El Calor de la Mariposa 3: La Piscina de la Llama

If you are under the age of 18, beat it. This is a fictional story, it never happened.


by Rawballz

Roselyn Sanchez, Eliza Dushku, Sarah Silverman & Jennifer Love Hewitt

The morning light flashed across Popi’s sealed eyes and turned them into a squinting state. The

drained feeling had settled into her bones from the long night. It had all really happened and she

had the satisfied yet tired body
to prove it. Her eyes fluttered open to the light that accompanied

her bedroom.

Her sleeping hands ran over her eyes, rubbing them to wake up and do their job. Her fingers

ran through her hair, as a deep yawn came from her mouth. Her arms then outstretched in

mid-air to welcome this bright new day and embrace it’s destiny. As her left arms fell, the palm

of her hand landed on naked skin.

Her eyes became wide and she quickly shot her head to the side to see who had joined her

in her sleeping quarters. She saw the figure of the naked woman sleeping on her stomach,

with her head turned away and facing the foot of the bed. The sleeping sounds of the woman

filled Popi’s ears like a symphony. Her dark hair swirled around from the wind of the ceiling

fan above.

Popi became excited over the thought of waking up to Jenny, that she quickly sat up and over

the sleeping body to give her a good morning kiss. Her stomach quickly sunk when she saw

the face of Sarah in a deep sleep.

Popi sadly sat back again in her bed. “Where is Jenny?”, she thought to herself. She shifted

her legs over the side of the bed and placed her bare feet on the carpeted floor. Standing up,

she felt the slight tightness in her lower back and proceeded to raise her arms above her head

in order to stretch it out. She walked naked to the doorway of the bedroom, reached over and

slipped on her robe.

As Popi walked down the long hallway, she stopped and leaned inside the “playroom” but saw

only dildos and the bed sheets hanging off the side of the bed. No Jenny. She pulled the belt tightly

around her waist and continued down the lonely hallway.

After walking down the stairs, Popi made her way to the kitchen. It had seemed like forever since

she last ate. The faint ache in her belly was calling out to her. Opening the refrigerator’s door, she

grabbed the carton of orange juice. Her eyes fixed upon a small piece of paper, when she closed

the door. She immediately recognized Jenny’s signature at the bottom of the short note.

“My dearest Popi,

Sorry I had to say goodbye like this. It’s not how I intended. I had an emergency meeting

with some of my fellow colleagues. I had a wonderful time with you and I sincerely hope we

can do it again sometime soon. I won’t be reachable, so I’ll call you as soon as I can. Please

just understand and respect this. I apologize again for the Sarah incident. Now that she’s sober

again, it won’t be that hard to get rid of her (smiley face). I’ll call you soon.


Jenny Love”

Popi’s heart sunk inside her robe as the reading came to an end. The tears welled up in her eyes. She

grabbed a glass from the cabinet and quickly poured herself a drink. She took a sip with her trembling

lips and swallowed the juice down. She placed the note on the counter, grabbed a banana and headed

out the back door.

This was a new position for her. Usually she was the aggressor and didn’t get left behind. Popi understood

about Jenny’s social life and respected that, but there was a giant part of her that just wanted Jenny

to stay with her awhile. She could have just as easily woken her up to tell her and not just leave her

a fucking note. All of these thoughts and fears ran through Popi’s head as she sat on the edge of the

folded chair beside the pool.

Munching on the banana, Popi quickly spotted a butterfly flying not three feet in front of her. Her

eyes spotted the many colors that made up it’s wings as they fluttered. It was like magic the way

it seemed to just hang there in mid-air, like it was trying to tell her something. Some secret that

it could no longer hang onto. She finished eating the last of the fruit and stood up from the chair. The

mariposa floated up to her and gracefully landed where the belt was tied around her robe.

