Eliza Dushku Caught On Video – Chapter 4

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 04

by Bgibbons ©

I couldn’t just sit in this fucking room and let her do this alone, I had to be there for her. But getting past my baby sitter wasn’t going to be easy, ‘cause this guy looked serious, but I had to try.

I grabbed the Johnnie Walker bottle and turned on ESPN. I poured myself a drink, asking Kevin if he wanted one, he declined and went back to his paper. I got up with my glass as if to get some ice. As I passed him, I threw the drink in his face. When he grabbed for his eyes I hit him twice in the face knocking him out.

As Kevin lay there I quickly
looked for his car keys, “FUCK NO KEYS!”

I fished through his pockets and found a valet ticket, gun, headset and cuffs-I took everything. I quickly cuffed him to the table he’d been sitting at then put a towel under his head and the ice bucket down next to him, He wasn’t the enemy he was just doing his job.

I grabbed my jacket, tucked the gun into my belt behind me and put on the headset as I ran to the elevator. I moved quickly through the lobby and showed the valet the ticket I’d fished from Kevin’s pocket. The 3 minutes I had to wait for the car was like an eternity. When it came I practically threw the valet out on his ass, jumped in and floored it. I clipped a car on my way out of the lot and fishtailing onto Santa Cruz blvd.

Eliza walked thru the parking lot, slipping the backpack on as she moved. She saw the vans to the left and right but saw no drivers, nor did she see any of Danny’s people but she trusted me so she knew they were there. Danny and Ox watched from the East van, scanning the lot for Alesworth.

The moment Eliza neared the west door a fight erupted, spilling out of the east door into the parking lot drawing everyone’s attention including all of Danny’s people, Himself and Ox included. Eliza heard the footsteps but never saw who hit her from behind.

Patrick finally looked away from the commotion and thought Eliza must have gone inside so he keyed his mike, “Subject Entered West door.”

Andy replied, “NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE, she’s not inside, I don’t have her!”

Everybody’s ears caught it but before Danny could say anything Patrick’s voice came over the radio, he’d caught a glimpse of Eliza being thrown into a blue van. “Subject in blue Ford van Cal license number XX2-137 exiting parking lot headed wast on Santa Cruz.”

Danny was worried now, “What the fuck’s going on?”

Patrick’s voice came over the net, “Alesworth’s driving the van boss.”

Danny screamed, “Everybody move now! Ox get Strader on the phone and tell him what’s happened.”

What nobody knew was I heard the whole thing and calmly made a U-turn and just waited for the blue ford to pass me. When it did I keyed my mic, “Subject vehicle blue Ford van in sight, am pursuing!”

Danny went pale and looked at Ox, “It’s Mikey!”

Ox told him to stay calm, then keyed his mike and asked, “Mikey its Ox, where are you now?”

I calmly acknowledged, “I’m just passing the Hyatt going left onto the freeway, headed north Ok …wait .hold on.”

Ox asked Danny how he wanted to play this, Danny keyed his mike, ”Mikey I don’t know how you got out but your in it now so don’t fuck up!”

“I won’t Danny.”

Ox keyed his mike, “Mikey give him some room don’t spook him, can you tell how many are in the van?”


Danny and Ox looked at each other, both thinking; he’s losing it! then Danny keyed his mike, “Are you armed?”

“Yes I am.”

I was trying not to sound panicked when I keyed my mic, “They turned off onto Curtatdo St………….wait….they just pulled into that self storage place, he’s got a key card. Shit…..how do I get in, Danny what do I do, I can’t get in!”

Danny, very calmly spoke, “Calm down kid we’re on the way so are the cops we’ll be there in 4 minutes….” He got no answer. “Mikey answer me…Mikey….. You there…………Fuck….move this fuckin thing god damn!”

I threw off the headset and pulled out the 9mm; I clicked off the safety, chambered a round and tucked it back in my belt. I looked up at the fence, took off my jacket held it in my teeth and began to climb. When I reached the top I threw my jacket over the razor wire and hauled myself over the fence, cutting my left hand badly on the way over and landing on my ass.

When I landed I froze and listened like my brother had taught me. Danny would take me with him to this combat ranch up north and the shooting range. We’d even gone hunting a few times so I knew how to handle myself.

