Easy Rider

Story Title: Easy Rider
Author’s Name: Viper_Noj
Content Codes: MF, Cons, Rom, Oral, Anal
Celebs: Katy Perry
Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

How I came to have Katy Perry on the back of my motorbike is an unlikely story, and as the machine throbbed enticingly beneath us I still contemplated quite how it happened. The bike in question was my custom built Triumph Bonneville, born of all my favourite parts from different bikes and finished in a striking black and orange paint job. But without a doubt the best thing about it was the Californian singer; clad in tight black leather, riding pillion, pulled close to me with her grasp comfortably around my waist, her toned thighs holding me as she squeezed her knees lightly at my hips.

Her raven hair fluttered from beneath her helmet, creating dancing shadows on the tarmac beside us as the sinking late afternoon sun silhouetted us onto the ground. As I twisted the throttle just a little more to take us over a rise, the distinctive parallel-twin engine burbling between our legs, I thought back over the previous 48 hours, to how this almost surreal adventure had begun.

It started in a bar; Unlike most stories that start in a bar, this wasn’t some huge drinking session that ended with ridiculous antics spoken of for all time amongst those that could remember them. No, this was almost the opposite, as I’d been in a bar quietly keeping to myself on a break from the road. Standing at the bar, drowning in the cacophonous noise of the place, I waited as I got a quite unadventurous coke. A dark-haired girl stood beside me, currency clutched in her hand as she waited for a chance to order, turning to look as the soft drink was slid onto the bar before me.

“Coke? Why not a  real drink?” she said flippantly, looking round at me with her big eyes. She was clearly a little tipsy, messing around and meaning no offence.

“I’ve got my bike, so I can’t drink,” I replied as I took my change, taking in the striking girl and realising moments later who it was.

“Ooh a bike, I love bikes,” she drawled, smiling widely, “what bike have you got?”

“Triumph,” I replied after a pause, not really sure she actually cared, “I didn’t know you liked bikes.”

“How would you know?” she said with a smile.

“Well I never heard Katy Perry was into motorbikes is all,” I said with a quick flick of my eyebrows, alluding to the fact I knew who she was.

“You could have asked me, not everything you read is true,” she said, just the slightest hint of a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“I didn’t need to this time, you told me. Anyway, what are you doing out in bar like this?” I asked, since the place was hardly a high-class nightspot and she was, after all, a musical superstar.

“Just a night out with a few friends, keeping a low profile. I like a good night at a bar like anyone else,” she said, looking round as the bartender finally got around to her, seeming to barely recognise her.

“Of course. Well nice to meet you,” I said as she turned to make her order, getting a swift reciprocation off her before she raised her voice to get her drinks, taking my coke and working my way back from the crowded bar to a quieter corner where I could tune out a little. The next few minutes were spent people watching, enjoying relaxing out of the saddle with my drink and just generally tuning out from the world as I idly thought of where I might ride on to next, what exciting roads might lay ahead to be explored.

My small corner of the world was abruptly interrupted however as Katy Perry emerged from the crowds, giving me a chance to take her in. Wearing tight jeans and a simple black top, a jacket over the top to complete a casual look with minimal make-up and hair she was somehow so much more attainable as I took in the fantastic curves of her body, the full chest, tapering waist and curvy hips.

“Hey,” she said with a smile as she reached my table, looking down at me sat in the corner, her eyes glancing towards my motorcycle helmet.

“Hey,” I replied, waiting for her to strike things up. She didn’t hesitate, sliding onto the seat beside me.

“All on your own?” she asked, glancing idly back into the bar.

“Yeah, just a quick stop,” I said, deciding to look her straight in the eye. She held my gaze, then looked a little shyly away.

“Quick stop?” she enquired.

“Yeah I’m doing some touring, just on my way through you know,” I said, wondering quite why she’d come to find me.

“Sounds cool. Can I see your bike?” she asked after a pause, looking me in the eye with a mischievous smile.

“Sure,” I said, “right now?”

“Yeah,” she said, giving a wider smile. I could only return it as I grabbed my helmet and stood up, sliding out from behind the table as she joined me, following me through the bar, a little less crowded than it had been. Stepping in beside me, I looked to her and could see she seemed genuinely enthusiastic, not merely humouring me, not that there would be any need for her to bother.

“I can take you for a ride if you like,” I said as I pushed the door open for her.

“Really?” she said, looking round with a bright-eyed smile.
“Sure, if you want to,” I said as we stepped out into the warm summer evening. She followed me a little way down the street to where my bike was parked up, standing back to admire it as I stood the helmet down on the seat.

“Nice. So how come you’re only here tonight?” she asked, taking in the bike with glances to me.

“I’m touring down the west coast, just have nights here and there. I stay some places and camp out others, just nice to be free,” I said as she approached the bike and ran her fingers over the grip, letting her other stray to the seat.

“Really? That sounds awesome, just getting away from it,” she said, looking the bike over. I couldn’t help but check out her ass as she leant over a little, the skin-tight denim clinging to her sexy curves.

“Yeah it’s great, I love doing it when I can, just pure escapism,” I replied as Katy stepped over the bike and planted her fine booty down on the leather seat.

“I bet, the open road, free to do what you want. I wish I could do that,” she said with a sigh, sitting back on the seat. I paused, taking in the hint of desire and disappointment in her voice, running her hands over the bike.

“You could come with me,” I said simply, feeling my heart surge as I posed the suggestion, even though I had nothing to lose by doing so. She visibly paused, then looked round at me, brushing her hair aside to look at me.

“What? Go with you?” she questioned, looking at me somewhat incredulously.

“Yeah, just do it; escape from your day-to-day, just disappear for a couple of days,” I said, keeping the rush of hopeful excitement from my voice.

“I can’t just do that, I have things to do. Appointments, promotions…” she said, the edge to her voice suggesting she wasn’t entirely looking forward to it as she trailed off.

“And wouldn’t you love to just get away from them all for a couple of days?” I countered immediately. Katy didn’t answer, just staring back at me as she thought it over, a part of her clearly lusting for the freedom.

“Well, what’s stopping you?” I said with a smile, seeing her wrestling with it as she sat on the bike in her tight jeans.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Anywhere I want to, that’s the beautiful thing, besides you,” I added, giving a smile as she giggled, breaking the tension. She gazed at me for a second, then turned back to the bike, looking over it, lifting her foot to kick back at the foot peg a bit, running her hands over the fuel tank and then picking my helmet up, contemplating it.

“Ok,” she said softly as she glanced back at me over her shoulder, “an adventure with a handsome stranger,” sounds like quite the experience she smiled. I couldn’t help but grin, glad she couldn’t see me blush at all in the half-light of the street, a surge of excitement coursing through me as the luscious American singer accepted my invitation.

“Yeah?” I asked, having to confirm it to be sure, knowing the enthusiasm tinged my voice.

“Yeah. So where are we going?” she said, looking round at me as she let the excitement get to her a little.

“Right now, back to your place,” I said simply, looking her in the eye and giving a sly smile.

“My place?” she said, raising an eyebrow and turning to face me more.

“Well I said I’d give you a ride, so I’ll take you home,” I said, since she had wanted a ride.

“Where are you staying?” she said, not giving away anything.
“I hadn’t figured that out yet, I was just gonna grab a cheap motel for the night or something,” I said, giving a shrug.

“Ok. Let me go and tell my friends,” she said, hopping back off the bike. Walking past me, we locked eyes, holding it for a moment before I let my gaze fall to her shapely arse as she walked by and back into the bar. Sitting onto the bike, I pulled my helmet on and zipped my jacket up, slotting the keys into the ignition with a satisfying click.

I waited a couple of minutes for her, taking in the street outside the bar, the parked cars bathed in street light beneath a clear sky. The weather had been perfect for touring so far, and I only hoped it would last. I caught a glimpse in the mirror as Katy came back out of the bar, eagerly heading for the bike as I kicked the stand and stood the bike up, pressing the starter and letting it rumble into life. The gorgeous musician came up beside me, looking at me and the bike.

“Hey, ready?” I asked, hoping she hadn’t changed her mind.

“I don’t have a helmet or anything,” she said, biting her lip.

“Is it far?” I said, feeling the bike throbbing insistently beneath me.

“Not really, a couple of miles,” Katy replied.

“You can be a little rebel then, we’ll go slow,” I said, giving her a wink through my open visor. Katy couldn’t help but grin and then step up to the bike, throwing her leg over the seat behind me and settling in place. Putting her hands at my waist a little tentatively, she lifted her feet onto the rear foot pegs and readied herself. Kicking it into gear, I eased away from the curb, getting the feel for her weight on the back of the bike as I felt her tense momentarily, grasping me tighter as she got used to the motion. She patted me and pointed as we approached a junction, indicating which way I should go, holding on tightly as we peeled off to the left. Accelerating gently up to road speed, Katy buried her face in my shoulders to shield herself from the cool night air, hair blowing energetically behind her. Even at low speed the wind could get quite intense on a bike.

One way or another we found the way to her impressive home, sprawling on the Californian hills. Having the curvy singer snuggled up closely behind me was a treat in itself, feeling her holding me so trustingly as we rode my Triumph up her driveway and pulled up in front of her home. Easing to a halt, I shut off the engine and pushed the stand down, letting Katy hop off first before I leaned the bike down onto it. Undoing my lid, I pulled it off and stepped off beside her, watching her brush her long hair back for a moment before she spoke.

“We’ll get going in the morning, set off in the sunshine,” I said, loosening my jacket with a smile, waving a hand towards the darkened horizon around us.

“Sounds good, gives me a chance to get ready,” she said, glancing to the bike.

“Sure. I’d best go and find a place to sleep for the night,” I said, since I had to seek out somewhere to rest my head and figured the Hollywood hills likely had few affordable digs.

“The other half of my bed is free,” she blurted out, then immediately looked away, hiding her blush behind a curtain of dark hair. The rush of adrenaline made my heart skip a beat, the cold burst surging through my chest as I controlled my breathing, taking a slow, quiet but deep inhale before speaking, amazed at how calm I was able to sound.

“I’ll take it, thanks,” I replied, feeling my heart pumping harder now. She glanced back to me with a smile and then quickly looked away, knowing what she’d implied as she stepped towards her huge, luxurious home. I checked the bike was all settled and freed my bag from the back before I followed her inside, helmet in hand and eyes taking in the sweet curves of her ass through her tight jeans as she went up the steps and opened the front door.

Closing the door behind me, I took in the expensive Californian pad, the success of her huge music career evident all around us as we walked across the hard floor, through the house and to the stairs. My boots thumped on the stairs as I followed Katy up them, letting myself drop a step or two behind so that I could continue to enjoy the view, something she surely noticed as she gave the slightest glance back to me following her. She led me to the huge bedroom, a king-size bed adorned with silk sheets awaiting us.

“Better than a cheap motel?” she asked with a smile as she turned round to see me taking it all in, dropping my bag to the floor.

“Most definitely,” I said, my gaze settling onto her once more.

“Good, make yourself comfortable,” she said, turning to walk over to her drawers, pulling her shoes off and leaving me to it. Undoing my jacket fully, I slid it off and dropped it down with my bag, taking my boots off to go with it. Katy had dropped her jacket down, standing the other side of the bed in her jeans and top, capturing my attentions as I contemplated where I was, in the bedroom of the musical superstar. The moment was broken as she turned to me, her hands resting in the waistband of her tight denim as she took me in, spurring me to continue and swiftly reach down to pull my shirt off over my head, looking back up to see her still watching me, her eyes roaming now to take me in.

I wasn’t hugely muscled but athletic and toned, having worked on definition at the gym rather than adding mass, which she seemed to take interest in. She took me in, then her eyes flicked up to hold my gaze for a moment; a suggestive want seemed to be there, a little smile creeping onto her lips before she gave a very definitive glance down to my trousers, then back up to me, smiling just a little more as she let her hands slide to the button of her jeans, popping it undone and then turning away from me again.

Even though it was clear what she wanted me to do, my hands were frozen as I took in the spectacle of Katy Perry turning away from me and undoing her jeans, pushing the snug denim from her curvy arse to reveal her simple black panties, just pulled a little up her toned booty. She pushed her bum out toward me a little as she urged them down to the floor, standing back up to push them off her feet as I got myself into action and undid my own, quickly sending them to the pile of other items on the floor, leaving me in just my snug black Calvin Klein shorts as I stood to watch her.

My breath paused as she reached round her sides for the bottom of her top, taking hold and then peeling it slowly up her body, crossing her arms and stretching high over her head, revealing the smooth curve of her back and the tense, enticing strap of her matching black bra. My eyes locked on her, I watched her drop it casually aside, and then reach back to slip her fingers underneath the strap, pausing as I silently urged her to take it off, rewarded by her grasping it and pushing together to free it, the ends sweeping so delightfully aside as it came undone, where she immediately shrugged it off and down her arms to join her other clothes on the floor.

She turned her head ever so slightly to see if I was looking, perhaps to make sure, before leaning forward a little to pick up a simple grey top, pulling it over her raven hair and giving me just a little glimpse of her fantastic chest from the side as she pulled herself into it and then ran it down over her body, just past the top of her panties. Turning back, I noticed how it was somehow tight but loose at the same time, fitting the curves of her breasts and letting her nipples show slightly, tucking into her body beneath but then being a little loose to flick above her underwear, where I was now taking in the lovely bulge of her pussy as the black cotton hugged it closely and her smooth, toned legs. Casually shaking her long hair out with her hands, she stepped over to the bed and pulled the covers back, smiling at me, letting her own eyes wander to take me in again as she slid a knee onto the mattress. As she gazed me in the eye again, she gave me a look that made a tingle run through me.

“Come to bed,” she said softly, but with the slightest drawling purr to her voice. I couldn’t help but return her smile and move to join her as she slid herself silkily into the bed, taking a calming breath before I slipped in beside her, gliding down easily into the comforts to rest my head on the pillows. It was a far cry from the cheap motel I’d been expecting, and with a scantily clad Katy Perry beside me that only got further and somewhat surreal. The American singer slid close to me, just a little gap between us in the centre of the bed, her hand just reaching out to brush mine beneath the covers. I was half lying on my back, turned towards her naturally, with her on her back, staring at the ceiling before glancing over to me with a smile. Reaching out, she snapped off the lights, enveloping us in enclosing darkness that somehow seemed to bring a renewed quiet with it, our breaths all that broke the air.

After a few stretching moments, she rolled onto her side away from me, but slunk back closer to me in the process so her warm, toned body was enticingly near, tempting my hands. I let a testing hand just move up her back as I shifted behind her, feeling her warm body through the thin grey top. Katy gave a little tingling shiver, arching her back and just firmly squeezing her thighs together, settling on the pillows a little more.

“Snuggle up if you like,” she murmured, as much a suggestion as a request it seemed. I didn’t question her, as getting close to the delicious form beside me was hardly something to refuse. Rolling towards her completely, I leaned up to slide my arm carefully under her neck as she lifted her head and then laid my other across her body as I slowly slipped back down into the bed behind her, feeling Katy’s slim fingers interlock warmly with mine moments later as I settled back down. I hardly had time to take in the delectable warmth of her in my arms before she pushed herself back toward me, pulling my arm fully over her and snuggling back against me with a satisfied mumble, giving a definitive push of her firm arse into my crotch, her soft panties rubbing over the front of my shorts and already stiffening cock.

Responding to her clear wants made me bold enough to pull my arm across her chest, resisting a squeeze but feeling her lovely breasts beneath our arms as I held her close to me, nuzzling through her long, soft hair to plant a soft kiss on the back of her neck, managing to keep my breath steady even as my heart raced and cock stiffened fully as it pushed against her ass. I felt her shiver a little and heard her breath catch lightly as I did, giving her another one and then just lying behind her, feeling her push back gently on me with her ass, teasing me but trying not to be noticed.

Not wanting to push it too far, in case she was just going to tease me all night, I didn’t push it further, just holding her close and letting her enjoy snuggling up, waiting to see if anything changed. A few minutes passed in the darkness, the warmth of Katy beside me tempting me for every second of it and urging me into a couple of pushes with my hips that spurred her to return it, grinding back a little firmer than she had been. She suddenly stirred, easing away from me a little and rolling onto her back, making me think she’d decided to put an end to things for the night.

With my eyes shut I couldn’t see her gazing up at me in the gloom, taking me in and contemplating her next move, which she decided to make wonderfully clear. With our hands still interlocked, she slid my hand easily up onto her breast, immediately making me give it a squeeze, responding to her invitation even before my brain had processed it properly. As I groped her fantastic chest with the help of her hand she craned up to kiss gently under my jaw, making me shiver with pleasure and anticipation, my cock absolutely rock hard now, especially as she reached down with her spare hand to just drag her fingers teasingly up the underside of it.

With it completely clear what she wanted I was unleashed and seized control, diving on her for a passionate kiss, our tongues finding one another’s immediately as my hand squeezed more firmly at her breast. My other hand pulled into her long hair and took a handful, giving a sharp tug to pull her head back as she gasped loudly, breathing hard as I leaned over her and kissed down her smooth neck, mixing soft kisses with threateningly grazing bites, just nipping at her a little to make her arch from the bed. Rolling over onto her, I slid down between her legs as I nuzzled over her chest, my hands dragging down behind over her fantastic breasts as I made my way south, pushing her shirt up and letting my hands slide back up underneath the thin grey fabric to seek an uninhibited grope of them as I kissed at her toned tummy.

I let my lips trail softly across her, just on the brink of tickling as I let my tongue dip into her bellybutton, my hands easily taking in her gorgeous chest, her double-Ds unable to be contained fully by my hands as I felt her stiff nipples pressing into the palms. Pushing up and squeezing her breasts together, I let my thumbs circle her nipples, working them into even harder points as I continued to kiss downwards, letting my lips brush at the waistband of her black cotton panties before I dragged my tongue along the illicit boundary. Her hips pushed up towards me to invite me lower, something I was more than happy to do, sliding down to just brush my lips over the warm, tempting front of her soft underwear as my hands slid out and down, reluctantly releasing her gorgeous boobs and gliding over her to pull down into her pronounced waist.

She gave a deeper gasp as I squeezed her body authoritatively with my hands and dragged my tongue up the front of her knickers, catching the elastic in my teeth and pulling it teasingly, letting it snap back onto her tummy. Letting her wait just a moment more, my hands continued down, the fingertips catching in the waistband of her panties and pulling them down, peeling the black cotton off her pussy to reveal a neat landing strip of hair as I slipped them away down her thighs, leaning up on an elbow so I could get them off her feet and discard them beneath the covers.

With them out the way she immediately spread her legs again, letting me back between them to delve down on her treasures, immediately kissing back  down over her tummy rapidly and straight into her neat strip of hair, feeling the soft style guiding me directly into her waiting pussy, where I planted a kiss on her clit through its delicate hood, sucking slightly to tease her before I dived down to drag my tongue determinedly up her lips, taking in all of her smooth vulva as she gave a shuddering gasp, tingling pleasure spreading through her.

Letting my tongue linger at her clit, I pressed the advantage as I got back to work, letting the tip flick up underneath her soft hood a few times to give stimulating swipes at her most intimate nub, pushing groans of barely tolerable sensitivity from her before I switched to using the flat of my tongue on her now exposed button, being much softer and more gentle, gliding round it in smooth circles the made her strained sounds turn to deeper, satisfied moans.

Working my tongue rhythmically, I pushed my arms under her thighs and pushed them up, Katy happily lifting her knees and allowing me to slide my arms underneath and to reach round and hold her curvy hips as I ate her pussy, rolling her hips back to give me better access to her deliciously juicy body. I switched to alternating quick side-to-side and up-and-down strokes of my tongue, approved of by a murmur from the American superstar as I worked at her. She was caught off guard again as I swiftly chose to lick all the way up her puffy lips, feeling her soft labia yield to the curling tip of my tongue, splitting them as I pulled up to her clit once more.

“Ohh fuck,” she breathed, her first words in the darkness as, after a few more teasing licks over her smoothly waxed pussy, I delved my tongue deep inside her, tasting the sweet tang of her juices as I sunk and worked as thoroughly into her folds as I could, running around her velvet walls as I felt the delightful pre-orgasmic clench of her muscles. Katy rolled her hips back further, lifting her feet off the bed to give me maximum access to stimulate her, her fingers twisting into the sheets as I thrust my tongue rapidly in and out of her, feeling the lovely way her soft, slippery lips clung to me as I did. Burying it deep again, I curled my tongue back to seek out her G-spot, doing my best to work the tip of my tongue powerfully over her sensitive area, feeling her pussy squeezing invitingly at me as I did to let me know I was hitting it quite well.

