El Calor De La Mariposa [REVISED]

If you are under the age of 18, please get the hell outta here. As much as I’d like to believe that this story

is true, sadly, it isn’t. So everyone old enough to read & understand this, enjoy!

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About Roselyn: Roselyn Sanchez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico back on April 2nd, 1970. She stands at 5′ 7″

tall & with her lengthy jet-black hair, she’s quite the looker. Roselyn got her big break back in 2001, starring

with Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan in “Rush Hour 2”. Other films of hers include: “Night Stalker”, “Chasing Papi”,

“Boat Trip”, “Angel”, “Held Up”, “Basic” & a very small role in “Captain Ron”. She’ll also be in the upcoming films

“The Underclassman” & “Larceny”. If you’ve seen her & don’t feel anything, please check in with your local physician.

If you’ve never seen her, please for the love of all that is holy, look her up.

“For those of you outside and cold, come in and feel the Warmth of the Butterfly.”



by rawballz

Featuring: Roselyn Sanchez & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Roselyn rustled underneath her bed sheets. The morning light came creeping in between the burgundy miniblinds that hung

in front of her bedroom windows. She shifted her left leg out from underneath the covers and exposed to the outside bedroom

world. Her slim and tight leg laid motionless on the bed for a few moments. One speck of sunlight broke through the miniblind

shield and dazzled to it’s delight on the tip of her toes. The light engulfed her ends of her feet as she moves her toes around in

the warmth of the peaceful light. Still in her slumber, Popi shifted her head to the side and ran her fingers through her hair that

was spread for what seemed like miles on her stuffed pillows. The light slowly trickled it’s way down to the creases in between

her toes. The shadows reflecting themselves on the next toe and the next. Popi still laid there in silence with the blank sleeping

expression on her face. A bead of sweat developed on her left temple and traveled it’s way down to it’s finish line, the ear. Nestling

itself inside her listening device, it remained immobile to cool off. The sneaky light shifted it’s way down the arch of the foot,

thoroughly heating inside & out. The left foot twitched on it’s own as the brightness cascaded down to the ankle. Resting there for

a brief moment, the A.M. light engulfed the ankle and spread down to the heel. The light intruded it’s way past the flesh and into

her very soul. The brightness sparked a fire within her. It journeyed it’s way from the foot, up through the leg & spread throughout

her entire body. Popi could feel the heat building up in the safety of her sheets. To anyone else, this would’ve felt like a forest fire.

To Popi, it was just clearly the warmth of her soul & the tamed fire that burned within her. She could control this, at least she

thought so.

Thoughts & dreams began running through her mind while still in her slumber. Images flashing so quickly that she couldn’t get a

good look at them. More like blurs that were just crowding her mind. It didn’t make any sense. Faster the images flowed with

billions upon billions of colors shading every which way. Once started dark with blacks & dark grays turned into deep greens and

pale blues. Wrinkles and currents of solid images raced through her mind as the shading of colors changed into a bright burning

red. The fire burned across her body like someone had removed the blood from her veins and replaced it with gasoline. The images

became clearer, she was resting on the shoulder of another person. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move. Frozen in the

embrace of the mysterious one. A circle of touches rose up from underneath her. Her head flew back as she stared into the face

of the embraced one. She looked upon her own face. A tremendous red light blew in all around her, blinding her for what seemed

forever. The warmth was conquering her soul.

Suddenly, Popi could see herself lying in her bed. Her view was incredibly clear. She could see every wrinkle in her sheets and

every crease in her pillows. She stared upon this site, unable to utter a word. Her body lay motionless while deep in sleep. She

could see a glowing red light growing around her sleeping body. The redness began running over her body as if it had a mind of

it’s own. Slowly the brightness crept over her body, pulling the bed sheets off her and dropping them to the floor. She thrashed

her sleeping head to the side. Her black nightgown became engulfed by the red warm light. The light grew and circled it’s way

over her legs and down over her feet. The warmth flowed over her rising chest and circled it’s red fingers over the tiny straps of

her gown. The light slipped the spaghetti straps down off her shoulders in tune with one another. Her arms laid still by her sides

as the warmth pulled the gown down over her breasts, exposing the two magnificent mounds to the red elements that showed

all around her still body. The nightgown continued it’s descent towards it’s Shangri-la. Her stomach became unhidden as the

fabric of the clothing hugged around her hips. The hips couldn’t hold the warmth’s continuous downfall. The gown slipped off her

ass and journeyed further, uncovering her black lace panties in the process. Gently, it climbed it’s way down over her bare knees

and across her shins. Sliding up over her feet, it dangled a few moments on the ends of her toes before falling below onto the bed.

The warmth was growing stronger.

Deeper the red surged around her near-naked body. Rubbing it’s way over her tinted skin, the warmth circled into miniature

hurricanes around her breasts. Stimulating every square inch of her chest, her nipples excited to life while the warmth danced

hot flames across her chest. Her chin raised up into the air, pushing her head back into her pillow. A sigh of release escaped

her sleeping lips, as the redness flickered up her neck. Popi tried to move from above but with no success. She was entranced

by her own self-loving. The warmth tightened it’s grasp around her legs and began pulling her feet outwards. Her legs were

being spread under another’s power and Popi just watched in amazement. Her feet now facing the south west and east corners

of the bed, they were stretched apart to their limit. The warmth shot upwards underneath the sides of her panties and with one

fell swoop removed them from the ultimate treasure. The darkness of her pubic region became lit up from the warm lights that

shown upon it. The warmth snapped and flickered in magnificent colors as it formed the shape of a butterfly and disappeared

into the opening between her legs. “Mariposa.”, she whispered from above. The word echoed through her mind and slowly faded

into a muffled noise. The warmth was within her.

Popi arose quickly, sitting up in her bed as the alarm clock buzzed her to the awakened world. She noticed the unbelievable

heat that confined her bedroom. She thought she might be running a fever, so she slapped the off button on the clock, got to

her feet and walked to the bathroom. Her feet shuffled on the carpeted bedroom floor. When she reached the tile floor of the

bathroom, an almost numbing coldness crept onto the bottoms of her feet and traveled it’s way up her legs. She stood immobile

for a few seconds, as she felt the coldness rush back down through her legs and escape her feet. The cold tile floor warmed

up all over. She thought she saw a slight red tint of color cover the floor. The redness vanished before she could give a second

thought. “I must be sick.”, she said to herself. She made her way over to the sink and leaned forward, resting her hands on the

counter. She looked at herself in the mirror and widened her eyes, but she didn’t notice any redness in her eyes nor dark colors

under them. She reached up and touched her palms on her cheeks, she felt the warmness that was coloring her cheeks. She

reached in front of her and opened the medicine cabinet. She grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen tablets, unscrewed the top and emptied

two pills into her hand. She popped them quickly into her mouth and grabbed a cup, that was sitting next to the “COLD” knob

on the sink. She turned on the water and held the cup under the faucet to get just enough water in there to help her with her

morning swallow. The cold liquid filled her mouth and sent the tablets swimming around inside her mouth. With one deep swallow

the water and pills flew down her throat. She felt the warm water gush down to her stomach. She grabbed the bottle again, placed

it back in the cabinet and shut the door.

