Title: Electricity

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes

Codes: FF, cons, oral

Summary:  A hot night for Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes

Disclaimer:  The following is a consensual lesbian story featuring two female celebrities. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.

A long filming day was complete for the cast of ‘Riverdale’. Once the last camera switched off, everybody went their own way, except for the two sexiest female stars of the show. Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart had planned a girl’s night long before the eighteen hours of filming. Despite how tired they were, the girls were not about to cancel their plans. Camila followed Lili to the blonde’s house, the air conditioning blasting in her eyes to keep her awake. Once they arrived, they both slugged their way into the house.

“Whoever created eighteen-hour work days can go to hell,” Camila said, following her co-star into the house with the moonlight shining behind.

“That Monster I had wore out hours ago,” Lili said, flopping her body down on the recliner.

“You shouldn’t drink that stuff, it’s bad for you, ya know,” Camila responded, taking the couch for herself.

“Says the girl who drinks a gallon of coffee a day,” the blonde said with a laugh. “I’d be passed out on set if I didn’t have a pick-me-up. This weather isn’t helping either.”

It was a very hot night in the outskirts of the Los Angeles suburb, not dropping below one-hundred degrees. The air conditioning was running strong in Lili’s house, filling the main room with a soft buzz that was drawing the women closer to slumber. Just as Lili’s eyes were falling, the buzzing stopped and the lights dimmed to nothing. The blonde’s eyes shot open with disappointment.

“NO!” she yelled as the power outage became clear. “Not tonight!”

“Well, I guess sleep isn’t going to happen,” Camila said, the heat quickly filling the room. “We can always go to my place?”

“Do you have the energy to drive for a half-hour?” Lili asked, standing up and fanning herself.

“No,” the dark-haired girl responded.

The girls looked outside to see if any other house nearby had lights on or any sign of electricity, failing to see any. Camila’s eyes shifted from the neighboring houses to the pool in the backyard. She slid open the door and walked out, her friend following close behind.

“I know one way to cool down,” Camila said as she turned towards Lili.

Camila spread her arms wide and fell backwards into the pool without removing anything, her black tank top, her cut-off blue denim shorts or her pink flip-flops. The colorful shoes were the first thing to surface, soon followed by Camila herself popping up and pulling her soaked black hair back.

“Damn that felt good,” she said, wiping water from her big, brown eyes. “Come on in.”

“I can’t, these are new clothes,” Lili responded.

“You’re basically wearing the same thing as me,” Camila said, looking at Lili’s white tank top, black denim shorts and white sneakers.

Lili sighed and crossed her arms before kicking her sneakers off. After a deep yawn, she pulled her shorts off, neatly folded them and tossed them a lounge chair. Soon after, the tank top came off and met the chair as well.

“My underwear will do, I guess,” Lili said. “I don’t care if my bra and panties get soaked.”

“What bra?” Camila asked, staring at Lili’s bare b-cups in the moonlight.

“What do you mea-SHIT!” Lili screamed, covering her chest up with her hands. “I was so tired I must have left it at the studio.”

“Just jump in already,” Camila said as she placed her wet flip-flops on the edge of the pool. “Nobody’s going to see you.”

Lili shyly stepped down into the pool, her hands not leaving her chest. As the cool water washed over her, she visibly became more relaxed. After another yawn, she looked in front of her and did not see her friend. Seconds later, she felt two hands on her head, dunking her underwater. She flailed around as Camila playfully laughed. Once Lili popped back up out of the water, she pulled the soaking wet blonde hair from in front of her face.

“Thanks,” she said with sarcastic tone.

“What, you were taking too long,” Camila laughed.

After a very brief splash-fight and more yawning, the girls crawled out of the pool and made their way to the poolside chairs. Lili sat down in one while Camila pulled the other up close next to her. The dark-haired Brazilian-American girl curled into a ball, resting her head on Lili’s lap.

“I can’t keep my eyes open anymore,” she said. “I might just pass out.”

As Camila fell asleep, Lili stared up at the bright moon above her. She badly wanted to go to sleep but knew better than to sleep without a top on in the open air anywhere near Hollywood, especially with another attractive woman sleeping on her. She could see the tabloid pictures flashing in her head, making her too anxious to sleep. She softly stroked Camila’s hair with one hand while trying to reach the chair a few feet away where her clothing was sitting. She slightly shifted her body and felt Camila grab her leg to keep using it as pillow.

