Eliza Dushku Caught On Video – Chapter 2

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 02

by Bgibbons ©

The first set went fairly well considering I walked in picked up my guitar and went right onstage. I couldn’t concentrate at all though. To much on my mind I suppose. During the break the guys were really busting my balls to find out what was going on, they still couldn’t believe I was with Eliza.

TOO BAD BOYS read the fucking book!

Danny walked in with one of his guy’s right at the end of the second set and waved to me, pointing to the back that meant to Jakes office. The set ended, so I grabbed a beer and headed to the office. In there with Danny
were Jake, Pete, myself and a uniform, his name was Strader, Dave Strader LAPD.

Pete was an electronics & surveillance expert who worked for Danny; I forgot to mention my brother owns one of the premier executive security companies in the world. Jake was a great detective he retired a Captain, he and Danny were close. Jake had taught Danny a lot and Danny relied on Jake when he needed advice with sticky problems like this one.

In short order I found out why the LAPD was present, Strader had used this Alesworth asshole as an informant a few times and he owed Danny as did half the LAPD. He was more than happy to fill in whatever blanks he could about the guy, no questions asked. Between what Strader told us and what Cosmo dug up we knew more about this guy than he did himself.

Alesworth, as we discovered was a partner with a guy named Frank Stensland and guess what Stensland did for a living; he made videos, like weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties and blackmail of course.

This is where Pete came in he knew this guy was probably the one who would have the tape, he would edit it and make copies so they could shop it around to various distributors and websites to see what the highest bidder would pay . The other option open to Alesworth was to take Eliza’s $500,000 if she had it and market the tape himself, keeping the lions share.

What nobody said was that either way Eliza’s life was in jeopardy.

Cosmo checked Stensland out and found something funny it was like this guy didn’t exist until about 9 years ago and then the digging began. It didn’t take him too long but when he checked Alesworth’s prison record guess what he found, his cellmate for his last 2 years in San Quentin was a rapist named Mike Ratigan and Mr. Ratigan’s mug shot looked a lot like Frank Stensland. He quickly called Danny. As Danny hung up he looked at Pete and said “Stenslands got to be the guy.” Then he filled everybody on what Cos had found.

Jake was deep in thought and said, “Call computer head back and ask him to find out if this guys married, family you know personal stuff.”

“Why?” Danny asked.

“It sounds to me like this guy started himself a new life after prison and I bet his new wife and friends don’t know about it” Danny smiled knowing exactly where Jake was going, information like that could come in handy later on should they need to sweat Stensland.

“We may need to remind him of his previous life.”

Danny nodded then looked to Pete, “Find that tape if you can, if not do what has to be done, and be careful.”

Pete smiled, “Always Boss.”

Pete would be the one to go into Stenslands studio and it would have to be tonight. Pete thought that was too quick, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Pete would probably not have time to search for the tape so he would just electronically erase every tape in the place; Pete was called Felix the cat because he had a serious fucking bag of tricks.

Danny told Pete to take Andy with him; the kid was sharp and had great instincts in the field. Strader hadn’t said much but he told us he’d heard Alesworth was into Tony A for over 100 grand. Jake started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Danny asked,

“The guy owes me a favor “Jake replied with a smile.

Tony A is a big time mob loan shark/bookie and his collection methods made a date with the Tourquemada-the grand inquisitor look like a play date. Jake filled us in on the favor he was owed. Ox and I were in the Skyline Diner after closing about 3 or 4 weeks ago and there were 3 young girls sitting in the booth next to us, they were just kids, maybe 20-21 and two of them were twins. They were all beautiful, Danny cut him off saying “Get to the fucking favor part already”.

Jake continued, “These three dirt bags come in and sat at the counter, they were wasted and being a pain in the ass to everyone. When one of them saw the girls they made a beeline for them. The three idiots started to get really nasty; you know talking dirty to the girls so I turned around and told them to leave the ladies alone! Well you can guess what happened next, it was fuck you’s all around and Ox and I ended up tossing two of them in a dumpster and stuffed the other one in the trunk of his own car. The girls were pretty shaken up so we followed them to make sure they got home ok.”

