Elisha, Mia And The Continental

A Story by The Continental

Warning: This story is a work of fiction and does not reflect the true
sexuality of any of the persons represented within. This story may be posted
elsewhere provided credit is given to the author, The Continental.

I was relaxing on the couch in my office, idly wondering which Hollywood
starlet I should fuck next when the phone rang. As I picked it up I yawned
“Hello?” into the receiver.

“Is this…Victor?” a female voice asked at the other end. “Victor Smith?”
“Yes it is,” I said. “Who’s this?”

“It’s Elisha. You know, Elisha Cuthbert? You gave me the best fucking of
life a couple of days ago, remember?”

My dick got hard almost instantaneously as I remembered fucking Elisha in
the sauna, fingering her ass as I pounded my dick into her soaked pussy…
Snapping back to reality, I gathered my wits about me and replied, “You
know, that was just the tip of the iceberg, honey. Are you craving another
“Definitely,” she purred. “I’ve been thinking about you and your big dick
nonstop since that day. Finally I just couldn’t take it any longer and I had
to call you. When can I see you?”

“I’m not sure, I’m a busy guy you know. It’s not like I’m just lying around
my office, watching TV, eating corn chips and jerking off. (I had done all
of that earlier, including jerking off. Twice.)

“I hope not, stud, ’cause I want you to save your load for me,” Elisha
moaned into the phone. I heard what sounded like a faint, wet clicking noise
on the other end of the line.

“Elisha, are you playing with yourself?” I asked, a big smile forming on my

“Oooooh yeah, I’ve got 2 fingers in my pussy right now and I’m so fucking
wet!. I want you to fuck me in every hole that’s big enough for your cock to
fit in, including my ass! Oooh Baby! I’m gonna come!”

“Not yet Elisha. I don’t want you to come just yet. Keep playing with your
pussy, but you’re not allowed to come until I say so.”

“Pleeeeeaaaaase! I feel like I’m going to explode!” Elisha begged me.

“No,” I answered her smugly, knowing that she would obey me.”Now I want you
over here in half an hour, OK? I promise I’ll take care of all your needs.”
“Ok, Vic, you win,” Elisha sighed. “I’ll be at your place in 30 minutes or
less. How’s that for service?”

“Great,” I replied. “I’ll see you in half an hour.”

“Oh, Vic? There’s one thing I forgot to tell you. I told Mia Kirshner about
how well you fucked me and she’s very interested. You see, she broke up with
her boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and she’s feeling a little horny right now.
She was wondering if she could book an appointment with you for sometime
this week?”

“Why don’t you have her call me and we’ll talk about setting up a time for
the two of us to get together, OK?”

“Sure, Vic, no problem. She’s really looking forward to meeting you.”

We said goodbye and after I hung up the phone I did a victory lap around my

Exactly 30 minutes later, there was a knock at my door.I called out, “Who is

“It’s Elisha and Mia, open up!”

“Coming, ladies,” I answered, giving myself a look in the mirror before
opening the door.

When I opened the door I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Standing
before me were two of the hottest women in Hollywood today, each with a huge
expectant smile on her face. Elisha stepped towards me and gave me a
lingering kiss on the lips before she said, “Vic, this is Mia. Mia, meet

“Hi Vic, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Mia purred, offering her hand for me
to shake. I kissed her hand in response and said “I hope what she told you
isn’t anything bad.”

“Oh, trust me Vic, it’s all good!” Mia said with a laugh.

“I told her everything, Vic. Every dirty little detail,” Elisha said with a
naughty little giggle.

“Word of mouth is the best advertising,” I said with a smile, as I gave
Mia’s hand a squeeze before letting go of it. “So, Mia, did you want to set
up a time for us to get together, or what?”

Elisha and Mia looked at each other and smiled.

“Vic, did you honestly think I would come over here just to set up a time
for us to meet? Elisha was so convincing when she told me how good you
fucked her that I had to experience you for myself. Plus, I broke up with my
boyfriend a little over two weeks ago and I haven’t had sex since, so I’m
horny as hell. So, let’s go, stud, are we going to get it on right now or

“Well, I don’t know, if you and I get it on Elisha might feel left out, and
we don’t want that to happen, now, do we?” I said while mentally thanking
the gods of every religion I could think of.

“I’ll just stay on the sidelines for a while so that you can give Mia your
undivided attention, Vic,” Elisha said. “But don’t expect me to sit still
for long!”

“Yeah, remember Alyson’s birthday party when we all got really drunk and
ended up having that wild orgy with just us girls?” Mia said with a faraway
smile on her face.