She noticed on the mirror, directly in front of her, a small steam image appeared right before her eyes. She couldn’t make out

exactly what it looked like. The image began to take form, as a rainbow of colors flowed from tip to tip. Popi stepped back in

amazement as the image produced a small butterfly that seemed to be flapping it’s wings at each movement her eyes made to

try and adjust. Wrinkling her forehead in confusion, she laughed to herself in disbelief. She moved in closer for a good look. Her

right hand reached up and touched the image lightly with it’s tips. The mystical-looking butterfly flashed a bright red light around

it and flashed in brilliance, as Popi took a couple steps back to cover her eyes from the brightness. She carefully reopened them

and noticed the butterfly was beating in the red color as if it had a heartbeat of it’s own. She crept back in closer, squinting her

eyes in the process for being afraid of the blinding light again. She could see the uncountable shades of red flowing over the

butterfly in incredible waves. She leaned in closer and felt the warmth and comfort that the butterfly was giving her. Slowly, Popi

opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Leaning closer even more, she touched the tip of her tongue onto the butterfly

design. A wave of amazing warmth entered her body. Popi lifted her head up pressing her tongue hard up the mirror. Tasting

everything the butterfly could give her, she gladly accepted. As her toes curled up on the warm tile floor, Popi slid her thumbs

under the tiny straps of her nightgown. With one quick outward motion with her hands, the gown found itself piled up onto the

floor, surrounding her feet. She stood clad only in her black panties, never breaking the contact with the butterfly. She circled

her tongue around her newfound friend. Her hands placed themselves on her hips and dug her thumbs under the elastic band

of her panties. She slid her panties down past her ass and down over her thighs and continued until they ended up with same

fate as the gown.

As she had sucked almost every ounce of warmth from her charming butterfly, she pulled herself back and broke contact with

the mirror. Her eyes panned down, looking at her own image that was reflected back at her. With one quick side kick with her

right foot, she sent her discarded clothing across the warm tile floor. She made contact with her hips through her fingertips. A

quick warm shiver echoed inside her entire body. Her own touch felt like volts of electricity that surged into herself and the

atmosphere around her. Popi began caressing herself by bringing her fingertips up around and across her stomach. As she

did, the warmth between her legs continued to grow. She circled her left index finger around her bellybutton. Popi closed her

eyes in complete delight. Slightly tilting her head back, Popi rose her fingers up to the underside of her perfect breasts. Making

contact with them began burning her vulva out of control. Her breasts tingled to life. The nipples became more erect and harder

than she could ever remember them being. She stroked her fingertips along the sides of her breasts, totally neglecting her

stiffened nipples to agony. Quickly she shoved her fingers in her mouth and coated them with her saliva. Touching her fingertips

onto her nipples, the sound of water being thrown on a raging fire filled the room. Tweaking the nipples in-between her digits,

Popi lifted her right leg up and laid her knee on the counter. Her mouth opened in pure ecstasy. She leaned closer to her own

image, resting her right butt cheek on her propped up foot. She balanced herself with her arms on the counter and pulled her

left leg onto the top. She sat with her legs tucked under her ass and spread like the wings of an eagle right hovering above the sink.

Popi grabbed the top of the mirror with both hands and pressed her bosom onto her reflection. Lifting herself up and down in circles,

she felt exhilarated listening to the musical rubbing sounds of her breasts caressing the mirror. The warmth dwelled inside of her

and was becoming completely out of control. Popi reached down with her right hand and turned on the faucet. The cold water gushed

out of the head and poured onto her awaiting palm. Popi cupped her hand and presented her flaming hot vulva with the cool water.

“Mi Dios, yo me quemo.”, she whispered with her forehead against the mirror. The surface of the water gently touched the outside

of her pussylips. A cold shiver and quenching soared through her from head to toe. Her hand slowly released the water, letting the

small river massage every inch of her steaming hot pussy. The coolness was a welcomed sensation but it didn’t last too long.

Popi took her middle finger and carefully rubbed it against her outer lips. She spread her legs a little further apart and slowly entered

it into her own personal volcano. Her body quivered at the entrance. She pressed the left side of her face onto the mirror and

howled in delight. She pushed as hard as she could into herself and easily found her happy spot. She pulled her finger forward

and rubbed against her spot of all spots. Popi lifted her head back from the reflection and looked at herself dead in the eyes. Her

lengthy black hair fell in front of her face. She took her left hand and pushed it to the side, grabbing handfuls of it in ecstasy.

“Tengo nunca sentia como este antes.”, Popi said barely escaping her lips. She pulled her finger out and placed her hand under

the still flowing waterfall. Back it went to her surface of the sun to try and extinguish the sizzling that controlled her. Popi

pressed down hard on her clitoris and proceeded to rub frantically. She quickly entered two fingers back inside of her pointing

them to the promised land. It didn’t take too long before her entire body heaved in one giant orgasm that nearly threw her

off the counter top. Popi braced herself with her left hand to avoid this situation. She leaned back and lifted her eyes back

up to the mirror. She sat there and stared at herself for a few minutes, listening and watching her breathing that flowed

out of her mouth. With her stomach’s rising and falling starting to subside, she heard the familiar sound of the doorbell ringing.

“Quien en el infierno es que?”, she spoke towards her reflection. The warmth for the time being had vanished.

Popi grabbed her red robe that was hanging on the back of the bedroom door, hurriedly threw it on and walked towards the

living room. The doorbell rang again by the time she peered through the peephole. She saw a man standing on the other side

of the door dressed in a deep blue uniform with a cap to match. Confused, Popi unlatched the chain, unlocked the deadbolt

and opened the door cautiously. “Good afternoon, ma’am. I have a delivery for you.”, the man said smiling from ear to ear.

“Who are you?”, Popi asked. “My name is Rob Allz. I’m from C.S.S.A..” “C.S.S.A.? I’ve never heard of that.”, Popi replied

quickly. “Conferred Specialty Surprise Association? We’re a delivery service, ma’am.” “But I’m not expecting anything.”

“Of course, that’s the surprise.”, Rob said with the smile again. “I have twelve units on my delivery truck that are meant

for this address.” Popi hesitated for a brief moment. “I’ll go get them, ma’am.”, he said breaking the brief silence. “Okay, fine.”,

Popi replied still confused. “Very good, ma’am.”, Rob said as he turned back to walk to the truck that was parked on the

side of the street. Popi glanced down and quickly checked out his cute lil’ bum as he became smaller in her view.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm…..not bad.”, she whispered to herself. She smiled and drifted back into the living room.


