Eliza Dushku Caught On Video – Chapter 7

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 07

by Bgibbons ©

The flight was nice; we were like little kids laughing and giggling and the closer we got to our destination the more excited we got especially Eliza.

We bounced down on the runway as opposed to landing, everybody on the plane gasped while Eliza and I with the help of several glasses of wine just smiled. As we walked toward the main concourse Eliza grabbed my hand and squeezed it saying,

“I’m really glad we’re together, I can’t wait to meet all your friends.”

“So am I but remember what I said if you want to spend some time alone with your
friend I understand, OK?”

“You’re the best, but don’t worry about it lets just have fun,” she said kissing me on the cheek.

When we hit the baggage area I saw a tall slim blonde with huge tits in a baby blue sundress looking around, Guess who?

When Eliza saw her they both screamed like teenagers and ran to each other. Eliza led Kirsten over by the hand and introduced us; she was even more beautiful in person than on the big screen.

“Hi Cynde, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise Kirsten, I’ve heard a lot about you over the last few days,” and before I could get another word out she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a vicious hug followed by a light peck on the lips.

“Give me your luggage tags and tickets and call me Kirsty, only my mom calls me Kirsten.”

Kirsten handed our tags to a porter along with a $50 told him where she was parked and led us by the hands to her Hummer. As we walked I noticed her middle finger was stroking Eliza’s palm and I started to feel funny about it until she started doing it to me to. In the elevator Eliza grabbed my hand then kissed Kirsten and wrapped her arms around both of us hugged us fiercely. When we got to her truck I jumped in the back and said,

“Thanks for picking us up, this flight always kicks my ass.”

Kirsten laughed and said,

“Is she a lightweight or can she party?”

Eliza reached back and touched my lips and I sucked a finger into my mouth while Kirsten watched and smiled.

“K girl she made me come like 8 fucking times the other night…do yourself a favor and kiss those perfect lips!”

Kirsten leaned back between the seats and as our lips touched her eyes closed and when our tongues met she let out a soft moan . When she broke our kiss I saw Eliza had her hand between Kirsten’s legs,

“Damn girl don’t you ever wear underwear,” Eliza laughed.

Kirsten gave her a hard look then said,

“You didn’t even notice did you?”

Eliza looked confused then Kirsten took her hand and put it back between her legs and rubbed it up and down a few times.

A smile broke out on Eliza’s face,

“Oh my god you shaved,” she exclaimed as she continued rubbing Kirsten’s pussy.

“I wanted to surprise you and I used what you told me.” I was smiling just watching the two of them when Kirsten turned to me,

“Doesn’t her pussy feel like velvet?”

I nodded yes and said, “It feels nice but it tastes better than it feels.”

“Cyn I know you guys are together but don’t be mad if you catch me with my face or my fingers in her pussy because you know the E-girl makes you feel things nobody else can.”

Eliza laughed,

“Kirsty its cool, Cyndie and I talked about it, she wants to watch us.”

Kirsten laughed again,

“Fuck that I want those sweet lips wrapped around my clit if that’s all right with you Miss Eliza.”

Eliza smiled as I gently pulled Kirsten to me and kissed her. As our tongues met my hand found her left breast and squeezed it ever so gently making her moan softly.

When I broke the kiss I whispered in her ear,

“I think you’re hot and I’d love to wrap my lips around your clit.”

Kirsten was breathing heavy and beginning to sweat as a knock on the window startled all us, the porter with the luggage motioned to the back and Kirsten popped the rear door. As we pulled onto the NJ Turnpike Kirsten said,

“I figured we’d go to my house and clean up then whatever you guy’s want to do is fine with me.”

“My aunt owns a pub in Brick I thought we could go there for dinner and surprise her, I didn’t tell anybody I was coming home.”

Kirsten smiled,

“That sounds great.”

The next thing I knew Kirsten was shaking my shoulder,

“Hey Cyn we’re here.”

When I opened my eyes I was looking at this huge beach house complete with a brick wall and big Iron Gate,

“This is beautiful,” I said looking around.

Kirsten flashed me a smile and said,

“I grew up not too far from here and my mom always loved this house.

I told mom if I ever made it big I was gonna buy her this house, not bad for a kid from Pt Pleasant huh!”

Eliza grabbed her bags and headed into the house without a word; Kirsten looked at me and asked,

“What happened with her and Michael, when I saw them last year they were talking about getting married?”

“It’s not my place to say but I will tell you it was bad…Give her time she’ll tell you herself.”

Kirsten had a worried look on her face but I fixed that,

“Look, let’s just make sure she has a good time, ok?”

Kirsten nodded,

“Cyn, I can tell she’s crazy about you so I’ll behave myself.”

“Look it’s only been a few days, so I have no illusions about anything, she’s on the rebound so I’m just going to take it day by day…She was so happy when you called.”

Kirsten smiled finally as we entered the house but got serious as she began to speak,

“Look Cyndie I’m seriously hot for her but I don’t want to cause a problem for you guys, ok.”

I grabbed Kirsten’s hand and kissed her,

“Thanks, but she wants you bad and I want to watch, that’s if you don’t mind having an audience,” I said with a smile.

Kirsten got that sad face again and said,

“You’re not going to join in?”

“Do me a favor, help me get her good and drunk tonight and when we get back here I’m going to PASS OUT on the couch and when I do.”

Kirsten flashed me a wicked smile knowing where I was going,

“You’re sure your ok with us getting it on?”

“DUH, it’s my idea.”

“But what about you,” she asked as her hand reached under my skirt and found my drenched pussy.

“I’ll join in after you after you two have had some private time.”

Kirsten stepped closer put her arms around me and we kissed and she started to shiver.

“You OK,” I asked.

Before she could answer Eliza startled us both,

“Doesn’t she make you heart race when she kisses you?”

Eliza was wearing nothing but her sandals and a smile and was carrying a towel.

I looked at her and licked my lips,

“And just where do you think your going un-dressed like that?”

“The pool,” she announced; “so both of you strip and join me, NOW!”

Kirsten and I smiled, stripped and followed her out the door. I looked a Kirsten but before I could say anything she said,

“Its ok Cyn, my house is the highest one around and I’ve got a 6 foot privacy fence around the pool deck, I lay out naked all the time and I’ve never had any problems.”

I laughed and they both asked me what was so funny.

“I’m not worried about myself but pic’s of you two naked would bring a nice buck on the internet.”

Kirsten smiled walked over to Eliza’s chair threw her leg over Eliza’s head lowered her pussy onto her face and said,

“Go get your camera, but remember we split the cash three ways.”

Kirsten and I were laughing as Eliza’s hands gently squeezed the slim blonde’s tight ass while her tongue savagely attacked her clit, turning her giggles into a deep sigh’s that slowly built into a constant low moan.

I sat back stroking my own pussy as I watched Eliza bring Kirsten to a shuddering climax in less than a minute. As Kirsten began to come back to earth she knelt down kissed Eliza deeply and said,

“I’ve missed you so much; I’d almost forgotten what a real orgasm felt like.” She kissed Eliza again and as she moved between her legs Eliza said,

“Not now K-girl I’m really beat we’ve been up since 1 o’clock, I need a nap.”

Kirsten smiled winked at me and said,

“E why don’t you go in the house and lay down we’ll wake you up in a few hours?”

Eliza shaking her head no said,

“No way, where’s the sunscreen I need some color and I don’t want my tits to get burned like the last time I laid out naked.”

Kirsten walked over to the pool house and returned with a beach bag then proceeded to give Eliza the sexiest coating of sunscreen I’d ever seen. As Kirsten lingered over her pussy Eliza began to moan and rolled over and Kirsten gently slid a finger into her ass while she whispered something in her ear. Eliza Kissed her friend gently put her head back down and Kirsten quickly finished her back.

“NEXT.” Kirsten said turning to me and she proceeded to give me the same treatment and as she did Eliza. Kirsten’s sunscreen application got me so horny I was shaking when she finished.

“My turn,” Kirsten giggled as she stroked her pussy. I coated Kirsten as she had me taking extra time on her tits and ass, then when I got near her pussy she began to moan.

“Kiss me,” Kirsten said and when I did she took my hand and placed it on her pussy so I immediately tried to slip a finger in but she was so tight I was afraid to force it.

Kirsten sighed,

“Sorry Cyn, just use some baby oil it’s in the bag.” She looked embarrassed so I tried to make her feel better and said,

“The guys must love that tight pussy huh.”

She quietly said,

“Every time a guy tries to fuck me it hurt’s like hell, I guess that’s why I like women so much.”

“Maybe you need the right guy to loosen it up for you,” I said as I dipped my head and licked her from asshole to clit.

Kirsten lifted my head and said,

“Lay down I want you.”

I was a little nervous but Eliza was already in a deep sleep so I laid down put on my shades and spread my legs wide and invited K girl in.

What began with gentle licks and kisses ended up a wild 30-minute pussy grinding tongue sucking fuck session. Kirsten and I came within seconds of each other and as I held her pussy tightly against mine I kissed her and she came again screaming,

“Don’t stop Cyn, please don’t stop I’m still cummmming, oh fuck that feels good, fuck me baby oh god fuck me pleeeeease!”

We both got a start when Eliza said,

“That was fucking hot, your both so beautiful.”

I was embarrassed and felt bad While Kirsten stumbled over to Eliza and said,

“She’s incredible my whole body’s fucking shaking,” then she fell on top of Eliza kissing her sloppily.

Eliza knew I was feeling weird,

“Baby its ok, Kiki’s my friend and I wanted her to feel what I feel when you make love to me.”

“I just didn’t want you to think…but Kirsten’s so beautiful and I…”

Eliza and Kirsten smiled and Eliza said,

“Its OK stop worrying about it, now let’s take a dip and sleep till its time to leave.”

We all jumped in the pool rinsed off, dried each other and headed into Kirsten’s bedroom,

“What time are we going out tonight,” she said standing next to her stereo.

“Let’s leave at 7:30 that way Bobby and aunt Cally will both be in by the time we get there.”

Kirsten set the alarm on her stereo for 6:30 and put in a Nickleback CD saying,

I love these guys, they rock.” Kirsten then pushed a button on the intercom and her housekeeper appeared instantly,

“Alina, please put my friends things away in the guest suite and layout their casual attire, jeans will be fine for tonight…my red sweater.”

