EZ-E With Stephanie [Parts 1-4]

The night after Summerslam’02, just as RAW was over and the cameras had

stopped rolling, the limo carrying Brock, Paul and Stephanie made a U turn

in the parking lot and made it’s way back inside the backstage arena’s


Eric had been standing there the whole time waiting for Steph to get out as

he wanted to discuss some ideas for the next month’s programs and progress

of the SD!/RAW feud. Eric couldn’t help but stare as Steph as she followed

Brock and Paul, who were obviously joking around about something as they

walked back to Brock’s lockerroom.

Steph, wearing her casual
tight black pants and a very tight pink top that

was buttoned over her stomach, covering a lighter big top that clung to her

massive chest. Just watching her step out of the limo and seeing her curves

move made Eric alil dizzy with lust as he hesitated to approach Steph for a

private meeting.

“Ah, Steph. Hold up, I wanna go over some ideas with you about our angle. Is

your office free?” asked Eric.

“Sure, just go down the hallway and it’s the 4th door on your right, I’ll

be there in a min.” Steph replied as she walked over to Kevin Dunn, Gerald

Brisco, and Pat Patterson, discussing briefly about tonight’s show and how

it went.

Eric had entered Stephanie’s office, seeing her luggage opened up, he

quietly wondered over to catch a glimpse of what clothing she had inside her

suitcase. He had seen her vynal pleather pants and boots, tops of all sorts,

and reached in and swayed some clothes to the side only to reveal her

underwear of lace, satin, lycra, and spandex bras and panties of all colors

(sky blue, pink, white, black, red, lavender, ect). As he heard the clatter

of Steph’s boots walking on the hard cement floor, Eric quickly took a seat

at the table in the office.

“Sorry about that, I just wanted to check in to see how it looked from the

back tonight”, Steph said as she walked through the door, carelessly tossing

a file into her luggage.

“No no, it’s ok” Eric said.

“So, you wanted to go over some ideas, Eric?”, Stephanie said as she took

some clothes out and started re-packing them by folding them. Eric watching

Steph unpack and fold her clothes the whole time, studdered, “Um, ah …

yeah! Yes, I think we should come together …”

Stephanie looked over at him as she raised her eyebrow. “I MEAN we should

join both the rosters like the way they were before.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Eric, I mean, … “. She stopped with

a hush as she caught Eric staring at her holding her brasuires with obvious

HUGE cups on them.

“Oh, sorry. I arrived kinda late and I havn’t checked into my hotel yet,

and when I carried my stuff into the office here, my case dropped and all

my clothes spilled out, which is why I’ve gotta repack everything,” Steph

explained, as Eric (a little blush from staring at her bras) nodded,

accepting the apology.

“They’re nice” Eric blurted out inadvertantly, his eyes widened. Stephanie’s

eyes had obviously widend too, looking back at Eric with a bit of shock.

“What I mean is, those bras of yours. They look nice”. Stephanie, relieved

somewhat, smiled and said, “Ah, thanks hehe. I picked them up at Victoria’s

Secret”. Eric feeling a bit couragous, guled up and said, “Wow, would love

to see how they look on you”.

Stephanie felt her heart drop, but was turned on to the idea of giving a

bra-like fasion show for Eric Bischoff. She replied, “Ok Eric, tell you what:

We drop the merger idea and I’ll show you what type of bra I’m wearing right

now.” She stuck out her hand and Eric shook in agreement, “You gotta deal!”

Stephanie just smiled, but forgot to realize til now that she wasn’t wearing

a bra that evening. Eric looking at her in anticipation for her to take off

her shirt and show him her bra. “Well, come on, we don’t have all night now

hehe” Eric smiled as Stephanie said, “Well … ok …” Clinching her eyes

closed, she thought to herself, “well here goes nothing.”

She lifted up her 2 tops, her amazingly HUGE breasts bounced out, as she

sighed just slightly at the freedom of her massive mammories had been given.

Eric’s jaw practically hit the floor as she stood there topless before him.