Sarah awoke on Popi’s bed. Her head pounded as she raised it and took a look around at the room

she had slept in. She couldn’t recall a lot of what happened last night and certainly didn’t know these

strange surroundings. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and rolled onto her back. Suddenly it came

to her attention that it was quite breezy down below. Like many nights before, Sarah woke up in a

strange place, naked. “Figures.”, she mumbled.

With her emotions in such a roller coaster state, Popi untied her belt and let the robe open freely. The

butterfly floated it’s way around to her back and landed safely again on her right shoulder. Taking another

cue from the flying creature, Popi slipped the robe off her shoulder. Instinctively, the mariposa fluttered

over to her other shoulder. Smiling a sexy grin, she followed suit and pushed the robe off. It fell from her

body with a gentle whisper on the concrete. In all her glory, Popi watched the butterfly hover in circles

around her body.

Clothing herself with an extra robe she found, Sarah carefully entered the hallway. She looked around

and thought that she recognized some of these visuals, but soaked in a ton of alcohol. “Hello?”, she

asked hoping for a quick response. No response came as she slowly began to descend down the


The mariposa floated down towards the ground and landed on Popi’s left foot. Her toes twitched at the

faint feeling of the tiny legs that rested upon her. She was with herself right here and right now. No

worries or concerns came to her about what she was doing or if an outsider could see her. She hadn’t

a care in the world. This was time for her and her mariposa.

The butterfly took flight again and circled around the back of her ankle, brushing it’s wing lightly across

it in the process. A warm shiver of delight could be felt shaking it’s way up Popi’s nude body. Her mind

was calm and her worries had vanished. The butterfly soared up her knee and behind her left thigh, always

coming in closer for a brief touch for her to remember it’s there like a comforting device. Popi’s body was

alive and well as it made the turn around her hips towards a very sensitive area.

Sarah entered the kitchen nervously and walked across the cold floor. Her eyes immediately spotted the

note upon the counter. Carefully, she walked over to where it was, as if it were calling her name. “Read me,

read me!”, it shouted. Without touching it, Sarah looked down with her hazy eyes and began to read.

The butterfly stopped and hovered directly in front of the black landing strip between Popi’s thighs. It slowly

inched in closer and closer. Popi looked down at the flying one as it moved in yet closer and fluttered

it’s small wings against her pubic hair. “Oh God, this can’t really be happening.”, she whispered. Carefully,

she shifted her legs apart. The mariposa didn’t flinch and continued to flap it’s wings to Popi’s delight. One

wing brushed against her clitoris, then it would turn around and sooth it with the other.

“That stupid fucking cunt.”, Sarah mumbled to herself. In anger, she balled up the note and shoved it

into one of the pockets on the robe. It was all coming back to her warped frame of mind. “Roselyn,

what’s so fucking special about her?”, she whispered in disgust. Her eyes drifted across the window

above the sink and caught a glimpse of the activities outside by the pool. “Oh my.”, she said while

a grin came across her face.

Popi’s hips shook as the mariposa continued to give her clitoris it’s full attention. Her nipples became

erect as the warm sensation conquered her. The butterfly suddenly flew between her legs and came back

caressing it’s gentle touch up the crack of her ass. Her muscles tensed as the flying creature teased her

well-toned ass. Her hands grabbed their hardest onto the flesh of her thighs.

Sarah’s face came closer to the window as she continued to view Popi’s activities. Without any hesitation,

her hand unraveled the belt around the robe she wore. She stood on her tip-toes, leaning her body over

the counter as her bare breasts came popping out over the sink. She could feel the warmth from outside

pulling her towards it’s center.

The mariposa swirled it’s wings up her spine, sending her body into a near-convulsion. The winged

creature flew under the hair from her head that dangled over her upper back. She could feel every swish

of the creature’s wings that soothed her hair. Higher it climbed until it reached the back of her neck. It

rested upon this spot to begin the heating process. Popi could feel the warmth rise from the bottoms of

her feet and soar up her alive body. The heat was becoming too much to handle.

