E.D. Donahey: Legs War

E.D. Donahey: Legs War

by Foxfan69

It started out as an ordinary hectic day at work at the downtown NY
studios of the Foxx Network News Channel. This cable news network is
the creation of the legendary media mogul; Frederick F. Foxx.

It was his version of a 24 hour a day news and information network
to compete with all of the other alphabet cable news networks; [CNN,

Frederick Foxxs’ concept was a relatively simple one; place news
bureaus at strategic locations throughout the world and staff them
with young, energetic journalists and reporters. These news
would have an eye for getting the facts of a breaking news story and
present both sides of the story fairly and accurately.

Then, in an inspired moment; Frederick Foxx thought to present the
stories to the viewing public by using a combination of hard hitting
reporters and news analysts. This in conjunction with some of the
most beautiful and sexy news presenters he could find.

Spiriting away such names as Linda Vester, Laurie Dhue, Diane
Dimond, Patti Ann Browne, and others from rival news networks was a
stroke of genius. He would have these lovely ladies present the news
while wearing sexy mini-skirts and showing lots of their gorgeous
legs. This paid off in a big way.

The news stories would bring the viewers to the channel. The sexy
ladies would keep the male viewers glued to the network. The female
viewers would appreciate the beauty and professionalism of the
ladies and say tuned in as well.

It was an extremely successful concept at the Foxxy Net News; [as we
employees refer to it.] Foxxy News has increased its ratings on its’
competition ten fold! More people are tuning in and staying with
Foxxy News than any other cable news or satellite news organization.

As for myself; I’m a lowly paid and highly overworked; [ at least to
me]; intern at Foxxy News.

I was one of those web wizz kids of the go-go internet bubble. It
was a great job, with lots of money pouring in; and the idea that
the company I worked for was going to reinvent the way the world
conducted its business and obtained its news.

When the internet bubble burst, I was left out of the loop; just
another computer hacker; which are worth about a dime a dozen at
this time.

I returned to school and got myself a degree in Television
Broadcasting. I reasoned that tv is almost everywhere throughout the
world and that there will always be a job for someone who could
direct and produce programming.

I’m a few years older than most of the other interns here; hence I
tend to get the plumb assignments; such as they are. I do everything
from being a copy boy to assistant director on a live program.
Anything and everything; I’m the jerk of all trades and master of
few. But I am here to learn the TV business.

Despite the long hours and the relatively small pay; I love this

Where else could you be around such beautiful ladies: [both the on
the air talent and the usual assortment of secretaries and
assistants found in any business]. And I get paid for this!

I walk around work in a perpetual state of arousal; [I.E. my dick is
hard most of the time!] It’s a young mans dream job come true!

“Greg; Hey Greg! Get with the program will you?” I was snapped out
of my early Friday morning stupor by the sound of my buddy and
co-worker Harry’s voice.

“Let’s get this camera into position before the commercial break
ends or Mad Marty will put our butts into a sling.” Harry instructed

“Right with you buddy.” I answered Harry as I groaned silently to
myself as I helped to push the heavy camera into place.

Harry is the number one camera man for the ‘Foxxy Friends’ morning
show. My task this Friday morning was to help maneuver the heavy
camera into the proper position for its shot. It was a job more
suited for a plow horse than an intern.

It seems that one of the casters the camera was mounted on was
broken. The camera could only be moved by brute force; mine!

“I’ll be glad when this job is over.” I thought to myself as I
glanced up at the clock on the wall behind me. 9:30 am it read.
“Good deal.” I mumbled to myself. “Only two more segments to go and
this torture is finally over!”

“Jesus, Greg! Will you quit your bellyaching!” Harry admonished me.

“After all you’ve got to admit that E.D. looks absolutely gorgeous
this morning! She’s wearing a short mini-skirt for the first time in
weeks and here you are bitching about having to do a little manual
labor. Enjoy the view will you? It’s not one we get very often

I had to admit that Harry was right. The pretty, sexy morning show
host; E.D. Donahey; did look spectacular this morning.

Her long blonde hair falling gracefully on her shoulders; her
pleasant wide eyed smile; and sparkling blue eyes were beautiful!
This was accented by the tight red top and short black mini-skirt
which showed off her shapely legs. This was truly a seldom seen
sight around these parts in the past few months.

“Today’s the day. I can feel it in my bones!’ Harry excitedly told

“Oh, No! Will you get off it Harry! It’s not going to happen! E.D.
is always one step ahead of you!” I was getting more than a little
annoyed at my camera man friend.

Harry has been on a mission to get a upskirt shot of E.D.’s gorgeous
legs as long as he has been the head camera man. It has never
happened before; E.D. would catch onto his camera maneuvering and
deftly deflect the leg shot with a quick leg cross or a simple turn
one way or another on her chair.

“It’s going to happen today! Just you wait and see.” Harry was
practically drooling as he tried for another angle up E.D.s skirt.

E.D. Donahey was impatiently bouncing her crossed legs up and down
as she waited for the next segment to begin. Only two more segments
to go and the long work week would be over.

The pretty blonde was in a hurry to end the show. The queen of the
morning show hosts; as she was known throughout the cable news
industry; had a lot on her mind right now.

E.D. was getting married again in a few days. The impending
nuptials; [this would be the third time at bat for her in the
marriage game]; was playing havoc with her mind. All the details of
her wedding; the fact that the size of her family was going to
increase from three children to six; and the ticking of her
biological clock; all weighted heavily on her mind. She wanted one
last chance to be a mother before mother nature said no more

E.D. was also upset that her fiancee, Bill, and she had a fight over
a week ago. It happened just as he was leaving on a two week
business trip. The reason for the fight was long forgotten; but it
did bother her a lot.

