Eliza Dushku Caught On Video – Chapter 5

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 05

by Bgibbons ©

The second the elevator door closed Eliza dropped the envelope and her backpack and we were all over each other, kissing wildly. I was working my way down her neck when she pulled the bandanna she’d been wearing as a shirt down to her waist and ripped open her jacket. She grabbed me by the hair and guided my eager mouth to her left nipple and ordered me to “SUCK IT” which I did without a second thought! She was moaning wildly while I was sucking and biting her nipples like a hungry animal.

Then she pushed me back looked at me and whispered, “I need you to
fuck me now!”

Eliza reached over reached over and hit the stop button on the elevator triggering the alarm. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it through my jeans with her left hand while she tugged her own pant’s down with her right. This was crazy but I was loving it! When Eliza got her pants down to her knees she started to struggle with them so I used my foot to push them down to her ankles. I was pleasantly surprised to see she wasn’t wearing panties. She stepped out of her jeans and gave me a sexy wink, so I reached down between her legs and ran my fingers through her dripping pussy. When I touched her clit, her knees buckled and she grabbed me to keep from falling.

As I was licking my fingers she kissed me and said, “Get those fucking pants off and get that big cock inside me now!”

Needing no further encouragement I pulled out my cock and in one violent thrust slammed into her dripping snatch. She bucked wildly and screamed , “FUCK ME MICHAEL, FUCK ME, PLEEEEEEEEEASE OHHHHH YES DON’T STOP!”

I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could and she was meeting my every thrust with equal force and in less than a minute she was growling, “I’m cumming please don’t stop, make me come now, I love you Michael!”

Eliza reached back between her legs, grabbed my balls and squeezed until I shot rope after rope of hot cum up into her wildly spasming pussy. As I began to slow my pace I reached around and rubbed her clit, she began to shake in a series of wild orgasms.

Her pussy refused to release my cock until I was completely drained, at which point she cupped her tiny hands as if they were a bowl under her pussy and caught every drop of what ran out. Raising her hands to her lips, she swallowed every drop, savoring me as if my juices were a fine wine then she kissed me sharing her treasure with me and promised never to leave me again.

As we felt the elevator jerk and begin to move, we both scrambled to get ourselves together. When the door opened on our floor we were greeted by 4 other guests and a maintenance man. As we exited the elevator we smiled at everyone. It was then I realized that Eliza’s jacket was open and she wasn’t wearing a shirt her bandanna was around her waist. We laughed and I scooped her up in my arms and ran to the door of our suite. As I was fumbling for the key card someone opened the door from inside and we fell in because I was leaning on the door. We laughed so hard, just laying there with the door still open, holding each other. At that point we noticed a well dressed man standing over us.

When we started to get off the floor the man immediately took Eliza’s by the arm and helped her up, closing her jacket as he seated her at the dining table. Another man, obviously a waiter judging by his uniform, helped me up and seated me. I thanked them both and the well dressed man introduced himself as David. He told me that should we require anything, anything at all to dial ext. 112. He was at our disposal; he was obviously from England judging from the accent.

The table was set with candles and fine china, with several covered serving dishes on the side board

I thanked him again, then felt embarrassed when I told him that I didn’t have any money. He smiled and said everything was taken care of, I stared at Eliza who said, “Don’t look at me.”

David elegantly opened a bottle of Dom Perignon and poured for both of us, put the bottle in the ice bucket and said, “Your brother Daniel took care of everything sir and he asked me to give you a message, you’re to open the package you received from the desk and follow the instructions exactly.”

“That’s it?” I asked.

“Yes sir “said David then he asked, “Will you be requiring anything further this evening?”

“No we’ve got everything we need.” Eliza smiled at that.

“Excellent, then I’ll say good evening.” But as he started to leave he stopped turned to Eliza and said, “Miss Dushku might I ask a favor of you?”

Eliza smiled and said “Anything David,”

He was clearly embarrassed now, “Might I have your autograph?” Eliza stared at him then he continued, “I have twin 16 year old daughters and they absolutely adore you.”

Eliza said. ‘no….no autographs.” David looked up at her and so did I. She said, “I’ll do you one better. We’re going to be busy for the next few days,” She said with a wicked smile, “But on Tuesday afternoon I have to go to the studio for a meeting and if its OK with you, your daughters can come along and keep me company. Then afterwards we can go shopping and have dinner. You can pick them up here when we get back!”

