El Calor De La Mariposa 2: Un Cambio De La mente

This story is total fiction. None of this has happened in real life, as far as I know.


By Rawballz

Featuring: Roselyn Sanchez, Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sarah Silverman

Popi carefully laid Jenny’s head back on the satin pillow and looked deep into her eyes. Without

breaking the holy stare, Popi threw her right leg over her and straddled her smooth legs. Jenny

bit her bottom lip as she saw Popi’s head slip down to her stomach. Her hair tickled her sides and the

peak of her hips. A nervous giggle escaped her lips at the touch. Popi looked up at her and offered

her a bright smile. The expression quickly turned back to that of complete lust and her tongue made

a connection with her soft skin.

Popi’s tongue dove into her naval, leaving it filled with her sweet saliva. Jenny’s hands grabbed the

sheets on the bed and fisted them tightly. Popi raced her tasting device across the width of her belly,

making the muscles contract involuntarily. Her mouth drifted over to her naked right hip and the teeth took

a playful bite. Jenny closed her eyes and let the blackness take her by the hand. Without breaking contact,

Popi’s tongue slithered it’s way down to her juicy thigh. Jenny’s knees bent and she placed her feet flat on

the bed. Popi shifted her head up and swept her mouth across the top of her knee.

An explosion of intense heat swam through Jenny’s body. A feeling she had felt before and welcomed

it’s overwhelming rapture. Popi tilted her head to the side and ran her tongue down her naked leg. She

placed her hand on the heel of her foot and slowly lifted her entire leg into the air, never breaking the contact

with her tongue. Jenny’s hands reached up and found her erected nipples, the sensation almost made her

climax right then and there. Popi worked her busy tongue down to the top of Jenny’s foot, her toes curling

in the process. Her belly began to rise and fall more rapidly than before, as Popi engulfed her big toe into

her mouth. Like a cherry and cream flavored lollipop, she sucked on it until her cheeks caved in. Jenny’s

hands took her entire breasts within them, as she lightly dug her fingernails into her chest’s skin.

Popi exited the toe from her mouth and shifted around on the bed. Still on her knees, she placed her

tongue onto the bottom of Jenny’s heel and slowly lifted her head. She tasted every inch of the bottom

of her foot. Every crease, every pore, every wrinkle was hers to enjoy. Stopping at her toes, Popi shot

her a look and calmly pushed her foot down without breaking contact with her. Her bottom lip vibrated

as the toes left her mouth and drifted down to her shapely chin. She circled her damp toes around her

chin, feeling the sensation of her feet on her face. Continuing down her neck and to her chest. Jenny

removed her hands from her breasts and reached behind her to grab the underside of the pillow that

cradled her head. Her foot arrived at Popi’s left breast and her toes felt her hardened, dark nipple that

was begging to be touched. Jenny squeezed her toes together and felt her nipple between her big toe

and the piggy that stayed home. Popi let out a warm sigh.

Popi rubbed her toes along the underside of her breasts and smiled in delight. Jenny shut her eyes again,

as she felt Popi’s tight tummy on the bottom of her foot. The heat from between her legs could be felt on

her heel and calf. Popi shifted her knees further apart from one another and slowly lowered her foot onto

her dark patch. With a glazed look in her eyes, Popi brushed her big toe lightly across her clitoris. The

connection sent a wave of red warmth up her back, as she pushed her foot further down. The nail on

Jenny’s big toe slid down across the outer lip of her pussy. Jenny could feel the wetness soak onto her

toes. Without much maneuvering, Jenny’s big toe slipped inside of her and Popi grunted in delight. Popi

laid her foot back down on the bed and Jenny held it in place. She moved her other little piggies back to

rub her clit.

Popi placed her hands on her knees and continued to move up and down on the toe. Her head fell back

and her hair swept from side to side. Jenny could feel her toe rub across the insides of her, massaging the

most tender and sensitive areas. Popi’s bottom lip began to quiver, as she wrapped her hands around

Jenny’s leg firmly. The warmth flowed through her body as she came upon the orgasmic state she was

trying to achieve.