I couldn’t help but think in that moment how nice it would feel when I had my cock inside her, feeling those strong muscles clenching down around my shaft as I thrust in and out of her. The thoughts alone had sped my work up, Katy gasping beneath my ministrations as I assaulted her G-spot intently, pulling at the bed and giving a gasp as I suddenly pulled my tongue out of her pussy and pushed up firmly over her clit once more, thrusting her hips up towards me. Pulling back, I gave another long lick up her pussy, making her wait a moment before I gave another, only this time I licked all the way from her asshole to her clit, making her shudder more powerfully than ever before. I gave her another and settled at her clit, attacking it vigorously.

Going back to work at her button, I could sense she was closing on her orgasm by her breathing and way she was pushing her pelvis up for me, eager for me to give her more in the pursuit of her peak. I spelt out her name with my tongue, though I doubt she noticed it, and worked despite the ache in my jaw from efforts to bring her what she wanted. Sliding my hand from her hip, I slipped it under and between her legs, teasing the tips of fingers at her slick entrance for a moment before I eased two fingers into her, feeling the tight walls of her pussy stretch to accommodate them as she gave a throaty growl of pleasure, more sensations adding to her already rushing body.

Working her clit briskly with a variety of motions of my tongue, mixing it up to keep her bubbling, I added in the work of my fingers as I started to work them busily in and out of her clenching pussy, curling them to get at her G-spot again before switching back to simply thrusting them deep inside her which she seemed to like. Thrusting my digits and working my tongue hard had her ready to pop, seemingly on the brink as she gasped and moaned in the darkness, her lovely thighs squeezing in on me.

Pulling my fingers back, I slowed my hand and folded my ring finger in, ramping up the work rate of my tongue to compensate momentarily as I pressed back into her, my little finger pushing tentatively at her backdoor. With no complaint from Katy, I delved my two fingers back into her inviting pussy and then twisted my hand to lever my little finger into her ass, making her give a deep grunt at the sudden penetration, both holes clamping down tightly on my fingers and then yielding helplessly to my assault as I circled her clit rapidly and rocked my hand to work at her pussy, pushing the tips of them up over her G-spot as I kept my little finger deep in her arse, delivering the shocker to her perfectly as she started to thrust her hips and shudder to her orgasm.

My other hand pulled commandingly at her hip as I held her in place, not that she wanted to go anywhere, her fingernails digging deeply into the bedding as she tried not to crush me with her thighs in her inexorable climax, strained gasping cutting the air delightfully as it rushed up on her, Katy managing to hold it back for a few moments to let it build even stronger before she lost all control and came with a long, loud groan of release, her legs stuttering as they stretched out into the air beside me, pointing her toes as her legs trembled before they dropped to the bed and she pulled them back to grind into my mouth, shaking and twisting as she rode her climax all the way, driving it hard by encouraging me to continue working at her intense, overwhelmed body.

“Stop, stop!” she suddenly gasped, unable to take anymore as she reached down to push me away from her pussy. I looked up at the beautiful visage of her with a sheen of sweat, flopping back exhausted onto the pillows, gasping hard for breath in the wake of a fantastic orgasm, her beautiful breasts heaving up and down with her breaths, nipples sticking clearly through the thin shirt as her eyes rolled shut and she let the after affects of her climax take control, sinking her into a somewhat comatose state as she absorbed every little sensation.

Giving her a moment to pause, I let my tongue loll as the tension ebbed from it, feeling the price of bringing the luscious singer a great climax and noticing just how rock hard I was, and contemplating just how easily it would slide inside her. I eased my fingers back and heard Katy just give a slightly accentuated breath as they slipped out of her two holes, her legs giving another minor squeeze as she lay recovering. I let my hands rest at her hips and put my head on the inside of her thigh, wanting to give her a minute to recover before we continued, fully intent on getting more than my fingers into her pussy.

With her breathing settling to normal, and a glance up telling me she hadn’t fallen asleep, I pushed up on my arms, quickly reaching down to dispatch my shorts and free my aching hard-on. Almost gliding up over her with a few quick kisses to her body and a quick squeeze of her phenomenal chest, the treat still not lost on me, I was over her and kissed her deeply, pulling her from her rest and into another tongue-twisting snog, making out passionately and letting her taste herself as my thick erection rubbed up over her pussy, over the neat strip of hair she sported and onto her tummy.

Just for a moment however, as in my hunger for her I was not holding back in sliding into her, our kisses ongoing, tongues battling eagerly as I pulled my hips back to let my cock spring between her legs, lining me up perfectly to press forward, which I immediately did and felt the bulging head of my cock contact her hot, wet pussy, the soft lips caressing me and inviting me to sink inside. I gave a push of my hips and felt the delightful, time-slowing moment as her body resisted me slightly and then gave around me, the head of my cock popping inside her, enveloped by the velvet heat of her pussy, clenching down on me to make me surge even harder as a ragged breath escaped me.

“No baby,” Katy mumbled after a gasp, reaching down to grab me before I drove home into her haven, holding me back even as her pussy gave a delightful squeeze on my cock.

“What…why not?” I breathed, stopped in full flow as after having just got inside her she cut me short, looking up into my eyes as she lay beneath me.

“Sorry baby, I’m not ready yet, not tonight,” she whispered softly, giving a somewhat apologetic look, knowing what I wanted. It was little comfort however as my erection throbbed in her hand, her snug pussy still wrapped around the first couple of inches as I gave a hissing sigh of frustration, looking up from her at the wall above her bed in the gloom.

“Don’t be like that, I’ll take care of you,” she purred, wiggling a little underneath me and leaning up to kiss at my chest and onto my neck, trying to reengage me. It only served to make my hips twitch and take what little motion there was with her hand controlling me, her other hand reaching up my side to stroke gently over me, taking in the tensed muscles of my shoulder and back. She took somewhat of a hold on me and used it to leverage herself to rock her hips, not letting me any deeper but just rolling her tight pussy around the tip of my cock, her hand starting to squeeze at my shaft as she matched it with clenches of her pelvic muscles.

It certainly drew me back into things, but only in the way I had been before, hungry to sink my whole length inside her, but she was just using it as a warm up. She smiled up at me playfully, knowing she had me in her power as she teased me with her pussy, giving a few more rocks onto me before she pulled her hips up just enough to slip me out. Rubbing me over her clit and through her soft folds again before she settled down with my cock over her stomach, she let her grip loosen and slid up to my head before giving a firm stroke down to spread her slippery juices down over my cock, making me shudder and push into her hand more.

“Mmm like that?” she murmured, grinning up at me as she pulled back to my head again, twisting her hand around all over it to make me gasp at the intensity before she slipped back down me again, this time immediately bouncing into a rhythm as she started to jerk me off as I leant over her on in the darkness. Despite missing out on her sweet pussy, for now at least, it felt fantastic and her grasp seemed just right, and I wasn’t going to miss out on whatever it was Katy Perry had for me now by letting it get to me. I let the pleasure wash through me as she stroked my cock quite rapidly, loving how she squeezed it to feel it throb and surge in her hand, pushing my hips to meet her hand.

She added more kisses to my body before pulling me over to urge me onto my side, rolling me carefully off her as she made sure to continue stroking at my cock, pulling me into a kiss as she picked up her pace, making me strain against her as we kissed deeply, tongues battling before she bit my lower lip, accentuated with a tight squeeze of the head of my cock and then another more dominating kiss as she pushed up to kneel over me, hair cascading down around me as she jerked me hard and fast, almost too much to bear for a few seconds before she suddenly let go and raked her nails threateningly up my stomach as she broke away from me.

“Katy what the…” I gasped, questioning her intention and being instantly cut off by her mouth sliding down my cock as she dived onto me, her hand wrapping round the base of me once more as she started bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of my cock, sucking perfectly as she let her tongue stroke at the ridges of my head. I could only exhale enthusiastically with pleasure as she started sucking me off, getting going deeper and sucking a bit harder, working her hand more and bringing her tongue to bear on more sensitive spots.

It was the complete blowjob, and more than enough to make me forget about her sweet pussy in that moment, sucking her own juices from me as I thrust up into her mouth. Pulling up, she lingered at my head and worked her tongue on me, sliding over more so she could get a good angle to work at me as I trembled under her ministrations, quite enjoying herself as she pushed back down on me and bumped into her hand as she took a little more in.

My hands were now the ones grasping the bedding, fighting the urge to take hold of her head and push her deeper onto me. The covers had been pushed away and it gave me a dim view of the luscious singer sucking my cock, her raven head bobbing delightfully as she wrapped her lips around me, just letting out the occasional, sexy gasp or murmur as she did so. Katy again assaulted my head, making my eyes squeeze shut with the intensity as her hand moved to caress my balls instead, before she gave a firm, deep push, taking me into her throat and letting me experience the wonderful sensation of it yielding before me until she pulled back up. She hadn’t gone full deepthroat but it still felt fantastic and gave me a delightful shudder as she resumed sucking eagerly, working up and down over half my cock as she sucked just right, taking me towards my peak. Focusing on the head once more, she tongued briskly just underneath it and then sucked harder as she let her lips rock back and forwards over the ridge of my head, popping me in and  out of her mouth.

I couldn’t take it anymore and let my hand stray into her hair, pushing my fingers through it as they found the back of her head, pushing down slightly to urge her down once more. She didn’t complain and let me sink her down again, taking me as deep into her throat as she had before followed by a long pull back up, which she repeated a couple of times to tease me before she began what was clearly her final assault, turning up the wick and sucking harder, on the brink of being too hard as her tongue swirled and stabbed at my cock, rocking her head to let me rub into her soft cheeks, bouncing down for momentary teasing of her throat as she worked vigorously at me.

My hand followed her bobbing head as my fingers twisted for a grip in her dark, luxurious hair, straining up into her mouth as my climax built rapidly, my shudders and accelerating breaths telling her what she already knew as she worked intently at me, right up to the moment where she dashed my hopes of her swallowing by wrenching herself off me and out the way, her hand instantly stroking back up my full length to race into an immediate rhythm. There was no time to complain about it however as she jerked me off like an absolute pro, working her hand perfectly up and down my slippery cock, slick from her awesome blowjob as she worked me into the intense climax that she’d built for me.

In seconds she had me on the brink and, after a few strained thrusts of my hips in an attempt to hold it back, I burst explosively with a hard shove of my hips and a long near-growling rasp of ecstasy as I came, Katy working her hand relentlessly into my peak as I shot a thick jet up over my body and her sweet hand. My hips bucked as I arched into the pillows from her continued strokes, almost too much as my cock gave several more rock hard surges in her grasp to spurt more of my thick load over my chest and stomach, the last few coating her hand as she slowed to a stop, giving a couple of last pulls from the bottom to squeeze it all out of me to run down over her thumb. We were both breathing hard in the aftermath, me more so as I lay back exhausted between the pillows, just basking in the glow of the fantastic climax she’d given me, not caring now that she hadn’t swallowed for me.

“Better?” she purred, looking up to me with her big, pretty eyes and a naughty smile on her face.

“Much,” I breathed, smiling as I looked into the eyes of the beautiful singer. She blew me a kiss and then clambered out of the bed to clean up, throwing me some tissue to do the same thing. My eyes followed her as she headed into her en-suite bathroom in just her little grey shirt, not attempting to cover herself in the darkness though I couldn’t get much sight of the neat landing strip I’d felt so thoroughly with my tongue. She returned to the bed, sliding in and prompting me to do the same, heading to freshen up, though I had no idea if she watched me the way I had with her. With a few moments to pause, I took a few deep breaths, staring into my own eyes in the mirror and the sharp light of the bathroom, contemplating just where I was and what had just happened. Managing to control the urge to somehow make a fool of myself in a masculine moment of ecstatic conquest, I calmed myself before switching off the light and joining her back in the bed, making her squeal as I pressed a cold hand to her soft skin beneath the lightweight shirt. She wriggled away from me and rolled over, pushing herself underneath my arm and resting her head down on my chest, settling herself in comfortably like she belonged there.

“Don’t swallow then?” I asked after a few moments in the darkness, having to ask after she’d resorted to her hand to finish me off. Her arm slid across my body more and round my ribs, pulling herself a little closer to me and snuggling in a bit more.
“Not on the first date,” she murmured quietly, giving a little arch of her back as my hand slid over her firm arse and rested over her hip. The silence closed in around us in the darkness, only the sounds of our breath breaking through it, softening as we relaxed. Tired from a day of travelling and having been sucked off by Katy Perry were hardly things to keep me awake, and I quickly slipped from feeling quite sharp and focused on the reality of things into a deep, restful sleep. Katy I didn’t know about, but she seemed quiet and satisfied, laid securely on my chest, holding me a bit closer than I’d have expected…if I’d expected anything at all.

Evidently she slept as well as I did, because when I woke in the morning we were still cuddled together, rolled more together now with my arms around her. Pulling her close to me as if she were my girlfriend made her stir, mumbling and pressing me back down on the bed, kissing my chest lightly as I lay back beneath her. Looking down to the singer lost in her raven hair, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I stared up at the ceiling, wonderfully surprised and delighted it hadn’t been a vivid dream. A few comfortable minutes with her passed as the beckoning Californian sunshine poured in the windows, tempting me to get out on the bike almost as much as Katy did to stay in bed. I let my hands stray, stroking over her smooth back and down onto her bum, giving a firm squeeze as my other hand slid back up under her shirt, towards her shoulder blades as she stirred again. Her thigh moved over mine, the sensation of her silky skin against me enough to stiffen my already swelling erection far more, causing me to push my hips up a little as the tingle spread through me.

“Mmm good morning,” she murmured, not lifting her head as her hand slid straight onto my cock, sending a rush through me as her fingers closed around me. Just using a gentle grasp, she interrupted it with a firm squeeze to make me push into her hand a bit more, then started lazily stroking me up and down with a soft, teasing grip, letting her hand deliberately catch me just under the tip of my cock to make it jump.

“Eager this morning aren’t we?” she teased as I pushed up a little at her grasp, wishing she’d take hold and get to work, holding myself back as she gave more squeezes.

“But I’m afraid there’s no time for this, we need to get on the road,” she said, kissing my chest as her hand continued its gentle stroke. I couldn’t help but grumble a little, knowing we needed to get riding but wanting her to get me off first.

“Take me for a ride first, then you’ll get more,” she purred, looking up at me with a smile as she gripped my cock and held, feeling me moving slightly in her fist as she looked me in the eye, planting another kiss on my chest. She just paused a moment, a final restful one, before she turned her head to look down at my throbbing erection, giving a squeeze and then suddenly going full assault, jerking me off hard and fast, her hand clamped down firmly around me as she worked rapidly up and down every inch for a blissful few seconds, a ragged gasp escaping me as I thrust up into her ministrations. And then she abruptly let me go, rolling away and out of reach, sliding off the bed and giving me a lovely view of her booty as I gasped for breath.

“Time to get up…in a different way,” she added, glancing down to my rock hard cock as she looked over her shoulder with a playful smile. It was clear she was going to be quite a handful for this little adventure, and not only in cup size. Walking round the bed, I was treated to the lovely sight of her stretching as she peeled the little grey shirt off over her head, letting her gorgeous breasts free just as she walked into the en suite and shut the door, the shower rushing a few moments later. I took a breath and lay back in the bed, contemplating what was to come as she took a shower, before pushing myself up in bed to sit as I thought about joining her.

She’d closed the door however, and the invitation hadn’t been made. Pondering things I needed to do to the bike, like adjust the rear preload a little for a couple of days of pillion riding and get it loaded up with luggage helped distract me from Katy sufficiently for a few minutes until the shower shut off, followed swiftly by the gorgeous singer emerging into the bedroom wrapped in a towel, accentuating her ample chest, the ends of her hair damp.

“All yours,” she purred, turning to her dresser.

“Hey, do you have some gear to wear?” I asked, since it was rather an important factor that we’d not got around to discussing.

“Yeah I’ve got my own stuff. An ex of mine had a bike, so I got some gear to ride with him,” she replied, glancing round at me as she picked through her underwear.

“Cool,” was all I could reply as I slid off the bed and headed into the bathroom, figuring she had some basic gear as she took me in on my way to the shower. A few minutes under the hot water was a lovely way to wake up, besides another handjob from Katy Perry of course, and brought me round properly, feeling refreshed and ready to get out onto the road. Helping myself to one of her towels, I dried off and wrapped it round my waist, opening the door and stepping back into the bedroom to a visage of lustful perfection.

Wearing a black thong and matching bra, Katy was just pulling a pair of tight black leather bike trousers up her toned thighs, looking over to me with a smile as she wiggled her hips seductively to work them up tightly over her ass. Concealing her sexy panties with a tug of the zip and click of the poppers, she turned more to let me see the sexy details of her bra, a mix of satin and sheer. She was a sight to behold with the black leather snugly wrapping around every curve of her legs and firm ass as she turned to pick up a contrasting red top to wear underneath her jacket.

“Nice shower?” she asked, breaking the silence that I’d been using to stare at her.

“Yeah, great,” I replied with a smile, walking past her to find my own stuff. She pulled the top over her head and looked round to watch as I pulled my shorts on and pragmatically got into my own leathers, wrestling them into place and sitting down to get into my boots as she finished zipping hers up, looking very much the part with one foot up on the bed, tempting my vision by running her hands back up her thigh.

“So where we going?” she asked, looking lovely in her bright red top, pulling snugly around her enticing boobs.

“We’ll find somewhere don’t worry,” I said, finishing with the boots and standing up with a grab of my shirt, pulling it on as Katy waited.

“Sounds mysterious,” she said with a little cock of her eyebrow and a smile.

“Sure is, an exciting adventure,” I smiled, checking through my stuff to make sure I had everything before picking up my jacket, sliding into the familiar leather. She was spurred into action as I picked up my helmet, ready to go now.

“I’ll be there in a minute, let me just get a few bits,” she said, turning to start quickly packing things into a backpack.

“Sure, I’ll go and get the bike ready. Not too much stuff remember,” I said with a smile, heading for the door. Katy set about it as I headed down the stairs, taking a deep breath as I reassured myself this was real, stepping out the door into the Californian sunshine and fresh ocean air. Sitting my helmet down on the seat of the bike, I found the keys and got the ignition on with a tactile click, pressing the starter that instigated a twist of the engine and then a throaty rumble as it sparked into life. With it warming up I got my bag onto the back, clear of the back seat that Katy would need, securing it firmly down and checking things over quickly. Satisfied it was all ready to go, I zipped my jacket onto my trousers, then zipped it up ready for the ride, settling into it just as the door opened and the luscious American singer emerged, bag over her shoulder and helmet in hand.
“Holy fuck,” I said slowly, trying not to let on how overwhelmed I was at the sight of her, the curvy Californian wrapped entirely in snug black leather, the fitting trousers and tall boots, added to a figure hugging jacket that pulled in at the waist and went out at her chest, met by the cascading curls of her silky black hair over her shoulders. She had a deep red helmet in her hand, smiling as she approached the bike.
“Let’s get going then,” she beamed, evidently enjoying herself both teasing me and at the prospect of the escape. She pulled her straps around and clipped them shut to secure the bag on her back, settling it with a rock of her shoulders as I stepped over the bike, dropping onto the saddle and kicking the stand underneath as I pulled it up with the handlebars. Giving a few quick revs of the engine to get it going properly evoked a lovely rasp from the exhausts, the enticing throb beneath me as I walked the Triumph around to head down towards the gates of her expensive house.

Katy pulled the helmet on and down over her hair, leaving the rest of it trailing out from beneath as she settled her lid, fastening the strap under her chin and then looking to me waiting on the bike, able to see the smile in her eyes as she walked over to the bike. I couldn’t resist twisting round to pat the seat behind me as she approached, smiling inside the helmet as she got to the bike, taking a moment to size it up before taking a grasp on my shoulder and lifting her leg over, finding the pillion peg with her boot and pulling herself up onto the seat behind me as I held the bike firmly, getting her other foot on and settling in place, her leather clad knees squeezing in on me as she did.

Glancing back I gave a questioning nod to make sure she was ready, met with a return nod of her helmet, and then focused on the run down to her gates, kicking the bike down into first gear and letting the clutch out to roll smoothly away down toward the road, easing down to the junction and then out since it was quiet, opening the throttle up and kicking up a couple of gears as we got moving, relaxing into the feel of the machine beneath me and the weight of Katy behind me, who seemed to be comfortable on the back as we got going.