“In your closet miss,” she replied with a smile.

Alina was I thought maybe in her late thirties well over six feet with piercing blue eyes long straight blonde hair and a perfect body from what I could tell.

Eliza appeared from the bathroom,

“Hi Alina, how are you,” she said giving her a big hug.

“Nice to see you again Miss Eliza,” she said holding Eliza’s hands and looking her naked body over from head to toe then hugging her again.

Alina turned to me and said,

“And who might this pretty young lady be?”

Eliza did the introduction,

“Alina this is my friend Cyndie,” she said taking my hand.

“Nice to meet you miss Cyndie.”

“Nice to meet you Alina and its Cyndie or Cyn you can drop the Miss part.”

Alina smiled at me then kissed me on the cheek,

“Would anyone like anything,” she said still holding my hand.

Kirsten looked at us then told Alina we were fine but asked her to be sure we were up by 6:30.

Alina smiled nodded and left.

“Where’s she from,” I asked.

Kirsten said,

“Sweden, she’s been with us for 13 years, she’s great.”

“She’s beautiful, how old is she,” I asked.

“56,” Kirsten said.

I was shocked,

“No way, 56 she looks like maybe 38-39.”

Kirsten just shook her head.

Eliza nudging Kirsten,

“Cyn she’s a masseuse, ask her for a massage tomorrow I guarantee you’ll love it,” Eliza said with an evil smile.

“What’s up,” I said to them both.

“Nothing, E-girl’s just being silly,” Kirsten said taking my hand and leading me into bed, Kirsten put me between herself and Eliza. As I lay down with Kirsten in front and Eliza behind both pressed their bodies against mine, Kirsten turned to kiss my lips while Eliza was kissing my neck I said,

“I wonder how much your average American male would pay to be in the center of this sandwich.”

Without missing a beat Kirsten said,

“Just remember we split the cash three ways,” I laughed and turned to Eliza but she was already asleep.

A few minutes had passed when Kirsten turned to me,

“I’m really glad you guys are here, I get so lonely sometimes.”

I put my arms around her and kissed my way up her neck then bit her ear lobe.

Kirsten turned and begged me to kiss her, and as I did I roughly squeezed her nipples. Kirsten’s body shuddered and she broke the kiss abruptly,

“Cyn, please stop you’re killing me, you almost make me come when you kiss me.”

I smiled and licked her neck,

“Let’s go to sleep, we can finish this tonight,” I said as I squeezed her nipples again.

Thinking Eliza was asleep she surprised us when she said,

“Hey Special K stop trying to fuck my girlfriend, you little slut.”

Kirsten giggled and said,

“Sorry E but she makes me feel so fucking good I can’t help myself.”

Eliza slid her hand down between my legs and started gently rubbing my clit and said,

“Ok Kirsty girl you can borrow her but remember she belongs to me and you have to give her back.”

“That sounds fair, but I’m not gonna give her right back.”

I jumped in at this point,

“Hey don’t I get a say in who’s going to be fucking me?”

I laughed hysterically when they both said,

“NO” loudly in unison.

As we laughed the door opened and Alina stuck her head in smiled and said,

“I thought you three were tired…now go to sleep,” and closed the door.

Eliza said,

“Really ladies if we’re going out tonight I need at least an hour, OK!”

We agreed and Eliza continued,

“Now go to sleep both of you.”

Eliza was still working my clit when I turned and said,

“It would be a lot easier to go to sleep if you’d stop rubbing my clit.”

Kirsten laughed like hell until Eliza stuck the fingers she’d been rubbing me with into her friends mouth.

“She tastes sweet doesn’t she?” Kirsten didn’t answer she just closed her eyes and sucked Eliza’s fingers.

“Now let me sleep and I’ll let you borrow her later, OK?” begged Eliza.

I was laughing and said,

“I feel like a new bike everybody wants to try out.”

Kirsten reached behind and took my hand and said,

“Honey your no bike you’re a fucking Bentley,” then she pulled my arm around her and snuggled into me and sighed.

Eliza kissed my neck and said,

“Love you baby.”

I just purred and Kirsten said,

“I’m so jealous of you two,” then she asked me if I had a twin sister she could meet.

“Was that EAT or MEET,” I asked.

“SHUT UP,” Eliza groaned.

“Cyn, you tired,” Kirsten asked.

“Not really, why,” I asked.


“Let’s go,” I said the both of us kissed Eliza and ran out of the room.

Eliza yelled at us as we left,

“Kirsty, don’t wear her out or I’ll kick that cute little ass of yours.”

Kirsten smiled and said,

“I won’t I promise, now go to sleep.”

I went back kissed Eliza and said,

“Close your eyes and I promise I’ll behave, Love you.”

Kirsten was waiting and took my hand and we talked as we walked

“Hot tub only I swear,” she said.

“Kirsten it’s ok really,” I wanted her; her pussy really did taste like honey just like Eliza said.

“No Cyn, I’d feel a lot better if the three of us made love together, does that sound weird,” Kirsten asked.

“No it doesn’t, you really care about her don’t you.”

Kirsten got a serious look on her face,

“She’s my best friend but I really am jealous of you two…Promise me you’ll be good to her, she’s special.”

“Look this is all new to me, I mean I’ve been with a few girls but I never had a girlfriend if you know what I mean?”

Kirsten smiled,

“E-girl always knows how to make you feel special and I’m not talking about sex, she’s as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, ya know.”

Eliza had a great friend in Kirsten and I guess now she had two,

“Can I kiss you?”

“Cyn I’ll do anything you want but if you said all you’d do is kiss me that would be enough.

I asked her why because I really didn’t understand.

“Cyn when you kiss me…I can’t explain it…its kind of like when you masturbate, you can keep yourself on the edge until your ready then you have one of those mind blowing orgasms.”

I smiled at her and said,

“Eliza makes me feel that way every time she touches me.”

Kirsten smiled and said,

“I know.”

We sat in the tub just holding hands and lost track of time until Alina’s voice aroused us,

“6:30 ladies, time to get ready,” she said as she stood holding two white fluffy bathrobes. Alina put her hand out to me and helped me into a robe and said,

“You and Miss Eliza are in the room next to Miss Kirsten’s and I’ve laid out your things for the evening as well as setting up your bathroom and dressing table.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled and said,

“Now run along Miss Eliza’s looking for you.”

As I walked into the house I stopped to watch Kirsten get out of the Hot tub, she was so beautiful.

She stood like a statue her legs slightly apart while Alina took a large towel and dried every part of her body; what she did next caught me by surprise.

Alina folded the towel laid it on the deck in front of Kirsten kneeled down and buried her face in that sweet pussy. Kirsten leaned back against the railing spread her legs wide and began gently rubbing her nipples. Alina was obviously quite gifted in the use of her tongue because it only took about 2 minutes for her to make Kirsten come.

When Kirsten came it was a thing of beauty, her face glowed and her body shook as she held Alina’s head where she wanted it. As Kirsten came down Alina dipped a small cloth into the hot tub and wiped Kirsten’s pussy and thighs then gently patted them dry and wrapped her in a robe kissing her neck as she tied it around her.

Eliza startled me,

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

I spun around and there stood Eliza fully dressed and smiling,

“Sorry if I scared you baby, you and Kirsty get it on?”

“I wanted to but she wouldn’t.”

Eliza looked puzzled and said,

“Why not, I know she likes you.”

“She said she wouldn’t feel comfortable unless it was the three of us together, she says you’re her best friend and it wouldn’t be right.”

“She really said that,” I nodded to Eliza, “I love that girl.”

I kissed Eliza and said,

“I love YOU; now let me get dressed so we can get out of here.”

Eliza yanked my robe off and smacked me on the ass as I ran to our room with her close behind.

When I reached our room I was shocked to find Alina had laid out exactly what I was planning on wearing, as I was staring at the clothes laid out on the bed Eliza said,

“Alina’s amazing isn’t she?”

“I guess she reads minds as well as keeping house.”

Eliza laughed,

“That’s not all she does, now get dressed I’m starving.”

I laid on the bed spread my legs wide stroked my clit and said,

“Why go out, when we can eat in bed.”

She laughed and said,

“Get dressed I want to meet your crew and have some fun.”


We took Kristen’s limo for the evening so we could party without a designated driver. We weren’t in the car all of 10 minutes when Alina called Kirsten on her cell phone.

“Hi Alina what’s up,” she asked as Eliza and I were playing kissy face making her laugh.

“Eliza you know a Ken Lambert,” Kirsten asked.

“He’s my agent, why,” Eliza replied

“He called my house and said he needs to talk to you ASAP.” Kirsten said as she hung up the phone.

“Where’s your cell,” I asked.

“I left it on our bathroom counter charging,” she said as Kirsten handed her, her phone.

Eliza dialed and waited,

“Hi its Eliza is Ken in?”


KEN; “Eliza?”

ELIZA; “Hi Ken what’s up?”

KEN; “Where are you, I’ve been calling your cell all day and when I called the house your friend Ox gave me Kirsten Dunst’s phone number, was that really her house I called?”

ELIZA; “It was wanna say Hi?”

KEN; “you can tell her for me, now where the hell are you?”

ELIZA; “I’m in New Jersey on vacation, why?”

KEN; “Is Michael with you?”

ELIZA; “No he’s not…we’re done and no I don’t want to talk about it ok,” Eliza snapped.

KEN; “Sorry honey…I’m here if you need me.

ELIZA; “Thanks Ken, sorry I snapped but I’m ok.”

KEN; “You’ve gotta come back right now!”

ELIZA; Ken, come on can’t whatever it is wait I really need some time,” Ken cut her off.

KEN; It can’t wait, the TV show we talked about, their gonna do it but they want to meet with you Monday afternoon.”

Eliza looked stunned.

ELIZA; Ken they really want me?”

KEN; You’re the reason their doing it, your ratings on Buffy and Angel always were strong they know you can carry a show…They said it’s yours if you want it but they want it signed sealed and delivered by Monday afternoon.”

