Educating Taylor

Disclaimer: Usual things I don’t know or own anything to do with any partys mentioned in this story and this is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Since the story takes place 5ish years ago ages will be changed to 18 legal in the US, so Taylor is 18 and Kellie is 22, but if you want to go back in time a bit more I think they were on tour together when Taylor was 16.

Taylor Swift was ecstatic to have her first album out and it was doing well. She had released a couple music videos and was now on tour with Brad Paisley and Kellie Pickler. Taylor and Kellie had become really close since the tour started up and tonight they were going to have a slumber party while their bands went out.
Taylor and Kellie were getting ready to watch a movie together after having a nice little dinner. Taylor was wearing some white boxer shorts, and a light blueish tank top and Kellie was wearing a sexy short pink gown with white trim on the skirting. Kellie got to pick the movie and she chose American Pie. Taylor had never seen the movie, but had heard good things and Kellie had insisted that it was one of her favorite movies. So they got cozy on Kellie’s bed, Taylor cuddling into the nook between Kellie’s breast and arm.

As the movie went on Taylor noticed that Kellie’s hand had somewhat disappeared and saw her gown ruffled up a little, but was too comfy to pay too much attention to it. Soon after the movie was approaching the masturbation scene with Shannon Elizabeth. Taylor was kind of uncomfortable being this close to Kellie watching this beautiful woman masturbate on the TV. Taylor was about to change position when Kellie let lout a low moan.

Taylor immediately jumped when she came to the realization that Kellie was masturbating. “What the hell!” Taylor exclaimed. Kellie’s mind returned and she noticed she had been caught. “Sorry! I just couldn’t stop myself. This scene just makes me really, really hot.” “So you couldn’t wait until you were alone!?” Taylor asked. “Just calm down a little, I think your making too big of deal about this.”

Taylor being young and a little naive thought this seemed just a little strange. “Really? You think I’m making to big of deal out of this?” she asked. “Just a little. I mean its just masturbating its not that big of deal. Haven’t you done it before?” Taylor was shocked and blushed. “OMG” Kellie said, “You’ve never even masturbated before!?” “Well not exactly, I well..” Taylor trailed off. “Come on you can tell me” Kellie insisted “You can tell me anything” she continued grabbing Taylor’s shoulder reassuringly.

Taylor started, “Well I’ve kind of, but I never got very far.” “Never got very far?” Kellie questioned. “I’ve only slightly did it in the shower, while cleaning up, but was to afraid of getting caught or feeling shameful or doing it wrong.” Taylor muttered nervously. “Taylor, there’s nothing shameful about it and if it feel good there is no doing it wrong. I’ve been doing it since I was much younger then you for you to have made it this long without even really trying it.. Well I can’t even imagine not masturbating every now and then.” “Do you want to try now? I can help you out.” Kellie said with just a little to much enthusiasm. “What do you mean help me out? That just doesn’t sound good.” Taylor said nervously. “I don’t mean “help” help you, but help you. I have some movies and toys that may help you get off or maybe you could watch me and try to do what I do.”

Taylor wasn’t sure what to do, sure it sounded a little scary, but Kellie was her best friend out on the road and had alot more experience then she did, if anyone could help her and not judge her for this it would be her. Taylor gaining a little bit of confidence due to her trust in Kellie said, “Okay, if you can help me out, but please, please, please don’t tell anyone else about this. I don’t want everyone to think that I’m a pervert or anything.” Kellie was excited now “Alright, why don’t you get comfortable on my bed and I’ll go get some things that should help you out.” Taylor got comfortable on Kellie’s bed at least as comfortable as she could given the situation. She was about to masturbate for the first time with the help of her best friend.