We had to go through some of the city in order to escape, the inevitable traffic and frustrations, filtering through though it was a little more tricky on a bike loaded with luggage and passenger. Eventually we managed to escape and beneath the beaming Californian sunshine broke free of the urban jungle, to the suburban jungle at least, getting away from the cloying density of the city. It took some time to get clear of civilisation, eventually seeing the houses fade into the mirrors as the road stretched North and onward towards the forests and countryside, Katy riding behind me without complaint as the miles passed.

A couple of hours on the bike were enough to warrant a quick break though and we pulled over at a rest stop, taking the chance to get off the bike for a bit and stretch, Katy looking a little tight as we did, her legs stiff from riding behind me. We went into the diner for a coffee and a snack, sitting and looking out the window, beyond the bike at the open landscape ahead and its prospects to escape quietly with one another. A few guys checked Katy out in her hugging leather outfit but nobody else appeared to recognise her, not that she was making a show of herself however, keeping her head down quietly at the table as we took a break.

A few minutes rest and then a couple more stretching our legs was enough to head back to the bike, getting a knowing nod from another biker as he pulled in. Hopping back onto the Triumph, I had barely pulled it up as Katy clambered on with me, starting it up as she settled in, her hands moving round my waist this time, pulling herself closer to me than she had been as I kicked into gear and pulled away, feeling delightfully wanted by her as I opened up the bike and accelerated onto the road again, winding up the speed now as we got onto the open road into the countryside.

As I accelerated down the beckoning road the beautiful singer huddled in behind me, shielding herself from the wind and resting her head gently against my back, giving just a light squeeze of her thighs to me as she relaxed for the ride. The traffic melted away as we got further from the city, the trees closing in around us as we climbed through the hills into the forests, towering and ancient as we sped beneath their boughs on the throbbing Bonneville, the lovely exhaust note tempting me to load the throttle at times, especially as we climbed up the winding roads. Katy knew how to ride pillion as she easily moved with me, gliding effortlessly through the bends and flowing with me and the bike, holding securely to me with complete trust.

The wide blue sky stretched infinitely above us as we wound peacefully through the picturesque roads, the undulating roads offering an enjoyable blend of downhill sweeps and uphill climbs, the Triumph eating them up easily. I’d done many miles on this bike in recent days, but these were without doubt the best, on a great road with Katy Perry on the back, taking her for a ride, away from the madness of her daily life. Climbing to the top of the hill saw a break in the trees and a viewing area at the edge of the tumble into the valley below, where I pulled the bike over in the shade from the tall trees behind us.

Thrumming to a stop, I clicked the engine off, the silence so complete in the sudden moment it cut out, a relief we didn’t know we were seeking from the constant sounds of the ride. I waited as Katy climbed off a little stiffly, stretching herself as I put the bike onto the side stand and stepped off, reaching up to free myself of my helmet. Setting it down on the bike, I looked over to Katy as she did the same, shaking her long hair out sexily after she did, smiling to me as she stood it on the back of the bike and took her bag off with a lovely shrug of her shoulders.

Walking to the wooden barrier overlooking the sprawling countryside below us, I gave a deep sigh of satisfaction, taking in the peace and quiet of nature and the stunning view before me, and then the stunning view beside me as Katy joined me, resting her elbows on the barrier and lightly clasping her hands to rest on them in front of her chin, her big eyes roving across the incredible view.

“How’s the escape so far?” I asked, taking in her gorgeous curves accentuated by the leather outfit. My eyes scanning back up her body met hers, catching me in the act of checking her out, but she just gave a smile, drinking up the attention I was giving her.

“Just that,” she replied, turning her gaze back to the wide open view as my own moved down to check out her ass, the black leather trousers clinging to her perfectly. Drawn to her and deciding to push things a little bit, I slid in behind her and ran my hands round her hips, letting one slide round over her body to pull her close as I reached up with the other to pull her hair aside so I could plant a soft, lingering kiss on her delicate neck, feeling her shiver as I did.

“Well now you’ve escaped, you can do whatever you want,” I said, kissing her some more as she turned towards me so I could plant them on her cheek, my hand slipping underneath her arm and unashamedly across her chest, reaching up to grasp the zip of her jacket and ease it down slowly.

“Whatever I want huh?” she murmured, tipping her head back to let me kiss at her neck once more as she arched her back to rub her firm ass into me.

“Anything, you’ve broken free,” I said, letting my fingertips stray between then open zip of her jacket and over the firm tops of her breasts through the soft red top.

“So if I wanted you to bend me over this railing…” she said huskily, lowering her head again and looking foxily into my eyes as I kissed her cheek once more.

“Then you can definitely have that,” I murmured, nuzzling against her a little and kissing her again as my fingertips found her jacket zip again, sliding it down most of the way to expose a V down to her stomach. I took the invitation and let my hand slide inside her leathers, onto her breast to give a firm squeeze as my other hand slipped into the bottom of the enticing opening, sliding down over her top and onto the soft, warm skin of her tummy, knowing that below all that stood in my way was her sexy black thong.

I just paused as my fingertips grazed the edge of it, toying along it for a few moments before I just let them slip beneath, Katy leaning back into me as she allowed my exploration. Taking it slow, I stroked over her smooth body, neatly waxed save for her dark landing strip of hair, which I deliberately avoided as I slowly let my fingers circle on their way south. There was nothing but the sounds of nature around us as I continued to grope at her chest, the singer pushing back onto me as I just let my fingertips brush through the top of her soft strip of pubic hair, inviting me to follow it straight down onto her clit. Just as my finger moved to do so however her hand took hold of my wrist to stop me, twisting to pull away from me a little with a devilish smile.

“You’re not gonna get that,” she said, sticking her tongue out playfully at me.

“I thought you wanted to exploit your freedom,” I said, grinning at her as my other hand slid up to gently pull my fingertips down her slender neck.

“Mm I do, but not yet. Maybe I’ll let you exploit it later on,” she purred, giving me a wink as she pulled herself from my grasp, turning back on me within my arms to slip her own around my neck. My hands instinctively moved around her back, pulling in at the smooth taper of her body as she leaned up to kiss me, pushing up onto her toes and giving me a great opportunity to squeeze her ass as her tongue slid into my mouth, softly caressing at my own as we accelerated into a hungry, passionate kiss.

She kissed wantonly down my neck as she broke away, making me tingle at her lust for me before she escaped me and slipped from my reach, looking back over her shoulder at me mischievously as she zipped her jacket back up. I gave a sigh as I smiled, loving how she teased but also with the clear intention of giving me what I wanted, and what she evidently wanted too. I was just going to have to work for it, which I was more than happy to do, contemplating what this adventure might have in store as I turned to look out over the view again, letting the quiet of the surrounding forest absorb me.

Katy sorted out her clothes and then sidled up behind me, slipping her arms around me and looking round me at the view, just melting into my moment and sharing it, standing quietly as we both soaked up the silence and freedom from the bustle of the modern world. Minutes passed easily as we soaked it up, not another soul passing on the road to ruin it for us by stopping or recognising Katy Perry, like it was all ours…all mine. The wilderness, the road, the bike, the girl…all mine. A deep sigh from Katy broke my train of mindless thought and spurred me to stand up from the smooth wooden railing, polished from thousands of other hands before mine, disturbing Katy behind me. Giving a stretch, I kicked my legs out as I walked away from the barrier.
“We’d best get going again,” I said, looking into the big eyes of the distinctly content looking singer.
“Sure,” she said, turning back to the bike. As she got her helmet and bag back on I strolled around a bit, stretching my legs back out properly before we got going again. She was all ready to go as I reached the Triumph, picking up my helmet and turning the keys with my spare hand, pressing the starter to get the parallel twin into life, giving it a few moments to get itself started again as I pulled the helmet on and deftly fastened it, adjusting a couple of vents for comfort before I stepped over the bike, sitting down again onto the familiar seat and kicking the stand as I righted it. Without even needing to glance back Katy climbed onto the back behind me, already into the routine as my sexy bike chick as she dropped down behind me, settling into place with a grip of her knees and hands sliding onto my waist once more.

She patted me to signify we were set and without another pause I kicked it into first gear and let the clutch out, burbling away from out peaceful, intimate stop and back to the road. A quick glance told me what I already suspected, that nobody was out here in the forest with us, and I broke out onto the road once more, feeling the smooth tarmac roll away beneath us as we immediately climbed, loading the engine to give a deep, enticing bellow as I kicked up through the gears, letting it run a bit more now to give Katy a taste of the speed, feeling her snuggle in close to me as she held tight with no complaints.

It only took a couple of minutes to reach the summit we’d been so close to at our stop, flowing over the crest and then onto the immediate downhill, the gradient capturing us and accelerating the bike even as the engine slowed in my grip, flowing effortlessly down the road to twist into the valley below as the forest closed in around us to bathe us in shadow, the sound of the exhausts reverberating off the trunks of the trees as we swept by. The tuned Bonneville flowed neatly from bend to bend, urging me to open the engine up and fly down the slope but, wanting to savour the ride and please Katy riding pillion, I kept the bike reined in, letting the gearbox take up the slack and control the descent with a beautifully mechanical sensation and sound.

Sunlight dappled through the trees onto us as we coasted down the hill, leaning and rolling in sync with the bike, feeling Katy lean back away from me as we reached a straighter stretch, holding onto the pillion handle past the luggage and looking up at the sky, taking in the wide open heavens between the tall, ancient trees, nurtured by the sun that threw so many shadows across the road ahead of us. Katy pulled herself in close to me again as we headed into another set of corners, pulling her arms around me but this time more up toward my chest, her head still turned up to look at the trees and sky around us, as if she were expecting something. I pressed on down through the winding roads, enjoying how the engine noise rose as we passed an outcrop of rocks or was carried away by the breeze in a gap in the forest, and loving how Katy was holding me.

The road meandered its way down the hills into the valley for some way, much further than it had looked, another couple of hours riding for us as the sun sank lower in the sky. It was a mixture of riding, from some tight slow stuff to more open stretches, but we just cruised along, all about the journey. As the road flattened out into the valley floor however I couldn’t resist but open it up, letting the machine beneath us surge forwards eagerly and sprint down the wide, empty road, past the sprawling countryside on either side, the hills overshadowing us from behind as we sped away from them, Katy’s long hair flying with the wind. A rush into triple figures was where I let the bike slow, the engine over running with a few spits from the exhaust as it did, rolling down to a more leisurely pace once again.

Ahead of us, basking in sunlight, was a clear area against a wall of trees, just before the road curved and climbed again onto the next hill. Katy reached out and pointed to it, and I sat up to turn slightly and give some rudimentary hand signals, questioning if she wanted us to stop there. She gave a thumbs up and then held me again, leaving me to get on with riding again, cruising along easily, no sign of anybody else around on this lovely road. It was further away than it looked, the rise in the topography making it visible, and took a little longer than I expected it to but it didn’t matter.

As we approached, I looked for an easy way on and saw it simply neatly sloped down off the road onto the grass, making it no problem to slow the bike down smoothly and then steer onto the field, the longish grass swatting around my boots as the bike bounced across it. Katy held on tightly as I took us through it, legs out in case, pulling the bike over near the trees and pulling it to a halt. She climbed off the back as I carefully leaned it on the stand, cutting the engine as the singer stretched stiffly, kicking her legs out and rolling her shoulders as I got off.

She dropped her bag and pulled her helmet off, putting them down and then letting herself roll down onto the ground beside them, stretching out in the sunlight with an arch of her back. Leaving my helmet on the bike, I followed her, pausing to take in the sweeping area ahead of us, the valley opening up in front with the hills we’d just descended back to our left, and the next hill with its forest and secrets climbing behind us. Katy’s hand slid up my boot and onto my leg, making me look down to her, smiling on the grass below and blowing me a kiss. Dropping down beside her, I leant down and kissed her properly, Katy welcoming me with her big lips and hand grasping my jacket to stop me breaking away, as if I would.

“Mm enjoyed the ride?” I asked as she finally released me, sitting up beside her and pulling her over to lean on my legs, her head to my chest.

“Yeah, just a bit stiff that’s all,” she replied, accentuating it with a roll of her ankles.

“I can massage you if you need it,” I said with a smile.

“I bet you can, and maybe I’ll let you,” she said with a naughty smile.

“Need those leathers off first though,” I said, letting my hand brush down the front of her jacket and onto her trousers.

“Not quite yet, be patient,” she said, leaning  back in my arm comfortably. We just sat in the sunshine for a while, our silhouettes long on the ground with the low sun just making it over the hills now. I shifted to lying down with the raven haired singer relaxing at a right angle to me, her head on my stomach as she held my hand across her body.

“I wish we could stay here for the night,” she said, gazing up at the cloudless sky.

“We can. Want to camp here for tonight?” I asked, looking down to her.

“Really? We can?” she asked, cocking her head a bit.

“Sure, I have a tent. It’s not much but it’s something,” I said, thinking of my compact two-man tent, plenty enough shelter for just me when I was out in the wilderness. Besides, it wasn’t like we really needed privacy from anyone.

“Sounds great,” she said, smiling at the thought of camping out under the stars, evidently having not done any such thing for a long time. We lay together for a while longer, time just passing, my hand sliding down inside her jacket to cup her chest once she unzipped it a little. As the sun slipped behind the hill and shadow fell, it became much darker and a chill fell around us, spurring us into action.

“I’ll get the tent unpacked, you go and find us something for a fire,” I said to her as I put my jacket aside near the bike.

“A fire, how authentic,” she quipped, smiling at me as she took her own bike jacket off to reveal the snug red top beneath.
“Not a camp out without a fire, and it’s getting a bit chilly so we’ll need it. Go and find us some wood,” I said as I set about pulling the bike properly onto its centre stand to make sure it was stable.

“I know where I could find some wood,” she said with a sly smile and sideways glance at me, a flick of her tongue as she headed into the tree line. I watched her go, checking out her tight, leather-clad ass as she went, before I set about unpacking the bike. Getting the tent off, I found as flat an area as possible and got on setting it up, taking only a few minutes since I’d done it so many times before. It still took a few minutes though and I looked around in the gloom for Katy, having not seen her for a while now, no sign of her. I could hear the odd crack or crunch underfoot however in the nearby trees, carried on the crisp evening air and knew she was around. With the tent set up, I packed up its bag and put it back on the bike, getting my own bag off it and the tank bag, bringing them over to the tent and throwing our jackets onto the Triumph. I didn’t expect any bad weather, and it would really ruin the moment, but I quickly covered the bike up anyway with a light cover I kept, just in case.

Having freed the sleeping bag and matting I had from the incredibly tight compression I kept it under so it fit on the bike, I spread it out in the tent and sat down in front of it to wait for Katy. The sexy singer finally emerged from the trees in the encroaching darkness, falling quickly now the sun had faded behind the earth, just a light to the sky now as day turned to night. With an armful of sticks, twigs and small logs, Katy had done an enthusiastic job collecting firewood. I wasn’t sure what kind of fire she thought we were having, but it would mean it was a good one for sure. I stood up as she reached the tent, dropping the wood down in front of it and smiling proudly at her effort, before surveying our quarters for the night.

“Very nice,” she said, not needing to comment on the fact we were clearly intending to be keeping one another warm.

“Let’s get this fire going then,” I said, finding a suitable place a little way away from the tent to set up. Katy let me get on with things, watching quietly as I quickly assembled the fire with some of the long, dry grass from around us and lighter twigs and sticks, with some of the thicker branches on top and finally a few of the log type pieces assembled over it to sustain it. Finding my lighter that I kept for such things, I soon got it started, aided by the lovely dry wood. The flames licked at the thicker sticks for a few moments before they started to ignite, the fire getting going quite nicely.

“Good job,” Katy said, smiling at it as she held her hands out towards it, feeling the small warmth of it, before reaching down to undo her boots.

“Not my first time,” I said with a smile, bringing my tank bag over and sitting down beside her, greeted by her leaning her head onto me and then planting a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“Got anything to eat? I’m starving,” Katy said, accentuated by a slight grumble of her stomach. It had been hours since we’d last eaten, and a hard days riding had us both in need of some food. My tank bag contained a collection of snacks, hardly a banquet but it was delicious to hungry mouths and we spent the next few minutes devouring a collection of sinfully sweet or salty treats. With that taken care of, we could just relax and take things in, Katy sitting between my legs and leaning back against me, my arms draped around her body, her hands on top of mine as we warmed ourselves by the satisfying fire, burning nicely as the thicker logs started to catch. It was warm, peaceful and perfect, the sky overhead turning to an inky blue, stars shining down with a half moon, pinpricks in the heavens as we basked next to the fire. My hand carefully strayed up to squeeze her fantastic chest, something she didn’t mind at all, leaning back onto my shoulder to let me kiss softly at her cheek and onto her neck, making her shiver slightly as I did, my other hand just starting to tease at the bottom of her shirt.

“If only we had some music,” she murmured, eyes closed as she pushed back into me slightly. I paused, and then reluctantly slid out from behind her, scrambling over to the tent to find my other bag as Katy looked back at me, falling back onto the grass and craning at me curiously. Fumbling through my stuff, I found my MP3 player and small speaker dock; it was only a small battery powered affair, not particularly loud, but in such a silent place without any background noise it was more than sufficient to cut through the crisp night air. I couldn’t carry much, but having a little bit of music was something I valued.

“Oh wow, music and everything,” Katy exclaimed, biting her lip through a smile as I set it down and flicked through my music, wondering what would set the mood right, apart from a plethora of romantic songs that I didn’t have. My taste in music was varied, but there was plenty of it I was sure she wouldn’t like, until I struck on the excellent Jeff Buckley; his heartfelt mix of soulful tunes was sure to strike the right note and I opted to play his first album “Grace”, clicking play before hopping back over to Katy, dropping down on the other side of her as I pulled her into my arms, across my lap so she reclined into and over me, one arm sliding over her tummy onto her hip as the other supported her shoulders, my hand slipping effortlessly back into position on her chest as we relaxed next to the growing fire. Her hands dropped onto my arm as the first gentle tweaks of the music blended into the crisp night air before his smooth vocals joined in. I watched as she listened, seeing her focusing intently for a moment before a wide smile spread across her lips, just absorbing it for a few moments before she leaned her head back and looked up at me.
“Oh wow, how could you know,” she almost whispered as “Mojo Pin” emanated from the small docking station.

“What’s that?” I said, letting my fingers stroke at her body as she closed her eyes and just let the soft, perfect notes of the music wash over her under the stars.

“I lost my virginity to this,” she murmured with a smile, rocking her head slightly as she lay in my arms.

“This song?” I asked after a pause, during which my heart had surged as a little rush of excitement spread through me at knowing her sexy secrets.

“This album, it was on at the time,” she said, just soaking up the notes, the only thing breaking the night air besides the crackle of the fire, going well now.

“Sounds romantic, where was it?” I asked, reaching up to brush her hair back from her face as she opened her eyes to look up at me.

“In the front seat of my boyfriend’s car,” she said, glancing away as she remembered it, giving a little sigh to herself. I leaned down and kissed her, Katy holding and then escalating it. Not aggressively, just passionately, tempting me in with her tongue as she pushed up towards me and made the kiss more intimate and exciting before we broke apart, the singer resting back with a murmur as she rested her head into me. The darkness was complete, our sharp shadows cast long around us by the warm, orange firelight, the thicker logs burning now and giving off a lovely warmth and bright, natural incandescence in the darkened countryside. The music rolled soulfully by as we just enjoyed the sheer peace and solitude of our isolation, entwined by the fire, Katy snuggling comfortably against me, trustingly.

“I’m so glad you came out for the ride,” I murmured to her, not wanting to break the spell of the music.

“So am I, it’s perfect out here,” she whispered. I didn’t look at her, my eyes lost in the depths of the fire. I was tempted out of my moment with a delightful shiver as her soft lips pressed lightly to the skin of my neck, teased by her tongue as she gave me succulent touch of her tongue in the process, a sequence of kisses moving along under my jaw and down towards the top of my chest before she slipped back, shifting in my arms. I looked down, seeing her looking directly back at me with her big eyes, no smiles now, just a slight note of anticipation as she breathed deeply, the flickering light letting me take in her beauty, the last moment of the calm before the storm.