“2 days later Big Tony himself walks in right before closing with three of his gorillas he looks at me and says, ‘You Jake?’ I answered ‘Yes, what can I do for you?’

“You know who I am right?”

I was beginning to get annoyed now, ‘What do you want, I gotta business to run here.’

’I came by to thank you for the other night.’

’What the hell are you talking about?’

’The twins in the Skyline were my daughters, they told me what you did and I wanted to thank you personally.’

‘How the hell did you find me?’

Tony A explained, ‘it was easy, your son. My girls described him and everybody knows the Ox, they said a nice old guy was with him so I figured I was you. Look I know you don’t like guys like me but I had say thanks personally and if you or your son ever need anything I mean anything at all here’s my private number.’

’He handed me a business card with a handwritten number on it.’ Then the guy looked at me and said, ’Those kids are the most important thing in my life and remember what I said anything, anytime and you got it.’

I shook hands with the guy you know father to father and said, ‘I’ll tell my son you stopped by and say hi to your daughters for me.’ Tony A smiled and left.”

We all just sat there staring at Mr. Straight arrow Jake, Danny said “That favor may come in handy can you call him now?”

“He said, anything anytime” Jake replied.

“Ask him if he’s looking for this Alesworth Asshole and if he is can come down now?”

Jake made the call then turned to Danny and said 15 minutes. Danny Thanked Strader and asked him to leave for obvious reasons, Danny didn’t want him to be implicated should anything go wrong. Danny looked at me and said “Go play your last set and I need to talk to you before you leave.” What worried me was that he said it that concerned father voice.

It was 1:30 am when I left the office, I called Ox on his cell and asked how Eliza was he said they had split a Pizza, she drank a few glasses of wine and fell asleep on the couch snuggled up next to him watching a Munsters marathon so he put her to bed I laughed then Ox got serious,

”Mikey this is important. Tell Danny her agent called her and left a message on her cell phone. He’s freaking out trying to find his meal ticket and he has the cops looking for her and you because they saw her leave with you in your truck.”

“OK thanks big man I’ll be home in an hour, want anything?”

“No I’m good, see you later kid” and Ox hung up.

I went back to the office and told Danny about the agent situation he called Strader and filled him in. After he hung up, he told me to be on the safe side, pull your truck into the garage behind this place and I’ll drive you back to the hotel. Danny made a note to have Eliza call her agent and let him know things were OK and just tell him she needed a few days off.

When I got up on the stage, I saw Tony A and these 2 gorillas walk in, Jake was waiting and escorted him into the office. Tony A waved his guys to the bar. 20 minutes later a smiling Tony A and Jake emerged from the office shook hands at the door and Tony A was gone.

I couldn’t concentrate; my mind was on Eliza, so when we finished up I asked the guys if they could handle the pack up. One guy answered, “Mikey we’ll take care of your gear for you if you answer a question for us.”

“What’s the question?”

“Does she swallow?” They all laughed at that. My reply was a smile and a FUCK YOU as I headed for Jakes office as instructed.

I walked into the office and Danny got right to it, our exchange was less than pleasant. “Mikey I know your crazy about this girl but she’s not for you, she’s trouble all these Hollywood sluts are the same.”

“Fuck you Danny you don’t know her like I do!”

“Know her…you just met her today! Look kid I just don’t want to see you get hurt that’s all.”

“I’m a big boy Dan so just leave me the fuck alone.”

I stormed out of the office almost knocking Jake over, just ignoring him as he said good bye. Jake walked into the office and asked what happened, so Danny told him. Jake thought about it for a minute before he spoke, “Look Danny I know how you feel. I got 4 kids, well actually 5 you gotta count Ox as 2.” He said laughing. He got no reaction from Danny. “Danny, I love you three like you’re my own, you know that, and I never want to see any of you get hurt but you’ve been alone all your life. But if Mikeys found somebody he cares about and wants to be with you gotta let him go!”

Danny tried to wave Jake off but he continued, “Let me ask you a question, do you trust me?”

Danny was clearly agitated as he said, “How can you ask me that after all we’ve been through together? I trust you with my life and the lives of my family, you know that!”

