During My Spring Break

Fic Title:During My Spring Break

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Maura Tierney/m


Summary:A student on spring break decides to go to a nude beach and check out,only discover that a hot babe named Maura Tierney is the only other nude beach comber there.

Warning:Male/female sex


It was during my spring break in Malibu,California that I had decided to ditch my friends who had came along with me and go check out this nude beach that I had heard about from some loud mouth who had been shooting his beak off inside the hotel lobby.

Just then,as soon as
I had gotten to the beach and taken my clothes off,I had looked around the beach and discovered that the only other bare body on that sandy shore was this hot looking babe that I happen to remember seeing on the NBC-TV series,ER.

Her name was Maura Tierney,the actress who had played a character known as Doctor Abby Lockhart and she had winged her way over to Malibu for some peace and quiet,only to find herself having a face to face encounter with me in only my birthday suit.

Then suddenly,after she had gotten a look at my cock and noticed how stiff it had gotten,she had slowly licked her lips,pulled me over to her and started sucking on my stiff cock,just before I had taken it out of her mouth and placed it inside her hot,wet pussy.

And while I was pumping my dick in and out of her cunt and sucking on her tits,a sudden wave of pure erotica had overcame and caused the both of us to move harder and faster until we had finally came and collapsed into our naked arms.

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