brushed the wrinkles out of it.

Hilary took a moment, and slowly looked back. “I guess. ” SHe met his gaze, taking a slow deep breath. “Well. I guess you want to sleep.”

Conrad shrugged. “I don’t normally sleep that much. Most days, there’s not much else to do. In California heat, it’s easier to travel at night anyway.” He explained.

“So. You’ll just lay awake?”

“Maybe. I’ll probably try to sleep I guess.”

“Well. I need to go to bed.” Duff strode for the door. She was surprised she could walk away from the young hunk so easily. It was probably the awkward response to his comment about her safe life that made it easier for her to slip away. She turned to him just before stepping out of the door. She wanted to see if he was going to do anything, but he just watched her walk away. She stepped out, letting the door close behind her.

The next morning Hilary dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans with a torn knee, a white tank top, and black leather jacket. She did her hair back in a pony tail, and slipped on a pair of leather boots. She made her way across the hall to the guest room. She knocked gently on the door. “Ya?” Conrad called back. Hilary opened the door, and leaned on the frame. Mackenzie was sitting up looking over at her as she appeared in the doorway.

“Just… um…. Checking in.” She waited for him to say something, but he just gazed over at her. “Um. Do you want to go somewhere for breakfast? My treat.”

“I don’t think you and I would breakfast at the same places.”

Hilary squeezed the bridge of her nose and let out a slow frustrated groan. She looked up at the house guest, and barked at him. “I’m not some sort of princess you know. I’ve been broke before. I don’t sleep on a stack of mattresses, I had to wait ’till I was sixteen to get my drivers. I’m just a person. Like you. I just don’t ‘tend towards trouble’.”

Conrad rose to his feet, and crossed the room to the frustrated woman. He looked down at her, and she glared coldly at him. A slight grin came to his face, and she almost lost her glare completely at his surprising grin. “So Denny’s isn’t outside your realm of dinning experiences?”

Hilary stared up at the man’s deep dark eyes. She gave a shrug, and slowly ran her hands down into her back pockets. “Ya. Denny’s will be great.”

On the way over, it was a silent ride for the first little while. Hilary apologized that his clothes weren’t cleaned yet, but he told her to relax. It was L.A. There were people out there dressed more unusually than a guy in sweat pants, and a crappy old shirt. After a while, Lone could tell Duff wasn’t sitting very comfortably. “You can talk about yourself.” He announced. The blond driver glanced over at him curiously as she weaved through early morning L.A. traffic. “I don’t talk about me much. I don’t really even talk much. But you can yak all you want. Long as there’s a point of some sort to it. Besides. You have a nice voice.”

“Why Conrad Lone, I think you just paid me a complement.” Hilary laughed.

“I’m sure it’s not much of one compared to what you’re used to.”

Hilary talked through most of breakfast. She tried to split the conversation between them by asking more about some of his cuts and wounds, but he always managed to get the beautiful woman talking about herself again.

Soon enough breakfast was over, and they were on their way, only having to stop their meal once or twice so she could sign an autograph from the odd customer that recognized her. They headed back to her black SUV, and were about to drive away, when a car came screaming around in front of them. The car stopped in front of them, and the driver jumped out and began taking pictures as he ran up to the black Blazer. “Fuck. I hate this guy. He has no idea on limits. He fucking nearly knocked me over one time when I was out jogging.”

“Troublesome huh? I got it.” Conrad replied. He slinked out of his door, and slowly sauntered around the front end of the Chevy. The black haired photographer didn’t even take notice of the approaching man as he rapidly fired off pictures of Hilary as she tried blocking her face with her hands. He called for her to look at him, and he even knocked on her windows to try and get her to look. By the time he took note of Lone, the tall solemn man was inches away. “Nice camera.” He remarked calmly. The older man shot a confused look at the towering figure, but didn’t really know how else to react.

Conrad’s arm snapped out, and he instantly gripped the man by the throat, quickly choking him, as he slowly raised him off the ground with one arm. “From now on. You don’t come any where near Hilary. I see you any less than twenty yards, and I’m going to come at you. And you really don’t want that.” He grabbed the man’s camera with his free hand, and yanked it off the strap he had it dangling around his neck with. He shoved the man back, sending him falling to the ground. He turned away slightly, and dropped kicked the expensive black camera, sending it flying into the air, and finally crashing to the ground, shattering into dozens of pieces. Conrad turned back around, and strolled casually back to his door. He climbed back in, and looked over at the stunned Hilary, as she gazed at him absolutely bewildered at what he had just done. “Drive. Before he gets up, and pulls out some disposable piece of shit.” Hilary laughed, and put the Blazer into gear, racing out of the parking lot.

“That was nuts!” Hilary exclaimed. She looked over at Lone as he casually slipped his seat belt on, and sat back casually as if nothing had just happened. “Aren’t you afraid of him suing you? Or pressing charges?” Lone shrugged.

“Not at all?” He shook his head. “That is crazy.”

Hilary talked most of the ride back. Conrad stared at her shapely profile a few times as they rode through the city, but as usual, never talked much without turning it back onto her. She had a soft voice, and an eager laugh that seemed like an over grown giggle, and it was easy for him to listen to her.

Hilary parked in front of her house, and turned the engine off. She looked over at the young man who had put his hand on the door to leave, only to turn back to her curiously. “Thank you.” She softly said. Lone stayed quiet for a little while, then simply climbed out of the truck, and headed for the front door. Hilary felt embarrassment roll over her again, and she eventually followed after him. She stormed up to him, fumbling with her keys, only to watch him open her door. The son of a bitch had picked her locks. He stepped into the front entry way, and reached out for the security pad. He held his hands over the glowing keys for a moment, then quickly hit the first two numbers, pausing for a moment before hitting another two. The last two came after another long pause. The terminal beeped, and Mackenzie moved away from it casually. “How the fuck did you do that?” She exclaimed. Fear over the fact a complete stranger could get into her house so easily fused with her embarrassment, and she quickly became angry towards his apathetic behaviour. Conrad strolled into the center of the living room, and turned around as he heard Hilary stomp after him. “Don’t fucking forget who’s house this is!” She scolded closing the gap between them, stopping a few feet away. Conrad stood with his hands folded neatly in front of him, standing patiently for her to finish whatever she was going to say. It instantly drove her crazy that he didn’t seem to take any notice of her frustration towards him.

Without saying anything, he slowly started walking towards her, but started to veer off slightly, and walked around her, his eyes focused on her, as he came around behind her. Hilary felt her heart suddenly stop, and a fearful shiver ran through her as her blood seemed to congeal inside her. He was standing behind her, and she became incredibly nervous to have him in such a compromising position, but felt turning would tip her hand to him, and that was something she didn’t want to do. She needed to have a feeling of control over him, especially after seeing how easily he threw around a fully grown man.

Conrad reached his hands out, and carefully let Hilary’s silky blond hair out of the long pony tail. He let it fall onto her shoulders, and fanned it out carefully. He stepped up behind her, and she could feel his body hardly an inch from hers. He gently gripped the sides of her shoulders, and moved his head close to her ear. Hilary’s chest heaved slowly as she took long slow breaths feeling the powerful man in such close proximity gave her a rush of mixed emotions, both fearful, and excited. “You talk about growing up on TV. You talk about standing on stage in front of thousands. You tell me about all you’ve done, and then I see your eyes, and I see all you want to do.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Hilary stalled. The man’s strong warm hands held her shoulders firmly, but not too tight. His warm breath on her soft neck, as he held his face just a few inches from her head. Her soft blond hair rustling on his warm breath. She felt the anger and frustration subsiding as her excitement grew slowly inside of her.