“Then do me a favor let Mikey find out for himself and whether it works out or not just be there for him like the good brother you’ve always been. Mikeys a sharp kid, he always has been, you’ve just refused to see it, and he’s a man now and not a kid any more!”

Danny got up to leave and Jake grabbed him by the arm, Danny looked at him and said, “I’ll think about it OK!”

Jake and his wife always included the three of us in everything they did, holidays, birthdays, vacations we were family. Jake was dad’s partner and best friend, they had an agreement that if anything should happen to one of them the other would look out for the family and Jake kept his promise.

I pulled my truck into the garage behind Jake’s and jumped in Danny’s car as he pulled around, the ride was a silent one which was unusual because Danny and I always had a lot to talk about but thankfully the ride was a short one. We got to the hotel at about 3:45 am; Danny came up with me and talked privately with Ox for a few minutes while I made myself a drink which I downed rapidly.

A few minutes later Danny yelled, “See you in the morning.”

I ignored him and headed for the shower. I stood under the hot water for about 20 minutes just trying to figure out where I stood with Eliza. Maybe Danny was right maybe she just needed me to get through this and then she’d be gone. I thought about the ways she held my hand and the way she looked up at me when I held her close and decided then and there that no, Danny was wrong about her, I was more than just something to help get her through this.

I came out about 10 minutes later wrapped in a towel. Ox was standing there and he handed me another drink as he told me to, “Get some sleep kid it’s been a long day and tomorrow’s going to be even longer.”

I asked him what room Eliza was in, he pointed to the right and when I headed that way he said, “Mikey boy Remember what Danny said maybe nows not the time!”

“I hear you Ox, I just want to check on her that’s all” and I headed down the hall.

“See you in the morning kid” and Ox headed for the couch.

When I opened her door, I saw a sleeping angel before me. I walked over quietly pulled up her blankets then gently kissed her on the forehead and wondered if Danny was right, maybe I should just leave it alone.

I walked out into the dark hall, I could hear Ox already snoring already. I envy people who could fall asleep in minutes like that because sleep never came easy to me but I had a feeling tonight it would. I entered my room dropped my towel and practically fell into bed at about 4:35 am falling quickly to sleep.

I was startled by something, I looked at the clock it was 5:30 and I felt something wonderful happening. Eliza was in bed with me under the covers sucking my cock and me awake. I pulled the covers back and she looked up at me then deep throated me several times. I pulled her up to me and my cock made that popping sound when it left her hungry mouth, we both laughed as I held her close. I pushed her onto her back and began kissing her neck, I working my way down to her breasts and when I lightly grazed her nipple with my lips her whole body convulsed violently. She moaned, “I need you inside me now.”

She pushed me onto my back and straddled me then took the palm of her hand, rubbing it from back to front between her legs and gently lubricated my cock with her juices. Then she rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times and impaled herself on me in one swift motion, moaning loudly when I hit bottom.

She fucked me savagely for about 10 minutes in this position having orgasm after orgasm and when I told her I was going to come she got off spun around and placed her glistening pussy just inches from my face.

Not one to miss a golden opportunity I instantly pulled her by the hips to my waiting mouth and I went right for her clit, she screamed and began fucking my face wildly begging me to keep fucking her with my tongue. She swallowed my cock right down to the balls again and again then paused to say, “Let me know when your ready to come.”

Never taking my tongue out of that luscious pussy I grunted okay. A minute or two later she came again and almost drowned me with her juices. When I felt my balls tighten I knew I was ready, so did she. Then she clamped her hand tightly around the base of my cock, slowing the rise of my spunk while she spun around so she could look at me with those angel eyes while my entire length was buried in her throat.

She was still strangling my cock at the base when she backed off it, looked at me and licked her lips then began to gently flick her tongue over the head teasing me, driving me insane but never released her death grip on my member. A few seconds had passed and she sat up and asked me what I wanted.

I quickly replied, “I’ve got what I want.”

”Oh yeah, what’s that?” she said, just before leaning over and licking my cock again.

“I’ve got you!”

She didn’t reply she just smiled and went down on me again sucking half my length into her mouth and released her grip on the base of my dick. Moving her left hand to my balls squeezing them gently while pushing a finger quickly into my asshole expertly finding my hot spot and giving me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.