Pulling her to me I kissed her deeply, feeling her respond instantly, pushing up to be able to play more of a part as we made out, our tongues leaping into action and immediately battling with one another as her full lips pressed to mine. I pulled her close to me, feeling her shiver in my dominating grasp as I held her, pushing over more onto my hip as my hand slid straight up her shirt, squeezing at her fantastic breasts through her bra. My other hand was in her hair now, pulling her head back to kiss hungrily at her neck, nipping with my teeth as she gasped, wrestling her shirt up.

Katy took over and pulled her red vest top up, breaking away for a moment to pull it off over her head, long hair cascading around her shoulders as she threw it towards the tent, her fantastic chest pushed up in her sexy black bra for my hand to roam over. I took in her gorgeous curves as I pinned her onto the grass, leaning over her for us to continue kissing lustfully, her hands pulling up my sides under my shirt, feeling my taut body as she pulled my own shirt up, causing me to take a break of mere seconds to discard it and continue, her hands roaming over my athletic body as I started to kiss down her neck, tracing across her collarbone.

Katy kicked off her loosened boots as I swiftly kissed down her, my hand sliding over her tummy and down the front of her snug leather trousers, feeling the soft fabric of her panties. She didn’t stop me now, positively pushing up to invite me further, my fingers sliding down over her matching black thong. I could feel the heat of her through them, circling my fingers to make her grind her hips up to me and encourage me to pull back and then delve underneath the thin underwear, sliding through her soft landing strip and straight onto her smooth vulva, feeling her immediately shudder and grind her clit up into my fingers as I probed between her puffy lips.

My digits circled at her as I slid back up for another deep, hungry kiss, Katy full of energy as she bit and sucked at my tongue, hanging on my lower lip as she gave a throaty rasp of pleasure, spurring me to pull away and kiss quickly down her body, taking time to bury my face between her gorgeous boobs and plant my lips on her sternum as I moved down her tummy, making her squirm slightly as I tickled at her, pulling one hand down her side as I withdrew the other from her trousers, immediately yanking them open and getting hold of the zip. I freed her just as I kissed to the top of the leathers, grabbing the waistband at her hips and pulling them down, wiggling them down over her curvy hips and then sliding them down her thighs to reveal the sexy black thong she was wearing, silky satin contrasting with sheer. I couldn’t help but lean down to plant a kiss on the front of them as I fumbled the stiff leathers down her smooth legs, kneeling up to pull them clear of her feet and then chuck them safely away from the fire, along with her boots.

Katy spread her legs to invite me back to her, rocking onto her even as I fumbled to wrench my own boots off, annoyingly having to pause long enough to half undo them as I got them off, practically dislocating an ankle in my haste to be back between the Californian’s legs. Tumbling back onto her, I leaned over her and teased her to come and kiss me, loving how she curled and craned up to reach me, pulling her arm around my neck to yank me back down to the ground. With me back where she wanted me, her hands went down to my leathers, fumbling between us and then deftly unpopping them, quickly dispensing with the zip and sliding her hand inside to my almost painfully hard cock, squeezing it needily through my shorts in a way that made me tingle with arousal. Her hand worked at me as my fingers curled over her smooth shoulders to slip her bra straps off them, kissing down onto her neck again as she tried to push my leather trousers off.

I had to break the moment to get my leathers off, an awkward fumble for a few moments as I wrenched them off and hurled them away, immediately kissed and mounted by Katy, her toned, lithe body sliding over mine as she sat on me, grinding her hot pussy into me through our underwear, both of us shivering as she gave a groan of pleasure, leaning down to kiss me passionately again as my hands stroked down her smooth sides. Reaching round her back, I drew my fingers along her bra strap and released it with a deft touch that impressed even myself, freeing her fantastic breasts to my hands, which immediately slipped back round under her chest to cradle them, giving a firm squeeze that made her murmur with pleasure.

Pulling away, she knelt up long enough to pull her bra off then kissed me again, pressing her boobs to my chest as I held her slim body, my hand stroking down her spine to her thong, teasing my fingers over it as I squeezed her ass. I gave her a spank that elicited a gasp before I rolled her back over, yanking my shorts down, shoving them off with my foot as I pinned her to the grass once more, immediately diving down her body, hungrily kissing and licking downwards to her sexy panties, wasting no more time in grabbing them and wrenching them fiercely down her legs, the singer pulling her legs together just long enough to let me pull them off before immediately reaching up around me with them as I slipped back between.

As I slid on top of her, I knew the moment had come to fuck Katy Perry; her soft lips pressed to mine, more sensually this time as my rock hard erection glided over her strip of soft pubic hair. I wasn’t going to let it pass me by though, my fingers stroking through her raven hair as we kissed; I reached down to line myself up, trembling a little in anticipation as her hot, slick juices spread over the head of my cock much as they had the night previous before I slipped inside her with the easiest push, her waiting pussy wanting me, enveloping me in silken heat as her hands curled to dig her nails into my back lightly at the moment we both gave deep, guttural gasps of pleasure.

Katy’s ragged breath as I pushed easily into her a few more inches was the most invigorating sound, just letting my hand twist in her hair to pull her head to the side, kissing softly down her neck as I started to rock my hips and work my cock to full depth in her, taking only a few strokes to bottom out in her succulent pussy. Pressing myself to her to pause in her juicy depths pushed a strained sigh from her, arching up from the ground as we basked by the fire, pushing up on my elbows as we looked into each other’s eyes, smiling at each other as we both breathed hard, Katy’s hands pulling more intently around my back as I started to thrust into her again using long, slow pumps of my cock, letting both of us feel every inch as I slid bareback inside the gorgeous musician.

Her pussy was like silk around me, just perfect, snug but yielding, her abundant wetness making her absolutely delicious to slide my cock in and out of. I relished the feel of her body as she squeezed at me, looking up with a smile and a playful flick of her tongue as I shivered at the intent grasp she gave as I pushed in. Maintaining my long strokes, I started to put more power into her, not denying the pleasure and following it to thump my hips into her, burying my cock as deep as it could go inside her, making her grunt every time as I ground against her.

Her knees pulled up beside me, digging her bare feet into the ground and pressing her thighs into me as I thrust inside her, my achingly hard cock throbbing deeply as I pumped lustfully in and out of her. Kissing her once more, we melted into long, softer liplocks, tongues caressing more than battling, a sensual touch as I leaned on one arm to let my hand get onto her chest and squeeze at her soft, inviting breasts. Our rocking turned into faster, harder strokes as we built up pace, slaves to the moment as the soft music flowed over us in the darkness, bathed only in the light of the fire now.

“Ohh fuck,” she breathed, rolling her hips up to meet my strokes eagerly now as she loved every thrust of me inside her, my cock stimulating her deeply as I thumped it into her, pulling back to just enjoy the sensations of her tight entrance on my head before plunging back inside her to a deep grunt of pleasure. Katy pulled her legs up around mine to roll her hips more and let me thrust at her G-spot, holding me deeply and working up the orgasm building within her, just loving the feel of my cock in her juicy pussy, so wet I easily slipped in and out to her most intimate depths as she gasped beneath me.

She kissed breathlessly down my neck and pulled me close to her as her nails dragged lightly up my back, making me drive faster into her, unable to stop the immense sensation of her pussy getting at me as it wrapped tightly around my cock, silkily stroking every inch to take me towards climax. A tingle of pressure building made me grab her hair and pull her firmly back to the ground, kissing her intently again and nipping at her lower lip as I worked myself powerfully in and out of her to her delight.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed as I kissed sporadically over her neck, thrusting up against me in a perfect motion, squeezing at my cock as she trembled towards orgasm, every stroke of my bulging head over her G-spot ratcheting her towards climax. I breathed hard as I pumped my hips intently against her, holding myself back as I focused solely on getting her off, absolutely pounding on her now with short, hard strokes as the music continued playing, fire crackling hotly beside us in the darkness. Katy’s orgasm seemed to rush up on her quickly as she suddenly tensed up and started breathing deep and fast, arching up from the ground as she gave a shudder with eyes squeezed shut before she gave a long, loud groan of ecstasy.

Wrenching me close to her as her legs pulled in hard behind mine, my thrusts were shortened to a couple of inches as she wailed her pleasure into the night, hips shaking beneath me as I continued to fuck her hard throughout, pussy clamping tightly at my cock as she didn’t know whether to thrust onto me or pull off.She had to take it though as I felt released, her climax giving me clearance to chase my own, pushing back out of her legs a little to let myself thrust harder and deeper inside her.

The gorgeous Californian singer could barely take it as I unleashed myself on her, feeling my peak race up as quickly as hers, relishing every sensation of her still clenching pussy as I held on as long as possible before burying myself into her deeply with a hard thrust that made her grunt as I let go, my cock surging and bucking inside her as I emptied what felt like a huge load deep into her, spurt after spurt ejaculating into her womb as her toned legs pulled in behind me to keep me locked inside her, murmuring with pleasure at the jumps of my erection within her as I emptied my balls. A few last squeezes and a couple of last thrusts were all I had before I slumped down over her, just about keeping my weight off her as we both breathed hard in the aftermath, unable to think of anything else right then but the delicious post-orgasmic sensations. I teased her with some light kisses to the neck as I lay over her, getting a light mumble from her and seeing her smile as we took another minute or so before we moved.

Reluctantly prying myself from her, I pushed up slowly over her, diving down for another lingering kiss before I slipped back to let my softening cock slide from her and rolled off to the side, lying on the cool ground on my back and gazing up into the inky sky as Katy immediately followed me to cuddle up against me. My arm slipped instinctively under her neck and down her body as she rested her head on my chest, arm across me as she snuggled up.

As we lay satisfied beneath the star-pricked sky, we took in the music still playing, realising how far on it was as it neared the end of the album, the fire burning down more now and keeping us within a more intimate glow, its heat still more than enough. Katy fell into a light doze quite quickly, sated from the fucking I’d given her as I held back my elation as I contemplated what had just happened, that I’d got to nail one of the world’s biggest superstars. It ran over and over in my mind as I thought about it, remembering every wonderful little noise, motion and sensation in perfect detail, my brain logging them carefully into something I knew I’d relish forever.

We just lay together as the music worked into the next album, fire dying down now so the darkness closed in around the tent, isolating us in the countryside. It was the perfect moment, but getting a little chilly and Katy stirred beside me. Encouraging her up, she grumbled before sitting up, pushing her hair back and smiling to me, inviting me give her a kiss before pointing her towards the tent. She pulled herself onto her knees and then crawled sexily over to the tent, captivating my gaze as I took in her body, big boobs swinging below her chest and lovely rounded ass, puffy pussy peeking between her thighs.

Reaching the tent, she glanced back sexily at me, awake again now as she beckoned me to join her, sending a little rush through me. She disappeared into the tent as I quickly chucked our clothes out the way with our leathers and switched off the music, stuffing it into my bag before I quickly spent a few seconds to put some more of the plentiful wood Katy had gathered onto the fire, building it back up swiftly into a bright inferno with lighter wood and then a couple of thicker logs to keep us warm into the night.

Taking a last glance around at the dark, clear night over the open grass, I took a deep breath and then stepped over the tent and dropped down to duck inside, pausing as I saw the view awaiting me. The sight of Katy Perry laid on her back, resting up on her elbows with her knees pulled up slightly and legs wide open. Even though the darkness was almost complete, I saw her sexily bite her lip; not a hint of a smile, just a look of pure lust in her eyes as I slid into the tent on my knees, letting my fingers stray to her smooth leg.

The connection was electric between us, both of us tingling as I reached back with my other hand to pull the zip down on the tent and shut out what light remained, the fire crackling to itself outside. Sliding forward in the dark, I felt her warm thighs glide down my  hips as I pulled in over her and met her lips for a kiss, feeling them press softly to mine as our tongues entwined. My cock was already stiffening again, hardening as I knelt between her legs before her hand snaked down between us to take a firm grasp on me as she let me push her back down onto the sleeping bag.

“Mm fuck,” I murmured as we kissed sensually, her hand starting to work skilfully to bring me quickly back to full erection.

“I’m gonna,” she gasped through our lip locks, hand working swiftly as I sank close to her on my knees, giving her freedom to tease me by rubbing the head of my cock over her smooth, slick pussy between firm squeezes and strokes. With me throbbing and hard in her hand again now, she pulled me down into her, pressing me into her silky entrance once more, knowing I’d follow it and bury myself completely inside her. With a lift of her hips, she pushed herself onto my cock, holding me firmly as she lowered back onto the ground to take me with her, pushing over on my knees and then letting them slide out from under me to drop down onto her, burying my entire length inside her once more to drive a deep grunt from both of us.

After a slow pull out of her, I enjoyed sinking the entire length of my cock balls deep in her again, her pussy juicy and waiting for me, Katy giving me a tight squeeze as I bottomed out in her, pulling her arms around me as she smiled up at me in the darkness. She let me thrust deeply into her a few more times to get comfortable before, with considerable strength, she pushed up from beneath me and rolled me over, making me go with the flow as the singer pulled me onto my back as she kissed me, settling with me on the sleeping bag before she pushed up to kneel over me, bumping her head on the top of the tent.

“Just let me drive,” she whispered, and with that she let her knees slide slowly apart, sinking herself effortlessly down onto my cock with a saucy bite of her lip until she ground her hips against mine with a shudder. Her gorgeous figure was silhouetted against the tent by the light of the rejuvenated fire outside, just taking a moment to squeeze at me with her strong pelvic muscles, making me surge inside her before she slowly lifted back up to let herself sink down once more, letting both of us feel the juicy glide of her tight pussy down the length of my now rock hard erection.

My hands slid up her smooth thighs to her hips, not directing her but just feeling her motions, taking them in with the matching sensations on my cock. Her hands slipped on top of mine as she smiled in the darkness, starting to ride just a little faster as she got into the rhythm, breathing deeply in satisfaction as she rode me, doing all the work and completely in charge. I was free to simply lie back and enjoy, giving myself to the wonderful feeling and taking in the shadowed Katy Perry as she rode cowgirl, a moment of clarity allowing me to contemplate what an incredible position I was in.

The only noises to break the utter silence were the crackles of the fire outside and her intent, focused breaths as she worked up and down on me, her toned ass bumping my thighs, full breasts bouncing juicily with every rock of her body. Katy pressed down hard onto me balls deep, grinding her hips back and forward for a moment to make me push up into her before she resumed riding, taking my entire length with every stroke, almost letting me slip out of her before she slid back down me with a smile on her face as I gasped beneath her in pleasure.

She clearly loved being in control and I was happy to let her as she started to speed up a bit, working harder on the down stroke with a squeeze of her pussy to send intense sensations into me from the bulging head of my cock. Even though it was our second time round she was getting me going pretty quickly and knew it, encouraging her to ride me harder now to capitalise on it to her glee. Leaning back to pressure her G-spot a bit more, she pulled my hands up to her magnificent chest to feel her fantastic boobs bouncing, firm and heavy in my grasp as I let them move before restraining them with a firm grasp that made her shiver.

She groaned deeply with pleasure atop me, sending a tremble of excitement into me, the thoughts that the world famous superstar was thoroughly enjoying herself on my cock almost as big a turn on as the feeling of her tight, hot pussy gliding onto me. Only almost, as with her next strokes she squeezed more powerfully and rolled her hips down onto me to bury me deep inside her with a push over her G-spot for additional stimulation, making me groan intently as I pushed up to meet her at the patient manner with which she drove her pussy down my length while she tensed.

My hands groped harder at her gorgeous breasts, giving light pinches to her nipples between my fondling to make her arch a little more before she leaned back over me again, lower this time to  let her long hair drape down over me in a silky curtain as she started to pump her body up and down much quicker and harder on me, squeezing her pussy less now as she just let the energetic thrusting of me into her slick haven do the job, which it was with ease as I felt another wave of pleasure wash through me at her work, keeping me buried at least half way inside her now as she rode with shorter thrusts. My hands groped and grasped at her bouncing chest as she started going as hard and fast as possible, pressing her hands down onto my toned shoulders to brace herself and convey her control, not that I had any intentions of stopping her.

Katy was loving her moment of dominance, eyes closed as she gasped and groaned through her ride, slamming her hips down to mine now as I felt my climax bubbling up rapidly inside me as she squeezed on me. As my fingers slipped over the smooth, soft skin of her breasts to her hard nipples, I tried to hold myself back, circling the points under my fingertips and lightly squeezing at them, but it was no use, and as a determined Katy Perry squeezed her pussy up tightly again and started driving down I simply couldn’t stop it, giving a hard, gritted-teeth gasping groan of release as I suddenly came, my fingers clamping down to pinch her nipples as I exploded inside her, shuddering intensely between her thighs as Katy continued to ride hard, stimulating my sensitive cock. She let out a yell at my sudden pinch that blurred into a primal rasping, grunting sound as the intense sensory input combined with my cock stiffening and spurting inside her almost immediately induced her own orgasm. She opted to slam herself down on me hard to feel every inch of me as I surged and jumped within her, clenching her pussy down as tight as possible on me as she ground her hips in a slight circle.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” she growled, curling her fingers to dig her nails into my shoulders as she trembled over me, relaxing and then giving me lots of fast, strong squeezes as our orgasms faded, clearly intent on milking every last drop from me with her pussy. My hands moved to gently caress her chest for a few seconds before they slid to hold her waist, both of us breathing hard as we stayed interlocked, Katy looming over me, eyes still closed. She stayed that way for a good few more seconds before she gave another good squeeze at me and looked down in the darkness, into my eyes with a tired smile, clearly satisfied with the night’s activities.

Sliding her hands off my shoulders, she leaned down to press her lips to mine, a sensual kiss developing between us, just slowly making out in the afterglow, our tongues softly meeting as her full lips pressed firmer to mine, my arms pulling more around her back to hold her close. Katy gently broke the kiss and then slid over to lean her head down on my shoulder, murmuring as I pushed her long hair back from her face. The fire had burned down more now, the light much lower and tent feeling cooler around our naked bodies despite our embrace. After a minute or so more together and a few more kisses, we pried ourselves reluctantly apart and pulled the sleeping bag back from the mat below to fumble our way beneath it.

She snuggled up to me immediately, cuddling for warmth in the chill beneath the cover, shivering momentarily. I gave a glance to make sure the tent was properly zipped shut before I pulled her close to me, feeling her press herself against me before pulling onto her side more so I would spoon her. Sliding my arm under her neck as I felt her firm booty push back into me was a lovely sensation, my other arm sliding over her side and up to brush a finger down her face, making her smile with a mumble of quiet happiness before I let my hand slip back down to take a last, gentle squeeze of her breasts before letting it rest there. The silence was lovely, only her soft breaths breaking the darkness with the occasional crack from the fading fire outside as we fell into sleep swiftly, both completely exhausted from the ride and two fantastic fucks, drifting off easily into deep, sated slumber.

* * *

I slept soundly, utterly exhausted and totally carefree that night with the curvy Californian singer snuggled into me in my tent, our quiet little haven away from the world. I awoke in the morning to sun falling across the tent, feeling refreshed as I looked up at the fabric above, sun seeming still quite low so I figured it wasn’t too late just yet. Even if it was, what did it matter, we could take our time. I was now laid on my back with Katy Perry half draped across me, head resting on my chest, my arms around her beneath the comforting sleeping bag. I shifted and breathed carefully so as not to disturb her before laying back to close my eyes with a satisfied smile, so glad  it was all real and not some vivid dream that ruined my sheets. I dozed for quite some time again after that, awoken by her stirring on me, giving a slight arch and then holding onto my tightly for a moment as she looked up sleepily, smiling at me from beneath her mess of long, dark hair.

“Morning,” I said, reaching down to brush it aside.
“Morning,” she replied, closing her eyes again as she gave further stretches, pushing up over me more.

“Sleep well?” I asked.

“Yeah, like a log,” she said, pulling herself up over me to plant a lingering kiss on me.

“Good, as there will be lots more riding today,” I said, letting my hand slide over her firm ass to give a playful squeeze, hinting she might be riding more than the bike. She grinned devilishly, completely on my wavelength right now.
“Well, since it’s still early, would you like me to make this a good morning?” she purred, planting soft kissed on my collar bone as her soft hand just took a firm grasp of my now rock hard cock.

“Definitely,” I said after a measured pause, grinning at her. She gave a little flick of her tongue and then slid down under the sleeping bag, wasting no time as she slipped down over me under my hands, her warm body gliding past them as she made no effort to tease or tempt me. My cock was in her mouth before she’d even settled between my legs, making me gasp at her immediate intensity as she got into place on her knees, the covers bobbing up and down rhythmically as she sucked me hard, making me dig my fingers into the mat beneath us. It was just heavenly and overwhelming so early in the morning, the superstar giving a murmur of enjoyment as she went to town sucking on my cock, her tongue pressing and massaging at the underside of me with every stroke.