A few seconds later I heard a garage door sliding up off to my right so I headed in the direction of the noise. Carefully, I scanned every aisle and at the 6th I saw the van. Alesworth and another man were dragging Eliza’s limp body into a storage unit.

My mind was racing when I noticed they were directly across from a break in the adjacent modules. I back tracked and went down aisle 5, bumping into some empty cartons along the way, cursing myself.

I got to the opening and carefully looked around the corner; Eliza was lying on some moving blankets. I noticed her top had been ripped off, and just shreds remained leaving her breasts exposed.

A huge man was standing over Eliza, unbuckling her belt and laughing while rubbing his own crotch. My emotions took over and my actions became automatic, I drew my weapon and silently charged my target. Eliza’s assailant looked up, but it was too late. I fired twice on the run, the first shot grazed his shoulder the second hit him right in the forehead killing him instantly. I immediately knelt down next to Eliza and felt for a pulse, she was alive but she was bleeding from her left ear. As I knelt next to her, she opened her eyes and smiled at me before she passed out.

I heard a strange sound and my left arm went numb, then my shoulder exploded as the bullet exited my body.

As the gun dropped from my hand, the second bullet entered my lower back spinning me around. Then my legs gave out and I collapsed next to Eliza.

”The other guy I forgot there were two, Oh god we’re dead……….!” He thought.

I opened my eyes and standing over us was Alesworth, grinning like a mad man and holding a silenced automatic. Alesworth now had the money and the tape; nobody would suspect him It would be that moron Billy that would get blamed and with him dead there would be no one to connect him to this except Stensland and he’d take care of him later tonight!

I looked up at Alesworth but couldn’t talk, nor could I move my hand to pick up the gun. Alesworth calmly kicked the gun away then put his gun to Eliza’s temple, laughed and said, “Now hero, you get to watch your little girlfriend die then it will be your turn, I just wish Billy boy and I had a chance to have some fun with her before you showed up, but I can always just go to the video tape.”

As Alesworth looked down at Eliza, something off to the right drew his attention. As I fought to get up, Alesworth was propelled backwards from the impact of Ox’s left hook. In a flash Danny’s guys were all over him, cuffing him and taping his eyes and mouth shut. Quickly they put him in the trunk of one of their cars and hauled his ass out of there, the sirens were getting close.

Danny entered and came right to me, picked me up put me in the van and said, “You did good kid, real good.” That was the last thing I would remember about that night.

Ox got out his cell phone and called the number his father had given him, it was answered on the second ring, “You owe my dad a favor, he told me to call you.”

“I’m listening” Tony A replied.

I found that long lost cousin you’ve been looking for.”

Tony A had been looking for this guy for a long time, “Really? Tell me where he is and I’ll come pick him up!”

“The old drive-in out on 130, you know it?” Ox asked.

“Yeah, I know it.”

“Your boy will be in the concession stand, gift wrapped, I’ll also include your $100 pickup fee.” Ox hated dealing with guys like this.

Danny had agreed to pay off Alesworths marker with Tony A in exchange for taking care of Alesworth.

Tony A replied laughing, “Thanks, how would you like this package handled?”

Ox’s one word answer said it all, “PAINFULLY! And take your time!”

Ox could tell Tony A was smiling, “Consider it done, and thanks again for the diner thing!”

Ox hung up.

Ox and Andy drove Eliza to the hospital, he’d already made a call to a friend in security there and things were taken care of. On the way Ox gently brought Eliza around because he needed to talk to her. “Eliza….Eliza”

She opened her eyes and softly said, “Is Michael …is he OK…………….my head hurts……”

”Honey you’ve got to listen to me ok it’s important. You can’t mention Michael or any of us when the cops ask you about what happened tonight Ok.”

Eliza was beginning to cry, “Where’s Michael …is he OK?”

Ox quieted her, “He’s ok, he saved your life but I can’t go into it now so just do like I said and everything will be Ok, Mikey will be going away for awhile so all you know is he gave you a ride the day you left the set, he bought you a drink at pops place and dropped you at the hotel OK!”

