Earning the Dragon Tattoo (Chapter 1)

Title: Earning the Dragon Tattoo (Chapter 1)

Author: shottweapon

Celebs: Noomi Rapace, Rooney Mara

Codes: FF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: Unless I’ve slipped into an alternate dimension since the writing of this story, this is a work of fiction. The actions of the likenesses of Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara in this story do not reflect on the actions of their real life counterparts.

And once again, as always, the actions depicted in this story are of an adult nature and shouldn’t be read by minors. You’ve been warned, and I do not plan to be held responsible if you choose to ignore that.

…the Hell is this?

Yeah, it wasn’t the most elegant or poetic thought anyone has ever had on first waking up. All the same, that was the first coherent thing to come into Rooney Mara’s head as she woke from a sound sleep.

Not that she was necessarily wrong for thinking that at this point. She’d been used to staying at hotels during filming, but this definitely wasn’t the same room she’d been staying since this project started.

Later, she would look back and find it funny that the first thing to strike her as off was I don’t recognize this room as opposed to why am I naked? Or who else am I hearing breathing right now? but in the meantime, it was just the different layout of room that immediately threw her as she regained her bearings.

Then she noticed the breathing.

Well, more accurately, the breathing fully sunk in after she moved a hand over and found warm skin next to her. If she were more awake, this probably would have startled her. As it was, while her brain was still coming back around, this was just one more piece of the puzzle.

Until she looked over anyway.

Then it all fell into place.

Oh, fuck…that’s right…

As she looked down at the peaceful expression on Noomi’s face, the events all started to come back together for her.


She could have probably gone through the studio to arrange this meeting, she reflected for about the twentieth time since she had gotten in the car that morning. It’s certainly not an idea they would have objected to. In fact, they probably would have commended her for the suggestion. Especially in light of some of the talk this movie was garnering.

Not that the talk was bad, thankfully. Given how much talk there had been over who David Fincher planned to cast for the role of Lisbeth Salander in his English language version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo expectations were pretty high all around. She had beat out a lot of people for this role, even outdoing some Oscar winners. On top of that, a lot of fans had been speculating and hoping that Swedish actress Noomi Rapace would reprise the role from having previously played it in Sweden’s adaptation of the Millenium trilogy.

When Mara was announced amid all the speculation, the reception was pretty mixed. The fact she was still fairly new hadn’t helped, admittedly. Salander was seen as a pretty challenging role to get into, and she was coming into it with her two big notches being the fairly panned remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and a brief role in The Social Network.

David Fincher, however, had a lot of faith in her, and he stood by his choice. A conviction that, thankfully, made him patient through a lot of the early phases of the project.

She was making good headway with really getting into the character, and Fincher had been great assistance in helping her sell the studios on her capability with the part, but she still felt like something was missing.

Which was what had lead her to this meeting, as well as part of why she didn’t inform the studios of her plan.

She supposed she could have lied about her intentions. Presented the whole thing as more of a general meet and greet. The studios would actually really like that for assuaging some of the fans of the original movies – the idea that the new Lisbeth would seek out the original for her blessing to play the part would make a great PR move for both actresses as well as fostering good will for the project all around.

Of course, that would also mean they’d want camera crews there…and given her other reasons for staging this meeting, those were some of the last people Rooney wanted on hand.

All these thoughts ping ponged in her head as she walked to the hotel room they’d agreed to meet at. Rooney still hadn’t told her all the details. Not because she was planning anything creepy, but really, she also didn’t want this woman she hadn’t met before deciding she was some sort of weirdo right out of the gate.

Still, framing this as a privacy thing seemed to help. That Noomi could understand.

With one last deep breath, Rooney knocked on the door.

Well…no going back now… she reflected as she heard someone getting up inside I suppose I could just not mention it, but I’ve come too far not to now…

As she reflected on this, the door opened. She tried to conceal her nervousness, but wasn’t sure how successful she was.

Of course, if Noomi noticed, she was concealing that well. The Swedish woman was smiling as she took in the younger woman.

“Hey,” she said, beaming, luckily, as Rooney learned from the phone calls, her grasp of the English language was comprehensive enough, “hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place.”
“Not too much, a few missed turns,” this was a lie – the delay was not a matter of directions and more a matter of her own nervousness getting out of the car and getting up here – “nothing too severe, just missed a sign or two.”
“Yeah, some of the streets around here can be a pain that way,” she said, all smiles – would she still be smiling when I got to my real reason for this meeting? – “come on in, have a seat.”
“Thanks,” Rooney was starting to calm down now Maybe this won’t go that badly. I hope, anyway.

