Dutch Treat


Neil Burns

This is a parody starring our favorite Dutch swimmer. It does not indicate any “activities”

she may enjoy or whatever her sexual preferences are.

M/F, c/nc, light B&D, flatulence

It was a warm May afternoon in Los Angeles and Olympic swimmer Inge De Brujin was

shooting an advertisement for Turbo 2000 Sport Drink. The media was present, so it was

also an impromptu press conference. Neil was typing an article for the Boston Globe on

his laptop about the event, his subject answering questions and joking with the press.

Inge was often accused of doping
up before races and Neil would write such articles in

a sarcastic and brutally funny way which entertained readers, yet made enemies in the

swimming fraternity, especially De Brujin’s countrymen.

“Yet, Amy Van Dyken praised me,” Neil smiled to himself.

While Inge was discussing her Athens experience, her eyes caught Neil’s and narrowed

slightly as a grim smile creased her lips. Her features are a bit masculine for my taste, but

DAMN! She really fills out a Fastskin. Neil thought as he admired the way the gray full

bodysuit stretched over and accented her muscular, athletic frame. He gave her a polite,

two-finger salute as he resumed writing. About an hour later, as the press was leaving, Neil

was still at the table going over his article when the patter of bare feet approaching caught

his attention.

“Good afternoon, Neil.” The slightly accented low voice was pleasant, but had a slight edge.

Neil looked up and saw Inge standing over him, hands on hips, her masculine features set

in a dry, grim smile.

“Good afternoon, Inge,” He replied. “Enjoy the shoot?”

“Yes. Writing more bullshit about me?”

“My dear Holland Honey.” Neil’s tone was mock serious. “I work hard to write such bullshit

so my readers will be entertained.”

“Even though it is hurtful to the subject. I fail to see the amusement.”

“Look. It’s done out of fun. I got nothing but love for you, Peter and the others. In fact, my

ten-year-old godchild wants to be you when she grows up.”

“I am flattered. Yet, it doesn’t explain why I am, as you say, ‘the butt of your joke’.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Can I buy you dinner? Maybe we can do a story about you that won’t

piss off your teammates.”

Inge thought for a moment, unaware of the slight leer that Neil was giving her. I bet anything

that she fucks her boyfriend in that. I bet she rubs her ass against his cock wearing that,

and teases the shit out of him. The Dutch swimmer’s eyes took on a wicked gleam as an

idea seemed to cross her mind.

“I’d be delighted. Give me twenty minutes.”

Neil waltzed out to his car and waited, calling the office to receive his messages and set up

appointments for the next week as he did so. Suddenly, he felt a prick against his neck and

drowsiness. A minute or two later, he slid to the sidewalk as Inge, clad in a pink sweatsuit

and Nike shower slippers, walked around and gazed down at the prone figure.

“I’m sorry, Neil,” She stated somewhat pityingly, “but such insults can not be forgiven.”

A little later, Neil woke up to find himself tied spreadeagle to a large circular bed and, as he

looked up at the mirrored ceiling, gagged with black duct tape. He also noticed in front of him

a platform leading to the entrance and at the edge a racing podium. Okay. Where the hell am

I and what’s the deal with this? As he wondered, he heard bare feet approaching and looked

up at the podium to see Inge crouching down with her arms folded in her lap, a slightly evil

smile on her lovely, masculine face. Her figure sported a sleeveless, blue Fastskin with

orange piping and a white swimcap covered her long blonde hair. She eyed Neil’s nude body

with interest.

“Good evening, Neil,” She mused. “Are you comfortable?”

A muffled reply in the negative graced her ears.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Just like I am sorry for this, but your stories were very hurtful to me

and my family and I simply can not allow them to continue.”

She stepped onto the podium and began to stretch.

“You are wondering if I fuck my boyfriend wearing this and the answer is yes I do. He finds

it quite a turn on when I rub against his cock and tease it.”

With that, she launched herself onto Neil, the impact bouncing her slightly as she ended up

kneeling on his chest. Oh shit! That hurt! Inge patted his cheek before giving it a slight slap.

Her blue eyes narrowed slightly.

“That is for that bullshit you write about me. I work damn hard to succeed and I have never

once taken a steroid or performance enhancing drug or anything of the sort and I resent the

fact you think me a cheater.”

She slapped him again before moving onto his face. Her smile widened as she pressed her

cheeks against his nose and began to rub back and forth. A loud bass fart assaulted Neil’s

nostrils as a hellacious odor seeped into his nostrils.

“Too much Limburger and broccoli. Does that smell good?”

Two more blasts attacked Neil as Inge gyrated against his face. She then turned around and

gently held Neil’s stiffening member. She lowered her mouth and began to lick it teasingly as

she pumped it slowly, elicting a moan of pleasure.

“Quite an impressive set you have. Almost as impressive as Pieter’s.”

She saw Van Hogen Whatever NAKED? You slut! Soft poots tormented Neil’s nose as a fine

foul odor began to permeate the room. Inge’s tongue danced delicately against the hardness

as her fingers played with Neil’s genitilia. She then placed the member fully into her mouth

and started sucking on it while Neil’s moans grew louder. OH SHIT! PLEASE DON’T STOP!

Neil felt himself starting to come, but Inge forcefully grabbed his cock, denying him.

“No, naughty boy,” She cooed cruelly. “You can not come until I say you can.”

The gaseuous assault and cockteasing continued for over forty-five minutes, Neil’s stiffie

rock-hard and close to bursting, yet the Dutch delight would not allow him to climax. She

slid down his chest onto his cock and began to gyrated up and down and around, the

Spandex-encased ass rubbing against the tortured member, teasing it mercilessly. Neil did

not know if he could take it anymore.

“Oooh, yes. Jacco loves when I wear my Fastskin and rub my ass against his cock. Do you

enjoy it? Do you love how the Spandex feels against it? Do you wish you could touch it?”

The teasing continued as Inge slowly and cruelly rubbed and gyrated her ass against Neil’s

member as he moaned painfully, his stiffie threatening to burst if not allowed release. The

Dutch swimmer’s non-stop gas did not help matters, but Neil was beyond noticing the

stench. Finally, Inge allowed him to release and cum erupted from the stiffie as Neil moaned

in relief. Inge slowly licked it all off and removed her cap, using it to wipe her mouth. She

then removed the duct tape from Neil’s mouth and planted her lips on it, her tongue inserting

itself inside, as she unzipped the back of her Fastskin. Oh, yeah! This is MUCH better.

Inge straightened up and wriggled out of the bodysuit and lay her nude frame on to of a

very happy Neil as she released his hands. Neil gently wrapped his arms around the Dutch

swimmer and fireworks exploded as they kissed passionately.

“Ohh, Neil,” Inge cooed. “You taste so good. Fuck me now!”

She knelt on his cock, inserting it into her clit, and it was on. First slowly and harder and

faster. Both groaned in ecstacy and anticipation.


OH, SHIT!” Neil groaned. “DEAR GOD! DON’T STOP!”

It continued until Neil came again, this time in Inge’s mouth. A little got onto the swimmer’s

cheek, but was wiped away. Inge lay next to Neil, releasing his legs, and began stroking

his hair.

“Holy shit!” Neil smirked. “Talk about a Dutch treat.”

“That was quite exhiliarating,” Inge agreed.

“So, I take it I’m forgiven.”

“I am still angry about those articles, but yes, you are forgiven.”

“With punishment like that, maybe I should write more bullshit.”

“You may not be forgiven next time.”

The two manage to get another quick screw in before cleaning and going for a late dinner.


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