ELIZA; Book me a flight out of Newark tomorrow and one back Monday night, call me on my cell or at Kirsten’s house with the flight info, and call Ox and ask him to have me picked up.”

KEN; I’ll call you ASAP…..Honey do me a favor please…be careful what you do in public, remember you and your friend almost made the tabloids when you were on your Bring It On Vacation…what I’m trying to say is be discreet.”

ELIZA; “I will and thanks for everything Ken.”

KEN; My pleasure, see you Monday gorgeous.”

Eliza dropped the phone and started screaming like a wild woman and when she filled us in we all went nuts and I said,

“Well now we’ve really got something to celebrate.”

Kirsten smiled and kissed Eliza on the cheek and said,

“I’m happy for E-girl you deserve it, think you can get me a recurring role, I’d love to work with you again.”

Eliza hugged and kissed her then turned to me and gave me a kiss that laid me out.

Kirsten’s mouth dropped open,

“Whoa…that was intense.”

I fell back against the seat and said,

“Well I guess I just got a taste of my own medicine.”

And as we pulled up to the pub Kirsten was laughing so hard she fell on the floor.

As I stepped out of the limo my high school friend Donnie Davis all state defensive lineman greeted me,

“Well I’ll be, if it isn’t Miss Hollywood herself,” his greeting was cut short when Eliza and Kirsten stepped out of the car.

“GO TORO’S,” Donnie bellowed making Eliza and Kirsten smile.

“I guess are plan of going incognito’s been shot to hell,” Eliza said as Donnie kissed her hand,

“It’s an honor to meet you Miss Dushku.”

Eliza smiled,

“Likewise kind sir and its Eliza.”

Then taking Kirsten’s hand,

“And you as well Miss Dunst.”

“Aren’t we charming and it’s Kirsten,” she said with a big smile.

Donnie laughed and said,

“Ladies I’m a big fan and since my friend is being rude allow me to introduce myself I’m Donnie Davis.”

Donnie bowed and I lost it,

“God you’re making me ill, I remember when he used to play pull my finger with the freshman girls…it’s an honor to meet you, my ass.”

Donnie was a good friend and always a lot of fun; he picked me up in a bear hug as usual,

“Good to see ya darling it’s been too long…god damn your even more beautiful then I remembered,” he roared as he stared at me.

I laughed again,

“Donnie I love you and thanks for the compliment but your still not getting in my pants, how’s Donna?”

Donnie laughed,

“Can’t knock a guy for trying and Donna’s fine, is Cally expecting you?”

I flashed him a wicked smile,

“It’s a surprise, her and Bobby in the office as usual?”

“Yep and Dave’s at the bar with his golf buddies, go in through the kitchen and surprise everybody.”

I told Eliza and Kirsten to grab a seat at the bar and have a drink and I went around the back. Upon Entering I put my finger to my lips to quiet everyone getting about a hundred silent hugs the last and biggest from Chef Mike.

Chef Mike has been with Aunt Cally since day one, he’s kind of like a furry version of Ox only a little older.

“We were all talking about you last night Cally really misses you, come on your aunt and brother are in the office.”

Mike had me stand out of sight and went in closing the door behind him,

“We’ve got a problem,” Mike said.

“What’s wrong?” Bobby asked.

“Fucking pain in the ass customer had a problem with an order and wants to chew the owners out personally, so I figured better back here than out front.”

“Where is he or she?” Bobby asked.

“Out in the hall.”

Bobby opened the door and I said,

“Fucking food sucks in this joint!”

Before I knew what was happening he swept me off my feet and kissed me a dozen times and carried me into the office

“Cyn I’ve missed you so much, Cally and I were just talking about flying out to see you.”

“Cyndie you little sneak get over here and give me a hug,” Aunt Cally said as she began to squeeze the life out of me.

“Bobby she’s more beautiful than the last time we saw her, must be getting laid steady,” Cally said making Bobby and Mike laugh.

“Aunt Cally you’re bad, but I love you anyway,” I said as I gave her a big kiss.

“Guy’s come with me I brought a few friends with me who I want you to meet. Bobby took one hand Cally the other and as Mike started to excuse himself I said,

“Mike you too, these are special friends and your family,” so Mike followed.

Bobby squeezed my hand and said,

“Dad’s at the bar, he’s gonna flip out.”

When we got to the bar Eliza and Kirsten had drawn a crowd and Dave my surrogate dad appeared to be leading the attack and as we approached I heard him say,

“My beautiful daughter lives out in California, isn’t she beautiful guys,” he asked his friends then he said,

“A toast to these two lovely ladies and to my beautiful daughter Cyndie.”

As they raised their glasses I yelled,


Dave turned saw me and started to cry, I hadn’t been home in three years but I was already getting those old feelings back.

Dave got up and hugged me tightly and said,

“Hi baby, How you been?”

“Hi daddy, I’m fine, did you miss me?”

“Still a wiseass,” then he turned and looked at Eliza and Kirsten smiling at him.

“Did you two set me up,” he asked them.

Kirsten waved to herself and Eliza and said,

“Now do we look like the kind of girls who’d be involved in this kind of deception?”

Chef Mike chuckled and said,

“Oh great, just what we need two more good looking ball buster’s as if one wasn’t enough,” he said pointing to me.

Everyone laughed then I introduced my two new friends to everyone and Aunt Cally had a large table set up for everyone. As we were seated Chef Mike took Eliza and Kirsten into the kitchen and as I started to follow I felt a gentle tap on the shoulder and turned to see the prettiest smile and the biggest brown eyes on the planet.

“Hi Rena,” I said as I gave her a hug.

“I’m great Cyn, but I’ve missed my big sister.”

I used to baby-sit Rena; Rena was the youngest of 4 and being the only girl she kind of adopted me as her big sister and I loved it.

“I’ve missed you too kiddo, sit down and tell me what’s new.”

Her smile was infectious she was such a doll.

“I’m in my first year at Rutgers, I’m working here nights and I’m coaching my old squad.”

Rena was a cheerleader and a great one,

“Coaching, excellent how’s the squad looking this year?”

“The best I’ve ever seen, we have a competition Wednesday night, can you come?”

I saw Eliza and Kirsten heading back our way with Chef Mike, as I hugged Rena and said,

“Just tell me where and when and we’ll be there.”

Rena staring at me,

“Who’s we,” she asked.

Turning her around and said,

“Rena I’d like you to meet my friends,” when she turned and saw them she froze.

“Ladies I’d like you to meet my little sister and one of New Jerseys best cheerleaders Rena Marcone.”

“Eliza and Kirsten smiled and introduced themselves but Rena was frozen stiff.

Everybody laughed and Rena snapped out of it,

“I’m really sorry…I…uh,” Kirsten quickly put her at ease,

“That’s ok Rena; Eliza goes gaga every time she sees me too so you’re in good company.”

Rena laughed and Kirsten sat her down between herself and Eliza.

“Little sister,” Eliza asked.

“I used to baby sit her, so she adopted me, I love her to death, she’s a little doll isn’t she?”

“That’s sweet…my god look at her she’s an angel, look at that face and those big brown eyes, how old is she like 12,” Eliza laughed.

“Hey Rena how old are you now,” I asked.

“I turned 21 last week, and thanks for the birthday card, NOT!”

I felt like shit because she always remembered mine,

“I’m sorry honey, forgive me?”

“Its ok sis, my brothers never remember and we grew up in the same house.”

“I’m going to be here for a while so I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Rena got a funny look in her eyes,

“Cyn if you really want to I know how you can make it up to me.”

“Name it sweetie.”

“We’re having fundraiser here on Monday night for the squad; we have to raise another ten grand to pay for the trip to Florida.”

Kirsten smiled knowing what Rena was asking so she jumped in,

“How can we help,” she asked

“Could you guys stop by and maybe sign some autographs and take some pictures, you know stuff like that.”

I looked at Kirsten who was now digging in her purse then at Eliza who had a big smile on her face nodding yes,

“Rena we’d love to,” I said and she practically tackled me.

“Thanks so much,”

She screamed then she hugged all three of us thanking us over and over again. Kirsten whispered something to Eliza and they went to the bar, I was going to follow but Rena hugged me again and pulled me into the chair next to her.

Bobby, Dad and aunt Cally were talking when Rena said,

“Thanks a million sis, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Where are you going, you gotta date or something,” I asked.

Rena frowned and said,

“No but I don’t wanna intrude.”

Aunt Cally stepped in,

“Sit down young lady you’re joining us for dinner and that’s an order.”

Rena smiled and said,

“You’re the boss,” and sat down.

Kirsten and Eliza returned and handed Rena an envelope,

“She read the return address out loud,

“Lambert Management inc.,” Eliza said,

“Don’t read it open it!”

When she opened it her mouth dropped open,

“Oh my god, I can’t take these.”

“You can and you will,” Kirsten said in a stern voice.

I grabbed the envelope from Rena and pulled out two checks for $5000 each.”

Eliza handed Rena a pen and said,

“Fill in the payable to line’s honey.”

Rena’s eye’s filled with tears as she filled in the checks,

“I don’t know how to thank you…I,” Kirsten cut her off and said,

“Remember when you go to nationals, BRING IT!”

“Rena yelled, GO TORO’S,” and hugged Eliza and Kirsten for what seemed like an eternity then kissed them both and turned to me;

“Thanks Cyn, you’re always there for me, I love you.”

I hugged her and said,

“Lets eat I’m starving.”

Kirsten took Rena by the hand and said,

“Let’s go wipe those tears off that pretty face honey.”

I looked at Eliza and she winked at me then Aunt Cally said,

“Eliza that was really nice, you made that kid so happy I’ll have to glue her feet to the floor she’ll be so high for the next few days.”

“I like being able to do things like that; she seems like a sweet kid.”

“Cyndie come with me I want to show you something,” she said as she took my hand and led me to the office.

“What’s up,” I asked.

“Are you and Eliza more than just friends?”

Aunt Cally never missed a thing,

“I love her aunt Cally, I really do,” I couldn’t believe I’d just blurted that out but I did so I prepared myself for a serious lecture at the very least.

“Honey its OK, I’m a lesbian remember?”

Cally had a special friend for many years but she refused to make any kind of commitment to her so she left, my aunt had never recovered from losing her.