“Damn it, Camila,” she quietly sighed.

Lili decided that she would try and take a shorter nap, enough to remove the intense sleepiness from her brain. The blonde closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep for about an hour. She was hoping that her mind alone would bring her back to alertness but it was instead a familiar feeling that brought her back. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked down, finding a still-sleeping Camila nuzzling a nose against her pussy.

“What the…oh wow,” Lili said as her bluish-green eyes were as big as saucers.

The twenty-year-old could not believe what was happening and was not sure if her friend was actually asleep or just pretending. Before her brain could come up with a conclusion, she felt a hand swatting around her crotch, seemingly trying to slide the fabric out of the way.

“Cami?” she asked with no response. “You awake?”

Camila did not answer but was still trying to move the cotton barrier away from Lili’s promise land. Slowly and carefully, Lili slid her own hand down and moved her panties out of the way for her. She did not know whether it was the heat, the lack of sleep, an unknown desire or anything else that was allowing her to give her co-star easier access to a lesbianic tryst but she did not care nor hesitate. Any thoughts going through her head was halted when something wet and warm pressed against her pussy lips.

Lili gasped as she looked down on saw her slumbering friend’s tongue circling around her cunt in the bright moonlight of this hot summer night. She had to hold herself in place, as hard as it was, not wanting to wake Camila up by accident and potentially stop this moment from happening. As the tongue poked between the lips, Lili covered her mouth with her hand, stifling her moan of intense joy and pleasure from filling the night sky.

Camila, deep in her sexual sleep, continued to poke her tongue between Lili’s lovely lips while occasionally giving the clitoris some attention. There was no way possible that this had not been learned without experience. While Camila had never shown any open sexual feeling toward women, it was obvious to Lili that her best friend had to have been with a woman before. To Lili, this was some of, if not the best, tongue action she had ever received.

As Camila’s hand slowly pushed up Lili’s body, the blonde was starting to feel very good and started to wonder how much longer she could hold back. She was already fighting the urges to singing out her pleasure and moving her body around. Without thinking, Lili paced both her hands onto Camila’s head and pulled her closer to her pussy. Camila’s tongue started to slow down but not enough to prevent and intense orgasm washing over the younger woman’s body.

With the juices flowing, Camila began to open her eyes, only able to see her friend’s neatly trimmed, slightly sweaty pubic hair. She could feel her lower lip and chin getting moistened by the sweet nectar that oozed out of Lili’s spasming pussy. Once things calmed down, the fully-awake woman pulled her head back and looked her friend in the eyes.

“What was that?” Camila asked. “Why did I wake up to that?”

“You-you started to play with me in your sleep,” Lili said while panting and trying to regain her composure.

“You were holding my head,” Camila said, obviously a bit confused. “I had no idea you were a, well, a lesbian.”

“I’m not,” Lili said as she sat straight up. “I wouldn’t have done this if you didn’t start it.”

Camila stood up from her chair and shook her head.

“There is no way I started that,” Camila said. “I’m not like that.”

Lili stood up in front of Camila, looking her directly in the eye.

“Cami, I’ve had plenty of guys do that to me and none of them were half as good as you,” she said. “That’s learned, not natural.”

“I need some time to think,” Camila said, pushing her friend aside and rushing back into the house.

Lili quickly dressed herself back in the clothes from earlier and chased after her. Camila was about to shut the bedroom door when her friend stuck her foot in the way and kept the door open.

“Cami, don’t be like this,” Lili said to her friend, who was facing away from her. “We had a moment. If you want it stay as a moment, then it’s fine but don’t lie to me. You’ve done that before and you liked it…and I liked it too.”
Camila slowly turned around, a slightly angry look on her face. She marched over to Lili, backing her up against the wall and looked up at her, getting nose to nose and not saying a word. The dark-haired girl’s eyes went up and down the blonde’s body before she took a step back. She quickly snatched Lili’s wrists, pinning them against the wall. Camila pressed her entire body against Lili’s, tilted her head and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Lili happily allowed her friend’s tongue into her mouth, joining with her own in a sensual dance.

After a long kiss, Camila took a step back, still holding Lili’s wrists. She admired the shocked yet pleased look on her stunned lover’s face. With sweat dripping down her face, Lili walked back to Camila and gently pushed her onto the bed.