Taking his jacket off as he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Stephanie McMahon’s

38DDDs. Her nipples were a deep pink, almost reddish like with areolas a

slight bigger than a 50 cent coin.

Eric couldn’t take it anymore, he just had to reach out and start feeling

those breasts that were bigger than kantalope but just a bit smaller than

watermelons. He stuck his hands out and started rubbing her nipples with the

tips of his fingers, Stephanie’s eyes met his as they both stood in Steph’s

office, Eric rubbing Stephanie McMahon’s nipples over and over in circles.

Steph couldn’t help but moan softly, extending her chest out for Eric, making

them appear even BIGGER than they already were.

“WOW Steph, I’ll bet you could feed all of Somalia AND the poor Afganistans.”

Stephanie just smiled as she slid herself backwards onto the table they were

to discuss ideas over their angle earlier. She sat on the ledge as Eric

started massaging her entire cleavage by now, feeling her up, moving himself

between her legs and leaning in and start necking her.

“Ah Eric, are you sure we should be doing this?” Steph cautioned. “Are you

kidding mama? I’ve been wanting this with you from the moment I step foot

into this company!” Eric replied, lowering himself further down to

Stephanie’s 38DDDs, holding them both up and out. Eric sunk his lips over

Stephanie’s right nipple and areola, starting to suck on her HUGE breast as

he continued feeling up the both of them. Stephanie just moaned as she

looked down at him and watched him suckle on her nipple, as she reached

under Eric and started undoing his pants, sliding them off of him along with

his boxers.

Eric getting the idea of how far Steph wanted to go, started undoing her

bottoms, revealing a pink satin thong that he enjoyed slipping off of her.

Still devouring her right mammory, slipping his right set of fingers bewteen

her thighs and begins playing with her pussy lips.

Stephanie moaned a little louder as he pushed himself up on top of the table

and pushing Stephanie up it alil further so her entire body was on the table.

Eric crawling between her smooth long legs, his hands roaming up and down her

curves as he finished up feasting on her right breast.

“Let’s see how RAW Steph can really get” Eric snarled as he pushed the tip

of his now erect 5″ cock against Steph’s wet and moistened pussy lips. Steph

spreading her legs a bit wider for him, “Mmm yes Eric, fuck me, fuck me like

you fucked Elizabeth behind Randy’s back”. Eric not knowing where that came

from or how Steph knew about that encounter from 1996 in the WCW locker room,

similar to this occasion just after Elizabeth had gotten her boobjob. About

to speak up about it, Steph not wanting to break the mood, shoved his face

into her HUGE left tit.

“Suck on it baby Eric, suck on mommy Stephie’s BIG TITS baby”, Eric didn’t

need to be told twice as he let his instincts kick in and started sucking on

Stephanie’s left breast as if he were a starving infant, moaning into her

cleavage as he started thrusting his cock into her wethole, slowly at first,

but building up gyration movement.

“Ohhhh yes Eric!” Steph moaned constantly, unaware that guys like Test,

Spike, and Show could hear moaning from the otherside of the door.

Steph and Eric remained in their position for a good 10min, with him onto

his right side and her on her back with her legs turned so he could keep

thrusting his hard hot rod deeper into her pussy canel and remain latched

onto her left nipple, sucking happily.

“Mmmm, now let’s see how Eric takes the SmackDown! from THIS GM!” She said

with an evil smile. She rolled over on top of him and started comming down

onto his cock, her breast being pulled from Eric’s lips, found his hands back

up to her NOW BIGGER titties (since they congested up 1 cup size bigger from

all his breast play). Feeling her up as she straddled him over and over,

both moaning and fucking eachother, Eric thrusting his hips upwards while

Stephanie let him squeeze and knead her whoopin’ boobs while her crotch

became plundged with his hard meat.

“FUCK ERIC, I’M GONNA CUM!” – She bursted into a violent orgasm, screaming

“ERIC PAUL ANDY DADDY” (her previous lover’s names 😉 She fell ontop of Eric

as he kept fucking her until he felt himself release inside of her, “Ahhhh

God Steph, you’re terrific!”