“Well, that about does it, ma’am. Sure is a lot of stuff.”, Rob said while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Let me just get your autograph here.” He presented Popi with a clipboard with different color invoices and a pen. Popi

got up from the couch and walked over to the deliveryman. “Enough of this ma’am shit. Please call me Roselyn.”, she

said with a sexy smile as she grabbed the pen from his hand. “That’s a very beautiful name you have there, Mrs. Roselyn.”

“No. just Roselyn.”, she replied playfully while signing the bottom of the top form. “Do you enjoy where you work, Rob?”, she

asked while handing him back the writing utensil. “It’s great so far. I’ve only been with the company since last May, so I’m

still learning.” “Learning to become what?”, she asked. “Well, they have a special group of Moderators there that are a very

exclusive group. Maybe one day I’ll make it up there with those big cheeses, but ’til then I’ll just keep on doing my job.”

“You’ll make it someday, I’m sure.”, Popi said while flashing him another heavenly smile. “Well, I don’t want to take up any

more of your time, ma’am, er, Roselyn. I’ll get out of your way now.”, Rob said nervously. “Here’s your copy and I’ll be

on my merry way.” He handed her the top copy of the invoice and turned towards the door. “You have a nice day, Roselyn.”

Out the door he went. Popi walked up to the opened door and watched him walk back towards the truck. “Rob!”, she called

out into the outside world. Rob spun around but continued to keep walking backwards. Popi untied the belt around her robe

and slid the fabric off her shoulders. Naked as nude she stood there while her robe laid on the carpet. Rob’s eyes bugged

out of his skull and proceeded to trip over the curb of her driveway. “Something to remember me by!”, Popi shouted as she

bent down, picked up her discarded robe and flung it on the front lawn. She smiled and slammed the door shut. “Holy underwear!”,

Rob said aloud while getting himself back up to his feet. He ran like a madman across the yard and fetched the red garment.

He took it in his hands and smelled of it. “Roselyn, you sure are something else.” He smiled a big grin and skipped back to

his truck whistling Screeching Weasel’s “Stupid Over You”.

Popi stood in the living room staring at the huge parcels sitting on the carpeted floor. She stood with her arms folded over

her naked breasts. She bent down to look at the label of the package nearest to her. There was no sent from address

on the label. She was very intrigued by the mysterious boxes. Each box was about three feet tall and wide. They laid

scattered mere inches from one another. The warmth inside her began to heat up once again. Popi walked her naked

self over to her desk and pulled out a letter opener. Back at the pile of parcels, she squatted down in front of the nearest

one and sliced the packing tape open with one quick swipe. She opened the top flaps to a sea of styrofoam popcorn.

Gently she pulled the popcorn to the sides and began to dig into the mysterious unknown. She felt a package with her

hands and began to pull the object into the light. In her hands was an object that was wrapped in a pink-colored

plastic. Quickly she found the easiest opening and tore into it. She tossed the pink plastic aside and held in her

hand a thirty-seven inch long metal rod with adjustable cuffs one both ends of it. Popi had no idea what these were

for until she picked up the packing slip that was tied around the bar. At the top of the tiny piece of paper it read,

“ADJUSTABLE GENERAL PURPOSE SPREADER”. It showed a picture of a nude brunette woman with the spreader

bar attached around her ankles forcing her legs to spread. A sudden familiar warm feeling rushed over Popi upon

looking at this image. She took a closer look at the woman and saw on her left shoulder was a tattoo of a butterfly.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. A sly grin came across her lips as she laid the paper on the floor and picked up the

spreader bar again. The coolness of the metal chilled the warmth inside of her, but for only a mere moment.

Popi unlatched the adjustable cuffs on one end and clasped it around her left ankle. She tightened the cuff around

until it was good and snug. She looked at the cuff at the opposite end of the bar and noticed that it was a good three

feet away. She adjusted her ass on the carpet and stretched her right leg outward to meet up with the distant cuff.

She placed it around her right ankle and locked it on tight. Popi leaned back resting her hands on the carpet behind

her and stared at the distant void that had occurred. Her legs had drifted three feet apart and exposed her now

moistened vagina to the warm air of the room. She ran her fingers through her long black hair and adjusted her feet

around to comfort them with their new captors. The warm tingled inside of her body starting at the tips of her toes

and swirled through the rest of her naked body. The warmness hit her so hard that she threw her back onto the floor.

She lay there feeling the carpet fabric console her being. She touched her forehead with the tips of the fingers on

her right hand and slowly shifted them down between her eyes, over the bridge of her nose, across her top lip and

moistened them on her awaiting tongue. Dousing them with her saliva she continued the journey over her chin, down

her neck, across the top of her chest and down over the smoothness in-between her breasts. Popi shifted her head

back until the top of it was resting comfortably on the carpet. She licked her top lip as her fingers slid down her

body. Across her belly and circling the button a few turns before it quickly reached the edge of her pubic paradise.

She felt the smoothness of the tiny hairs brush against the bottom of her fingers as she suddenly stumbled across

her swollen clitoris.

Her fingers gently rubbed against her happy button. She felt the thrill of not being able to close her legs all the more

exciting. Perspiration began forming all over her writhing nude body. This was unlike anything else. She ran her fingers

down the outside lips of her pussy. Her body shook from the intense alive feelings down below. With two fingers she

spread her pussylips apart and awaited the other fingers move. With one quick shove she buried two fingers inside of

herself up to the last knuckle. Popi screamed aloud in her house. Her voice echoed down the hallways. She jostled

her fingers around inside of her, feeling every centimeter of her wet vulva. She took her free hand and inserted the

fingers into her mouth, sucking on every love drop that found it’s way onto them. She moaned loudly into her full mouth

as her busy hand shoved a third finger into her crowded pussy. Her feet automatically turned inwards and her toes

curled underneath her feet. Her left hand left her mouth and instantly grabbed a tight hold of her left butt cheek. Her

hand pulled and kneaded the warm skin of her buttocks. Her stomach rose and fell more rapidly with her heavy

breathing. A quick escape of heavy air flew out of her open mouth and a squeal soon followed. Harder and faster

the fingers massaged her insides. Popi lifted her back up off the carpet as she was closing in on the inevitable. In a

crunch position she could just lay there with her eyes and mouth open. She was looking at nothing except for the

warm red light that filled the room. She began panting as home plate came into focus. “Uhhhh……uhhhhhh……uhhhhhhh

…….uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”, she screamed aloud. Like a dam holding back a raging river, her release could be heard outside

and across the street. Every muscle in her body tensed tighter than a rubber ball. Her legs trembled and her head hit

back on the carpet again. She quickly went into a deep sleep. Nothing ran through her mind, everything was alright

with the world and any worries she had were long gone. Nothing remained except the Warmth of the Butterfly.

