Earning their Record Deal

Story Title: Earning their Record Deal

Author’s Name: JJGARCES1980

Celebrities: Maddie Marlow & Taylor Dye (Maddie & Tae)

Story Codes: cons, oral, anal, MFF

Disclaimer: The following story is a fantasy, and fantasy is legal. It’s on you if you think any of this is real. Questions or comments? Hit me up at john.garces01@gmail.com.

I hadn’t been working at my job as a record executive in Nashville for too long when I heard the rumors that the “next big thing” was about to hit Nashville, in the form of a couple of hot blonde 19-year-olds named Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye, who are collectively known as Maddie & Tae.

Recent trends, though, suggested that female country artists were having a hard time getting heard on country radio these days, and I had been hired by the label interested in signing them to change that.

Which is why I called them in for a meeting in my office one day to finalize the deal with them, and to work on a plan to get their music, which I thought was a breath of fresh air, heard by the masses.

“Maddie…Taylor…come on in…” I told them as they came into my office, Maddie dressed in a form-fitting white dress that showed a lot of leg, and Taylor in a sexy pair of short white shorts and a black shirt with a little white mixed in on it,  both of them looking sexy enough that I knew it was going to be all I could do to keep my mind on business and off of them, especially since I had heard from a few Music City reps who had already tried to bed them that they were both still supposedly virgins.

“Hi John…glad you could meet with us today…and please, call me Tae,” Tae told me as she gave me her sexiest smile and sat down on the couch in my office, giggling every time she looked between my legs and spotted my growing erection.

“Tae…try to stay focused girl…” Maddie teased her friend as Tae started to look a little flushed, the meeting we were supposed to be having quickly turning into a more personal conversation as the three of us flirted with each other.

“I can’t help it if I think he’s hot Maddie…and I have been feeling awfully horny lately…” she told her friend, rubbing her thighs together as I came over and placed a hand on one of them.

“Word on the street is both of you girls are still virgins,” I said to them, Tae taking my hand and placing it between her legs as we started to make out on the couch, “so I just want you to know that I’m probably going to sign you either way, but there are certain things you could do in this office with me today to earn it.”

“I’ve been wanting to suck this thing since I walked in here,” Tae hissed in my ear as she dropped to her knees and fished out my dick as I pulled her shirt over her head and slid off her shorts, Maddie watching us from the other end of the couch and trying not to look too turned on as Tae started sucking my dick.

“MMM…suck it Tae…suck it good girl…” I hissed as she bobbed her head up and down on my dick, showing far more experience with cock-sucking than you would expect a 19-year-old to show as Maddie looked on and started to rub herself through her dress.

“FUCK…that looks so hot…” Maddie said to no one in particular as she watched Tae sucking my dick like a porn star, knowing all the right things to do to send me closer and closer to orgasm.

“You should come over here and have some fun with us Maddie, because I’m totally fucking him when I get done blowing him,” Tae told her friend as she briefly pulled off of my cock, going right back to work on it as I gently pushed her back onto my dick, shoving it to the back of her throat as I started to jerk my hips against her face.

“FUCK…YES…gonna cum Tae…” I warned her as I started to thrust my hips wildly into her face, giving her plenty of time to pull off if she wanted to.

“MMM…” she moaned as I thrust my hips into her face a few more times and came down her throat, Tae closing her eyes as she squeezed my balls and started swallowing my load, winking at me as she kissed the tip of my cock and let me back it away.

“I’m done waiting on her baby…let’s fuck…” I whispered to Tae when we had been making out on the couch for a while, growing a little impatient with her wanting to wait on Maddie as I placed her long legs up on my shoulders and lined my dick up with her tight, virginal pussy, what was left of our clothes having long ago come off.

“Wait for me…” Maddie called out to us, having lost her clothes at some point while she watched Tae sucking me off, and right as my dick started to slide into Tae’s pussy, as she came up on the other side of the couch and started licking Tae’s tits as I thrust my dick up against Tae’s hymen, ripping it away with one long stroke.

“FUCK…YES…fuck me…John…” she moaned as I began to thrust in and out of her, her walls clinging to my dick as I pounded away on her no longer virginal cunt as Maddie swapped spit with her.

“MMM…suck on my tits Maddie…” Tae hissed as Maddie kissed her neck and attached her mouth to her tits as Tae arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist.

“SHIT…such a tight little cunt Tae…I can’t wait to sample Maddie’s later…” I whispered to both of them as I drove my hips into Tae’s, her eyes rolling back in her head as she threw her head back.

“OHGOD…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…cum…YES…” she purred, her hips slamming into mine as her tight cunt squeezed on my dick, her cunt cream painting my dick as she went limp, Maddie kissing her and working her tongue around her nipples as she came for me.