“It’s so damn hot in here,” Lili said as she removed her own shirt again before walking over to the window, pulling it open so not to have both of them suffocate in the heat.

Lili gently crawled onto the bed, Camila staring up from underneath her. The younger girl pulled at her older friend’s top and pulled it up until she was left only in a white bra. Lili grabbed a cup in each hand and tore the bra open, leaving her lustful friend’s breasts uncovered. She pressed her lips to Camila’s chest, poking her tongue out and leaving a saliva trail down her torso until it reached the top of her shorts.

“Take it off,” Camila whispered while grasping at her own chest.

Camila closed her eyes as she felt her shorts and panties being slowly pulled down her thighs, past her knees and down to her ankles. One more swift pull left the girl completely nude. She started to wiggle her body around while Lili stood over her, panting and smiling. Quickly, the blonde removed her own remaining clothing and joined her friend in nudity.

Lili fell to her knees at the edge of the bed, grabbing and spreading Camila’s legs as wide as she could, staring her shaven pussy down. The blonde’s tongue popped out as she drew her face closer to dripping-wet entryway. Slowly, it pierced Camila’s lips and slithered its way inside until their lips touch.

“Oh!” Camila squeaked.

While her friend’s tongue swirled around inside of her, Camila spread her arms out wide, lifting her body up with her shoulder and giving a sharp arch to her back. She could feel the blood in her heart pump faster by the second as an intense lust overtook her. The electricity in her body could have restored power to the neighborhood if possible.

“FUCK!” she yelled as Lili’s tongue popped out of her and softly tickled her clit.

Lili’s eyes shot open and looked upward at her friend’s heaving body through the darkness. Camila’s breathing was increasing, a mixture of the heat in the air and the heat in her crotch contributing. The dark-haired girl jumped a bit as she felt a dry finger twirl around at the very bottom of her pussy. Their eyes locked as Lili pushed it inside of her, quickly added by another and another. With three fingers inside, the blonde started to push and pull it in and out as fast as her arm would allow.

“GOD! FUCK!” Camila screamed as she raised herself on her elbows, giving herself a view of the triple digits penetrating her. “HARDER!”

Camila shook her head to launch the sweat from her eyes as her entire body was coated in a layer of perspiration. The room was even hotter than before as both women were putting all their energy into this intense interaction. Camila was starting to feel lightheaded, unaware if it was from the heat, the smell of sexuality and sweat that filled the room or the orgasm that was building in her steamy snatch.

“Cum for me, Cami,” Lili whispered as her lips wrapped tightly around Camila’s throbbing clit.

As she felt her sensitive nub being rapidly sucked in and out of her best friend’s mouth, Camila could do nothing more than allow her body to react naturally. Seconds later, she felt a rush of pleasure spread from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She fell on her back as her elbows were no longer able to support her weight. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, about to scream her lungs out as the moment hit.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Camila screamed as her pussy sprayed cum out, soaking Lili’s chin and neck with sweet sexual nectar. “FUCK!”

Camila’s eyes shot open as the buzz of the room’s lights hummed, the powerful air conditioning thundering throughout the house. She felt and heard Lili begin to laugh into her waterfall of a cunt.

“Your screams brought the power back on,” she said through her laughs. “You’re a superhero. Although my neighbors being woken up by them may disagree.”

Camila started laughing despite her pussy still sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She tried to lift her head up but was too exhausted to do so. The air condition began to evaporate the sweat from her body and cool her off, something much needed. Lili stood up and walked to the side of the bed, sitting down with her back to her worn out friend. Camila slid over and gave the blonde a quick kiss on the ass.

“I don’t know where you learned that but good job,” Camila finally responded.

“Girls know what girls want,” Lili said as she lay down next to her lover.

The girls embraced and shared a long, passionate kiss as the heat was taken out of the room, their naked bodies pressed tightly against each other. Eventually they broke contact and Lili rolled onto her back, Camila again resting her head on her naked thigh.

“Don’t start licking me in your sleep again,” Lili joked.

“I was never asleep Lili,” Camila replied. “I just wanted to hear you say you liked it.”

Lili rested her hand on Camila’s head and fell asleep with a cute smile on her face. Camila gave her pussy a soft kiss before falling asleep as well.

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