Sarah continued to watch as Popi’s body trembled outside. Her hands found the openings of the robe

and they quickly pushed it off her shoulders. Like a whip, she slung the bathrobe to the counter top and

without hesitation hopped onto the counter. With her knees planted on either end of the sink, she knew

she had to cool down before she let her presence be known. She turned the faucet on and felt the cold

experience splash onto her palms. Without any hesitation, Sarah cupped her hands to catch the water

and poured the coolness down over her pubic mound. Like a windmill, her hands continued to cool off

the fire that breathed heavily. Her eyes closed as her head tilted back, keeping the image of Popi by

the pool. Her delicate, wet fingers smothered her clitoris with the heavenly waters. Her mind was in complete

focus with her own activities, she didn’t hear the person that slowly walked up behind her.

With the interior and exterior of her body in blazes, Popi could not take anymore. With a quickness,

she turned to the pool and quickly dove into it’s liquid embrace. Her dive took her to the bottom of the

pool where she floated for a few moments, feeling the warmth wash away in relief. As the mariposa

mystically floated above the water’s surface, Popi laid with her back on the pool’s floor and watched

the red warmth rise with the bubbles.

“Be careful, you might accidentally drown yourself.”, Eliza said as she grabbed Sarah by her bare

shoulder. Sarah quickly turned around and covered her frontal privates with her hands. “Eliza, what’re

you doing here?”, she responded quickly trying to catch her breath. “There’s been a changing of the

guard, and if I were you, I’d split while I still could.”, she said with a unfriendly smirk. The surprised look

on Sarah’s face had changed to a dark, cold stare. “Says who?” “You know damn well who, so get your

clothes on and get your ass outta here.”, she said challenging her. “Am?” “Duh, yeah!”, Eliza responded

with a mongoloid look on her face. “And if you leave right now, I won’t be forced to tell her about your little

kitchen sink frolic here.”

For the first time in her life Sarah felt completely defeated. She hated Eliza’s smirk attitude towards

her and was just about sick of it. However, she knew what consequences would follow if she didn’t

heed her advice. People have met far worse fates for lesser crimes. Without another word, Sarah

dropped her arms and stormed out of the kitchen down the hallway to gather her things.

“Such a fucking drama queen.”, Eliza whispered to herself. She stuffed her hands into the front pockets

of her deep purple jeans and looked out the window. “Lucky me.”, she mumbled as she saw Popi’s head

break through the water’s surface. As if in slow motion, she gazed upon as Popi swam to the deep end of

the pool towards the ladder on the opposite side. Eliza felt a spark of heat crawl up her spine as Popi grabbed

the ladder with both hands and began to exit the water.

The cool wind swept across Popi’s nude body as the water slid off her. She stepped onto the poolside, feeling

the heat on the bottoms of her feet. She flung her hair over her left shoulder and milked the water out of the

end of the strands. She stood there in complete solace, feeling the eyes behind her. She knew she was in there,

waiting to make her move. Popi grinned to herself and decided to play her game.

Eliza’s mouth hung wide open as she watched Popi place her hands on her wet, naked ass and began

massaging her cheeks. She focused on every movement of her fingertips as they kneaded areas and watching

as the beads of water fell from her. A river ran down the back of her neck, traveled a smooth flow down

the middle of her back and disappeared into the shadow between her buttcheeks. Eliza was so transfixed

on the events outside that she failed to notice Sarah passing behind her with a scowl on her face and giving

her the middle finger salute.

Popi giggled aloud and ran her fingers through her hair. She turned slowly to the right and walked towards

the diving board that hung over the heavenly waters. Like a model on the catwalk, she walked to the end of

the board and sat down with her feet dangling in the pool. Her hands wrapped around her neck and massaged

all around with her head hung back. Her fingers danced down to the top of her chest, paused and swam in

circles, washing the wetness to the sides.

