E.D. Donahey In A Bind


It was a very nice day in the city,a good day for my job which I had been planing for the last year and today was the day I had watched her on her morning news show each morning and gained all the information I would need to make the grab.I had worked all the details out having leased the cabin in a secluded area in the mountains .I then spent the last six months building and out fitting it with all the equipment and supplies I would need.I had chosen this place as it had a large living area and a very large basement which would fit my needs.I had punched a plain white delivery type one half
ton van with dark blacked out windows.it was like hundreds of vans running around the city each day.I knew she had an appointment at a nearby Nail Salon.This is where I will grab her,the street is not busy at that time and it wont attract much attention.As I sit waiting for her to walk to the nail shop which is only three blocks from her job at the News Studio I go over my plan in my head for the thousandth time.Now I see her walking toward me,I wait until she is about ten feet away.I get out and open the side door and step in front of her at the same time lifting the front of my shirt to show her the gun in my waistband.She stops dead in her tracks as her eyes widen and her mouth flies open,in a low gruff voice I tell not to make a sound and move over to the van and get in and she wont get hurt.In stunned silence she stairs at my masked face and starts moving to the van,I follow her in where I have restraints and a gag waiting for her.Frist I cuff her wrist and hobble her ankles to chains attached to the floor and then I hold the gag up to put in her mouth.She starts to scream as she realizes it is a penis gag and I am going to put it in her mouth,I order her to shut up and grab one of her nipples and pinch it hard,the scream stops but her mouth stays open I jam the gag in her mouth before she realizes what is happening.I quickly strap the buckle in back of her head,now she is secured safely on the floor of the van and I can start the trip up to the cabin.But I have one stop to make frist.I park in front of her house and take two laundry bags in with me.Inside I select the items she will need and put them in the bags,outside no one is in sight on the streets,I load her things up and we are off.

The drive takes about two hours and she moans ,groans and thrashes around the whole trip trying to free herself but to no avail.Upon arriving at the cabin I leave her as she is and go inside to get everything ready for her and bring a hood mask out,there was no need for one on the trip as she was chained to the floor and could not see out.Now she tries to struggle as I start to put the mask on her but as soon as I grab her nipple she stops and remains very still and I do not pinch this time ,she is learning.I release the chains from her restraints and remove her ankle cuffs but leave her hand cuffs on as I lead her inside.Then before I take her down to the basement playroom I lay out the rules to her.There will be no talking,she will do as she is ordered and do it quickley,and the most important rule is don’t piss me off as punishment will be swift and painful order her to nod her head if she understands,she nods yes.Now I lead her down to the basement stand her under a 4 foot long wrist spreader bar attached to a rope pulley above operated by a remote controlled electric winch,after unlocking her cuffs I then secure her wrist to each end of the bar,then take up the slack until she is almost up on her toes.Now the shaking and struggling starts along with the muffled screams and curses,she is not a happy camper,she doesn’t know that it goes downhill form here.Now I get the 4 foot ankle spreader bar which I hook to her ankles and let the winch down a little and secure the bar to eye bolts imbedded in the floor.I then raise her back up until she is stretched taunght in the form of an X,now she is really going nuts,trying to scream and yell around the penis gag in her mouth.She tries to move her body but is stretched to tight.I unhook the straps on her hood and remove it,then I step back and watch as she stops her struggles and screams and looks around the room with wide eyed disbelief at what she sees.In one Conner of the basement and along one wall I have placed all my large pieces of equipment covered with tarps,all these had caster wheels on them so I could move them into the work area.This was an area 12 foot by 12 foot where I had laid tile as to keep it clean,this allowed me to move the equipment into it as needed.She could see along the walls on pegboards many gags,whips,straps,dildos of all types along with hoods and many types of restraints.There were many items she had no idea what they were for but she knew she did not want to find out.I also had built two large cabinets on one wall to hold all my other toys.Overhead were many eyebolts screwed into the flooring joist of the cabin above which allowed me to move the overhead winch and pulleys around where I needed them.I could tell by her face she was bewildered by what she is seeing and what is happening to her, all her screams and struggling stops as she looks around the room ,there is a large bed over on one wall next to a large bathroom fitted with a shower,steel restraint bars.a sink and toilet.The mirror is stainless steel and cannot be broken,I have put water shut off valves outside the bathroom to turn the water off if I need to.The bed is bolted to the floor and has straps and eye bolds screwed all around it and in the floor.