“Yes you do.” He replied with low voice. “You pick up some homeless stranger, and bring him to your big expensive house, and let him sleep just down the hall from you. You come into his room in nothing but a tiny robe, and some flimsy panties. You know exactly what you want, and you know exactly how I’m the one that can give it to you.” His hands slid down her arms, and slowly over her hands and finally rolled across her slender hips, pulling them closer to him, touching her lower body to his. She gasped silently as a shock went through her. “Few people have a Jekyll, and a Hyde. Everyone knows your Jekyll. Your past relationships know your Jekyll.” Hilary heard him sniff her sweet skin. “You definitely have a Hyde.” He repeated. He pressed his pelvis into her, and she could feel his cock pressing between them as he softly kissed her neck, sending a powerful explosion through her. She rolled her head back, letting out a slow moan, her soft hands stacking over his powerful hands. Her one hand slid over his leather glove, and her other one ran down his gruff hand. Her incredibly tight jeans were already pulling her silk panties against her pussy, but they seemed to pull harder as she felt them stick to her moist slit as she became more and more turned on by the man’s handling of her.

One hand came off her hip, reaching across her back, and pulled her hair off her opposite shoulder, exposing more of her neck, and jacket collar. Conrad grabbed the jacket, slipping it off, and slowly pulling it down so it was halfway down her back, as he softly kissed her neck, and shoulders. Hilary kept her eyes closed, moaning, and panting as she continued to take deep slow breaths. She wasn’t innocent, and she had more than one occasion of living up to the stereo types of Hollywood. But no one made her body burn with such little effort as Conrad was doing to her.

Conrad slowly stepped away from her. She opened her eyes slowly, and straightened her head. “Don’t move. Close your eyes.” Hilary did as she was told. She couldn’t believe how turned on he had made her, and how easy it sounded for him to be in complete control, while she was a frantic mess inside. “Are you wet?”

“Yes.” She whispered as she nodded. Wet was an understatement. She was soaking.

“Good. Take your jacket off. Don’t open your eyes.” He instructed. Hilary could hear his voice move as he came around her slowly, keeping a few feet between them. She slid her jacket off her arms, and tossed it behind her, standing quietly. “Do you like how I make you feel?”

“Yes.” She whispered again.

“Good. Run your hands over your body. Bring them up, and slowly through your hair.” HE watched her slowly place her hands on her thighs, and start to slowly drag them up over her curves, and over her full firm breasts. She brought them up her face, and ran them through her hair, pulling it out in all directions, letting her fingers slip completely through her silky mane, and let it fall back over her shoulders. She could feel his eyes on him, and she loved knowing he was watching her. “First time you had sex?”

“I was fourteen. It was right near the end of Lizzie.”

“Did you explore during Lizzie?”

“Yes. Some oral. Some mutual masturbation.”

“Did you initiate it?” His voice was moving again, but it stayed totally calm, and low.

Hilary slowly shook her head, leaving her hands resting at her sides. “He did. I wanted him to, so I just let him.”

“What position?”

“Missionary.” Hilary couldn’t believe she was letting the answers roll off her tongue so easily. It was secrets she never even thought of divulging, and yet as she stood in the middle of her living room, a few short feet from the man who just a few moments ago she would have let do whatever he wanted to her, she spoke freely, and easily.

“Tell me about it.”

Hilary swallowed, but that didn’t stop her or hesitate her. “I was on the bottom. It was in my trailer. We were practicing lines, and then we were making out. Pretty soon he was over top of me, kissing me, and groping me. I could feel his erection through his jeans. He told me how hot I was, and I told him he was too. I told him to get a condom out of one of the drawers I had stashed some in. He nearly fell over jumping up to get it. He opened his pants, and put it on as I took my clothes off. It took a few moments for him to get it inside me, but when he did, it felt amazing. We just kissed, and fucked. He came fairly soon, and crawled off of me. He asked if he could do it again later, and I told him maybe. I blew him a couple of times, and once he came over and we fucked in my bed. But that was really about it.”

“How do you sleep?”

“When I’m at home, it varies. Sort of does on the road too I guess. But I tend towards cotton pyjama pants, and some sort of tshirt, or sleep shirt when I’m on the road. When I’m home, I can usually handle sleeping in underwear more often. Or just a pair of panties, and a t-shirt.”

“What about last night?”

“Panties. Nothing else.”

“Did you masturbate last night?”

Hilary felt her face flush. She loved the topic, but the last question made her feel slightly embarrassed. “Yes.”

“Did you come?”


“Good. Are you still wet?” Hilary nodded without a word. “Do you like it still?”

“I’m getting… tense.” SHe explained.

“Good. Lick your lips.” Hilary slowly ran her tongue over her soft pink lips, and pressed them together. They glistened in the sun that shone on her from all over the well naturally lit house. “Good.” She felt his hand gingerly press against her stomach, and slide up under her shirt. His finger tips slowly circled around her naval, brushing the tiny metal piercing. She gasped. Tingles rippled through her warm flesh from her naval. He pressed his hand flat against her, his other one slowly slipping over her soft shoulder, hooking her neck with his fingers, and slipping it up slightly, cradling the curve where the back of her skull met her neck. She fought the urge to open her eyes, and felt him pull her against him. He ran his first hand up between her breasts, but didn’t move it anywhere. He just held her chest, and pulled her head forwards. He kissed her sweet red lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth, and rolling it around gently as he sucked her bottom lip gingerly biting it.

Lone raised the forearm of his first hand, peeling her shirt upwards as it started rolling up and sliding down his arm to his wrist. He didn’t lose a moment of kissing her, as he raised her top over her amazing rack. He broke slowly, and slid his hand back down to her belly, as he softly kissed his way down the middle of her rib cage, and between the woman’s firm ample breasts. He lowered himself slowly before her, his other hand slipping around her neck, and over her shoulder, gliding over her breast as he crouched low before her.

Anticipation, and lust drove her into a frenzy as she felt him kiss his way down the center of her trim body, and stopped momentarily rolling the tip of his tongue around her naval, and lightly sucking on her piercing. She moaned loudly this time, and he moved the rest of the way down. His hands finally sliding onto her low rise jeans. She felt him open her belt, and her knees lost strength for a brief moment. He pulled her jeans open, and slowly tugged them downwards, leaving her red silk panties up. She felt him bring her pants all the way down to her knees, and run his hands slowly up the backs of her silky smooth trim legs. They ran up her thighs on the outside as he skilfully kissed his way down along the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs.

Conrad pulled Hilary’s panties down slowly, and she felt the warm air on her now exposed pussy. It was freshly trimmed from the night before, and the sun beat down on it from out the window.

Conrad’s tongue did all the work. Slipping over her wet pink slit, flicking at her erect clit, poking through her swollen pink fuck folds. IT worked the well built woman’s pussy over masterfully without the slightest bit of help from his hands which only left her thighs, and legs to grab her perky round ass, and pull her into his hungry face.

Hilary came with her eyes closed. She opened them briefly as the first orgasm rolled through her, and she assumed that was the end, but she closed them instantly when she felt him continuing lashing at her young tight vagina with his tongue. She had been eaten out before, but few females, and no males had put so much time and perfect skill into eating her pussy. And neither had given so many powerful orgasms before her final climax.

She stood slouched over the man, as he slowly pulled his face out of her spent wet pussy, and glanced up at her, pulling her panties back up, and doing the same with her jeans. He pulled her body against his, and kissed her passionately, she lapped up his kiss eager as she tasted her hot thick pussy juice on his mouth. He pulled away from her, and started for the kitchen. Hilary took a shower. She had to masturbate herself to another orgasm as she thought of the man eating her young tight pussy out. She still couldn’t believe how easily her sexual secrets poured out of her mouth, and she wished his cock had at least poured in. She wondered how his dominance over her was supposed to help her with her Hyde, but then she considered she might not have the dominant sort of Hyde she was assuming. Although she doubted any sort of Hyde to be submissive to anyone. She came as the thought passed. Who cared about her Hyde. She wanted his cock.