She desperately wanted this new union to work out. After all she was
approaching her 42nd birthday with apprehension; as it seemed her
chance of finding Mr. right was fast slipping away from her.

Another perplexing problem; to put it bluntly; was that she was
horny as hell! E.D. was a highly sexual person. She loved sex!
Anyway; any time; any where she was able to get sexual

E.D. never wanted for lack of attention in the sex department. Men
were always coming on to her; outright lusting after her.

She could pick and choose her partners; and did so on a regular
basis. Many men had enjoyed the pleasure of her budding sexual
appetite over the years; but now she had to save herself for her
husband to be.

“Damn it all!’ She thought to herself. “If only we didn’t have that
fight! Here I am, surrounded by turned on men. The only thing I can
do about it is to use my ‘toys’ to help me out! I hope I have some
batteries left in my office desk! When this show is over, old E.D.
is going to have some fun!”

“Thirty seconds!” The sound of the floor directors voice brought
E.D. out of her sexual trance.

E.D. spotted the arrival of the very pretty redheaded business
newswoman, Brenda Buttner. Brenda was here to deliver her end of the
week stock market report.

E.D. did not care that much for the financial news. After all, she
was very well paid; and her husband to be was one rich son-of-a-gun!
Money was something to spend; not save! All this bulls and bears
stock market jargon was one big bore to her.

One thing did bother E.D. about the beautiful business babe. Brenda
would almost always show up for her market report wearing the
shortest skirt she possibly could.

E.D. had to admit that Brenda did have some fantastic looking legs.
Not as good as hers’ naturally, but Brenda did enjoy showing her
shapely, well toned legs to the viewing audience.

E.D. was relieved as the pretty redhead settled into the chair next
to hers. Brenda was dressed in a olive-green suit with a matching
skirt; which ended at just above her knees. She was wearing nude
hose and high heels.

“Not much competition in the legs department today.” E.D. thought to
herself as she looked into camera number one. Harry, the intrepid
camera guy, was manning the store as usual.

“Sorry Harry, old chum.” E.D. thought to herself as she spotted the
grin on Harry’s face. “You’re not getting an upskirt shot from me
today! Just you try it , you horny bastard!”

“Three, two, one, we’re back!” The voice of the show director Mad
Marty came in loud and clear into the headset I was wearing.

Harry zoomed in from a long shot to a face shot of E.D. as she
introduced Brenda.

“So, what’s happening in the markets today, Brenda?” E.D. quizzed
the business babe. Her forced smile of interest froze on Ms.
Donahey’s face as she looked at Brenda.

The financial babe had crossed her legs at mid-thigh, instead of at
her knees. This had the effect of showing half of her left thigh
with her right leg crossed on top. This exposed Brenda’s lovely legs
right up to the panty line of her hose!

E.D. glanced around and quickly noticed that her two co-hosts; Steve
and Brian; were enjoying the view of Brenda’s lovely, supple, legs.
A further glance around the studio proved that everyone’s eyes were
on the exposed legs of the pretty redheaded reporter.

Harry nudged me with his elbow at the same time he whispered to me
out of the side of his mouth; “Get ready, Greg. Here it comes. E.D.
is going to show some leg! Crotch shot city; Here We Go!”

As if by divine intervention; the view that Harry had always worked
to get of the pretty blondes’ legs; come to be.

E.D., when she had seen the amount of skin that Brenda was showing;
had slowly uncrossed her own legs. She subtly thrust her hips
forward on the chair to inch her skirt up ever so slightly; thus
exposing just a little more leg than what Brenda was showing.

E.D. was off by just a little in her calculations of how much was
showing of her uncrossed legs. The act of uncrossing her legs while
sliding forward on her chair caused E.D.s legs to inadvertently
spread wide open. This exposed her lovely inner thighs all the way
up to her black silk panties!

I don’t know about the other men present; but the view up E.D.s
skirt; showing off all of her wares; including her silk covered
pussy; was more than I could stand.

My penis popped up at attention and all manners of lustful thoughts
flowed through my head. Boy, what I would do to that beautiful
blonde pussy if only given a chance!

“Push this damn thing!” Harry urged me as he zoomed in for a
close-up of E.Ds promised land. The ensuing crotch shot of E.D.s
magnificent thighs and silk covered love mound was transmitted
throughout the cable viewing world!

Brenda noticed the view on a monitor located just behind me. She was
so shocked at what she was seeing that she too; uncrossed her legs.

This had the effect of giving me the same view of her lovely white
pantyhosed covered pussy as E.D. was giving the television viewing

My gaze shifted back and forth between lovely Brenda and gorgeous
E.D.s silk covered womanhood!

While this beautiful sight was occupying me; all hell was breaking
loose in the control room.

Mad Marty was screaming into his microphone; desperately trying to
get the E.D. upskirt shot off of the screen. A string of profanity
spewed forth from Marty’s mouth as he tried to gain control of the

“Damn it Harry! Back off the shot, NOW!”

Marty was enraged at Harry, but he was even more angry at his camera
tech guy. The man sat frozen at his console; dumbfounded at the
sight of E.D.s goodies.

Marty leaned over the control console and switched the view to
camera number two. This had the effect of showing the whole viewing
audience the, until now, private view that I had of Brenda’s
beautiful silk covered pussy.