“Cynde I tried so hard to hide it all those years I lost the only woman I ever loved so don’t make the same mistakes I did…I want you to be happy whoever you’re with.”

I smiled at her and said,

“I guess only time will tell,” and Cally hugged me.

Cally still hugging me said,

“I’m happy for you honey.”

Bobby knocked then stuck his head in and said,

“Foods on the table ladies.”

“We’ll be there in a minute handsome,”

Cally giggled as Bobby walked away,

“I always thought you and Bobby would end up together.”

“Me too, I love him and always will but not the same way he loves me I guess.”

Aunt Cally got serious and said,

“You have to tell him.”

“I can’t, he won’t understand and I don’t want to lose him.”

Aunt Cally smiled,

“Honey your brother loves you like I do, he’ll understand.”

“Look, Eliza’s flying back to California for a few days and I promise I’ll tell him, but tonight I just want to have some fun?”

Cally smiling again,

“Good girl.”

I pushed thoughts of telling Bobby from my mind and said,

“Lets eat, I’ve been dreaming about Mikes cooking since I decided to come home.”

“Honey I’m happy your home.”

I hugged Aunt Cally and said,

“Me Too.”


Dinner was unbelievable, we had everything from soup to nuts Chef Mike even ate with us and that was rare.

Eliza looked at me and said,

“I’m going to explode if I eat another bite.”

I smiled slid her hand up my skirt and whispered,

“No room for dessert?”

Eliza grinning slid a finger into my pussy, leaned over and whispered in my ear,

“I don’t want to make love to you tonight,” she said sliding another finger into me.

Before I could respond she whispered,

“Because I’m gonna fuck you till you beg for mercy.”

I smiled stroked her thigh and whispered,

“Don’t tease me you little slut,” then she stuck her tongue out at me and laughed.

Eliza removed her slick fingers from my dripping cunt and pretended to dip them in her salad bowl then stuck them in her mouth sucking them clean.

Eliza turned to Chef Mike with her fingers still in her mouth and said,

“This Caesar salad dressing is the best…mmmmm yummy.”

I was so hot I wanted to throw her down on the floor and rape her but I just laughed and nodded to Eliza and said,

“Aunt Cally can we use the office Eliza has to call her agent.”

My aunt smiled and waved us away so I grabbed Eliza by the hand and led her down the hall and into the office. The second the door closed we were all over each other kissing and grabbing each other wildly,

“Take off your skirt I want your pussy NOW,” Eliza growled.

I stood up and locked the door dropping my skirt as instructed along the way then sat on the leather chair in the corner. As I sat back and seductively threw one leg over the arm of the chair I spread my dripping pussy open wide saying,

“You started this so now you have to finish it you little slut.”

Eliza dove across the room and buried her face in my pussy licking and sucking hungrily then she stopped and grabbed a few towels from the bundle on the floor and while she slid one under my ass she said,

“Don’t want to make a mess young lady and you know what a sloppy eater I am.”

I just groaned and pulled her face back into my crotch and a few minutes later I felt my orgasm staring to build. I knew my approaching climax was going to be a major one so I grabbed a towel rolled it up and bit down on it as Eliza sucked my clit into her mouth. When her tongue finally touched my clit I exploded thrashing about so much I knocked the lamp off the table thankfully it didn’t break and had it not been for towel in my mouth they would’ve heard me screaming back in California.

I was shaking uncontrollably as Eliza gently brought me back down from heaven by lightly licking and kissing my inner thighs and tummy and I started to cry when she told me she loved. My lover slid up wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed me several times then smiled and said,

“Lets get cleaned up and go back to the party, we can finish this later.”

I put my skirt on and straightened my blouse and as Eliza was touching up her makeup I excused myself,

“I’ll meet you at the bar, I need to use the ladies room,” then I kissed her and walked out. What I didn’t know was that when I left Eliza did call her agent but it wasn’t about the Show.


ELIZA; “Ken its Eliza, sorry to call you at home.”

KEN; “No problem, is everything OK?”

ELIZA; “Actually everything’s great but I need you to do something for me, there’s a house for sale on the ocean just north of Laguna beach near my friend Cynde’s place the owners name is Hansen, call your realtor friend and find it for me.”

KEN; “You still have 4 months left on the lease for the house you and Michael were sharing…”

ELIZA; “Ken just cut a check for the last 4 months and I’ll sign it Monday and make an appointment for me to see that house on Tuesday morning.”

Ken felt bad about mentioning Michael,

KEN; “Honey I’m sorry about…the uh well you know, I’m sorry.”

ELIZA; “No need to apologize, without you who knows where I’d be but I really want to see that house.”

KEN; “Consider it done. If you’ve got a pen I’ve got your travel info.”

ELIZA; “Do me a favor call my cell and leave it on my voice mail, I gotta go.”

KEN; “Eliza…you sure everything’s ok?”

ELIZA; “Everything’s great, I’m with some nice people here so don’t worry about me ok?”

KEN; “What’s her name?”

ELIZA; “You know her, Cynde the bartender from Jakes.”

KEN; “Do me a favor, I heard Kirsten’s been having some problems with her agent so put in a good word for me will ya. Tell your new friend she’s gorgeous and I can get her a lot of work if she’s interested.”

ELIZA; “Always working it aren’t you,” Eliza said with a laugh.

KEN; “I’ve got two kids I have to put through college ya know so cut me some slack.”

ELIZA; “Kirsty mentioned to me she wasn’t happy with her guy the last time I talked to her so I’ll mention it to her.”

KEN; “Love ya doll face, have fun.”

ELIZA; “I hate when you call me that, makes me feel like I’m 10 years old.”

KEN; “TOO BAD, now go have some fun…DOLL FACE!”

ELIZA; “Love you, bye.”


I went to the bar and Eliza showed up about 5 minutes later,

“Where you been,” I asked.

“I actually did call Ken, I had photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow I forgot to cancel.”

“Was it important,” I asked.

“Actually I was doing it as a favor, but the guy’s a good friend so it’s cool, now I need a drink,” Eliza said.

“Tell me something, Is Kirsten trying to hook up with Rena?”

“Cyn wake up, your little sister has the hot’s for K-girl I noticed it the minute their eye’s met,” Eliza said with a laugh.

“No way, she’s just a kid she can’t…she’s too young,” I said.

“Cyn relax, Kristy’s not a child molester so be cool.”

“I’m sorry I know it’s none of my business,” Eliza cut me off.

“It is your business you care about this kid that’s why we gave her the money, we did it for you honey!”



“You wanna go to the bar with them,” Rena said.

“No let’s leave them alone. So how long have you been friends with Cyndie?”

“Since I was 7, that’s when my mom died, Cyndie used to watch me and Bobby would smack my brother’s around when they were giving me a hard time.”

“Good friends huh,” Kirsten asked with a smile.

“My best friends, sometimes I think there my only friends.”

Kirsten smiled,

“Well now you’ve got two new friends, Eliza and me,” she said as she touched Rena’s hand.

Rena got a scared look on her face,

“Rena, you ok,” Kirsten asked.

“Let’s go outside I need some air,” Rena begged.

“Lead the way cutie pie.”

Once outside they went to the back of the parking lot and Rena dropped a bombshell.

“Do you recognize me?”

Kirsten thought about it for a minute,

“I don’t think so, wait a minute your always on the beach by my house.”

Rena smiled,

“My brother owns 343 you’re at 345 I use the house when he’s away.”

“Mike and Julia, yeah I’ve met them a few times, seem like nice people.”

“Whatever, look I’ve got a confession to make…. I…oh shit.”

“Rena what is it?”

“From my brothers attic I can see you on your deck.”

Kirsten laughed then thought about it,

“What did you see?”

“I’ve seen you and that tall blonde lady…doing stuff.”

Kirsten got on the defensive,

“Rena what the hell is this, what do you want from me,”

But before the words had faded Rena kissed her and Kirsten started to pull back but only for a second then she returned the kiss. Rena broke the kiss and pulled her new friend into the shadows where they kissed passionately for a few minutes before the kitchen door opened and the spell was broken.

Kirsten gently stroked Rena’s hair to calm her down,

“Look I like you but I gotta think about this, OK?”

“I’m sorry Kirsten, I’m really sorry.”

Kirsten smiled that sweet smile,

“No reason to be sorry, but can I ask you something?”


“Did you watch more than once,” Rena nodded yes.”

“What did you do while you watched us?”

Rena was fidgeting around and didn’t answer so Kirsten went on the attack.

“You were masturbating weren’t you,” Kirsten demanded.

Rena simply nodded yes and looked down at her feet then Kirsten went in for the kill.

“Did you come,” Kirsten asked with a slight quiver in her voice.

Rena looked up into her eyes and said,

“Harder than ever.”

Kirsten wrapped her arms around Rena’s tiny waist kissed her again and said,

“Give me your number before I leave tonight and I promise we’ll get together.”

“You really mean it, you’re not mad at me?”

Kirsten smiled at her and said,

“I’m not mad, I’m flattered.”

Rena smiled and said,

“You promise you’ll call me, you really mean it?”

“I promise, now let’s go back inside and have some fun,” Kirsten said while gently squeezing her new friend’s ass. Kirsten marveled at how firm this young girl’s ass was and when she squeezed Rena moaned softly and kissed Kirsten again.

When Discretion got the better of them they straightened themselves up and headed back inside, as they got to the door Donnie said,

“Hey Remarkable Dan and Thom are inside with the bitch sisters.”

Rena very abruptly said,

“I gotta go, tell Cyndie to call me tomorrow and thank Eliza for me,” then she ran off to the parking lot crying.

Kirsten looked at Donnie and said,

“What was that all about?”

“Rena’s brothers are scumbags and treat her terribly, Bobby and I on more than one occasion had to speak to them about the way they treat their little sister.”

“What do you mean, HOW THEY TREAT THEIR LITTLE SISTER,” Kirsten asked.

Donnie didn’t respond but Kirsten had an idea about what the problem was.

“Donnie ask Eliza and Cyndie to come out here please.”

Donnie smiled,

“You got it Miss Dunst.”

Kirsten then stepped into the driveway directly in front of Rena’s car and put her hand up to stop her. Kirsten opened the driver’s door and said,

“Move over.”