Kellie returned with a couple dvd’s, and a little bag. She looked at the dvd’s and threw one in. She then jumped on the bed all giggly and excited, even a little wet with anticipation of helping her pretty friend learn to masturbate. She got comfortable on the bed next to her pretty blonde friend with the bag in between them. “Go ahead take off your boxers, I haven’t had panties on all night.” Kellie said with a smile. Taylor looked a little reluctant, but did as she was told. Kellie had to hold herself back seeing the pretty girl slide her panties down her legs and giving her foot with the henna tattoo a little fling to the edge of the bed. Then her eyes caught a glimpse, just a glimpse of Taylor’s pussy. It was beautiful. So tight, so lovely and surprisingly well trimmed. The beautiful blonde had just a small trimmed strip, not something Kellie would have expected of a girl who has never even masturbated before.

Kellie catching herself choked and said, “This video is has a few short videos in just to kind of get you excited.” Taylor turned her attention to the video and saw a young girl masturbating and using a dildo, but the scene ended after only a couple minutes. The next scene had a two girls and a guy, but again the scene was quick, but the majority of this video happened after the guy came. The two girls continued on to kiss and swap the cum between each other. Taylor noticed that she was getting a little wet. The next scene was of a girl and guy. The guy was giving it to the girl really hard and it looked very rough. “Eww, please stop this one” Taylor said.

Kellie turned the porno off almost right away when she saw Taylor’s face looking at the screen. She didn’t really think of Taylor as the rough type for sex and figured she liked it a little more classy and emotional. “Okay”, she said “lets stop with this for now. Have you even touched yourself yet?” “Not yet, I’m just to nervous.” Taylor replied. “Go ahead Kellie said, just get comfortable.” And with that Kellie got herself comfortable and lifted her gowns skirt over her belly button and slowly began to masturbate. Taylor saw the Kellie was completely shaved. It took her a second to get her barrings, but Taylor decided to give it a shot.

Taylor began masturbating, she started to rub her fingers up and down her slit meanwhile trying to keep an eye on Kellie to see if she was doing it right. After a little while Taylor and Kellie kind of had a rhythm going. Taylor’s eyes watching Kellie as she seemed to be enjoying herself just a little bit more. Before long Kellie was moaning loudly and Taylor noticed that she came. After she recovered she looked over at Taylor, while sticking her fingers in her mouth to taste her juices. “Are you done already?” Kellie asked, not having been paying to much attention to what Taylor was doing aside from occasionally checking her out. “No, I guess I’m not doing it right, I mean it feels good, but I just haven’t cum yet.” Taylor said aggravated.

“Here, let me help you.” Kellie said. Kellie took the bag that was between them and set it to the side of the bed. “I don’t think we’ll be needing these yet.” she said as she got on the bed and leaned over Taylor’s exposed pussy. Before Taylor could react Kellie spit on her pretty pussy. Taylor kind of jumped as Kellie brought her right and up to rub her slit. “Wait I don’t think you should be doing this” Taylor protested. “Its alright” Kellie insisted “I’ll help you feel good. We’ll get you off yet.”

Kellie continued to rub Taylor’s slit and eventually put a finger in her hole. “Ooooh” escaped Taylor’s mouth as Kellie began to get rhythm. Then Kellie put in another finger. “Ooh.. shit” Taylor was entering ecstasy now. “Don’t stop. I I think I’m getting close!” Kellie smiled and taking advantage of the situation stopped and crawled onto Taylor straddling the leggy blonde while sliding her shirt up just a little so Kellie’s pussy was on Taylor’s now exposed belly. “Kiss me!” Kellie said seductively. Taylor didn’t protest or question, but kissed her. Kellie could tell that apparently Taylor hadn’t even kissed to many people to often as she was kind of all over the place, but her enthusiasm more then made up for her lack of experience. Kellie was getting really turned on, juices began to moisten Taylor’s belly. Kellie felt like Taylor was going to devour her and let a moan escape her and flow into Taylor’s mouth.