Marty sprang into action once again and switched to camera number

The whole episode probably lasted all of a minute; but the whole
viewing audience got a Friday pick-me-up of E.D.s and Brenda’s sexy
upper thighs and love mounds! The internet video capping crowd was
going to have a field day with this!

E.D. was oblivious to what had just transpired; and if Brenda was
aware of it she did not show it.

The rest of the financial segment went off without a hitch.

As Brenda rose from her chair at the commercial break; E.D. looked
at her and said in a somewhat sarcastic voice; “Nice try, Brenda.
Too bad you didn’t beat me in the leg department today. Better luck
next time!”

“Oh you sorry excuse for a woman!’, Brenda thought to herself as she
left the “Foxxy Friends” set. “It’s airheads like you that give
meaning to the term, ‘dumb blonde’!”

The pretty redhead came over to Harry and me and stopped to tell us
something confidential.

“Nice shot, Harry! E.D. is sure going to be mad at you when she
finds out about this. She’s liable to cut your balls off!”

“And as for you mister;” Brenda said looking at me with a wicked
smile on her face; ‘ Did you get a good look up my skirt also? I do
have nice legs; don’t I?”

My face flushed crimson as I realised that Brenda knew I had peeked;
{Hell, Gawked was more like it}, up her skirt.

The pretty, mischievous grin on Brenda’s face told the world that
she was going to relish the thought of throwing this sexcapade into
E.D.s face when she has the chance.

“Be good you naughty little boys! Bye, bye for now!”

Harry and I watched the beautiful redhead as she walked off the set.
Our eyes were fixed on her shapely hips as her sexy ass swayed back
and forth.

“Damn, she has a sexy butt!’ I said to Harry as I watched Brenda
disappear down the hall. “She can balance my portfolio any time she

“I hear you buddy.” Harry replied, winking at me.

“Oh god! Only 15 more minutes to go.” E.D. thought to herself. “I
showed that business bitch up and how! No one is going to upstage me
on my show! Damn I wish this was over! My pussy is soaking wet and
needs attention! I hate being so horny when my fiance is not

The final segment of the show was a report from Dr. Georgia Whitkin
on the psychological aftereffects of a tragedy such as the 9/11
terrorist attack. The very pretty blonde PHD deftly explained the
nuances to E.D. and the audience.

E. D. was lost in her thoughts as the pretty doctor continued her
report. All E.D. was aware of was that Georgia had shown up wearing
an even shorter mini-skirt than she had on. All eyes were on Dr.
Whitkin’s legs and not hers! This, together with what had just
happened with Brenda; did not go well with E.D.

The show finally came to an end.

As Georgia got up to leave the set she turned to E.D. and said,
“Nice show.”

“Nice show is it? I’ll tell you about nice show you leggy bitch!”
E.D. was fit to be tied.

The blonde morning show host just knew that this was a conspiracy
between Georgia and Brenda to upstage her from her own show. People
tuned in to lust after her; not the business babe or the good

“I don’t know what you are talking about! And I bet that you don’t
know either!” Replied the pretty doctor tactfully.

This set E.D. off in a tirade of profanity as she followed Georgia
off the set and down the hall. Dr. Whitkin tried to ignore the
rantings of the agitated Ms. Donahey. But there was no escape from
the hail of hatred directed towards her.

Harry and I looked at one another as the two blondes argued their
way down the hall.

“Harry,” I said to my friend, “I’ve got to see how this turns out!”

“I’m with you Greg,” he hastily replied, “Let’s go!”

“You’re not going anywhere, Harry!” This came from the floor
director, Jack. “Mad Marty wants to see you right now! Boy, is he
ever pissed off at you!”

“Don’t worry Harry, I’ll let you know what happens.” I told this to
my friend as he left to receive what was sure to be a primetime ass
chewing out from Mad Marty.

I caught up to the two arguing ladies in short order and tried to
bring a little order to the situation.

“All right ladies.” I tried to sound diplomatic as I said it. “What
in the hell is going on? Why the big scene?”

“She knows what she did! Her and that bitch, Brenda!” E.D. was
obviously not going to let this pass.

I looked at Georgia and she returned a look of hurt and frustration
back towards me.

“We have to get this settled; but not here in the hallway where
everyone can hear.” I stated.

I pushed open the door of the conference room we were standing next
to and ushered the two blondes inside. Little did I know of the
sexual adventure I was about to embark upon…

Chapter 2

As the door of the conference room closed behind us, I quickly
surveyed the room for chairs, tables, and such. I felt that I had
better separate the two battling blondes before a real catfight

Besides, I didn’t want to get caught in the middle of a
hair-pulling, nail-scratching, free for all! Someone could get
seriously hurt; namely me!

I saw that the room contained a large conference table which took up
most of the rooms’ center.

Against the left wall was a couple of overstuffed arm chairs. I
quickly guided Dr. Whitkin to one of these.

E. D. Donahey, who was still highly agitated, I sat her down on one
of the chairs at the large table. I sat myself down on a sofa which
was located between the two feuding blondes.

Once I had thusly separated the two, I tried to find out what all
the commotion was about.

“All right ladies! Would one of you kindly like to tell me just what
in heavens name is going on? You two act like two highschool
freshmen who are fighting over who gets to be the quarterback heros’
girlfriend! What gives?”

The sofa I was sitting on seemed to be the best place to be if I
wanted to keep these two from each others throats.