They both layed on the cool table top that felt nice and chilled with their

hot bodies weaked from passion on it. Eric leaned over and planted a warm

affectionate kiss on Stephanie’s lips, she didn’t seem to mind and even

kissed back. He couldn’t help but feel totally attracted to this woman as

they both locked eyes, holding eachother.

“Steph” Eric softly spoke.

“Yes Eric?”

“Would you . . . ”

Steph looking at him as he’s trying to spit the words out.

“Stephanie, would you … ahh gosh how do I put this . . ”

Stephanie looked a bit confused.

“Will you marry me?”

Steph’s eyes lit up and her heart dropped, Eric slightly flushed from

spitting it out finally. He grabbed Steph’s hands and kissed them together

as he arms pressed against her chest, making her breasts jiggle.

“Yes, Eric, I’ll marry you” She replied with a big smile on her face, as

they hugged and kissed before they got theirselves back together.

Meanwhile, the entire cast and crew spread out after the moaning had stopped

from Steph’s office. Vince knocked on the door, “Honey, I we’re heading

towards the airport right now, we’ll catch up with you at Unforgiven, ok


The door opened and Eric Bischoff, with a HUGE grin on his face, stood before

Vince, “Sure thing . . . Dad!” – zipping up his zipper on his trousers on his

way out, walking past Vince.


It was a warm night in L.A., outside the Staples’ Arena for WWE’s return with

UNFORGIVEN. The superstars of the WWE had arrived via limo: Edge, Christian,

Val Venis, Test, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho together in one limo. Brock

Lesner, Batista, John Cena, Nidia, Jamie Knoble, and Randy Orton arrived in

another (OVW limo). Lita, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Hurricane

Helms, and Ric Flair – all in the N.C. crew limo, showed up.

However, Paul “HHH” Levesque was alil confused as to why Steph wasn’t in the

McMahon limo, as he rode with Vince, Shane, Paul Heyman, and JR.

“Anyone know where Steph is?” Asked Hunter.

Vince replied, “I’m not too sure where she is or who’s she riding with ..

*gulp* .. but I just hope whatever the case maybe she shows up tonight.”

Hunter just looked at Vince alil distraught, then stared off to the window as

he’s known to do in limo rides.

Meanwhile …

In the infamous White limo, the black window was up dividing the driver from

the passangers in the back and steam was fogging up the tinted side windows,

yet the sun roof remained open. There was Eric, laying between Steph’s long

legs, humping his 6″ of manhood deep into her hot wet moist cunt. With his

hands on the sides of each of Steph’s breasts, his face was buried between

the 2 mountains of pleasure, licking, nibbling, and sucking.

“Oh GOD Eric you’re the best, baby!” Steph shouted as she’d reached her 3rd

orgasm. Eric knew right away what Steph wanted, being as she’s an intense

individual. He quickly latched onto her left nipple, sucking away on it as

the mound of breast flesh jiggled before his lips, his hips pursating between

Steph’s legs even quicker, trying to decend her into as many orgasms as he

can possibly hold out for.


She let out a violent orgasm as she grabbed Eric Bischoff by the back of the

hair and smothered his face into her gorgeous left breast, subsequently

forcing Eric to release his former WCW sperm into her cunt, moaning loudly

into her skin.

She just smiled down at him, as he returned the grin and layed upon her

large breasts until they reached the arena.

As UNFORGIVEN was about to begin, Hunter knocked on Stephanie’s office door.

“Steph, are you in there?” Startled, she quickly buttoned up her white blouse

and put her navy blue lesuire jacket on as Eric whipped the lipstick off his

lips and neck, trying to cover up from their make-out session in her office.

She opened the door and stood before the opening, “Hunter, hey. How are you?”

She said with that beautiful smile of hers. “Don’t ask me how I am, where the

hell were you earlier?! I felt like a damn germ sitting in that limo with

your father and his cahoots!” HHH replied back with obvious anger. Eric heard

his tone and wanted to protect his newly fiance’ from a verbal bashing by her

“still technical” boyfriend Paul “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” Levesque.