Suddenly a loud banging came from the front door. The screeching of a woman’s voice was heard screaming

Jenny’s name. “JENNY! I KNOW YOU’RE FUCKING IN THERE, JENNY!” Popi & Jenny stopped right in the

middle of their actions and stared at one another. “Oh God, no.”, Jenny whimpered. She folded her arms across

her face and sighed in disbelief. “Who in the fuck is that?”, Popi asked with a extremely irritated tone in her voice.

The banging continued. Jenny swallowed hard, “It’s Sarah.” “Sarah who?” “Sarah Silverman.”, Jenny quickly

sat back up. “We had been seeing each other for a couple of years, but we stopped about two years ago.”, she

said as she brought her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around them. “So what the fuck is she doing

knocking at my door at two-thirty in the morning?” “Well, she apparently doesn’t know that we’re not seeing each

other anymore. She does this every once in a while.” “Does this?”, Popi asked while pointing in the general

direction of the front door. “Yeah, well she’s usually okay when she’s involved with someone else. When she’s

not and I am, she kind of gets lonely.”


isn’t lonely, this is insanity.”, Popi said while getting off the bed and putting her robe on. “What are you going to do?”,

Jenny asked. “I’m going out there and put an end to this shit.” “She’ll stop in a few minutes, go back to her car and

pass out.”, Jenny pleaded while getting up and standing by the bed. “I can’t wait that long, Jenny. This has to stop

now.”, Popi turned and walked out of the bedroom. Frantically, Jenny walked over and put on one of Popi’s robes

and headed out the door as well.

Popi arrived at the bottom of the stairs and finished tying the belt around her robe. She could see the front door shaking

with each thundering strike that Sarah was inflicting upon it. Popi’s anger grew as the red warmth inside her turned to dark

rage. She quickly unlocked the door and flung it open. The cool night air hit her in the face as she looked upon the drunken

woman staggering on her front porch. A brief moment of dead silence stood between the two as they sized each other

up. Sarah was wearing almost all black. Black shoes, black jeans, black cardigan with a white shirt underneath. The look

in her eyes told that she must be pretty well hammered. “May I help you?”, Popi asked sternly. “Who the fuck are you,

bitch?”, slurring she asked back at her. “There’s no need to concern yourself about who I am. The only matter that is

in question here is who the fuck do you think you are banging the shit out of my door at this hour.” , she shot back at

her. “Where is she?” “Who?” “You know who the fuck I’m talking about, Jenny, you foreign bitch.”, she said while leaning

against the doorframe in order to hold up her drunken body.

Popi laughed at the comment with anger in her voice. “Her fucking car is in your fucking driveway, so I know she’s here.”

In her mind, Popi counted to ten, “Go back to your car, get some sleep and we’ll talk about this tomorrow. It looks like

you’ve had a long night, so sleep it off and come back when you’re a little more clear-headed.” Sarah looked up over

Popi’s left shoulder and saw Jenny standing in the middle of the stairs. “Get out of my way.”, Sarah said as she shoved

Popi to the side and entered the house. “What’re you doing……”, was all Sarah could get out before Popi grabbed her

from behind and forced her face-first onto the carpeted floor. Jenny sighed and hid her face in her lap.

Popi had pinned both of her arms behind her back. Sarah struggled with her and tried to shift her way out of the

position she had her in. “Get off me, cunt!”, Sarah screamed with her face eating the carpet. Popi leaned over and

whispered in her ear, “I can see why Jenny hates you.” “Go back to Mexico, you fucking bitch!”, Sarah yelled as she

jerked her body to the right and tossed Popi off of her. With the belt of her robe caught underneath Sarah, Popi rolled

onto the floor, pulling her robe open in the process. Sarah got to her knees and turned her head to where Jenny was

sitting. Popi lunged towards her and tackled her into the side of the stair’s railing. Jenny jumped back at the loud crash

beside her.

Sarah got to her feet, but still struggled as her arms were again pinned behind her back. She twirled around and partially

freed herself, but ripping her cardigan halfway off in the process. Popi still had one of her arms in her grasp. Sarah

staggered back still under the influence of the gallons of alcohol she had consumed earlier in the night. She swung

her right hand towards Popi, but she grabbed her by the wrist and pushed it behind her back. Sarah moved her left arm

in a wide circle and forced it free from her hold. She quickly grabbed a handful of Popi’s hair, which is very easy to get

access to. Instinctively, Popi wrapped her right hand around Sarah’s throat and squeezed. She pushed forward and Sarah

stumbled back and tripped over the ottoman that was behind her. As she fell backwards, the hand that Popi had around

her neck quickly swiped at her and caught the top of her shirt and tore it open. Her head smacked hard on the floor. Sarah

laid there motionless with her legs draped over the ottoman.

