Title: Ecstasy

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, NC, drugs, rape, tort, oral, anal, fisting

Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has ever happened or ever will happen.

Tonight was finally the night Doug had been waiting on for months now. Music and pop culture icon Selena Gomez was staying at the hotel he was working at while on tour for her newest album. He knew that tonight was the only night he would probably ever get to fulfill his fantasy of raping the sexy Latina starlet. He’d been watching her ever since she made her debut as Alex Russo on the Disney channel sitcom, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Along with the rest of the world, Doug had watched how Selena had transformed herself from the innocent little Disney channel girl into the pop song singing slut she had become. Watching her young supple body finally develop into the busty and curvy woman she had become today made him finally decide to put his plan to drug and rape Selena into place.

Doug had been planning this out for a very long time. This plan had been worked on and changed for months now. He took every single possible scenario into account and made multiple back up plans for it. Nothing was going to catch him off guard or surprise him. He was a man on a mission, and he would not stop for anything to accomplish it.

As the night of the big event got closer and closer, Doug checked to make sure that he had all of the supplies he needed. Some duct tape and some rope if she tried to run away, a stun gun in case she tried to run or break free of his grasp, and the most important supply he had was some ecstasy pills. This would keep Selena from refusing and fighting him while he made love to her and help her not remember he was even there in the morning.

After a couple months passed, it was finally the night that Selena would be in the hotel that he worked at. The hotel Doug worked at was a pretty fancy place, but the security was lackluster at best. Any of the security they did have would be focused on all of Selena’s young teen fans and keeping them as far away from the hotel as possible, so workers in the hotel had to be on high alert of any suspicious activity. Knowing that his fellow co-workers were also on the lookout did nothing to stop his plan. He was not going to have any second thoughts about going through with this.

Doug knew that Selena wouldn’t be returning to her hotel room until late at night, so that gave him plenty of time to prepare for her arrival. He had bought a little bottle of Viagra just to make sure that he could stay erect for a long time to truly get the most of the time that he was going to be having with the amazingly sexy Latina starlet. The word got across the hotel that Selena was going to be there any minute now. Doug turned off all of the active cameras and replaced the signal with a fake feed. He went into her room and opened the door with his key. He placed his stun gun and the drugs on the counter next to the door before he left to lead Selena up to her room.

As he left the room, he looked down at the front entrance and saw Selena enter through the door. She was still wearing her outfit from the concert and it was making Doug’s dick ready for action. He watched as she signed in and took the elevator up to the level he was currently on. He ran down the hallway in order for Selena to think she was on the floor by herself. She walked up to the door of the room she was staying in. She opened the door and Doug began to scurry down the hallway to stop it from completely closing. Doug was able to get into her hotel room without the door closing or having Selena notice.

Doug had to think about how he was going to proceed for a moment as his eyes crawled over Selena’s ripe body. He looked at her dark hair and eyes, soft lips, her tits pressing against the costume she had worn for the concert tonight. Doug thought he could stick to his plan but the lust he was feeling was too strong. After closing the door behind him, Doug lunged towards Selena. She shrieked in fear as he grabbed and held onto her arm with one hand while covering her mouth with the other.

“I have a stun gun on me, if you try to scream I’m going to stun gun you and kidnap you. Understand?” He said as she nodded her head in agreement. He took his hand off of her mouth.

“Who are you!?” She demanded as she tried to break free of his grasp.

“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that I am the one who has the stun gun. So that means you do what I say. Got it?” Doug told her as he pulled her closer to his face to show her that he was not messing around.

“What do you want from me?” She asked as she continued to try and break free from his grip.

“Isn’t it pretty obvious? I want that sweet little pussy of yours and if you behave, that nice tight little asshole you got.” He said while whispering in her ear.

“No please.” Selena whined. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Open your mouth and take these then.” He said as he grabbed the drugs for her and forced them down her throat until she swallowed them.

“Why are you doing this?” Selena asked him as she began to cry.

“I am doing this because I love you and I wanted to give you something to remember me by.” Doug said as he started to see the drugs he had given Selena start to affect her the way he hoped they would.

“What the hell is happening to me?” She asked timidly as she began to feel hyper and incredibly horny.

“The pills are taking effect Selena.” He told her.

“What are they doing to me?” She asked as her whole world began to spin.