“I don’t understand.” Eliza was totally confused, “Michael said….he’d wait for me at the hotel…he”

“Eliza Mikey killed the guy who was going to kill you” This got her attention, “And nobody can know or Mikey will all be in deep shit!” Ox hated what he had to say next, “Eliza, no matter what happens you don’t know Mikey and never did….OK!”

Eliza was sobbing now, “But I love him!” She cried.

“Eliza if you love him, stay away, its best for you both and you know it.!”

Eliza just cried not knowing what to say. Ox held her hand till they got to the hospital; Eliza’s head throbbed in pain as Ox lifted her out of the van. He walked through the automatic doors into the ER, laid her gently on a couch in the waiting room then he bent down kissed her on the forehead and whispered something in her ear turned toward the desk and shouted, “WE NEED HELP OUT HERE NOW!”

Startled, the desk nurse ran from the office into the waiting room. Only seeing the back of Ox as he headed out the door, she looked around and saw Eliza on the couch on her side with blood on the back of her head. She called for help immediately!

The next day’s headlines read DRUG WARS RAGE ON!

An apparent drug deal went bad last night and local drug dealer named Billy Jacobs aka Q-Ball was found shot to death in a self storage facility.

The investigating officers said only they had as of yet no suspects but this seemed to be another in a series of incidents in a drug /gang turf war. Police also said traces of cocaine and over $3000 in cash were found at the scene.

Two days later on the front page. MAN FOUND SHOT LINKED TO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!

Local body guard Barden Alesworth was found shot Execution style in his apartment this morning by his cleaning lady.

Police said he was bound, gagged and shot in the back of the head twice. It was also discovered Alesworth was an associate of Frank Stensland, a local videographer who was found dead of an apparent heart attack early this morning in his east LA studio. The police were notified by Stenslands wife who called and reported him missing. She said he hadn’t come home the previous night. Stensland’s real name, it was quickly discovered was Mike Ratigan previously convicted of rape and possession of kiddy porn. Ratigan/Stensland had apparently been beaten and the coroner was reasonably certain the cause of death was a massive coronary. A source also said that hundreds of pornographic photos were found on the premises.



Actress Eliza Dushku was abducted last night off the street in front of her hotel by two men; she was struck on the head from behind and forced into a van. Miss Dushku told police she was taking a few days off from shooting her latest film, The New Guy and she had left her hotel for a walk last evening. She was struck from behind and remembers being pulled into a van by two men. The blow gave her a severe concussion as well as gash on her head requiring several sutures to close the wound.

Miss Dushku said she blacked out after she was pulled into the van and remembered nothing until she awoke in the Mercy hospital emergency room early this morning. Hospital personnel said she was carried in by a very large man who laid her on a couch called for help and just walked out the door. The T-shirt Miss Dushku was wearing had been torn apart but she had not been sexually assaulted

Miss Dushku’s publicist told reporters, “Miss Dushku will be going to an undisclosed location to recuperate as soon as she is released from the hospital, and was at the moment unsure when she would return to work but had indicated she would return to finish her current film as soon as she was well enough.”



A man was shot twice in an apparent drive by shooting last night in the south central section. Police have identified the man as 26 year old Walker Robertson, an area resident who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, he has no record and no gang affiliations and apparently just got caught in the crossfire

Hospital spokesman said Mr. Robertson is in critical condition, he sustained two gunshot wounds one to the shoulder and one to the lower back. Mr. Robertson is in a coma due to massive blood loss, his prognosis is unsure at this time.


Walker Robertson was me; Robertson was my mother’s maiden name. Walker was my father’s middle name. Danny as usual was prepared for almost anything, I still think he used an alias to throw Eliza off as well as the cops.

Four days had passed and Eliza was feeling better but she was going crazy trying to find out how and where Michael was. She called Jakes’, but when Jake answered, he acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about and hung up on her. Then he called Danny as instructed.

Jake felt bad about lying to Eliza, he liked her and loved Mikey but Danny was right, it was better if she stayed away.

Later that night around 11:30 Eliza awoke with a start to find Danny sitting next to her bed.

”How are you feeling?” He asked.

Eliza just stared at him, ”Where’s Michael?”