Popi grabbed the side of her head where Sarah had been pulling at her hair. “Damn, crazy bitch.”, she whispered almost

out of breath. She pulled her robe closed again and tied it up. She carefully walked over to where she laid. “Looks like she

must have passed out or something.” Popi looked back at Jenny and saw her sitting on the stairs with her back to the wall. Her

robe was open and she was rubbing her clit. Popi’s eyes became perfect circles. “What in the hell are you doing?” “I don’t

know what it was, but when the two of you were fighting, I got extremely wet.”, she said with an embarrassed look on her face. Popi’s

forehead wrinkled questioningly. “You got wet?” “Especially when your robe was open.”, she replied and a shiver of delight

ran down her spine. “Take your robe off.”, Jenny asked with puppy dog eyes.

“You want me to take my robe off now?”, Popi asked as she held one end of her belt in her hand. “No more questions, please.

Just do it. I’ll take mine off if you take yours off.”, she said with a grin. “Well, yours is practically off already, but I’ll humor you

on this one.” Popi pulled on the belt until it loosened around the robe and it flung open freely. “Take it off.”, Jenny told her as

she slipped hers off her shoulders. Popi stood there as if in limbo for a moment and then grabbed the top of the robe around

her chest and pulled it off. Hitting her heels, the robe rested upon the carpeted floor.

The two went swimming in each other’s eyes for a long spell. Transfixed in a hypnotized state as the nakedness of their warmth

filled the room. As if Popi knew what Jenny was thinking, she carefully turned around and walked over to the Sarah’s limp,

sleeping body. Her feet still lay rested on the ottoman. Popi placed her hand onto the toe of one of her shoes and gave a

look over to the woman playing with herself on the stairs. Jenny gave her a quick nod and dove her fingers into her vulva. Popi

knew what she wanted her to do and she looked down at the face of the sleeping Sarah.

“She is kind of cute.”, she thought. She could see how Jenny would want to fuck her for a one night stand, but her attitude

certainly needed some adjusting. Popi’s eyes scanned her body up and down. She noticed that her nipples were visible

through the lace patterns on her bra. She reached down and slipped what was remaining of her white shirt off of her body. As

she pulled her arm through the giant gaping tear she had created, Sarah tossed her head in her deep sleep.

Popi maneuvered around to the side of the ottoman. She grabbed the heel of each shoe and quietly slipped them off

her feet. Popi heard a loud moan coming from the stairs when she tugged Sarah’s socks off. She turned her head around

and saw Jenny sitting on the steps, with her right foot on the step above and the left two steps below. She had two fingers

inside of herself and her thumb pressing down on her clit, her eyes closed and the top of her head was flat against the


A rush of warmth soared through Popi’s naked form. The more naked Sarah became, the more excited Jenny got. Popi

stood up and straddled the ottoman with her ass facing Jenny. She heard another loud moan from her, as she figured

she might have opened her eyes for a moment. Slowly and with grace, she bent down and fondled with the belt around

the sleeping Sarah’s waist. Jenny caught a great view of Popi’s asshole and pussy as she was almost bent in half. Popi

wiggled her butt around to give her an extra little treat. She pulled the belt loose, unbuttoned her pants and pulled her

fly down.

She grabbed the sides of her jeans and slowly began to backpedal, pulling them down off her hips, off her thighs

and down her legs. She pulled as far as she could until Sarah’s feet were freed and came crashing down on the

ottoman with a thud. Popi flung the discarded jeans to the side and swiftly ran her fingers over her wet slit. The warmth

was growing almost out of control inside of her. Anger towards Sarah still lingered in her from the comments she had

made and her overall bitchy attitude, but something inside off her was making her extremely turned on by the events

that were unfolding. Maybe it was the excitement of punishing her for the way she had acted and having complete

power over her now.