“Not much. They are just increasing your sexual arousal while also lowering your inhibitions and making you much more open to my suggestions.” He explained to her, even though she probably won’t even remember it. Even though Selena’s thoughts would not be affected, her body would become a plaything for Doug.

“Now why don’t you slip out of those pesky clothes huh?” He told her.

Selena couldn’t help herself but to follow his commands. She started by unzipping the zipper to her boots, grabbing them and throwing them across the room.

“What the fuck is wrong me?! Why can’t I stop myself?” Selena wondered in the back of her mind as she tried to stop herself from giving this madman what he wanted. Her hands went to her back and unzipped the full body stocking until that joined her shoes on the floor. Her hands finally reached back and undid the body suit she was in. Once she tugged that off her body, she was completely naked in front of her rapist.

“You like being naked for me Selena?” Doug asked as her hands roamed and rubbed all over her body.

“I love being naked for you.” Selena heard herself say as she took her breasts in her hands and jiggled them for Doug.

“This is so fucking messed up.” Selena thought to herself as her body began to tug on her nipples to make them rock hard. Doug moved closer to Selena and started to make out with her. His tongue was invading her mouth and she wanted it to stop, but the drugs made it hard for her to resist. She began to tense up when Doug stopped kissing her on the lips.

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.” She thought as Doug continued kissing her.

Doug had decided that enough was enough with the kissing and lowered himself down to begin kissing her neck. He ran his hand up and down her sexy young body as he continued to nuzzle on her neck. She felt so gross due to the fact that her body was actually responding positively to what Doug was doing with his mouth.

Doug continued to molest her as Selena fought to try and push him off of her, but she found herself only pulling him in closer. She struggled to keep the tears from her eyes as her rapist’s hands continued to touch her body. She hated his hands sliding up and down her back. She hated the fact that his hands on her body caused her pleasurable sensations that made her moan out in delight.

Doug looked into her eyes and knew that the drugs were in fact working due to the weird kind of glossy look that was in Selena’s eyes. Selena was still hating that everything she didn’t want him to do to her was only making her lick her lips in anticipation. She became even more worried when she felt his kisses go down from her neck to her collar bone. The ticklish feeling of his mouth on her collar made her body get goosebumps. Selena’s breath had begun to pick up in pace, which let Doug know that he should start going lower down her body.

“Please don’t let him put that dirty mouth of his on my fucking tits.” She thought as he stopped kissing her collar bone. Selena felt a jolt when he grabbed onto her right tit and took the rock hard nipple in his mouth.

“Holy fucking shit that feels fantastic.” Selena couldn’t help but say as her sensitive nipple began to be flicked and licked on by Doug’s tongue. Doug ran his other hand up the side of Selena’s body and grabbed the other nipple with his hand. Selena felt overloaded with pleasure as he switched between licking one breast and playing with the other in his hands. After a couple minutes of breast licking, Doug stopped and kissed his way down her belly button.

“Oh fuck your tongue feels good baby.” Selena said again as she couldn’t control her mouth anymore. She couldn’t help herself at all once she stopped saying things and began to just moan and groan in pleasure and desire. She couldn’t control herself but her body was pushing itself up to Doug to offer her to her rapist.

“This is so fucked up in so many ways.” She thought to herself as she felt any rational sense of thought be replaced with thoughts of lust and desire. Doug went down from her belly button and passed her hips until he made her spread her legs and reveal her wet glistening pussy. Selena’s lady juice was dripping down her legs. Doug scooped up some on his finger and moved it towards Selena’s mouth.

“Oh god, please don’t. Please don’t make me taste that.” Selena thought as her mouth took Doug’s finger in and sucked off her juices. She wanted desperately to spit it out but she ended up swallowing it.

“Yummy.” Selena said as she hated what these drugs were doing to her.

“Glad you like your own taste Selena. Now it’s my turn to taste.” Doug said as he went back down to her legs. He ran his hands down her thighs and her legs started to spread apart like Doug put in some kind of cheat code. Selena was still in shock and disbelief as she felt her legs open as far and wide as they possibly could for her rapist. She knew it wasn’t her fault, but she still couldn’t believe that she was giving in so easily to him.