The tone of her voice made Rena move quickly to her right as instructed and as she backed the car up she waved her driver Jimmy over.

“What’s up K?”

“Jimmy do me a favor go in take a seat at the bar and pretend you don’t know anybody, Jimmy smiled and did as he was told.

Kirsten turned to Rena,

“What’s wrong honey?”

“My fucking brothers, I hate them except for Mike he doesn’t give me shit he just ignores me but Julia his wife is nice to me…I just wanna leave Ok?”

Eliza rapped on the window startling them both,

“What’s wrong?”

Kirsten ignored her got out of the car and asked Cyndie to talk to Rena.

Cyndie got in and Kirsten said,

“Get her calmed down and bring her back in,” then slammed the door behind her.

Rena broke down in Cyndies arms as Eliza watched,

Eliza looked confused,

“K what’s wrong, why’s she so upset?”

“Come on I gotta do something,” and they headed back inside.

At the door Kirsten got in Donnie’s face and said,

“Did her brothers touch her?”

Donnie looked down at his feet and Kirsten screamed,


“No…but they tried, at least I think they did…. The kid wouldn’t say but when Bobby and I got there she was pretty beat up, her clothes were fucked up and they were holding her down on the couch.”

Kirsten was furious and Eliza was lost,

“Did her brothers do anything to her,” Eliza asked.

“I don’t know but I think Cyndie will be able to tell us in a few minutes, go back to the car and let her know what Donnie told us,” Kirsten roared.

Eliza did a U-turn and headed back to the parking lot.

Kirsten went to the bar and called Bobby aside and asked him straight up,

“Did Rena’s brothers rape her?”

Bobby stared at her with a shocked look on his face but knew he had to answer the question,

“No, but they would have…Kirsten your shaking what’s wrong?”

“What did you do,” Kirsten demanded.

“Donnie and I worked them over good then I cleaned Rena up got her stuff and took her to my house,” Bobby sighed then continued, “From the looks of things they haven’t learned their lesson.”

Kirsten’s eye’s got wide,

“What do you mean?”

“Danny already asked if the little bitch was here.”

“Bobby the guy in the suit at the end of the bar is my driver James and he’s going to take care of those two, so if they start on Rena toss them out.”

Bobby looked concerned,

“Kirsten Thom and Dan are pretty tough and your guy looks to be what about a buck fifty five, they’ll kill him.”

Kirsten smiled,

“Bobby do I look like the type of Girl who’d have a pussy for a bodyguard?”

Bobby backed off a bit and said,


“Just do this for me, please…better still do it for Rena.”

“Ok but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Kirsten winked at Bobby and walked over and sat next to James, ordered a drink and filled him in on what she wanted him to do.

“Jim as soon as they start getting loud go outside and wait for them then kick the shit out of them both.”

James looked surprised,

“OK, but why am I doing this, did they give you a problem?”

“No but the girl I was talking to outside is their little sister and they roughed her up and tried to,” James cut her off

“That little cutie, what is she like 16?”

“She just turned 21…James watch how they treat her when she comes in,” Kirsten said almost pleading.

About fifteen minutes had passed when Eliza, Cyndie and Rena appeared and within 15 seconds Dan was yelling for her to get her ass home or else. Rena stood at the other end of the bar with Cyndie and Eliza just staring into space when Thom yelled,

“Hey boy chick, get your ass home NOW!”

Bobby moved in,

“Knock it off guys, leave her alone.”

“Fuck you asshole, come on hit me and I’ll own this fucking dump!”

Dave and Cally came out of the office and the busboy went and got Donnie.

Dan squinted and said,

“Oh great big sister’s home…fucking pain in the ass bitch.”

“Cyndie was holding Rena’s hand tightly and yelled,

“Nice to know some things never change, once an asshole always an Asshole huh Danny,” Cynde laughing as she said it.

Danny got up but Donnie intercepted him,

“Where the hell you going?” While Donnie confronted Danny James got up unnoticed and left.

Danny took a swing at Donnie and missed and as Thom Got up Bobby tackled him. With the help of Dave and another regular who had a daughter on Rena’s squad they dragged the two idiots out without further incident. Kirsten was surprised that the girls who’d come in with them never left the bar instead they picked up where Rena’s brother had left off continuing the verbal assault.

Kirsten slapped Rena’s newest attacker in the face so hard she knocked her off her stool.

Kirsten’s prey was furious and screamed

“You fucking bitch, put your hands on me, who the fuck do you think you are?”

Kirsten slapped her again as she tried to get up then pulled her up by the hair said,

“Bother Rena again and it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”

Kirsten lost it and slapped her again and again until Rena stopped her.

Rena touched Kirsten’s shoulder and said,

“Kirsten stop… just let her go,”

Cally stepped in,

Lisa pickup your friend and get the hell out of here, NOW!”

As Lisa and Crystal walked out the guys came back in and Kirsten took Rena’s hand and said,

“Everyone stay inside,” then took Rena outside, actually she had to drag her out with Donnie’s help.

“Kirsten maybe we should wait till they leave,” Rena pleaded.

Kirsten smiled,

“It’s OK, I promise, and Donnie’s with us.”

As they went around the corner of the building Donnie stopped dead in his tracks,

Danny was lying in a bloody heap near the dumpster and James was dragging a limp Thom across the parking lot towards his brother.

Crystal and Lisa were screaming as James dumped Thom next to his brother, Kirsten still holding Rena’s hand glared at them and they instantly went silent.

When Kirsten released Rena’s hand she hugged Donnie, who said,

“Easy Remarkable everything’s ok, nobody’s going to hurt you.”

Kirsten smacked the brothers till they opened their eyes,

“Can you assholes hear me,” when she got no response she called James over.

As James leaned over his victims they both groaned something inaudible but Kirsten assumed they understood.

Kirsten was standing over the boys as everybody came out the kitchen door and Rena immediately ran in between Cyndie and Bobby hugging them.

All eyes were now on Kirsten,

“You ever come near her again and this will feel like a day at the beach compared to what will happen to you, and I advise you not to mention who did this or your sister will go to the cops and file assault and attempted rape charges against you both, understand?’

The brother’s asshole just groaned acknowledgement.

Kirsten then turned her attention on the bitch sisters,

“You two are going to forget what you saw and you weren’t here tonight, understand?”

The girl’s shook their heads and ran out of the parking lot crying.

Rena stood between Cyndie and Bobby crying and as Kirsten walked towards her smiling as Rena said,

“I can’t go home now, where am I going to do?”

Dave surprised everyone by being the first to make the offer,

“Remarkable your welcome to stay with Bobby and me, you can have Cyndie’s old room, she can sleep on the couch,” he said with a chuckle causing everyone to join in.

Then it was Cally’s turn,

“Rena you don’t want to stay with those two slobs, I’ve got plenty of room.”

Rena had stopped crying now and looked around at everyone.

“Thanks, but maybe it’s time I got out on my own away from all this.”

Kirsten smiled and without missing a beat said,

“I’ve got plenty of room and I need an assistant…I’ll give you free room and board and a car, we can work out a salary later, how’s that sound?”

Cyndie and Eliza shot each other a glance as Rena blurted out,

“DEAL, but just till I find a place of my own!”

Kirsten looked at Donnie and Bobby, who were standing over the idiot brothers and said,

“James help them clean this mess up and we’ll leave as soon as you’re done,” and everyone headed back inside.

James nodded at his charge then at Bobby,

“Which car is there’s?”

Bobby just stared at him, appearing dazed.

Donnie said,

“The blue Dodge pick up, James not that I care but how do we explain what happened to these to dickheads.”

With a smile he said,

“You don’t…nobody knows anything other than they came in caused a problem and were flagged,” Donnie looked skeptical as James continued.

“Look Don it’s simple, these two are obviously the town assholes, are the cops really going to care if they got a long overdue ass kicking, I mean they roughed up that little girl in there maybe worse from what Kirsten told me so fuck them.”

Donnie smiled at Bobby then looked down at the bruised, bleeding and rapidly swelling pile of stupidity lying in front of them and said with a laugh,

“Man I bet this is gonna hurt in the morning,” then they threw the boys in the bed of their truck. Donnie drove the truck down behind the supermarket across the street wiped the door and steering wheel down and jogged back to the bar laughing all the way.

It was 1:35 as Cally poured a round of drinks for everyone and yelled last call; thankfully the only ones present were like family as she said,

“Remember boy’s and girls nobody knows a thing about Dumb and Dumber catching a beating, right?”

Everyone agreed as Rena turned to Bobby,

“Can you and Donnie come with me to get my stuff, just in case?”

Bobby smiled at her,

“Sure, like I can ever refuse you,” then Donnie joined in,

“Remarkable, I don’t think the bash brothers are going to be there but we got your back honey.”

Rena smiled and looked at Kirsten,

“Who was that guy?”

“He’s a friend, he drives me and takes care of me, and his mom and my mom are good friends.”

“I gotta thank him,” Rena pleaded.

“He’s outside, let’s go.”

“My car, I can’t leave it here,” she said.

Cyndie jumped in,

“Gimme the keys,” then looked at Eliza and said,

“You’re riding shotgun, let’s go.”

Eliza laughed and headed for the door.

“Rena you ride with Kirsten, tell James to follow me.”

The ride to Rena’s house was a short one we parked and I checked my watch and it read 2:05,

“Rena think your dads still up?”

“I hope not, I don’t want to upset him, Cyn just you and Bobby OK, he knows you guy’s.”

Kirsten started to object but Rena stopped her,

“I’ll be ok, Dan and Thom aren’t here,” Kirsten relented and stood next to Eliza.

Eliza took her hand,

“K you sure you wanna do this, I mean she’s a little hottie but her brothers are real assholes, ya know!”

Kirsten shot her friend a wicked look,

“Its not about her being hot, do I like her HELL YES but I don’t want her to get raped by those assholes, so mind your own fucking business.”

Kirsten tried to pull away but Eliza wouldn’t let her,

“Listen I’m your friend, and I care about you I just don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all…If she’s the one for you great, all I’m saying is be careful.”

Kirsten grabbing Eliza in a bear hug said,

“I’m sorry E, I love you,” and that was all she got out before the tears began to flow.


