Heres a stoyr about Brit celeb Michelle Ryan and Tamzin Outhwaite

Eastenders by Gazza Kid

Tamzin Outhwaite had always had the reputation of being the
best looking girl on Eastenders, but with the arrival of the new
Slater family, many would say that she has fallen down the
pecking order. Themain contenders would be Michelle
Ryan who plays Zoe.

Tamzin wasn’t happy about this so she decided to approach
the younger of the two, Michelle. After the shoot one day, she
went to Michelle’s dressing room. She burst in to find Michelle
talking to her young co-star Jack Ryder. Jack was seen as the
main heart-throb of the show and adored everywhere by
teenage girls.

Tamzin stormed over to Michelle. “Who the fuck do you think
you are you little tramp? Stealing my fucking limelight!”
“What?!?” replied Michelle, she couldn’t believe it. Tamzin
pushed her off the chair she was sitting on and jumped on
top of her. “Aaargh,” Michelle screamed as the two started
to scrab each other and pull each other’s hair. Tamzin ripped
ay Michelle’s shirt and tore it off revealing a black lace bra
which covered her young supple breasts. “Bitch,” screamed
Tamzin. Michelle ripped Tamzin’s top and then grabbed at her
white cottonb bra. She tugged and tugged at it to reveal her
ample breasts. Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. Tamzin then
ripped off Michelle’s bra revealing her small but firm breasts.
The two writhed about on the floor tussling with each other.

Jack was amazed at this, the two best looking women from
Eastenders writhing about on the floor with their tits out.
Some perverts would pay to watch this. Jack could feel his
cock stirring in his jeans and he was getting a hard-on. He tried
to hide it by placing it to the side. The two had stopped fighting
by this stage, and got up off the ground, glaring at each other.
“I’m sorry, but I do not know what the fuck i have done wrong”
shouted Michelle as tears rolled down her face. She ran over to
Jackand threw her arms around him. She noticed straight away
that Jack was aroused by what had been going on. This made her
feel good as she had wanted to fuck him ever since she first
appeared on the show. “Oh my, Jack. Did you enjoy watching us?”
Michelle asked innocently. Tamzin noticed also as she sat on the
floor breathing heavily. “I think he did.” Jack tried to say
something but he just couldn’t. “You know Jack, i have always
thought you were kinda cute, but youre a little young,” said Tamzin.
“Uh, uh, uh,” stammered Jack.

Before Jack knew what was happening, Michelle had moved her
hands down to his crotch and started to rub around it. His
erection grew. She inched her way to the zipper and slowly
pulled it down. Michelle then put her hand down Jack’s boxers
and felt his 8″ cock. “My Jack, aren’t we excited!” she said in
a very excited way herself. She put her hand at the bottom of
his shaft and started to pull at it. Up and down, up and down.
Very slowly she started to wank Jack off. While she tugged at
his cock, Tamzin moved her way over and started to ply with Jack’s
balls. She held them in her hand and rubbed them slowly. Then she
started to lick them and put them in her mouth. Michelle was still
pulling at his erect shaft. Jack couldn’t believe his luck, and
beofre he knew it he felt the rush through his body and he screamed.
“Aaaahhhh.” With that, he came all over Michelle and Tamzin.
“Sorry,” he said. “No need to be sorry,”said Tamzin. She then kissed
Michelle and the two started to play with each other’s tongues.
Then, they took it in turns licking Jack’s spunk off of their hot
bodies. Jack stood with a limp cock, wishing he could fuck these
two vixens.

Tamzin pushed Michelle to the floor and ripped the short skirt
that Michelle was wearing off. Michelle lay naked on the floor
except for a pair of black lace panties. They were soaking wet as
Michelle was in a high state of arousal. Tamzin smiled as she
alowly removed the panties. Michelle lay smiling at the thought
of what was to come. Tamzin took the panties, and held them up
to her nose. She took a deep breath and loved the smell of her pussy
juices. Tamzin dove straight down to Michelle’s pussy. She had a
little pubic hair, as she shaved most of it. Tamzin rubbed her tongue
along Michelle’s pussy. “Mmmmm,” moaned Michelle. Tamzin
started to lick all round Michelle’s pussy. She then inserted her tongue.
Michelle writhed around in pleasure. Tamzin started to play with
Michelle’s throbbing clitoris with her hand.

With her other hand, she reached around and pulled down her
trousers and then removed the thong that she was wearing from
the crack of her ass. Tamzin was on her hands and knees with her
head deep in the pussy of Michelle, while she started to rub
around her own soaking wet pussy. She rubbed it up and down, and
then started to rub her clit. “Come on Jack, make yourself useful,”
she said beckoning Jack over. Immediately, he went to her aid and
started to play with her pussy. First, he licked it and inserted his
tongue. Then, he decided to finger her. He inserted his index finger
into her pussy and started to thrust it back and forth. “More,”
screamed Tamzin. Jack inserted another finger. “More I said,”
screamed Tamzin again. Jack inserted a third finger, and a fourth.
“Mmmmmm,” moaned Tamzin. By this time, Michelle was near
orgasm. Michelle had started to play with her own tits while she
was being pleasured. She rubbed her hands all over them, and started
to play with her nipples. She tweaked them and rubbed them, which
was highly arousing for her. Michelle then felt an intense rush of
pleasure through her body. “Yesssss, yes, that’s it. Yes. Come on,
fuck me Tamzin you bitch. FUCK ME! Aaaaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmm.”
Michelle then sprayed her cum juice all over Tamzin’s face!
“Fuck Michelle, you could have warned me.”

Michelle got up and started to lick all over Tamzin’s face, tasting her
own sweet pussy juices. At the same time, Jack was finger fucking
Tamzin and he could feel himself getting aroused again. His cock
started to tweak and grow. Michelle noticed this and she decided
to help. She walked round to Jack and got on her knees. She took
Jack’s throbbing member into her mouth and started to suck on it
slowly. After a minute, Jack was fully erect and he removed his cock
from Michelle’s mouth who seemed to be disappointed. “Tamzin
deserves her turn as well,” said Jack.

Jack removed his fingers from Tamzin’s crack and turned her over.
She removed her thong and lay naked with her legs spread. Jack
took his cock, and started to rub the tip against Tamzin’s crack.
“Come on,” screamed Tamzin. With that, Jack thrust his cock deep
insed Tamzin’s pussy. She let out a scream. Jack atarted to get a
motion going, he would thrust his cock deep inside quickly and then
remove it lowly beofre shoving it in again. Michelle looked on wishing
she was taking part. She started to rub her long luscious legs, and
she moved her hands slowly up towards her crotch. She then inserted
two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck herself. She rubbed
her clit with the other hand. By this time Tamzin had achieved multiple
orgasms with Jack’s loveshaft inside her.

“I’m gonna cum,” screamed Jack. “Don’t cum in me Jack,” shouted
Tamzin. Jack removed his cock and before he knew it, Tamzin had taken
it in her mouth. She sucked frantically and then started to tug at his
shaft. Jack came over her face, and Michelle licked it off. “Mmmm,”
moaned Tamzin as she was licked by Michelle. “I think that we should
do this more often,what about you two?”asked Jack. “I dunno,”
replied Tamzin. “Play your cards right and anything could happen.”
Tamzin then winked at Michelle who was smiling gleefully.

By Gazza Kid

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