Eliza Dushku Caught On Video – Chapter 3

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 03

by Bgibbons ©

Ox walked out and as he did Andy waved from the hall and went back to his paper. I hit the bathroom and then went back to the bedroom.

When I returned Eliza was no longer in bed, but I heard water running in the bathroom. I had drawn the drapes to help her sleep, so it was quite dark except for the sliver of light coming from under the door. When the door opened I was blinded in a flood of white light, all I could see was a beautiful silhouette that looked like an angel!

I stared at her beautiful form in awe, afraid I’d wake up and find out this
was all a dream, but when her hand found mine, my fears were laid to rest. When I kissed her I realized she’d been crying and as I started to speak she put a finger to my lips, quieting me before she spoke, “I love you Michael more than anything in the world and I need to be one with you, please make love to me.”

I pulled her to me, told her I loved her but she quieted me again, “Michael, this may sound crazy but these may be the last few hours we have together and I needed to tell you that in this short time you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been and…………..!”

Cutting her off I asked, “Eliza what is all this, what are you saying?”

“Michael I’m not stupid I know he’s going to kill me, he can’t risk leaving me alive.” I was trying to hold back the tears when she touched my cheek, “Its OK Michael please promise me one thing you’ll stay here tonight so no matter what happens I know you’ll be safe, I couldn’t bear the thought of you being hurt, I love you too much.”

I cut her off, “I am going with you…..I have to, I love you!”

Her finger to my lips silenced me again, “Promise me Michael, if you love me you’ll promise me.”

I promised but I was not going to let her walk into that place alone.

“Please make love to me, I need you.”

I was gazing up at her as she sat astride me wondering what to say, wondering what I would do if she was right and this was the last time we’d be together. I tried to push the thoughts of losing her from my mind, remembering Ox’s promise of protection. I looked up at her, she looked so beautiful so serene like nothing was wrong, she just smiled at me and touched my cheek.

I ran my hands up over her body until they reached her breasts and when I grazed her nipples she threw her head back and moaned loudly. I pulled her to me and kissed her, running my fingers through her hair and down her back. We held each other for several minutes then she sat up, pulled off my t-shirt and unbuckled my belt. As she pulled down my jeans my cock instantly sprang to attention, she smiled licked the head and declared, “I guess you’re ready!”

Finally naked, I felt my cock being enveloped slowly by her hot mouth, first the head then further and further until it all but disappeared deep in her throat. She began bobbing her head slowly while squeezing my balls gently.

After 5 minutes at this slow gentle pace I asked her to turn around, she quickly obliged and I was once again presented with the most beautiful pussy ever. I went to work, first licking around her mound then the outer lips, working around and around until finally driving my tongue deep inside, never touching her clit while she kept up a steady but quickening pace sucking my cock.

This woman truly enjoyed sucking cock which was just fine with me as I was in heaven once again.

I began to trace circles around her swollen clit while I fingered her and she began moaning louder. When I finally touched her clit she bucked back against my face snapping my head back and she asked me to finger fuck her ass.

I did what I was told like the good boy that I am and as my finger entered her ass she began to fuck back against it never releasing my cock from her mouth. Her breathing began to quicken, her moans deepened so I inserted another finger then a third. It was at this point she released my cock from her mouth just long enough to let the saliva that had built up over the last few minutes run out all over my cock and balls, then she quickly coated a finger with it and gently inserted it in my ass and went down on me again.

She pushed her finger in gently and moved it around until she found the spot that made my dick jump, then she swallowed my entire length again and again driving me insane. I waited no longer and sucked her clit into my mouth like a baby would a pacifier, she came instantly almost drowning me in her juices. She liftted her head from my cock and screaming, “I love you!” over and over while wildly fucking my face.

I still hadn’t come but she had another in a series of orgasms then she spun around looked and up at me while licking the underside of my shaft and said with an evil grin, “I’m hungry, got anything to eat?”