“Miss Dushku I don’t know what to say.”

‘”Just say OK!” was her reply.

David said, “OK” and kissed her hand before he bid us goodnight.

Eliza looked at me as the door closed and said, “I think its time to open that.” Pointing to the envelope from Danny.

I tore it open; there were 3 envelopes with a note wrapped around them marked 1, 2 and 3.

I took the note, it was a few typewritten lines, and it read,

“Please open and read in the following order,”

Envelope # 1 Michael

Envelope # 2 Eliza

Envelope # 3 together

We looked at each other, puzzled so I opened my envelope and I recognized my brother’s handwriting instantly.

It read;


“I know you’re probably saying he never calls me Michael it is always Mikey or kid but I can’t call you those things anymore.

I realized one year ago that you were no longer the little kid whose nose I had to wipe or whose skinned knees I had to tend to or whose feelings of pain and confusion I had to help you deal with every time you started missing Mom and Dad. You’re a man now not the little boy I thought I had to protect any longer.

I know you hated me for keeping Eliza away, but I thought it was the best for all if nobody ever connected you to each other or to what happened that night. I’m truly sorry because I know how much you love and need her. Take care of her .

I hope in time you can forgive me,



Eliza and I were both crying, she looked at me and said, “Your brother really loves you”

”I KNOW.” I said cutting her off, “Read yours.”


“I know you must hate me but please try and understand. I love my brother and sister more than anything in the world and I’d do anything to protect them. They are my only family so please take care of Michael and protect him as he did you.

Should you ever need me, I’ll be there for you both and I hope someday you can forgive me for the thing’s I said and for keeping you two apart for so long.

Maybe someday we can be friends.


Eliza was crying again, “I never hated him, I know he was just trying to protect us both.”

She got up and walked over to me sitting on my lap she held my face in her hands, kissed me gently on the lips and told me how much she loved me, how she much she’d missed me and that she never wanted to be apart again.

I just kissed her and held her in my arms rocking her like a baby.

She looked up and grabbed the third envelope and looked at me I said smiling, “Open it, my hands are full!”

She opened it and it was two first class plane tickets to Bora Bora and $10,000 in cash with a note,

“I hope this will help make up for time lost. Eliza, Michael will explain why I picked this remote local for you two.”



I just stared at Eliza; I didn’t know what to say. “So why Bora Bora”, she asked.

“I always said if I ever became a big rockstar thats where I’d go to get away from it all.”

Eliza just laughed and said, “When do we leave?”

I looked at the tickets, found the date and said, ”Next Saturday…..That OK?”

Eliza laughed and said, “Well its not like I have a job, remember I took the last year off”

“What about that meeting?”

“They want to talk to me about some teen/slasher flick that’s in development. I think they like the fact I don’t have an agent yet. You wanna be my agent big stud, I really need to fill that position ASAP.”Whats in it for me” I asked smartly.

Eliza stood up, kicked off her jeans and walked to the couch. She sat back, spread her legs, patted her pussy and said, ” hows this for starters.” So I’m getting a signing boner….I mean Bonus huh.”

Eliza spread that luscious pussy open wide and whispered, “You fuck me with that tongue like you did before and you can have anything you want lover.”

I dove right in and went right for her hot spot, when I hit it she went crazy. She grabbed me by the hair pulled my face out of her snatch looked me in the eye and said, “I love you; now let me fuck your face!”

She held onto my hair and rode my face for five minutes until she came screaming. She locked her legs around my head and almost drowned me when she came but I loved every minute of it.

As her orgasms subsided and her breathing slowed she pulled me on top of her and began kissing me and licking her own juices off my face. I could feel her heart beating like a drum. She had tears in her eyes, I said, “What’s the matter baby?”

“You saved my life……..I thought I’d never see you again…I…. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you..!”

I cut her off, “I’m here now, we’re together and nothing’s going to take you from me again. I promise.”

We just held each other for several minutes then Eliza looked up at me and I knew what was coming, so I saved her the trouble of asking, “When I saw that animal standing over you I knew if I didn’t kill him he was going to rape and kill you and I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

Eliza said with tears running down her cheeks, “But you almost died…..you were shot…you.”

“Once I knew you were safe it didn’t matter what happened to me.”