It only took us 10 minutes to get Rena’s stuff, this poor kid lived out of 2 large milk crates and a few boxes and she slept on a couch in the basement.

When we walked out Donnie grabbed the Box Rena was carrying,

“Gimme that, Remarkable before you hurt yourself,” he chided before she said,

“Please stop calling me that, ok!”

“Sorry RENA you know I love you,” he said with a smile.

Rena smacked him on the butt and said,

“Hurry up and put that in the trunk before I tell your wife you’ve been hitting on me again.”

Donnie went into a hilarious shuffle saying,

“Yessum Miss Rena I’ll do just like you say, please don’t beat me no mo!”

Rena laughed and walked over to James who was talking to Eliza,

“Thanks for everything,” and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Honey do yourself a favor and file a complaint against those assholes before they kill you, because guy’s like that never learn.”

Rena’s eyes filled up with tears and James felt terrible,

“Honey I’m sorry.”

“Its OK and I know your right but if anything happens to them my dad won’t have anybody to take care of him, I can’t do it by myself and my other brother doesn’t care.”

James looked at Eliza, who winked at him to let it go.

Bobby and I were talking as Rena and Kirsten got in the car, Kirsten yelled,

“See you at the house.”

Eliza walked over with Donnie, who said,

“You ladies want to join us for a nightcap at Murphy’s?”

I looked to Eliza, who said,

“Thanks for the offer but I gotta fly back to LA tomorrow for a meeting on Monday and I’m beat.”

I looked at Donnie and said,

“How about if Bobby and I meet you and Donna for dinner tomorrow night?”

“That’s great we were planning on going to the Bull pen anyway, let’s surprise her

6:30 sound good?”

I looked at Bobby who nodded then Eliza kissed them both,

“Nice to meet you Donnie,” she said flashing that beautiful smile.

“My wife’s gonna be pissed when I tell her who was in tonight, she’s a big fan of yours.”

“I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday and Kirsten wants to have a party so I can meet her then.”

“Until then Miss Eliza,” Donnie said with a smile.

Eliza turning to Bobby,

“Nice to see you again Bobby,” she said giving him a peck on the cheek while taking Donnie’s arm so he could escort her to the car. Bobby watched her walk away then turning to Cyndie said,

“She’s a doll.”

I smiled and said,

“I know, that’s why I love her,” Bobby looked at me strangely

“Girl thing, huh.”

Bobby was my best friend and I had to tell him and being half drunk gave me the courage to jump right in.

“Bobby I have something to tell you but promise me you’ll let me finish before you say anything, ok?”

“I Promise…so what’s the deal?”

“Eliza and I are more than friends…we are….well her and I,” thankfully he cut me off.

“Cyn, I know about you and Eliza, Cally told me,

I’ll call you tomorrow morning when I get up,” was all he said. I stared at him for a few seconds but before I could say a word he said,

“Cyn I understand, its ok…I love you, now go and call in the morning.”

I just nodded and he walked me to the car said good night and gave me a big brother kiss and left with Donnie.

As we pulled away Eliza said,

“Nice kiss, you ok?”

I thought for a second,

“A week ago I would’ve been really upset but not anymore,” then I leaned over and kissed her hopefully putting her fears to rest. Eliza sighed and grabbed my hand.

“Cyn I’m worried about Kirsten and her new friend, did they rape her?”

“No, she would’ve told me and Rena’s never lied to me… I think they would have except for the fact that she called Bobby to come and get her when they started giving her shit and luckily they got there just in time…Bobby and Donnie walked in as they were ripping her clothes off and beat the shit out of them then they took her to dad’s house.” Eliza shivered at the thought,

“Fucking animals, fucking Michael,” she muttered.

I ignored the Michael comment,

“E do you think Rena’s really INTO Kirsten?”

Eliza laughed,

“Are you blind, little sis had her hand in Special K’s lap all through dinner.”

I was Shocked,

“No way, not Rena she’s not gay.”

“No way, not Cyndie she’s not gay,” Eliza said with a giggle.

When I thought about it I guess there was a lot I didn’t know about my little sister.

“Your right she looks at Kirsten the way I look at you.”

Eliza leaned over and kissed me,

“I want to pour champagne all over you and lick it off.”

I just laughed,

“I don’t think Kirsten will appreciate us pouring champagne all over her bed.”

Eliza kissed me again and said,

“We could go out on the deck after everyone’s asleep.”

“Let me see how Rena is when we got back to the house ok?”

Eliza laughed, “Cyn give me a break, I’ll bet you $100 that by the time we get back Special K has sweet little Rena’s pants around her ankles and that wicked tongue of hers in Rena’s cunt!”

Eliza could be crude at times but she was right; Rena looked at Kirsten the way I looked at her…with a hunger.

“Kirsten will take good care of her, and I’m not just talking about sex, I’m talking about taking care of her.”

“Thanks, I know your right…I wish you didn’t have to leave tomorrow.”

“I’ll be back by Tuesday I promise, but I really need a good tongue fucking tonight if you know what I mean,” Eliza purred.

“Your such a slut,” I laughed.

“Take those fucking pants off and I’ll make you eat your words.”

“I’d rather eat you Miss Eliza.”

Eliza growling like a lioness bit my ear and said,

“Sounds like a plan sexy Cyndie.”

We both laughed and Eliza said,

“How come Donnie was calling cutie pie, Remarkable?”

“Well her Names Rena Marcone and she’s an amazing Gymnast and cheerleader, actually you could call her a contortionist, she might’ve been good enough for the Olympics if she didn’t bust up her knee playing hockey.”

“Field hockey’s a tough sport,” Eliza said.

“Not field hockey, Ice hockey she played on her brother’s team when she was a freshman and she was the best player on the team.”

“Her brother’s team, I thought they hated her.”

“Her older brother, the one that lives down the street, he treats her ok and his wife has always treated Rena like a sister. Her other brothers are assholes as you probably noticed.”

Without missing a beat Eliza said,

“Like Michael and some of his friends,” then she caught herself and looked at me and said,

“Sorry Cyn.”

“For what, you were with him for years, can’t expect his name never to come up,” I said quickly changing the subject back to Rena’s physical talents.

“The kids actually a contortionist, its wild she can do really crazy stuff with her body.”

Eliza licked her lips and got that wicked gleam in her eyes,

“I wish I was a contortionist.”

“Why would you wish that,” I asked.

“Then I could lick my own pussy and I’d never have to leave the fucking house,


“Ok Andrea Dice Clay,” I laughed.



Kirsten opened a bottle of wine and downed two glasses while Alina showed Rena her room. When Rena returned alone Kirsten asked,

“Where’s Alina?”

“She said she’d see you in the morning, she’s really nice.”

Kirsten nodded filled both glasses handed her one and kissed her lightly on the lips,

Rena looking at her strangely asked, “What was that for?”

Kirsten was getting very nervous,

“I’m sorry I just thought…I won’t do it again.”

Rena smiled, “I’ll be pissed if you don’t do that and more before this nights over, but I have to do something first.”

Kirsten couldn’t figure out why she was so nervous around this little girl,

“What is it you have to do,” she asked

“I have to explain to Cyndie how I feel about you…she might not understand.”

Kirsten smiled at how much Rena loved Cyndie,

“What if she doesn’t understand,” Kirsten asked.

“I’m trying not to think about it.”

“Rena, Cyndie’s gonna love you no matter what.”

“I hope your right because I’d hate to lose my big sister.”

Kirsten’s heart was racing; Rena was willing to give up her best friend to be with her.

“Rena trust me, Cyndie will understand.”

As Rena started to say something a car door slammed and she jumped up and sat next to Kirsten. Cyndie and Eliza walked in a few seconds later both plopping down across from their friends.

Cyndie looked at her lover laughing and said,

“Hey Nostradamus you owe me a $100.”

Eliza licked her lips and said,

“Will settle up later.”

Kirsten stood up and told Eliza she needed to talk to her in private and pulled her out of the room down the hall to her bedroom.

“What’s up Kiki,” Eliza asked.

“Rena wants to talk to Cyndie about how she feels about me; she’s worried Cyndie won’t understand…she said if it came down to it she’d give up her big sister to be with me.”

Eliza stared at Kirsten,

“She’s got it bad for you K-girl, DAMN!”

Kirsten tackled her friend hugging her and giggling like a schoolgirl then said,

“Come on I have to hear what’s going on,” and they snuck back down the hall.



Rena stared at Cyndie cleared her throat and dove in head first;

“Cyndie do you remember what you told me when I got caught smoking pot behind the high school?”

I thought about it but I couldn’t remember so Rena refreshed my memory.

“I was crying when you came to get me and you said it was no big deal.”

It was starting to come back to me as Rena continued,

“I told you I was sorry I’d disappointed you and you said you weren’t disappointed just worried about me and no matter what you’d always love me.”

I shook my head yes as we both began to cry,

“Would you still love me if I told you I was…different?”

I smiled at the beautiful little girl I mean young woman sitting next to me and said, “Rena its ok, you’re talking about how you feel about Kirsten aren’t you?”

Rena nodded and wiping her eyes nodded yes and quietly asked,

“Is it ok?”

I hugged her and told her I loved her and that I was happy for her.

I whispered for her to keep talking then I got up went through the kitchen and snuck up behind Eliza and Kirsten who were hiding in the hall just out of sight and scared the hell out of them causing them to fall over each other in a beautiful pile.

Rena laughed and said, “Well so much for privacy,” then immediately turned back to me and asked again,

“Cyn, is it ok?”

“Rena I’ll love you no matter what and I’ve got a confession to make.”

Rena’s head snapped up,

“What do you have to confess?”

I put my hand out and when Eliza took it I pulled her down next to me and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Rena looked shocked for an instant then it turned into a beaming smile,

“You and Eliza, you guys are…lovers?”

“Rena whatever you do you’ll always be my little sister nothings ever going to changes that,” and before I knew what hit me Rena jumped on top of Eliza and I and a few seconds later Kirsten joined the fray.

I whistled loudly causing everyone to stop the madness and yelled

“All right, everybody get the hell off me I need a drink!”