Eliza tried desperately to snap out of it, but the alluring visions outside had gotten the best of her. A moistness

formed between her thighs that couldn’t be ignored for long. Her mind began to fill with the dirtiest thoughts

imaginable. Her only reservation about acting upon her instincts like a sex-crazed animal was the fact of ruining

the entire reason she was sent here to relieve Sarah. Eliza placed her shaky palms on each of her breasts that

were snug up against her light blue tank top. Feeling the light pressure of each digit slowly pressing up against

her hardened nipples. She became closer to making a bad career move.

Popi carefully descended with her back on the diving board. The refreshing coolness of the small puddles of water

was a welcomed experience. With her legs on either side of the board, just her toes broke the water’s surface. Her

fingers began to dance again down to her belly and rub around her inny of a bellybutton. The sweat began forming

on her heated form as the late morning sun rained fire upon her. Her warm hands fell further down, massaging her

hips and squeezing them to tease herself to near-insanity. Just as the wind quickly blew across the backyard, her

new flying friend came back to her and hovered over her writhing body. Popi’s eyes opened for just a brief moment

and she whispered, “Mariposa.”

Eliza could no longer deny what she knew she needed at this perfect moment in her life. She walked over to the

back door and slowly cracked it open. She felt a burst of heat hit her in the face and noticed that it wasn’t this

hot when she came up through the front yard just ten minutes ago. She pulled the door open all the way and

gingerly stepped outside. Like a vision that could only come from deep within a sex-crazed photographer’s mind,

Eliza stopped in her tracks and stood there witnessing the utter beauty of the woman known as Popi. Her hair

had fallen to either side of the board, touching the concrete below. Her chest was slowly rising and falling with

each stroke her fingers made just around the perimeter of her pubic region. Her feet splashed small ripples in

the water when the heat would become too much at times.

Immediately, Eliza stepped back out of her shoes, feeling the heat on the bottoms of her feet. Popi slid her

right index finger into the darkness of her patch. Eliza watched this intently as she unbuttoned her hip-huggers

and slid them down off her ass and let them fall to her feet. Popi ran her left hand back up her tummy and

between her breasts and another deep exhale escaped her.

Eliza walked out of her discarded jeans and lifted her tank top up over her face. While she was blinded by the

light blue color, she closed her eyes and envisioned her lying on top of the object of her lustful desires. Pressing

up against her naked body, skin on skin and exchanging the warmth between them. In her mind this fantasy

lasted a lifetime, but the interrupting brightness of the fireball in the sky quickly brought her eyes back to reality

that existed directly across the pool.

Clad in only her black bra and panties, Eliza kept her eyes focused on the body of the one she wanted. She

reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and tugged it off her shoulders. Getting closer to her target,

Eliza frantically pushed her moist panties off her hips and kicked them to the side. With the beauty on the board

directly across the water from her, Eliza carefully took her first step into the pool.

The cold sensation extinguished the flames that licked her insides momentarily. As the water’s surface rose

up to thighs, Eliza’s eyes remained on Popi’s legs that hung from the sides of the diving board like the entrance

to the tunnel of lust. The liquid flooded around her scorching hot pussylips. When the water reached her naval,

Eliza bent forward and swam into the pool’s cradling arms. With her nipples only a half an inch from the pool’s

floor, Eliza frog-kicked her way to the deep end.

She took in a deep breath when her head exited the water. There she found herself directly under the board, where

above her prey laid. She could hear the moans coming from the woman upstairs and it was like an orchestra, filled

with music that vibrated her very soul. Eliza turned around in the water now facing the shallow end and her eyes

focused on the long, well-formed and tight stems of Popi. Her toes were engulfed in the pool and Eliza could see

them twitching in rapture. Beads of water slowly dripped down her smooth, tinted legs. Popi’s right foot escaped

the cool water and it turned in circular motions at the ankle, stretching itself as drops of water cascaded down

between her toes and back to it’s world in the water below.