I go to my work bench and bring a large pair of scissors to unwrap my package,she sees them and starts trying to jerk herself loose and scream from behind the leather dick in her mouth but all she can do is shake her head and make odd noises.I stand back to look at her before I undress her.She is dressed as I have seen her so many times on her TV show.A tight fitting short sleeved white silk blouse that reviles her lace bra pushing her ample breast out front which are heaving up and down now in her panic breathing.My eyes look lower to take in the sight of her beautiful ass incased in her short tight black skirt which shows even moor of her fabulous legs as I have her arms stretched over her head.I can see just the edge of the dark top on her pantyhose with her legs encased in the smoke colored hose going down to her knee high leather boots,now I walk around her to view my prize checking her mid length blonde hair tied in back with a pink ribbon move around to look in her beautiful face and green eyes with a look of despair in them.She has not fully realized what trouble she is in.She is such a vision of loveliness hanging there I almost hate to undress her but I will.Now as I bring the scissors up to cut her blouse away her eyes grow wide and she is shaking her head and trying to scream again,I pay no heed to her protest and cut it away to reveal her heaving breast incased in her white lace bra.I stop to admire the beautiful twin heaving mounds which look like two Eskimo igloos.I gaze upon the creamy white tops above the white lace bra,now resisting my urge to unwrap them now I move on to her short skirt.I cut it down the back and discard it with her blouse in a pile on the floor.Now my eyes gaze upon her beauty as my cock is so hard it is about to explode I can hardly wait but must pace myself.She is a vision of loveliness hanging there in her lace bra,smoke colored pantyhose and black boots,I can see the white of her panties through her hose tops.Now I go and get my camera to get some still shots to go with the video tapes as I have six cameras positioned around the room and can get six different views plus one in the bathroom to keep a check on her.Now she is shaking her head no and trying to tell me something as I move around her and take pictures leave her and go upstairs for a cup of coffee and a smoke to cool off before I blow a gasket,I must follow my plan to do all this step by step as I have planed for the last year and have to pace myself as I have a busy week ahead.

Ok back to work, I love my job.She has quieted down and is just looking around the playroom trying to figure out where she is and what I am going to do to her and I am sure she wonders how much of the things in the room I am going to use on her.I can see the surprise on her face as I move in front of her,I still have my mask on and only a small leather jock strap on which just covers my hard cock,I think she knows I am going to fuck her,but she has no idea how many times and how many ways.I make sure not to talk to her any more than is nessary and not to let her know what I am going to do to her as a great part of the terror is in not knowing. Now it is time to finish unwrapping this beautiful bitch.Frist to free those straining breast and give them some attention,she wont enjoy this but I will.I cut her bra off from the back so I can move to her front to view those beautiful twin mounds.And they are breathtaking creamy mounds topped with little hard brown berrys,I have to feel them and as I lift each one in my hands and tweak her nipples,this sets her off she is trying to scream behind her gag and pull away from me but all she can do is shake her head violently and try to scream.Then she really goes nuts when I lean down and take one nipple in my mouth and suck on it,I can feel it stiffen as I lathe it with my tongue and I can feel her breathing quicken and as I move to the other nipple I look into her eyes and can see her passion start build in spite of her self although she is still protesting around the leather dick in her mouth but she was responding to my mouth,and when I let my hand reach down and cup her pussy through her pantyhose and lace panties she gives out an untiential moan of passion,now as I cup her pussy and rub my finger into her slit through her cloths and start to such her other nipple I can hear her breathing elevated and her hart pounding faster,she is moaning in passion now.I continue my ministrations as her passion takes her toward her orgasm I wait until she is just at the point and I pull away,as I look in her face and can see her look of disappointment and her eyes pleading with me to let her cum,I just smile at her and tell her later.Now she starts to get vocal again,I cant understand her but know she is cursing me. Now on to more fun,I now lower the winch and relive the pressure on her body,she lets out a loud sigh of relief,I then release one ankle and imediently she tries to kick me quickly I step back and wait until she is tired out and move in with the sissiors,as I hold her free leg and start to pull her pantyhose down she starts up again,this time with more freedom she puts on a good show with me holding on to her leg as she finally wore herself down although she was still trying to scream and curse me.I then pulled her pantyhose down to revile a most wondrous sight.It almost took my breath away as my face is right down in front of her crouch,I can see the wet spot in her panties and smell her intoxicating sexual oder,it makes me want to just rip her remaining cloths off and lick her pussy dry but I restrain myself as to make this most sexually exciting act last as long as I can stand it.My cock is so hard it is barely contained by my small jock strap,I just kneel in front of her and worship the sight of her with her firm creamy breast heaving in and out with the little strawberry nipples hard on the tips and her her pussy encased in white french lace panties in front of my face,I hold her by her upper legs and lean in to put my face in her crouch ,she tries to pull away and scream at me as I inhale her intoxicating sexy odor,she really kicks up a fuss when I stick my tongue out and lick the wet spot of her panties which is pulled up tight into her pussy lips,but I can feel the sharp intake of breath as my tongue makes contact ,god she tastes good.But most finish up on undressing her as I have big plans for her.Now I cut the pantyhose into at the crouch and pull them off her free leg after removing her boot.I now fastened her ankle back to the spreader bar,she did not like this and after the screaming,curseing from around her gag and all her struggling I got her hooked up.Next I unhook the other ankle and repeat the process of stripping her,now with her in only her white panties I get the camera for more still shots,I have to wait until she calms down and holds still to get my shots because she is not happy at all.Now it is time to remove her panties and I know she will go nuts so I use the remote winch control and lift her back up until she is nicely stretched and can only move her head.This really pisses her off and she tries to tell me so but I cant understand a word she says so I go on with what I am doing,I kneel down between her legs with my face staring at her crouch as I slowly pull her panties down,now all she can do is shake her head and scream around the leather dick in her mouth,as her panties slip lower I can tell she is not a natural blond but her dark silky neatly trimmed pubic hair is still a beauty to behold,I lean over to take in her intoxicating aroma and resist sticking my tongue in her slit,time for that latter then cut her panties off and put them with her other clothes as she had no need for them now.I had to take a break before I cum right there as I stared right up into her sex and my dick was so hard the head was sticking out of my leather jock,I go back upstairs to cool off and leave her to wonder what was going to happen to her next.