“Don’t ask me!” Georgia started out first. “All I did was give my
usual report and then tell E. D. that I thought it was a nice show!
She just erupted at me with some hysterical mumble jumble about me
and Brenda Buttner trying to show her up!”

“Who died and made E. D. the the queen diva of the Foxxy News

“That’s not true!” exclaimed E. D. jumping out of her chair. “You
and Brenda know very well that I am the star of the Foxxy Friends
Show! People tune in to watch me; not you and miss leggy, leggy,
Brenda! The two of you delibrately wore short skirts to try to show
me up!”

“Oh my God, E. D.! Is that what all this temper tantrum is about?
You have a delusion that you are the only lady at Foxxy News that
anyone wants to see!” Dr. Whitkin was reverting to her PHD analyst

“You have a problem with competition, don’t you! You don’t like it,
E. D., when someone takes the limelight away from you!’

“You have to admit E.D.”, I hastily interupted Georgia; “Ever since
you got in this so called ‘I’m going to be a serious newswoman’
kick; you haven’t been the E.D. of old.”

“You know what I’m talking about. The fun-loving , sexy, and very
friendly lady has disappeared from sight!”

“Frankly, E.D., it’s gotten to the point that you drag yourself in
here every morning; hair disheveled; make-up almost non-existent;
dressed like a schoolteacher. Well, to put it mildly, you look like

My words seemed to strike a nerve with E.D. A look of recognition
crossed her face. It was almost as if an inner truth had been
brought forth.

She sat up on the table; crossing her pretty mini-skirted legs; and
seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

“E.D. I’m sorry if you thought that Brenda and I were trying to
upstage you.” Georgia was attempting to explain.

“Greg is right you know. Lately it seems that you don’t care about
your appearance; only the impression that you are now a serious

“You are a pretty and very sexy lady. That’s the E.D. which everyone
admires and respects! We just want to know where that beautiful
person has gone to.”

“I second that E.D.” I replied. “We all think that you are a
beautiful and fun lady to be around. We just want you to be like you
always were. There’s nothing wrong in that is there?’

I could see that my words and those of Dr. Whitkin were calming the
inner rage which had consumed E.D.

“Georgia, Greg. I want to appologize to both of you for my actions.
I’ve got a lot on my mind right now with my wedding coming up so
soon, you know. I have been somewhat ‘bitchy’ lately; haven’t I?” A
coy pretty smile spread across her face.

“Bitchy!” replied Georgia. “That’s putting it a bit mildly; wouldn’t
you say so Greg?” The pretty doctor grinned at me as she directed
her remark toward E.D.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it quite that way.” I diplomatically stated.
“Let’s just say that you haven’t been very much fun to be around
lately and let it go at that; shall we?”

E.D. started to say something else but stopped herself when she
realised that she was going to reveal that she was; at least right
now; horny as hell! Fiance be damned! She was sexualy arroused and
only a good hard cock in her pussy was going to solve the problem!
She slightly tilted her head and studied the nice looking intern
seated in front of her.

“Greg isn’t a bad looking guy,” she thought to herself. “I suppose a
quick sexual interlude with this young stud would solve my
predicament! After all, I’m not married just yet!”

“Well, it looks like things have calmed down, so I’ll go now and let
you two ladies make nice to one another.” I rose up from my seat on
the sofa, figuring that my presence was no longer needed.

E.D.’s thoughts were whirling throughout her head as she tried to
come up with a way to stop Greg from leaving.

A simple; but lustful plan; came to her. It’s surpriseing what a
horny girl can come up with when she is trying to get herself laid!
Not that had ever been a problem for Ms Donahey before mind you.

“Wait a minute, Greg. Could you stay for a few minutes? I have
something to ask you and Georgia; if you don’t mind.”

E.D. was putting her scheme into play and she needed the pretty
doctor to remain for a while if it was to succeed.

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a question for me?
After all, I haven’t given you the true explaination for my

“Sure; I’ll be glad to help if I can.” I answered as I turned back
towards E.D. and Georgia.

Ms Donahey tried to come up with a tactful way to broach the subject
matter of her question. She decided that the direct approach was

“I have to admit that this whole thing started when I saw that
Brenda and Georgia were wearing their short skirts and showing more
leg than I was. Pretty vain and shallow of me, wasn’t it?”

“Well, what I wanted to ask you Greg; and if Georgia didn’t mind is
this. Would you be willing to be a judge in a contest I have in
mind? ”

“What sort of contest?” I inquired.

“To put it bluntly, would you take a look at Georgias’ and my legs
and tell us which one of us has the best set of gams? You know; sort
of a best legs contest. A legs war; to be precise.”

There it was, out in the open. E.D. felt a slight blush cross into
her cheeks as she found that she was embarrassed by her suggestion.

I quickly looked over at Dr. Whitkin and saw that she was smiling
and seemed receptive to the idea.

Besides; the growing bulge I had in my pants was going to be
difficult to hide. I reasoned that if I’m viewing these two lovely
ladies gorgeous legs; they would be more than understanding if I had
a hard-on.

“Okay ladies!” I announced, while making sure that both of the
pretty blondes got a good look at the bulge in my pants. “I and my
friend ‘dick’ here; will gladly help you out in your time of need!”

“Just one thing.” I hastened to add. “The decision of the judge is
final. Everyone agree?”

The two pretty blondes glanced at one another and quickly agreed to
the terms of the contest.

“Let the games begin!” I announced with a grin of utmost
satisfacton. I certainly was going to enjoy this!