Conrad was reading by the time she got dressed. He was sitting in the middle of her leather sofa listening to one of her albums, reading some book she couldn’t recognize. She strolled down the steps. The room felt different than it had an hour ago. It was almost cold. Hilary walked up to him, and he looked up at her, taking time to study her short black skirt, and white knee socks with the button up blouse that was tied above the naval, and hardly buttoned up at all, flecks of her black satin bra peeking through. She walked up to him as he returned his attention to his book. She stood before him expecting a second look, but didn’t get it. She finally lifted a foot, and set it between his legs. Conrad looked up at her, not hiding his delay on glancing up her skirt to her bare pussy. His eyes met hers, and without an expression from either of them, she lifted her foot, and pushed his chest, pushing him back into the sofa. She put her foot on the floor, and gently lifting her skirt, she stepped closer to him, and slowly brought herself down onto her knees, straddling over his lap. She hung her hands on his strong shoulders, staring down into his eyes as she positioned herself over him, slowly lowering her body onto his lap, feeling his hands gently grab her sides. “This was my first album.” She noted.

“I figured so.” He replied staring back into her green globes. She began grinding against him slowly, rolling her head back from one shoulder along to the other. “MMMmmmmm……… I’ve never had a man make me come with his mouth. You are amazing.” She cooed. She felt his hands gently guiding her hips as she rode slowly over his crotch, rolling her head slowly side to side. His hands left the young woman’s sides, and she felt him slowly unbutton her blouse, pulling it open slowly.

He slipped his hand beneath the soft material, and ran his hand over her chest, slipping it up to her collar bone, and slowly following the inside edge of the strap downwards back over her breast, and along the lace edges. Hilary looked down at the leather glove that slide along her tight perky breasts. “WHat happened to your hand?” She asked. She reached up, gently pulling his hand off of her soft skin, and lightly pressed her hand flat against his.

“When I was fourteen I was fixing a sink at a road side diner that was owned by a black family. Some local yokels wandered in, taking a seat in a far back booth. Amy, the owner’s fourteen year old daughter. Got up, and went across to tell them they were closed. There were four of them. There were four of them. They jumped her, and wrestled her to the table. Her dad came running, and one of them stabbed him in the chest, and kicked him until he was a lump on the floor. Then kicked him a few more times just because he could. I was behind the counter, and they didn’t seem to know I was there. I took my pipe wrench, and dropped two of them. One of them jumped me from behind. The details got a little fuzzy after that. Somewhere along the fight, Amy bolted. Next thing I knew, I was slammed onto one of the tables, and had a hunting knife stabbed through my hand.” Hilary had stopped grinding against him, but was still holding her soft delicate hand against his large muscular gloved hand. She could feel his other hand gently rubbing her thigh, sending warm tingles through her body. “One of them went to chase Amy down. I wrapped my fingers around the hilt, and pulled the knife out of the table. At that point, it was adrenaline, and fear. I got my wrench back in my hand, and knocked the last three out cold. Amy had made it back to their trailer behind the diner, and her mom grabbed the shot gun, and kept the last redneck at bay until the sheriff arrived.”

“That’s terrible.” Duff moaned softly, reaching around with her other hand, holding his gloved hand with both of hers, rubbing it, and examining it as if she had never seen anything like it before.

Conrad shrugged. “The doctors said that by gripping it, and pulling on it, I had done irrevocable damage to it. He said I would never be able to use it again. For about a year I had to use just my left hand. It was hard as hell really, but I managed. One night I got really drunk, and grabbed a pen with my right hand. Hurt like hell, so I just kept drinking. After about half a Texas Mickey of Jack Daniels, I was scrawling my name across entire sheets of paper, and it looked like I was writing on a mechanical bull. By the end of the other half, and about three days, I was taking up half a page, and the bull was going slower. Took almost a year to be back to normal, and fully right handed again.”

“You taught yourself to use your hand again? That is so cool.” Hilary marvelled at the man’s hand, and his story. She slowly let his hand go, and smiled at him, as she felt it slowly grip her slender hips again. She rested her hands back on his shoulders, and smiled warmly at him. “You got me off. And now I’m going to get you off.” She announced. She shifted to slide off his lap, but he didn’t let her slip through his hands. She looked at him curiously as he shook his head.

“Stand up.” He softly instructed. Hilary slid off his lap, and rose to her feet. “Take your shirt off. Then your skirt. And don’t lose eye contact with me.” Hilary quietly slipped her open blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She bent over, digging her thumbs into the waist of her skirt, and pushed it down her long toned legs, her face tilting upwards as she bent over, hardly bending her knees, pushing the skirt down, but keeping her beautiful eyes on the handsome older man. She slowly stood up, standing practically naked again. Her white knee high socks, were the only article of clothing on her luscious body other than her black lace bra that seemed to be far too small for her impressive round firm breasts. She didn’t say anything. She just froze letting her naked body be examined by the strange man. A sense of fear, and excitement washed through her again. This was not like anything she had ever done before. Nothing of what he did was like anything she had ever done before.

“That looked easy.”

“Taking off my skirt?” Hilary shrugged. “I do a lot of stretches, and exercise.”

“I see.” Conrad let a slight grin briefly appear. “Keep your hands on your legs, don’t bend your knees, and bend over as far as you can, and don’t move until I tell you.” Hilary smiled as a sense of excitement came over her. She slowly did as she was told, lightly slipping her hands down her sides, as she bent over, her upper body slowly arcing over, and down towards her legs. She slowly let her head hang down, and was able to bend over even more. When she came to a complete stop, she was almost pressing her chest against her legs.

Conrad rose to his feet, and slowly sauntered around the bent over beauty. “Stand up.” He instructed taking a step behind her. She slowly straightened out again curious about what he was looking for. She moved her hands to brush her hair out of her face, but he called out for her to stop. She slowly let her hands fall back to her sides, leaving her hair in a fallen curtain around her face. Mackenzie stepped up behind her, gently pressing his strong body to her half naked frame. She grinned under her mop of soft hair as she felt him press against her, his right hand gently hooking onto her hip again. She could feel his bare left hand gently lay across her trim stomach, starting with the heel of his palm, and slowly rolling across her stomach, until it was pressed flat against her.

She felt him slip his head beside hers, and rest it lightly on her shoulder, while he gently slipped his hand down between her legs, rolling his finger tips gently across her warm pink slit. Hilary wanted to remark on how insatiable he seemed to be, but felt it was best to stay quiet. “With your left hand; brush your hair back.” He whispered. Hilary slowly brushed her long soft hair back out of her face, letting it fall behind her, and drape around her neck, and shoulders. Her soft green eyes shifted slightly towards the man’s face, her face looking straight ahead. She took a slow breath through her teeth feeling the man’s strong fingers plunge gently into her slit. “You’re a very beautiful young woman. I am going to enjoy this.” He declared. Hilary smiled at the remark, eager for what was about to happen.

Conrad gently kissed her shoulder, and slowly pulled away from her. He turned, and walked off, leaving Hilary confused, and wanting.


“Did you tell him about us?” Hailey asked cautiously.