Popi laid there on the living room floor naked with her legs still spread wide. Dreams and visions began swirling through

her mind. The warmth gave her comfort, it gave her oneness but she needed to share the warmth with others in order

for it to be complete. She had thoughts of wondering if there were others out there that were wrapped around the

warmth’s loving embrace. Her dreams and thoughts began to turn towards the mysterious packages that arrived

at her home. Who were they from? Why were they sent to her of all people? Was this someone who is experienced

in the warmness? So many questions with no answers. Popi entered further into the dream world. She had visions

of a woman suspended three feet or so above the checkered floor. Her arms were raised and bound by bright purple

straps. Her dark hair was shoulder length and swirled around as if she was in some sort of wind tunnel. Flashes

of green & blue lights focused in on her hanging body from all around. The lights kept creeping closer, forming a tight

circle about her. She was wrapped head to toe in a light brown wool sweater, except for her naked arms. Slowly

her body began to spin around. The moving colors turned to an orange tint. A thread of the wool sweater began to

come apart from the rest. The thread grew longer and longer, exposing the tips of her toes. Her circling body began

to pick up speed, causing the unraveling effect to quicken. The opening thread ran up to her knees and quickly

up her naked thighs. Faster she spun, flashing a brief glimpse of her ass. Her shape suddenly turned into one big

blur as the lights changed into a bright red. Wicked winds began howling all around. Everything began shaking

and as quickly as it started, it ceased. A bright red glow appeared around the shape of the woman, as Popi

recognized her face. The woman looked directly at her and calmly said the word, “Love”. The word echoed through

her mind, “Love, love, love, love…….”

“LOVE!”, Popi screamed as she awoke on the floor. She quickly sat up and soon remembered where she was. Her

head hurt as she tried to remember the face of the woman in her dreams. She unshackled herself from the spreader

bar and closed her legs together with her knees up as she rested her arms and head on them. “Love, love, love.”,

she repeated to herself. The face wasn’t recognizable anymore. She thought it would come to her sometime,

so she stood up and walked toward her bedroom to get something on her naked body.

Popi returned to the living room to look through the rest of the giant boxes that still occupied the area. Clad in a

black robe with red pinstripes she began opening the other parcels. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she stumbled

across the items that were hidden inside. She pulled out more spreader bars, adjustable stocks, steel suspension

bars, leather collars, wrist and ankle restraints, leather belts, leather hog-ties, a few rolls of bondage tape, thigh

and waist cuffs, numerous strands of anal beads, an assortment of anal plugs and small to gigantic dildos, a couple

dozen different vibrators, ball gags, handcuffs, flogger whips, riding crops, multiple paddles, a small metal pinwheel

with a decorative sheath, nipple clamps and strap-on harnesses. Popi’s eyes widened with each box that was

opened. The moisture in-between her thighs grew. She reached the last two boxes and quickly tore them open.

One box had a booklet on top of the popcorn that read, “METAL BONDAGE RACK” with a picture of a woman

on the cover demonstrating how it worked. She picked up the paper and thumbed through it. It gave instructions

on how it was supposed to be put together and gave some good picture diagrams on how to go about it, She

placed the manual back on top of the popcorn and pounced on the last unopened box. She ripped into that one,

except this one produced two manuals in it. One was called “THE LEATHER SLING” and the other titled

“THE LOVE SWING”. Both had the same woman on the cover demonstrating how they worked. Popi blushed

when it hit her what items she had laying all over her living room floor. Sure she owned a vibrator like every

good woman should, but this was way beyond any simple little off and on vibrator. This was some major

sexual equipment here. Popi looked around the floor and looked over the hundreds of different items, most

of them dominating type tools. The warmth grew between her thighs as her mind became engulfed with the

dirtiest thoughts possible.

Popi walked out to the garage where she would get her tools to put the sexual devices together. She stood in

front of the shelves that were decorated when many items. She saw her toolbox underneath some other

cardboard boxes and shoeboxes. On her tiptoes, she reached up for the toolbox but accidentally knocked

over the other boxes that rested upon the one she desired. Papers, receipts and other items

spilled all over thefloor as the boxes crashed onto the cement floor. “Shit!”,

she harshly whispered. She squatted down and began gathering the miscellaneous items together in the

boxes. She suddenly came across a little pink scrap of paper that was neatly folded in half. Curiously, Popi

opened the piece of paper and saw a phone number with the signature of Jennifer Love Hewitt underneath

it. “Love.”, Popi said to herself. The warmth began brewing inside of her again. This was the woman from

her dream. This was another person that was probably familiar with the warmth. The thought struck her

like a bolt of lightning. Popi rose up and ran back into the house to give ol’ Jenny Love a buzz.

Popi laid on the couch while listening to the familiar rings of the cell phone. Before the fifth ring was

finished a voice said, “Hello?” “Uh, Jenny?”, Popi asked nervously. “Yes?”, the interference-filled voice

replied. “Hey, this is Roselyn. Remember me?” “Popi! It’s about time you called. How have you been?”,

bubbly she shouted. “I’m good. I apologize for not calling you sooner.” “What’s that been, a year and

a half ago?”, Jenny’s voice replied with the sound of traffic in the background. “Yes, at “The Tuxedo”

premiere.” “Oh yeah, that was so much fun! Congratulations on the album. I bought it a couple of weeks

ago.”, Jenny said while trying to raise her voice over the outside noise. “Well thank you so much, I

appreciate that. I’m trying.” “More than trying, girl. I think it’s awesome. It really gets me in the mood.”

Popi’s eyebrows raised as she suddenly visualized Jenny in the midst of passion. A warm sensation

began growing between her legs. “Really?”, Popi asked in a heavier breathing tone. “You bet! I’ve always

had a weakness for the Spanish language. It’s beautiful.” Popi laid fully on her back, untied the belt around

her robe and let it fall open. “I can’t tell you what that does to me.”, Popi whispered into the phone. “What? I

can’t hear you over all this traffic!”, Jenny shouted back.

“I said, I can’t tell you what that means to me.”, Popi spoke up. “What are you doing tonight?”, Jenny

asked. “I don’t have any plans so far.”, Popi replied while lightly dragging her fingertips over her naked

hardened nipples. “I was thinking of going to this new dance club tonight. If your free, would you want

to go with me?” “Sure. What time?”, Popi excitedly asked. “I’m not sure, I have some things to do right

now. Maybe about nine o’clock?” “Sounds good to me. Do you want me to meet you there?” “Nah,

I’ll just come pick you up. I’ll call you from a normal phone when I get done with my errands and you

could give me directions.” “It’s a date.”, Popi replied with her hand deep inside her black lace panties.

“I’ll talk to you later.” “Okay. Bye.” “Bye.”