“This is enough for now.”, Popi thought to herself. She really wanted to punish her and at the very least, try out her

new toys. She walked over to her side, squatted down and slid her arms underneath her back and the underside

of her knees. “Wh….where are you going?”, Jenny asked practically out of breath. “Let’s go into the other room.”,

Popi relied as she stood back up with Sarah in her arms. Sarah mumbled something as her head completely fell

back unsupported. Popi gave her a calming “shush” and walked toward the hallway.

Popi pushed the door open with her foot and guided the sleeping Sarah through the doorway. Jenny, who was

also without clothing, came jogging up behind her with her hands over her breasts to help prevent them from

completely bouncing off her chest.

“What’s in h……….Oh, my God!”, Jenny stopped and stared in amazement while standing just inside the room. Her

eyes focused on the metal bondage rack that sat like a monument to the sex gods across the room from her.

“Help me a minute, would you?”, Popi asked standing in front of the rack. Jenny slowly walked over with a curious

look in her eyes. “What did you exactly have in mind, Ms. Pervert?”, she said with a smile from ear to ear. Popi

shot a quick smile back at her. “Help me stand her up, so I can get her in here.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you’ve been planning this all along.” “Don’t be silly, help me.”, Popi

replied and gave her a light slap on her butt. Sarah, now half standing, again mumbled incoherently. “Hurry up

now, she could come to any second.”

Jenny took one of her wrists and bound it to one end of the spreader bar that hung from the center top of the

rack like a mistletoe. Popi secured the other wrist and then completely let go of her body. Sarah slumped with

her feet dragging across the carpet.

“Now what?”, Jenny asked excitedly. Popi knelt down and slipped her panties down to her feet. “Take her bra

off, silly.” She pulled back and shot Sarah’s underwear at her like a slingshot. Jenny gave a giggle and tugged

at her bra. Popi slowly stood back up and watched as Jenny was pulling with all her might. “Problem, sweet cheeks?”

“I can’t get her bra off with her hands already tied up.”, Jenny replied while still struggling with the undergarment.

“Hang on one second.” Popi reached behind Sarah’s back and unclasped the back. The bra loosened around

her breasts and flung free. “I still can’t get it off without untying her hands.” Popi handed her a pair of scissors. “It’s

okay, don’t get so frustrated, darling.”, she said in a soothing tone with a smile in her eyes. “Shut up.”, she replied

in embarrassment. With two quick cuts to the straps, the bra no longer existed on her body.

“What are you going to do now?”, Jenny asked. Without hesitation, Popi walked right up to Sarah’s face and grabbed

her cheeks. Lifting her sleeping head up, she looked directly into her face. “Wake up, sleepy head.” Sarah hung there

in silence. “Man, she’s out like a light.”, Jenny said from a few feet back.

“I know how I’d like to wake her up.”, Popi exclaimed as she crouched down at Sarah’s feet. She placed her hands on

her thighs and turned her around with her back facing them. Popi took the restraints from the bottom of the rack and

tightened them around her ankles. “There we go, the perfect position.”, she said while standing back up next to Jenny’s

side. “Could you go over to that dresser and bring me the heart-shaped paddle, please?”, Popi demanded without

tearing her eyes away from Sarah’s ass. Before Jenny could ask, “Top drawer.”, Popi said

Jenny came back moments later with the heart-shaped paddle and placed it in Popi’s awaiting hands. The blood wood

punishment stick nestled in her hands. The feeling of it’s texture against her skin drove swirls of heat dancing in her

body. It was about a foot long and four inches wide at it’s widest point, the heart shape at the striking end of it. The handle

of it was wavy as it gave better gripping action for the dominator. Popi held out her left hand and lightly struck it with the

paddle. “Mmmmmmmmm……………now it’s time.”

Popi slowly walked over in position on Sarah’s left side and touched the heart-end of the paddle against her bare

backside. Rubbing it over the width of her right butt cheek, the heart fell into her crevice and Popi slid the paddle up

and down the length off her asscrack. With her legs spread about three feet apart, the paddle traveled it’s way down

between her legs and glided across her opened pussylips. A moan escaped Sarah’s lips.

With Jenny on the edge of her seat, “Smack her butt.”, she said. Popi turned her head around and gave her a look

that said “Patience”. Popi finally brought the paddle back some and delivered a swift smack across Sarah’s right

cheek. Immediately, Sarah’s eyes opened up and she screamed, “FUCK!!!!!”

