by Comic Book Guy

One by one, they arrived at the recording studio. Charlotte Church got there
first. A few minutes later, Christina Aguilera arrived. Then Gwen Stefani,
Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore.

“This is weird,” Aguilera stated aloud. “The recording studio seems to be
deserted. Where’s the staff?”

“You tell me,” replied Mandy. “You called us all here to be guests on your

Aguilera had a puzzled look on her face. “But I didn’t call you all here.
Gwen called me and I guess all of you too.”

Gwen got the same puzzled look on her face. “I didn’t
call anyone here.”
The girls became visibly panicked. Someone had called them all there in
secret, and now, with no staff at the studio and nobody aware of their
location, they realized they were all the victims of some prank. Suddenly
the smell of ether filled the air, and they all felt faint and collapsed on
the floor.

When they awoke, they were naked in a cage. Charlotte was the first to her
feet, and she raced to the door. As soon as she touched it, a jolt of
electricity coursed through her body and knocked her down to her knees. The
others looked on in horror. Suddenly Joe appeared outside of the cage,
smiling. He said, “Escape, as Charlotte found out, is impossible. Don’t
despair, I will let you all out soon enough. Once I have gotten what I want,
that is.”

Gwen said “Look, I don’t know who you are and I don’t care. Just let me out
of here. Please, I’ll pay anything you want.” The others nodded their
agreement with what Gwen just said.

“Silly girls.” was Joe’s reply. “I don’t want money. I want your bodies. I
want to see you writhe in pain, and accept that I am your king. That I alone
own your bodies and can do whatever I want with them.”

The girls began to panic and cry. Finally Jessica said, “what are you going
to do?”

With that, Joe ordered Gwen out of the cage. She was happy to be leaving the
cage, but nervous about walking toward Joe. As she got nearer to him, he
placed her in handcuffs and chained her, standing up, next to a chair. Joe
sat in the chair, and said “And now, my dear Gwen, we will watch as these
four young women beat each other up.”

Gwen wanted to lash out against her captor, but could not move against her
restraints. The four girls still in the cage were terrified.

“What, do you think we’re going to fight each other?!” Mandy said. “You’re

“Fight.” Joe said.

None of the girls moved. Joe pressed another button, and electricity flowed
up from the bottom of the cage into the bodies of the four girls. They each
fell to the ground when the current had passed.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear.” Joe said. “You four will fight each
other, viciously and without mercy. You are not to kill each other, but to
inflict as much pain as possible on your opponents. Any hesitation on the
part of any one of you will earn a shock for the entire group. As soon as
only two of you are left standing, those two will give me sexual favors.
Then those two will fight, and the winner will have sex with Gwen. Then
there will be one final activity, and you will all be free.”

Again the girls hesitated. Joe’s finger hovered over the button, when
Christina suddenly lashed out and punched Charlotte in the face, knocking her

“Don’t you see that he’s serious!?” Christina said. “He’ll keep shocking us
until we do as he says.”

Jessica said “But we’ll do more damage to each other with punches as kicks
than he can with occasional shocks! I don’t want to fight you!”

“None of us wants to fight,” Mandy responded. “But we will have to or we’ll
never get out of here. I’m sorry, Jessica.” Mandy grabbed a handful of
Jessica’s hair and pulled Jessica’s head back, then she punched Jessica in
the throat. Jessica choked and went down.

“Splendid.” Joe said. Gwen tried to look away, repulsed as she was by the
spectacle. But she found herself strangely intrigued on by the display.
Mandy stomped on Jessica’s belly, causing Jessica to cough. She doubled
over, clutching her abdomen. Mandy then kicked her in the lower back.
Jessica arched her back in response to the pain, by now she was crying.
Mandy made a fist, and brought it down across Jessica’s jaw. Jessica stopped
moving. Mandy stood back, horrified that she might have killed Jessica. She
checked for a heartbeat by placing her ear to Jessica’s back. She was
relieved to find that her opponent’s heart was still beating.

“Good job, Mandy.” Joe said. “You get to leave the cage.” At another push
of the button, the door opened and Mandy walked out. She was scared, but
also excited. “Now, Mandy, you must give me a blow job. It is right that
you do this as thanks for letting you out of the cage.” Mandy’s pussy was
almost dripping she was so horny, so she promptly got on her knees and placed
her lips over Joe’s dick. It was her first blow job, but she was determined
to make it great. She forced Joe’s dick deep into her throat, so deep that
her neck muscles bulged out as the cock pressed against the internal surface
of her throat. She gagged a few times because the dick was so far in, but
Joe pressed her head down onto his dick until the gag reflex died down. Gwen
claimed to find the whole thing disgusting. She called Joe a pig and Mandy a
whore, but her pussy was also becoming wet. As Mandy sucked, Joe watched the
rest of the fight.