Luckily, the informal meeting got off to a good start. Yeah, Noomi had been following the news of the English production, and thankfully, she was enthusiastic about Mara’s casting. Especially having seen some of the images Fincher and co had put together of her made up for the part.

“If people really want to see the other version, it’s still out there for them, all translated and everything,” she said with a small smile. “If they were just going to do it the way we already did, just to have it in English, what would be the point?”

As they talked more, Rooney began to feel more comfortable talking with her about general experiences with acting in the industry as well as on this particular project. It was as they got onto this line that she finally decided to spring the point she’d been hedging on since she got here.

“So…there’s another reason I called you about this meeting.”

As she saw the look on Noomi’s face, she knew she was committed to it. It wasn’t hostile, thankfully, but she could tell she had the older woman’s attention and now was waiting to hear what she meant.

Well, here it goes. Can’t bluff out of this one now.

“There’s…well…there’s something I’ve been trying to nail down with this role. I mean, David’s been great with sorting out a lot of it, but there’s one thing I’ve been having a hard time with.”

“Which is that? I mean, I get what you mean overall. Lisbeth’s a complicated role to try and present on screen, but you’re going to have to be a bit more specifi–”

“It’s the sex scenes.”

It was probably just the abruptness that caught her, but when she heard Noomi burst out laughing, Rooney still couldn’t help but feel a bit self-conscious.

aaaaand I blew it…

She could feel herself growing red on the spot, standing up and internally cursing herself in all manner of ways for blowing what had fast been becoming a good rapport with this woman.

The moment passed though as Rapace regained herself,
“Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t mean any offense. It was just…you just got that right out there. I wasn’t expecting it. I mean, I wondered if that was what you meant, but I had figured if that was the case you were going to try and sneak up on it. You caught me off guard there. Honestly, that kind of frankness is a good sign here. Remember that for the part.”

She let out a huge sigh of relief, all those internal curses seeming to deflate out of her in the process.

“Yeah…it’s why I didn’t do this as a big press event. I wasn’t ready for everyone to find that out while I’m still selling them on my casting.”

“It’s fine, really. I can’t say I blame you. There’s probably a lot of other actresses who were stressing the same thing…come on. Sit back down and tell me more here. Is it just in general or something more specific here?”

Sitting down, Rooney composed herself again. “Well…it’s a couple of things, really. I mean, like you said, there’s a lot to go over here…”

“The rape scene?”

“Well, that too, but I wasn’t going to ask you about that one…not right away, anyway.”

Noomi gave a bit of a chuckle, but it was more disarming than mocking “Makes sense. Ease into things.”

“Well, yeah,” Rooney gave a nervous smile, “to be honest, the other thing I still wasn’t sure on…the script right now, we have a scene where I pick up this girl at a club…”

Noomi doesn’t say anything, but the look on her face seems to be the non-verbal equivalent of ‘Say no more…’

“Anyway…after getting cast, I rented the Swedish versions of the movies. I mean, I didn’t want to just imitate what you did, but I at least wanted to consider it for a perspective.”

“I get what you mean, yeah…”

“Well, I got to the second movie and there was that…well…that scene you had with…” where she had been blunt before, now Rooney found herself shying up…

“The sex scene with Yasmine Garbi, you mean?”

Now bright red, Rooney nodded. “I don’t know…I mean, I’ve seen a lot of films where you can tell the sex is staged. That one…I was convinced.”

The look on Noomi’s face was somewhere between reassuring and curious. Rooney was bracing for a ‘just convinced?’ that never came.

“So…I was wondering…how did you guys manage to make it seem that natural?”

Noomi chuckled again, only this time it had a warmer sound to it. After a moment, she looked up, and with a knowing smile simply said “Well, this is where I’m glad you didn’t get the press in on this. If they heard what I’m about to tell you, I think Yasmine would kill me…”


This time it was Noomi that got quiet for a moment. In this case, though, it seemed less from being afraid to tell it, more just composing herself to say it with a straight face.

“We actually had sex.”

“…you don’t mean…?”

“No! Not on camera! Christ, you think they’d have only given it an ‘R’ rating in America if we’d actually done it in the movie?”