“What the fuck is going on? Where am I?”, she demanded to know. “Patients, bitch. All answers will be revealed to

you in due time.”, Popi quickly darted back as she brought another blow to her left cheek. Sarah’s body lunged forward

as she again screamed in agony. Two red heart-shaped prints could be easily made out on both of her buttcheeks. “Apologize.”,

Popi demanded. “I’m not going to apologize for anything.”, Sarah replied while trying to catch her breath.

Another quick crack across her butt flesh sent Sarah forward yet again. “Apologize to Jenny and apologize to me.” Jenny

suddenly found her fingers were rubbing her own nipples as she watched Sarah finally being punished for her actions. “I

didn’t do anything wrong!”, Sarah shouted back.

Before Popi could deliver another slap with her paddle, Jenny came racing up to her side and planted a very hard

blow on Sarah’s ass with her bare hand. Sarah screamed and shook in her restraints. Popi looked over at her in

total surprise. She could see the anger in her eyes as she continued with a rain of smacks on her booty. Sarah was

no at a loss for words of even screams at this point. Her ass lit up like a Christmas tree, as Jenny continued her

thunderous series of slaps.

Popi grabbed her arms and pushed her aside. “Jenny, stop. You’re taking this a little too far.” Jenny looked back at

her, “A little too far? She’s the one who’s always had to go a little too far! I’ve always had to be the sensible, reserved

one even when we were together! I’m tired of her always getting the upper hand, it’s my turn for a change, Goddammit!”

“I know, I know. Just please turn it down a notch or two. We don’t want to inflict any permanent damage to her, just teach

her a little lesson, that’s all.”, Popi said and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Jenny took a deep breath, opened her

eyes and gave her an “I’m okay” look. Popi smiled and turned her attention back to Sarah.

Her entire ass was bright red from the punishment it had received. “Are you ready to apologize?” Sarah was moaning

in pain, trying to think straight. Her body was drained with any form of strength left. “Fuck you.”, was all she managed to

get out in response.

“That’s too bad.”, Popi said and walked back to the dresser. She placed the paddle back into the drawer and searched

further around for more interesting items. “Jenny.”, she said while motioning her head to come over. Jenny came up beside

her and leaned in. “Are you alright?” “I’m fine. Sorry about that, I just got caught up in the moment.” “Okay here’s what I

want you to do…….”

The whispering could be heard but not made out clearly in Sarah’s ears. She hung there and waited for whatever came

next. A small drop of sweat filled with fear and excitement ran down her temple and coated the side of her cheek. Her lips

trembled and her palms became cold and wet. She could hear footsteps creeping closer behind her again and felt the heat

exposed on her bare back.

Jenny suddenly appeared in front of her wandering eyes. She reached out and took her erect nipples between her

fingers and lightly pulled. Sarah winced at the groping and opened her mouth to scream. Popi slipped a ball gag into

her opened orifice and quickly fastened the strap around the back of her neck. The two inch ball crammed it’s way deep

in her mouth, as her scream was quickly silenced. She then felt the two chains from each side of the ball sway against her

chest. Jenny grabbed the chains and opened the tweezers-style nipple clamps. A brief smile into Sarah’s fearful eyes and

then the clamps came down upon her hardened nipples.

Popi grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back until the clamps pulled at her nipples to their brink. Sarah

screeched into her gag, then she quickly let her head go free. Sarah sighed as her head fell back down. Trying yet again

to catch her breath, she felt something being slipped around her waist.

Popi fastened a black leather bondage belt around her waist and snapped it shut. Jenny reached up and unshackled her

wrists from the spreader bar above with the cuffs still around them. Sarah struggled as best as she could, but it was to no

avail. Popi grabbed her right wrist and quickly fastened it to the bondage belt that had been placed upon her. Jenny took

the left wrist, leaned up against her and hooked it to the other side of the belt.

Sarah’s arms were now secured at her sides and she was feeling more vulnerable now than ever. Jenny kept a hand on her

left shoulder to prevent her from falling over. Completely open and available to whatever the two women had in store for her,

Sarah felt a fearful rush come over her as Jenny began bending her over.