After cooling down and letting my hard cock go down a little I rejoined her,now she is quite and watching for my return but is not happy to see me and tried to tell me so.Now time for fun and games,going to the cabinet I bring five sets of small spring loaded clips with tiny metal teeth and a small metal hook on the other end,I hold them up so she can see them,for a few seconds she just stares at them until she realizes what they are for,then she goes bezerk trying to jerk herself loose and scream and violently shake her head.All this does no good,I take hold of one breast and lower my lips to her nipple and suck while using my tongue to caress it until I feel it harden while all this time she is still going nuts,when her nipple is rock hard as her body betrays her I release it and quickly clip a nipple clip on it,the instant the little teeth bite in she stops her antics for a split second until the pain reaches her brain,her eyes widen in total disbelife and pain as she goes into convulsions as her eyes roll back she throws her head back and screams at the top of her lungs around her gag.Giving her a few minutes to cope with the pain I decide to take her gag out as to enjoy the show much better and get the sound effects on the video system go and get her a glass of wine as she will be thirsty and have a dry mouth when I remove her gag.She will need a drink of wine because I am going to give her a very hard time.When it is removed she runs her tongue around inside her mouth to get some moisture an doesn’t say anything when I hold the glass and give her a sip of wine,then she starts to speak I shake my head and tell her to be quite.She stops but as I go to the work bench to set the wine glass down she starts again to me ask why she is here.I was ready for this as I knew she always had to have her say and couldn’t keep her mouth shut.The riding crop made a whistling sound in the air then sharp splat as it landed up inside her lift thigh just below her butt cheek.Her voice stopped in mid sentence and was followed by a split second of silence until her brain processed what had just happened,then her mouth flew open with a blood curdling scream that shocked even me.As I stepped around to her front she threw her head back with her eyes rolled back as she shook and jerked in her restraints and shook her head in disbelief at so much pain.She screamed so long she ran out of breath and suck air in her lungs to start her screams again.As her screams started to subside I took her face in my hands to get her attention and as I looked in to her eyes I asked her if she if she could keep her mouth shut now.As tears streamed down her face she shook her head quickly that she painfully understood.She continued to cry and moan softly as I walked to look at the thin red line left by the whip,it was already starting to raise a bright red whelp I knew she had got the my message.