I wasted no time in pulling out the hide-a-bed from the couch. As I got it
set up, Mia quickly shed her clothes, leaving only her bra and panties,
while Elisha took a seat at my desk and shoved her hand deep into her pants
and started rubbing her pussy.

I pulled Mia on to the bed and started kissing her neck, moving down to her
chest, while pulling her bra straps off her shoulders. She responded by
running her hands all over my chest and then moved down to my boxers, slowly
caressing my cock as a smile formed on her face when she found out how
aroused I was. I skillfully unhooked her bra, pulling her down on top of me
and taking her left nipple in my mouth, while I pinched her right nipple
with my fingers, making her gasp and grind her cunt into my crotch.

As I worked on making both of Mia’s nipples rock hard, I moved my free hand
down to rub her pussy through her panties, which were already soaked. Mia
moaned at my touch, and thrust her hips forward to meet my hand. I lost no
time in pulling down her panties and burying my face in her muff. Elisha had
now fully unzipped her pants and was fingering her clit at a rapid pace, her
eyes glazed over as she concentrated on making herself come…

I traced the outline of Mia’s pussy lips with my fingers, not parting them
yet, just teasing, and then I slid one finger deep into her pussy, playing
with her clit as I watched it deepen in color. Mia lay back on the bed, her
eyes closed, breathing quicker now as I licked at her clit for the first
time, making her moan. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and then
lightly fingered her tight, pink anus. Mia gasped at the sudden contact and
then tried to get more of my finger into her tight butthole. I stuck my
tongue deeper into her pussy, stabbing repeatedly at her clit, barely
touching it at first, causing Mia to shift around continuously as she tried
to place herself against my tongue. I started licking it steadily, making
her clit become firmer and more engorged. Then I started pumping my finger
steadily into Mia’s ass as I took her entire clit into my mouth, sending her
over the edge as she thrashed out her first orgasm, shouting “Yes! Yes!
Yeeeeeesss!!”, her pussy soaking my face with her girlcum.

Elisha came right after Mia, her fingers rubbing her clit rapidly as she
shut her eyes tightly and moaned “Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m cummiiiingggg!
Uuuunnnnhhh!” as her hips pumped up and down and pussy juice ran freely from
her cunt lips.

I wasted no time in picking up Elisha from the chair and bringing her over
to the bed, where I quickly stripped her of all her clothing and then turned
her over on her stomach. I straddled her back, facing her ass, and then
spread her ass cheeks and started to finger her ass and pussy.

After Mia had recovered from her orgasm, she got between Elisha’s spread
legs and watched me intently as I lightly fingered Elisha’s ass and her
cunt, which was becoming increasingly wetter. Now Mia started fingering
herself, rubbing a finger inside her cunt and then wetting her own lips,
like she was applying lip gloss. With both of my hands I kept Elisha’s ass
and cunt open and I urged Mia to move in closer and smell them. Mia was now
face level at Elisha’s ass and cunt. I motioned for Mia to move her face in
even closer until she could smell my fingers, which I pushed into her mouth
and which she sucked on hungrily. With my other hand I kept massaging
Elisha’s tight wet pussy, which hung heavily, soaked below her spread,
dilated anus.

“Smell it,” I whispered to Mia, and she moved in closer until she was two
inches, then an inch away from Elisha’s ass. “Lick her cunt first,” I told
Mia, and with her own two fingers she spread Elisha’s snatch open and
started lapping at it like a dog while massaging her clit, then she moved up
to Elisha’s asshole which she lapped at in the same way. Elisha’s moans were
urgent and uncontrolled and she started pushing her ass harder into Mia’s
face, onto Mia’s tongue, which Mia pushed slowly in and out of Elisha’s
asshole. While she did this I started rubbing Elisha’s clit quickly until
she shouted “I’m coming! I’m comiiiiiinnngggg!” and while pulling on her own
nipples she had a long, sustained orgasm, soaking Mia’s face with her

I stopped straddling Elisha and lay on my back, positioning Mia’s mouth over
my stiff cock, which I guided into her mouth with my hand, jerking it off
while she sucked on the head. I then grabbed Elisha by the waist and
swiveled her around, facing my dick and placed her cunt over my face, which
she gladly sat on. Clean and pink and wet, her clit was swollen, engorged
with blood, and her cunt hung over my head as I pushed my face into it,
craving it’s flavor as I fingered her asshole.