“Wait Paul, just hold on ok? Steph was with me, we were going over ideas,

there’s no need to jump the gun.”, Eric tried to calm Paul down, but Paul

grabbed Eric by the collar, “Listen, STAY THE HELL OUTTA OUR BUSINESS. YOU’RE


“Ok Paul, STOP!” Stephanie got between them. “You wanna know the truth Paul,

huh?! You wanna know why I didn’t ride with you to L.A. here? Because I was

riding with my new fiance’!” She raised her ring finger on her left hand as

Paul’s eyes widened, Eric looking like he was about to pee his pants before

Paul slowly let go of him.

And as Paul slowly backed up, standing behind him was a furious Vince

McMahon, there the whole time as she told Paul the truth. Steph’s eyes were

bugged out, Eric had a concerned look on his face.

“I Can’t believe this Steph. You know, maybe I was right about you this time

last year: Maybe you are a filthy, dirty, barrel bottom feeling lil whore!”

Vince said with anger. Just then, Paul lost “it” and attacked Eric. Stephanie

just screamed for help. “DADDY, ANYBODY, HELP!!”.

Security tried pulling Paul off of Eric, but couldn’t so they dispatched

the Police in the building. Soon, Paul L. was in handcuffs. “ARREST THIS

BASTARD .. THIS .. THIS .. MONSTER!”, Steph tried throwing out the right

words before leaning down to comfort Eric. Crying, Steph slipped her arm

underneith Eric’s neck and held him.

“It’s ok baby, mama took care of everything.” She caressed his hair. All Eric

could do was look up at her as he was dazed and bloodied from the beaten he’d

just recieved. Ironnically, his eyes shifted off to the side, zeroing in on

Steph’s chest. Knowing where his eyes were, she softly let out a giggle. She

whispered to him, “Do you want these? Do you want mama to nurse you again?”

Eric knodded and slowly smiled.

In the EMT room, Eric was cleaned up. Steph walked in, asking for Mr.

Bischoff and herself to have some privacy for 30min. The EMT’s thought that

was stranged, but knew what she was up to.

Without saying a word, Stephanie began undoing her top before Eric’s eyes. He

immediately grew hard for her and it was shown.

“My father’s disowned me and Paul’s in jail. Haha, he was just forefieted in

his match and RVD’s the NEW Raw champion.” She said with pleasantness, but

looked down and seen that Eric was already sucking on her right breast,

holding onto it with both hands. Steph just smiled and ran her fingers

through his hair. Soon his right hand slide between her legs over her crotch

(she was wearing a matching pair of bottoms to her navy blue lesiure jacket)

and began rubbing it back and forth.

“Mmmm, let’s get out of here and head back to the hotel suite early”, she

said with a grin, throwing Eric’s clothes at him. He stood up wearing the

hospital like apron-gown and changed in the bathroom before they opened the

door of their white limo, only to find the SHOCK of Stephanie’s life:

“MOTHER!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HIM?!?!” Steph yelled, as her

and Eric (who was looking with a bit of disgust), had caught Linda McMahon,

naked with her legs up and her feet up top the sunroof. Licking her out was

none other than Paul “HHH” Levesque, who looked up at both EZ and Steph,

then gave off his trademark Evil smile.

“Oh sweetie (God that’s it Paulie, ohh), I had to bail him out before his

match but it was too late and I .. (Ahhh god yes) thought he could use some

cheering up”, Linda retorted to her upset daughter and confused future

son-in-law. Paul still continously flickering his tongue over Linda’s g-spot,

making her squeerm and shake, her breasts (which wern’t that wrinkled)

jiggled flat like pancakes on her chest. Paul stopped licking her and slipped

two of his fingers deep inside Linda’s cunt.

