Elisabeth Shue – PURE FUCK

Elisabeth Shue – PURE FUCK




this story is entirely fictional.

Elisabeth Shue was hooked up to the super-fuck machine. She could feel it
pulsing through her entire body. It was electric, the feeling that swept her.
Every nerve in her body was living with the flash of impulse overload.

Her arms pinned behind her back. Comfortable but restrained. She felt the
bulbous enormity from beneath in her cunt. Pumping. Pulsing. Ultimate bondage.

Her moans would have filled the room if not for the organic
plug in her mouth.

She was alone in a room with the machine and with Thomas Yager, her new husband.
His member filled her throat as she attempted to make him feel as good as his
toys were making her feel.

A enormous phallic substitute pumped to the extremis and out to the edge of her
cunt. Sensor alerted the COS and let it know when to release more lubricant. It
was a wild ride. She felt every movement.

Tubes attached to her large nipples. She was being milked for every ounce of

Every part of her felt alive.

Her nipples felt so tight that they felt ready to burst.

Pure eroticism.

Pure fuck.

She felt pressure at the opening of her anus. There was no penetration, merely
slight stimulation — to heighten the feeling.

Life was good. Better than life with Kilmer had ever been. The babysitter had
grown up. And MY, MY had she grown up.

There was no rational thought left her.

She came. Again. And again. And again.

She milked Thomas’s cock for all it was worth. She felt him grow. Felt the warm
rush of cum down her throat.

She felt him back away.

He would shower and sleep.

For her, there would be no rest. He left the room.

The machine, attuned to her needs, met her needs. The COS knew how to read her
purposefully and without flaw. Her moans filled their palatial home.

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