“I’ll go first!” piped up E.D. “After all, E.D. comes before Georgia
in the alphabet.” E.D. was highly pleased and arroused that her
suggestion had panned out.

I sat back down on the sofa in front of he morning show host. It
gave me a direct view of Ms Donaheys’ shapely; well formed; calves
and thighs.

E.D. wasted little time in presenting me her wares. She smiled
seductively at me as she ever so slowly; crossed one leg over the
other and then back the other way. She finishd up her leg show by
pulling up her mini-skirt to her waist and then spreading her legs
wide appart.

This gave me the view of E.D.s’ lovely upper thighs and black silk
panty covered love slit. I could see that she was wet with desire as
her panties were soaked with the love juices from her pussy.

‘How’s that?” E.D. questioned me. “Did you and your friend, ‘Dick’,
like the view?” She had a sly, playful smile on her face as she
asked the question.

It was apparent by my slack-jawed expression and the ever growing
mass of manhood in my pants, that the answer was yes.

Ms Donahey smugly thought to herself that she had this contest in
the bag. And she hoped that Gregs’ cock would soon be inside her
warm, moist, love cannal.

I regained my composure and turned towards Dr. Georgia Whitkin; the
other sexy entry in this contest.

E.D. and myself looked in astonishment at the pretty doctor. It was
apparent that the pretty PHD was not going to go down without a
fight in this battle of the legs.

Georgia; after witnessing the wide leg flash that E.D. had given me;
came up with her own variation of the coveted leg shot for me.

She stood up and turned her back towards me. Glancing over her
shoulder to make sure that my attention was totally fixed on her
round, sexy, ass; she proceeded to slowly hike her skirt up the back
of her legs. Slowly, inch by inch, she exposed her shapely calves
and the back of her thighs.

Just when I thought that the show was over; the beautiful blonde PHD
did E.D. one step better.

Georgia did not stop the travels up the back of her legs at her
butt. She continued to raise her skirt and hands up until her
pantyhose top was showing. In one deft, sexy, motion; she lowered
her pantyhose to the floor and stepped out of them. Georgia then
bent over; showing me her sexy, round; oh so perfect naked ass and

I stared at the lovely bottom and long sexy legs before me. My eyes
were fixed on the vision of her round soft ass cheeks and the ever
so fleeting view of Georgias’ tight anal opening.

This, coupled with the sight of her long sexy legs; was almost more
than me and my co-judge, ‘Dick’; could stand. My cock was so hard;
it hurt! The precum on my lovetool was definitely leaving a stain
on the front of my pants!

Georgia smiled to herself as she spotted the bulge and accompanying
wet spot on my jeans. She was sure that her exhibition had made her
number one in this legs war.

“Take that, E.D.” She thought to herself. “I guess you were right
afterall. I do seem to have upstaged you in the legs department

My mind was racing furiously as the two beautiful Foxxy News babes
smiled at me. They were waiting for ‘Dicks’ and mine decision.

I tried to formulate an answer to one of those no-win questions
women always ask. You know the ones I mean. The ‘Does this dress
make me look fat’ question.

The no way to tell the truth answer all males would like to give;
but never have the guts to do. ‘No, that dress doesn’t make you look
fat, but that lard ass of yours certainly does!’

“Harry is not going to believe this.” I thought to myself. But of
course I had to get myself out of here with my balls intact; if it
was at all possible. If I don’t come up with the right response to
the ladies forthcomming inquiry; I was liable to be castrated!

“Well now, Greg.” Here it comes. The no-win question. “Which one of
us has the best looking legs?” Asked E.D.

“Yes, Greg. We want to know now.” added Georgia.

My mind came up with a solution to my predicament. When in doubt; go
with the usual male response: for Gods’ sake PUNT!

“Well ladies;” trying to sound as if I wasn’t in fear of my life. “I
and my colleague , ‘Dick’: have decided that this contest is a draw!
One vote for E.D. One vote for Georgia!”

If I thought that my quick, flippant, answer would get me off the
hook; I was sadly mistaken.

“Not so fast, mister! You don’t get off so easy with us! Right,

“That’s right E.D.’ Responded Georgia. “We entered into this contest
expecting a clear cut winner! You can’t weasle out on us! One of us
is going to be the legs war winner!”

I had a solution in mind for solving the stalemate. But I wasn’t
sure if the lovely ladies would go for it. E.D. saved me the trouble
of presenting my option to the two of them.

It would appear that Ms Donahey and I were on the same wavelength;
We were both horny as hell! Only some sexual action was going to
solve this delema.

“I have a suggestion; if the two of you would be willing to take
it.” E.D. was the first to speak. ” We could settle this problem by
taking a closer look at it. You know; sort of up close and

“Oh hell.” admonished the lovely Dr. Whitkin. “Greg; why don’t you
just fuck the hell out of E.D. and myself? Whichever one of us is
the best piece of ass; is the winner!”

E.D.s’ eyes lit up as she realised that all three of us were of the
same mind; [not to mention the same level of sexual arrousal!].

Both beautiful blondes looked at me for my response. I took off my
shirt and pants. Upon dropping my briefs, my erect penis signaled
that I was more than ready to comply.

Chapter 3

As I stood in front of the two beautiful, sexy, blondes; my mind was
in a whirl. I could not believe that my wildest sexual fantasy was
about to come true. Here I was; buck naked; in front of E. D.
Donahey and Dr. Georgia Whitkin. My rigid cock was at attention;
ready for action.

“Are you ready to begin, Greg?” E.D. asked me this as she and the
lovely Dr. Whitkin lustfully eyed my erect member. ” I’m first in
this contest. Let’s go, shall we?”