“You see it’s real simple Steph: If I can’t have you, the daughter of the

McMahon Empire – then I’m going to have to have Linda, the matriarch of the

McMahon Empire. Oh yes, it will be MINE someday!”, Paul almost in a promo

like tone, revealed to Steph and Eric, as he pulled his black work out pants

down and revealed his monster 8.5″ cock and slipped it inside Linda, making

her scream, “OH FUCK ME HUNTER!”.

As he was doing just that, Stephanie and Eric looked at each other in

disgust … only to slowly turn their heads and their bodies over, revealing

Vince McMahon standing between them, looking at the action inside the limo

with the door still open. Steam was comming out of Vince’s ears as his head

was beat red and looked like it was about to explode.

“MY WIFE!!! … MY DAUGHTER!!!! … FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!! … You all

can go straight to HELL!!!!!!”

As Vince stormed off, Stephanie (with hardened nipples from all the

excitement, very noticable through her white blouse and wet between her

crotch) turned back to Eric, “Shit … we’re pretty much cut from the

family will.”

Eric replied, “Do you think he’ll ever forgive all of us for what we’ve


Steph just shook her head ‘no’ with her eyes wide open, with the sounds of

Linda and Paul, moaning in the backround.


It was 2 months later after that horric night, Vince found out about Steph

and Eric’s love affair, as well as losing his wife to the wife-stealer

himself, HHH. The events that took place at the following PPV, “No Mercy”

were played out in a professional manner to appease the fans.

We return to SD!, Oct. 31st 2002.

“You did hear about Big Papa Pump comming to RAW, didn’t you Steph?”

“Oh really and why is that, ‘Vince’?” said Steph to the man impersonating

her father.

Just then, Eric lifted up his mask. Steph wanted to smile and just jump him

right there, but with cameras rolling, she just couldn’t reveal to the public

that her and Eric were an item just yet.

“Because, I’M the man who’s going to sign him!” said Eric sternly, just

before Steph was about to slap him, he caught her hand and pressed his lips

against hers. SHOCKED Stephanie was because this wasn’t originally supposed

to be in the script (she was to have nailed him and told Eric over her dead

body, and storm out of the office mad). Steph didn’t know what to do now

that Eric broke kayfabe on camera, so she just followed his lead by stopping

her pathetic attempts at breaking that kiss as she just kissed back, running

her hands through his black hair. Eric leaned Stephanie down onto the desk

and pushed everything off while reaching underneith Steph’s witch’s outfit,

taking off her black lace panties.

Just as she was wrapping her long legs around Eric’s waist, she started

undoing his pants as the 2 kept their long hot kiss going, Eric impatiently

thrusting himself against Stephanie into a dry hump. This turned Steph on

as broke the kiss and had Eric’s 5.5″ cock revealed and said, “Fuck me, baby!

Fuck mama nice and hard!” And Eric did as she said, the 2 started humping

each other on that desk, in front of the entire world with just the 1 camera

man on them, getting a free show. His air was caught in the middle of his

throat as he filmed Eric and Stephanie making hot love LIVE on SD! All the

wrestlers in the back at the Halloween party were rather shocked, as some of

the older officials like Slaughter, Taylor, Finley, and Malenko thought it

was disgusting … others such as Torrie and Billy, Al Wilson and Dawn, and

Moolah and Mae with Tajiri were getting rather turned on (which lead to an

all out SD! orgy in the ballroom, as the same reaction happened in the crowd

and anyone watching from home that night, while Steph and Eric fucked on the

desk). She had her top pulled down so her HUGE 38DDDs were exposed as she

rode on top of Eric while his hands massaged and fondled and played with

Stephanie’s big tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

“FUCK ME ERIC, I MEAN MR. MCMAHON” Stephanie shouted, Eric looked puzzled at

first, then smiled as she knew what she was saying…


back as he put his mask back on, to everyone’s view it looked like Vince

fucking his own daughter Stephanie. Turned on by this, Steph pushed her right

nipple in between the mouth hole of the mask and immediately found it being

sucked on from the inside face that inhabited that mask, Eric Bishoff.

After that night’s TV taping, the crowd that night in attendence started

putting their clothes back on and exiting the arena. Everyone at home

watching on Halloween night had turned off their TV and began fucking on

their respective chairs, couches, and even on their floors.