Selena tried to look down at her legs. She was horrified by what she saw. She saw her rapist licking his lips with the look of a predator in his eyes. Doug stopped for a moment to admire Selena’s beautiful pussy. From licking his way down there he loved that she was completely bare of pubic hair down there. He also loved that it was a mix of pink on the inner folds of her pussy while her outer lips were more the color of her sun kissed skin. Before he brought his mouth into contact with Selena’s pussy, he looked up at her and saw the same look of fear and lust on her face, which only made him want to start tongue-fucking her faster.

Doug dove right into Selena’s wet snatch and started to eat her out like it was a peach.

“Holy shit!” Selena thought as she jumped from the shock, which made her legs close around his head, begging him to make her do it again.

He kept on licking and sucking away on her tender pussy. He shoved his tongue into her wet hole and began pushing his head back and forth against her clit, making her squirm in pleasure.

“This is so wrong but it feels so good.” Selena thought to herself as she brought her hands up to her breasts and began to knead her breasts. She went back and forth from kneading her breasts in her hands to pinching her nipples, which sent shocks of pleasure throughout her. Doug looked up and saw Selena’s breasts continue to jiggle up and down despite her best efforts to hold them.

Selena threw her head back in desire as Doug continued his assault on her wet and aching pussy. Knowing that his tongue was causing the sexy Latina pop star to squeal and moan in delight only made him go harder on her pussy. Doug knew that Selena would be at the point of cumming soon, so he stopped pleasuring her with his mouth.

“Hey! Why did you stop?” Selena said as she couldn’t believe she actually just said that to her rapist.

“I get to cum before you get to cum.” He told her before he took off his clothes, now completely naked for the sexy singer to see. Selena was disgusted by his naked form. He wasn’t overweight per say, but he did have a bit of a gut. She was horrified by how disgusting his penis looked. It looked like it wasn’t washed in months.

“You want to cum?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said, embarrassed by her answer.

“Then you’ve got to make me cum.” He said as he pointed down at his hanging member.

Selena jumped off the bed and fell to her knees. Her face was now directly in front of the cock, wanting to suck on the cock that she thought was disgusting. The drugs were in control though and she was too horny to control herself. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his decent sized member and used her tongue to lick every inch of his shaft in her mouth. After licking his cock for a few minutes, she took her mouth off his prick and making a loud popping noise as she did it.

She felt so ashamed to be used and abused this way, but the feelings going throughout her entire body were too strong to resist. She had gone from a role model to a whore and she couldn’t help it. Selena grabbed the base of the strange cock with both hands to create a strong firm grip.

“You sure do know how to work a cock Selena? Have you done this before or is it just beginner’s luck?” Doug said as he laughed. Selena had never gone down on Justin but she had done it with some other boyfriends who claimed she was a natural. It was too bad she had to waste it on her rapist.

Selena took the cock into her mouth and let it go as far down her throat as she possibly could without chocking and moved her head back and forth. A loud audible sucking noise was coming from Selena’s mouth and it only made Doug want to push his cock further down her throat. Doug grabbed Selena’s hair and pulled her closer to his crotch, pushing his cock further down her throat. He jerked his hips back and forth on her face as his cock continually touched the back of her throat. That familiar feeling in his balls was slowly approaching so he pushed Selena off his cock.

“I’m not going to cum in your mouth. I’m going to cum in that sweet little pussy of yours. Now get back on the bed.” He commanded. Selena got up and was embarrassed that she was wiggling her ass for him as she got back onto the bed. Her body continued to put on a show for him as she lay on her back and spread her legs wide. One of her hands was stroking the insides of her soft thighs and playing with her clit while the other hand was back on her aching breasts.

“Please come fuck me already.” Selena couldn’t help but say as she begged her rapist to finish inside her.

“Holy shit, those drugs are better than I could have hoped for, I got to remember to get my drugs from Tony.” Doug thought to himself as he looked at the complete cock-craving slut the drugs had turned Selena into. He walked back up to Selena and stood in front of her.

“Tell me what you want.” He said.

“I want your cock.” She shamefully replied.

“I’m sorry. What do want?” He asked.

“I want you to fuck my slutty little cunt with your cock.” Selena said, ashamed she had fell this far so quickly.

“It that’s what you want Selena?” Doug said as he positioned his cock into Selena’s entrance. Doug then pushed his long hard cock into Selena’s awaiting cunt. The feel of having his cock slowly enter inside her tight pussy caused her to scream out in pleasure and pain.

Selena tried pushing Doug into her body so she could get as much of his cock inside her as possible, so he pushed into her and then moved back. She started to hump the air like she was trying to pull him back into her needy and aching cunt. Doug gained control of Selena and started to fuck her in sync with her thrusting hip movements.