Georgia returned to the stuffed chair she had been sitting at to
view the action between the sexy, pretty, morning show host; E.D.
and myself. Her turn in this sexual tournament would be forthcoming.

Ms Donahey smiled seductively at me as she removed her tight, red
top over her head; revealing her two pert and alert breasts. They
were covered in a small, lacy, pushup bra; which showed a lot of
cleavage and concealed almost nothing.

She then raised her hips off the table she was sitting on and
quickly removed her black mini-skirt. The sight of her soaking wet
panties covering her hot love tunnel was enticing.

She spread her lovely legs apart and held her arms out towards me;
beckening me to enjoy their embrace.

“Would you mind helping me out of these undies? I always seem to
have such a hard time undressing myself.”

E. D. was playing the seductress game for all it was worth. As for
myself; I was more than willing to go along with her game plan.

I approached the table and put my arms around her soft body. Her
soft breasts felt like velvet as our two chests came together. My
fingers fumbled nervously with the clasp of her lacy bra. It took me
a couple of tries before I was able to get it undone.

E. D. put her arms around my neck and pulled our faces together. Our
mouths hooked onto one another in a deep, tongue probing, passionate

Our arms surrounded each other; hugging and clutching at our bodies.
We savoured the closeness and the hot sweaty feel of each others
skin as we continued our passionate kissing and gropping of our
entwined bodies.

E. D. shuddered as I slowly kissed down her neck. Each soft touch of
my lips on her skin brought her a new tingle of excitement.

It had been a long time; almost two weeks; since she had felt the
touch of a man. For Ms Donahey, this was a lifetime. She savoured
each soft kiss of my lips on her skin. The wetness between her
thighs became even greater as I kissed down her chest toward her
breasts. I hesitated for a few seconds as I reached her mounds of

Placeing my hands around her two soft breasts; I marvelled at their
wonder and beauty. Her pert, erect nipples, invited me to kiss and
touch them. This I did with a renewed resolve.

My tongue licked and sucked on each lovely nipple; each flick of my
tongue sent castcades of pleasure throughout E.D.’s body. I made
sure to give each of her breasts the same loving attention.

“Oh my God, Greg!” She was breathless as she said this. “That feels
so good!”

“I’m glad that you like it.” I replied as I continued my oral
assault on her breasts. I stopped sucking on her tits and gave her a
soft lingering kiss on her lips.

I was now ready to go for the prize of the pretty blondes womanhod;
E.D.s’ hot, moist pussy. I could tell by the look of lust in her
pretty blue eyes that she was eagerly awaiting my attack on her
turned on mound of pleasure.

I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pulled her panties off of
her. My hands grabbed and fondled her ass cheeks as I pulled her
soaked panties from her legs. She pulled her legs up towards her
chest, so that she could reveal her lovely pussy to me.

I touched her knees with my hands. She stared lovingly at me as her
legs parted wide. The view of her open legs; long, supple, and ever
so sexy; greeted me.

My penis throbbed in anticipation of entering her moist, tight, love
hole. But first; I had to taste the sweetness of her love nector. I
just had to devour that beauiful blonde, cunny.

I placed my head between her two lucious thighs; positioning myself
before her neatly trimmed labia. My tongue flicked lightly across
her loveslit. I enjoyed the musky flavour of her womanhood as my
mouth and tongue explored the depths of her pussy.

E.D.s’ inner lips of her flowering labia were open. This revealed
the emerging nub of her arroused, hooded, clitoris to me.

I hungerly kissed and licked at her love bud. Each touch of my
talented tongue on her clitty sent waves of pleasure surgeing
throughout the lustful blondes body. If nothing else; I do know how
to eat pussy. And I certainly love doing it!

E.D.s’ breaths were now comming in short puffs. Her head rolled back
and a soft moan of pleasure passed through her lips.

I felt her body begin to tense as she placed her hands on the back
of my head. Her thighs tightened around my head and her pelvis
started to thrust up towards me. this burried my face and tongue
even deeper into E.D.s’ love hole.

Her orgasm was fast approaching. I increased my tongue lashing of
her erect, throbbing clitoris. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could
into her moist cunt. Each flick of my tongue sent new waves of
excitement coarsing throughout her body.

She moaned loudly as her welcome climax enveloped her body. She
ground her pussy into my face; gushing her warm salty love juices
into my mouth. I eagerly lapped up each droplet of her tastety love
potion. I swallowed each mouthful as she covered my face with her
pulsating pussy.

And then it was over.

I lifted my face from between E.D.s’ lovely thighs and smiled at the
beautiful blonde, Foxxy News babe. The look of satisfaction on
E.D.s’ face told me that my oral manipulation of her private parts
was successful!

“That was wonderful, Greg! Even better than I had hoped for!” The
sound of her satisfied voice was welcome to hear.

But this sexual judging was not over yet. The best part of the game
was still to come.

Raising myself up; I pulled E.D. closer to the edge of the table. My
average size erection was ready for it’s entry into Ms Donaheys’
hot, tight, cunt.

I placed the head of my penis at the top of her pussy. My cock was
touching the tip of her clitty. I waited a few seconds before
entering the warm inviteing confines of E.D.s’ love tunnel.

Her tight pussy gripped my rigid member as I began our dance of
love. Each thrust I made into her warm wetness was greeted with an
equal thrust back at me. E. D. was enjoying our passionate
lovemaking as much as I was.