Popi clicked of the cordless phone, dropped it on the floor and slid a second hand into the bonfire that was

burning underneath her underpants. The heat penetrated the fabric as her fingers caressed her labia. The

moistness had grown deep and thick. Her fingers had laid to rest upon her clitoris. Popi flung her left foot

on top of the back of the couch and slung the other foot on top of the coffee table that faced the couch of

which she laid. Her slick pussy opened was indeed open for business. Her thoughts were clearly focused

on Jenny and Jenny alone. She lusted at the remembrance of her at the movie premiere. That glowing look

in her eyes and the utter sexiness she emitted to all of those around her. Could that have been the warmth

that Popi herself was surrounded by? Had Jenny Love passed this heat along to her back then? How had

the transaction taken place? Why has it taken over a year to develop into the power that she feels? Was

it her that had sent her those packages of sexual delight? Popi brushed all of these questions aside and

thought back to that fateful night. She remember being introduced to her by Jackie Chan. She remembers

shaking her hand and making small talk with her. After the showing, she remembers bumping into her again

and drinking champagne with her. There was a moment, a brief but important moment she remembers,

of looking deep into Jenny’s eyes and noticing a couple of shadowed faces in the reflection of her peepers.

The faces, although familiar-looking, hadn’t registered with her present memory. She remembered the words

Jenny spoke when the two unknown faces emerged. “…all lying yesterday since she arrived and justified

all intense mysteries expressed.” That’s all she could recollect. She slipped two fingers into her steaming

pussy as the words and blank faces soared through her mind. She rubbed feverishly on her swollen clit and

jammed the two fingers in and out of her love hole. Her head jerked back onto the pillow as a wave of heat

rushed over her body. She imagined Jenny standing in her white bra and panties, smiling and reaching her

hands back behind her to unclasp her bra and release her two mammoth orbs. The bra loosened around her

chest as the hooks came apart. All was left was to slide the straps down and release. Jenny slowly lifted

her left hand up and slid the strap off her left shoulder. It quickly fell down to her elbow. Her right arm kept

the bra in place, covering her breasts. The left hand shot across her upper chest and gently pushed the other

strap down off her right shoulder. Down it fell onto her elbow. With one quick motion, Jenny placed her arms

straight down by her sides. The bra, seeming to pause for a second or two, began it’s decline. The fullness

of her magnificent bosoms were coming into view. She noticed every line that made out between her breasts

that, when pushed together, created her cleavage. The outer form of her breasts began making itself noticed.

All was coming into view. Popi’s body suddenly erupted with a shaking orgasm that she could feel even on the

underside of her toenails. The scene kept repeating in her mind of Jenny’s bra slipping off her shoulders. Back

and forth it ran, as Popi screamed into the warm air. “Uuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She felt the warmth still sailing

around her sweat-formed body and listened to her intense breathing flow from her mouth.

“Oh, Jenny.”, she sighed as the warmth raged.

AFTER A WHILE………………………………..

Popi emerged from the couch and began bringing all of the sex items back into her spare room. She hadn’t quite

known and didn’t have the time to figure out what she was going to do with this large extra room, but she had

an idea now. She pushed the door open and walked in. The room was easily about a thousand square feet that

sunk down about three steps six feet from the door. Black carpet covered the entire floor with a large dresser

and a ceiling fan counting as the only objects in the room. That is, until now. Popi smiled to herself as the

ideas flew around in her mind. She slowly walked down the three steps and crossed the room over to the

black dresser. She pulled open the top drawer and poured the items out of her arms into it’s awaiting mouth.

All of the vibrators, dildos and butt plugs fell onto the light cover of dust that had been collecting inside.

She made quite a few trips back and forth to fill the six drawers to it’s brim. The last two boxes she placed

onto the floor were the metal bondage rack, the love swing and the leather sling. She followed step by step

the detailed instructions and twenty-six minutes later and successfully finished the beautiful piece of equipment.

She stood back and admired the sexually-exciting contraption. The bondage rack stood seven and a half feet

tall, five and a half feet wide and six feet deep. With a black metal finish, it fit just swell into it’s new surroundings.

Popi went back to the last box with the love seat and leather sling and pulled them from their temporary

environment. She took the leather sling from it’s plastic covering and hooked it up to the rack. Lovely and

still it hung there. Popi was overwhelmed with pride that she gave herself a pat on the back. Slowly, Popi

backed out of the room and closed the door. Everything was set in place. She walked back down the hallway

towards the kitchen with a sly grin painted across her face.

While grabbing a quick bite to eat, Popi heard the phone ringing again. Wiping off her mouth with a napkin,

she pressed the “TALK” button. “Hello?” “Popi! Hey, it’s Jenny!”, she exclaimed bubbly. “Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m just here sitting on my bed, painting my toenails. I thought I’d get those directions from you now.” “Sure.

You have something to write with?”, Popi asked. “Nah! I have a good memory.” “Okay……” “I’m kidding,

I’m a dummy with directions, girl.”, Jenny replied laughing loudly. “Well, go get a paper and a pen, stupid.”,

Popi said playfully. The laughing and communication continued between the two until all was said and done.

Smiling ear to ear, Popi hung the phone back up and headed towards her bedroom.

Popi peeled off the little clothing she had on off. She reached down and turned on the hot water to the

bathtub. As the water filled into the tub, the warmth began to fill her nude body. She looked out of the

window that was on the opposite side of the bathing vessel. She could see her neighbor, Allie out in her

backyard on the other side of the white picket fence. Popi always found her extremely attractive. Her

blonde hair flowed as she drove through her yard in her motorized scooter. She threw a torn-up old teddy

bear and watched her miniature schnauzer, Atticus retrieve it. She wore a pink sundress that was covered

with white dots. She was always willing to help her with favors and was just a very good and understanding

person to talk to. Popi had attended a couple of her neighbor’s Saturday night beer parties with her

friends. Good times were had by all who had entered into that sacred gathering. She would catch glimpses

of Allie’s eyes during the nights, but never acted upon any sensual thoughts that entered her brain. Her

hands slowly drifted down onto her erect nipples as she kept staring out the window. The clouds in the bright

sky parted, as a beam of light shot through the bathroom window and lit up her exposed body. She could

feel the warming power of the sunlight travel every passageway of her being. Her eyes broke through the glare

and again focused on Allie. Popi lifted her right leg and propped it upon the lip of the tub. “Mariposa.”, she

whispered. She slowly ran her hand from her right buttock down over the outside of her thigh. Lightly scraping

her fingernails down over her knee and slid her palm over her shin. She closed her eyes and let her mind

wander once again. Her imagination took her back to Borinquena, lying on the beach. Her hand massaged it’s

way across the top of her arched foot and dipped it’s extensions into the hot water. She recalled her dreaming

of coming to America that day at the beach. She would one day show everyone who she really was. Her wet

hand found it’s way to her backside once again. She leaned forward, placing her left hand on the lip of the tub

and felt her sphincter open. She massaged her ass lips with the warm sensation of her fingers. She leaned

forward a little more, practically crouching over the side of the bathing vessel. Gently, she pushed her index finger