Charlotte and Christina each had a handful of the other’s hair. They clawed
at the air around each other, until finally Charlotte’s nails made contact
with Christina’s right breast. The wound bled, and as Christina
instinctively looked down to inspect her wound Charlotte grabbed the back of
Christina’s neck. She pushed Christina’s head down until Christina’s head
was about three feet from the ground, low enough for Charlotte to raise her
knee into Christina’s face. She kneed Christina three times before a river
of blood began to pour from Christina’s mouth onto the floor of the cage.
Christina fell, unconscious. Just then, Joe came deep into Mandy’s throat.
Joe spoke: “Good, Mandy. Now stand over to the side there next to Gwen.”
Mandy did as ordered. “Good fighting, Charlotte. Now you may leave the cage
and I will fuck you.”

Charlotte said, “Look, please. You’ve already made me fight like you said.
Just let me go.”

Mandy replied, “Really, Charlotte, he’ll just do it whether you resist or
not. I know it seems wrong, but aren’t you just a little excited?”

Charlotte hated to admit it, but she was a bit excited. She approached Joe
and straddled him on the chair. A trickle of blood appeared as Joe’s schlong
penetrated Charlotte’s virgin snatch. Despite herself, she began to force
herself down onto Joe’s body with greater ferocity, making sure that his dick
penetrated as far as possible. Half-disgusted with herself, she came just as
Joe shot his load into her. When her moaning subsided, Joe said to her
“Great. You two are doing well, and are on your way to being free. One more
fight is before you. You must fight each other, as you fought originally, in
the cage. The winner will then have sex with Gwen.”

“No!” Gwen yelled. “No way! I’m no lesbian! These two may have given in,
but not me!” But Gwen’s body betrayed her. The wetness of her pussy told
all present that she wanted it.

Mandy and Charlotte got back into the cage. Whereas the first time they fo
ught it was reluctantly, this time they went at it immediately as they both
wanted to eat Gwen’s pussy. Charlotte punched Mandy in the face. Mandy
dodged, and grabbed Charlotte by the neck. She pulled Charlotte in close and
punched her in the stomach. This was followed by a punch to Charlotte’s
face, which knocked her out cold. As soon as Mandy realized that she had
won, she ran out of the cage and kneeled before Gwen. She promptly got to
eating Gwen’s pussy. Soon she was licking Gwen’s clit and finger fucking
her. As much as Gwen didn’t want to, she enjoyed being eaten out and came
with a series of loud moans.

“Great, everyone.” Joe said. “Phase two is complete. Now there is one more
thing to be done.” He untied Gwen and told her to get on her back on the
floor. Gwen obeyed.

“Mandy, drag Christina, Charlotte and Jessica over.” Mandy did as she was

“Now,” Joe went on. “Gwen will force her right fist into Mandy’s ass, her
left fist in Charlotte’s ass, her left foot in Jessica’s ass and her right
foot into Christina’s ass.”

“Ooh, sounds painful.” Mandy said with a smile. “I can’t wait.”

Gwen was not so eager. “No way!” she cried. “In their asses? That’s sick!”
Mandy bent over, exposing her asshole to Gwen. “Oh, just do it!” Gwen
looked up at Joe and began pleading with him not to make her do it. Joe gave
her a shock to shut her up. After the shock, Gwen stopped whining and did as
ordered. It took her about two minutes to force her limbs into the asses of
the other four girls. Those who were unconscious were shocked back to
consciousness by the pain. They screamed in agony as their rectums were
ripped by Gwen’s invasion. Blood poured from their asses, and Gwen’s arms
and legs were splattered with it. Joe savored their suffering for a while
before reaching into a bag and pulling out an electric wand. It was very
thin but also very long, measuring thirteen inches from end to end. He
shoved it into Gwen’s ass. She screamed and cried as it pressed against the
deep recesses of her hole. Then Joe shoved it in farther. When eleven
inches were in, he turned on the electricity. Gwen convulsed as the shock
left the wand and coursed through her body, then the others convulsed as the
shock made its way to them.

Satisfied, Joe did as he promised and let them all go. As he suspected, the
girls had all learned to love what he had done to them, as they were so used
to being treated like royalty that it was a new, exciting experience to be
mistreated. They all accepted his offer to drive them home, and they did it
many more times before they all got to their homes.

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