Duncan Style

This story features gay sexual acts – do not read if offended. It does not depict the sexuality of the celebrities involved

‘Want another beer?’ Lee held up the can

‘Sure’ Dunk winked

Lee got up and went into the kitchen, returning with two cans. He handed one to Dunk


‘So what we gonna do now the footie’s over?’ Dunk’s eyes fixed on Lee, he had a glint in his eye

‘I dunno, what do ya wanna do?’

‘I think we both know the answer to that’ he winked

It took a few seconds for it to sink in

‘Hey, you know I’m happy with Simon’

‘Yeah, but you know what we had was special’

He got up and walked over to where Lee was sitting, crouching down in between his legs

Lee didn’t budge, waiting for Dunk’s next move

Dunk lightly fingered Lee’s trousers

‘What Simon doesn’t know, won’t hurt him’ His hand moved further up Lee’s leg, and he shifted uncomfortably

He was in a dilemma. He wanted Dunk, but something was holding him back.

Maybe it was guilt

‘Come on’ Dunk lowered his tone, giving Lee a seductive glance.

He stood up and leaned over Lee, moving forward so his face was mere inches away

He moved in, kissing him softly on the lips

Lee didn’t stop him, letting him trail his mouth down his body, covering him with kisses

Dunk looked up, trying to read Lee’s face

He wasn’t stopping him, so he decided to continue

He slowly unzipped Lee’s flies, running a finger over the long shaft of his penis

Lee twitched, automatically opening his legs wider

Dunk slipped a hand inside, feeling the tool harden as he slowly stroked it

Lee lay his head back, letting Dunk work on him, his mind torn between his two lovers

Dunk placed his mouth over Lee’s cock, sucking the tip deliberately slow

Lee opened his eyes, looking down at his former lover

Dunk knew exactly how Lee liked to be touched, that’s why he knew Lee wouldn’t put up a fight – he wanted him. And by God, was he going to get him!

He moved further down his cock, taking in more of his delicious meat, his mouth already coated with Lee’s wonderful cream

He flicked his tongue around the underside and heard Lee groan, his hips grinding slowly to the steady rhythm of his own movements.

He felt Lee’s hand on his head, and knew that was confirmation that he wanted him to continue

He took Lee’s balls in his hand, giving them a gentle squeeze, the soft sac seemed to melt in his hand

His mouth replaced his hand and he sucked on the balls, taking the hairy skin between his teeth

Lee gasped, pushing Dunk further into his groin

Dunk moved back up to his cock, trailing his tongue over the veiny surface, before swallowing it once more

‘Uhhh…..’ Lee gasped, his remorse disappearing, replaced by wanton lust

Damn, he was a good lover, always knowing exactly what to do, always making the right moves

He felt his doubts slipping away, falling deeper into heavenly bliss

Dunk got up, ridding himself of his clothes

It never ceased to amaze Lee how beautiful Dunk was – his slim body toned and slightly muscled, a few hairs dotted around his tanned chest, his cock, protruding from his groin, looking rather inviting

He badly wanted him, the desire within him strong, he knew he couldn’t resist

He grabbed hold of Dunk, pulling him on top of him, his hands roamed his body, exploring every part of him as if it were all new

Dunk kissed him passionately, sliding his tongue around his former lover’s mouth, once more, tasting his wonderful juices

Dunk shuffled so he was sat on Lee’s lap, guiding his cock to the entrance of his hole

Sliding it in, he rocked gently on top of him, revelling in the pleasure this man’s tool was giving him

He slipped his arms around Lee’s neck, giving him a kiss

They moved together, their bodies colliding in a fevered passion

‘Fuck me’ Dunk whispered into Lee’s mouth

Dunk grabbed his hips holding on tightly to him, grinding his body in time with Lee’s

Dunk grabbed his own cock, stroking it with speed till the purple tip oozed with pre-cum

Lee took over, stroking the hard tool, the warm juices landing on his hand as he wanked him off

He put a hand to his mouth, lapping up his lover’s honey, before returning his efforts to his cock

Dunk got up, turning round so his back was facing Lee

He slipped his cock in again, shuddering as the delicious meat filled him once more

Lee ran his hands over Dunk’s back, his fingertips caressing the soft skin, sending a shiver up Dunk’s spine

Dunk was near climax now and he dismounted him, turning round to face his lover

Stroking his cock, he watched as spats of jism shot out on Lee’s chest, some of it landing on his face

Lee automatically opened his mouth, trying to catch the honey that landed on him, succeeding a little.

Dunk’s orgasm ended and he gave Lee his cock to suck on

Lee took the limp member in his mouth, cleaning up the mess he had created

They were so lost in their own world, that they didn’t hear the door opening

The sound of Simon’s voice stopped them in their tracks

‘So you started without me, huh?’


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