Doug took a moment before he really started to fuck Selena hard. He slammed his cock in and out of her with no stopping. The power of his thrusts were making the bed move as well as cause Selena’s entire body to jiggle. Her breasts bounced everywhere as the force kept on going. Selena moaned and pleaded for more as each thrust gave her more and more of the cock she desired. The slapping sounds of his crotch and her cunt was music to Doug’s ears.

Doug looked at Selena as she became drenched in her own sweat while her hands were busy playing with her adorable tits. Her lower body was bucking against his cock and the look of pure ecstasy on her Latina face gave Doug strength and stamina he didn’t even know he had. Her soft toned moans and his tough grunts filled the room as both Doug and Selena lost themselves in their fucking.

Selena on the other hand hated every second of her rapist pounding away against her vaginal walls. She also hated how she had become like a sex-crazed monster as she jerked and moved her hips in order for him to hit certain spots in her pussy. She hated the fact she was trying to lick on her own tits while this monster of a man just pounded away inside her cunt. She also hated how the sweat dripping down her body was only making her hornier and hornier for his touch. Her train of thought was broken when he spoke to her

“Roll over.” He commanded as she followed his order. She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her cute Latina ass in the air.

“Time to fuck you from behind.” Doug said as he slid the tip of his cock into the entrance of her burning and aching wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah baby! Fuck me from behind!” Selena said not even caring at this point anymore. Doug grabbed onto her waist and started to slam his cock back into the sexy Latina’s pussy. She couldn’t help but moan out in pure pleasure.

Even with their change of position Doug still loved how Selena looked. Seeing her moaning face from the sides, her tits dangling and wobbling back and forth as he continued to push his cock inside her.

“Please grab my tits baby! Grab my fucking tits baby!” Selena moaned to her rapist as she couldn’t play with her tits herself because her arms were holding her up. Doug decided to help Selena by sliding his hands under Selena’s body until they reached her dangling tits. The sensation of Doug’s hands gripping and squeezing her jiggling tits sent shivers up Selena’s spine. The feeling only got better as he began pinching and twisting her hard nipples. He was pinching and rubbing her aching nipples while still giving Selena the best fucking of her entire life. He grunted as he enjoyed the screams of pleasure he was forcing her to make.

Selena thought she couldn’t feel anymore pleasure until she felt something she didn’t expect. While one hand was still playing with her tits, Doug took his other hand and started inserting his fingers into her asshole. Selena didn’t feel any of the pain she thought she would feel. It only felt incredible. She was just starting to enjoy the feeling when Doug removed his hand from her asshole and used her leaking pussy juices to clean it off.

Doug knew that the Viagra he took earlier was about to wear off as he felt his balls beginning to tighten up again. He knew that his time fucking the sense out of Selena Gomez was about to end. He grabbed Selena and sat down on the bed so now Selena was on top of him while they fucked. He watched as the beautiful woman bounced up and down on his cock like she was trying to milk all the semen out of it. He grabbed onto Selena’s breasts again and started to rub and pinch them.

“Holy Shit! Here it fucking comes!” He grunted as he slammed Selena down on his dick one last time. Selena began to moan like crazy as that last action had caused her to cum. All of her female juices flowed out of her cock filled cunt and on to the sheets. She jerked back and forth as her pussy contracted and held onto his cock as rope after rope of semen filled her aching cunt. He continued to play with her breasts as the drugs along with her orgasm had caused Selena to pass out while she was on top of his cock. He slowly pushed her off his body where she landed ass up on the bed.

Doug took a little time to recover from his orgasm as he looked at the passed out Selena and her well fucked body. He took out his phone from his pants pocket and decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot of the naked singer. He made sure he took pictures of all her private parts and got her face in them as much as possible in case she were to ever find him.

“Well, that was certainly the best sex we’ll both ever have. Too bad you’re not going to remember it.” He said as he sucked on Selena’s breasts one last time before turning her over and slapping Selena’s firm ass. He slid out of bed and began getting dressed as he looked at the mess on the bed they had made

“I should probably get that cleaned up just in case.” He said as he grabbed the passed out Selena and dressed her in her pajamas before cleaning the sheets as best as he could.