Sarah felt the cooling sensation of a lubricant being spread on her sphincter. Her eyes closed tightly and she swallowed

hard. Popi smeared the lube around the opening of her asshole in a delicate manner. She squirted a palm full into her hand

and coated her strap-on dildo with it from head to base. Sarah tried to convince herself that what she knew was coming really


Popi placed her left hand on Sarah’s spine and slowly pushed her hips forward. The head of the pleasure device rested

against her sphincter. The anticipation was slowly killing her. Jenny wrapped her hands on her shoulders and in the blink of an

eye, quickly shoved her body back forcing the head of the dildo into her butthole in the process. Sarah whimpered into

her now moist ball gag. Popi’s feet slowly shuffled forward and entered another inch and a half into Sarah’s expanding

asshole. A smirk ran across Jenny’s lips as she gave her shoulders a little shove.

Sarah gave another muffled sigh as the dildo squeezed another two inches into her bottom. Her sweaty breasts slapped

together when Popi gave another thrust. Before Sarah could catch her breath, Popi quickly sunk the entire dildo into

her. A screaming Sarah gripped her hands together into fists. Popi slapped her palms down on her trembling buttcheeks

and abruptly pulled out only to line back up and give her another dive. Sarah’s eyes rolled up into her head.

Wanting desperately to close her legs to void off the attack on her anus, Sarah felt a giant wave of heat enter into her

body from the rear. She suddenly felt the ball gag being removed, only to quickly have it replaced with another dildo

that was hung securely from Jenny’s strap-on belt. The dildo was already crammed two inches into her mouth that she had

no choice but to accept the rest of it. As the gag hung from her neck, Sarah felt the two sex devices climb their way

deep inside her entrances or exits depending on one’s perspective and moaned around her oral intruder.

Jenny palmed Sarah’s head and bobbed her head up and down, making her deep throat the entire dildo. Meanwhile,

Popi slipped her soaking wet dildo from Sarah’s exhausted asshole and quickly shot into her slick pussy. Sarah dug

her fingernails deep into the sides of her thighs, feeling the heated sensation of her love hole being filled to the brim. Her

eyes weakly focused on Jenny’s trim belly as it flexed it’s muscles while her hips rocked back and forth.

Popi retracted her dildo from her well-heated cunt and stuffed it directly back into her butthole. Sarah bit down on the

pleasure device in agony of not being able to prepare herself over another anal intrusion. Popi reached over and

grabbed a handful of her hair and began to throw thunderous blows into Sarah’s helpless anus. Her sweat-covered

ass shook with each earthquake that Popi inflicted upon it.

“Are you sorry?”, Popi asked her with a grunt. Sarah felt a heated quiver dance inside her erupting body. Jenny quickly

pulled her dildo from her mouth. “Ohhhhh God, yes! Yes! I’m sooooooooo fucking soooooooryyyyyyy!!!!!”, she screamed

as she came hard and licked her lips. Popi and Jenny’s eyes connected in delight.

Jenny unshackled her feet from the rack while Popi helped pull the bondage belt from her waist. They helped her across

the room towards the bed. “Lick her pussy, Sarah.”, Popi demanded. With a giggle, Jenny leaped upon the black silk-

covered bed and laid on her back in anticipation. Sarah paused for a moment, but Popi quickly gave her a little nudge

towards the bed and more importantly, between Jen’s thighs.

Sarah put one knee on the bed and began to move towards her target. Jenny impatiently spread her legs. Sarah brought

her second knee upon the bed and crawled towards the parting of her stems. Licking her lips, Jenny put her hands behind

the pillow that cradled her head. Sarah lowered her face down to her naked pussy and suddenly felt a thump on her

hind-quarters. Popi stood behind her with another wooden paddle with a butterfly shape on the end.

A small pink impression of a mariposa appeared on her right buttcheek. She felt the surge of pleasurable pain ride

up her backbone. Sarah laid her elbows on the bed and flicked her tongue across her swollen clit. Leaving her ass

high in the air, Popi abruptly gave it another smack. “Ohhhh.”, Sarah moaned. Her tongue licked it’s way up the lips

of Jenny’s love tunnel.