forward and entered her asshole. She jumped a little, as her toes dangled in the warm water. She reached

down, turned off the faucet and went back to enjoying herself in the quietness of the room. She slid her finger

in up to the second knuckle. A moan escaped her trembling lips. She ventured further, pushing her way all the

way in until there was no more room. The sunlight only added to the heat that was burning inside. Her left foot

stood on it’s tiptoes, as she retracted her finger and inserted it back in all the way. She leaned forward even

more, placing her left hand on the opposite side of the tub. Placing herself horizontally with the surface of the water

just about a foot away from her face, she opened her eyes. Her hair dangled into the water, surrounding her

face. She speeded up the motion her asshole was receiving. Pushing in further and further, faster and faster, harder

and harder. The sound of her hand slapping up against her buttcheeks echoed in her ears. Waves of ecstasy

rippled across the flesh of her buttocks. “Uhhhhh…..uhhhhhhh…….uhhhhhhhhhhh…….uuhhhhhhhhgggggghhhhhhhhh!”,

she yelled as the heavenly feeling stirred her outstretched naked body. Her right leg trembling, she stared at her

reflection on the water’s surface. The sunlight that was spread across her bare back vanished behind the clouds.

Popi lifted her head and looked out the window. Allie was gone but the warmth continued.

Popi exited the bathroom in a black robe with a matching towel wrapped around her head. She made her way over

to the stereo that sat in the corner of the room and pressed the “PLAY” button on the cd player. She turned the

volume up as the sound of salsa music filled the house. Standing up, she turned, did a little dance and continued

her journey over to her vanity. She sat down in he chair and removed the towel from her hair. Combing the strands

upon strands of hair, she could feel the heat building up inside of her yet again. Popi tried to ignore it and

concentrate on getting ready for her date with Jenny. The warmth would not be denied. As the sounds of trumpets

filled the air, Popi laid the brush on the top of the dresser and continued to run her fingers through her hair. The

warmth shot up her spine, causing her to lunge forward and knock lipsticks, eye shadows and other assortments

of make-up to the floor. With her face two inches in front of the mirror, Popi looked deep into her own eyes and

saw the wings of beauty. The butterfly stretched it’s wings out and flapped to the edges of her pupils. Waves of red

and tints of unrecognizable colors filled the wings of the warm one. She slowly sat back in her chair with a blank

expression on her face. The two tiny butterflies continued to move their wings on the mirror where her eyes once

were. Instinctively, she untied the cloth belt of her robe and let them fall to the side. Popi grabbed the openings

of the robe and quickly opened it up, slipping it off her bare shoulders and let it rest crumpled against her

ass. She inserted two fingers into her mouth and suckle them until they were drenched in her saliva. With her

eyes still transfixed upon the moving butterflies, she lifted her feet onto the front edge of the dresser. With one

quick push, she moved herself back in the chair and lifted the front legs of it off the carpet. Resting only on it’s

hind legs, the chair balanced in it’s new positioned. Popi spread her legs apart as far as they could to the front

corners of the dresser. Her moist pussy was open and easily viewable in her reflection. She touched her moistened

fingertips to the aching clitoris that swelled with warmth. Popi howled aloud at the passionate touch. She pressed

hard onto her clit and felt the warmth bounce around on her insides. Her hand rubbed up and down rapidly. She

grabbed her left nipple with her other hand and squeezed the daylights out of it. The self-inflicted pain could be felt

all over her flaming body. Her pussy begged for attention. She quickly slipped the same two fingers into her

sweetness. She dug deep inside of herself, wiggling her digits around to feel everything they could reach. The butterflies

flapped their wings. Her toes curled around the edge of the dresser as the first wave shook her body. With her legs

trembling in an unholy fashion, Popi slammed her fingers inside of her. Sweat poured from her forehead. The butterflies

began moving around on the mirror. Her eyes followed every movement they made, while her body shook from

receiving the finger-fucking of a lifetime. She squeezed her nipple with her fingernails. The butterflies followed in the

same pattern. Strange turns they took as the letter started to take form. Popi opened her mouth in pure ecstasy as

another wave of warmth flowed through her. Her inserted fingers were working overtime. A red “A” appeared on the

mirror and the butterflies vanished. Feeling the warmth that was coming from the letter, Popi shot out of her chair. She

climbed onto the chair backwards and lifted her legs onto the top of the dresser. She pushed back with her body and

slammed her ass onto the mirror. Popi braced her hands onto the sides of the chair’s seat. She pushed back again

and massaged her reflection with her asscheeks. The heat of the red letter penetrated her flesh. In very animated

thrusts, Popi clenched her teeth together and released another tremendous orgasm. The warmth subsided as she laid

there panting loudly. The doorbell rang and stole her away from her resting state of mind.

Popi raced to her feet, turned the music off and quickly threw her robe back on. In a panic, she dashed to the front

door and looked through the peephole. She saw Jenny standing on the other side and a surge of warmth and

nervousness swept through her body. She unlocked the door and quickly opened it. “Popi, there you are!”, Jenny

said excitedly and reached over to give her a warm embrace. Popi wrapped her arms around the ecstatic woman

and returned the favor. “It’s so good to see you again!”, Jenny said with her mouth buried in Popi’s shoulder. “Good

to see you again, crazy girl.”, she replied jokingly. Jenny giggled and gave her one last gripping hug before

retracting. “You look great.”, Popi said while viewing her over. Jenny was dressed in a cobalt blue dress with black

trim across the edges that stretched down until just above her knees. She had on black heels that exposed her

toes. Her shoulder length hair was a picture of complete beauty that surrounded one of the most gorgeous faces

that had ever existed. Popi’s eyes suddenly focused on the earrings she was wearing. She looked in closer, trying

not to show that she was staring, and the shape of the jewelry shook her very soul. Small golden butterflies dangled

from her ears, moving about in almost a soothing calmness. A small golden chain connected to a bright diamond

that was held snug in her earlobes. “I love your earrings.”, she said breaking the short silence. “Thanks. These are

old, but I love to wear them.” “They’re beautiful.” “So, why are you not ready yet?”, Jenny said with a wide smile.

“What? Oh, sorry. I just lost track of time. I’ve had a real busy day.”, Popi replied finally tearing her eyes away from

the golden butterflies. “I’ll bet. Eight-thirty and you’re still in your robe? A busy day indeed.”, she said with a

laugh. “Well, let me get dressed and we can be off.” Popi smiled and turned around to head for her bedroom. “This

is a great place you have here, Popi.” “Thank you. Just make yourself at home and relax. You want something to

drink?”, Popi asked as she turned back around. “Sure. What do you have?” “I have some tea, diet coke, coffee,

orange juice. You name it, I probably have it. I have too many drinks and not enough time to drink them.” “A diet Coke

would be great. Trying to watch the figure, you know?”, Jenny said while patting her stomach. “Tell me about it.