She made me shudder as she suddenly slowed to force me into her throat, going most of the way down me before resuming her intent sucking. It was like her blowjob from the night I met her, but more urgent and intent, wanting to bring me maximum pleasure as fast as possible it seemed. Katy worked me with her throat again to make me shiver before rubbing me into her cheek for a smooth, silky sensation before she assaulted me again, going harder and faster than before as she focused on my sensitive head, rolling her full lips back and forth over the ridge of it to make me jolt with every stroke, her tongue attacking just beneath my tip to drive a wave of sensations through me, making me tremble as I wasn’t sure whether to pull away or beg her not to stop. Her hands were at my sides now, sliding up me as she worked with just her head, letting me feel her fantastic tits bumping at my thighs as she bobbed up and down between my legs.

Time slowed down again as she pushed herself down onto me to push into her throat, taking most of me in and letting me feel the satisfying stretch before resuming her frantic pace. I managed to restrain from grabbing her head and forcing her down onto me, just letting the singer do her thing as she clearly knew exactly what she was aiming at as she absolutely devoured my stiff cock, working back up and down more now, letting her tongue wrap around me as she moved swiftly. She paused to deepthroat me again, this time pushing past where she’d stopped before to momentarily press her nose against me, taking my full length into her mouth as I gave a groan, holding for just a second before she pulled back off me a quick cough, sliding her lips back over my head and sucking more gently for a moment as she composed herself.

She made another abrupt assault that caught me off guard, making my hands grab at her head as she sucked like a vacuum on my bulbous tip, her tongue flicking crazily at it to drive me wild before she stopped just as quickly. I looked down in surprise to see her shape moving underneath the sleeping bag as she pushed up on her knees over me, pressing her chest to me as she squeezed her fantastic breasts together round my cock, enveloping it in a different type of soft warmth to that of her mouth. She started to rock back and forth on her knees, rubbing easily up and down my throbbing cock with her chest, evidently realising that I was as fascinated with her gorgeous rack as any other guy.

I reclined in the different, less intense sensation of Katy rubbing her tits up and down on me, thrusting up into them somewhat as she pushed down on me so we got into a good rhythm, relishing the sweet feeling of her warm, waiting body. It took the pressure off but I was still reasonably close as she worked at me, switching her speed up and down to let me enjoy every feeling possible as my cock slipped between her gorgeous double-Ds. With one last arching push of her body, she released her boobs and pushed onto all fours over me, crawling up across me to emerge from under the covers with a smile, letting her body sink down over mine to slide her pussy across my throbbing erection.

“We should really get up,” she teased, rocking her hips against mine as she leaned down to lazily kiss me, her hair cascading down around me.

“You’re not finished,” I murmured between our kisses. She just smiled slyly as she pushed up away from me, grinding her clit up the length of my cock.

“Maybe I am,” she purred with a little flick of her tongue, wiggling a little over me, tempting me to prove her otherwise. Thinking with more than my brain I wrapped my arms around her and fairly threw her over onto her back as she giggled, loving the energy I applied to get her to give me what I wanted. She just grinned as I threw the sleeping bag out the way and pinned her down, kissing her again as I shuffled my knees up under me before breaking away and kneeling up to hop over her and straddle her mid-section, my rock hard cock standing up ready for her as she eyed it lustily. Reaching down I pressed my cock to her warm body, Katy giving a giggle as she reached up to push her fantastic breasts together over my cock once more, knowing exactly how to please me.

“Didn’t know you’d only want them,” she murmured as I thrust between them, relishing the sensation once more and loving the way she was smiling up at me.

“For now,” I replied, kneeling over her stroking my cock between her beautiful double-Ds, Katy pressing them a little more firmly to stimulate me, rocking them up and down with my strokes for my maximum enjoyment. She craned down to kiss at the head of my cock every time it appeared between her tits, extending her tongue to get underneath it and do all she could, enjoying herself as she let me do as I wanted with her. I was still close from her intent blowjob previously and it was building up again already, which I didn’t intend on holding back. With Katy Perry laid out before me like she was, I had certain plans in mind. A pre-emptive stiffening and heavy breath let her know I was getting there, looking up to me as I reached over to brush my fingers quite intently over her cheek, giving her a clear idea of what I wanted.  She just looked up at me for a few seconds with her big eyes, biting her lip thoughtfully for a moment.

“Not on my face,” she said quietly but pointedly as she leaned back, flicking her hair out the way.

“Then what…” I started even as I felt myself beginning to boil over, but was cut off as she opened her mouth wide and presented her tongue for me, inviting me to empty my balls all over it. The sheer sight of it was enough to accelerate my imminent climax, feeling the point of no return as I thrust between her fantastic tits, Katy squeezing them tightly together for my last few strokes before I suddenly pulled out from them and fumbled my way forwards over her. I pinned her shoulders under my legs as I did so she couldn’t escape, or stop me doing whatever I wanted as she waited beneath me, sticking her tongue right out and closing her eyes in the last few seconds before I exploded as I stroked myself rapidly.

My breaths got hard and intense as I held myself back as long as I possibly could, stroking fast and short at the head of my cock, feeling the burn of my orgasm as I grit my teeth. As I felt things giving way I slammed my other hand down onto the mat behind her head and thrust myself down over her, jamming the head of my cock into her mouth even as it gave a thick spurt, ejecting the first of several surges of my load across her tongue and into the back of her throat.

I groaned deeply with a tremor as Katy curled the tip of her tongue underneath the head of my cock as it jumped in my hand to empty my balls into her hot mouth, squeezing the last of myself out onto her tongue so it slid down into the back of her throat. With a deep sigh of relief I pulled away and sat back on my heels, keeping my weight off the gorgeous singer as she lay back with a mouth full of my load, opening her eyes to look at me with an attempted smile round her gaping mouth.

There was a moment’s pause between us, and then with no complaint she closed her mouth and swallowed deeply, gulping my load down happily with a smile, much as she had hinted at now it wasn’t the first date. I pushed off her and dropped down on the mat, taking deep breaths as Katy snuggled over to just rest her head on me, the smell of her hair overwhelming in the post-climactic haze. We both just lay looking at the brightness of the sky through the tent as we took a last few minutes of rest.

“Come on, we’d better get going,” I said, peeling myself up from beneath her and crawling to open the tent, letting the bright morning sunshine in. Katy mumbled and grumbled for a moment, lying back to give a gloriously naked stretch before I ducked out into the fresh air, cool but threatening another imminent day of sunshine. The sky was wonderfully clear and the ground dry, stepping out into it to find my bag, our leathers still strewn around near the bike. My limited supplies offered me a fresh pair of shorts as a start, and a few basics to freshen up such as a bottle of mouthwash, stretching in the beautiful morning as I found a shirt from my bag and pulled it on as I contemplated the fantastic night with Katy Perry, still hardly able to process it all.

Katy emerged as I was just pulling my trousers on, getting into the protective leathers as the gorgeous singer crawled out of the tent in a flick of raven hair. I immediately forgot what I was doing to watch her, taking in every luscious curve and contour of her naked body; with the hourglass shape of her body  pinched at the waist, her neat dark landing strip, lovely firm weight of her full breasts, hair down over her shoulders and big eyes, she was just perfection, standing up naked before me in the morning sunshine without a hint of shyness, positively beaming as she saw me studying her so intently.

She just let me take her in, finding her bag and turning herself a bit away from me before deliberately bending at the waist to rummage inside it, letting me see the full, delicious bulge of her pussy between her legs, practically inviting me to take her again right there. Finding herself a new pair of panties, she slid into the simple and sexy red cotton thong, turning back to me as she pulled it up to conceal her neatly shaved pussy as she looked for her bra. I shook myself back to what I was meant to be doing and got my boots on as Katy slid past me to find her bra from where it had got bundled under the rest of the leathers, giving me a last look at her fantastic rack as she slid the lacy black piece back on, contrasting sexily to her bright red panties.

“I’m starving,” she said as she took my mouthwash without asking, not that I would deny her it…or anything at all.

“I know, so am I. We’ll stop at a place and get some breakfast,” I said, watching as she sorted out her tight leather trousers and stepped into them, giving me a great view as she wiggled and bounced to get them up over her firm ass, her breasts bouncing fantastically as she did.

“Sounds good,” she replied, looking sexy as hell in her leather trousers and bra. She knew I was enjoying it and was showing off, arching her back very intently as she pulled a fresh top on from her bag, black this time, and then set about her boots. With her show mostly over, I cleared up the other odd bits and packed them into my bag, taking the cover off the bike and folding it up and then getting to the tent. Katy offered to help but it was unnecessary as I’d done it so many times before, dropping the tent quickly and then rolling it and the mat up tightly to restrain it. She seemed impressed at my efficiency as I packed the gear up and got it back onto the bike, strapping it on ready to go as we cleared out last items up.

With our bags packed and nothing left behind, we got into our jackets and got ready to leave our impromptu campsite. With my helmet in my hands, I looked around at it; the flat patch where the tent had been, the bike parked leisurely beside it,  the evidence of the fire the night before and the patch of grass where I’d taken her first. The field spread out huge around us, basking in growing sunshine from the other direction to when we’d arrived, hills climbing away towards the open skies. I smiled to myself and gave a satisfied sigh, wondering if it could possibly get better than this.

“Hey, you coming?” Katy asked, breaking me from my thoughts, looking round to her stood beside the bike ready to go, only her visor up and bag on her back.

“Yeah,” I said, taking one last glance as I pulled my helmet on, fastening the strap and pulling the tinted visor down. I walked to the bike as I got my gloves on, Katy pulling her own visor down as I stepped over to the Triumph and got the keys into it, pressing the starter to initiate a cough and then a clean start, the twin pipes throbbing as the parallel twin got warmed up. A testing rev told me it was running alright and I left let it warm up a little as we stood in the sunshine by the trees, glancing round to where the singer had foraged around for wood late the previous evening.

With her looking away, I gave her a firm smack on the ass and turned away smiling to myself under my helmet as I stepped onto the bike, settling down onto the seat and pulling it off the stand, Katy hopping on behind me like she’d done it a thousand times before. To get at me however she let her hand slide round me and then down for a teasing stroke at the top of my thigh, reaching inside just enough to make me tingle as I took the controls, her hands just going back to my waist as I kicked the bike into gear and carefully let the clutch out with a rumble of the engine, the Bonneville bumping over the dry grass and back towards the road a few hundred feet away.

There was no traffic, not a hint of anyone else alive as I guided the bike back onto the tarmac and turned onto the road, twisting the throttle back to spur our steel steed forwards towards the imminent hill, having only a few seconds of flat road before it climbed again onto the hill behind the trees that we’d camped in the shadow of, accelerating up between the wooded banks of the road as the sunlight dappled across us in the unfolding morning, Katy snuggling in so perfectly behind me as we got back on the road. The air rushing past was fresh and cool, working its way through my leathers as I powered up the hills and eventually broke from the trees on the summit, sunlight bathing us as the bike throbbed along beneath us and encouraged me to open the throttle a little more on the clear, level road, the wind whipping Katy’s hair into a frenzy behind her helmet.

She held on more firmly as I let it hurtle along to a point and then eased off, the bike spitting evocatively on overrun as we slowed, rounding a bend to join a more major road again and seeing the first sign of life since sometime the day before. Slowing to the junction felt like we weren’t even moving before I accelerated out onto the road, building up to a cruise that led us to a diner in a few short minutes, pulling over onto the dusty front so we could get some much needed breakfast.

Parking the bike up just outside the window kept it safely in view and we headed inside, pulling our helmets off as we took up a window booth by the bike, looking out from the cool shade of the interior to the bright sunshine across the road and country beyond. We perused the menu briefly before a waitress came up to pour us coffee and ask what we wanted; Katy ordered herself a stack of buttermilk pancakes with bacon and a glass of orange juice, while I wanted something more unhealthy and went for sausages, eggs, bacon and hash browns with some French toast. Both of us were absolutely starving and sipped at our coffee impatiently as the smells of the kitchen made our stomachs growl.

“So where are we going today?” she asked, wrestling her jacket off onto the seat beside her to get more comfortable.

“Wherever, we’ll just head on and see where we end up, like we did yesterday,” I replied, throwing my own jacket aside as well, already feeling more perked up by the fresh coffee.

“I hope we can find somewhere to camp again,” she said, looking up to see the waitress approaching with our plates. Her eyes snapped back to me and she smiled subtly.

“I really enjoyed camping,” she said with a knowing look before she looked up to the waitress, thanking her as we got our breakfasts and then a refill on our coffee. Conversation was forgotten as our hunger took over, Katy taking a sip of her juice before delving into her maple-syrup covered pancakes and bacon, hungrily tucking in as I did the same with my full breakfast, stomach grumbling again in a good way as I got going. We both got through our large breakfasts in no time, ravenously devouring the delicious meal to sate ourselves and restore the energy we’d expended so enjoyably the night before.

I sat back with a satisfied sigh and picked up my coffee, sipping it gratefully as Katy finished her pancakes and juice, draining the glass and sitting back equally happy on her side of the table. We finished our coffee in comfortable silence, Katy’s boot just rubbing lightly at the inside of my calf in the quiet diner, the odd person checking her out but not seeming to notice the famous singer. Nobody but me, taking in her beauty over the rim of my coffee cup, the way the sun was illuminating her face through the window as she stared off out into the distance, her long, dark hair, full lips and big eyes. She gave a smile as she let her eyes flit back to me, then resumed her staring out the window, happy to let me stare at her and drink her in.

With our coffee finished and full stomachs we paid the tab and headed back out to the bike. The bright sunshine was welcoming, the gleaming Triumph waiting for us, its shiny parts glinting. I was just about to pull my helmet back on when I was interrupted.

“Wait, hang on I’ll be back in a minute,” Katy said, putting her helmet back down on the seat and turning to jog out towards the road, holding her bag on her back. I watched a little incredulously as she bounced across towards the gas station over the road, her slender leather-clad figure a joy to watch before she got onto the forecourt and went inside. It was about the only other thing besides the diner, and I leaned slightly against the bike as I waited for whatever it was she was doing. A couple of minutes later she emerged with a bag in her hand, smiling as she saw me standing in wait for her, hurrying back over the road to me in a manner that made me just sigh in pure delight that I had her…for now at least. I held out my hands in a mock question as she approached.

“I got us some snacks, we’ll need them later on when we’re camping,” she said, crouching down to squeeze the paper bag into her backpack for the ride.

“Got our camp all planned out then,” I said with a smile. Katy stood back up with the pack on, pulling the straps snug around her curves once more and pushing her hair back over her ears.

“Well, we had such a good time last night,” she said with a saucy grin and a wink, turning immediately to pick up her rich red helmet, pulling it on over her silky hair. With the conversation over, I swiftly pulled my own helmet on and dropped the visor, the tinted shield a welcome relief from the bright morning as I got my gloves on and climbed onto the bike, pulling it up and starting the engine. With it throbbing reliably beneath me again, I just waited to feel Katy climb on behind me, her hands on my shoulders sliding down to my middle as she settled in. My mind was immediately distracted as she slid a hand down onto my thigh, dragging her fingers down to the inside of my thigh before a light pat to my thigh indicated she was ready to go. Cursing at her teasing, I straightened my mind out and kicked the bike into first, pulling away and bumping back to the road, where I opened it up and accelerated away down the road again.

The miles faded away as we turned off the main road again, heading back into the countryside to enjoy the deserted, winding roads through the forests. I enjoyed opening the engine up more and let the bike run, the beautiful rasp from the low pipes intoxicating as we threaded between the corners on the hill top road. As we broke from a section of trees we were able to look back down into the valley, over the area where we’d camped the night before, the sprawling fields and areas of dense trees below us.

I could see Katy looking in my mirrors, taking it all in as I negotiated the turns as they rushed up, the wind racing past us now as we streaked between the turns in the road. She never tried to make me slow down or take it easy, seeming to love the speed as we leant through the bends, her knees close in to me as we moved as one, catching glances of wildlife to the sides as we sped past, the rest of the morning just melting away in a lovely ride on a gorgeous day. It was a day to love biking that was for sure, especially with Katy Perry along for the ride in more ways than one.

As time pressed on to the middle of the day and I started to feel a bit stiff, I looked out for places to stop and take a break, looking out through the countryside as we got out from the trees again. At the bottom of the valley was a slender river, snaking across the landscape at the foot of the hills we were cresting, and tucked away into the next curve in the hills was an old wooden railway bridge crossing over it. It piqued my interest and I pointed at it to draw her attention  before we disappeared into the woods again, starting to turn and wind down the hill a little with the next few corners. She made no complaint at my suggestion and I saw a road off that led down the hill, which I took and plunged us deeper beneath the trees, the lovely sunshine almost blocked out as we descended quite steeply for a way before it started to level out once more.

It was a guess as to where I was going, and as we came out to the light once more we were still a little way from the bridge, on a road that looked out over the valley, not quite at the bottom yet. Snaking along it, narrow and broken, I took it steady and rounded a few corners to bring us near the bridge, looking for a way to it. It was hardly a road, unsurprisingly, but there was a packed trail I could take the bike along and turned down it, working carefully along towards the bridge, bigger and more overpowering now as we approached it.

I pulled out onto the line and road a few yards onto the bridge, the heavy beams thumping beneath the tyres as I rode onto it over the steady river beneath. The tracks had long since been torn up, the bridge neglected and dusty, the line either direction overgrown as it rejoined the landscape. I pulled the bike to a halt in the sunshine, holding it up for Katy to jump off before I kicked the stand down and turned the key off, leaning it carefully over and stepping off, giving a stretch as she did the same.

We looked around at the bridge, the heavy wood and metal construction towering around us, casting shadows down in a pattern as we pulled our helmets and gloves off. I leant on the side and looked out over the river and valley ahead in the lovely sunshine, the heat of it on my back as I stared out, thinking of how trains used to rumble through where I stood now, how long before I had no idea. I was shaken from my thoughts as Katy slid her arms around me from behind and rested her head on my shoulders, before pushing through under my arm to stand with me, leaning up for a lingering kiss before she sighed and leant back against me.

“Lovely view,” she murmured.

“Yeah, so peaceful out here, far from the madding crowd,” I said, feeling the light breeze blow over us in the sunshine.

“Just what I needed,” she said, closing her eyes for a moment.
“Along with plenty of something else you needed,” I said cheekily, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and turning away to the undo my jacket. Katy just followed with a smile and roll of her eyes as she joined me, dropping her bag down and stripping off her leathers to reveal her snug black top, clinging to the curves of her phenomenal chest. She delved into her bag to provide a few snacks to go with what I could rustle up and we settled down to a picnic in the sun on the bridge, ducking under the barrier to sit on the edge and dangle our legs over the water below. I dropped down first and Katy carefully joined me, and we sat to just watch the countryside ahead of us, shadows of the clouds rolling across the landscape  as we hungrily ate what we had.

I looked down at our boots over the river, Katy swinging her feet in a carefree way as she gazed up into the sky, taking in the ungraspable depths of the blue. With our food finished, we just relaxed and rested back on the beams of the old bridge, the singer leaning back into me with her head tipped back onto my shoulder. My eyes closed and I lightly dozed for a while, not quite asleep but not entirely awake as all that broke the air was the sounds of nature in the light wind and gurgle of the river.

I was disturbed as Katy moved, blinking away my sleepiness to see her fumbling around for something beside her, which turned out to be a stick that she launched into the river, the current catching it and carrying it swiftly beneath the bridge. She noticed me watching her and smiled, finding another twig and sending it to the same fate. I couldn’t help but join in, finding one beside me and throwing it in with her next one, bobbing away in the water, tumbling and twirling in the currents around the legs of the bridge. A couple more of them and things quickly got competitive, both of us scrabbling back up from the exposed side of the bridge to find twigs, gathering a small handful each and then rendezvousing back at the railing.

“Ready?” she said, holding one out. I did the same, and on her cue we let them drop into the flowing water, quickly turning and bounding across to the opposite railing to see them emerge and who had won. Things continued like this for some time as we played, forgetting everything else and just enjoying a simple pleasure, arguing playfully over the result and losing track of the score well before we ran out of sticks and enthusiasm. The sun was lower in the more hazy sky by the time we gave up, sitting down again on the bridge near the bike to rest, Katy resting her head back on my knee as she sat against my legs.