After a bit of a nervous laugh, Rooney conceded “Yeah, I get your point.”

“Still,” Noomi continued, her voice a little quieter now, “we talked it over. We talked it over a few times, actually. Then, one night and a bit of booze later we decided ‘Fuck it. Let’s just try it for ourselves and see what happens.'”


“Well, you’ve seen the finished film. It actually worked out really well – after that, we felt a lot less awkward acting it out on screen. ” she smiled a little before continuing “Of course, our on screen reactions are a bit more restrained than what we’re really like…”

In the moment of relaxed laughter that followed, Rooney found herself thinking back on that moment now and picturing what the real thing must be like…
…and why did she find herself wanting that?

“So…” she said trying to break the quiet “do you two still…?”

“Sometimes, when we’re both free. I mean, yeah, it started as method acting, but after a while it was just some great stress relief.”

“Method acting…I never thought of it that way before…”

Maybe it was the half-smile on her face as Rooney said this, maybe it was just her shift in demeanor. Either way, her subconscious seemed to be sending signals that Noomi was picking up on.
Or so she told herself, either that or Noomi was just connecting the dots faster than she was. In any case, the older woman was now standing in front of her, a warm smile on her face as she ran her fingers along the younger actress’s hand.

“How about now?”

Rooney looked up at the woman smiling down at her. For all the nervousness she’d had coming into this meeting, suddenly she felt very relieved she hadn’t called the press on this one.

“Now,” the smile started on her face, “now I think it can’t hurt to try…”

With a small smile, Rooney started to get up from her own chair. As she rose, however, Noomi bent down to meet her in a gentle kiss. The timing of it may have surprised Rooney, but not for long. With her eyes closing, she wrapped her arms around Noomi’s neck, rising up to meet her. The fact the two were of similar height at least made it easy to continue once she was standing. Whether this was just another extension of acting for the older woman or not, Rooney couldn’t say. Right about now though, even if it was, it was working. She was in the moment, and wanted it to keep going.

Once both women were standing, Rooney pressed on, initiating the next kiss herself – this one more hungry, her tongue probing into Noomi’s mouth – which the other woman responds to with her own efforts. How long this exchange went for, Rooney couldn’t say – maybe it was only a few seconds, but it felt like much longer.

“So…” Noomi began as the two finally split for a moment, “how are you feeling so far?”

With a smile, Rooney responded “Like there are members of the press that would give their left hand if they could see this right now.”

Her own smile growing a touch wicked, Noomi looked Rooney in the eye, “if they’d give up a hand for that, I wonder what they’d give for what comes next,” as she said this, one hand gently stroked Rooney’s cheek, “if you’re still up for it, that is.”

Without saying a word, Rooney turned to the hand on her cheek, first kissing the palm, then – with a playful look on her face, took the other woman’s index finger into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

“Mmmm…for someone who said she was feeling uncertain about sex, you certainly could have fooled me.”

Gently removing the finger from her mouth, Rooney smiled. “Like you said…I’m just thinking of this as method acting…”

Leaning in, Noomi spoke again in a whisper “So you’re ready to keep go–?”

Rooney leaned in to kiss her once again, answering the question in the process. The two began another round of back and forth, their hands now exploring one another’s bodies as they went. This just made the entire session become that much more heated.

As the two split, panting, Noomi leaned in, whispering in Rooney’s ear: “Bed. Now.”

Emphasizing the commanding tone in her voice, she nipped the younger woman’s earlobe. The little touch did the job nicely, as the now quite flustered Rooney headed for the bed and sat on the edge waiting for her newfound partner.

As she got seated, she watched as Noomi began to slowly undress for her. Prior to this point, Rooney had never really paid serious thought to the idea of sex with another woman. Sure, she could acknowledge a woman was attractive, but acknowledging that and taking the next step were two different things to her.

Watching this older woman expose her slim but fairly muscular body, however, had her re-evaluating that earlier stance. Yeah, it wasn’t a body that would be considered an automatic knockout for everyone, but right now it was certainly working for Rooney as her eyes trailed over every inch of skin as it was exposed.

Watching this unfold, Rooney didn’t even try to feign this was strictly professional anymore. Yes, a part of her mind was still looking at this as helping with her own internal hang-ups on the role, but a larger part of her was simply enjoying the moment. As far as she was concerned for the moment, there was an attractive woman whom she had been getting to know for the past couple of hours who had made her an offer for sex. An offer that she reciprocated.