This time as I grasp her other breast she only moans and shakes her head no but she keeps her mouth shut,no talking this time.I know her inside thigh is still hurting.She continues to moan as I take her nipple in my mouth and suck and run my tongue over it,I can feel her body start to respond as it starts to get hard against her will.This time I surprise her I don’t pull away but continue to suck it and move one hand down to her crouch and as my fingers slip into her moist pussy she lets out a startled groan but doesn’t say anything.Soon I can feel her heartbeat quicken and her breathing become deeper,her pussy is getting very wet now.With out losing the nipple in my mouth I turn my head to look at her face.I can see she is flushed and getting a glassy kook in her eyes I keep sucking her nipple and rolling it around with my tongue and working on her pussy and clit with my hand.She does not notice my other hand is still closed at my side as I bring her closer to her orgasm.Now her moans are louder she is breathing very hard and her heart is pounding very fast,she lets out a long moan as her body tenses as she reaches her orgasm.She has her head thrown back and issues a long moan as it washes over her.As soon as I feel her start to come down I release her nipple and quickly put one of the little metal clips on her clit.Again she is startled for half a second them screams and goes into a wild frenzy of head shakeing,body jerking and screaming,she can’t believe what I just did to her.She is screaming wildly from the pain as the little metal teeth bite into tinder clit swollen from her orgasm.I wait until she is quieted down a little as I want to enjoy the show as I put the other three clips on her.She starts to scream again as I violate her most secret parts,her pussy lips. Soon she calms down to just low moans,glad that it is over she has not thought about that she has two breast with nipples and foolishly thinks it is over.I let keep her happy thought as I take more pictures of her which she is not to happy about but says nothing.I don’t think she wants to talk to me anymore.Now I burst her bubble and her other breast and squeeze the clip open and show her the little metal teeth,her eyes widen in fear,her mouth opens as she starts to speak but catches herself and just starts screaming.She can’t believe she is going to get another little metal tooth monster on her other tinder nipple.I take her nipple in my mouth and suck until it hardens under my tongue,Her eyes are fixed on her breast and my sucking mouth,she wants to plead with me but knows better.She starts to moan before I put the painful little silver tooth terror on her.now as the tiny teeth bit her tinder nipple she goes crazy and starts screaming again.God she is a hot looking bitch,I need to fuck her.

I release her ankles from the spreader bar after I show her the whip,I did not
speak but she shook her head she understood.Her inner thigh still hurt.She did
not give me any trouble as I released her and led her over to the medical exam
table.I ordered her up on it she grimaced as her naked butt contacted the cold
padding on the table.I ordered her to lay back and put her feet in the
stirrups.She complied with my orders like a good girl,but I knew that wouldn’t
last and I would get to use the whip again.Of course I plan to whip her a lot
even if she does obey me.And I am going to whip her in places she never dreamed
a girl could be whipped.