“Tae…gonna cum baby…should I pull out?” I asked her, content with cumming inside of her and worrying about it later as I started to pick up the pace of my movements into her.

“OHGOD…FUCK…cum in me John…cum inside my pussy baby…” Tae hissed as Maddie put her hands on the back of her head and made out with her as I thrust a couple of more times into her and shot my wad into her, filling up her tight teenage cunt with my cum as I spewed it over her insides a few more times and pulled out of her.

“MMM…YES…” Tae moaned as she laid on the couch and rubbed her leaking pussy, my cum oozing out of it as she called Maddie over.

“Hey Maddie…lick my pussy while John fucks yours,” Tae whispered to her friend, Maddie complying and pushing her head between her best friend’s legs and going to town on her pussy as I grabbed Maddie’s hips and slid into her from behind, slamming through her hymen in one motion.

“UH…OHGOD…fuck me with that dick…” Maddie hissed as she drove her tongue in and out of Tae’s pussy, her own pussy clamping down on my dick as I stretched her out and fucked her for the first time, just as I had Tae.

“MMM…OHGOD…lick…me…Maddie…YES…” Tae hissed as Maddie dragged her tongue along Tae’s deepest walls as I grabbed Maddie’s hips and brought her pussy back onto my dick.

“FUCK…so fucking tight Maddie…gonna cum soon baby…” I hissed as I thrust in and out of her as she Tae wrapped her legs around Maddie’s head.

“OHGOD…gonna…cum…” Maddie hissed, her voice muffled by Tae’s legs being around her head as she shot a load of cream all over my dick while I picked up the speed of my thrusts into her.

“Maddie…where do you want my cum baby?” I asked her as I drove my dick into her for the last time, her walls squeezing on my dick as I struggled to hold off.

“Cum in her John, I’m sure she won’t mind,” Tae softly said to me as she squeezed her legs around Maddie’s head and I thrust one last time inside of her and came deep inside of her, flooding her tight, young cunt with my seed a few more times before slowly pulling out of her.

“UH…that was so fucking amazing…” Maddie whispered breathlessly as she laid back on the couch and pulled me on top of her so I could make out with her and suck on her tits.

“Fuck my ass and then you can have Tae’s pussy again…since she’s clearly a bigger slut than me,” Maddie teased her bestie, both girls moaning at the thought of having their orifices ravaged by me again.

“I like how you ladies think,” I teased them both as I grabbed Maddie by the hips again and slid into her tight ass, popping her anal cherry as Tae came up and started making out with her again as I drove my dick in and out of her tight ass.

“UH…OHGOD…it hurts…” she moaned as I hammered into her shitter, Tae taking her mind off of it by making out with her and sucking on her tits as I felt her virgin ass start to tighten around me.

“Want me to stop Maddie?” I asked her, genuinely concerned that I was hurting her as I thrust away in her ass.

“OHGOD…so close…” she moaned as she began to be rocked by another orgasm, Tae dropping to her knees in front of her and licking her dripping pussy as Maddie released some more of her nectar down from it and I thrust into her one more time and came deep in her ass, flooding her bowels with my cum as Tae licked her friend’s pussy and then laid down on the couch again as I pulled out of Maddie’s ass.

“We have to be out of here in ten minutes, that’s the only reason I’m not giving you my ass, too,” Tae told me as reached between my legs and grabbed my dick in her hands, leading it to her pussy and sliding into her as I started to thrust in and out of her again as Maddie recovered and sat behind my office desk.

“You really are a sexy bitch,” I told her as I drive my dick in and out of her pussy again, her long legs back on my shoulders as I pounded away on her tight little cunt, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick again as she arched her back and twisted her hips around my dick.

“OHGOD…UH…YES…fuck me John…fuck this horny bitch…” she hissed as I thrust away inside of her, her pussy walls stretching out and taking me even deeper inside of her as I felt her starting to cum for me, throwing her head back and arching her back as she fired a load of her fluids out all over my dick.

“Gonna cum Tae,” I whispered to her as I hammered away inside of her, her body going limp as she placed her hands on the back of my head, allowing me to suck on her tits as I thrust one last time into her and came inside her again, shooting thick, sticky gobs of my cum deep into her pussy right as her eyes rolled back into her head.

“FUCK…YES…that feels so damn good…” she hissed, her legs hooking into my back as I finished filling her up and pulled out of her, making out with both of them for a few minutes on the couch.

“I think you girls have more than earned your record deal,” I told them as I presented them with their recording contract, both of them kissing me and squeezing my dick before they got dressed to leave.

“We’re not gonna let you down John…so you and your little friend better not let us down,” Maddie teased me as they headed for the door.

“Yeah…keep getting us on the radio, and Maddie and I promise we’ll both keep putting out for you,” Tae chimed in as they left my office, all three of us looking forward to the next time we would be getting together and continuing things.

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