Mia was still sucking my cock, while at the same time working three fingers
into her vagina, wetting her clit with her juices and moaning loudly as she
jerked off my dick at the base, the rest of it filling her mouth.
I took both of Elisha’s nipples between my fingers and pinched them firmly
as I stabbed my tongue into her cunt. Elisha’s clit was totally engorged
now, and I deliberately avoided it at first, causing Elisha to shift around
constantly as she tried to place herself against my tongue, whimpering and
moaning. When my tongue finally touched her clit it got even bigger and
firmer. With one finger in her ass, I started pumping another one into her
vagina as I took her clit in my mouth, causing Elisha to convulse intensely
as she humped my face, moaning loudly, her juices soaking my face as she had
her third orgasm of the night…

I rolled both girls off me and then rolled Elisha onto her back once more.
Raising and then spreading her legs, I placed my cock at the entrance to her
pussy. “Sit on her face,” I whispered to Mia, who did so gladly, straddling
Elisha’s head as she lowered her wet cunt to Elisha’s open mouth. As
Elisha’s tongue made contact with Mia’s pussy, I slipped my cock deep into
Elisha’s vagina. Her moans were muffled as Mia ground her cunt onto Elisha’s
face, her eyes tightly shut as she focused on the tongue teasing her clit. I
started pumping my cock in and out of Elisha at a steady pace, as Mia
reached down to fondle and play with Elisha’s firm tits. Mia then held
Elisha’s legs up and out of the way as I held her hips firmly, pounding my
cock into her cunt, hitting her clit and making her cry out loudly.

Elisha’s face was red as she strained to bury her face in Mia’s pussy. She
then spread Mia’s ass cheeks apart and started tonguing Mia’a pink anus,
making guttural sounds while my dick slipped in and out of her cunt. Elisha
stuck her tongue in Mia’s ass and kept it there as she fingered Mia’s clit,
causing Mia to lose control and start humping Elisha’s face urgently as she
pinched her own erect nipples and came all over Elisha’s face, groaning
“Yeah, that’s it Elisha, tongue my ass, yeah, uunnnhhh!”

Just as Mia finished coming, I pushed my dick firmly up against Elisha’s
clit, making her come for a fourth time, her body trembling and convulsing
as her orgasm rushed through her body. I came right after Elisha, shooting
my load into Mia’s waiting mouth, who swallowed with a smile.

As I needed some time to recover, I pulled out a large strap-on dildo.
After lubing it up, I attached it around Elisha’s waist and then positioned
Mia on her hands and knees. Elisha got behind Mia and played with Mia’s
erect nipples with one hand, while her other hand gripped the big fake cock
and placed the head at the entrance to Mia’s wet vagina. With one smooth
motion Elisha pushed the dildo deep into Mia’s pussy, causing Mia to shut
her eyes tightly as she felt her pussy filled for the first time tonight.
Elisha had grabbed on to Mia’s hips and was pumping the dildo in and out of
Mia at a steady pace. I got behind Elisha and forced my middle finger
effortlessly into Elisha’s ass, feeling her sphincter tighten, then relax
and contract around it. Elisha gasped as she felt my finger enter her anus,
and increased the tempo of her thrusts into Mia.

I made Elisha pull the dildo out of Mia’s cunt and had her lie on her back
as Elisha fucked her in the missionary position. Spreading Elisha’s ass
cheeks apart, I squirted some lube into Elisha’s ass and then, grabbing her
hips, I pushed my cock slowly into Elisha’s rectum, feeling it stretch out,
not even waiting until she was loosened up to start fucking her ass really
hard. As Elisha pumped the dildo deep into Mia, I hauled her back as I
pushed my cock into her ass. We soon adopted a steady rhythm and for a few
minutes there were no sounds in the room except for heavy breathing as we
all concentrated on bringing each other to orgasm…

Mia was fingering her clit while madly french kissing Elisha, until
involuntarily she brought her head up, her long tanned legs wrapped around
Elisha’s pumping hips. Her face was tense and her mouth was open as she
yelled “oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming, fuck me harder, I’m coming!”

I found Elisha’s clit with my fingers and rubbed it up and down, while still
pounding my dick into Elisha’s tight ass. I could feel her vaginal muscles
contracting as she moaned “Fuck my ass harder Vic, I’m coming! Aaannnhhh!”
The force of her orgasm pushed my cock from her ass, as she squirted pussy
juice everywhere and then slumped forward, resting on top of Mia.