“Come on, let’s get going,” I said, persuading her up and getting my jacket. She reluctantly followed and we got back into our gear. I got the Triumph started again after its rest and revved it a few times as Katy clambered onto the back seat, taking the last glance around at the bridge as I eased the bike away. I headed back up the dirt track towards the road, the rear wheel kicking and scrabbling on the loose surface, making the engine roar momentarily. I felt Katy grab onto me as the bike wobbled, putting my feet out and working the throttle through the clutch to bring the Bonneville through the trouble. I got us back to the tarmac and gunned the bike up the gradient, the singer still holding on firmly as we climbed the hill once more towards the main road.

Only the engine broke the silence on the quiet road through the trees, sunlight dappling through onto us as we sped underneath, winding our way deeper along the valley. The afternoon was stretching on as we turned to descend into the valley again, down a long curving road that broke into the sunshine again. As we dropped near to the floor, we took a bridge across the river again, both of us glancing downstream to where the rail bridge would be, though it was well out of sight.

And it was there that I caught sight of us, our crisp shadow silhouetted onto the road, the wheels a blur as we thundered along, the gorgeous curves of Katy Perry stretched and long beside us in the waning sunshine, though it was still a rush to see her there with me, feeling how her hands rested at my waist, leather-clad knees just squeezing slightly at my hips as her long hair danced and writhed in the wind behind her helmet, giving flickering, fire-like life to the shadows on the ground. I looked around at the road stretching out ahead, the open countryside between the hills, sun dipping in the sky beneath the blue heavens. It couldn’t get much better than this, and my eyes taking in the shape of Katy Perry’s shadow confirmed it. My gaze was distracted as for the first time in ages we came up on a car, a lone traveller like us out in the countryside like us, tempting me onto the other side of the clear road with a twist of the throttle to accelerate past, sweeping back across as I did.

The evocative note of the Triumph twin only tempted me to keep the speed up, Katy pulling herself tighter to me as the air rushed past us, twisting through the curves on the slender road across the valley. The day had drawn on quickly and the sun was disappearing behind the hills now, bathing us in shadow as I thought about us stopping. With that in mind, I pointed out a place that looked suitable away from the road, but Katy shook her head as I looked back to check with her. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind exactly, but clearly this wasn’t the campsite she wanted.

Opening the bike up more, we raced on through the closing gloom towards whatever place she chose, the fields becoming harder to see now, the engine throbbing from the low pipes behind us. The road was curling around in the valley, back towards where we’d come from but on the other side of the river this time, which seemed to have Katy interested. As the valley opened back out a little and we swung out into it, closer to the hills now, there was an isolated clearing away from the road, our slightly elevated position allowing us to see it amongst the trees, with what looked like a wide stream flowing through it from the river.
She immediately pointed at it past me, evidently exactly what she was hoping for or something, and I didn’t argue with her. Looking ahead, I thought how we could reach it; the only way seemed to be to overshoot it somewhat to clear the patch of forest and then cut back into it. I hoped there would be a trail or something to get into it as I guided the bike round the bends and flicked the high beam on, Katy snuggling in behind me cosily. As the road dropped down a bit more, it seemed there was no direct way to get to where we wanted, but nothing particularly in the way, and after a quick decision I slowed the bike, dropped the gears and turned off onto the grass beside the road. Katy held on tightly behind me as I slowly bumped and bounced the bike through the relatively flat grass, heading towards the trees and clearing we’d seen minutes before. Avoiding a few rabbit holes and rocks was easy enough as I weaved the bike away from the road, nobody around to see us even as my light lit the area brightly in the descending evening.

The hills were behind us as I rode us past the thicker trees to our right, creating a curving barrier of forest for the clearing, whereas the trees to the left were more open and sparse, though still sufficient to shield the area from the road. The open clearing lay before us, stretching out ahead to the shallow tributary we’d seen from the road, an offshoot from the main river flowing down from the hills. Pulling the bike in to the side near the trees to protect our camp from the elements and any passers-by, I brought us to a gentle stop, the thrum of the bike suddenly loud in the tranquil silence before I switched it off, both of us just pausing a moment before she clambered off onto stiff legs, giving a stretch as I pulled the bike onto its stand and followed. She already had her helmet off as I stretched, looking around excitedly at the open country where we would spend the night.

“It’s lovely,” she said, putting her helmet down on the cooling bike with her gloves and then dropping her bag beside it, jogging a little way to look over at the water flowing through the field a few hundred yards away. I stood beside the bike as it gave little twangs as it cooled, pulling my jacket off and giving another stretch, figuring I needed to get the tent set up quickly to make camp.

“The water is great, shallow, clear,” she said, returning with a beaming smile, having not even got out of her leathers yet.

“That’s great, but if you want to camp, we need to get the camp set up,” I said, pausing to watch as she shrugged out of her jacket, pushing her chest out delightfully, her fantastic tits straining at the thin cotton of her top.

“Absolutely, I’ll go and get some firewood,” she said enthusiastically, dropping her jacket down and then pausing to give me a lingering kiss, letting me take a glance at her tight arse in the snug leather trousers as she headed into the trees as she had the night before. Putting our jackets near the bike, I set to work unloading it of my few bags and the camping gear, swiftly unrolling and setting up the tent, the work of just a few minutes in my well-trained form, finishing with the final string before quickly throwing the sleeping bag out again as I had the night before for us to snuggle together under. I pulled Katy’s bag over to the tent with my own stuff and then arranged the jackets and helmets over the bike seat, which would be joined by our trousers before I covered it up for the night. Just as I was about done, Katy appeared with a decent armful of wood for us, which would be plenty to keep us going and just as well since there was a slight chill in the air.

“There,” she said triumphantly, dumping the wood down by the tent with a pleased smile.

“Good job,” I said, greeting her with a kiss before dropping down to sort the fire out. Quickly building it up with some thicker chunks of wood that would keep burning for a good while, I got it going with my lighter and soon had it starting to crackle as the flames licked up from the kindling beneath the wood. I sat back and watched it for a few moments, then set about releasing my boots after a long day on the bike as Katy leant down to go into her bag. I chucked them aside and reclined with a sigh as the fire flickered ahead of me, sending a warm light into the gloom around us, the sun still up but low behind the hills now, leaving the field in deep shadow.

Katy hopped over to me with the bag of snacks she’d bought at the gas station, and then reached in to pull out a bag of marshmallows with a smile, handing it to me and jumping back over towards the bike again. I opened the bag as she reappeared with two suitable sticks to roast them on that she’d stashed out of sight on her return, sitting down close beside me and offering me one, which I took as I in return offered her the bag of sweet, soft treats.

“I’ve not roasted one of these in years,” I said as I pushed a couple onto the end of my stick and extended it into the flames.

“Me neither. I’ve not been camping in years either,” she said, smiling with a little sideways glance as she also put her stick over the fire. A silence descended for a minute or two as we toasted the first ones and pulled them back to eat, pulling at them carefully between attempting to cool them down. With the first couple down, Katy paused to throw her boots off as I had with mine, stretching out her legs towards the flames as we got more marshmallows onto the sticks and over the fire, Katy letting me hold her stick for a moment as she pulled out more of the snacks for us after our long day on the bike.

“I didn’t realise how hungry I was,” I said as we ate quite ravenously at the snacks she’d thought to buy that morning, though it felt like days ago that I’d watched her bounce her way over to the gas station at the diner.

“Could’ve just eaten me,” she said, unable to resist the sexy comment, turning to me with a smile and then slow, teasing extension of her tongue, flicking it suggestively before giving a laugh and attacking her latest toasted treat. Leaning over, I nuzzled up her neck, letting my lips and teeth graze lightly at her, making her shiver as I bit gently at her soft skin.

“Maybe later,” I whispered into her ear, before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and pulling away. Katy just turned slightly to lean back into me, getting more comfortable as we relaxed beside the fire, the wood burning nicely now, illuminating the flat grass for a long way towards the water, letting us take in the interesting shadows and shapes it made as we ate easily through the bag full of food. A can of drink went a long way towards our satisfaction as we peacefully toasted the last of the marshmallows, the sweetness reviving our energy levels after the days riding.

We lay together for a good while as the fire peaked and started to burn down a bit, the light of the day fading almost completely now bar a slight glow to the western sky as we zoned out a bit, Katy breathing softly against me. She suddenly stirred and gave a stretch, standing up in the firelight, turning back to face me as she unbuttoned her leather trousers, pulling the zip down as I sat up from my slight doze to contemplate things.

“What are you doing?” I asked, rubbing an eye as I looked up at her. She paused to look down at me with a smile.

“Don’t you want me to take my pants off for you?” she asked with a playful cock of her eyebrow.

“Of course,” I replied with a grin, watching with interest as she continued, pulling the leather open and then wiggling her hips as she worked it down off her curves, revealing her sexy red thong and the sweet bulge of her pussy as she did, carefully picking her feet up in turn to pull the heavy pants off. Dropping them aside on the grass, she immediately stood up straight and grabbed the bottom of her black vest top, peeling it up over her fantastic body with an arch of her back, her long hair tumbling over her bare shoulders as she tugged it over her head with one hand and tossed it aside. There was no pause, and I took in the lovely sight of the American singer in matter-of-fact strip mode, reaching quickly behind her back as she pushed her gorgeous breasts out, staring intently into my eyes with a hunger as she released the black bra and shrugged it down her arms.

There were only her panties to go and she quickly dispensed with them, slipping the soft red cotton down her smooth legs and pulling them off her feet to chuck them with the rest of her clothes, standing back up to show off her gorgeous naked body in the firelight, with full, firm breasts, stiffening nipples in the cool night air and the neat strip of hair above her pussy. Reaching out, she took my hand and urged me to stand up, where her hands immediately lifted my shirt to get me out of it.

“You’re coming with me,” she said simply, relieving me of my top and then immediately going to work on my leather trousers.

“Where are we going?” I asked as she popped them undone and then started working them down, needing some assistance from me to do it.

“We’re going to check out that lovely crisp water over there,” she said, pressing her warm, naked body to me and leaning up to kiss me enticingly as her hand slid straight into my boxers, giving a squeeze to my already hardening manhood. My hands slipped around her back and down to her ass, giving a firm squeeze.

“It’s gonna be cold,” I said as she gave a few teasing pulls on my cock and then pushed my shorts down to let me spring up between us, pushing her tummy against me to tease me further.

“Mmm I know, but you built us this lovely fire for afterwards,” she murmured, kissing under my jaw as she rocked against me.

“And I promise I’ll totally warm you up,” she whispered, kissing at the side of my neck to make me tingle a moment. Her fingertips gave one last tease up my cock and then into my hand, stepping back away from me and drawing me with her at arm’s length as she smiled with a sexy bite of her lip, bare feet padding across the dry grass as she turned to give me a great look at her toned booty to lead me towards the stream, bouncing just perfectly as she gave an enthusiastic little skip, pulling me away from the camp into the mysterious darkness. The gurgle of the stream beckoned us as I gave a glance back to our base, the fire a bright beacon as the night drew in.

What light there was from the half moon shimmered across the surface of the flowing water, dark in front of us now as Katy led us to the edge, silt pressing between her toes as she reached the edge of the grass. She paused to look back at me, her long hair hung messily over her shoulders as she smiled and then tentatively stepped forward to lower her foot into the crisp water. Her sharp intake of breath gave it away as a shiver ran through her body, followed by a more tempered exhale as she didn’t back down, putting her over foot into the water and pulling me to the edge.

“How is it?” I asked with a wry smile. Katy looked back at me lustfully and then turned to give me another look at her full frontal, pausing a moment looking hungry before she drew her fingers up the inside of her thigh, skirting past her neatly shaven strip and up her body to just tease over her breast.

“Inviting,” she said softly, curling her fingers to summon me forwards as she stepped backwards into the water, lapping up her calf muscles as she pulled me in with her, the cold water enveloping my feet as we splashed further into the wide stream, my eyes still locked on her luscious body. She wasn’t the least bit shy in taking me in, her eyes roving over me and then down to smile a little wider at my rapidly stiffening cock, taking a few seconds to watch me get completely hard for her.

“I don’t think you’re feeling the cold,” she said, pulling me to her now as she looked up sexily from under her eyebrows, sliding her arm around me as she pulled my hand to her chest, leaning up to kiss me sensually as her stiff nipple pressed into my palm. My other hand slipped down her side, taking in the taper of her waist as I moved to her hip, pushing round onto her firm ass to give a good squeeze followed by a light smack, making her murmur and pull back with a smile. She stumbled slightly as it got a little deeper in the middle, catching herself with my hands as she kicked around in the water, looking down as she contemplated getting wetter.

“It’s pretty cold,” she mused.

“It’s fresh, it’ll be nice after a hot day on the bike,” I said, reaching down to flick water at her, making her squeal loudly and twist away from me.

“If it’s so nice why don’t you try it,” she said giving me a playful shove. She was absolutely beaming, a smile fixed on her lips, seeming so happy away from her real life out in the countryside.

“Fine,” I said, releasing her hand and letting her step away, moving into the deepest part as much as it was. She was watching in anticipation, and in no wish to lose face I took a breath and dropped down swiftly into the water, bracing myself as the cold water hit me, managing to hide my reaction to it as I sat onto the bottom of the stream, feeling the flow surround me. It was only a few seconds before the shock passed, looking back up at Katy with a smile as I leaned back in the water a little. She was just grinning at me with a shake of her head, knowing exactly what it was like.

“It’s lovely, very refreshing,” I said, beckoning her into the water with me.

“No chance, I could already cut glass,” she teased, flicking more water at me with her foot.

“You wanted to check out the water,” I said.

“I didn’t realise it was this cold,” she said, kicking water lightly at me again, only this time I reached out and snatched hold of her ankle. She immediately tried to escape, hopping backward. I surged up out of the water to her, freeing her leg only as I lunged at her and wrapped my arms around her, eliciting another squeal as I pressed myself to her.

“No getting out of this one,” I said with a smile, sweeping my arm under her legs and picking her up as she kicked playfully. Holding her to me, I dropped back down into the water again, making her cry out loudly into the night as the chilled water wrapped around her body, hitting her all at once.

“God that’s cold!” she said, sitting up out of it and sinking in beside me, where I pulled my arm round her tummy to hold her close to me.

“Yeah, but we can warm up,” I said, kissing her cheek.

“Gonna need to after this,” she said, lying back across me as I leaned back on my arms, feeling the water flowing past us gently, cool and cleansing. Katy lay back and stared up at the sky, taking in the beauty of the stars in the darkness of the countryside, tempting me to do the same much as I had done the night before. We both just gazed at the heavens for a couple of minutes, my arm sliding across her body to hold her as we relaxed, forgetting about the chill of the water.

“It’s beautiful up there,” she murmured.

“It’s beautiful down here too,” I said, pushing off my hand to slide my arm under her shoulders. She looked back over to me with a smile and a playful roll of her eyes; I knew it was a cheesy line but it still worked as she curled up to engage in a deep, soulful kiss, our tongues entwining gently as we made out. She pulled up more as we kissed and then broke away to slide into the water on her front, shaking her bum at me as she covered herself fully in the stream. It really was refreshing, and after a long day riding without a shower it was a lovely way to get clean.

I stretched out on my back, the water just deep enough to get into as I looked back up into the infinite skies above, glancing back over to Katy as she splashed a little, just enjoying the free feeling of skinny dipping out in the country. She floated back to me and drew my attention fully by pulling her arms across me and kissing me again, hooking her leg over mine and then resting her head down on my shoulder, looking up at me as we lay under the stars.

“This is perfect,” she whispered.

“Much better than those boring meetings you were supposed to be in?” I said, reaching up to push a wet finger through her untamed hair.

“Much. My agent is probably going crazy right now wondering where I am,” she said with a slight murmur of amusement.

“He’ll get you back when I’m finished with you,” I said teasingly.

“You’ll never want to let me go,” she purred, blowing me a kiss. I couldn’t deny she was right; I already had no intention of letting her go if given the chance. We relaxed there until she rolled off in the water onto her back, making a show of rubbing her hands over her fantastic breasts and down her arching body, knowing I was watching her as she made a show out of supposedly washing herself for me. Her long hair spread out fluently in the flow behind her as she lay back, spending more than a few moments rubbing at her perfectly shaved pussy, giving a little stuttering breath as she touched her clit.

I pulled myself up to sit, turning back towards her to take her in as my cock hardened again even in the cold water, watching her every motion as she touched and stroked herself. With a smile she let herself float completely and be carried by the gentle yet capable current, gliding past me easily and tempting me to capture her again, taking her ankle to stop her being lost to the stream. She didn’t fight me though as I took both her ankles and pulled her in front of me, holding her a moment before reeling her in, drawing her smoothly towards me through the water as she giggled.

“It’s pretty cold in here, I thought you were gonna warm me up?” I said, pulling her feet to my hips. She just bobbed in front of me, running her hands over her chest again.
“That was when we get back to the tent,” she said “But, I could warm one part of you up,” she purred, looking up at me as she hooked her heels around my back and pulled herself into my lap with a bend of her legs.

“Oh yeah?” I said, my hands sliding up to her waist.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” she practically growled as she rolled up from the water, my hands slipping up over her shoulder blades as she pulled her arms round my neck and kissed me intently. It became more passionate as I reached up behind her to pull her hair back out of our way with my fingers, her tongue slipping easily into my mouth again, more hungrily this time than it had been however. Her body pressed to mine firmly, her soft breasts and stiff nipples squashing against my chest, her hips rocking against me and my rock hard erection as her legs held onto me.

Without breaking our kissing she pushed herself up and reached down to grasp me, giving me a few quick strokes as she felt me throb in her hand before she lined me up and pushed down into me, burying me inside her body in one quick stroke, spreading her thighs wider to drive me as deep into her as possible. Her hot pussy was a stark contrast to the cold water around us, especially since I was chilled from the water, making her gasp through our kisses as she sunk my manhood inside her. She pulled back a little and started rocking her hips onto me, her delightfully tight pussy gliding up and down my cock with her calm, measured strokes, making sure I felt every bit of her as she slipped her pussy from the base of my cock to the very tip.

“Is that better?” she mumbled, breaking our lips to nuzzle at my nose as she worked herself up and down, breathing elevated as she enjoyed it as much as me.

“Much,” I replied, my hands drawn back to her waist, pulling at the flair of her hips to work her down onto me just a little harder.

“Told you,” she said, kissing down my cheek and onto my neck as she started riding me a little faster, the water splashing around as she worked her hips and drove her ass down against my thighs.

“I always believed you, you know,” I smiled, taking in the delectable silkiness of her pussy.

“It’s all yours tonight…I’m all yours,” she breathed, kissing back to my mouth and delving her tongue in once more. I pulled her to me tightly as we snogged hard, with hunger and passion hinting at the primal way I would be fucking her back in the tent. Hearing her offer herself to me so completely only made me lust her more, if that were possible.

“Then we’d best get back to the tent and…warm up,” I said, looking up into her eyes as she rode me, pulling my hand up her back to give just the slightest tug at her soaked hair. She gave a little tremble and then jammed her pelvis down into me, giving a rolling grind before she accelerated into a burst of hard, fast thrusts, squeezing her pussy tightly to send a rush of intense pleasure through me before she suddenly pushed off, my cock springing out of her as she pushed up onto her feet to stand over me, the water running off her fantastic body.

“You’re right,” she teased with a flick of her tongue, turning to step out of the stream as she reached up to pull her soaked hair over her shoulder, squeezing the water out of it as I stood up to follow her with my bouncing hardon. Katy gave a gorgeous arch of her body as I reached her, pushing her tits and ass out as she swept her hair back over her shoulder, looking to me with a devilish smile, which turned to a mock look of shock as I laid a firm, lingering spank on her ass before I stepped ahead of her, leading the way back towards our camp and the enticing glow of the fire.

Katy took a quick step and jumped onto my back, wrapping her arms over my shoulders, my hands instinctively catching her legs as she clung to me, pulling her up more to carry her back to the camp, the singer giggling as she pointed ahead of us towards the camp like a commander. It didn’t take long to cross the exposed field, not another sign of life around us, getting back to find the fire had burnt down more now as I let the sexy singer slip down onto her feet.

“I’ll build it back up a bit, keep us warm,” I said, thinking of how cold we were likely to get given the chill from the water as she pulled in close to me, forearms against my body.

“Don’t be long,” she murmured, craning up for an intimate kiss.

“I won’t, it just needs a bit more wood,” I replied.

