Eliza And Sarah’s Big Night Out


After filming buffy sarah & eliza go to a club

Once inside the club, the ladies were shown to a private area overlooking the dance floor.”I’d better ring freddie & see if he’s ok” said sarah.She pulled her mobile phone from her bag & dialled freddie’s number.After a few rings, freddie answered the phone.”freddie ? are you ok ? only we called for you but there was no reply.” After a few seconds, freddie replied.”mmm….yeah, everythings fine.I be there later. ok sarah says

As they wait, the girls drank wine & chatted about many things.After about an hour,

3 guys ask sarah & eliza
to dance they say yes.

then the 3 guys ask them if they want to join them in the back of the club.

ok sarah & eliza replie.

good we,ll have lots of fun the 3 guys say.

in the back of the club

the 3 guys, the first of which has his tongue stuck firmly in sarah,s cunt making her scream out with pleasure.” OOHHH GOD YEAH SUCK MY PUSSY.”Whilst Sarah is cumming over the guy face, the 2nd guy has laid eliza over the table.He grips her ankles & spreads her legs wide before thrusting his cock into her juicy pussy” FUCK ME YOU BASTARD !!” she screams as he pumps her long & hard.eliza locks her legs behind his back, allowing his hands to squeeze her lovely titties & pinch her nipples.”OH GOD YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM.eliza collapses in a heap, leaving only a very very horny sarah gellar left.The third guy pulls her to her feet, crushing her tits against his chest.”So you wanna cum do ya like your slutty friend ??” sneers the guy.”Oh God yes,please fuck me doggy style, I love it from behind” she begs.”Fine” says the guy.He bends her over the table & pushes her face into the table.”If you wanna be fucked from behind then say fuck me, oh fuck me cries sarah., the guy begins to pump sarah harder,making her tits jiggle about.”Now, do you deserve to cum ??” asks the guy cockily.”YES……YES, PLEASE !!” replies a now desperate sarah.The guy reaches round & begins rubbing her clit whilst fucking her pussy.”OOOOHHHH YOU BASTARD” she screams ” DON’T STOP PLEASE……..I LOVE IT RUB JUST THERE…OOOHHH….YEAH THATS IT. while sarah is screaming oh yeah the two other waiters put there cocks next to her face suck on these you little slut they say” sarah begins to suck there cocks slowly licking one & playing with the other.then she starts suck both there cocks up & down up & down up & down up & down her head go,s untill both guy,s pull there cocks out of her mouth & cum all over her face. then the guy fucking her cum,s deep inside of her pussy.

the three guys tell sarah & eliza to get dressed there done with them they say as they walk

out of the back room,

The 2 sluts are laying there, legs spread, covered in cum

there creeps but they do know how to fuck sarah & eliza say to each other

the end

in the next story you,ll find out what freddie was up to when sarah called him


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