As his final shift was now over, he looked at Selena for one last time before he ran off to start a new life. A couple hours later. Selena had woken up. She didn’t remember anything that happened and Doug could never forget the night he raped Selena Gomez.

The End.

This story is fictional. None of this has or ever will happen.

“Oh my god. My fucking head,” Ashley Tisdale moaned to herself as she slowly started to wake up from the night before. Ashley could feel a blaring headache, which she immediately knew meant that she had way too much to drink last night. The light that was shining in on her face was not helping her either. Ashley thought for a second and realized that the sun shouldn’t be on her face right now.

At Ashley’s California home, the sunshine would come in from the left side of the room while the sunshine of the room she was currently in was coming in from the right. Ashley started to open her eyes but the bright light of the sun shining on her face caused her some slight pain. She brought her arm up to her face to block the light coming in and slowly opened her eyes again. One eye slowly opened all the way quickly followed by the other eye.

Ashley’s eyes were a little blurry, so she wiped whatever it was out of her eyes. With her vision cleared, Ashley took in her surroundings. She instantly knew she was not at home. The room she was currently in was definitely not her bedroom. Ashley’s bedroom was full of framed photos of the fun times that she had with co-stars on the set of a project. If they were not of her and her friends, the photos were of her and her wonderful husband. Ashley quickly became awake and alert and she finally came to the realization that she was not at her own home.

Ashley decided that she needed to get out of bed and find out where she was. As Ashley slowly moved the white blankets off of her body, she looked down at herself and became worried. She was completely naked. Nothing was covered by any article of clothing.

She could see her 32B sized breasts jiggle as she sat up. Going further down her body, it was no surprise that her vagina was also uncovered. Ashley sat up and took a closer look at her pussy. Nothing was out of the ordinary until she looked down at her thighs and saw some dried up fluids on her leg.

“Shit. Did I piss myself last night?” Ashley thought before she reached her hand down to the dried up fluid. After touching the dried up fluid on her leg, she brought her fingers to her nose and smelled it to try and figure out what it was.

As soon as Ashley was able to identify the smell of the fluid, her facial expression turned from one of curiosity to one of shock and fear. There was no doubt about it; the smell told her that it was dried up semen. She began to worry and panic as thought after thought raced throughout the blonde’s mind. She tried to remember anything that happened to her the night before but nothing was coming to mind. Ashley decided she needed to get out of bed and investigate further.

Getting out of the bed she had just spent the night in, Ashley slowly turned and took in her new surroundings. She noticed that there weren’t family pictures or other types of things showcased around the house to prove that someone has been living there for a long time. She figured the person who lives here has not lived here long or had just moved in.

She took a quick look out of the giant glass window and was amazed by the view of Los Angeles she had. She knew how much a good view cost on the market so she figured this person was wealthy enough to own a nice place. While Ashley was taking in all of this information, she was startled by a noise.

“Looks like someone finally decided to wake up,” Ashley heard the voice say as she jumped like she just got jump scared during a horror movie. She turned around to see a man with black hair. He was completely wet and was only covered on his lower half by a towel.

“Who the hell are you and where am I?” Ashley yelled at the man wanting the answers to the questions that she’s been asking herself since she woke up.

“You were that drunk last night?” the man asked in response.

“Look, can you just tell me who you are and where I am?” she asked as she hoped that he would just give her the answers she needed.

“Wow. You really were that drunk weren’t you? Okay, hello then. My name is Lucas and you are currently in my home,” Lucas replied.

“How did I get here?” she asked.

“Well, that’s quite a story,” he said before Ashley interrupted.

“This story is not going to take forever is it?” she asked.

“It shouldn’t be too long,” he replied.

“Well let’s get started then Lucas,” she replied.

“Okay Ashley, it’s pretty clear you don’t remember a single thing that went on here last night. Why don’t you sit down on the bed, I’ll make us some of my famous hangover cure tea, and we’ll go through what happened last night. Sound good?” Lucas said as Ashley sat down on the bed. After taking a few minutes to make them the tea and to get their clothes on, Lucas sat down on the edge of the bed with Ashley.

“Okay, I’m going to start from what you told me happened before I met you up to this morning okay?” Lucas explained.

“That sounds good to me.” She replied.