As Eliza and I went to the bar Kirsten pulled Rena to her feet wrapped her arms around her and gave her the hottest kiss I’ve ever seen.

The kiss seemed to last forever and as we watched I moved behind my lover pressed my body against hers gently kissing her neck while I rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

Eliza moaned softly as she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed my hands into them until my fingers found her drenched pussy. At first touch Eliza shuddered putting her hands on the bar to steady her self never taking her eyes off Kirsten and Rena who’d fell on the couch still joined at the lips.

Eliza got impatient and pushed me away quickly stripping off her clothes.

Once naked Eliza took my hand and led me to the couch then laid down spread her legs and patted her beautiful pussy. Kirsten and Rena had finally broken their kiss and were on the opposite couch watching us.

Eliza looked up and said,

“Make love to me baby.”

I made love to Every part of her body and when she could take no more she grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her hot snatch and screamed,

“STOP TEASING AND SUCK ME YOU BITCH,” Rena looked a bit shocked until Eliza smiled and said,


She came the minute my tongue touched her clit then she wrapped those beautiful legs around my head and rode my face like a tiger just the way she did that first night we were together. Eliza’s body shook wildly as I sucked her but she was surprisingly silent, so I lifted my head and asked,

“You ok baby?”

A few seconds had passed when she opened her eyes gave me a weak smile and mouthed the word “yes,” the tear’s in her eye’s saying much more.

Several minutes passed before she released me, against my will I might add then she pulled me on top of her wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me passionately,

“I love you,” was all she said.

As we started humping each other we remembered we weren’t alone and as we looked at a very embarrassed Rena, Kirsten lightened the moment for us all,

“You guy’s should get a room.”

I laughed so hard I fell off Eliza onto the floor and rolled under the glass table, as my friends peered down at me I gave them all the finger.

Rena surprised everyone when she said,

“Drunk and having deviant sex, I’m embarrassed to call you my sister.”

Rena had made her statement with a straight face but lost it when I replied,

“What’s the matter, jealous?”

Rena smiled looked at Kirsten and said,

“If you must know, I am.”

Eliza sat up pulled me back up onto the couch threw her arms around me and said,

“That was incredible,” and kissed me.

Rena came over gave Eliza a kiss and said,

“Thanks for everything and take care of my big sister for me,” then hugged her.

Eliza running her fingers through Rena’s jet-black hair said,

“You’re a doll, and I promise I’ll be back in time for the competition.”

Rena hugging me said,

“I’m so glad your home; I’ve missed you so much.”

I felt like I’d deserted her and it was killing me but she wasn’t hurt.

“Cyn, I love you.”

We hugged and cried, then Rena announced it was time for bed and got up took Kirsten by the hand and said,

“We’ll see you in the morning.”

As they turned and walked toward the hall Eliza winked at me and said,

“That’s not fair, we don’t get to watch?”

Kirsten turned and said with a smile,

“No not tonight you don’t.”

As they disappeared down the hall Eliza yawned and said,

“I’m beat,” I smiled took her by the hand and led her to our room.

Eliza climbed into bed and immediately closed her eyes as I headed for the bathroom. When I got in bed a few minutes later I wrapped my arms around Eliza from behind and began kissing her neck and shoulders softly.

“mmmmmm, that feels nice,” she whispered as my fingers found her rapidly hardening nipples. Eliza turned and kissing me said “your turn.”

I brushed the hair from her face said,

“Can you hold me…I just need to feel your body against mine tonight.”

Eliza looked disappointed and I began to feel bad,

“E, nothings wrong it’s just weird being home again, Rena and Bobby…you know.”

She said nothing and as she turned out the light I turned away thinking she was mad. A few seconds later before I even closed my eyes her strong arms pulled me close and she wrapped herself around me.

“Cyn, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you the last few days.”

It was the way she said it and I lay there wondering what was coming next.

“Cyn, I know you love Bobby and if this…I mean us is too much too soon I understand if you want to…I mean if you want to be with him I understand,” she said as she turned away and the tears began to flow.

“Eliza I love you, I have since the first time I met you, I guess I just didn’t understand the feelings I was having…but being with you these last few days has made me realize who I really am and what I really want, I don’t want Bobby I want you, I told him tonight that I’m in love with you.”

“What did he say,” Eliza asked.

“He said it was OK, he understood.”

She turned and I felt her reaching out so I moved towards her longing for her touch, when her hands found me an electric shock ran through my tired body.

“I love you,” she cried softly as our lips met followed by her sweet tongue seeking mine. As we kissed passionately our bodies quickly became intertwined and Eliza slid a finger into me. Within a minute of the first two more entered me as her thumb expertly rubbed my throbbing clit bringing me quickly to a smoking climax. She continued to gently massage my clit as my orgasm subsided and when I could take no more I pulled her hand up and sucked her fingers into my mouth tasting myself.

As I licked her fingers clean her tongue found my left nipple and my body was racked by a violent spasm and as Eliza recoiled she almost fell off the bed.

My nipples have always been supersensitive especially after a serious orgasm so I apologized,

“Sorry baby you just get me so hot I can’t help it.”

Eliza climbed back on the bed laughing,

“Jeez I’m glad my head wasn’t between you legs when you jumped like that I’d of ended up with a broken neck,” she said as she wrapped her arms and that blankets around us.

“I love you,” she said with a kiss, “but I gotta get some sleep if I’m going to be flying tomorrow.”

Eliza pulled me close and when I felt how her hard nipples were I reached back and touched her pussy she moaned softly. I started to rub her clit but she stopped me,

“Let me get you off baby it feels like you need it.” Eliza sighed held me tighter and said,

“In the morning…. we can,” she drifted off to sleep in mid sentence.

When I took her hand and kissed it she sighed, “Love you,” and she was out like a light and I headed for the bathroom.



When we got to my bedroom I pulled Rena down onto the bed and began kissing her, I just couldn’t control my self. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity then Rena stood up and asked where the bathroom was, being unable to talk I just pointed,

“I really need a shower,” Rena said as she left the room. When I heard the shower running I grabbed my long black peignoir and a pair of strapless black pumps from the closet and ran to the guest bathroom down the hall.

I walked right in scaring a naked Cyndie half to death,

“Sorry Cyn, I’ll wait out in the hall.” Cyndie cut me off,

“DUH, like it’s your house Miss Kirsten and we have seen each other naked before.” I stood there staring at my self in the mirror when Cyndie said,

“Kirsty what’s wrong you’re white as a ghost and you’re shaking like a leaf.”

Cyndie put her arms around me and I said,

“I’m so nervous about being with her; I’ve never felt like this before.”

Cyndie smiled at me looked at the peignoir and said,

“That’s beautiful, you gonna put it on over your clothes, or what.”

I laughed,

“It’s her first time, I want it to be perfect,” then I thought for a moment and said, “Cyn are you sure you’re ok with this?”

Cyndie started to pull my shirt over my head and said,

“Just be good to her and take it slow.”

Cyndie undressed me from behind and as I stood there she looked at me in the mirror and said with a wink,

“You’re so beautiful, I hate you.”

Turning to her I said, “Thanks for everything Cyn, having you and E-girl here means a lot, I get really lonely sometimes…I promise I’ll be good to her.

Cyndie smiled and lightly kissed my neck as she slipped the nightgown over my head. As she let my peignoir fall around me she ran her hands over my body. Cyndies hands paused at my breasts and as she touched my nipples she said, “God you’re so hard, you’ve really got it bad for that little girl don’t you.”

I shook when she touched me and as she slid her hand down I spread my legs and we both gasped as she ran her fingers through my dripping pussy, for different reasons that is.

“God Kirsten your on fire,” she said as she sucked her slick fingers savoring my juices then she took a red ribbon from the dressing table and used it to tie back my hair kissing my neck again as she finished.

“You look beautiful; now go to bed young lady.”

I turned and kissed her but before I could say anything she spun me around opened the door smacked me on the ass and sent me to my room.

When I opened he door Rena was already in bed sitting up against the headboard and she’d lit all my candles, there was music playing but I couldn’t tell what it was, it my head was spinning.

Rena didn’t say a word she just stared at me then pulled the sheet over her head,

Confused I said,

“Rena what’s wrong, I put this on for you.”

From under the sheet she said,

“You’re so beautiful, I don’t want you to see me, I look like a little boy.”

I climbed on the bed and straddled her then pulling the sheet off I took her hands and placed them on my breasts,

“Could a little boy make me this hard,” I asked as she looked up at me.

Then I took her left hand and placing it between my legs said,

“Could a little boy make me this wet?”

She just stared up at me while her fingers probed me gently and as I looked down into those beautiful eyes she found my clit and I exploded like I never have before.

At first I think my orgasm frightened her because she tried to pull her hand away but I grabbed it screaming,


My new lover was obviously a quick learner because she dropped her hand from my breast and shoved three fingers into me while the other was furiously rubbing and pinching my clit. I was still on my knees and I’d kept my eyes open the entire time just watching her face and when I came the second time she looked up at me smiled. As I started to come down without a word she rose up wrapped her lips around my left nipple and bit down while at the same time squeezed my clit making me come again. Rena was virtually giddy but when I pushed her away she got a scared look on her face saying,

“Did I do something wrong…I’m sorry…I uh.” I cut her off and held her close to me,

“Rena you did everything right, you were too good, honey I just need to rest for a minute.”

She looked at me with a scared look on her face,

“Was it really ok, I just want you to feel good?”

I smiled to myself then laid us down and kissed her,

“If I didn’t stop you I probably would’ve had a heart attack… Baby if you’re that good with your fingers I can’t wait to feel that tongue in my pussy.”

She smiled weakly and said,

“I’ve never done that before…I don’t know how to.”

This girl was a fucking doll,

“Honey after I get done with you you’ll know exactly what to do,” at this point I realized she was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.

“Rena can you do me a favor and take your clothes off?”

She looked away but I was having none of it so I started pulling down her pants but she stopped me.

“Kirsten you’re so beautiful but I’m,” was all she got out before she started to cry.

“Now I don’t know who told you look like a boy but their fucking nuts, you’re beautiful.” She looked at me and began to smile,

“Promise me you won’t laugh,” I just shook my head and said,

“Stand up and strip, NOW GOD DAMMIT!”