Well, they’re in the refrigerator. I’m going to get dressed, we’ve lost enough time already.”, Popi smiled and turned

towards her bedroom again.

Jenny slowly made her way into the kitchen. On her way, she stopped and admired all of the photos and pictures

of Puerto Rico that hung from the walls. She walked over to the fridge, opened the door, reached into the other

side of the door and pulled out a can of diet Coke. She hooked her fingernail under the tab and pulled. The can

hissed and sprayed foam all over the font of her blue dress. “Crap!”, she yelled. She placed the opened can on

the counter top and the suds dripped down the sides of it forming a puddle at the bottom. Jenny stood there with

her arms outstretched from her body and began laughing. The liquid soaked the entire front of her gown and

dripped small beads of cola onto the floor. Popi came into the kitchen, still dressed in her robe. “I leave you alone

for one minute and look at you.”, she said with a grin. Jenny looked over at her with the expression of a child’s

guilty face, “I made a boo-boo. What am I going to do now?” “Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ve got something you can

wear.”, Popi said while motioning her finger to follow her into the bedroom. “I’m such a klutz.”, Jenny said while

walking behind her. They entered the bedroom. “You can take a shower in there and I’ll find you something to

wear.”, Popi pointed. “This is turning out to be a great night so far.”, Jenny laughingly said while walking into the

bathroom. She closed the door halfway behind her and proceeded to disrobe. She kicked the heels off of her

feet and unzipped the back of her cola-stained dress. She pulled the straps off her shoulders and with a

sponge-sounding thud, it hit the floor. “Stupid.”, she muttered to herself while unclasping her strapless bra

and pulling it from her well-endowed chest. She bent over and turned the hot water on. She slid her thumbs

under the waistband on the sides of her panties and pulled them to her feet. She turned the knob for the

shower head and felt the soothing sensation of the warm water. Adjusting the temperature, she slowly stepped

into the tub and closed the shower curtains.

Popi searched through her walk-in closet and found the perfect dress for Jenny. A white strapless dress

with black designs that stretched from the front to the back. It was one of her favorites that showed off her

great form and would look great on Jenny. She walked back to the bathroom and the steam from the

shower hit her in the face. “Jenny, I have something for you to wear. I’ll just lay it on the counter here for

you to try on when you’re finished.”, she said while quickly glancing at Jenny’s nude shape through the

clear frosted-covered curtains. “Thanks a million. I’ll be out in a minute.” “Okay, just let me know what you

think of it. If you don’t like it, I have a lot of other choices.”, Popi said and walked back into the bedroom. Popi

sat back down at her vanity and felt the warmth spread between her legs. A few moments later, she heard

the water from the shower turn off and the curtain open. The bathroom door was still only halfway shut and

Popi looked into the mirror at the open crack between the hinges. She saw a quick flash of Jenny’s nude body

pass by the open crack. Not enough to get a good view of her, but enough to allow the warmth in her

body to run rampant. Lust filled her mind as she became hypnotized by the open slit between the edge of

the door and the frame. In her mind, she was begging for Jenny to do another walk-by. Deep down she knew

if this happened, she might not be able to contain her urges any longer. Another quick flash of Jenny passed

by, holding a black bath towel in her hands. Popi’s eyes grew wide and she looked back at herself in the

mirror. Her body temperature soared to an all-time high and questioned herself about acting upon her feelings

of the present time. Her mind raced with thoughts and questions, “She could’ve shut the door if she didn’t

want to be seen naked. Why didn’t she shut the door? Is she tempting me? Does she just feel comfortable

around me in a nonsexual way? Why was she so eager to come over? Is it friendship or something more? Did

she shake up the can for an excuse to take her clothes off? No, that would be ridiculous.” Popi sat there not

knowing what move to make, but the heat in her excited body knew exactly what it wanted to do. “Thanks for

the dress, Popi. It’s beautiful. I just hope it fits over my big butt.”, Jenny said from the other side of the cracked

door. Popi paused. “There’s nothing wrong with your ass.”, she replied. “Ha!”, Jenny laughed from the

bathroom. Popi sat there and bit her lower lip. As she knew she would, she gave into her passions.

Popi stood up from her vanity and slipped her robe off in one quick motion. She slowly turned around and walked

toward the bathroom door. “My fat butt and I have been together for far too long. I know it well. It’s fat, but I’m

still very proud of it.”, Jenny said from the other side of the door. Popi placed her palm on the door and thought

for a second about stopping her actions and return to her vanity. The warmth flooded into her fingers and

helped her push the door open to the fog-filled bathroom. She gazed upon Jenny who had her back facing the

mirror, looking over her left shoulder at her own ass. Popi stood there admiring the beauty that was right before

her eyes. It seemed like forever that she stared at her. The beads of water were still collected on her bare

shoulders and arms. The next second Jenny lifted her eyes up and saw Popi standing in the doorway. A look

of embarrassment swept across her face as she turned her head towards her. Instinctively, Jenny lifted the

black towel, that she held in her hands and pressed it against the front side of her body to cover herself from

view. “Popi, what’re you doing?”, she nervously asked. Roselyn placed her right hand on the doorframe and

leaned against it. “Drop your towel, Jenny.”, she calmly stated. “What?” “Drop the towel, please.”, she

repeated. The look in Popi’s eyes sent warm shivers up Jenny’s spine. Without even questioning her demand,

Jenny loosened her arms and the bath towel fell to her feet. Jenny made a motion to cover her breasts and

pubic region. “Don’t.”, Popi boldly stated. Jenny stopped her arms and placed them back be her sides. She

stood there completely naked with a glazed-over look in her eyes. A drop of water from her shoulder trickled

down over her hardened right nipple. “I know what you really want, Jenny.”, Popi said while closing the

door and slowly walking closer to her. “Wh…..what do I really want?” Popi stood right in front of her. “This.”

She leaned down a took Jenny’s nipple in her mouth. Jenny’s eyes lit up and her mouth opened a slight

bit. She had a great feeling of “Is this really happening?” rush over her. Popi’s tongue slid around her areola

and she lightly bit at her nipple. “I can’t believe you’re doing this.”, she whispered as her head fell back in

delight. The warmth rushed from Popi’s mouth and caressed over Jenny’s chest. She paused at the smooth

area between her breasts and slowly ran her tongue up to her shivering neck. With incredible technique,

she ran her tasting device over her chin and opened her mouth over hers. Jenny slowly opened her trembling

mouth to accept her friend’s. Popi’s tongue slid into her mouth and massaged the side of her own. Jenny

closed her wandering eyes and fell back into the warmth that was being exchanged.