I must have shot 7-8 spurts into her mouth and throat while she expertly backed my cock out little by little allowing me to fill her mouth until her cheeks were exploding. After a minute or so she pulled my cock out of her mouth sat back striking a seductive pose then opening her mouth slightly allowing my cum to spill from the corners of her mouth and run down her neck covering her breasts while she kept pumping my cock until I was completely spent. Eliza looked so beautiful sitting astride me when I looked into those eyes I could see she was exhausted. When I reached up for her she collapsed on top of me and within minutes we were both in a deep sleep I on my back and Eliza snuggled up tight with her head on my shoulder.

We slept holding each other for the next few hours and when I awoke I kissed her lightly on the lips, she opened her eyes and said, “Shower?”

I nodded yes so we pried ourselves apart sticky as we were and headed into the master bathroom stumbling into the shower turning on all three heads. I took the soap and cleaned her from head to toe then she did the same for me. I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her just letting the warm water run over us for several minutes before she turned and kissed me deeply. While we kissed she reached down with a warm soapy hand and began to stroke my limp dick back to life and within seconds she had me at full attention. Once she saw I was ready to go she turned around bent over grabbed the rail with her left hand and plunged a soapy finger from the right into her ass then another and another and said, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

As I moved to her she told me to go slow and that’s what I did. I pushed my cock gently against her hole and it slipped in rather easily, she told me to be still for a minute then she began to push herself back onto my cock stopping every few seconds to allow her ass to adjust. In took less than a minute until my entire length was buried in her tight little hole and it felt glorious.

I waited a few seconds just enjoying the incredible tight feeling and she told me to start fucking her slowly but the minute I began to move she cried out in pain, I began to pull out but she grabbed my thigh and said, “It’s okay just take it slow.”

Take it slow, In less than a minute I was hammering her asshole like an animal while she fucked back against me just as hard, all the while she was furiously rubbing her clit and screaming, “THATS IT FUCK MY ASSHOLE BABY….MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…OHHHH GOD I LOVE IT……YOU LIKE MY ASS DON’T YOU…..SHOW ME HOW MUCH….FUCK IT HARD….COME ON HARDER…I WANNA FEEL THOSE BIG BALLS SLAPPING AGAINST MY PUSSY…….COME ON..YES OH GOD YES…I’M GONNA COME…OHH FUCK I’M CUMMING!”

Eliza came two or three times and as her orgasms subsided she turned her head and said quietly, “I want to feel you come inside me.”

Eliza reached back between her legs, grabbed my sack and squeezed until I exploded into her ass in three massive spurts while I kept pumping my cock steadily in and out of that beautiful ass.

As I started to pull out she pushed back onto me moaning loudly and kept me buried in her ass until she felt me start to shrink. Then she pulled off, dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth gobbling up every last drop of cum she could find. When she’d finished cleaning my cock she stood up turned around bent over spreading her ass cheeks and asked me in a little girl voice if I would clean her and I dove right in and tongue fucked her ass and pussy until she was squeaky clean giving her another orgasm in the process. Eventually we both collapsed onto the shower floor laughing and kissing and hugging. After several minutes we really cleaned each other, no tongues this time and went to our rooms to get dressed, I noticed it was 10:45 and I needed breakfast.

I emerged from my room a few minutes later and Danny was sitting at the table with Ox having coffee, he said some things had come up that he needed to discuss with Eliza. Eliza came into the room a few minutes later with the biggest smile on her face, it was comical because I new Ox heard everything that had been going on since 5:30 this morning but I didn’t care. She was hot and I was nuts about this girl!

Eliza kissed me on the cheek grabbed the OJ pitcher poured herself a glass pushed the coffee pot over to me and said, “Good morning.” To everyone.

Looking around I said, “Do I look that bad?”

Ox laughingly said I looked like I’d just gone 12 rounds with the champ and lost. Eliza winked at me and without missing a beat and announced, “While he was a worthy opponent, I was just too much for him in the later rounds!”

Ox broke in and asked, “When’s the rematch?”

Grabbing my hand she said, “Hopefully very soon.”