Each thrust deep into her love canal brought new intense sensations
to her and I. The intensity increased as I could feel the climax
build up in my scrotum. Neither one of us was going to last much
longer! Both of our breaths became labored as we approached our
sexual ecstacy!

E.D.s’ body started to convulse; her pussy spasming as it tried to
pull my thrusting member deeper inside of her. I could not hold back
any longer! My orgasm came at about the same time as E.D.s’.

With one last hard push; my cock began to spew forth its love jism.
Again and again, my penis throbbed; emptying its hot love potion
deep inside of E.D. Her hot, tight, pussy accepted all that I had to
give her.

When both of our orgasms had fulfilled themselves; we laid there for
a minute or so. We savored the afterglow of a good fuck session.

While pulling my spent member out of her love hole, I said to E.D.,
“That was great! I envey your future husband. He is in for the best
fuck of his life!”

“Why yes he is.” E.D. responded playfully to me as I gazed into her
lovely blue eyes.

I got up off of E.D. and turned my attention towards the other entry
in this legs and love contest; Georgia.

The pretty doctor was ready for me. She was sitting on the
overstuffed chair; naked; with her legs spread wide over the arms of
the chair. She had been watching the love session between E.D. and
myself with a lustfull attention.

While I was pounding my cock deep inside of Ms Donahey; the turned
on doctor was furiously fingering herself. Her deft, trained,
fingers had successfully brought herself to climax at least twice!

“My turn now, is it? Oh you poor thing.” She said this to me as I
approached her. “It seems you’re not ready for me yet.”

Eyeing my shrunken penis, Georgia looked up at me with her hazel
colored eyes and said, “It looks like the doctor is going to have to
make a house call. I think I can cure your problem, Greg. Come over
here and let me give you some tender loving care.”

I stood myself in front of the pretty 50 something doctor. I looked
at her well kept body.

She had full, round, breasts; just a little bigger than E.Ds. Her
nipples were perky and erect.

Glancing down her body, I could see her firm, flat, stomach; leading
down to her neatly trimmed blonde pussy. I had already seen her
sexy, soft ass; and long, supple legs, earlier.

I marvelled at how beautful and sexy Georgia was. She looked like
the twin sister of the tv star Suzanne Sommers to me. She may be
over 50 in age; but the good doctor had the legs and body of a 25
year old vixen! It was apparent that the pretty PHD took very good
care of herself!

Dr. Witkin took my flacid love tool into her hands. She looked into
my eyes tenderly as she slowly worked her soft, supple, fingers over
my shaft. Her fingers were magic in their touch. My cock was slowly,
but surely, comming back to life.

“That’s a good boy.” She said as my penis began to stiften and reach
its’ full erection.

Georgia looked at me lovingly as she began to kiss and suck on my
penis. She licked the bottom of my scrotum and up the shaft of my
ever stiffening cock. The pretty doctor knows how to give great

Positioning her face in front of my now, newly recharged penis; she
began to kiss and lick and suck on its’ head.

She took the crown of the head into her throat; about a third of the
way up my shaft. Slowly at first; she bobbed her head back and forth
over my penis; sucking ever so slightly.

I moaned out loud as her experenced mouth and tongue gave pleasure
to my male member.

Faster and faster, the pretty doctor sucked her way up my soon to
errupt, love tool. She was now deepthroating me with a reckless;
lustful abandon. The sexy, slurping sounds her mouth and lips made
as she orally copulated me; filled the conference room.

I could feel the buildup of my precum in my balls. My orgasm was
fast approaching.

Tasteing my precum and feeling my body tense; Georgia prepared to
receive my love juice into her mouth.

She pulled her head back from my pubic hairs and concentrated her
sucking and licking on the first two or three inches of my cock.

With one hand, she jacked off the base of my cock; firm and fast!
With her other hand, she began to play with my puckered anus. I had
never felt a girl touch me there before. The feeling of Georgias’
finger working its’ way into my forbidden hole; was fantastic!

When I could no longer stand the manipulation of the pretty doctors
mouth and tongue around my penis; and the thrusting of her finger
into my asshole; I groaned out loudly in the heat of ecstacy.

My penis shuddered and spurted its’ tastety, creamy, load, deep into
Georgias’ mouth and throat. She swallowed every drop of jism I was
able to deposit into her willing mouth.

After each spurt of my love juice; the pretty blonde would suck and
lick the head of my cock. She made sure that the wonderful
sensations her talented mouth and tongue was creating on my penis;

Finally, when my last feeble spew of cum left itself in Georgias’
mouth; I looked at the face of the beautiful cocksucker who had just
drained me dry.

Taking my spent member out of her mouth; Georgia looked up at me and
smiled. She gave my flacid member one last kiss and a final flick of
her tongue sent another shudder of pleasure throughout my body.

“My, you taste good.” She said with a lustful, playfull grin.

“And you suck cock, great!” I complemented back to her. “Now it’s my
turn to taste you.”

Georgia sat back down in the overstuffed chair and positioned her
legs back over its’ arms.

The sight of the pretty PHDs’ open legs; revealing her lovely,
moist, blonde pussy was one that will always remain with me.

Dr. Whitkins’ pussy was absolutely beautiful! A wonderful creation
designed to be eaten out and fucked silly by some lucky male. ME!!!!

I lowered my head down between her legs so that I could taste her
hot love juice. I started to slowly kiss my way up Georgias’ legs.
first on the inside of one of her firm, lovely, thighs; and then
repeating the process on her other thigh.