Several weeks later backstage at the Survivor Series, as the “moral” in the

locker room was at an all time high, Steph and Eric walked hand in hand to

each of their own perdominate shows RAW and SD!, not caring anymore of what

others think (now that their love’s been revealed world wide). Vince had

approached the 2 and apologized about what was said at UNFORGIVEN, and

explained that Trish (a RAW superstar) had paid a visit to Vince to console

him and see how he was doing, during that night’s SD! show and how Vince and

Trish made love that night and that he and Trish are engaged now too once he

divorces Linda. Eric and Steph just thanked Vince for his honesty, and as he

was walking away, Eric and Steph just looked at eachother and laughed.

“Boy, with a family like mine, being so twisted, I gotta be thankful for

having such much!” exclaimed Stephanie.

“You know Steph”, Eric was about to say as he just reached up and started

rubbing Steph’s tits over her pink tight top with a noticable white bra

underneith with HUGE cups filled with pure love-cleavage. Stephanie just

signed and moaned softly, as Eric began finishing what he was about to say

… “Life’s a garden, as my Booker-man always says, you gotta dig it”. He

started rubbing her nipples from side to side, tickling them as she closed

her eyes and tilted her head back and extended her chest forward. Several

wrestlers like Test and Stacy walked by looking rather stunned when Stacy

jumped up to Andy “Test”s waist and wrapped her 44” legs around him and

both of them stumbling off into a nearby locker room. Eric and Steph just

continued whispering back and forth to eachother how much they loved one

another and how they couldn’t be w/out eachother.

Needless to say, that night at their hotel room after the PPV, both were

very thankful for what life’s been given to them.


One whole month approximatly has passed, and things had taken a turn for an

unexpected worse. Edge, frustrated about being held down as a “semi-main

eventer”, needed to speak to Stephanie McMahon during the tuesday afternoon

of the SD! tapings. About to open the door to the GM’s office, he paused in

his tracks and heard crying comming from her office. He lightly tapped on

the door and asked, “Hey Steph, are you alright in there?”

Stephanie replied as she sniffled and tried whipping her tears away, “Yeah,

I’m fine.”

“I need to have a talk with you Ms. McMahon, May I come in?” Edge calmly

asked the SD! GM. “Yes you may Adam”, Steph replied as she tried gathering

herself just as “Edge” Adam Copeland walked into her office. “So Adam, what

do you need to talk to me about?” Steph asked.

“Well, I’m a bit biffed about having to job to the world champions around

here. I mean it was fine and dandy 4 years ago when I didn’t speak on camera,

but now that I’m a HUGE crowd pleaser, I feel it’s my time.” Stephanie

remembering back to the time she heard HHH say those words to her father,

Vince only 3 1/2 years ago and knowing Vince decended HHH into superstardom

following that conversation.

“Look Adam, ever since this past sunday, I’ve been just an emotional wreck,

so I really don’t think now’s the time to talk about your world title push,”

a stern Stephanie said. Edge just looked baffled and asked Stephanie, “Look,

I only heard bits and pieces of what happened at Armegeddon, and I’m sorry

for thinking about only me. If you want to talk about it, I’m here for you.”

Just then he raised his hand up to Steph’s shoulder and began rubbing it.

She just closed her eyes and put the bottom of her palms up to her eyes and

softly begin to sob once again.

She then stood up before Edge, and walked over to the couch and sat down.

Edge couldn’t help but be stunned at Steph’s beauty, as he couldn’t figure

out why any man would want to leave her. Staring at her as she walked to the

couch, he noticed the 4″ black high heels, the black skirt that went to her

knees and showed off her bottom curves nicely and the red dress coat that

covered her black tank top, that seem to penetrate any man’s thoughts about

such luscious breasts that were contained under that shirt.

Adam immediately stood up and sat next to Stephanie on the couch, facing her

and looking into her eyes and checking her face to make sure she was ok.