Danny said ‘I’m gonna be sick” and headed into the other room bidding us all to follow. Danny was clearly pissed and as usual got right down to business. He gave us the blow by blow of Petes visit with Mr. Stensland.

Pete and Andy were tossing Stenslands studio at about 3:30 this morning and just for the hell of it Pete turned on the duplication deck, hit play and guess what it was-Eliza’s tape, the edited version. Pete turned to Andy and as he did he heard the door open Pete turned off the machine they pulled down their masks drew their guns and froze.

Stensland turned on the light and turned white as Andy put his 9mm in his ear and said don’t make a fucking sound. Stensland pissed his pants literally; Pete knew this would be an easy one.

“Sit down Mr. Stensland and don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you we just need you to answer some questions about you friend Barden, can you do that for us?”

”Yes” he replied, a 9mm in the ear tends to promote cooperation Pete thought.

Pete motioned for Andy to step back and told him to get Stensland some water.

“Mr. Stensland,” Pete continued, the tape in the machine is of a young lady who has a powerful friend who cares for her very much and he would do anything to prevent her from being harmed in any way so make no mistake, if he wanted you dead you never would have made it to the light switch are we clear?”

“Uh huh, what do you want to know?”

“What’s Bardens plan?”

‘He’s going to call her at noon to set up a meet to collect the $500 grand” Stensland quickly replied.

“What else?”

“I don’t understand!”

Pete started to act pissed and got in Stenslands face,

‘He’s just going to take the money and that’s it, and he’s not going to harm her in any way?”

Stensland began to shake, “He’s going to give her the fucking tape, that’s it that’s all I know!”

“A copy right, not the original?”

Stensland was starting to get really scared and Pete really put the screws to him, “He’s going to sell it anyway and use her money to get the mob off his ass correct?”

“I don’t fucking know okay, what do you want from me?”

Pete calms down and very quietly says, “The Truth, Mr. Stensland the truth.”

“I swear on my children that’s all I know!”

Pete then said, “Since you’re swearing on the lives of Peter, Kandi and little Katie I hope your telling me the truth.”

Pete motions to Andy who puts his gun to Stenslands temple,

“Mr. Stensland I don’t believe you so I’ll ask you this just one last time,

is Alesworth he going to kill her?”

Andy cocks the hammer; Stensland is shaking and crying hysterically, “HE’S GOING TO KILL……… HER AFTER HE GETS THE MONEY HE’S GOING TO KILL HER!”

“Do you know the details of his plan?”

“No he didn’t tell me I swear, all he said was that he was going to get the cash and get rid of her, he wants no witnesses and he said the tape would be worth more if she was dead .”

“Thank you Mr.Stensland you’ve been very helpful, now where is the original tape?”

“It’s in my safe under the file cabinet, please don’t kill me!”

It was Andy who spoke now, “You’re safe, scumbag but if it was up to me your brains would be all over that wall behind you!”

Pete very quietly said, “Combination please.”

“33 right…54 left…3 right…11 left.”

Pete opened the safe, took out a box of tapes and gave it to Stensland who pulled one from the top and handed it to Pete. The other thing Pete found in the safe made him sick. There was a box with what looked like hundreds of photos of young girls and kids doing all kinds of sick things and Stensland was in most of them, Pete lifted that box out as well. Pete put the Eliza tape in the deck to check it, and then he told Stensland to give him all the copies he’d made. Stensland did exactly as instructed, putting them neatly in a box and handing it to Andy who set it down next to Pete’s bag of tricks.

The last thing Pete did was ask Stensland turn on his computer and give him the password, which he did. When the computer was booted up he asked him if he had stored the Eliza video in his computer, he said he had and told Pete where it was. When Pete went to work on Stenslands computer Andy got on his phone and called Danny letting him know they had the tapes and their suspicions were correct. Then Andy headed out the door to get the car.

A few minute’s later Pete hit enter and wasted Stenslands computer, but Pete in the retelling, failed to tell Danny the next part. Pete did something out of character for a pro like himself he let his emotions get the best of him, he drew his weapon put it to Stenslands forehead and told him, “As a father I would love to blow your fucking brains out but unfortunately orders are preventing me from doing so at this time.”