Soon it was Mia’s turn to strap on the dildo. As she strapped it around her
waist, Elisha climbed on top of me and positioned herself over my cock. She
then slowly lowered herself, her eyes riveted on mine as my cock slid into
her cunt, then she pulled it out until she was rubbing her slit over the
head of my prick. She then lowered herself onto it again, sighing as it slid
in to her pussy effortlessly. Elisha stopped, letting her vagina accustom
itself to my prick, and then she started riding my cock, rising up to it’s
tip, then lowering herself down hard, my dick filling her soaked pussy.
I grabbed Elisha’s ass cheeks with both of my hands and spread them apart,
exposing her pink asshole to Mia. As Elisha raised her hips, keeping only
the tip of my cock in her cunt, Mia pushed the head of the dildo into
Elisha’s ass. Elisha whined at the sensation of the thick dildo penetrating
her ass, and soon began to pump her hips back and forth. The feeling of
having two cocks inside her at once was more than Elisha could stand, as she
tried hard not to come just yet. Soon, though, it was more than she could
bear and suddenly, as all her muscles contracted at once, Elisha lost
control and started yelling “fuck me fuck me fuck me!” as her whole body
shook and convulsed and she had yet another orgasm…

I rolled Elisha off me and pulled Mia over to me, placing my cock at her
lips. Mia lost no time in taking the entire length of my shaft in her mouth,
taking as much of my dick as she could comfortably, sucking eagerly, wetly,
while crouching down on her haunches, still playing with herself, as she
looked up at me, grinning with her tongue extended…

I turned Mia around, placing her on her hands and knees, her legs spread
wide. Elisha grabbed my dick and helped guide it in to Mia’s cunt, then
moved to the top of the bed and raised and spread her legs in front of Mia’s
face, holding her head over her pussy. I grabbed hold of Mia’s hips and in
one smooth motion buried my cock in her cunt. I started fucking Mia
steadily, my stomach slapping up against her ass as she ate Elisha’s pussy,
fingering her ass as she ran her tongue from her clit to her asshole. I let
go of one hip and reached down and around to find Mia’s hand stroking her
stiff engorged clit,
matching each stroke with my thrusts…

Mia turned Elisha over on her hands and knees, eating her pussy from behind
as she fucked her cunt with two, then three fingers. Elisha was moaning and
pushing her ass back into Mia’s face and now Mia moved her tongue into
Elisha’s ass, fucking it with her tongue while her fingers tugged on her
clit. Mia could sense her own orgasm approaching and so she started pumping
her tongue in and out of Elisha’s anus, then slid her tongue deep inside
Elisha’s ass and kept it there while rubbing her clit until Elisha came yet
again, moaning incoherently and humping Mia’s sweaty, come covered face…
I closed my hand around Mia’s hand that was frantically rubbing her clit,
her eyes tightly shut as she concentrated on my cock sliding in and out of
her pussy. She came as I started slapping her ass with my other hand,
growling in her ear, “Who’s your daddy, Mia, who’s your daddy?” Her response
was a moan as she came once again, her cunt dripping girlcum…

Soon Elisha strapped on the dildo again, forcing it into Mia’s mouth, making
her taste her own asshole for the first time as she cleaned the dildo
thoroughly. Elisha then lay on her back, the dildo standing straight up. Mia
stood up on the bed and straddled Elisha at hip level. She lowered herself
over the big ,fake dick and grasped it with one hand and then fed it up into
her cunt until she was sitting down on it, leaning forward, flattening out
on Elisha, her breasts pushed into her face, and Elisha held them while
sucking on her nipples. I was crouching between Elisha’s legs, behind Mia
and I spread her asscheeks and started fingering her asshole, which was
pushed out and distended from the pressure of having Elisha’s huge dildo
filling her.

I sat back on my heels, my dick twitching in anticipation, and when I spread
Mia’s cheeks even wider she raised her hips, causing the dildo to slide out
of her until only the head of it remained inserted between the lips of her
cunt as I slid my cock effortlessly up into Mia’s ass. Mia had never felt so
full before as she settled back down on Elisha’s dildo. Mia and Elisha were
pinching each other’s nipples, both of them breathing hard as they thrust
their hips back and forth. Mia moved her hands down to Elisha’s pussy,
fingering her cunt rapidly with one hand, which she then shoved into
Elisha’s mouth, who sucked on Mia’s fingers greedily. This pushed Elisha
over the edge, and she spasmed and shivered as she climaxed for the last
time tonight. I pushed my cock all the way into Mia’s ass and then reached
around to finger her clit, bringing her to orgasm as she shouted
“I’m coming! Oooooh fuck me harder, I’m coming!!” I shot my load deep into
her bowels as I felt her vagina contract powerfully during her orgasm and
mine, leaving me spent, my knees weak.

After we had all recovered, I showed the ladies to the door.

“I hope we can do this again sometime Vic,” Mia said with a satisfied smile.

“Yeah, Vic, maybe we should make this a regular thing, what do you think?”
Elisha purred, squeezing my ass.

“Well ladies, I’ll have to check my schedule, but I think I can fit you in
sometime next week. Give me a call and we’ll set it up, OK?”

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