“God no!” Hilary replied. She kept her voice low as she paced around the back yard of her house. She strolled around the swimming pool as it shimmered in the early morning California sun. She had gone to bed the other night, and as hard as it was, had fought the urge to finger fuck herself. The next morning she slipped into a pair of tight denim cut offs, and a bikini top, and slipped outside to check in with her sister who had gone back to Texas to visit friends. “But I don’t know. He’s smart. He knows things. He can read people.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Hilary paused. “Nothing. Just. I don’t know. Just…. I just needed to vent.”

“Vent. I need to get laid just listening to it.” Hailey confessed. “If I were you, I’d seduce him, and have him fuck your brains out. Then decide.”

Hilary had a quick laugh. “It’s not that easy with him. He doesn’t react like most people.”

“He will. God look at you. He’ll have no choice.”

“Honestly. I don’t know if I want him to. He kind of scares the hell out of me.”

“Yet you do everything he says?” Hailey joked.

“I know. Fuck I know.” She spun around to pace the other way, and froze suddenly seeing Mackenzie standing at the far end. “Fuck. I have to go.” She flipped her phone closed, and held it at her side. “I didn’t see you walk around.” She explained bashfully. She worried about what he had heard her say, and felt somewhat embarrassed to have been caught talking about him.

“It’s a gift.” He commented. He slowly walked up to her, keeping his hands at his sides. He had washed his clothes, and was wearing some old torn tshirt he had carried in his back pack. His jeans had dirt ground deep into the fibres that didn’t seem to ever wash out. His heavy coat was patched, and beaten up, and he looked out of place standing in the back yard of the celebrity’s mansion. He stepped up to Hilary, and slowly reached out, gently brushing her face. “Your sister is lucky to look as amazing as you. I can hardly wait to share the two of you.” He said. Hilary nervously cleared her throat. She watched his eyes dart from her to the glass back doors, then back to her. “Some one just pulled up.” He announced. Hilary scanned him curiously, but slowly started walking back to the house interested to see if he was right.

Conrad stepped through the back door, watching Hilary closing the front doors. She turned as she heard him close the sliding doors. “How did you hear that from the back yard?” SHe asked.

“It’s a gift.” He answered. “You normally turn visitors away?” He prodded.

Hilary held up a red envelope. “Tickets. My agent sent me tickets to some premier.”

“He just sends them, and you go?”

“It’s a publicity thing. Gets me out in the public eye. Keeps me on the pages of magazines, and such. People don’t forget about me between projects.” She explained. “Do you want something to eat?” She started for the kitchen.

“So. You should schedule more than that day ahead.” He replied, taking stride behind her.

“It’s not like that. This is Hollywood. Modern Hollywood. Times come, and times go, and we need to go to them. At least it’s not like the old days, and we were expected to have a date for the show.”

“There was some integrity to the old days.” Mackenzie replied, taking a seat at the stone tile topped island, as Hilary went about searching the cupboards for food. “Studios had control of the stars, and the American public wasn’t flooded with them daily, becoming sick of them. They watched what they did because there jobs depended on it. There was a control. An integrity.”

Hilary poked her head beneath a cupboard. “You’re kidding, right?” She couldn’t believe the man was claiming the old ways were better, when the stars were controlled by the studios. She could hardly believe things ever went that way at any point. “They were slaves to corporations.”

“And what sort of slave are you to what sort of agent?” Hilary froze at the reply. A wave of humility washed over her. He had nailed that one dead on, and she knew it. “Turn around.” He instructed after a brief pause. Hilary slowly turned around, but couldn’t look directly at him, letting her eyes awkwardly searching the kitchen. Anywhere but at him. Mackenzie sat with his hands resting on the grey tiles. His back was straight, and he watched the gorgeous vixen carefully. “When did it start?”

Hilary’s eyes jumped on him, and he could see the surprise in her eyes. She wondered how he knew these things. She wondered how he made her feel the way he did, and most of all she wondered how crazy she was for having him in her house to begin with. “After Lizzie Maguire took off. I was developing faster than I was growing. He started hitting on me. I wasn’t new to it, but he was more… direct. One time I was having a meeting at his office. He was touching me. Telling me the usual. You know. How pretty I was. How talented I was. All that stuff. It was totally consensual. He was the first guy I gave a blow job to. I’d let him kiss me, and feel me up. When I turned fifteen, we started fucking. He wasn’t the only guy I was fooling around with by then. I was exploring.”

“And now?”

“Now I’m just some woman he represents, and likes to fuck, and get off with. It’s the business. I’m not stupid. I wasn’t then, and I’m not now. He wanted something, and so did I. Now it’s just a part of things.”

“When was the last time?”

Hilary thought for a bit. “About a month ago. It was in his office. Like it usually is. On his couch. Doggy. I swallowed his load, we arranged some auditions. It was a meeting.” SHe took a deep breath. What was it about him that made her divulge such details. She turned and started making toast. Conrad focused on Hilary’s tight round ass. How it felt against him as he stood behind her naked body the night before was fresh in his mind. The feeling of her delicate flesh was more than fresh in his mind. And the resistance he felt slipping his fingers into her. His eyes rolled up her back. She was definitely well built, and very attractive.

Breakfast was basic. Hilary made eggs, and toast. She joined Mackenzie on the island, and the two of them talked about her career. He managed to avoid pushing her sexual experiences as topics, and she had a feeling those would come later. He was stoic, and reserved. He occasionally grinned when she was laughing, but he never seemed to let his guard down, and it made her wonder if it was his guard, or simply how he was. When they finished eating, she gathered up the dishes, and started cleaning them. When they were done, and away, she turned around and suddenly stopped when she spotted him holding the red envelope, glancing down at it casually. “Do you want to be my date?” He looked up at her, leaning back slowly in his chair. She sauntered up towards him slowly, purposely swinging her hips. “I promise to wear something tight, and very revealing. I’ll have a limo pick us up. And we can do whatever we want.” She spoke with a smoky whisper, leaning her down onto her forearms on the table, and pushing her face forward looking up at Conrad. ”

Conrad stared down at her, and grinned. “You know I don’t really have the sort of clothes for a Hollywood premier. Not that I give a shit, but I know how the media plays things. You might not like it.”

“I have a feeling you’ll make it worth it. Besides. I can buy you better clothes. We could really have some fun with this. You should see how this biz works.”

“Come here.” He instructed turning his chair to the side. Hilary rose up, and walked around, standing in front of the young man, as he reached out, grabbing her belt, gently tugging her towards him, slipping his hands onto her hips, as she gazed down at him. “Say it.”

Hilary smiled curiously. “Say what?”

“You know. Just say it.”

Hilary grinned, and hung her head slightly, gently reaching up with her delicate fingers, playfully tugging at his shirt. The collar was tattered, and warn, and hardly held any real shape as it probably did when it was new. Hilary couldn’t believe how beat up his clothes were. She hardly had anything that looked that old and tattered, unless it was designed to. She bit her lip bashfully. “I want you to be my date.” She whispered. She felt his hands gently slide onto her ass, but unlike the other times, he was simply brushing over her form, and wasn’t grabbing at her. She felt strangely intrigued by how he could be so cold, and manipulative one moment, and then just touch her, and caress her without any segway. “I want to dress up, and have people looking at us. It would make me so happy. Please. I’ll beg anyway you want.” She playfully offered the last bit watching to see if it helped her plea.

Conrad stared into Hilary’s soft green eyes, as he stood up slowly, his body brushing against hers as she kept her eyes on his, gazing up at him, her hands flat on his chest, his hands curled around her hips. He gently cupped the back of her head, and softly leaned down, kissing the young woman softly, Hilary was stunned to feel the man kissing her so softly. Her eyes softly closed as she tasted him on her lips, and delicately kissed him back, pulling him closer to her. They pulled away, slightly, and he softly caressed her cheek as he stared down at her. “I’ll drive.” He softly announced. He quickly kissed her sweet red lips again, and slowly walked by her. Hilary kept her back on the young handsome man as she felt her body swell with excitement, and she let out a quick quiet squeal of excitement, taking a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure he was gone, and that he didn’t see her.