“Just make sure you save some wood for me,” she with a naughty smile and little cock of her eyebrow, turning and heading for the tent. I watched her go even as I moved to find the wood, intending on getting things done as fast as possible. Glancing up, I remembered the bike, and out of habit I couldn’t help but want to sort it out for the night. Quickly grabbing our leather pants, I bundled them over the bike and found the cover for it, working at record speed to get it over the bike and secured, taking just seconds as I hurried to find the rest of the wood she’d collected.

There were a couple of decent bits of log left and I carefully pushed them into the fire with some other sticks to keep it going a good while for us. With that done I immediately went for the tent, taking a deep breath to calm myself before I dropped down and into the tent, to be greeted by the sight of Katy Perry facing away from me on all fours, her thighs apart and sweet pussy bulging between, long hair clinging wetly down her arched back. She didn’t look back at me, merely waiting, presented.

I didn’t speak, letting only the sound of my pulling the zip down on the tent break the air, seeing her give the slightest tremble of anticipation as I knelt behind her, my legs bumping hers as my cock immediately stiffened back to incredible hardness with the singer presented before me. I ran my hands over her firm ass, feeling her respond and just push into my touch slightly, her breath catching slightly as they came to rest at the top of her hips, so close to her now.

Reaching down, I pushed the bulging head of my cock over her slick, silky lips, feeling her heat, body so wet and ready for me, coating my tip as I teased it up her entrance momentarily. She didn’t protest, just ever so slightly moving her hips as she waited, and then gave a gasp as I plunged into her, her juicy pussy letting me slide completely inside her again, easily pressing my hips to her ass as her muscles clenched down around me. My hands slid back to her hips, holding her curves firmly as I pulled my full length back out of her and then slowly drove it back inside her, both of us letting out satisfied sighs.

Her skin was still damp, chilly under my hands, fresh from the dip as she pushed back onto my cock, her toned booty feeling fantastic as it pressed into my pelvis with each stroke, her pussy effortlessly taking my full length every time, picking up a bit more pace now to fuck her. I again contemplated how I had Katy Perry at my mercy, doggy style and taking it with evident bliss, a perfect moment that only spurred me to slip my hands into the pinch of her waist and bury myself into her harder, forcing a grunt from her as I bottomed out before starting to pump into her faster and shorter, more powerfully taking the singer.

In the gloom of the tent I could see her lovely chest bouncing with my thrusts, the curvy Californian pushing herself back equally onto me, meeting delightfully in the middle balls deep in her pussy, which was clenching and squeezing at me perfectly. She sure knew how to use it, but I wanted something else tonight, something more.

Pressing myself into her deeply, I ground against her before pulling back full length to powerfully bury myself into her again for the same, Katy giving a growling, groaning sound as she clamped down around my hard cock before I slowly back out of her so I sprung up behind her juicy vulva. My hand fell from her waist to guide myself, pushing forward to tease the head up her labia again for a moment before I slipped myself up and in a firm motion pressed against her tight asshole.

There was a pause as I tested her, feeling her just stretch a little before she seemed to realise what I intended and pulled forward with a mumbling sound of protest, squeezing her ass around the head of my cock as she gave a slight shake of her own. Somehow in that moment however I felt like I wouldn’t be denied, taking her words of being all mine to heart and wanting to use my position of dominance over her.

“Do you wanna walk home, Katy?” I said in a simple yet stern tone, a cold adrenaline rush spreading through me as I heard myself, realising what I’d just propositioned to the musical superstar. I was expecting pretty much anything other than what happened; there was a pause, a heartbeat, and then she relaxed again, pushing back slightly, her thighs shuffling apart a bit as she leaned down onto her elbows and arched her back without a word.

My pulse was racing as she submitted without the slightest protest and I gave no room for questions, hand gripping her hip firmly as I pushed again, working the bulging head of my now even harder cock against her backdoor, only this time I felt her push back a little and try to take it, flinching a little however as I started to ease into her booty. I kept up the pressure firmly, restraining her with the taper of her waist as I just felt her stretch tightly around me, her sphincter resisting even as it eased ever so slowly open, making me just continue to press at her intimate hole as I waited for her resistance to crumble.

There was a pause as she tried to accommodate me even as she instinctively tried not to, when I felt her giving way, her asshole stretching out round the bulbous head of my cock, letting me start to slide into her before there was a jolt and I sunk an inch or so inside, my head finally popping into the booty of the singer, accompanied by a sudden flinch, Katy wincing with a sharp breath, holding back her complaints.

I on the other hand got to enjoy the tight clamp of her sphincter round my cock, having to hold myself back from wanting to push into her harder to relish it. I paused to let her work through a series of tight breaths through her teeth, getting used to me a little as I slid my hand to her waist to match my other one, taking a hold on her in readiness. Not wanting to give her too much time to think about it, and lusting her tightness down my full length, I pulled back firmly on her hips and pushed forwards with mine, pushing my rock hard cock slowly into her round ass, feeling her resistance at the lack of lube and tightness of her body, still getting used to me as I slowly squeezed myself inside her. I pushed till she took most of my cock, her hard yet controlled breaths all that broke the silence save the crackle of the fire outside the tent, my hands still holding dominantly onto her waist as I eased off, rocking back to carefully slide out of her.

The feeling was incredible as her body continued to squeeze at me, Katy relaxing in my grasp as I slipped back, just letting myself feel her asshole pull at the back of my head a moment before I pushed myself back into her, more firmly this time, levering back on her curvy hips to pull myself into her. She gave a slight push back towards me this time, opening up more as my shaft disappeared inside her, pulling back to bury myself fully this time, hearing her mumble as I pressed my hips to her toned ass at full depth.

Holding for a moment, I let my hand stroke up her back into her damp hair over her shoulders, feeling her tremble with tension as I did, wanting her to relax as I slowly eased back again, only to push in again much sooner than before, still slowly but going full length again, starting to get moving. I couldn’t quell the excitement from my mind that I had Katy Perry submitting on all fours with my cock buried in her ass, my heart racing despite the slow physical pace, feeling so awake and buzzed as I revelled in every little squeeze and stimulation to my cock from her.

I leaned up more and looked down in the darkness to my thick cock in her snug ass, pulling my hands back onto her booty to give it a squeeze as I powerfully pushed inside her, easier now as she managed to relax more, taking me fully as I stroked slowly from base to tip inside her, feeling her pushing out to let me in as I did. Her breathing was better and then, in a tempting moment, punctuated by a softer, moaning exhale as I ground myself deeply against her booty.

It sent a tingle of adrenaline through my body, forcing me to control myself and not immediately start fucking her too hard, needing to build her up more. I did however slide back out, but shorter this time, plunging back into her a bit quicker, just turning the pace up a little bit as my hands guided her rocking hips, starting to get things going more but still making sure to press myself deeply into her. I didn’t need to restrain her as she worked with me, giving her shorter strokes a little faster with just the slightest pause in between, allowing my hands to slip up her side and brush at her fantastic breasts bouncing beneath her with each motion of our bodies.

Giving them a squeeze, I took in her breaths in the quiet of the tent as I started picking up the pace a little, getting into a steady rhythm now, rocking in and out of her booty easily, Katy relaxed and taking it now, leaning down on her arms and giving slight glances back at me, embarrassed to look back properly. Leaning back up, I pulled my hands back into the taper of her waist as I started using my full length again, in a steady, plunging routine that took me as deep into her as I could without breaking it. Her breaths were broken by the slightest little murmurs of sensation and pleasure, especially as I went deep, suggesting that she actually might quite enjoy herself if handled right.

“Rub your clit,” I whispered to that end, wanting her to get into it, if only for my own ends. All I got from her was a negative mumble and a little shake of her head, dismissing it immediately as I continued to thrust smoothly in and out of her booty.

“Come on, you’ll like it,” I said, leaning over to slide my hand round under her hip and over her smooth body to the neat strip of hair above her labia. She gave a little shiver beneath me as I did but continued to just push slightly back onto me, taking me fully still without problem as my fingertips slipped into the top of her pussy, brushing through the delicate folds and immediately slipping down through her lips from her abundant juices. She was absolutely soaked, my fingers gliding through her silky, slippery folds, delving a little between her puffy vulva as she gave a shaky breath of sensation.

“Mm I think you’re enjoying this,” I murmured to her with a smile, my cock stiffening a little more inside her tight ass as I felt her wetness, knowing how turned on she was submitting to me. She didn’t speak, only giving slightly relieved but guilty sounding soft groans of pleasure as I circled my fingers to spread her slick juices over her clit, concentrating to keep my thrusting steady and just slowly work at her, not wanting to rush her. My fingertips worked round slowly on her button as I got started, through the soft shield of her hood, feeling her give a tense that squeezed powerfully on my throbbing cock before she let out a stuttering breath with a shudder underneath me and my fingers, unable to deny the pleasure coming to her now in the assault of stimulation from her clit and my thick cock burying deeply into her ass.

She dropped her head as her expiration got heavier, lustfully exhaling as I worked her body into deep pleasure, speeding up my fingers a little and letting one just nudge under her hood to give more direct stimulation to the American superstar as I mixed it with thrusting just a little faster and firmer into her most forbidden hole. I was rewarded by, after a holding of her breath, a distinct moan, finally letting me hear her. With a few more rubs, I stopped, feeling her roll her hips towards my touch a little to try and stay with me, giving a squeeze on my impaling cock as she moved her hips, making me sigh with pleasure as I reached down to pull her hand up from the ground by her wrist, making Katy push back up fully into doggy style position from resting on her elbows, leaning on one hand as the other followed my directions back beneath her toned body.

I interlocked my fingers with hers as I guided them neatly to her juicy pussy, just letting my fingers get moving again first to buzz her clit, her digits moving with mine just off target, naturally tempting her into taking over and pushing onto her button past mine, immediately rubbing just a little firmer and faster than I had been with a shudder and sigh as I leaned back up to resume holding her curvy hips, feeling her sphincter clenching down on me tightly again. Back upright I treated myself to a look down in the darkness to just see her asshole hugging my cock as I withdrew and then buried myself into her once more, feeling her more alive beneath me now as she rubbed her pussy.

I was just starting to thrust a little faster again, shorter and harder now, bumping positively into her ass with my hips each time, rocking her body and synchronising her noises. I held her curves as I conquered her body, loving the feel of her ass shoving into me, her back arching, sphincter squeezing with her ministrations at her clit to encourage me to fuck her tight ass harder.  Pumping hard on her in the darkness, I drove in deep and held for a moment, making her pause momentarily in her rubbing to let out a hard breath before I gave another hard, deep stroke and then continued, fucking her quick and short now.

“Loving this aren’t you?” I said, pumping powerfully into her. She didn’t answer, simply breathing heavily and accelerating her fingering, head dropped towards the ground as she chased her own illicit pleasure.

“You’re just my little biker girl fuck toy right now,” I said, heart pumping intently as I did, wondering how she’d respond to it. There was a pause in her fingering and she hesitated in pushing back on me with a tight squeeze, sending a surge of pleasure through me, but she didn’t respond, pushing onto me again and carrying on as I screwed her.

“Aren’t you?” I said, wanting something, an admission.

“…Yeah,” she breathed raggedly after a few seconds, knowing I was waiting. I couldn’t help but lay a firm smack on her ass, pushing a slightly harder gasp from her as I did, all the while thrusting inside her, watching her lovely body bounce in front of me in the darkness, only her breathing and the crackles of the fire outside breaking the quiet of the night.

“Say it,” I whispered. She didn’t reply, keeping her head down and enjoying things, shy to do any such thing, as much as she wouldn’t admit she was really enjoying herself. Sticking with the bold tactic that had led to our current position, I grabbed her long hair with one hand and pulled her head back.

“Say it,” I commanded, using the same tone I’d managed earlier that had made her submit so readily. We were both far too into this now to stop even if she wouldn’t admit it, hearing her ragged breaths harder and louder now with her head up, body bumping with every thrust. She hesitated just a moment, broken by me jamming myself as deep as I possibly could for a moment, sending a wave of intense sensations through her.

“I’m your fuck toy,” she murmured. It was incredible to hear the world famous superstar say such a thing, stiffening my cock somehow further as I pulled back on her hair, my other hand now in her waist and pulling strongly against the flair of her hips.

“Louder,” I said, getting into the role of dominating her, which she was clearly responding to. She didn’t hesitate this time;

“I’m your fuck toy!” she exclaimed bluntly to the dark tent, giving in to it and clearly realising how much it would turn me on. She was absolutely right on that and I couldn’t resist from following the urge to fuck her harder, making her growl as she took it.

“Goddamn right you are,” I said through gritted teeth, thumping against her hard now, tensioning her body by pulling back on her silky hair. I could feel every squeeze and motion of her body with intense sensitivity now as I set about finishing her off, not wanting to hold back now in absolutely smashing the singer until she could take no more. Katy’s hand dropped from her rubbing as she planted it back on the floor, bracing herself hard doggy style for me in order to take my intense, inexorable thrusts as I got a bit faster, slamming myself full depth every time as I fucked her hard, deep grunts escaping the singer. Feeling my imminent climax, I started pounding her with a fury I doubt she’d ever experienced, grabbing her hair with my other hand as well and pulling back hard on her as I started to hammer her in a blur, my strokes short and oh-so hard now as I absolutely smashed her, chasing the pleasure her tight, squeezing asshole offered me.

I paid little attention to any complaints she may have, though there were none even as I pulled back hard on her luscious locks, bending her neck back as she arched her back. Losing myself in the moment, I pulled so her hands came off the ground, fingertips barely in touch with it as I reigned her hair into my hands, her body taut for me to use and plunder to my pleasure as she gave a hard, ragged exhale.

“Oh fuck my ass!” she gasped just as I reached round to roughly grab at her bouncing, bountiful chest. Hearing Katy Perry almost beg for it as I pounded her on the home stretch was all the encouragement I needed, and as I buried my fingers back into her hair she gave a whining groan from my incredibly hard pace, somehow accelerating to the finish as I cranked back on her body. Her sphincter was squeezing and clamping at me hard and fast now, her hips shoving back into me as best she could as she braced herself to withstand me, unable to cope with everything right now, lost to the sensations as I fucked her the hardest she’d ever been fucked in the ass.

She wouldn’t be able to last much longer, but it didn’t matter as neither could I, feeling the familiar pulses through my body and stiffening of my cock to its absolute hardness. She could definitely feel it though was unable to offer any more noises through her strained breaths as I slammed against her, holding back as long as possible as I pulled her back to the maximum, Katy almost against me as I yanked her up from the ground, back arched to shove her ass into me and my impaling cock.

“Ohh fuck!” I managed in a strained manner just a moment or two before I exploded, my thrusts grinding to standstill before I managed a final, huge, burying thump of my hips to practically knock her over and drill my cock as deep in her as possible before I burst with a roar of pleasure and release. Holding myself inside her made her give a reciprocating growl, feeling the jumps of my cock as I emptied the first two bursts inside her, before I gave a few shuddering, overwhelming thrusts into her exquisitely tight ass to deliver the rest of my load, holding her tight and gritting my teeth in ecstasy as I gave my all to the Californian superstar.

Pulling intently at her mane for one last squeeze of myself, I held her for a moment before I gave in and let her go, though I may as well have thrown her to the ground given how she collapsed, unable to sustain any more as I released her, flopping down onto her weak arms as she slumped forwards onto the ground, her tight ass sliding off my spent cock as her knees slipped out from under her and she sprawled on her front, gasping desperately for air. I collapsed down with her, managing to just about support myself on an elbow to roll onto my back, feeling the heat coursing through my body with a little tremble of aftershock as I basked in the ecstatic glow of a fantastic climax from fucking Katy Perry in the ass.

I closed my eyes for a moment, just sucking the cool night air as I heard Katy doing the same only close to the ground, and was disturbed when it changed, looking over to see her roll onto her side, facing towards me. Exhaustedly and with her eyes half closed she fumbled down between her legs and resumed fingering herself, wasting no time in applying two skilful fingers to herself and getting to work, giving a moan through her still intense breaths. With me staring at her, she shyly looked up into my eyes and I could tell she was blushing despite the darkness as she shamelessly worked herself towards the orgasm she was clearly craving, despite having been so reluctant to indulge it.

Watching her finger herself busily was something I wanted to see fully, and with her position she was secretive, trying to be quiet and conceal herself as she did it. She was watching me watching her though, and as I did I reached out to just touch her top knee as it protruded towards me, and it was like a one-touch button, as she immediately rolled onto her back, pulling her knees up and spreading her thighs to my gaze. Closing her eyes, she gasped more loudly and lustfully as her other hand reached for her chest to give a firm squeeze to her breast as she blushed even deeper, visible even in the gloom of the tent.

Leaning over to her, I kissed her softly on the cheek, cupping her face with my hand as I did so, planting a few soft brushes of my lips on her, feeling the heat of her as I did so. She smiled as I did, keeping her eyes closed and chasing her climax hard, having abandoned it to withstand the immense fucking I’d given her to finish off. Her fingers were moving quickly, clit hood out the way as they ran round her button directly, almost too much for her it seemed as she gasped and grunted. Her thighs were tensing now, hips thrusting up from the ground as she neared her orgasm, rolling them to maximise the efforts of her fingertips as her other hand continued to grasp and grab at her chest.

It was a luscious sight to behold, and I just drank it in as I relaxed back beside her, watching every little ripple of sensation as it spread through her. She knew exactly what she was doing and had no intentions of teasing herself, needing no more foreplay now as she worked vigorously to orgasm, which rushed up on her quite suddenly. In a few seconds she suddenly worked her fingers like magic and her breaths became deep to accompany a heavy grunting noise, not caring about being subtle now as she fingered herself next to me.

With a shudder, she gave a cry and thrust her hips up hard, rubbing intently still as she shivered and trembled in her orgasm, hand clutching hard at her chest in the process, eyes screwed up as she gasped and moaned her pleasure to the night, shaking and shivering delightfully as she came powerfully. Watching Katy Perry climax so incredibly beside me was a complete treat, especially after already getting to utterly plunder her body and all I could do was watch as she shuddered to a stop, hands slipping from her curves as she lay back gasping breathlessly on the ground. Leaning over, I drew her into a few kisses, which she hungrily but hurriedly gave as she flopped back onto the ground with a smile, murmuring as I brushed her damp hair back from her sweaty face.

“Fuck Katy, you sure love camping,” I said in a playful tease, running the back of my finger down her cheek. She gave a slightly laugh, smiling wider;

“Mmhm,” she murmured, giving the slightest stretch and making no effort to move. Laid out flat on her back, I watched her for a few moments, and it seemed to be only seconds before gasps became deeper, slower breaths, her body relaxing as it became clear she’d fallen asleep already. It was evident she was completely gone even as I carefully unzipped the tent to be quiet, easing myself out into the fresh air and glow of the fire, taking a glance back as it illuminated the naked, stretched-out singer, her luscious body there to be seen. I took in the sight as I stood outside the tent, giving a sigh and smile to myself at what was a perfect moment. Stepping away a little, past the fire which was now just a few flames licking around the heavier logs that would sustain it for a good while, I looked out at the field towards the water again, up at the dark sky pricked with stars.

Letting a smile take hold, I thought about how incredible it was to have what I did right now, with the gorgeous scenery and beautiful singer, glancing back where I could just see her foot through the loose door of the tent. The night was only broken by the odd crackle of the fire and distance gurgle of the stream, not even a breath of wind to chill me. I enjoyed the solitude for a couple of minutes, before I gave a final stretch and walked back to the tent, Katy still passed out inside on her back.

Ducking through the flaps, I carefully edged round the legs of the sleeping superstar and quietly zipped the tent shut, leaving the fire to burn itself down as I slid down onto the ground beside her, taking hold of the sleeping bag, bundled aside out the way. Sorting it out, I pulled it over us, gently sliding it over the naked curves of the Californian, though she was so gone I doubted she would wake for much anything. Settling down on my side under the cover, I took in her beauty for a moment in the darkness as I relaxed onto the ground, letting the tiredness of a days’ riding and absolutely smashing Katy Perry wash over me, feeling so much heavier immediately. A yawn was the precursor to slipping into a deep, satisfying sleep.

* * *

Awaking slowly the next morning, it was clear the sun was well up even with my eyes closed. I went to curl up from the ground, only to find myself weighed down, prying my eyes open carefully to the bright tent and looking down at Katy, now laid fully across my chest, her hand under my shoulder, holding both possessively and protectively. Sun beaming against the tent, I gave a stretch under the singer, arching my back and pushing my limbs out, feeling the delightful release of tension.