Now that I have her on the table I strap her down with a strap above and below
her breast,I secure her hands to the table legs.Then before I strap her lower
waist down I have her lift her butt and slide two inch high pad under her
hips.This lifts her crotch up and hanging off the end of the table.then with
straps attached to the stirrups I strap her feet and legs down.I then raise and
spread the stirrups as far as they will go.Now I step back to look at this
beautiful sight.She is laying there with a very worried look on her face with
her gorgeous breast rise and falling with her heavy breathing as the fear of
what I am going to do to her next.This makes her nipple clips stick up like
little shinny top hats.My eyes travel down to her wide spread legs with her
pussy splayed out with her neatly trimmed pubic hair framing the top of it
displaying all her pussy clips that she is still moaning about.I am about to
really make her moan and scream as I am going to remove them.She doesn’t know
that it is much more painful when they are removed than when I put them on her.I
raised tables backrest up so she could watch me and also watch in the large
ceiling mirror over the table.She started to groan as I moved between her wide
spread legs,she knew I was going to do something to her already hurting pussy.I
pulled my short stool and sat down bringing my face to face with her beautiful
open crotch.She was very wet inside.Despite what her mind told her this did
excite her a little,her body gave her away.She trembled and her moaning
increased as I ran my hands up and down inside her inner thighs,then I shocked
her as I stuck my face between her legs and licked inside her wide open pussy.As
soon as I felt her sexual excitement building I quickly remover her clit clip
and sucked her little protruding clitoris between my lips.Her moans stopped and
she was silent for about a tenth of a second until the intense pain hit her,then
she screamed and went nuts shaking her head and trying to jerk herself loose
while trying to move her legs.I continued to work on her clit with my lips and
tongue.She went on for about a minute and slowly her screams turned into moans
which got louder as her sexual passion increased.Then I reached up and removed
her nipple clips this set her off again as the blood rushed back into her pain
filled little buds,I continued with my mouth on her and could taste her sweet
juice.Shortly she calmed down and started make low moans again.I waited until
her sexual excitement was building and removed the clips on her pussy
lips.Although these two clips were the least painful she still screamed and
fussed they were removed.I slipped a finger in her wet pussy as I continued to
suck her clitotis,when my finger is wet I move it down and insert the end in her
ass hole she screams and yells NO,NO,YOU CAN’T DO THAT.I pulled my finger out of
her and stood up and smiled at her.Then I told her that I was going to whip her
for talking.Her mouth flew open and but he didn’t speak only held her mouth.I
saw the fear I her eyes,she wanted so badly to beg me.Then I asked her do you
want me to gag you so you don’t screw up again?She shook her head no,I said ok.I
then went to the toy cabinet and got a small little whip with three ten inch
thin leather strips with numerous little knots tied about an inch apart their
entire length with a knot at the very end of each.I held it behind her until I
was beside her as I wanted to watch her face when I explained the game we were
going to play.As I showed her the little whip I could see a small sign of relive
on her face,as she looked at the small whip and not the terrible ridding
crop.Then I ruined her happy thoughts.Do you know what kind of whip is?She shook
her head no.Well this is called a PUSSY WHIP.A look of horror came over her face
as she started screaming and shaking her head no.When she quit struggling and
screaming I told her but it is also a Breast Whip she screamed again as she
looked down at her beautiful breast and imagined the little slashing into them.I
said but you will choose what I whip,your pussy or your breasts.Still moaning
and shaking her head wanting to curse me but knew better.I told her blink your
eyes once for pussy or twice for breast,if you don’t make a choice I will just
whip your breast and pussy.She is stunned as if I had asked her to choose if she
wanted to be hanged or stabbed to death.She just stared at me and I could tell
it was all she could do to keep her mouth shut,I had left her gag out for that
reason.I then told her now we play,pussy whipping she doesn’t blink,ok breasts
still she doesn’t blink .OK times up you get both,now she screams NO, NO,
NO!Well lets see that was three no’s that makes it eight,four on each breast and
eight on your pussy.Poor pussy you only have one and it gets all eight.She
opened her mouth to protest but looked at the whip and shut it and started
moaning.I tell her lets do one breast first then a little pussy whipping,I love
to hear the sound the whip makes when it hits a wet pussy.Now she is screaming
and trying to jerk herself free,she is raising hell and I haven’t even started
yet.I wait until she polls her head to the side and cannot see me ,then I bring
the whip sharply across her left nipple and breast.It took a fraction of a
second and like a bucking horse as it comes out of the chute,she exploded
bucking jerking and screaming like crazy.Dam what a ride this would be I should
have my hard cock in her now,but I have to finish the little game first then
fuck her.I quickly delivered three more lashes to her left breast then stood
back to let the video recorder get all the action,the videos of this will make
enough money to pay for all this expense.Sales in the U.S alone will make me a
small fortune not counting overseas sales.I can say one thing for her she
doesn’t speak even through all the pain.We will see how she does when I whip her
pussy.She is calmed down a little but still moaning and shaking her head when
the little whip splits her pussy down the middle with a splat sound.Again it
takes just a moment for her to realize what I have done,then she goes totally
beserk,her screams are loud enough to shatter glass.If the table wasn’t bolted
to the floor she would have it bouncing across the floor.Then I follow with
three more lashes,I stopped then as I thought she was going to pass out.I
stepped over and got her a little wine which I held for her to drink as soon as
she calmed down a little then I told her ok you have had eight and I am going to
stop.If you don’t follow my orders to the letter I will tie you upside down with
your legs spread and whip your pussy and ass hole,do you understand,she shook
her violently YES.

I am sure she understands me now and she will obey me for a while but then it’s not in her nature to follow orders so very soon she will screw up again.
I go get a pan of warm water and the shaving equipment which upsets her when she realizes what I am going to do,her eyes tell me she hates this but her mouth is shut except for low moans.I pull my stool over and set down looking into her splayed out pussy,she groans as I lather her up taking special interest in pulling her pussy lips out and stroking them gently with the shaving brush.Then moving up to let the brush contact her protruding clit which causes her to jump a give a sharp little yelp.I explain that I want her pussy bald as a little girls since I don’t want to get pussy hair in my mouth when I eat her.This almost brings a response from her,but she stops with her mouth open and a picture of a whip slashing into her pussy in her mind.So she just moans and shakes her head as if not to believe this is happening to her.Then I tell her when your pussy is nice and smooth I am going to fuck your pussy and then your ass.This brought a scream from her bet she held her smart tongue.Now the lather has softened her hair up I can start the fun part,I get to play with her pussy.I need to get on with this before I cum in my jock she makes me so hot.I ask her if she has a good view and remind her that she can watch in the over head mirrors also,she remains silent.So just to stir her up I tell her that all this is being Video Taped,this starts her going nuts and screaming her head off it takes a minute for her to settle down.Then I tell her I will play it back to her if she misses anything,this sets her off again but she keeps her mouth shut.Well no matter I am going to whip her even if she doesn’t speak.