“Ok, Eric and I were busy planning our wedding to take place after the PPV.

And who should show up – Scott Steiner. I had specifically made an agreement

to not come near me when Eric was around, in the hopes he wouldn’t find out

what happened between me and Scott in the limo that night on RAW,” Steph

began explaining the story to Adam. She crossed her legs as Edge noticed,

sitting a bit closer to her.

“There we were, that afternoon in the Office Depot arena, picking out which

cake we wanted as the lunch staff had made a suprise for us, letting us pick

out which cake we wanted as their gift to Eric and mine” said Steph with a

smile. “And from behind, Scott grabs my ass and wraps his arm around both me

and Eric and starts telling us that’s he’s got a suprise gift for us he wants

to give to us not after the wedding, but before – during the PPV.”

“Oh no…” Adam consoloingly said as he listened to Steph, occasionally

taking glances down at Steph’s massive chest that pressed against that red


“My heart was racing as I could only imagine what he had up his sleeve for

that night and throughout the rest of the day, I just could not concentrate!”

Stephanie explaimed to Edge as she made hand gestures, only making Adam think

how sexy that was to him.

“So come the PPV, you can only imagine how nervous I was”, looking into

Adam’s eyes, seeing them looking down her body. “Hello?” she waved a hand

over his face.

“OH, Right. And that’s why you were a bit shaking before you went out to cut

your promo, huh?”, Edge made a quick save now that he was caught looking at

Stephanie’s body.

“Right”, Steph just kind of smiled as she continued telling Edge the rest of

her story, “Anyways, so there I am doing the promo, basically telling the

entire world just how happy I am, when Steiner shows up and teases the crowd

with footage of what happened in the limo, and oh my god Adam, I’ve never

been so nervous before in my life,” said Steph as she stared right into

Edge’s eyes and he in turn was staring directly back into her bright dark

blue eyes.

“Thankfully, Eric shows up, kicks Steiner out of the building and comes down

to the ring and we, ya know, hug and kiss. I don’t care of the crowd loved it

or not, we were as happy as can be. Until Hunter and Shawn’s match, during

the break between the 2nd and 3rd falls, the fucking footage gets shown on

the Armegeddon titan tron!” Stephanie says with a bit of anger.

“I just happen to be straddled on top of Eric, making love to him, feeling

his hard 5″ cock deep in my pussy and his hands all over my tits, when we

heard another similar sound, only we looked at the monitor in our room and

sure enough – was me straddled on Scott with his 4 1/4″ hard dick in my

cunt with his hands all over my tits. Needless to say, Eric immediately

threw me off of him and called off the wedding and stormed out of the room.

I went chasing after him, but … but … ” Steph began to cry as Edge

wrapped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her into him.

Crying, she was just barely able to get out, “But … he found Scott and

Scott signed the RAW contract, and they both said into the camera as it was

being filmed, ‘We Just Screwed Your Ass Stephanie You Bitch!’ and that was

the last thing the PPV caught”. Stephanie started really crying into Adam’s

shoulder. He started caressing her back softly, laying soft small kisses on

Stephanie’s forehead. Kissing down her cheek, he softly layed a small kiss

on her quivering lips.

Whispering into her, “I’d never treat you like that, no man deserves to live

after treating you like that. You’re a god-sent Steph”. He leaned in more and

pressed his lips into Stephanie McMahon’s as she gave no resistance. They

slowly moved themselves into a horizontal position on the warm velvetly black

couch, Adam’s hands moved up Steph’s legs, under her skirt. She slowly spread

her legs for Adam to position himself comfortable in between. Kissing his way

down to her neck, she started taking off her red coat while Adam slipped up

her skirt and pulled her panties down.