Laying my arm across the smooth, naked back of the singer, I felt her warmth though she didn’t stir, just taking it in for a moment before I moved to sit up once more, pushing up with my other elbow, only to have Katy move and push herself down on me, forcing me back down onto the ground as she gave a negative murmur, refusing to let me up yet. Laying back, I let my hand brush up through her silky, tangled hair.

“Morning,” I said quietly, closing my eyes again. She just mumbled something indiscernible and relaxed on me once more, clearly expecting me to stay put. I didn’t attempt to get up again, as being pinned beneath Katy Perry was hardly a bad place to be. Dozing lightly for a few minutes, we enjoyed the cuddle in our own little world, away from the real one, until Katy gave a stretch herself, relaxing her grasp on me a bit.

“Don’t wanna get up,” she breathed, settling back down on me.

“Why not?” I asked, running a finger through her hair again.

“Because I have to go home,” she sighed, the realities of life on her mind.

“Well, you don’t have to. You could run away with me forever,” I said with a smile, running my fingers down her back. She gave a chuckle;

“Yeah right, I’m sure my management team have already reported me as abducted,” she replied, making my heart pause for a moment as I wondered what might be waiting for us when I took her home.

“Well, run away with me after you’ve sorted out the paperwork then,” I offered, feeling her smile at it.
“Tempting, but I have to get back to reality first,” she said softly, almost a whisper. She gave another stretch and then settled on me once more, not intending to return to it just yet. I didn’t complain, enjoying her snuggled up to me, lying back to enjoy further dozing with her. Eventually we stirred, Katy lazily sliding off me onto her back as I pulled myself up, giving an arch of her body, pushing out her naked chest without a hint of shyness.

My gaze roamed over her curves as I sat beside her, catching her eye and drawing a smile from her. Pulling myself away, I headed outside in the bright, warming morning, scanning the open field, sun bathing it from the opposite side to the previous evening, not that there had been a lot of it then. I found my bag and set about getting ready, joined a couple of minutes later by the singer, letting me take a good look at her naked body as she took her time finding what she needed before slipping into a dark blue thong and her same bra, roughing it although we’d be back at hers soon enough. We wrestled our way back into our leather trousers and boots and I packed up the tent quickly, loading the bike up.

Before getting ready to go, we sat by the still-warm fire, the hot heap of ashes holding memories of the inferno; quietly eating our way through the last of our snacks without our jackets on, sitting comfortably silent in the morning sunshine, Katy leaning back into me with her head on my shoulder. Time passed all too quickly though and we knew we needed to head back, wind our way back out of the country to her opulent house on the hill. With a final stretch, we packed up the last of our stuff and got into the rest of our gear, Katy getting her backpack on as I started the bike up, the throbbing machine warming from the nights chill as we finalised ourselves.

Katy was just turning to the bike when I reached for her, wanting just one more moment with her before the world took her once more; I caught her shoulder strap, pulling her towards me and hooking into the other one, feeling the full, firm shape of her breasts under the snug leather jacket as I drew her into me, leaning down to rest my helmet against hers and look deeply into her beautiful blue eyes. Her hands came up to hold mine, not letting me release her for a few moments as we shared the gaze, Katy smiling beneath her red helmet. Smiling myself, I gave her a wink and let her go, swatting her firm ass as I stepped past her to get on the Triumph, capturing every mental image of her skin-tight black leather.

Stepping over the bike, she joined me in moments, slotting on neatly behind me like she’d always belonged there. The machine rumbled beneath us, and with a last look around at our camp I opened the throttle, bumping away over the grass as both of us thought of the previous night with our snuggle by the fire, playtime in the water and simply brilliant fuck. I could see Katy look longingly back as I headed out of the field to get back on the road, seeing her head turned in the mirror. She tucked in behind me as I opened it up onto the road, heading back in the direction of the Hollywood hills, winding away into the valley away from our campsite.

The fuel light was on and the gauge reading close to empty now so I took it steady, giving us a chance to absorb the gorgeous countryside in the late morning sunshine as the bike purred underneath us. The road swept around and then climbed back out of the valley towards a main road, likely the same one we’d been at the previous morning for breakfast but a few miles further down. With the bike on fumes I pulled over at a gas station diner place, though smaller than the previous one we’d stopped at, flicking the key off to cut the engine before we climbed off. As I set about filling it up, I urged Katy to go into the diner and get started but she refused, insisting on staying with me, pulling her helmet off dramatically with a shake of her luscious mane as I filled the tank of the Triumph. I couldn’t help but be captivated by her, almost overfilling the bike as she teased me with playful bites of her lip and some come-to-bed eyes thrown in.

She finally headed into the diner, helmet in hand as I paid for the fuel, bike resting and ready to go as I went in, finding her sat against the window, looking luscious in her leather. We didn’t stop for long though, only having a few minutes for some coffee to perk us up before we got back to the Bonneville, firing it up and heading away down the road back towards LA. It was a steady cruise back, the superstar snuggled up closely to me, her arms at my waist, thighs holding me as she rested against my body, leaning with my every motion in perfect harmony. She was without down the best passenger I’d ever had on my bike, in so many ways, and I was dreading when she would get off for the last time and I’d be without her. Despite the miles we’d travelled, it only took a couple of hours to get back into the top of the Hollywood hills, cresting and descending down into them, winding casually through the roads towards her sprawling home.

It was mid afternoon as I slowed the bike to turn into the private road leading to her home, her slender hand pointing the way, the rumble of the twin under me diminishing as I let the speed fade away, climbing the hill with a nice burble from the exhaust and riding into the driveway as I had with her on the back a couple of days prior. Smoothly coming to a stop outside the house as I turned the bike half round, I put my feet down and let the engine tick a moment before shutting it off, both of us just still for a moment in the seemingly permanent quiet. She climbed off before I pulled it onto its stand, undoing my helmet and immediately being struck by the heat radiating from the urban environment, the air stifling and close compared to the fresh, free riding we’d been enjoying. Katy wrenched her helmet off and swept her hair back with her arm, pulling the zip down on her jacket, clearly feeling the heat.

“Well, made it back intact,” she said, a beaming smile on her face.

“Yeah, took care of you,” I replied, smiling back.

“Yeah, a lovely ride, so nice to get away. Am so glad you talked me into it,” she replied.

“My pleasure. But now it’s over,” I said, giving a slight sigh and struggling to keep the disappointment from my voice. She faltered, her smile just twitching a little before she stepped to me, sliding her hand into mine, gloves still on.

“Not exactly,” she said softly, looking into my eyes with the slightest bite of her lip. We shared a moment and then she drew me with her as she stepped back to her front door, fumbling around finding her keys from her bag and letting us in, leading me up the stairs.

“My management will probably be here soon, somebody will know I’m back. They’re probably in a right state,” she said with a slightly smug, self-satisfied sound of one who had successfully and enjoyable rebelled against authority.

“Then maybe we’d best not waste any time,” I said, pulling both myself towards her and her back to me by her hand as I surged up on her, pulling my arm around her back as my other one swept under her legs, heaving her up into my arms as I gained momentum onto the stairs, finding energy to speed up them quite powerfully as she giggled and pulled her arms around my neck. Carrying the leather-clad singer up to the bedroom was a moment to relish, one I certainly had never dreamed would happen as I carried her confidently from the stairs into her bedroom as she leaned up to draw me into sweet, succulent kisses. Approaching the bed, she swung her weight into me to push me onto it, letting my knees bend over the edge to sit down onto it, the gorgeous singer dropping down on my lap.

Katy took control, knowing what she wanted as she turned to straddle me, grabbing hold of the collar of my jacket and pulling me close, smiling as she pressed her lips to mine more firmly, rocking her body on top of me. Having her so eager and lusting was a huge turn on and we just flowed with one another as she worked my jacket off, letting me do the same to her before she stepped back to peel her trousers off.

“We  need to freshen up,” she said with a smile, pulling her top off and swiftly disposing of her underwear as I hastened to join her, not taking my eyes from the beautiful shape of her body. She grabbed my hand, pulling me into the en suite bathroom as my eyes flicked down to her firm booty bouncing. After turning the water on, she turned back into me, pressing her warm body to mine, firm breasts pushed to my chest, kissing under my jaw line as the water warmed up, my hands stroking down her smooth back to her ass before she slid back and drew me into the shower.

The shower was a lovely contrast to the cold darkness of the stream the night before, basking beneath the hot, drenching cascade of her opulent shower. Seeming as one, she was never off me, our wet bodies slipping against one another, the singer snuggled in close as we kissed passionately beneath the hot deluge, our hands all over one another as the bathroom steamed up. Producing some shower gel, we soaped up, washing away the days on the road in a smooth lather, caressing and groping as we did, my cock achingly hard and pressed against her stomach.

Gasping loudly as I pressed her back against the tiles, she shivered before biting my lip, making me tremble somewhat as she pulled slightly before attacking my neck again, my hands all over her fantastic chest, loving her smooth, soapy curves. We locked lips hungrily as the water splashed down inconsequentially onto us, tongues battling and twisting together as her hand slipped teasingly up and down my stiff manhood, my hand sliding down the pinch of her waist to her curvy hip, taking a grab of her ass as I pressed her back dominantly against the wall.

Her hand pushed down firmly on me in her grasp, rocking her hips in unison with it, a sensual but teasing sensation as she pulled up more lightly off my bulging head. As I continued to grope her phenomenal chest through our kissing, I slipped my hand from her hip to her own that was holding comfortably onto my cock, grasping myself at the base as she pulled up and then giving it a push down as I let my hips rock back. She let me spring from her grasp, the sensitive tip gliding down her soft, wet body as the shower gushed down onto us, pushing over her strip of hair and fleetingly across her delicate labia before my hips dropped forward, slipping my rock hard erection between her legs.

Katy immediately squeezed her thighs together strongly onto me, rocking her hips to rub her slick juices along my cock, her wet body only adding to the sensation. She didn’t tease me though as she lifted her leg, slipping her knee up my side where my arm swiftly hooked underneath it to hold her in place, spreading her open for me perfectly. Already nudging at her entrance, all it took was a little guidance and a push of my hips to slide myself inside her, both of us gasping as her smooth, slippery body engulfed my full length, squeezing down firmly around me as I pressed myself deep inside her.

Pulling her arms around my back and neck, she held me close as I kept her against the wall and held her leg to lever powerfully against her body, pulling out and then delving deeply back inside her, Katy’s sweet pussy devouring my cock as I started to get going with long, fast strokes. Breathing hard through our kisses, I pumped energetically into her as my other hand groped and squeezed at her heavy boobs, our wet bodies locked together as Katy rolled her hips to take absolutely all of me.

Wanting more, she grabbed my hand at her chest, helping me squeeze a moment then pushing it down past her hip, confusing me for a moment before she suddenly jumped up with reckless abandon, hauling on my neck and pulling my hand under her strong thigh. I grabbed hard at her but the sudden shift in weight caused a gut-wrenching moment as my feet suddenly slid backwards across the floor of the shower, her back sliding down the wet tiles, both of us clutching each other intently for a moment before I pushed back and found stability again, shoving her more powerfully into the wall.

She gave a smile and kissed me again as she pulled her legs around my hips, my hands now under her toned ass as I held her up, raising her a little more and then thrusting up to bury my full length into her hot pussy again, both of us groaning in pleasure. Pumping into her hard only tempted her to bounce to match my pace, holding confidently around my neck as she worked her hips up and down fast, her fantastic tits bouncing with her. Barely even noticing the hot shower pouring over us, we fucked hard against the wall, both of us throwing all our energy into one another as my rock hard cock drove full depth inside the singer with every move, the Californian driving her hips down to make sure she got every inch.

Our kisses were hungry and gasping as we fucked as hard and fast as possible, her back and shoulders jammed into the tiles as I drove into her, her pussy squeezing and sucking at me, slick juices making for the ultimate sensation as she eagerly took me in, tingling and shaking with the sheer pleasure of me inside her. Katy kissed down my cheek and then sank her teeth into my shoulder, making her shudder and give a stifled growl at the pain, my whole body tensing, cock giving a rock hard stiffen inside of her that she was expecting, pulling herself down with her legs and grinding into my pelvis.

Giving a growl of pleasure and demand, she started thrusting into me again, only encouraging me to do the same to her, fucking her as hard as I possibly could now as the singer did the same, clinging onto me as she still gently nibbled at my shoulder, gasping and going as hard as she could, clenching and rocking before she let herself sink down on me to a stop, resting her head on my shoulder as she caught her breath, relaxing and letting me hold her weight. With a couple of last flexes of my cock I stopped, just pinning her to the wall and resting my head against hers for a moment, sharing a pause lost in our closeness. After a moment, she pulled herself up and twisted her hip to let me slip out of her, springing up between us before she let her feet slide down to the floor somewhat unsteadily.

Aware of the rushing water once more, I stepped back as Katy let her hand slip down to pull her fingertips up the underside of my slick cock, making it jump as she gave a smile, turning into the water to rinse the last of the soap off her, since a lot more had ended up on her than me. She pulled me underneath as well to wash off, then shut it off sharply, the silence descending like a blanket, broken only by the odd drops of gurgles of the water running away. Stepping out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and threw me one, quickly drying herself in a delightfully matter-of-fact manner as I did the same, still hard as I ogled her lovely, damp body before me.

Throwing it down, she took my hand and drew me back into the bedroom, her lovely booty wiggling as she walked, my cock still sticking up stiffly in front of me for the Californian singer as she led me to her huge bed that only days before we’d frustratingly shared; it felt like years ago. Katy took the lead once more, asserting herself over me and pushing me back flat on the bed, leaning over me to smother me with more sweet, loving kisses. There was no reason not to let her be in charge, and as she crawled sexily over me I took in the beautiful shape of her body again and her eagerness to please, so much more than physical lust.

With guiding fingers and a light push of her hips I was inside her again, both of us sighing deeply with pleasure as she sank down my shaft to sit on me, feeling me throb inside her for a moment before ever so slowly lifting herself up whilst squeezing her pussy as tight as she could to get started with another long, slow stroke. She was gentle and yet firm as she rode me to our mutual pleasure, happy to let my eyes roam over her body as she worked her snug pussy along the full length of my aching cock, mixing her tempo, teasing so I almost popped out before sinking me as deep as she could physically manage.

She took her time with me, seemingly not wanting either of us to boil over too quickly as she controlled things start to finish, never so much as hinting at us changing positions. My hands followed her hips as she built on the shower to bring us to an almost simultaneous climax, her entire body shuddering and shaking with her deep, intense orgasm, accentuated by the surges of my cock as I emptied myself inside her. It was the last of her energy it seemed as she slumped down over me, leaning on her elbows and surrounding me with her damp hair, breathing heavily between soft, opportune kisses. Sliding off me to lay beside, we just faded into a quiet doze, her leg still draped over me, nestled into my neck.

Not for too long though, and Katy surprised me by prying herself up from the bed with a stretch, turning to sit up and then stand to find her phone from the dresser. I just idly took in her hourglass figure and firm ass as she switched it on before turning back to reach out for me, drawing herself back to me on the bed as her phone started with a barrage of messages. They went on for a few minutes, one after another in a constant stream of what were likely ever more urgent messages about her whereabouts. It finally stopped, and we lay back to relax before her phone started ringing insistently.

“Goddamn it,” she sighed, resting her head dejectedly on my chest. It kept on, stopping once as it went to voicemail before it started again. Putting a kiss on my shoulder, she pulled herself up, fumbling over to grab the phone and answer it, starting a conversation that very quickly got rather animated and emotional, with the singer snapping at who I assumed to be her agent. She was completely apathetic to her nudity as she walked around by the bed arguing, letting me just take in what was likely to be my final gaze at her. Glancing to me, she evidently decided she didn’t want to finish this conversation in front of me and stepped out of the room, leaving me to relax. It took several minutes, in which I dozed lightly in her huge, soft bed, but she finally returned with a roll of her eyes and an exasperated expression.

“Been back five seconds…” she muttered, putting her phone down and pulling herself back onto the bed with me.

“Problems?” I enquired, just teeing her up to explain.

“Yeah my management, really on my case,” she said, sliding into place beside me.

“Well, you did vanish for a couple of days. I’d imagine that would rattle anyone in their position,” I offered, my arm holding her close, comfortable.

“I guess,” she said, going quiet for a moment, “I have to go and see them for a while, my agent is on the way to come pick me up. Some big meeting to catch me up and all that,” she said.

“Sounds big,” I said, not really able to contribute a lot.
“Yeah it’ll likely go on for a while,” she sighed, not looking forward to it.

“I’d best make my escape then I guess, leave you to your business meetings,” I said, reluctant to let go of her. She paused, contemplating, before she spoke up.

“Listen, I’ll be gone for a while, a few hours probably but I’ll be back later. If you feel like sticking around in California for a while you can stay here…with me,” she said, pushing up a little to look at me.

“Really?” I said, surprised at the offer from her to stick around despite our great few days together, expecting her to want and need to get back to her reality, so different from my own.

“Yeah. Instead of your bike, you can stay here and ride me,” she said with a devilish smile, breaking the tension that had been hung on her initial offer.

“Is that what you want?” I said, unable to restrain my smile at the thought of some more time with the superstar.

“Yes,” she said succinctly, looking intently into my eyes. She was in no doubt about exactly what she wanted that was for sure. There was no way in hell I was turning down an offer to stay with Katy Perry, and it would certainly be nice to have a few days to really rest in a proper bed…not that it sounded like she had any plans for me getting much sleep.

“I’d love to,” I replied, immediately greeted by hot, hasty kisses as she smothered me, sliding more on top of me as she did. There was a minute or so to enjoy holding her, the soft caress of her tongue and full lips, full breasts pressed to my chest, and then she pulled away, kneeling up to let me have a good look at her as she slid from the bed and my grasp.

“My agent will be here any minute, I’ve got to go,” she said, casually standing naked as she found herself some underwear from her drawer, slipping into her bra and panties swiftly and quickly settling her boobs, opting for a simply black set. Rifling through her enormous wardrobe, she found a pair of snug jeans and a loose sandy-coloured top, tugging the tight denim up her toned legs and then letting the top drop down her curves with a stretch to the ceiling. As she was grabbing her phone and bag there was a knock at her door downstairs, Katy sweeping her hair back out the way. I idly wondered what he’d make of my bike parked outside her door, figuring they probably didn’t like her doing anything particularly dangerous, let alone going on a motorbike.

“I’ve gotta go, but I’ll be back as soon as I can,” she said, quickly checking herself and kicking her shoes on.

“Take your time, I’ll be here when you get back, go take care of business,” I said, relaxing on the bed.

“See you soon. Just take it easy, chill out and get some rest…you’ll need it,” with a naughty smile and a wink, disappearing out the door and leaving me to it. I heard the door downstairs and some urgent chatter before it closed as Katy left with her agent, leaving me with the house to myself.

After relaxing for a while, unable to pull myself up from her comfy bed, I finally pulled myself up onto my feet with a stretch, surrounded by the silence of the empty house. Sliding into my shorts, I went down to the kitchen to get a coffee and looked around her luxurious home, marvelling at how the other half lived. Unable to resist, and with no intention of mentioning it to her even though I was sure she’d expect it, I decided to snoop around a little, figuring this would likely be my only chance to see what Katy Perry was really like. A short search was all it took to uncover her naughty side, a couple of drawers fairly loaded with saucy items.

Her lingerie collection was extensive, with her underwear ranging from her simple everyday stuff right through to the skimpiest, sexiest things imaginable, including several corsets. Her sex toy collection was even more kinky, as to go with the standard dildos and vibrators there were also things like a collar, handcuffs and even a ring gag. It was certainly a surprise to find, as I’d never quite expected such from her when I’d thought about it over our time together.

It gave me something to ponder as I relaxed with a bit of television for a while, before taking her advice and going back to upstairs, throwing myself out on her huge bed, sinking into the soft mattress. It was a lovely feeling to have the time to simply relax and sleep in such a comfortable place, rather than a tent or cheap motel bed. I easily fell asleep, my body catching up after the busy days on the road.

I was woken by the unique and irresistible sensation of Katy sucking on my cock, prying my eyes open to look down at the Californian singer kneeling over me, her head rhythmically bobbing up and down as she buried my cock into her throat, hand pulling my shorts down so she could suck. A groan and push up towards her only spurred her to speed up with a murmur of pleasure. It was certainly going to be an exquisite few days in California…


The End

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