An offer that, right now, she was genuinely glad she had taken. She didn’t care how much her excitement showed now. She just wanted to see how far this would go.

Caught up in all of these thoughts, she almost didn’t process that her partner had now finished undressing – or that she was walking over to her. At least, not until she was right in front of her, gently tilting her face up, just derailing the trains of thought with one final reflection over how different she looked without the tattoos from the movie.

“You gonna be okay?”

Quite flushed, Rooney took a moment before finally blurting out a “Yeah…”

“If this is getting to be too much for you, we can stop any ti–”

“No! … Um…what I mean is…no, I’m…I’m ready for this.
…I mean…for the part, I have to get over this…”

Rooney only went redder saying this. Yeah, it was true, but it was also a really crappy attempt to downplay her own eagerness for this beyond professionalism.

Luckily for her, Noomi didn’t seem to mind that.

“You know, it’s okay to admit you’re enjoying it. I respect the professionalism, but you’d have a hard time convincing me you’re going red from taking notes here.”

Even as she seemed to go a bit redder, Rooney finally swallowed and admitted it, “Okay…yes. I’m enjoying this. Yeah, it’s important for the part, but even then, I’m glad you’re willing to show me this. I’ll even admit, watching you in that second movie, I got turned o–”

Noomi put a finger on her lips, cutting her off.

“Save that for pillow talk later, dear. Right about now it sounds like your brain’s running at a mile a minute, and that can really mess up the moment if you let it.”

As she moved her finger, Rooney let out a quiet, sheepish “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. In fact, just sit back for now. Like I said, you’re overthinking things for the moment,” as she said this, Noomi leaned by the bed, putting her closer to Rooney’s level again, “so just relax, and let me handle this part. Okay?”

Rooney nodded slightly, but before she could speak again, Noomi’s lips were on hers. Trying to heed the older woman’s advice, Rooney began to return the kiss. The back and forth became more intense as the two seemed to spar with one another while making out. After a few ’rounds’, Rooney found it easier to unwind and take in the moment. Even when they finally broke the kiss, she was surprised to find she’d stopped trying to analyze and justify her actions.

Instead, all she could think was fuck, why did we stop?

As though she could read her thoughts, Noomi answered the question in a husky voice, “do you trust me?”

Breathing hard, Rooney nodded on the spot.

There was that grin again, “Good. I just wanted to be sure before this next part.”

Before Rooney could ask what she meant, the naked woman had slipped to the floor, where she was now working on removing the younger girl’s shoes.

Oh shit… she thought, realizing where this was heading, this is it!

As she tossed the girl’s shoes across the room, Noomi looked up at her, standing and leaning over her as she rose.

“You’re still okay with this?” she asked as one hand slid to the girl’s pants, working at undoing the belt and fly.

“If you stop right now, I swear to God, I’m coming after you!” Rooney hissed, her former anxieties now drowned out by that overwhelming sense of lust.

“Now THAT’S sounding more like the part…” Noomi chuckled, “well, compared to earlier, anyway…” still chuckling as she finished undoing the pants, she leaned in to whisper in Rooney’s ear, “if you’re that certain, raise your hips for me.”

She barely finished the statement before Rooney’s hips were up. Not wanting to test just how serious she was, Noomi quickly began sliding her pants down. Letting out a low whistle noting the younger girl’s absence of panties.

“Mmm…you sure you weren’t planning for something to happen from the get-go here?”

“I wish I could say that was my plan,” Rooney had finally stopped blushing, now half-grinning meeting Noomi’s gaze, “but really I was just so nervous to get out here I forgot to throw them on.”

“Well, who am I to question a happy accident?” Noomi asked in turn, pulling the last of the pants free of the younger actress’s ankles, tossing them to join the shoes at the other end of the room.

As Rooney parted her legs, she shivered feeling the older woman’s fingers slide along her thighs, as she slid to the floor. Taking her spot between the girl’s legs, she looked up with a devious grin.

“Last chance to turn back, girl. Are you really ready for this?”

“Noomi, I really like you, but if you ask me that one more time, I will shove your face down there myself.”

Though Rooney’s smile suggested she was only playing when she said this, Noomi wasn’t in a hurry to provoke her all the same.

“Mmm…sounds like fun, but maybe another time,” she quipped leaning down.