Now I start to shave her cautioning her to lay still so I don’t cut her cute little pussy,she just rolls her eyes and moans.I very carefully shave above her mound and then pull each pussy lip out to get a clean shave,when this is finished I comment to her now darling only your hairdresser and you and I know you ain’t a natural blonde.She screams and shakes her head in embarrassment.I smile at her and say I will never tell and your pussy will taste just as good,this brings on more moans.I clean her up with warm water and a rag then dry her pussy off as she moans in shame.hen I bring some skin lotion and spend a long time rubbing it on the shaved area,allowing my fingers to dip into her pussy and getting plenty on her protruding clit.very soon her breathing quickens and her moans turn to moans of rising passion.I moved my fingers to take her clit between my thumb and forefinger,her moans became more urgent as I gently rolled her clitoris and then leaned over and put my tongue in her pussy.As I sucked her clit between my lips and massaged it with my tongue she screamed and tried to hunch her pussy into my face.I slipped my leather jock down and released my steel hard cock and lifted my head and shoved my cock all the way into her,she screamed with shock and then pleasure at my sudden entry into her.Damm she felt so good inside all warm,wet and slippery had planed to give her a good fucking then fuck her ass.Now I realized that it was all I could do to last long enough in her wonderful pussy to give her decent fuck as I was about to blow my nuts.I pounded away long enough and suddenly she screamed into a massive orgasm,I followed right behind her as her vaginal muscles milked my cock.I just laid over her and to rest and get my breath back.

Now I have recovered and decide to wait a while before I fuck her ass,I must do it as I promised her I would and I know she is looking forward to it,HA HA.Ok then we can play for a while so I release her upper body and tell her to lean forward.I ask her if she wants to be gagged for this,she gets a wild look in her eyes as she knows I an going to cause her great pain.She doesn’t’ answer so I go get a 2inch Ring Gag and tell her to open up she doesn’t,but just looks at me and holds her mouth tightly closed.I move behind her and retrieved the pussy whip and thought about tying her chest back down but decided not since her hands were still tied to the table legs.Besides it will be more fun to watch her tits bounce.I hide the whip as I move between her legs,holding the gag I tell her to open her mouth,she shakes her head no.The whip whistles in the air and makes a splat as it splits her wide spread pussy,there is silence for a split second then a blood curdling scream.Her mouth is now wide open screaming,she still can’t believe I would whip a girl down there,I change her mind quickly as I slash the whip into her pussy again,the screams keep up in volume as she jerks her upper body.I watch her breast dance and her nipples make wild swinging motions,waiting until her swaying breast slow down a little I slash the whip across them catching one nipple also.This completely catches her by surprise and she howls and goes nuts.I quickly give her two more lashes inside her thighs just outside her pussy lips,this devastates her and I think she will pass out.Now I stand back and wait and watch the bouncing tit show.
The screaming and gyrations continue for a while longer,then when it subsides I speak to her.You keep forgetting the most important rule DON’T PISS ME OFF.Now do I whip you until you understand when I give you an order don’t tell me no?She shakes her head yes.I hope for your sake you do because I love to whip you,it gets my cock hard.Now you will open your mouth and I will gag you with this O Ring gag so after I hurt you some more I am going to fuck your mouth and throat.I watch her face and see she cant believe what is going to happen to her.I walk around to her head and hold the gag out and her mouth fly’s open.She is moaning as I insert the gag which is a large size and she must open very wide,I am using this size as I plan to give her throat a good fucking and this will allow me to get my cock deep in her.

I go over to my toy cabinet and get the toys to use on her,taking a small table with wheels I lay them out like a doctors instruments to make sure she can see all of them.AS I rolled the table over beside her she eyes the toys with a look of stark terror on her face,although she didn’t know what all of the things are for but she can figure out what most are for.She knows all them will be painful to her.She starts to scream through her O Ring gag and the lovely tit show starts again as I have left her upper body unrestrained.This time I decide to give her a running account of the operation.Since she is a news reporter I will keep her well informed,freedom of the press you know.
Picking up the first toy I explain to her,this is a wooden breast clamp,see the two boards with cutouts raise up and your breast fit right into them and the top board comes down.This clamps the narrow edges around your beautiful twin mounds,she starts to scream and shake her head until I pick the little pussy whip up she quickly shuts up.I tell her to shut up until I start to hurt her,so she starts moaning very low. I continue to explain to her these little screw handles will squeeze your breast as much as I want. I am afraid I must tell you it is very painfull.This starts her screaming again,but I just let her scream as this is so much fun and sexually arousing.As soon as she calms down I tell her to lean forward and pull the strap attached to the breast clamp around her back ,she starts to struggle with me again.The little whip whistles in the air as it slashes across her breast.The screams began along with the frantic breast shakeing,I just wait and then pull the straps around her.I then grab her by her blonde hair and jerk her back against the table and hold her there until she stops struggling.Then I fit the clamp around her breast as she watches me with tear filled eyes,She cant take her eyes away from the strange wooden torture on her breast.I hook the straps and pulled them tight,her eyes get very large as she watches me start tightening the screws on each end pulling the boards down on her breast.Her mouth is open in total disbelief at what she is watching,her beautiful breast being squeezed out two holes in the boards.Then she starts to feel the pressure and starts moaning,then the pain starts along with the screams.Now much louder screams and I have to hold her hair and continue to tighten with one hand.Soon her breast are squeezed into to big round taunt mounds and her screams have reached a full glass shattering pitch.