She shuddered as my kisses worked their way towards her tasty love
pot. When I reached my destination; Georgia was wild with lust!

I burried my face deep inside of her hot, tasty, quim. My tongue
searched for; and found; her erect clitoris. It was protruding out
of its’ hood. Just waiting for all of the attention that I could
give it.

Each kiss, lick, and suck I gave to her clitty produced a moan of
pleasure to come from the pretty PHD. The taste of her pussys’ love
nector was exquisite! A golden treat which I savoured every drop!

When I sensed she was nearing her orgasm; I burried my tongue deep
inside of her pussy; just as I had done earlier with E.D. The
result; I’m happy to report; was the same as with E.D. Only more so!

When Georgia came; her whole body spasmed and convulsed wildly! The
amount of her splurging love nector was more than I could handle. I
licked and sucked on her clitty as she filled my mouth and covered
my face with her love goo.

I loved the taste of her female clam sauce. I savoured its’ flavor
as if it was my favorite thing to eat in the world. Which as a
matter of fact; it is!

Nothing can describe the taste of a beautiful womans’ cum in your
mouth. Its’ the most wonderful, delicious taste you can imagine!

While Georgia was still in the throes of ecstacy from the tongue
lashing I had just given her; I positioned myself at the entrance to
her love tunnel.

I pushed my cock into her tight, hot, pussy and began to fuck her
wildly! I drove my love tool as deep and as hard as I could into her
hot, passion hole! Georgia kept up with me, thrust for thrust. The
sex was so hot and heavy; that neither one of us could say for
certain; who was fucking who!

Her orgasm came quickly. Her spasming, cluching pussy was hanging on
to my pounding cock for dear life!

My penis finally let loose its’ cargo of jism. Over and over again
my cum spurted itself deep inside the pretty blonde doctors pussy!

When I was totally drained of my creamy goo; I collasped on Georgia.
Her hot, spasming pussy was still grasping and milking the last
drops of cum out of my spent cock. I laid there for a few minutes as
the two of us enjoyed the glow of our lovemaking.

I kissed the beautiful Dr. Whitkin on her lovely lips and then
proceeded to get dressed. I did not want to answer the question I
know was sure to come.

As the pretty doctor and I dressed; I observed that E. D. Donahey
was still naked; and still pleasuring herself sexually.

She was on her stomach; lying on the edge of the table. E.D. had
discovered that the corners of the conference room table had large,
round, decorative knobs on them. The use which E.D. found for one of
these knobs was not decorative, to be sure; but highly satisfying to
her in a sexual way.

E.D. was furiously humping the knob on one corner. Her sexy ass was
pumping up and down as she masturbated herself with the large wooden

By now; Georgia and I were ready to leave. Dr. Whitkin did not
mention anything about the legs war contest and E.D. was too busy
screwing herself with a piece of wood to notice our departure.

I almost made it out the door, home free. Almost, but not quite.

“Hey Greg!” It was E.D.’s voice coming from where she was still lying
face down on the table; fucking herself. “Where do you think you’re
going? You have to declare a winner in the legs war contest.”

Standng in the doorway, I paused and turned toward the naked morning
show host.

I stated simply that, “After careful consideration and deliberations
I can safely say that I AM THE WINNER!”

“Why you asshole; you creep; you…” E.D.s voice faded away as Dr.
Whitkin and I left the room. The closed door covered the rest of
E.D.s profane exclamation!

The pretty doctor and I were laughing at the dirty trick I had just

“Oh, I’m sorry Dr. Whitkin!” I appologised to the pretty PHD. “I
guess you have a reason to be upset with me also. I did pull the
same stunt on you.”

Georgia leaned close to me and whispered softly into my ear; “Don’t
bother yourself over it Greg. I didn’t mind at all you see. E.D.
isn’t the only horny woman around you know. Sometimes an ‘old lady’
like myself needs to get laid!”

I was surprised and greatly relieved to hear this.

“Oh by the way,” Georgia said as she turned to leave. “Stop by my
office before you leave tonight. I have something in mind that might
cheer you up!”

The pretty doctor had a lustful smile on her face as she continued;
“I think that I need some anal action; you know; the old fuck me up
the ass, routine. It seems that I’m still horny! I’ll repay you for
some ass pumping with a blowjob or two. That is if you would be

Dr. Whitkin then turned and headed down the hall. My eyes were fixed
on her swaying hips and sexy ass as she disappeared around the

“Greg, Hey Greg!” The sound of my friend Harrys’ voice brought me
out of the trance that Dr. Whitkin had put me in.

“Hi, Harry! What’s up? I greeted my pal.

“Boy, am I ever up shits creek. Mad Marty just finished verbally
reamming me a new asshole! He is really pissed off about that
upskirt shot I got of E.D. this morning!”

My pal was really down in the dumps as he continued.

“And guess what I have to do now? Appologize to E.D. Hell she
doesn’t even know it happened yet!’

“Harry old buddy; I’m going to help you out in this matter. I know
for a fact that Ms Donahey is just down the hall, in conference room
#3. She’s in; uhhhhhhhh; shall I say, a receptive mood right now.
I’m sure you will have no problem apologizing to her!”

“Are you sure about that, Greg?” My forlorn pal asked.

“Trust me on this one, Harry. It’s a sure thing!”

Harry slowly trudged down the hall to the door of conference room
#3. He paused at the door for a few seconds and then entered.

As I saw my friend disappear through the door; I thought to myself;
“Harry old buddy. This is one appology you’re going to enjoy


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