Danny replied in a monotone voice, “He was shot twice”

Eliza started to cry,” Is he…dead?”

Danny just stared blankly at her, “No but he was shot in the back and he may never walk again!”

Eliza was totally overcome with grief, “I’m so sorry……….I love him, why didn’t he listen to me and stay at the hotel….I

Danny raised his voice a bit, “If he’d listened to either of us you’d be dead, he killed the man who was going to rape and kill you, he saved your life and it almost cost him his own!”

Eliza now angry, “What happened? I thought you had this figured out?”

Danny simply said, “The unexpected, but forget about that now do you remember what Ox told you about keeping us out of it?”

“Did you see the paper; Eliza screamed “I told the cops nothing OK!”

Danny smiling now, “Good girl, you really can take direction.”

“FUCK YOU DANNY. Where is Michael I need to see him.”

“Eliza finish your movie and go home. Just let him be, he doesn’t need to re-live this ever and if he sees you it will never end.” Then Danny went in for the kill, “Mikey may never walk again and the bullet that hit him in the left shoulder damaged the nerves and its 50/50 at best if he’ll ever play guitar again so do all of us a favor and leave him alone before you do anymore damage!”

“I’m sorry Danny I never wanted anyone to get hurt especially Michael please believe me, I love him!”

“If you really love him Eliza, let him go!”

Eliza started to cry again and a nurse walked in, “Excuse me sir but visiting hours are over, who you are.”

“Just a fan ma’am, thanks for the autograph, Miss Dushku my little brother will love it; I hope you feel better real soon.”

‘It was my pleasure.” Eliza said wiping her eyes and waving goodbye to Danny.

”Was that man upsetting you honey?” The nurse asked.

“No ….his brother’s a big fan.”

The nurse checked Eliza’s chart and told her to get some rest.

The nurse turned out the light and Eliza laid there wishing Michael was with her, and she started crying again knowing Danny was right, she had to stay away. She prayed Michael could someday forgive her for what had happened.

Six weeks later Eliza returned to the set and finished The New Guy, then cancelled her next 2 projects against her agent’s advice. She fired her agent and considering he hired Alesworth, he got off light. Eliza decided she needed a break and went home to see her parents and mend some fences before deciding what to do with herself.

Not a day went by without thoughts of Michael flooding her mind but she never tried to contact him. She loved him too much to hurt him anymore than she already had although she constantly thought about the time they’d spent together making love and just being close to each other. She longed for his touch.

It took 4 months but I finally took my first steps. I took 5 steps and Danny and Ox were there to help like always. My arm was recovering nicely as well. After my first steps Danny had to leave but Ox stayed and when we got back to my room, Ox handed me the gift Eliza left for me, but before I opened it Ox told Me exactly what Eliza told him to say. When I unwrapped it, it was the CD with the song Goldilox on it with a post it note stuck to it that read,

“Learn my favorite song and maybe I’ll give you your fifty bucks back.” Eliza xoxoxo…I began to cry, Ox told me it would be all right. What else could he say?

It had been 8 months since the Eliza incident and Michael was getting better everyday.I still loved her though, and longed to feel her and to taste her lips again but I knew she was gone. I did some checking and since and The New guy wrapped Eliza had dropped out of sight completely. I called a friend in the PR dept, at the studio and asked about her, I was told she’d cancelled 2 project’s that she’d committed to Fired her agent and disappeared, I asked her for a promo copy of “The New Guy” which I received a few days later but I couldn’t watch it.

Eliza’s brother yelled upstairs to her, “E …you’ve got a telegram!”

Eliza came down and opened it, it was from her Co-star in the NEW GUY. He asked her to please come to the premier, she and DJ had become really good friends during filming and he visited her in the hospital every day, he was a good friend so she called him and said she missed him and she’d be there.

It had been a year since the incident and I’d come all the way back. I would be playing my first gig since the incident on Saturday night. It was the 10th anniversary of Jakes and my band would be playing. The rehearsal on Friday afternoon went well; I made the band learn Goldilox but doubted anyone would ever request it.

Jake walked up to the stage and told the guys it was nice to see them again and hugged me and smacked me lightly on the cheek and said, “Stay out of trouble kid!”