She pushed a second finger into my ass, swallowed all of me and I lost it, I came so hard it caught her by surprise and she choked a bit but my dick never left her mouth and she never lost a drop. Jet after jet she sucked me until I was dry .

We laid still for a minute or so until I tried to pull her up to me , “No just relax and be still I’ve got plans for this” She said while holding my now limp cock.

She sucked my withering prick into her mouth and began to probe my ass with her finger again instantly finding my hot spot. Eliza took my cock out of her mouth and started jacking it while she licked and sucked my balls. Then to my surprise I felt her begin to tongue my asshole. Now I’ve never had that done to me before but I highly recommend it.

When she pushed her tongue into my ass, my cock jumped to full attention and in a swift almost acrobatic motion she impaled herself on me, riding me wildly for the next few minutes. She began to slow down after several savage orgasms had racked her body then in mid stroke she expertly guided my cock from her pussy into her ass driving herself down while I rose to meet her thrust and in one motion taking all seven inches into her tight ass, making her scream.

Her screams were of pleasure I can assure you because a minute later she got on all fours and hissed, “Fuck my ass, fuck it hard!” I plunged in to the hilt on the first stroke and she screamed, “Harder, don’t stop Pleeeeease………….don’t stop I’m cummmmming!”

I kept pounding away as instructed, my balls slapping against her dripping pussy until she exploded in a series of wild orgasms bucking back against me so hard I almost fell over. As she began to slow again, I said I was getting ready to come and as usual she spun herself around and reached my cock just in time to catch my load, squeezing my balls and jacking me to get every last drop of my juice. She got up on her knees, pulled me close and kissed me deeply giving me my first taste of cum As we held each other afterward, I told her I loved her and she began to cry.

I dried her tears and told her everything will be all right, she smiled and said, “I know Michael, I love you too.”

I looked at the clock it read 6:49, I asked her if she was hungry, she just smiled and said she was full, we both laughed hysterically. Eliza sat up looked at me and said, “I don’t know if I can do this, what if…………..he!”

I quickly cut her off, “Eliza, just do what Danny says and you’ll be fine he knows how to handle these things, he’s the best there is.” Then I called the desk and told them to ring the room at 9:15 and we drifted off to sleep holding each other.

The phone startled us awake and we headed for the shower. A few minutes later, we bathed each other and just held each other for what felt like an eternity when there was a knock at the bathroom door. It was Ox, he opened the door a crack and said, “Show time boys and girls.”

We dressed in silence, she put on jeans and a black Buffy T shirt and black boots then we walked out into the living room holding hands wondering if we’d ever be together again. It was now 9:45, in the room there were 3 tough looking men I’d never seen before along with Danny and Ox. Ox winked at Eliza and she went over stood on tip toes and kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks for babysitting me last night.”

I’ve known Ox since I was 4 years old and I’ve never seen him blush but he was dying and the three new guys smiled at each other

Danny was annoyed and asked very gruffly, “Can we get down to business now?”

Ox apologized and smacked Eliza lightly on the tush like a father would a 6 year old, Eliza apologized to Danny and he got down to it. “I already have two guys in the bar. Pete and Andy, John, Kevin and Patrick will go in about 20 minutes before you arrive and I’ll have a man on each of the 2 exits.”

He stared directly at Eliza when he continued, “Now listen to me and this is very important. You are under no circumstances to leave the bar with Alesworth. As long as you’re inside, you’re safe. If he has any intentions of harming you he’ll have to get you outside, but I think he just wants the cash.”

Danny put the Backpack on the table and said, “Here, Try this on.’ She did. “Too heavy?” Danny asked,

“No its OK” Eliza replied.

“You’ll be wearing a wire he held out a pair of earrings, we’ll hear you but you won’t hear us, OK?”

Again she simply nodded.

“Now we pretty sure he has only one copy of the tape thanks to Pete and Andy but it doesn’t matter what tape he gives you. When he hands you the tape and he takes the cash you say three words, “ARE WE DONE?…..Eliza…..ELIZA!” Danny shook her.

