Earning Her Emmy

Title: Earning Her Emmy

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Katie Nolan

Codes: M+F, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

“You’re kidding me? I actually got nominated?” Katie Nolan said to herself as she read the words on her computer, unwilling to believe that the little show she did basically out of a closet, “Garbage Time,” could have ever even become a hit, let alone get nominated for two Sports Emmy awards.

And yet as Katie read the words over and over again, she was sure that it must’ve been a joke to see her show, and her name, next to so many bigger and more well-known shows in both the Outstanding Social TV Experience and the much-more prestigious Outstanding Weekly Studio Show award.

“I know they say it should be an honor just to be nominated, but I’m going to do everything I can to win one of those fucking things,” Katie told herself in her trademark style of mixing in curse words whenever she could, immediately making plans to figure out what she had to do to ensure herself that she won one of them.

It was in doing this that Katie found herself in a conversation through e-mail and social media with the men responsible for the social TV experience award, which was on the Sports Emmys ballot for the first time, and setting up a night to take them out for a dinner date so she could do her best to sweet-talk them into voting for her.

“We’re really looking forward to this Katie. But I have a better idea. So that no one recognizes us and accuses us of corruption, how about we just rent a hotel room for the night and meet up there?” one of them, named Joey, who was the youngest member of the sports broadcasting division of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, replied back to her, admittedly having ulterior motives for wanting to meet her, since he had always had a thing for her.

His two friends Darryl and Jake were also going to be with him for this meeting with Katie, and a three of them felt good about where things might go if they played their cards right.

Katie spent the days leading up to meeting with them searching for the right dress to wear, not only to the date with them but also to the show itself, and finally settled on a blue dress that covered up everything that needed to be covered up but still managed to be a looker.

Joey, Darryl and Jake had gone through the process of inviting her to their hotel room for the night because they knew Katie had a bit of a reputation, and arrived before Katie did, which gave them the chance to check out her body in the tight dress she was in as she arrived at their room and introduces herself to them.

“Katie. Looking fabulous tonight as usual,” Joey told her, already laying it on thick as he started to flirt with her, the other two striking up a conversation with her whenever the moment arose.

“Thanks guys. I’m really glad we could all get together and meet like this,” Katie said to them as they all three complimented her on her dress and how she looked in it, doing her best to wrap them all around her little finger so she could guarantee herself a win.

“You know Katie…this is the first time we’re giving out a “social” award at the Sports Emmys and we can’t think of a better person to award it to than you,” Darryl told her as Joey started rubbing her arm, all of them several drinks from the minibar into their night by now.

“And we can definitely make that happen…if you do some things for us,” Joey whispered in her ear as he squeezed one of her tits, making Katie moan at both his touch and the way these guys she barely knew were hot for her.

“What kinds of things might those be?” Katie giggled as Joey slid a hand inside one of the straps on her dress, letting it slide off of her shoulder as he kissed the side of her neck.

“You sucking all of our dicks would be a good start Katie,” Joey whispered to her as Darryl came over and slid the strap off of her other shoulder and started sucking on one of her tits as Jake sat down in one of the chairs in the room and watched.

“Give me that dick baby,” Katie whispered to Joey as she hit her knees in front of him, only in her bra and panties by that point, and wrapped her hands around his dick.

“Suck it real good Katie,” Joey whispered to her as the other two guys waited their turn with her, getting off on watching as she sucked on Joey’s dick.

“FUCK YES,” Joey muttered to himself as he placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed her gently onto more of his dick, her lips sloppily smacking around as she focused on her work.

“MMM…” Katie moaned as she worked him over, running her hands along the base of his dick as he placed it at the back of her throat and fucked her face, his balls beginning to fill up with cum as he jammed it to the back of her throat one last time and held it there.

“Gonna cum,” he hissed as he pumped his hips into her face a few more times, shooting several thick gobs of cum down her throat as she sucked away on his softening dick and swallowed it all down.

“MMM…come on baby…put it inside me…” Katie whispered to him as she released his dick from her mouth, downing a few more drinks from the minibar as Darryl came over to her and pushed her back to her knees.

“You can fuck him, and all of us, after you blow me and him, baby,” Darryl said to her as he motioned towards Jake, Katie wrapping his hands around Darryl’s dick and leading it to her mouth to start sucking on it.

“FUCK. Such a good little cocksucker. I guess that story about the sleeve of Oreos is true,” Darryl moaned as he started humping her face, her hands cupping his balls as she worked him over, running her tongue over his cock head and really starting to get into what she was doing by that point.

“Cum for me…” she bellowed as she looked up at him and winked, the wink and the sluttiness of her voice setting him off as he grabbed her by the back of the head and came down her throat, groaning in her ear as she swallowed down his load and allowed his dick to leave her hot little mouth.