I laughed and asked Jake where Ox was.

“Working some job tonight, a premier in Hollywood I think.” It was the NEW GUY premier, I’d read about it in the trades.

Ox hated these Hollywood premier after parties but at $500 an hour what the fuck. He didn’t see her until late it was almost 2 am. He slowly moved up behind her while she was talking to an agent who was trying to sign her and when he got just inches from her the agent looked up at him and his mouth dropped open at the size of him. Eliza asked what was wrong.

Ox bumped her; she turned looked up smiled and put her arms out to him like a 3 year old would to her daddy. Ox scooped her up and she kissed him on the cheek but before she could ask he said, “He’s fine, he made it all the way back in fact he’s playing tomorrow night at the 10th anniversary of pops club!”

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 04

by Bgibbons ©

Eliza responded through the tears, “He’s really OK 100 %?”

“I never lie honey; he’s great except for one thing.”

Eliza began to worry…..”What’s wrong”

Ox smiled and said, “He needs you darlin!” She smiled and Ox continued, “Physically Mikeys fine but you stole his heart and he ain’t been the same since you left, he never smiles or laugh’s anymore, he just sits home alone.”

Eliza began to cry, “Does he blame me?”

“NO honey, he loves you but he thinks you don’t love him.”

“Ox I love him more than anything you know that, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him!”

Ox Smiled again, “Maybe you should stop by tomorrow night and request a song or two!”

Eliza frowned, “What about Danny?”

“Don’t worry about him….here’s my card, call me if you want me to send a car for you.”

Eliza was beaming, “Thanks big guy, I’ll be there” She hugged him again and Ox disappeared into the crowd.

The agent still standing there Looked at Eliza and asked her, “Who the hell was that?”

“Just a friend.” She said. A very big friend and then she laughed!

Jakes was packed by 9:30. Everybody was there, half the police force, all Danny’s guys, 3 councilmen, the DA and even the Mayor showed up. Jake and Danny had a lot of powerful friends and they had to call in a lot of favors to clean up the Eliza mess.

The place was rocking, the band sounded great and I had never played better. My arm was sore but I was ok, I almost felt alive for the first time in a year.

Ox was pacing around like an expectant mother wondering when Eliza would arrive. At about 2:30am Ox had given up, wondering if he’d misjudged Eliza when his cell phone rang. It was Eliza and she needed a favor. Ox grabbed a pen from one of the waitress’s trays and scribbled something on a napkin, said 3 minutes and hung up.

Ox waited about 2 minutes and as the guys were saying this would be there last song he walked up to the Bill the Bass player whispered something into his ear and walked to the entrance and leaned against the door frame, Bill turned around said to the band, “Goldilox”

I was stunned, Bill said,”You made us learn it so let’s go.”

I closed his eyes and played the opening chords. Eliza waited outside until she heard the beginning of her Favorite song and nervously walked into Jakes, kissing Ox and then going over to the bar to say hi to Jake who kissed her hand and just smiled at her.

Eliza took off her Jacket and handed it to Jake. She was dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and a red bandana that she wore as a shirt just like she did in the NEW GUY. I’d kidded her, saying it was my favorite outfit. As she walked toward the stage Ox got in front and cleared a path through the crowd and planted her right in front of the stage at my feet.

The guy’s in the band smiled and winked at her as she approached but I had my eyes tightly shut. I kept my eye’s closed through the entire song and I was having trouble holding back the flood of emotions when I felt an arm wrap gently around my left calf. When I looked down, I was in shock and I backed up and bumped into my amp as the song ended turning around with my back to the crowd.

The crowd went wild and as they began to move away from the stage, Ox picked her up and put her on the stage then She walked up behind me put her arms around my waist gently turned me around and said, “So you finally learned my favorite song huh!”

Then she reached into her pocked and pulled out a $50 dollar bill and handed it to me, “a deals a deal” she said.

I stared at her for a minute and said, “Some babe gave me the CD so I figured what the hell” then he went on, “How’d you know about tonight?”

Eliza nodded in Ox’s direction, “The big guy invited me.”