With the breast clamp tightened down but not enough to do permanent damage as I want to play with them later,but just enough to make her think they are being smashed flat.As soon as her screaming subsides a little I clip a little metal toothed monster on her left nipple.This upsets her greatly and the ear shattering screams start again,which I love to hear.She is shaking her head from side to side screaming then before she can wind down I quickly put the little clip on her other nipple.I didn’t she could scream any louder but she fooled me as she took it up at least fifty desibles.So just to see how long and loud she could scream I showed her the pussy spreader,she doesn’t know what it is but she knows it will be painful and keeps screaming and swinging her head side to side.She really goes ballistic when I pull out her left pussy lip and start fastening the pussy spreader on her.This is a metal ring 5inches in diameter with seven little metal clips with tiny little teeth attached to it.Three clips go on each pussy lip and the top clip attach to her clit.By the time I get to the clit clip I have to stop as she is hyperventilating from screaming,I let her catch her breath as I go get her a glass of wine.I hold the glass and let her sip the wine until she is in shape for more fun.I do not plan to permanently injure or kill her,this is just a lot of fun and I will release her when the time comes,but he doesn’t know that.

Now the real fun begins as she thinks the worst is over with all the painful little metal tooth monsters are hooked on her,she hasn’t looked in the overhead mirror to see one is not attached.She can’t believe it as she watches me reach and hook the other clip on her clitoris.The like a bucking horse coming out of the shut she explodes,screaming and cursing me.After she quiets down I tell her since she was cursing me I would have to punish her.This brings on more screams and head shakeing.I tell her I think a little bike ride might do her some good and as soon as I finish fucking her mouth I will give her one.I can see a puzzled look on her face along with a distasteful look about me fucking her mouth.

I moved to the side of the exam table and laid the back down flat and released the head board catch which dropped down.This surprised her and she screamed as I started to pulled a strap across her forehead and she went to shaking her head side too side.I grasp her by her blonde hair and put the strap on her,I was waiting for her to protest but I think the promised bike ride worried her so she kept her mouth shut.Now she lay flat on her back with her head hanging over the tables edge strapped down looking at ever thing upside down.

I went to my work bench and brought a riding crop which I showed her and told her if she tried to bite me or did not please me I would whip her breasts and pussy,she moaned and I knew she understood me.I removed my straining hard cock from my jock cover and stuck it in front of her eyes,she just looked at it with a disgusted look on her face.I smiled and told her,you are going to learn to love my cock and before I am through with you will beg me to let you suck it.I could see by her face she didn’t believe me but she would see before I released her.I told her to open her mouth but she held it closed,the whip made a swishing sound and then a splat as it landed across both her breast just missing her nipple clips.Now she opened her mouth with a ear shattering scream as the white hot pain reached her brain, she could not imagine this much pain.This could not be happening to her,you just can’t whip a woman’s breast.I give her time for the pain to ease up a little and shove my cock up to her again her mouth remains wide open and she holds her tongue out for me to lay the head of my cock on.As I slowly slip my hard dick into her mouth I tell her ,see you are learning she makes a gagging noise around my cock.Now I slip into her mouth and on in to her throat and hold my cock there a second and pull back out and repeat this several times to get her used to it before I start fucking her throat.As I pull back I can see the fear in her eyes as she is afraid I will strangle her.I grab her blonde hair in both hands and start a slow rhythm face fucking her which I speed up as I am getting more excited and closer to climaxing I tell her she is to swallow my cum and not spit it out or I will whip her pussy,she makes noises around my cock but I can’t understand her,since she has her mouth full.Now I really start to pound her throat as I feel her soft warm wet throat around the head of my rock hard cock.I hang on to her head as my orgasm sweeps over and hold my spurting cock all the way into her throat as she gags.I can feel her throat muscles milking me as she tries to breath and swallow my cum.When my orgasm spasms subside I pull out of her mouth to let her breath as she has almost passed out from lack of oxygen.