“My turn,” Jake told her as he playfully slapped her with his dick, tilting her head back and immediately sliding his dick to the back of her throat, Katie starting to thrust a few fingers in and out of her moistening pussy as she began to suck on her third cock of the night.

“MMM…” Katie moaned as she sucked on Jake’s cock, her fingers still working in and out of her snatch as she got more turned on by the moment.

“Oh, you’ll be getting some dick inside there soon enough Miss Nolan,” Jake teased her as she rammed her fingers in and out of her cunt a few more times, moaning out in lust around his dick as she sucked away on it, cupping his balls with the same fingers she had been diddling herself with earlier.

“Keep sucking baby. Gonna cum,” he moaned into her ear as he gently pushed her head further onto his dick, resting it at the back of her throat as he started to cum.

“MMMM…OH GOD I’m such a slut. Who wants my pussy first?” Katie whispered as she finished drinking down his cum, letting him remove his dick from her mouth as she laid flat on her back on the bed and spread her legs for them.

“That would be me,” Joey teased her as he climbed on top of her and aimed his dick for her tight hole, running it along her pussy lips and sliding it into her as he began to thrust in and out of her.

“FUCK. Such a tight, slutty little pussy,” Joey whispered to her as he started thrusting faster, her legs beginning to wrap around his waist as had his way with her.

“OHGOD…fuck me…I’m gonna earn that fucking Emmy…” Katie moaned as she arched her back and twisted her hips around his dick, clawing at the bed sheets as Joey hammered into her pussy.

“We ought to give you an Emmy for sluttiest host, too,” he teased her, both of them getting more turned on by the award-themed dirty talk they were partaking in by the second as his dick disappeared in and out of Katie’s cunt, her muscles tightening up around it as Darryl and Jake started to suck on her tits, keeping her stimulated as she began to hit the peak of her sexual high.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD…” Katie moaned, her orgasm hitting her like a freight train as she started to cum like a river all over his dick, her eyes rolling back into her head as her cunt pulled and squeezed at it.

“FUCK…gonna cum Katie…” he moaned, giving her a few more thrusts and grunting in her ear as he ejected a thick, sticky load of his cum deep into her willing pussy as Darryl and Jake sucked on her tits and made out with her.

“UH,” she hissed when she felt his cum shooting into her, lifting her hips off the bed as he filled her a few more times and pulled out of her, only for Darryl to take his place on top of her.

“Fuck all of us like you just fucked him and the Emmy’s yours babe,” Darry whispered to her as he started thrusting in and out of her, Katie’s legs going up onto his shoulders as he pounded her tight cunt.

“FUCK…fuck me harder…” Katie hissed, her eyes already rolling into the back of her head as he fucked her, her back arching as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him.

“Gladly,” Darryl whispered to her as he sank his dick even deeper into her pussy, her walls wrapping tighter and tighter around it as Joey and Jake sucked on her tits and made out with her, keeping up their triple-stimulation of her as she started cumming loudly all over Darryl’s dick.

“FUCK! OHGOD! CUMMING!” Katie shouted, slamming her fists into the bed as she tried her best to ride out her orgasm, shots of her cum pouring out over his dick as Darryl reciprocated and came deep inside of her.

“YES! YES! OHGODYES!” she shouted as Darry filled her cunt with more of his cum, filling her with it until he had completely drained his balls into her and then pulling out of her, only to have Jake take his turn on top of her.

“Hope you got a little bit left for me Katie,” Jake whispered to her as she arched her back, helping to guide him into her pussy as he started to thrust in and out of her.

“MMMPPPPHHHH…give me your dick…” she moaned softly as she drove her hips up into his, the other two who had already helped themselves to her pussy sucking on her tits as she bucked her hips and started to cum for him.

“FUCK YEAH. Cum all over that dick Katie. We might just have to have a little bit more fun with you,” Jake whispered to her as he drove himself in and out of her, her walls wrapping tightly around his dick as she shot a fresh load of cum out onto his dick, pinning her to the bed as he started to spew his load deep into her.

“OHGOD. You feel so good Katie,” he whispered as her spasming pussy clutched at his dick, squeezing every last drop of his cum into her womb as he held himself inside of her, thrusting into her a few more times before finally pulling out of her.

“FUCK YEAH. Just give me my Emmy now,” Katie hissed as Jake shot into her for the last time, feeling him withdraw from her as he did so and making a move to get up and leave for the night.

“You know Katie, if you really want to earn your Emmy, maybe there’s something else you can do for us…” Joey said to her as she made out with him, the other two guys pawing at her tight body and moving her over towards the dresser.

“Of course you can have my ass,” Katie giggled, still making out with Joey as she stuck her ass out and wiggled it against Darryl’s dick.

“You ever been triple-teamed Katie? Cause if you let us do that to you, I’m pretty sure you’d be a lock for it,” Joey whispered to her as Jake came over and sat on the countertop, at perfect height for Katie to suck his dick again while Joey aimed his dick at her pussy and Darryl ram his over her ass cheeks.