Another deep sigh came from Popi above and Eliza knew that she had to conquer her. She quickly turned around

and with her feet planted on the pool’s wall, she positioned herself right in front of the dangling leg. Her hands

reached up to Popi’s calf and lightly ran her fingers down to her foot. Cradling it by holding the heel and arch, Eliza

lowered her head and touched her tongue on the bottom of the big toe. She pushed forward and enclosed it inside

her mouth, tasting it’s sweet satisfaction. Her tongue swirled around, feeling the flesh and nail waltzing around inside

her mouth. Letting the big toe free, she lowered herself down and slowly massaged her tasting device down the bottom

of her foot until she reached the heel.

Her teeth nibbled playfully on the heel and carefully her tongue slid up the back of her leg. Popi sighed loudly at the

brilliant touches. Eliza sucked on her calf as her legs shook. Maneuvering back down, she licked her way back

against the bottom of the foot and back to the smaller toes. Pushing her tongue between them and deeply massaging

the crevices. She went right down the line of toes, giving each one it’s proper and well-deserved attention until she

found herself back at the big toe.

Eliza gave the toe one last open-mouthed kiss and knew she needed more. She quickly moved to the wall and pulled

herself out of the pool. Her eyes beheld the most exquisite sight of Popi full of heat and wanting more. Her eyes were

closed as she was deep in a lust-driven craze. Both of her hands held her breasts, pulling and rubbing hard on her

stiff nipples. The bright sunlight glistened off the sweat on her body. Feeling the deep heat rising within her, Eliza’s

skin tingled as she made her move.

She walked to the back end of the board, crouched down and swam her fingers through Popi’s endless, black

hair. She let the strands fall through her fingers as she soothingly brushed her hair. Her hands reached further and

she lightly touched her cheeks with her fingertips. Eliza stood back up and while still bent over, planted a light kiss

to Popi’s forehead. She could hear her speaking Spanish under her breath, muttering words of ecstasy. Her hands

slid down her body and held Popi’s hands that were still holding her breasts. Feeling her breath on her forehead, Eliza

traveled down to meet her mouth with her own.

She opened her mouth slightly and placed Popi’s bottom lip between them. She immediately returned the favor, taking

Eliza’s lower lip and caressing it with a deep, slow kiss. The heat of their breath encircled one another as the taste was

shared between them. Eliza pushed further down and lightly sunk her teeth onto her quivering chin. Popi tilted her head

back and her tongue slithered down her throat, leaving a trail of saliva behind it’s path.

Eliza’s mouth hung open because the lovely lapping her neck was going through. She was ready for her next feast and

it was right before her eyes. She moved forward again down Popi’s sweat-covered body and locked her lips directly

onto her left nipple. Like a newborn baby, Eliza suckled onto the erected knob and lightly enclosed her teeth around

the pleasurable point. Popi groaned aloud at the impact as her tongue dove between Eliza’s breasts.

Leaving a trail of spit down from her nipple, Eliza found her head slowly floating down, hovering over

her belly. Popi reached her arms up to her back and lightly dragged her fingernails down her bare

back to the top of the crack of her ass. Eliza darted her tasting device into Popi’s naval, lapping the

sweat that had rested in it’s overflowing cup.

Bringing her legs on either side of Popi’s head, Eliza straddled the board with her feet still flat on the

concrete. Instinctively, she dunked her head between Popi’s thighs and softly kissed the insides. As the

next shove forward from Eliza, Popi felt her velvet patch travel down her nose and stop directly over her

appetizing mouth. Like a magnet, the tip of her tongue clamped onto Eliza’s love button and with all of

it’s strength, pushed forward driving her legs into a state of sexual frenzy.

Eliza ran her teeth against the flesh of her inner thigh while Popi shot back with a deep suck onto

her swollen clitoris. Eliza’s head flew back in ecstasy and she groaned aloud into the daylight. Letting the

wave of heat rush down her backbone, Eliza stared down at the dark patch between Popi’s thighs, licked

her lips and slowly spread her pussy open with her shaky fingers.