Kellie pulled back and positioned herself at the base of the bed between Taylor’s long beautiful legs. Kellie was excited and could smell the aroma from Taylor coming from her folds. Kellie wasted no time she dived between Taylor’s legs. A loud scream erupted from Taylor. “OOh fuck, oh my god, please Kellie, don’t stop tha AAAAAhhhhh. Kellie didn’t let up, she was so turned on of listening to the young blonde scream. Taylor couldn’t even speak anymore the only thing coming from her was moaning and screaming. Somehow Kellie wasn’t all that surprised in how vocal she was during sex. With a loud moan Taylor locked her legs around Kellie’s head and came. Kellie didn’t give her much time to recover as she tried to get all the juice that this poor girl never got a chance to release before. She crawled up Taylor and kissed her again. Taylor’s eyes widened when she realized that she was tasting her own juiced on Kellie’s tongue, but didn’t retreat, but instead smiled and returned the kiss enjoying the taste of herself on her best friends tongue.

After the were done Taylor said enthusiastically, “Let me try now. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. I’ve never felt so high!” Kellie smiled and kissed her again. First, Kellie removed Taylor’s shirt, finally getting a chance to see her perky little breasts that fit her fit body so well. Kellie played with them for a little while and then kissed each one, before she gave each a good suck making just to enjoy all Taylor’s fron had to offer. “Wow” was the only word Taylor could get out, but being afraid that Kellie wouldn’t let her return the favor Taylor pushed back. “My turn” she said with a smile. She removed Kellie’s gown and looked at her sexy tits. Taylor didn’t think they were real. She heard the rumors that they were fake and after seeing them being so perfect she had to say they were. Taylor cupped them and played with them a little. They felt so good, this was apparently a good boob job. They weren’t hard or anything, but felt as natural as her own.

Taylor kissed and sucked on Kellie’s nipples. Kellie cupped her head close almost as if she were breast feeding the younger girl. Taylor pushed Kellie back on the bed with Kellie’s head almost hanging off the bed. Taylor was between Kellie’s legs now and could smell her beautiful friend and her excitement doubled. Taylor did the same things that Kellie did to her. She spit on her bald pussy and began to rub her fingers over her slit. With her left hand she started to finger her and then she pushed her tongue in. After a little while she decided to switch hands to reposition herself. She went to insert a finger on with her right hand and “Ahh” escaped Kellie’s mouth. Taylor stopped for a minute when she realized what she had just done. She accidentally put her finger in Kellie’s butt. “Keep going, keep going, its okay” Kellie insisted to the scared blonde. She didn’t know what to do, so she did what she was told.

Taylor not had one finger in Kellie’s anus and tongue in her snatch. Kellie was moaning in ecstasy. Taylor could tell she was on the edge and about to cum, but Kellie stopped her and pulled Taylor up and kissed her again tasting a combination of their juices. Taylor looked confused as Kellie repositioned them and crossed her leg over Taylor’s and began to rub her pussy against the younger blondes. Taylor didn’t have rhythm at first, but it wasn’t long until both of them were in sync and moaning as they brought their pussies hard together.

Taylor and Kellie pulled and squeezed and moaned while rubbing together. Kellie brought in one hand to rub Taylor’s pussy and Taylor did the same for Kellie. They kissed some more grinding as hard and as passionate as they could. It wasn’t long before they came, moaning into each others mouths. Kellie brought her finger up to Taylor and fed her, her juices and Taylor did likewise. Afterwords they crawled up the bed and cuddled and kissed until they heard people approaching the bus. Kellie jumped up and hit her dvd’s and bag while Taylor put in American Pie. They through their clothes in the bed and got in and cuddled together. As the band members opened the door to the tour bus.

“So have a good girls night?” one of the band members asked. “We had a blast!”, Taylor said out of breath. “Hopefully, we’ll get more time for girls night and a movie as the tour goes on” Kellie said with a smile as she cupped Taylor’s pussy under the covers. “We’re just gonna finish this and go to bed. See you guys in the morning.” And so they went to bed, hoping to have more experiences in the future.

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