“MMMM…OHGOD…” Katie moaned as Joey and Darryl slid into her two holes, her mouth wrapping around Jake’s dick and beginning to suck on it once again as Joey and Darryl rhythmically thrust in and out of her.

“Damn baby. You really are a slut aren’t you?” Jake teased her as he put his hands on the back of her head, pushing her ever so gently further down onto his dick as Joey fucked her tightening pussy and Darryl pounded on her ass.

“FUCK…OHGOD…pound me…” Katie moaned as worked over Jake’s dick, her hands cupping his balls as Joey and Darryl buried themselves into her other two holes up to their balls and thrust away inside of her.

“Give me all your cum,” she told the three of them as she worked over Jake’s dick, stroking it in her hands before going back to work on it with her mouth, Jake burying it at the back of her throat as Joey and Darryl made one last assault on her pussy and ass.

“Ask and you shall receive,” Joey whispered in her ear as she sucked away on Jake’s cock, Katie cumming all over Joey’s cock as Joey and Darryl started to cum inside of her holes, followed by Jake cumming down her throat.

“UH,” all four of them hissed as Katie got all three of her holes filed with cum, Joey’s cum splashing deep within her cunt as Darryl’s filled her bowels and she swallowed down all of Jake’s, only to be triple-teamed by them yet again once they had pulled out of her.

“Still tight. You must be making someone very happy,” Jake teased Katie as he went behind her and slid his dick into her pussy, Darryl moving onto the countertop to let Katie’s mouth work him over while Joey had his way with her ass.

“OHGOD…fuck me harder…I can take it…” she moaned as the three guys pounded her holes once more, beginning to slobber all over Darryl’s dick s Jake and Joey hammered other two holes.

“Oh, you’re gonna take it alright Katie. You’ve come this far. Finish up with us and you have your Emmy,” Jake whispered in her ear as he drilled her pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around his dick as she sloppily sucked on Darryl’s dick and Joey pounded her ass.

“Cumming…” she softly moaned as she came all over Jake’s dick, all three of them once again holding themselves inside of her as they started cumming, Darryl shooting down her throat as Jake came in her pussy and Joey gave her ass another load.

“Come on boys. One more round won’t hurt anyone,” Katie suggestively whispered as Darryl slid into her pussy, Jake taking her ass as Joey came around and lifted up her head enough to get her to suck on his dick.

“Damn girl, you are quite the slut,” Darryl teased her as he fucked her overworked cunt, her walls still managing to wrap around his dick as she sucked away on Joey’s dick while Jake fucked her ass.

“I’m…earning…my…goddamn…Emmy…OHGOD…” she shouted as she went back to work on Joey’s dick, Darryl thrusting away in her pussy and Jake slamming into her ass with so much force that they were rocking her back and forth as she tried to focus on sucking off Joey.

“Cum for us Katie,” Darryl whispered to her as he buried himself into her pussy, thrusting away inside of her as Jake slammed into her ass, her hands wrapped around Joey’s dick as she started to cum for them.

“OHGODYYYYEEEESSSSSS…” Katie softly moaned, her clutching cunt squeezing away at Darryl’s dick as Joey and Jake thrust into her face and her ass, her whole body going stiff, finally unable to take anymore.

“Cumming,” all three guys moaned as they came in her, Joey’s cum rushing out of his dick and down her throat as Jake buried himself into her ass and filled her anal cavity with thick, sticky streams of his seed.

“FUCK…” Darryl moaned as he spilled his seed deep into Katie’s wanton cunt, still thrusting into her as his dick softened and the last of his load entered into her, finally pulling out of her when neither of them had anything left.

“Thanks guys. I really appreciate this. And I’ll appreciate it even more when my show gets called on Emmy night,” Katie told them as she made out with all three of them, stroking all of their dicks as their cum oozed out of her outstretched pussy and ass.

“No Katie. Thank you. The truth is all three of us have always wanted to fuck you. So since you did something for us, you have our word that we will deliver on our promise to you,” Joey told her as she put her panties and dress back on and headed for the door, feeling no shame about whoring herself out for an award.

And she certainly felt no shame on the night of the Emmys, when she sure enough heard her show announced as the winner in the Best Social TV Experience category, nor did she feel any shame when she accepted the award from Joey.

“I couldn’t have done this without…well, doing you. I’ll always remember that night,” Katie told him as she took the award from him, letting him feel up her tits as he kissed her on the cheek.

And as Katie looked out at all of her industry friends and the members of the public that managed to score a ticket to the show, only one thing was going through Katie’s mind as she thanked her fans.

“Now I just have to get them to OK this,” she told herself as she walked around backstage with her Emmy, smiling to herself at the thought of whoring herself out again soon…

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