She dove her head back down to the buffet at the “Spread-Leg Cafe”. Tasting Popi for all she was worth,

Eliza pushed back with her hips and felt a hot tongue slide into her vulva. “Oh my fucking God, yes!”, she

screamed at the top of her lungs. Popi rolled her tongue around inside of her love canal and firmly sucked

on her trembling, moist pussylips. With sweat forming on Eliza’s tender buttocks, Popi wiped the beads

to the sides with her palms and inflicted pain onto the rear with a brisk, hard slap. Eliza groaned and slipped

two fingers into Popi’s dripping-wet cunt.

“Do you think she’s okay?”, Jenny asked Sarah as she pulled up into Popi’s driveway.

“How in the hell should I know? That fucking slut in there with her, made it pretty damn

clear that she was now in charge.”, Sarah replied while chewing on her thumbnail.

“Well, you know you should’ve stood your ground with Eliza. She’s just on some sort

of power trip that can only be stopped by brute force.”, as she put the car in park.

“It really doesn’t fucking matter anymore, does it? After what we’ve done, we’re lucky if

we make it through the day.”, Sarah said while giving her an unsure look and opening

the car door.

Sarah slammed the door shut and began quickly walking up to the front door.

“What a child.”, Jen whispered to herself, sighed and opened the driver’s door.

“Wait up a second, Sarah.”

Sarah continued to ring the doorbell and knock hard on the front entrance of Popi’s


Popi wet a finger and walked her hand up to the treasure between Eliza’s buttcheeks. As her ass moved

from side to side, Popi smeared the spit around her sphincter in an even manner. Eliza jammed her digits

into Popi’s vertical smile, wiggling her fingers up against the walls inside. Popi slowly moved the tip of her

finger into her asshole. With a slight twitch, Popi entered her finger inside further about an inch and felt her

sphincter muscles contract. Popi lifted her long legs up in the air and cradled them softly around Eliza’s

head, giving her full access to her asshole.

Sarah turned the knob on the front door and slowly creaked it open. “Hello.”, Jen announced. The two entered

the house and Sarah shut the door behind them.

“Eliza?”, Jen asked to no response as she entered the kitchen. Sarah walked up behind her and glanced out

the window.

“Holy shit.”, Sarah uttered with no feeling in her words.

“What?”, Jen turned around to face her.

All Sarah had to do was point in the direction of the pool and Jen turned back around to face the outside


The sight of Eliza on top of Popi on the diving board stunned Jen right in her tracks. Her mouth hung open and

for the first time in her life, she couldn’t feel a thing. Her shoulders became like pudding as they slumped. The fumes

that boiled within her were so overpowering that she didn’t even have the strength to tilt her head to the side nor even

move her eyelids. All self-power fled her body as the betrayed feeling shook her very soul. Suddenly getting the feeling

back in her form, Jen clenched her fists and stormed out the back door.

Sarah gingerly followed in her footsteps, somewhat wanting to stay away from what was about to go down but also

curious to see how Jen would react to this situation.

Jen quickly stomped up to the diving board. Even though her footsteps were loud enough, the two engaged women

on the board didn’t bother to halt their activities. Jen stood over them as the moans and sighs floated into her unwanting

ears. She suddenly grabbed Eliza around the back and lifted her in the air off of Popi.

“What the….”, was all Eliza could get out before she found herself falling back on top of Jen.

Jen abruptly rolled her off of herself and grabbed her from behind again. This time she wrapped her arms underneath

her shoulders and clasped her hands together behind her head.

“Get the fuck off of me!”, Eliza screamed.

She spun around and began running backwards, throwing both of them into the pool. The water splashed on Popi,

waking her from her afternoon daydream. She quickly sat up on the diving board and looked down to where the two

ladies were wrestling in the water.