The Night Before

Ashley was currently sitting at the bar inside the very popular L.A. night club called Rush. She was trying to drink her sorrows away after she had a fight with her husband Christopher. His band had once again invited him out for another night of partying. He accepted their invitation but forgot that he promised Ashley that they would go out for a date. Things quickly spiraled down into chaos as both left their home upset and distraught. Chris ending up leaving the house upset as he went out to where his band was partying

Ashley was too upset to stay home alone. She needed to get out and get her mind off of the huge fight she just had with her husband. Then an idea came to her. She had heard about that club Rush that opened downtown. She decided to have a night out with one of her best friends Kate and dance/drink the night away.

Ashley went up to her room and put on a sexy white bandage shirt followed by some cute washed out jeans shorts and a sexy pair of white high heels. While Ashley was fixing her make-up and making sure she had everything in her purse, she called Kate and had told her that she would meet her at the bar inside of Rush. She was able to get there before her friend did, so she was already a few drinks in before her friend joined her on the bar seat next to her.

“I can’t believe Chris would just up and abandon me like that. I’m a woman and I have needs too. I want to spend time with my man but all he does is spend time with his stupid band.” Ashley said to Kate as she drank another shot of vodka.

“Damn right girl, Chris should know that he was a lucky guy to put that gorgeous ring on your finger. I bet any man in this club would go after you if you were available.” Kate said as she gave the upset blond a good rub on the back.

“You know what, you’re right!” Ashley yelped as she threw her head back to drink another shot of vodka and slam the shot glass on the top of the bar.

“I could totally get any guy I wanted to in this fucking club. I mean look at me, I am a fucking hot blond with a tight fit body and a great ass. Any guy here would be lucky to get some from me.”

“Ashley, that’s not what I meant.” her friend said before Ashley interrupted her.

“You know what? That is what I’m going to do! I’m going to get any guy I choose in here and show Chris that he is so fucking lucky that he is the one who put the ring on this finger!” Ashley yelled at the top of her lungs as she took another shot of Vodka.

“Ash baby, I don’t think that you’re thinking straight now. Yeah Chris was being a bit of a jerk to you, but you could do some serious damage to the relationship here.” she said while trying to hold Ashley back from going on the dancefloor.

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to go on the dancefloor and show these guys what they could have. I won’t go home with any of them.” Ashley said as she tried to convince her friend to let her go.

“Fine Ashley, but just remember you are only going to tease these horny guys. No going home with them okay? I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer but you know I have other plans. So just be careful okay? ” her friend said to Ashley who nodded in agreement.

Despite what her brain and her heart were telling her to do, Kate let Ashley go onto the dancefloor and left Rush for her other things she had planned. Ashley was now on the dancefloor with purpose. That purpose was to make all of the guys in the club jealous that they could not have her. Ashley was moving around in a sexy seductive manner. She was running her hands up and down and all over her well-toned body as she moved her hips to the rhythm of the blaring music.

Ashley was so far into the zone that she didn’t even care about the other people around her. She was getting lost in the music and everyone in the club could see it too. She continued to keep dancing until she moved into someone and fell flat to the floor. As she sat there on the ground, she looked up and saw the face of a beautiful man.

“Holy shit, are you okay?” the man asked as he reached out his hand to help the drunk blond off the dancefloor.

“I am now. I did not catch what your name was. What’s your name?” she replied as she took his hand and got herself back on her feet.

“My name is Lucas.” he said as he led her to a table so he could check to see if she had any injures.”

“Why are you checking me out like this? You some kind of doctor or something?” Ashley asked as she then proceeded to laugh at her own joke.

“Actually, I am a doctor. I’m just checking to see if you have any other injuries.” he said as he finished his exam and made sure she had no other injuries.

“You’re a doctor huh? You just move here or you been here awhile?” Ashley asked as the alcohol was getting to her a bit.

“Yeah I just moved here from Vermont a couple months ago, I got tired of small town life and wanted to spend some time in a big city.” he explained.

“I bet you got a nice house, why don’t we go there and check it out?” Ashley said as she went chest to chest with Lucas and seductively slid her finger down his chest.

“Someone here knows what she likes, I love that.” He said as she took him by the hand and they left Rush to go back to his place. Ashley could have sworn she said something to Kate about something like this happening but she could not think of what it was. Ashley grabbed her coat from the coat attendant and Lucas got his car from the valet. Before Ashley stepped into his car, her previously unheard from before this moment conscience tried to talk her out of going to this random guy’s home and having sex with him. Her mind tried to convince her that this was wrong on so many levels and she was betraying the one man she truly loved. Her conscience was too late though as the alcohol had set in and it was in complete control of Ashley’s decisions.