Hilary spent the morning doing laundry, and chatting on the phone. Some of her calls were juggling between her agent, and her label, but most of the time, she was just yakking with friends. Later that afternoon, she came bounding through the living room, and smiled brightly. She stopped in the living room, and slowly crept up to Mackenzie who was sleeping on the couch. Duff slowly swung her leg over his lap, and cautiously tried to stretch out over him, slowly bringing her body down onto his. Her long full bodied blond hair , hung around his face, as she delicately kissed him on the lips, running her tongue lightly across his slightly open mouth. He propped herself up slightly, and smiled down at him, watching him open his eyes on her. “Hey baby.” She greeted him with a warm eager smile. She looked along the curve of her arched back as she felt his hands gently rest on her tight buttocks again, and looked back down at him. “I think I found my dress. Not that you’ll let me wear it for very long.” She giggled playfully. She kissed him again, holding it longer this time feeling his tongue push through her mouth, and gently brush around her mouth, before the slowly broke apart. She moaned softly, rolling her head around letting her hair dance over his face.

The young elated woman looked back down at him, and smiled at him feeling him reach up and brush her hair back. “I want to look so sexy for you tonight. You make me feel so hot. I’ve never had someone fill me with such extremes of emotion. You scare me.” She slowly started rocking her body as she held herself up on her hands, tucked close to his head, and shoulder. “You arouse me. You humiliate me. But you always make me feel so good. And I want to show you how special you are.” She smiled down at him. “I want you to want me so badly tonight. You can’t wait to get my clothes off.” She moaned slowly, grinding against him. “And right now. I want to suck… your… cock.”

Conrad watched as the seductive beauty slid slowly down the man’s body, carefully rubbing her body over his, curling up between his legs at the bottom end of the couch. Her soft dainty hands slid slowly down his body behind her

Hilary wasted practically no time taking the man’s swollen prick into her wet warm mouth. She gasped eagerly when she pulled it out for the first time, stroking it slowly, and playfully with her warm soft hands, kissing his tip, smiling up at him, as he gazed down at her, watching her beautiful face manoeuvre around his prick, before she lifted her head, and slowly pushed his cock into her mouth, closing her lips around his shaft as she held the base, and started slipping up and down his prick, her soft hand stroking him in sync.

She sucked his cock slowly, taking her time switching between sucking it, and licking and kissing it, either way, her soft warm hands stroked it gently intermittently She loved feeling his hands gently holding her head, brushing her thick silky hair. She felt him push his pelvis into her firmly, but slowly just before he came, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it. She could hardly believe he had so much cum, but it seemed to fire out of his cock in unrelenting pulses. She could feel the droplets that seeped out of her mouth oozing over her long thin fingers as she held his base. She swallowed as much as she could, gasping only for air when his prick stopped throbbing. She took a slowly deep breath, and gently licked the trails of cum off his shaft, and her fingers.

Hilary spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon getting ready. She scrubbed every inch of her amazing young body wanting to make sure her skin was as flawless as it had ever been for the night. She got out of the bathtub, and started working on her hair. She didn’t do anything too fancy. Some styling on the front, and a bit of a bun with the rest of her long mane hanging out. She slipped on a tiny black lace thong, and was about to slip into the dress when she looked up to see Mackenzie standing in her doorway. She smiled at him, never able to tell what he was thinking as he stared at her topless form. “You always sneak up.” She quietly commented.

Conrad shrugged slowly walking towards her. He stepped up to her, gently taking her hand, and pulling her against him. He cupped her face in his hands, and softly kissed her. The two of them stood silently kissing each other passionately. Hilary cooed as she felt Mackenzie grope her firm full breast in his hand, and moved his mouth from her sweet full lips to her erect lightly discoloured nipple, taking it between his lips, sucking it as he gently squeezed her breast. Duff moaned, and whimpered as the man sent amazing tingles through her practically naked body. “Oh fuck! Why do you have to fucking get me so hot!? You know I want you to fuck me already.” She turned her head slightly, opening her mouth wide, taking the pointer finger from the hand that still lightly held her face, into her mouth, sucking it gently as he continued to suck on her tit.

He lifted his head, pulling his finger from her mouth, and letting her firm beautiful breast go slowly. He stared at her, gazing into her eyes “I walk around this house, and see pictures of you growing up. I see you going from a young beautiful girl, to a drop dead gorgeous woman. I look at publicity shots, family photos, candid paparazzi pictures, and all those photos you posed for in magazines, movie posters, and all your album covers.” He turned the stunning young woman around, stepping up behind her, sliding his hands down her arms, gently setting his mouth in the crook of her neck. “I think of all the lucky bastards out there who have been lucky enough to explore your hot young teenage body.” He slipped on hand onto Hilary’s trim stomach, and she reached her arm back around gently brushing his short brown hair, as the two of them swayed slowly. He paused briefly to kiss her soft neck, his first hand slowly coming up her skin to her firm amazing breasts, his other hand slowly finding its way between her legs, pushing his fingers into the soft moist material that covered her warm hot pussy.

He lifted his lips slightly to her ear, his warm breath on her skin as he spoke quietly. “I think of those luscious lips of yours sucking the countless cocks, and brushing the countless pussy as you licked and sucked your way through life. The thought of your beautiful naked teenage body. Thinking of how cute you were as a girl, and how hot it must have been to see you naked as a complete young tight package.” Hilary closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip as Mackenzie rubbed her slit sending her into an orgasm. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as he talked about how he wanted her younger self, and as she felt his hands on the woman she was now. His hands groped, and massaged her breasts, running his thumb over her erect sensitive nipples. “I see all those pictures of you growing up, and think of how amazing you must have been to use. And then I think of the hot young thing you are. I think of your mouth riding my cock, the feel of your soft warm flesh, and the amazing curves that connect your fantastic breasts to your tight hot ass.” He stepped away from her, and turned her to face him. The want, and lust was more than evident on her face. Her pussy juices ran down her long luxurious legs. She was on the brink of another finger induced orgasm. “And you tell me how hard it is on you for me to turn you on.” H remarked. He kissed her gently on the lips. He nuzzled her neck again, running his mouth lightly over her goose pimpled flesh, locking his hands with hers. “Now put your hot little body in something nice that I can tear from your body later, because whatever you wear is never going to be worn again.” He noted. He reached around her, and pulled her gruffly against him kissing her hungrily again, his hand grabbing her tight ass, pulling her hard against him. He pulled away. Hilary was not there. She was in some state of bliss, and would return to reality later. She had decided earlier that nearly getting raped was well worth meeting the handsome stud.

Hilary’s room was a mess. It looked like a disaster area. Katrina had nothing on her naked body getting thrown around her room by Conrad’s powerful naked form. Pictures that had been carefully place all over her room were knocked over, and some had even fallen and broken. He desk had been used as a fuck surface more than twice the whole night, and most of the neatly kept items had been knocked to the floor with no real concern for it’s safety. A large rip in a poster of a tiny kitten hanging from a tree branch had been torn when Mackenzie slammed the young hot woman against the wall, and fucked her violently against the wall, which turned out to be one of several times the wall was incorporated into the passionate fuck fest. After getting slammed like a demolished building gets slammed by the wrecking ball, Hilary quickly took the man’s throbbing cock into her mouth tasting her own sweet juices, and his precum. She had time to suck it briefly, and stroke it a few times, before he grabbed her beautiful hair, and pulled her away from him unapologetically moving about her naked sweating body to enter her holes again.