“Michael, I don’t know what to say, how to thank you….I”

“Eliza, just love me and stay with me and whatever happens we’ll just take it one day at a time .OK?”

“Make love to me Michael now” she demanded

I was on top and I entered her slowly, teasing her. Going in a bit and pulling out, rubbing her clit with my cock and then back in, this went on for about 3 minutes until she grabbed my ass pulling me down into her while she thrust up to meet me making me hit bottom while she screamed with delight. I just couldn’t believe how wild she was. She put her ankles up over my shoulders and purred, “Fuck me deep Michael, I want to feel you in the pit of my stomach, OHHHHH GOD I’m cumming fuck me harder, harder!”

I was fucking for all I was worth and she came over and over again, as we slowed she said, “You didn’t come, are you OK?”

I laughed, “I’m fine” Then I began to sing, “I’m takin my time, drinkin my wine.”

She laughed and called me a dick, I said, “What’s the matter you don’t like Joe Walsh, he rocks.”

She got on all fours, put a finger in her backdoor and said, “How about rockin this.”

I wasted no time. I got behind her, rubbed my cock up and down her dripping slit and pushed it slowly into her ass until my balls were up against her dripping snatch. I slowly pulled out until just the head remained inside, then did it again and again gradually picking up the pace until we were both screaming with pleasure.

We went hard doggie style for about 5 minutes, then she pulled off me and got on her back and she guided my cock back into her ass pulling me down so she could kiss me. As our lips parted she screamed, “FUCK IT HARD!”

She told me she loved me over and over until she started to buck wildly as a series of massive orgasms assaulted beautiful her body. She shook and moaned for what seemed like an eternity. Then as her orgasms began to subside she looked up at me and said, “You know what I want!”

I immediately pulled out and moved up her body until my cock was in her face she licked the head and said “Fuck my face like it was my ass baby!”

And that’s just what I did; she swallowed every inch of my cock and squeezed my balls over and over again. She looked up at me with those beautiful loving eyes and I lost it as I started to explode. She just backed off my cock a little at a time, allowing room for my jizz to fill her mouth never losing a drop, she just kept pumping my cock and balls until I was dry.

A few seconds later, in one swift motion Eliza pushed me onto my back while never releasing my still hard member from her mouth, straddled me and impaled herself on me burying my cock up to the hilt in that sweet pussy. I couldn’t believe I was still hard becasuse I must have dumped a quart of cum into her hungry mouth. Eliza she sat up, rubbing her tits and pinching her stiff nipples, just riding me furiously. It was a few seconds later that I noticed her mouth was still full, she’d never swallowed my load, I didn’t know what she was up to but I knew I’d love it.

When she had my complete and undivided attention she threw her head back and began to let my jizz run from the corners of her beautiful mouth, gradually releasing more and more letting it run down over her body until her entire torso was covered in me. She began to rub it in and lick her fingers, tasting it like it was honey. All the while, she was riding me faster and faster until she saw that look in my eyes. Then she leaned forward and started to lick and suck my nipples while steadily pounding her pussy up and down on my cock until I exploded in my third orgasm in the last hour.

When Eliza felt the first spurt explode inside her, she came like I had just hit her orgasm button. After several minutes of frenzied touching, licking and kissing we collapsed in a hot sweaty sticky panting pile on the couch.

We lay joined together for the next few minutes, and then she kissed me, stood up and took me by the hand into the shower. She sat me down and washed me from head to toe then did herself. Then she took a giant towel from the rack, dried us both and led me by the hand into bed where we just kissed and held each other for quite awhile. She looked deeply into my eyes and said simply, “I love you Michael and I want to wake up with you every morning from now on.”

“I love you too.” Was all I could say to her but it was enough, I reached over and picked up the phone dialed ext 112,

David answered, “Yes sir what can I do for you?”

“David we are not to be disturbed for any reason.”

“I understand sir I’ll take care of it, good night sir.”

“Thank you, good night David.”

I looked at Eliza and said let’s go to sleep then I put my arm around her and as she snuggled up to me I kissed her lightly on the forehead and whispered, “I love you baby”

Never lifting her head she said, “I haven’t slept in a year but I think I’ll be OK from now on.”

Then we closed our eyes, not knowing where we’d end up but for now we were together then drifted off into a beautiful dream together.

The end, or is it?

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