“HUH!? Oh …ok, ARE WE DONE! I got it.”

“Don’t fuck around young lady!”

I got up but Eliza put her hand on my chest, “Sit down Michael, Its Ok Danny’s right I’ve got to focus.”

“Sorry Dan, I’ll be OK if I know one thing its how to take direction.”

Danny resumed the instructions, “When he starts to leave, go to the exit in the opposite direction he’s heading and these three guys will get between you and fuck head should he try anything OK?”

“Got it!”

John spoke then, “Eliza, if he tries anything or you feel something’s wrong just say, I’M OUTTA HERE, And we’ll be all over him.” She nodded and grabbed my hand.

Then it was Ox’s turn, he looked her straight in the eyes from a foot away and said, “There will be a green van at both doors so when its done, move fast and this is very important. No matter what you see or hear, don’t look back and don’t stop until your in the van OK!”

Eliza nodded, looked at me and tried to speak but I saw the tears starting to come, Ox hustled everyone into the other room. Danny was clearly not happy.

Eliza started to shake I hugged her and looked into those beautiful eyes and asked her, “Do you love me?”

“Of course I do don’t you know that by now!”

“I know you do and if you trust me trust Danny he’s the only one who can get you out of this, OK?”

She was calming down now and said, “I love you Michael, but remember your promise ………….you stay here and wait for me OK?”

“I’ll be here I promise!”

A polite clearing of the throat interrupted us, “Uh..hum.” It was Ox who said, “Eliza its almost time to go darling, put the earrings on and I’ll set em up.”

When he finished, she turned away got to the door and said, “I love you Michael, and no matter what happens I always be with you” and out the door she went.

I hoped I’d see her again but I had a bad feeling. Danny came in and told me to stay put and he promised me he’d bring her back in one piece.

“Danny I gotta go with you…I”

“Mikey I mean it!” Danny barked.

‘I got it Danny, OK!”

Just in case you think about trying anything, Kevin’s going to baby sit you.

“Danny give me fuckin a break….”

“No Mikey….no way!”

“Kev if he tries anything shoot him in the fucking leg, got it?”

“Got it boss.”

In the elevator Ox told Eliza she would be driving Mikey’s truck and she would follow him and park in the Burger King next to the bar. Ox saw the fear in her eyes, and as he started to speak again Eliza looked up at him and asked him to do her a favor,

Ox said, “Anything honey, name it.”

Eliza began, “I know this guys going to kill me he has to…”

“Eliza you don’t know that”

Eliza cut him off, “Ox thanks but its OK, If something bad happens to me give this to Michael” handing him a small package.

“Give it to him and tell him that I love him and no matter what I’ll always be with him!”

Ox had to look away, he wiped his eyes hugged her and kissed her on the forehead telling her to just do what she’d been told and she could tell Mikey herself later. The elevator door opened and the journey began.

The club was about 15 minutes miles from the hotel on the same street so it was an easy run. As Eliza drove, a cell phone started to ring. It was hers, someone had put it in the backpack. She answered, it was Danny.

“Eliza, its Dan just stay calm and you’ll get through this OK.”

“Thanks Dan for everything, but can I ask you something?”

‘Sure, go ahead” he replied.

“Why don’t you like me?”

“Eliza this is not the time ….OK!”

“Danny, I love your brother more than anything in this world and he loves me?…I heard what you said to him before he left for the club last night, you don’t even know me.”

Danny exploded on her, “And when you leave to go back to your Hollywood life what about Mikey, what happens to him, are you going to settle down with him, take care of him like I have all these years!……….No your not, you lead a privileged life and your not going to give that up for a anybody are you?”

“I’m sorry you feel that way Danny but this is about Michael not you now I don’t know what happened but I won’t leave him I love him can’t you see that?”

“Eliza, we can talk later, stay focused your on in 10.” There was no reply.

Eliza thoughts were of Michael and how much he meant to her.

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