The movie sucked, but since Hilary had given Conrad a long lasting round of road head as they drove through the Hollywood hills, the taste of his cum lingered on her tongue as she watched the low grade movie, and she hardly paid any attention to it anyway. Conrad didn’t attend the movie. He watched the young woman model her sexy form for the cameras until she was almost inside, and drove off. Hilary thought a blow job would help him to change his mind, but he simply kissed her before they pulled up, and wished her well. She begrudgingly got out of the car, and quickly smiled for the thrones of celebrity watchers. She texted him when the movie was over, and he picked her up right out in front again.

They were hardly up the driveway, before Hilary was ready to let the man take her, and he was even more ready to take her. They passionately kissed in the car, and Hilary reached her soft hand down his pants, feeling the raging hard on she had sucked carefully just hours before, and was dying to feel it spread her pussy. She wondered if that was the only thing it would split.

The first thrust into her, felt like an Indy car tearing through a crowd. Hilary exploded into an orgasm right there, as their bodies fell back onto her bed, and she screamed in ecstasy. How the fuck did he make her so horny, and make one simple thrust reach so deep. Hilary remembered seeing the clock in the truck reading 10:00 when they pulled into the driveway, but as she felt Conrad’s sexy body wrapped close to her, his hand slipped over her side, and she clutched it in her hands, holding it close to her chest as she finally was able to completely relax and let her ravaged, savagely fucked body relax, she was watching the sun come up out her bedroom window.

She was curious about him reaching over her soft young body at first when it was finally decided they just couldn’t fuck each other any more. She twisted around to face him as he shifted into the bed behind her. “What?” He asked catching the curious glance on her sweat covered face before kissing her forehead.

“It’s just. I usually have to make my boyfriends cuddle after sex.”

“Boyfriend?” Mackenzie prodded. Hilary blushed, and looked away. She had just said it. She had just said boyfriend, and was classifying him in that category. She felt him rest his hand on her hip, and wriggle his body up against her back. She clutched his hand with her, and pulled it to her chest, wrapping the other hand around it, holding it tightly with both of them, as she slowly closed her eyes.

Hilary awoke the next day, and her brain recognized the empty bed behind her before her eyes were even open. She looked around the room, calling curiously for Conrad, but her house just sat silently. She slowly climbed out of bed. The feeling of sweat on her body, and her cunt juice, and his cum on the inside of her legs now felt dried, and sticky, and she knew it was normally a feeling she did not enjoy the morning after, but with Mackenzie, it was a feeling that brought back a warm flood of memories of the night before. Christ did he fuck her. She was about to grab a bra, out of her dresser, when she crossed the front window, and spotted movement. She stood curiously watching Mackenzie standing in the front yard, talking to a group of people who were fanned out in the small garden that lined the brick wall around her house.

“Conrad?” Hilary called curiously. She had quickly thrown on a pair of sweat pants, and a tank top, and strolled outside. A strong breeze blew her already terribly dishevelled hair about as she walked down the gravel driveway, and crossed the lawn to where Mackenzie was standing.

“Morning.” He greeted calmly turning to the young woman as she neared. He wrapped an arm around her waist, and softly kissed her forehead, pulling her against him.

“WHo are these people?” SHe asked.

“Well. That guy over there is Igor Vladnosky. The little fella just a few feet away from him is his brother Vladimir. And that.” He pointed over at the other two people who were walking down the edge of the garden, trimming the weeds. “That’s Pavel, and Johan. Ummm… Johan doesn’t talk.”

“Can I talk to you?” She asked quietly, slowly pulling him back away from the workers.

“We don’t have to leave. They have terrible English. Like. Shit.” He commented.

Hilary looked over at the four men who were busy tending her garden, and lawn. “We already have a service that takes care of this stuff.” She declared.

“Oh it’s cool. This is a one day thing. I’ve got other work lined up for them, but they wouldn’t take any money without any work. So I had them wander over this way today, and they’re just going to sort of putter for an hour or two.”

“Well. How much do I pay them?” SHe asked nervously. She didn’t want to sound cheap, or ignorant, but she was feeling a little awkward that all this was happening at her house, and she knew nothing about it.

“I’ve already paid them. That’s why they came today. They couldn’t take the cash without doing something. ”

“Ya but…. Well…”

“Hilary.” Conrad softly called. Hilary had never heard her name roll off the man’s tongue. She liked it. “It’s okay. Pavel used to do landscaping back in Moscow. He knows what he’s doing. It’s just a weeding, and some edging, and then they’re wandering off. Come on. Calm down. Trust me. They’re good people.”

Hilary looked over at the workers. She was still bothered by the strange situation, but she wasn’t bothered enough by it to stop them, or keep arguing. Besides. He trusted them. She trusted him. She was crazy, but she trusted him. “How do I say thank you in Russian?” Mackenzie whispered the translation into her ear, and she giggled, pulling her head away as he kissed her neck, sending tingles through her again. She tried to say the words through her laughing, and after a couple tries, she seemed to have done it well enough that the four men turned to her and nodded, and smiled. She smiled back, and stepped away, only to have Mackenzie hold her hand, and jolt her back against him, grabbing her waist, and kissing her sweet lips. His kisses made her want to fuck right there on the grass. She gasped, and forced herself to slowly step away. She needed a shower. All she could think of was his kiss.

Hilary had missed two calls when she got out of the shower. She could normally shower in a short amount of time. She tried to be environmental whenever she could, but it was a good half hour before she emerged from the steamy shower that she had practically just stood mindlessly in, letting the hot water wash the sweat, and juices off her body, and tried to get a better grip on herself. She could not melt every time he kissed her. But fuck could he kiss her, and that was her problem.

The first message was a quick one from Hailey. “Hey sis. Just checking in. Gonna be home soon. You fuck your knight in shinning armour yet? Please tell me you at least got him tested. Picking up boys on the street. You whore!” Hailey laughed. “Love you sis. Miss you so much.”

The next one was her agent. A tall middle aged man who had been in the business for years, and had been inside Hilary for years too. “Hey Hil. Listen. I’m getting a lot of questions about your mystery driver last night. I mean. It was your bloody Jeep, and you got dropped off, and picked up, and no one left the driver’s seat? Anyway. Call me.” Hilary deleted both of them. She stood quietly staring at the phone.

“You didn’t think we were completely under the radar, did you?” Conrad asked. Duff had a start, and looked over at him. She didn’t even hear him approach.

“I did. It’s just. I don’t know what to say.” She timidly replied. She hated saying it, but she was in Hollywood, and shit was never as easy as it should be, no matter what they told the media when asked how they felt about the media.

“Tell them whatever you want. I can lie. For you, I will.” Hilary bit her lip nervously, and Mackenzie disappeared from her room. She thought for a second. He had glanced at something. She looked over at her bed. She hadn’t even noticed it had been a made in the mess of a room. A tiny golden necklace was neatly spread out over her assortment of pillows. She reached out, carefully scooping up the necklace, and held it up to examine it. The tiny charm was a rose, and as she brought it closer to her face, she could just make out an elegantly written ‘H’ engraved into the blossom of the rose so perfectly done it looked as if the petals were opening up around the letter itself. Hilary gasped, and clasped a hand over her mouth.

It took Hilary almost an hour to clean her room to her satisfaction. She got dressed, and decided to get out of the house. She needed some alone time. She trotted down the stairs. Again the house was dead silent. She figured it would be a good time to sneak by. She quickly walked out of her house, and climbed into her Jeep, in a few minutes she was on a main road headed for her agent’s office.