Breathing a bit heavier, Stephanie started unbuttoning Adam’s shirt and

slipped it off of him, running her hands all over his chest and broad

shoulders. He started rubbing her pussy lips while his kisses head down

to her collar bone, nibbling and softly biting on her skin as she reached

down and started undoing his black slacks. He had admirred Stephanie’s

chest since she enlarged her breasts 2 years ago and had always wondered

how they’d feel and taste, so he slithered his hands up and began feeling

her breasts over her tight black tank top, she just looked down into his

eyes as he looked up into hers and back down at her chest. She began

pushing down his slacks with her heels, and off of him, then began running

the bottom of her high heels over the back of his calves, stroking his


“God I’ve never been with a woman with such large breasts as yours,

Stephanie,” Adam said in the heat of passion. Steph could only look down

at him and encourage him by rubbing his shoulders and starting to play

with his long blonde locks, just as he started pushing up her top,

revealing a black lace bra and unclasped in the front. She silently

moaned, “Yes Adam, yes”.

Knowing that was his que, he unclasped the bra apart and watched as

Stephanie’s HUGE tits spilled out over her chest, immediately burying his

face into her right tit, licking her nipple while he held onto both of the

titanic sized titties, sucking on her nipple. She let out a deep breath of

air as she reached down and slid down his green silk boxers, grabbing his

hips and bringing them directly into her inner thighs.

“Make love to me Adam, please. I’ve always had my eye on you too ever since

you showed up with Gangrel 4 years ago.” Adam sucked on her right tit for

quite sometime before moving to her left one, immediately latching on and

sucking while she started rocking her hips back and forth, grabbing his 6″

cock and slipping it inside of her while he started thrusting once the moment

came for him to push himself deep inside of her. Adam began moaning into her

big left tit and she began moaning outloud, wrapping her legs around his

waist as they began fucking alil harder now, kissing his way up her chest,

neck and back to her lips.

Quite sometime later, after that position, she found herself on top of Adam

while he stayed laid out on the couch, running his hands over her entire

naked body (she still had on the black high heels, due to Adam’s small fetish

for those), from her legs to her hips, from her waist to her swaying tits,

and to her shoulders and neck, they both kept their eyes locked on one

another. She started riding him harder, her hair and her breasts bouncing

with each and every thrust she gave him. His cock sinking deeper and deeper

with ever pouncing he took from her, he started moaning as he sat up and

began kissing her deeply on the lips once again, hoping he’s helped Stephanie

McMahon forget about this past sunday’s terrible events.

Stephanie had her arms wrapped around Adam’s shoulders, only to let go of

them and raise them above her head as she still rode him. Seeing how

impressivly HUGE her tits were right in front of his face, he let nature

take over and started sucking on them once again, holding them both in

his hands, that looked puney compaired to the girth of those milk juggs.

Stephanie had already experienced a number of orgams in her life, a swell

as the 3 she already had with Adam, but she went balistic and had the

wildest orgasm ever in this position, she clamped onto her hair tightly

above her head and arched her back and extended her chest, while Edge

feasted on her 36DDDs, ramming his hard hot cock deep into her love canel.

A few minutes later, Stephanie was bent over her desk with her legs apart and

Adam had begin fucking her doggy-style against the desk, rubbing her back and

her sides as he started ramming his rock hard cock deeper and thrusting into

her as much as he could, slipping his hands under her and started feeling her

swollen and enlarged breasts that were rubbing against the surface of the

desk, while he began licking and nibbling hard on her backside.

“OH MY GOD EDGE, OH ADAM, YOU’RE SO GOOD TO ME!” Steph shouted as Adam

wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his chin on her shoulders while

breathing hard, “I’ll never leave you Stephanie, I’ll always be good to you!”

he said in response. Just then she turned around and sat upright on her desk,

the 2 returned to their fucking as she wrapped her legs and arms around his

body tightly, and soon before either could think, Adam came deep and hard

into Stephanie. The 2 wern’t wearing any protection 😉

Meanwhile on the RAW side, Scott Steiner had a lucky individual bent over on

Eric Bischoff’s desk inside Eric Bischoff’s office.






Steiner kept going on with the goofy catch’phrases while he kept fucking

this individual over Bischoff’s desk.







. . . . . AND MEN!”

“You sure do Big Papa Pump … you sure do!”, popped up Eric Bischoff.

The End

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