Pete’s rage took over and he hit Stensland in the face knocking him backwards off the chair then kicked him in the stomach and balls a few times causing Stensland to vomit blood. Pete let him lay there for a minute then dumped the box of photos he’d found over him then removing his mask grabbed Stensland by the collar put the gun to his head got face to face with him and said, “Remember my face Mr. Ratigan, you sick fuck because if you ever step out of line again this will be the last face you ever see!”

Stensland’s already pale face got even whiter at the realization his true Identity had been discovered. Pete threw Stensland/Ratigan back down to the floor and spit on him as he left.

Stensland would never get off the floor. What nobody knew, not even Stensland himself was that he had a heart defect and the ordeal had been too much for him. Stensland may have been able to survive the questioning about Alesworth and even the beating but the realization that his previous life had been discovered was too much and his heart literally burst, killing him in minutes. For Stensland it was a more merciful death than he deserved and compared to what would have happened to him if anyone ever found out about his ‘affection’ for children he got off light.

It was 11:59 and Danny had set up Eliza’s cell so it could be heard by everyone and recorded. Then he told her to stay calm, no matter what Alesworth said to her, but he told her to ask that the meeting be in a public place with people around so she felt safe, Eliza agreed.

12:00 the phone rang, it was Alesworth. “You have the money?”

Eliza replied in a stern voice, “Yes, I do.”

“Good meet me at…”

Eliza cut him off. “Look, I got the money but I want to meet in a place I feel safe where there’s people around, okay!”

Alesworth exploded, ”Listen you little bitch, you’ll do what I say or else everyone will see what a slut you really are!”

I put my hand on Eliza’s shoulder to calm her.

“Mawbys on Santa Cruz, you know it?” Alesworth demanded!

“I’ll find it!” Eliza replied.

“12 tonight and come alone.” Alesworth paused,

“Eliza don’t do anything stupid or you’ll regret it!”

Eliza screamed, “I’ll be there!” and hung up.

I was watching her face when she hung up and a few seconds later she lost it. She started to shake and cry hysterically. I wrapped my arms around her and Ox stood up telling her they weren’t going to let anything happen to her. Then he got her a drink to help calm her down. Danny told me to try to get her to rest then he looked Eliza in the eye and said, “Tonight your going to have to give an award winning performance if we’re going to pull this off, understand?”

Eliza stood straight up and said, “I’m not stupid, I know what needs to be done.”

I took her by the hand to her room, undressed her and put her in bed. Then I closed the drapes, as I started to leave she said, “Please stay with me Michael” and I did.

What Danny Didn’t tell Eliza and I was the other thing Stensland told Pete but he told Ox.

Alesworth was going to kill Eliza. Ox got that crazy look in his eyes and then he got very serious and said, “Nobody is going to hurt that little girl, and I mean nobody!”

Danny told Ox to calm down, but he told Ox that Eliza was going to hurt Mike.

Ox turned to him and said, “Danny, Mikey is a big boy and I love him too and I don’t want anything to happen to him but I think your wrong about her, but even if your right it’s his life you know.”

Danny turned said “I’ll see you later.” Then walked out the door.

There was a knock at the door, I rolled over and saw it was 5:15. I got up to look, it was Ox so I stepped out into the hall and closed the door. “What’s up?” I inquired.

”I’m going. I got some things to do for tonight but I’ll be back around 10:30, I ordered some sandwiches and fruit stuff to pick on. Get her to eat something but no booze, Andy’s outside the door just in case you need anything.”

“Ox about last night….” Ox reached and slapped me lightly on the cheek a few times,

“Its okay Mikey I know you love her but she might not feel the same way when this is over because people in situations like this deal with it in different ways.” Ox paused, then patted me on the cheek again and said, “I’m no expert but I think that girls in love with you.”

I thanked him and he hugged me and then he hit me with it, “Danny told me to tell you you’re staying put tonight.”

“No fucking way Ox” I screamed.

“Mikey you’ve known me all your life, I helped raise you for Christ sake, have I ever lied to you, ever?” I just shook my head. ”I promise nobody’s going to hurt that little girl in there OK?”

”Thanks Ox.”

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