The light was green. Two cars in front of Duff’s black Jeep rolled through the intersection, and she carefully followed them. The mini van was coming in the opposite direction, and she watched it suddenly turn sharply, and start racing back toward her. She watched it curiously, and a growing feeling of dread filled her as she watched it race towards her. It skimmed by her, and she heard the two vehicles rub together as it cut across in front of her. She let out a scream, and jerked hard on the steering wheel. The car suddenly came to stop, and she was slammed into the steering wheel. The van hesitated for a second, and then raced off.

A cop came up to Hilary first, and helped her out of the car. He helped her to sit on the curb, and quickly checked her eyes to make sure things seemed normal. She wondered if he actually knew what he was doing, but she did it anyway. The two officers quickly were on their car radio calling in the accident, and it didn’t take long for more photo hounds to show up. Hilary sat curled up on the sidewalk, holding her face in her hands. Slamming into the steering wheel had left her upper body sore, and her forearms were hard to move since they had taken the blunt of the force. One of the cops took her statement, while another car pulled up, and they surveyed the damaged Jeep. Hilary’s mind swirled around, then she looked up to see him.

He pushed his way through the crowd as if they were hardly even there. He didn’t run across the street at her, but he didn’t waste a lot of time with his powerful strides either. He didn’t say anything, until he was up in front of her. He had pushed his way passed two cops, and they were rushing to keep the stranger away from the young shaken up celebrity, but she waived them off telling them he was okay. “Fuck Hilary. What the hell?”

“I’m okay.” She announced. She felt him grab her shoulders, and lightly brush her hair. He felt like he was healing her of some strange disease, and a great sense of calm was over coming her quickly. How the fuck did he do this? It took months for her longest relationships to make her feel so secure at their touch, and even then it wasn’t as complete as his. “I’m okay. Just… Shaken up. God I’m such a wuss.”

“Fuck it.” He replied. Mackenzie looked over at a photographer that was circling around her. Extra police had shown up to try and keep the crowd at bay, but the paparazzi had slipped through, but they stayed away so the cops ignored them mostly. “Dude. I will fucking make you taste that camera if you don’t back the fuck off! And it ain’t gonna enter your mouth.” He snapped. The young pony tailed photographer suddenly went pale, and froze for a moment. “Three…..” Mackenzie started counting, staring directly into the man’s face. “Two.” Before he said one, he rose upright, and the man’s size seemed to finally register with the hovering man who was hardly a few feet from the distraught woman. He suddenly jumped back, and frantically opened the gap. Conrad looked back down at Hilary holding out his hand. “Come on. I got us a car.” He turned to one of the cops. “A unit from C.J Macklin auto works is going to be here in about two minutes. They’re going to take the Jeep.” He explained. The cop nodded. Getting the actress/singer off the public street would help with crowd control, and that would help the cops to wrap things up and get traffic back to normal.

Mackenzie wrapped his arm around Hilary, and held her close to him, as they walked across the intersection, and headed for the crowd where Conrad had come through, the crowd slowly opening up as the two approached. Reporters, and camera men were yelling out questions about the tall broad shouldered man’s identity, but the two of them just ploughed through without paying any attention. “Geez Hil. If you didn’t like the phone company, that’s your choice, but did you really think your plastic Jeep was going to knock the pole down?” Conrad joked.

Hilary had to let out a laugh. “Shut up.”

“Can I give them a clue?” He asked as the news hounds continued to circle, and call for information.

Duff shrugged. “I think the rumours are already on the grapevine.” She grumbled. Mackenzie kissed the woman’s cheek. If it was possible, the subtle kiss seemed to send the cameras into overdrive, and the electric sound of shutters seemed to increase suddenly before the brief peck was even over. The tiny yellow cab sat idling just down the block, it’s nose poking down into an alleyway. Conrad opened the door and Hilary climbed in. Mackenzie walked around to the other side, and climbed in. The car didn’t waste much time before it shot off, and headed down the narrow alley. People ran behind it trying to snap candid shots of the couple in the back seat, but the yellow cab crossed an intersecting alley, and a large bed truck rolled into the middle, blocking the way for the people on foot.

Hilary looked out the back window, then turned to Conrad. “Did you do that?”

“Fuckin’ hate that shit.” He grumbled. He had slipped across, and was holding the beautiful girl close again, and again all her troubles were gone. “Are we going home? Or hospital?”

“Umm…. Home. I think I’m just shook up.” She stated. Conrad gave the address to the driver, as Hilary rested her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

Hilary shot up to the sound of her phone ringing incessantly. She grabbed it off the night stand which had been knocked over the night before, and answered it. “What?” She asked. IT had scared the hell out of her, and she was just running on impulses.

“Fuck Hilary! Are you okay? I just heard you crashed your Jeep!”

Hilary rubbed her head. It was throbbing slightly, but her arms were a bit better than before. Her room was dark. She wondered how long she had been sleeping. “No. No I’m fine. I’m sorry I didn’t call. I just…. I don’t know. IT all just happened fast.”

“So. He’s kissing you in public now?” Hailey coyly teased.

Hilary laughed. She had forgotten about that. The whole crash and everything after it felt strangely like some messed up dream. If she wasn’t so sore, she wouldn’t be able to tell if it was a dream, or not. “Ya. I don’t know. I didn’t even call him. He just arrived, and took me home. HE had a tow truck coming to get my car, and everything. It was nuts. You know what he did this morning? He had a bunch of Russian immigrants working in our front yard this morning. It was so messed up. HE said he had given them some cash, and they refused to take it without working, so he had them come by and do some weeding, and edging. I didn’t really like the idea, but after last night I just sort of…. I don’t know. It’s really strange.” Hilary brushed her hair back, and looked down. “Okay…. I came home in my clothes, and now I’m wearing pyjamas.” She commented mostly to herself.

“WHat are you? His full sized Barbie doll?” Hailey broke out laughing.

“Bite me sis. You should meet this guy. He’s so fuckin weird. It’s crazy. Very hot though. And fucking amazing in bed.”

“Might have to share him.”

“WOuldn’t be the first.” The sisters erupted with laughter. Hilary was pretty sure even the few boyfriends she had had over the years had at least wanted to hook up with her older sister. She assumed the big sell was she looked so much like Hilary. But some of the guys the two girls had even just fooled around with, were fortunate enough to bounce from sister to sister, often times with the two of them right there at the same time.

“Anyway. I’ll be home tomorrow. I just wanted to check in. I called you yesterday, but you didn’t answer. I just thought you were sleeping.”

“Yesterday? But you just left a voice mail about me fucking him.”

There was a dead silence. “Hil. That was two days ago. Christ have you really been out that long? You should get boy toy to take you to the hospital.”

Hilary looked around the dark room, and turned on her tiny crystal night lamp. She looked at the date on her phone. She had lost a whole day. The entire accident had taken place yesterday, and she was still in bed. She couldn’t believe it. “Holy Christ.” She grumbled.

“Are you sure you’re okay sweety? I’m gonna call your agent, and have him make sure you go to the hospital.”

“No! No. I’m fine Hailey. Thanks though. Look. I’m gonna go get some water. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

There was another dead silence. Hilary could tell her sister didn’t like giving up the conversation, but she didn’t want to argue with her kid sister either. “Okay. You’d better call me, or I’m calling mom, the cops, everyone.”

“Fine. Bye. Love you.”

“Love you too Hil.” Hilary hung up, and climbed out of bed. She took a sip of water from the half empty glass that was sitting by her bed. Water was the only excuse she could come up with. She couldn’t believe she had been sleeping for an entire day. How the hell did he change her clothes, and not even wake her up? He was eerily amazing. Hilary wound her way downstairs, and into the living room. She searched the whole house, until she finally caught a glimmer of movement outside in the back yard. She slipped through the double doors, and tried to creep across the deck.