Ashley got help from Lucas getting into his car before he closed her door and got into the driver’s seat. He put the keys for his car into the ignition and started up the engine. He turned on his turn signal before moving the car into the oncoming traffic. He looked over at Ashley and saw she was clearly having fun as she was dancing around in her seat as she blared the music loudly in his car. He kept driving along until they were stopped by a red light. He turned down the music to a level where they could have a conversation.

“So what do you do for a living?” Lucas asked as he tried to learn more about the girl he was about to go home and have sex with.

“I work as an actress and executive producer on some shows.” Ashley said as she pointed to the light turning green. “Green means go as in I’m going to let you go all the way with me tonight,” Ashley said in a low seductive voice before she laughed very loudly. Lucas took that as “shut up and drive home already so we can fuck each other” and took the back roads he knew to his home.

The drive from Rush to Lucas’ home was not too far away, so they got there in a good amount of time. Lucas parked his car and took Ashley up to the front door. He placed his key inside of the lock and opened the door. He let Ashley walk in first before he turned around and locked the door.

Once the door was locked, he turned around and was shocked when Ashley ran up to him and started to passionately lock lips with him. Ashley was clearly not messing around as she started to undo the buttons of his shirt while they continued their wet but passionate lip lock session. Lucas stopped their passionate lip lock for a second to speak to her.

“Woah there. Why don’t we take this into my room?” he said as he grabbed Ashley off the floor and carried her up the stairs into his room. He gently put her back down on the bed. Lucas undid the belt of his pants and pulled down his jeans and underwear, leaving him completely naked.

“Holy fuck! That’s fucking huge!” She said pointing at his penis.

Ashley soon followed suit as she kicked off her white heels which flew to the other side of the room. She reached for the bottom of her white bandage shirt and threw it off the top of her body. Lucas could not help but stare at her cute little tits jiggle as she continued to disrobe.

The next thing she did was undo the button to her jean shorts and slid them down her body along with the white cotton panties she had decided to wear. Lucas watched as she peeled off the last item of clothing. She pushed them off her body in a way that made her look like she was showing off her gorgeous legs and her smooth pretty snatch. As the last pieces of clothing fell onto the floor like the rest of their clothes, Lucas noticed that she was already starting to leak her cunt juices all over his bed.

“That’s a pretty wet pussy you got there.” Lucas said pointing out exactly how wet and excited for dick Ashley’s pussy appeared to be.

“You got a pretty hard dick there yourself. Now let’s skip the foreplay and just fuck me already.” Ashley replied as she spread her legs as far apart as she could.

“You know what you want don’t you Ashley?” he asked.

“I just want you to fuck me already. Now get over here and fuck the living shit out of me.” Ashley pleaded.

Lucas finally gave into Ashley’s demand for dick. He slowly approached her and placed his big warm hands on her nice thick hips. He started slowly pushing the tip of his penis against Ashley’s wet entrance.

“No foreplay. Just fuck me.” Ashley grunted as Lucas slid his cock farther into her waiting pussy. Lucas took what she said to heart and started to fuck her with his huge cock.

“Oh shit! Your pussy is fucking tight!” Lucas yelled as he started to push harder and faster into Ashley’s love tunnel. Lucas quickened his pace and added more power into his thrusts as he focused on pleasuring her.

“Oh fuck yeah. Pound my fucking pussy!” she yelled as loud as she could possibly yell, letting him know that what he was doing was working for her. Ashley started bucking her hips in rhythm with Lucas’ thrusts in order to get as much of his giant cock scrapping against her vaginal walls as possible.

The wetness coming from Ashley’s pussy along with how hard they were fucking, the juices coming from her wet cunt made splashing water noises as the juices continued to leak out of her pussy. Lucas kept on fucking the living life out of Ashley but went harder and faster than ever before.

Ashley felt like she was a nail with how hard her vagina was constantly being hammered by Lucas.

“Oh fuck! I think I’m going to cum!” Ashley screamed as she prepared to be taken over by the pleasure her body was about to feel all over. Lucas kept pounding away inside her cunt until Ashley spoke up again. “God yes, I need to cum so fucking badly. Make me fucking cum!” She shrieked as her body went into full on pleasure mode. Ashley started to jerk and spasm as her fluids gushed down her legs and onto Lucas’ cock as well as his sheets. Ashley’s body continued to twitch for a good 30 seconds afterward until she was able to catch her breath.