Sarah took her fingers and spread her pussylips apart to get to the creamy nougat of Jen. A third butterfly appeared

on Sarah’s butt. Sarah took her index finger and slowly slid it into Jen’s steamy, wet cunt. She pressed her mouth

hard onto her and moved her tongue around on her clitoris. Her middle finger quickly joined the first into Jen’s dark

cavern. “Ohhhhhh, my gosh.”, she whispered. A fourth mariposa found it’s way onto Sarah’s well-elevated ass.

Jen’s finger-fucking sped up, as Sarah felt her ass burst into internal flames. Jenny brought her feet up off of the

bed and placed them back down on Sarah’s back, rubbing the back sides of her ribcage. A fifth butterfly joined

the others. Her two fingers wiggled around inside of Jen’s pussy, pulling back in a “come hither” motion. Her feet

caressed down Sarah’s back. A sixth and a seventh.

Bucking her hips, Jen began fondling her own breasts as Sarah’s digits tickled her fancy. Popi dropped the paddle

and bent over to give Sarah’s pussy some tongue service. Sarah instinctively parted her legs to welcome her

tasting device. Her tongue slithered over her wet cunt and traveled all the way up her sphincter. Sarah shook at the

tender lick. Her heart began to race, as she fondled her fingers inside of the writhing Jen.

Jenny’s legs quickly flew apart and off of Sarah’s back. Her toes pointed straight outwards as a rush of warmth

touched every nerve ending in her body. “God, fuck, I’m fucking commmmmmmmminggggg!!!!!!”, she yelled as

she pulled hard onto her nipples. Jen’s body rocked with an orgasm so intense it shook the stop sign that was

down the street from Popi’s house.

“Fuck!”, Jenny yelped as her head came crashing back down on the pillow. Sarah felt the heat rushing hard and

on the brink of a fantastic orgasm of her own. Popi stopped dead in her tracks and stood back up. “Goddammit!”,

Sarah screamed in disappointment. “Not yet.”, Popi told her. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a

double-headed dildo. She smiled back at Sarah who was looking on.

“There’s one more thing I forgot to do.”, Popi said as she walked back to the bed. She handed Jen the double-

headed device. “Make sure this doesn’t come out. You’re the referee.”

Jen slowly got back on her weak knees and took it in her hands. Popi sprung onto the bed cat-like and crawled

on all fours to the middle. She looked back at Jenny with her hair draping down, “Lube me up.” Jenny took some

Astroglide that was sitting on the nightstand and squirted some out into her palm. Trying not to let it drip all over

the bed, she smeared her well-lubricated palm over Popi’s cunt.

Not being able to help herself, Jen shot a couple of fingers inside of Popi’s slippery pussy. “Mmmmmmmm”,

Popi moaned as she shook her head to get the hair out of her face. “Sarah, get like me with your ass facing

mine.”, she demanded. Desperately wanting to orgasm again, she did what she was told.

Before exiting her pussy, Jen gave her one last tickle inside. She took the lube and squirted some onto both

ends of the dildo. She spread the oozing liquid all over the device to make sure all areas were covered. With

a grin, she placed it between the two women’s back ends.

She lined up one end directly in front of Popi’s pussy and slowly entered the entire six inches into her. “Ahhhh,

fuck yes.”, she said as she arched her back. “Back up a little, Sarah.” She obliged and felt the other six inches

creep into her still-wet cunt. Jen put her hands back down to her sides , sat back and admired her handiwork. Both

women pushed back until their asscheeks were pressed flush up against one another.

Popi reached her right hand back and grabbed a hold of the side of Sarah’s left buttcheek. She moved forward

feeling all the dildo had to offer her and pushed back again on it. Her ass slapped back onto Sarah’s. Jen took

her fingers and placed them around the middle of the double-header.

The two women began pushing and grinding their way in unison on the sex toy. Their asses came crashing up

against one another as they built up a beautiful rhythm. “Oh god, it’s going so deep inside of me!”, Sarah yelled

in ecstasy. “There you go.”, Popi said as she gave a hard back thrust.

Jen looked down upon the two sweaty bottoms as they continued to slap hard onto one another. Having a

bird’s eye-view of the event, she could only think of one thing:

“Naked patty-cake, naked patty-cake. Butterfly’s grin, slap me a naked patty-cake as hard as you can.”

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………

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