As I watch her getting her breath I can see she has swallowed all my cum but she is not happy at all,but I am.

After she has recovered I raised the head board and unstrappe her head then raise the table back putting her in a reclined sitting position.I then bring her a glass of wine and hold for her to sip,the tell her to rest as I an going up to start supper for us.
After giving her a half an hour and getting the meal started I go back to the basement to give her a bike ride,since I had promised her one I didn’t want to disappoint her.
She sees me come back and is not happy when I tell it’s time for her ride,she knows she wont like it.I go over and remove the bike from under the tarp and bring it over for her to see.It looks a lot like a regular exercise bike but with some changes.She eyes it with fear in her eyes but doesn’t speak as that is what got her in this bike ride.There is no seat but in its place is a large molded rubber replica of a 8inch cock mounted on a flat round metal base 8inches in diameter.The pedals have restraints on them as do the handle bars.

I release her from the exam after showing her the whip,but I leave her pussy spreader and nipple clips on her.These will not interfere with her ride.I lead her to a step stool placed by the bike and make her spread her legs much to her distaste and use my finger to lube her ass hole with K Y Jelly,this brings on much moaning and groaning from her as she realizes she is going to sit down on the rubber cock.Until now she thought it would be in her pussy which was shocking enough but oh no not up her ass.She is shaking her head and almost protests but shuts up just in time and just screams.I tell her to shut up and do as I tell her or I will hang her upside down and whip her pussy,she shuts up.She doesn’t know I am going to do that anyway but it works to control her.Now I make her straddle the cock with her other leg on a foot stool on the other side have her hold still while I move her in position and have her lower her ass hole onto the head of the rubber cock.She starts screaming again as she touches the head with her ass hole.Holding the whip I force her slowly down on it.I let her stop just as the head inters her sphincter muscle to let her adjust to its large size,she does not thank me she just screams.Now I force her on down on the rubber dick until she has it about half way in her then I let her stop as I do not want to damage her inside.After she adjusts I force her on down until her butt is sitting on the metal base,she is still screaming and going nuts as she is impaled on the rubber cock.Now I have her place her feet on the pedals and strap them down.Next I strap her hands to the handle bars.Now I explain to her how this works.You will pedal and that will make the dildo up your butt go up and down,she gives me a horrified look of disbelief as if to say you may have forced this thing up my butt don’t think I will pedal this thing and make it go in and out of me.Well I knew that would be the way she felt about it so I tell her the rest of it.You will pedal because as soon as I turn this switch on the metal plate under your but will shock that will get you started and when you stop pedaling small wires inbeded in the rubber cock up your ass will shock you but once you start peddling you can set on the metal plate.But I warn you if you stop the dildo will shock your ass hole.Now she starts screaming again and almost starts cursing me.I tell her I am going to set the timer on ten minutes and when I leave the basement she can make all the noise she wants that means talking screaming cursing or whatever.

I flip the switch she screams and jumps as she pulls herself up off the metal plate but she does not pedal,then the voltage zaps her ass hole she screams but she also starts peddling.The voltage is very low and not enough to really hurt her but it is like a thunderbolt in her ass and will keep her peddling.As I leave the basement she starts her yelling and cursing me then just yelling about the rubber dick fucking her ass.Once upstairs I turn the speaker on to monitor her,I am also video taping all this.Now I hear her sounds change into more of passion then she starts moaning very loud as she approaches an orgasm.The she screams and yells OH MY GOD I AM CUMING,then a shrill scream as she climaxes.Lost in her climax she stops peddling and I hear a loud scream of pain,then I hear yelling I CANT KEEP PEDDLING THIS DAMM THING.OH MY GOD THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY THAT DAMM THING GOING UP MY ASS.PLEASE,PLEASE I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME.If you will just take me off this damm thing I will keep my big mouth shut,oh please I will do anything.Please I will suck your dick.I KNOW YOU HEAR ME.I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK.I WILL DO ANYTHING PLEASE.Now her moaning starts again and soon she screams to another climax.Now I go back down and switch her off and tell her to stop peddling,she is drained and slumps forward on the handlebars release her hands and bring her a glass of wine and tell her she is through for today and I want her to take a shower the I will bring her supper.

After her shower and supper I put a six foot chain and a locking ankle cuff on her and bring a port a potty and set it so she can reach it.I go upstairs and bar and lock the steel door leading to the basement.

Now I have to go to the city and make a pick up.

By PICK UP MAN Rrolingthunder@aol.com

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