“Holy fucking shit! That was an awesome fucking orgasm,” Ashley moaned as her chest heaved up and down from the rush of pleasure that raced through her body. After a couple seconds she finally recovered from her orgasm.

“Now that you have gotten to cum, it’s my time to cum.” he said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“And what’s going to make you cum?” she asked in a seductive tone.

“Turn around and bend over.” he said as he grabbed and spread her cheeks apart in order for him to fuck her ass.

“Oh. So you want to fuck my nice tight ass huh?” Ashley said as Lucas looked down to admire the firm round ass wiggling at him. It was just waiting for his dick to get inside it and he knew it. Lucas took hold of his cock and rubbed the mushroom tip against her ass crack, which sent a chill up her spine. He continued to slide it up and down her crack until he paused for a moment.

“Are you going to tease me all day, or put your cock where my asshole is?” she moaned in delight while assuming the position to give Lucas as much access to her back door as humanly possible. Lucas decided enough was enough and guided his large member slowly into Ashley’s asshole. Lucas pushed his member deeper and deeper into her anal cavity.

“Holy Shit! You’re really going to take my asshole! Fuck yes.” Ashley screamed out in both pain and ecstasy as the cock filled her asshole.

“That’s what you want? You want to get fucked by this big dick in your tight little asshole?” he teased her as he started to push his cock back and forth inside her.

“Oh my ass, fuck my ass.” the now totally drunk blond moaned out to her lover for the night.

“I bet you want to cum again so badly, huh Ashley?” He moaned as he tried to get Ashley into a standing but bent over position.

“Yes Goddammit, fuck me, fuck my ass, make me cum!” she yelled as she stood up and bent down over the bed. Lucas reinserted himself into Ashley’s tight asshole.

“Holy fuck.” She moaned out as Lucas placed his hands on her hips and proceeded to pound into her tight asshole from behind.

Lucas and Ashley were now both in sync regarding their movements, fucking each other like two lovers who knew the other’s body for years now. While continuing to pound away into Ashley’s ass hole, Lucas took his right hand and squeezed her tit that was just hanging from her body. She moaned in ecstasy as the ass fucking and nipple pinching were driving her crazy. She moaned even louder in pleasure as he took her hard as rock nipple and pinched it in his big strong hands.

“Oh God here it comes again!” Ashley yelled as she started to cum again. Her body was covered in sweat and jerked around as his cock continued to bury itself deep in her ass.

She was grunting and moaning like an animal, begging to get fucked like the dirty whore that she had become. Lucas knew he couldn’t take how tightly Ashley’s asshole was around his cock any longer and he grunted as he shot his hot load deep into Ashley’s rectum. He pushed his cock balls deep into the pretty blonde and filled her with cum. The warmth of his semen in her asshole had caused her to gush her lady fluids once again.

After being overloaded with pleasure, Ashley got off his cock and collapsed onto the bed. Lucas sat down next to her and lightly rubbed her back. Ashley was now knocked out cold. The alcohol and fucking had tired her out. Lucas smiled to himself and went to bed.

Present Day

“And that’s all I remember from last night. Did any of that jog your memory?” Lucas asked as she just sat there in shock from hearing what she did.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t normally do this.” Ashley said before Lucas interrupted.

“It’s fine. I’m sure all of us have one night stands we…” Lucas managed to get out before Ashley interrupted him.

“I mean I’m married.” She told him as the light went off in his head.

“Oh.” He replied as it was the only way he thought to reply.

“I’m sorry but I got to go.” She said before getting off the bed and rushing over to put her clothes on.

“I understand. Should I call you a cab?” he asked.

“That would be great.” She replied as she tried putting on her shirt while getting her high heels on. Once Ashley was fully dressed, Lucas came back into the room after he left to call the cab.

“They’ll be here in 2 minutes.” He said.

“Thank you so much,” she said as she grabbed her purse. She was about to walk out the door before he stopped her.

“Wait. I don’t know what’s going on between you and your husband but if you two ever decide to split, call me. ” He said as he handed Ashley a business card. Ashley should have slapped this guy across the face for something like that, but instead she took the card and stuck it in her purse as she left his house to go home.

The End.

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