Popi wrapped her arms around her and placed her hands on her nude butt cheeks. Jenny jerked from the

sudden touch. Popi grabbed handfuls of her bare flesh and pushed them together and pulled them apart

again. Jenny placed her hands on the sides of Popi’s head and pulled herself closer. A rush of warmth flowed

through Popi and she lifted Jenny up in the air by her buttocks and placed her in a sitting position on the

sink’s counter. Her breasts jiggled at the impact her butt received on the smooth counter. Popi drifted her

head down her body and caressed her breasts again with her tongue. “God.”, Jenny said through her heavy

breath. She ran her tongue across the underside of her breasts, her tasting device licking up the excess

water that the towel didn’t get to. Her hot mouth quietly drifted down her rising and falling belly, darting her

tongue inside her bellybutton in the process. Jenny’s head fell back into the heavenly feelings that rippled

through her body. Popi remained standing as she searched her hungry mouth further south down Jenny’s

writhing naked form. Her tongue reached down past her waist and into her pubic patch. Jenny’s head tilted

forward again and she admired the small, toned muscles that moved in Popi’s back as she continued her

tasting session. Popi lifted Jenny’s legs in the air and pushed her back on the counter top until her back

was against the large mirror. She placed her feet back onto the edge of the counter and her toes dangled. Popi

grabbed her knees and spread her legs apart. A now fully exposed Jenny awaited her next move that surely

would come.

Popi stood up and walked over to the opening cabinet in the mirror. She pulled it open and reached inside. Jenny

slowly turned her head to see what she was doing but the cabinet’s door blocked her view. Popi quickly

closed the door and Jenny saw a can of shaving cream and a razor in her hands. She knew where this

situation was going to end up. Popi placed the items down between Jenny’s legs, walked back and grabbed

a washcloth. She bent down, turned on the faucet and placed the cloth under the flowing stream of water. Popi

looked back at Jenny while wetting the washcloth with a look of sheer passion in her eyes. She cut off the

water and took her place back at the opened legs of Jenny. Popi knelt down and rubbed the wet cloth on

Jenny’s pussy. The warm water moistened every hair of her pubic region. “Oh my.”, she whispered. She placed

the washcloth to the side and picked up the can of shaving cream. Popi released a small amount of foam

into her right palm and carefully spread it across her patch. Jenny’s legs shivered at the action that was taking

place between them. Popi wiped her hand off and took the shaving razor to her friend’s creamy cunt. She

began shaving around the edges of her pubic area. Jenny bit her bottom lip and hung her head back in awe.

Her mind began racing as Popi continued her shaving technique. Her thoughts drifted towards thinking

about Sarah. She was the first woman she had shared a lesbian experience with. She remembers being

in her trailer on the set of “Heartbreakers” when Sarah walked in on her getting out of the shower. “There

must be something about showers”, she thought to herself. She recalls the look in Sarah’s eyes as

they wandered all around her body. She was a little more nervous and inexperienced then. They continued

a relationship for about six months after filming had wrapped, but then things turned ugly. Sarah had

become extremely jealous of everything she did and stalked her everywhere she went. Although there

were times Jenny would give in to her desires, she didn’t like how the relationship was unfolding. Many

times she had broken it off with her, but Sarah just couldn’t take “No” for an answer. Things had been

calm for the past four months, but if Sarah got wind of this, it might start all over again. Jenny thought back

to the good times they had when everything was new. Sarah always had referred to her as her “Lil’ Butterfly”.

Sarah was funny and made her crack-up all the time. Back then, in her new lesbian mind, she thought things

would stay like that forever. But, as usual, it didn’t. Sarah developed a scary controlling fixation with her

and it was getting out of control. Jenny was a more free-spirited type of person and it just confused her how

someone could get like that. Jenny’s thoughts became interrupted by the feeling of cloth being rubbed

across her pussy.

Popi leaned back to admire her work. Jenny looked down between her legs and saw the magnificent

creation. The hair above her clitoris was completely shaven and the only hair that remained was on both

sides of her slit. They were shaven into the shape of small wings, butterfly wings. Jenny’s eyes widened,

“Oh my God, she’s the one.”, she thought to herself. “Now for the true test.”, Popi said while licking her

lips. Her mouth came down on Jenny’s pussy like a hammer on a nail. She slid her tongue deep into her

cavern while pulling it open with her fingers. Jenny’s head flew back and bumped it against the mirror. Popi

placed her thumb directly on her clit and pressed down. A warm wave shot through her body as if she

was struck by lightning. “Ohhhhhhhhh God!”, she yelled. Popi darted her tongue in and out of her sweet

honey pot, as she looked up at her, catching her eyes from time to time. With her back flush against the

foggy mirror, Jenny braced herself as Popi removed her tongue and prepared to shove a couple of fingers

inside. She opened her pussy again with the fingers and slowly inserted the two digits into her. Her fingers

pushed all the way inside of her and quickly found her spot. Jenny’s ass lifted off of the counter for a second

and came crashing back down. “Okay…….”, she said with a giant smile across her face. Popi wiggled her

fingers inside of her and continued to rub her spot oh so well. The currents of pleasure flooded her body

and the blood in her veins boiled. The warmth made it’s presence known. She was rapidly coming on the

verge of a tremendous orgasm as her arms flew back and started rubbing against the mirror. “Fuck me,

fuck me, fuck me…..”, is all she could say as the magic overwhelmed her. From her shoulders to her elbows,

Jenny continued rubbing them up and down on the fog-filled mirror, as if she was trying to take flight. Popi

was slamming her fingers deep inside and finally added the last ingredient to the mixture. The thumb on her

free hand pressed against her clitoris and began massaging it rampantly. “Ohhhhh…..ohhhhhhh……oooooooooohhh

……..ohhhhhh yeahhhh……..fuuuuuuuck it……..yes……ohhhhhhh yes…………..”, Jenny screamed as her

eyes rolled up in her head. Her toes gripped the edge of the counter. The warmth continued tickling at her

very soul. Her ass lifted off of the counter once again and her entire body trembled with delight. “Ohhhh….

ohhhhh…ohhhhhhhhhhh!”, and released a magnificent orgasm onto Popi’s coated fingers. Jenny’s ass remained

hovering an inch or two over the counter. Popi retracted her fingers and inserted them into her mouth. She

licked every drop of love juice off of them. Jenny finally sat back down on the counter top and her breathing

slowed down. She rested there with her back still against the mirror and her eyes closed shut. Jenny felt Popi’s

fingers rub lightly across her lips and she opened her mouth. She tasted her own fluids as they surrounded

her tongue. She sucked on Popi’s fingers like a baby on a nipple. The warmth gained more power.

“How was that?”, Popi asked while removing her fingers from her mouth. “That was the most incredible

thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”, she replied in a quiet voice. Popi giggled, “Well, the night is still young

and it’s all ours.” She stood up from her kneeling position and took Jenny’s tired body into her arms. She

walked over to the door and opened it up with her foot. Turning around, she saw the impression Jenny

left on the mirror. It was in the shape of a butterfly. Popi smiled and felt the warmth pump through her

veins as she carried her new lover to the bed.


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