“It moves!” Mackenzie remarked. He rose up from his cross legged seat on the concrete around the pool, and closed in on Hilary.

“I’ve been a sleep for a day. A whole fucking day!”

“No. You woke up a few times. You actually cried once. I think you were having a dream. I was laying with you for a bit, but you didn’t seem to want to be touched, so I came out here.” He explained.

“I woke up?”

“Well. Sort of. Semi awake, semi sleep walking. But we got you changed, and I managed to get some food into you on one of your conscious moments. You were pretty groggy for most of it though, and you only stayed awake for a few minutes.”

“And that didn’t indicate that I should go to the hospital?!”

“You woke up. That’s the key.” He stopped just short of her, but Duff closed the gap, grasping him tightly, and holding him close. It was better than her bed any day.

“Thank you.” SHe softly whispered. He wrapped his arms around the disorientated woman, and she let out a pleasurable moan from the comfort his grip gave her. She wanted to ask what he meant when he said she didn’t seem interested in being touched as she slept, but she felt foolish pushing him away like that, for whatever reason it might have been so she just stayed quiet. She looked up at him holding herself close. “Let’s go back to bed.” She took his hand, and lead him back into the house.

Hilary lead her boyfriend up to her room. Once they were there, she turned around. He was undoing his belt as she turned to face him, but she just lightly put her hands onto her his. “I want to do that.” She spoke softly. He pulled his hands away, and she turned her focus from looking up at him, to her hands as she opened his pants, and pushed them down slowly. She rose up, and gently kissed her way up his firm chest, until her lips met his. His arms wrapped around her again, and she gasped feeling him hold her tightly, but she slowly kept her mind on the task, and pulled her hands up to the bottom of his shirt. After a long soft kiss, she pulled away, and peeled his shirt off his head, tossing it to the floor.

In the dim light of her decorative lamp, his scars seemed darker, and deeper than before. His muscles were simply silhouettes behind the puncture wounds, and slash marks, but Hilary wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable with them as before. She softly pressed her mouth to his warm flesh, and kissed one of the bullet wounds. The blond beauty quietly worked her way across the man’s upper torso. Softly kissing, and licking the scars she was finding rather sexy. He even had a long gash into his stomach, and she slowly ran her fingers over his slightly defined abs, and followed her gentle touch with her mouth. She wondered what had happened, but didn’t think this was the chance to ask like it was before. She slowly lowered herself down, and sat on her bed, sliding herself farther back, as Conrad kept close to her, crawling in slowly as she left him more and more room. She rolled with her back to him, and he pressed himself close to her, brushing the hair off the side of her head, and gingerly kissing her soft neck.

He held himself close to her body, as he worked his hand into her panties, and gently massaged her moist warm pussy. Her gentle moans as she felt him kiss, and fondle her, slowly grew more breathier as she became hotter, and hotter with his gentle touch. She was eager to see how he was going to run things as she felt him slowly start to push her pyjama bottoms down.

Pretty soon she could feel her bottoms well down to her knees, and then she felt his hand between her ass and his hips, and then she felt her real reward. He gently pushed his cock into her, and bit gently into her neck. The sensations exploded, and she gasped a deep quick breath. In a few moments he was pumping his huge cock inside of her, and she felt his upper hand move over her body, and grope her perfect breasts, as he held her close to her, kissing along her neck and shoulder. She moaned, and grunted softly as he fucked her slowly, and steadily. Growing up, boys had fucked her simply because she was a beautiful young girl with a great body, and they were horny, and men wanted her for the same reasons, but they fucked her because she let them, and they wanted to get off. As she felt Mackenzie’s fuck ple prodding deep into her, over and over again, she had no idea what it was about him compared to her passed boyfriends, but none of the sex she ever had, felt anything like he felt inside of her right now.

“Oh God Conrad. Fuck me….. Fuck me….. OH Fuck ya! Fuck me. OH God I want your cock so bad!” SHe moaned. She closed her eyes as the toned muscles of her body worked for the single goal of pushing her body along his cock. In her mind, nothing else mattered, but performing just right, and keeping perfect sync with his gentle thrusts.

She knew she had climaxed, and he was still going at her, but once he exploded deep inside her fuck tunnel, it was as if she had come for the first time. All she could do once they had stopped grinding against each other, was softly whisper ‘Thank you’, but he simply held onto her, and his body against hers was better than any blanket she had ever had.


“Hey baby.” Hilary greeted smiling up at Mackenzie. The two of them laid close to each other, facing one another. Hilary opened her soft green eye slowly, and was happy to see him laying there so close to her on such a big bed. “Watching me sleep?” Mackenzie nodded. “My last boyfriend only watched me sleep while he considered if he wanted to wake me up with his cock.”

“If I considered that, you’d be awake, and we’d be fucking like rabbits by now.” Hilary laughed. That edge in his voice was back. She loved his ability to turn his asshole attitude on and off. He seemed to know just when to do it. She shifted slightly, straightening her back, and looking straight across her pillow at him.

“I’ll suck it if you want.” She offered. She’d do whatever he wanted, she just loved telling him she would blow him.

“I think you need to get up. You have meetings with people apparently.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

Mackenzie pointed over his shoulder. “Your agent called. Little bastard was trying to work all kinds of angles. I finally had to hang up on him, or you’d probably need a new agent.”

“He likes to play my dad sometimes. It’s fucking weird. But he’s a good agent.”

“He’s an ass hole.”

Hilary laughed. That she couldn’t argue. She sat up very disappointed, and slowly climbed out of bed, crawling her luscious form over her handsome boyfriend, and stepping onto the floor. She started unbuttoning her red silky top, turning to Mackenzie. “Want to come fuck me in the shower?” Conrad hesitated for a moment, and Hilary thought he hadn’t heard her. She was about to repeat what she had said when he jumped out of bed, and chased her across the room to her on suite. Hilary seldom ever ran out of hot water on her showers, but she couldn’t force herself out of the shower. Conrad didn’t fuck the gorgeous woman with his hard cock, which managed to rage the entire shower, but he delicately worked her body and her pussy with his hands, kissing her passionately, and touching her all over as they showered. When she did come, his fingers were deep inside her, and she was pressing her back to him, his arm around her holding her up as she felt her legs quiver as she climaxed. She thanked him when they got out of the shower by kneeling on the towel in front of him, and quietly sucking his cock swallowing every ounce of his eager load.

They got dressed, and after a long bout of pleading, and promising he finally agreed to drive her to her agent’s office. On the ride there, Hilary reached across, and grabbed his gloved hand which sat idle on the console in between the seats. Mackenzie looked over at her in surprise as if she was a stranger, and she almost pulled hand away until she felt him squeeze hers, and he slowly turned his focus back on the road. Hilary loved watching him sit confidently in the driver’s seat, weaving calmly in and out of traffic at hardly a few miles above the speed limit. As they made their way into the down town core she noticed from time to time, he’d suddenly slow down, and drive at a more relaxed pace, only to speed up and be bobbing around vehicles. “Why do you do that?” SHe asked finally.

“If you watch the traffic ahead, you can tell where the cops are. It’s not easy to do in most places, but when you’re coming down a hill it’s pretty easy. Plus you just look out for tag team locations. Cops aren’t creative so they’re fairly easy to spot.” He explained. Hilary was absolutely awe-struck at how smart Mackenzie was.

Conrad pulled up in front of the towering building Duff’s agent was in, and went to park in the underground. He agreed to come up and wait for her, even though he wanted to just leave, and have her call him.

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