Not knowing exactly what was happening, she stood up and walked to the side of the pool, in all her nakedness, and

crossed her arms in disbelief. She saw Sarah standing beside the pool’s edge at the shallow end. She shrugged her


“Enough!”, Popi shouted.

The two cat fighters stopped and looked up at her.

“What is this?”, Popi asked while crossing one foot over the other.

Jen swam over to the ladder and pulled her wet clothed-self out of the pool. “This bitch has no right being here.”, she

stated, pointing at Eliza who was now getting out of the pool herself.

“I have every right to be here, you fucking cunt. I was ordered to take over this case by almighty herself.”, she responded.

“If you hadn’t fucked things up to begin with, Jenny, you’d still be in charge of this.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!”, Popi shouted, holding her hands up. “What in the hell are you two talking about?”

“Listen, Popi, I was going to tell you about this….”, Jen trying desperately to explain.

“Yeah, right. You know you’re breaking the law here.”, Eliza interrupted.

Jen shot back a cold stare at her. “It’s no longer breaking it when you’re not a part of it anymore.”

“What are you saying? You quit?”, Eliza asked crossing her arms.

“Exactly, Sarah and I both did not twenty minutes ago.”

Popi walked up closer to the two wet women. With a finger pointing at the both of them,

“I want the two of you to tell me exactly what the fuck you’re talking about.”, she whispered firmly with an

intense look in her eyes.

“It’s a long story……”, Jen said.

“I have all the time in the world.”, Popi quickly responded.

“Sarah and I were part of an underground corporation and you were chosen as the next case. I know that

this sounds insane but it’s true. The group is headed by Alyssa Milano and Jaime Pressly and it’s bigger

than you can even imagine. We’re not talking about a small group of women who, in their spare time, go

out and investigate and monitor certain people. I’m talking about an extremely giant business that even

has a retirement program. There are so many women involved that are mainstream Hollywood actresses,

musicians and all walks of life. We are everywhere, thousands of members even women working at the

local Piggly-Wiggly are part of it. Some homeless women, you see, are undercover taking notes and

following up research on certain targets. The main focus of this entire organization is to research all women

to find the Mariposa, the Warmth of the Butterfly. There is power that exists so far out of the realm of this

ordinary world that only one woman can possess it’s power in her lifetime. That woman is you, Popi. I know

that it’s hard to understand this entire concept, but I know of it’s power. Sometimes the warmth can be so

powerful that others have briefly flirted with it in their own selves. It’s deep strength can wrapped everyone up

with it’s heat, but only one can truly have control of it’s temper. Again, that’s you. The AMJP wants complete

control of this might, which means they are going to come after you with a quickness. Now that Sarah and I

have turned our backs to them, we are on their shitlist as well.”

Popi couldn’t believe her ears.

“I know all of this information isn’t registering fully with you yet, but I swear that it’s all true. You have been

my assignment for the past two years. Remember when we bumped into one another at “The Tuxedo” premier? That

wasn’t just by chance, that was my orders to approach you. I noticed the pureness within you and I’ve struggled

with myself ever since that night if I was doing the right thing. Believe me, I’ve questioned myself many times

about my actions with my assignment with you and others in the past. I’m not happy at all with some of my

actions within this organization and I finally came to a realization with myself just last night and I decided to end

my investigation and turn my back on them. I know it may sound sappy and stupid, but I believe in you, Popi. After

years and years of trying to track down this power, I’ve found it in you and it’s too pure and overwhelming to just

exploit it or even try and come to terms with it. Call me a sentimental old fool, I don’t care. But last night I felt

more alive and awake than I’ve ever known I could feel before. You want to talk about power? Your abilities have

even convinced Sarah of leaving the organization with me. Now that’s some kind of power.”

Jen shook in her wet clothing as a cool wind blew across the backyard. “Before I go any further, can I get some

dry clothes?”

Popi put her arm around her shoulders and lead her into the house. Eliza and Sarah soon followed

as the four women decided what they’re next move would be.


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