As Rooney felt the older woman gently open her pussy with her fingers, she gripped the sheets, bracing for it. Even before this meeting, she had thought about this. Not seriously, but as a light fantasy since she’d first contacted Noomi a few days prior to this. It certainly wasn’t her first time having anyone go down on her, but a woman, much less this actress she’d been harboring any number of dirty thoughts about for the past few days, was a first for her. The tension of the moment waiting for her to finally get started was almost a torture in and of itself.

Then she made contact.

Mmm…FUCK, I needed this…

Feeling herself unlock from the tension, Rooney closed her eyes and threw her head back. For all the nervousness and what ifs that had been hanging over her head since she made this call, a call she had previously sworn was purely professional, this feeling made it all worth while. As she felt the older woman eating her out, she moved one hand to the actress’s dark hair, threading her fingers through it.

“Don’t stop…don’t you dare stop…” she half-whispered, half-panted. If, after all the tension leading to this point, the other woman stopped, she couldn’t promise she wouldn’t take advantage of the fact Noomi was already naked herself.

With another small chuckle, she felt Noomi teasing, raking her fingernails along her inner thighs as she redoubled her assault, the former teasing now full blown eating out. Again, Rooney was no stranger to this feeling, but Goddamn, even compared to some of the others she’d gotten head from in the past, Noomi was a pro. She seemed to have no problem finding all the right places to wind the younger girl up.

Not that her reactions were making them any big secret, anyway.

About the only downside to this, if it could be called that, was the fact she already found herself building up. Of course, right now she had no intention of stopping it. She had been waiting too long now to prolong this further. With a gentle pushing, she goaded Noomi further on.

“That’s it…that’s it…I’m almost there….”

Noomi seemed to enjoy hearing this, as she picked up speed, now sliding a finger into her young colleague as well as continuing to tongue her. She was playing for keeps and determined to get the younger girl off.


Her legs were now stretched taut as she leaned further back on the bed.


Then it hit. Fireworks. Atom bomb. Dam burst. Whatever cliche you want to use here, they’re all pretty well worn by now. They all meant the same thing: with a loud, low groan, Rooney Mara came hard on Noomi Rapace’s face.

How long the actual orgasm took, she really couldn’t say. She felt like she genuinely blacked out for a moment there. Maybe it was just a moment, maybe it was longer. She couldn’t say at the time. About the only clue she had that it wasn’t long was when she came back around to find Noomi licking some of her cum off of her face.

“Holy shit, Rooney. Had you taken a vow of celibacy or something?”

“No…” the younger girl answered as she regained her breath, still answering amid pants, “it’s just…been a tense few days…”

“That tense, huh?” the woman answered, now on the bed next to her.

“Just…a little…”

“Well, if it was that tense, then happy to be of service, girl. I’d say you needed that.”

Rather than try and answer with a quip, Rooney simply smiled, leaning in and kissing Noomi tenderly on the lips. She could taste a bit of herself there. She didn’t care, it was just another reason why this moment felt magic for her.

Seeming to sense the feeling, Noomi returned the kiss, but likewise kept it gentle. Either that or she was taking it easy on the younger girl as she recovered. When the two finally stopped, Rooney leaned back, face once again flushed.

“So…what happens now…?”

“Well, that could go a number of different ways. First, it comes down to how you felt about this…though I think I know the answer.”

“That obvious, huh?”

“Well, if you can make your body fake that as well as your voice, then there’s an Oscar in your future,” she teased.

“So…what if I did…?”

“Well, once you’ve rested a bit more, I can get that shirt off of you and we can see where things from here.”

“That’s a thought…or…”


This time it was Rooney’s turn to grin the devious grin, “while I’m lying here you can get up on your knees and I can return the favor.”

The grin was infectious and Noomi was beaming it back.

“I think I’m going to enjoy helping you get into this role…”


That turn sitting on Rooney’s face was just the second act of the night. The two had been pretty actively at it from there, only stopping for the obvious bathroom breaks and one time to get something to eat…well…something to eat besides each other.

As it all came back to Rooney, she found herself getting hot again. She looked over at the sleeping woman next to her, her mind racing with all manner of dirty things she could do to her when she woke up.

It’s gonna be a Hell of a time getting back to sleep she thought, as she slid back up against the older woman, enjoying the feeling of Noomi’s naked body pressed against her own.

“Mmm? Whassat?” with a bit of a shift, Noomi had started to stir awake.

On second thought, sleep may have to wait Rooney thought with a grin.


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