I scanned the room for Ox, when we made eye contact Ox winked at me. I got serious, “What happened to you, why did you just disappear like that?”

Tears started to well up in Eliza’s eyes, “I didn’t want to hurt you anymore, you almost got killed and it was my fault!”

“Eliza it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t make me do what I did……it was my choice and I’d do it again if I had to!”

Eliza wiped her eyes grabbed me by the belt pulled me to her and said, “So you still love me or you want me to leave?”

“I never stopped loving you, I knew you’d come back and that’s the only thing that kept me going all this time.”

She smiled up at me and I was done. “Been having trouble sleeping?” I asked.

Eliza smiled and said, “Haven’t had a good nights sleep in a year!”

“Well maybe I can help you with that. Nice shirt!”

“I knew it was your favorite” Eliza was giggling when Jake yelled out, ”JEEZUS H CHRIST MIKEY YOU GONNA KISS HER OR WHAT?”

That’s when we realized the place was dead quiet and everyone was staring at us smiling, so I pulled her to me and kissed her. The place went nuts. Everybody was clapping and hooting and whistling but we didn’t care, we just held onto each other, afraid to let go.

Eliza looked up at me and said, “You done?”

I looked around at my equipment and sighed, Bill looked at me and said, “Get the fuck outta here, we got it Casanova.”

Eliza thanked him and blew Bill a kiss.

Bill smiled and said, “Do us all a favor and cheer the miserable bastard up he’s driving us all nuts!”

Eliza replied, “That’s the plan boys!”

Andy came over and handed me a Keycard for a room at the Hyatt, the same sweet we’d had a year ago and told me to have fun.

Eliza looked at me, then at the crowd staring at us and said, “We’re not gonna have fun, WE’RE GONNA HAVE SEX!”

Without missing a beat Andy yelled out, “Just don’t put’em in the fucking hospital!”

Everybody in the place went crazy but Eliza looked worried. Then I smiled at her. She laughed and kissed me again.

We hit the door and Ox and Jake were standing there waiting for us. While Jake helped Eliza on with her jacket, I looked at Ox and he just didn’t have the words. He looked at me and said, “Get outta here” Then smacked me on the side of the head. I asked him where Danny was

”He had to leave.” Was all Ox said.

Jake was Hugging Eliza and Ox said, “Hey pop save some for me will ya!”

Eliza jumped into Ox’s arms and squeezed him as hard as she could and Ox started crying and he whispered in her ear,”I told you I’d fix things when the time was right” and pushed her towards the door. When we walked out the door Cosmo was standing there smiling and holding a car door open for us. As we jumped in he looked at Eliza and said, “Promise me you won’t wear him out too bad, he’s playing at my wedding next week”

She laughed and said, “Sorry that’s a promise I can’t make!”

Then she looked at me and said “I’m hungry.” and I was got my first hardon since the last time I saw her.!

The driver said, where to? I told him the Hyatt, He said I thought the lady said she was hungry!

Eliza and I looked at each other and laughed Step on it she said, and he did. When we pulled up in front of the Hyatt, the driver jumped out and opened the door, taking Eliza’s hand and helping her out then I got out. As I started to walk towards the door, the driver grabbed me by the arm and said I think you owe me an apology, I looked at him. It was Kevin my babysitter whose nose I shattered, FUCK ME I was in trouble.

He slapped me lightly on the cheek and said now were even, I told him how sorry I was but he waved it off and said,”You know, I thought you were a pussy but you stepped up big time. “I’ve known your brother for a long time he was always bragging about you and your sister, grades, school awards stuff like that but he’s was so proud of what you did that night.” He glanced at Eliza leaned towards me and whispered, ”I’d kill for her too!”

Eliza whistled to me as she walked through the hotel doors and said, “Lets go big stud I’ve got plans for you!”

Kevin laughed and said, “Yeah I’d definitely kill for her, she’s a living doll.”

We both laughed, he slapped me on the back. I ran into the lobby after Eliza.

As we passed the desk the clerk said, “Excuse me Miss Dushku I have a package for you “and he handed her a large envelope with Danny’s business letterhead on it, she thanked him and as we walked toward the elevator the clerk said, 3″It’s nice to have you with us again.”

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