As Rena undressed she revealed the body of a gymnasts, small and muscular but not gross muscles and her ass was to die for. As Rena reached down to pull her socks off she wobbled and fell next to me but bounced right back up then did a back flip into a split.

“Whoa I’m impressed, I did a split when we were shooting Bring it on and pulled about eighteen muscles.”

Rena fully naked now stood over me with her feet on either side of my hips and as I looked up at her she said,

“See I told you, slap a dick on me and I’d be a boy.”

I decided to end this right now so I sat up stuck my face between her legs and shoved my tongue into her sweet cunt.

Rena’s body shuddered and she whispered,

“Please make me come.”

Needing no further encouragement I pushed her down and buried my tongue in her pussy pushing it in as far as I could and when my tongue touched her throbbing clit she screamed with delight,

“Oh god Kirsten, please don’t stop…I’m gonna come, don’t stop, OOOH GOD I’M CUMMMING!”

Now when I’d suck my boyfriend’s cocks I never really enjoyed swallowing I preferred to have them come on my face or my tits but when Rena came she gushed and I tried to swallow every drop; I’d never been with a woman who ejaculated before.

Rena looked down and saw my soaked face she apologized,

“I’m Sorry Kirsten that’s only happened few times, I feel so stupid.”

“When,” I asked I needed to know

I’d really embarrassed her but I pressed for an answer and I slid a finger into her while rubbed her clit with my thumb and said,

“You better tell me or I won’t let you eat my pussy.”

Without hesitation she gave it up,

“When I was watching you and Alina on the deck.”

Before I could think of anything to say she continued,

“It happened the last few times I watched you.” Then she asked if I’ve ever come like that.

“No, but maybe you can change that,” I said with a giggle as I kept fingering her and I felt her breathing begin to quicken I moved between her strong legs and shoved my tongue as far into her as I could. As my tongue continued to probe her she began shaking and moaning and begged me to suck her clit, I refused.

I lifted my head from her sweet snatch and said,

“Your turn.”

I stood up pulled my gown off straddled her head and lowered my dripping pussy onto her waiting tongue. Her hot breath on my pussy made me quiver before her tongue even touched me. When her tongue entered me and her lip pressed on my clit I came immediately and almost passed out. Rena’s strong arms caught me as I fell backward but her tongue never left my pussy.

My new lovers tongue felt like it was in my throat; had a cock ever felt like it had gone that deep I wouldn’t have fucked Eliza, thank god for small inconsiderate men. When I looked at Rena’s tongue it seemed a normal length, I guess she just knew how to use it.

When I finally composed myself I started to ride her tongue and a few minutes later I came again only silently this time. My body just shook violently while I tried to catch my breath as she continued her oral assault. I’d experienced this with Eliza a few times, the first time it really scared me but that night I finally learned what an orgasm was supposed to feel like. After my second climax I realized Rena was no stranger to eating pussy and I was going to find out why she lied to me.

As I lay there next to my new lover panting like a bitch in heat my heart was pounding so hard I thought my chest was going to explode. Rena kissed me then put her head on my chest listening to the freight train inside me.

We lay like that for several minutes then I kissed the top of her head and said,

“Young lady can I ask you something,” she looked away like a little kid would and said,

“That depends, am I in trouble?”

I laughed while pulling her to me and as I kissed her glistening lips I said,

“You’ve obviously done this before, so why’d you lie to me?”

“I didn’t really lie…I’ve never been with a woman and I’ve only been with a guy three times.”

I laughed,

“BULLSHIT, you made me come like a pro!”

“If I show you how I learned promise you won’t get freaked out?”

I was getting a bit annoyed so I said ok.

Rena jumped up and stumbled off the bed, I jumped up to see if she was ok and I heard her say,

“Ouch…Oh shit…I fell right on my ass…I drank way too much,” she said as she wobbled a bit.

As she stood up with her back to me rubbing her left cheek I said,

“Oh no that looks bad,” Rena spun around losing her balance again but catching herself this time and said,

“What’s wrong?”

I crawled down and got right behind her then I ran my finger down her crack and into her soaked pussy and after getting my finger all gooey I said,

“You must’ve hit the floor pretty hard because your ass has a big crack in it.”

Rena started to laugh but I quickly put a stop that,

“And look there’s a hole right here,” and before she could turn around I slid my finger into her ass making her squeal with delight.

I got really excited,

“OOH you like that, aren’t you the little slut taking it up the ass, I’m gonna strap it on and fuck that cute little ass good.”

Rena stepped away groaning as my finger slipped out of her butt and said,

“Sit back and watch, I gotta do this while I’m still fucked up.”


Rena just ignored me and began stretching as I sat there getting annoyed.

As I began to get up she got on the bed spread my legs as wide as they would go then laid on her back with her head almost touching my pussy. In a million years I never could’ve imagined what I was about to see in my own bedroom.

Rena spread her legs wide pulled her knees up until her shins were flat on the bed next to her then she began licking her own pussy, and I mean lick.

I’ve seen some bizarre porno’s and I’ve done a lot of freaky things with Eliza but this was the wildest thing I’d ever seen, I didn’t think it was possible to bend yourself up like that, Oh well live and learn.

I just sat back and watched as she expertly licked herself to a thundering orgasm. When Rena finished she put her head in my lap and closed her eyes and had a smile on her face a mile wide.

I sat there speechless staring at this naked little tiger lying in my lap while my mind raced out of control.

“Kirsten are you ok?” Her words jolted me out of my daze,

“I’m fine, I guess gymnastics is pretty cool huh?”

“I’m a contortionist, I could get big money from Ringling Brothers,” she said giggling.

“So you like my ass,” she said without missing a beat.

“I love your ass…it’s perfect like the rest of you.”

Rena never said a word she just pulled me down and kissed me then whispered in my ear,

“You think I’m perfect?”

“Rena I think you’re beautiful, and whoever thinks differently must be blind.”

She got teary eyed and kissed me again then said,

“Kirsten I want you to make love to me…but go slow okay?”

She was a virgin, could this get any better?”

Now I know what you’re thinking,

There’s nothing like popping a girl’s cherry, Right?

WRONG, I remember what that’s like when it happens with an inconsiderate asshole it can be devastating and I’m not going to hurt this little tiger.

“Rena have you ever…done this before?”

She closed her eyes and said,

“Promise me you’ll never tell anyone.”

I was already sorry I asked the question, “I promise, you can tell me anything.”

“I wouldn’t let my boyfriend fuck my pussy so he got me drunk one night and fucked my ass.”

I detected a faint smile that confused me,

“Rena did you let him or did he force you?”

“I tried to stop him but after the initial shock I relaxed and I liked it.”

Every time I asked a question her answers blew me away,

“You liked it,” I asked and she replied,

“It felt good but his dick was too small.”

“His dick was too small,” I was thinking aloud now,

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight, he got you drunk and fucked you in the ass and you liked it.”

“Kirsten I liked it, is that a bad thing,” she asked dead serious.

“First thing is stop calling me Kirsten, my friends call me Kristy and my good friends call me K-girl.”

Rena looked puzzled,

“Where do I fit in on your list,” she purred.

“The people I love call me Kiki,” I said as my fingers found her clit.

Rena’s fingers quickly found my nipples as she said,

“You didn’t answer my question, where do I fit in,” then she started moaning.

“Baby, you keep doing that and you can call me anything you want,” I said as I felt my pussy begin to tingle.

“I want you to fuck me Kiki,” she growled, I loved the way she said my name.

I put on the 8 inch apparatus Eliza had given me got the lube I kept in my night table out and without a word Rena got on her stomach raised her perfect ass in the air and closed her eyes.

Rena moaned softly as my tongue entered her,

“Oh god that feels so good…fuck my ass with that nasty tongue.”

She was purring like a kitten as I rubbed her clit while my tongue probed her sweet ass and as I pushed a finger in she thrust herself back and screamed,


I got on my knees behind her lubed her ass thoroughly and rammed my cock into her as hard as I could making her growl like an animal. Rena met my every thrust with intense pleasure screaming and moaning in ecstasy as I pounded away like a horny stud. As we fucked I watched the muscles in her perfect body contract with my every move, this girls body was a work of art. 15 minutes into it Rena pulled away and yelped loudly as my cock left her ass startling me,

“Baby are you ok,” I asked.

She never answered my question instead she wrapped her strong arms around me and kissed me sending a sweet shudder through my entire body. Rena abruptly broke our kiss laid on her back and said,

“I want you to make love to me.”

As I stared into those beautiful eyes I knew I was hooked,

“Rena are you sure?”

She smiled and said,

“Just shut up and fuck me beautiful!”

I spread her legs made sure her pussy was well lubed and entered her slowly.

She never made a sound as I fucked her with long slow strokes for a few minutes until she started to rise up to meet my thrusts. At this point I grabbed her ankles pulled her legs open all the way and started fucking her like I wanted to be fucked, it was perfect. I pounded away at that tight virgin pussy until she moaned,

“Oh baby I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come.”

As I quickened the pace she kept repeating I’m gonna come over and over again; I couldn’t stand it my own pussy was on fire. I kept ramming my cock into her like I was trying to hurt her and after 5 minutes I was about to give up until she reached down and started rubbing her clit and said,

“Fuck my ass Kiki,” god I loved the way she said my name.

I quickly got back into that tight ass and within minutes she was coming like a wild woman writhing and thrashing about and cursing like a truck driver, she was a tiger.

After two powerful climaxes and several smaller ones she pulled me down and kissed me gently and said,

“Thank you…that was unbelievable.”

I licked her lips and whispered in her ear,

“You don’t have to thank me because…I love you.”

A huge smile broke out on her face and she started to cry, I smiled and wiped away her tears as I lay down next to her removing my…cock. How do guys manage with one of those things hanging there all the time?

I closed my eyes and I guess I was so horny I started rubbing my dripping pussy and I was having a grand old time until Rena’s voice startled me,

“Can I do that for you?”

I spread my legs and said,

“I need to get tongue fucked right now young lady so get to it!” Rena dove between my legs and went to town and she licked me like her life depended on it.

Rena brought me to the brink four times stopping each time to let me cool off and as I felt myself climbing that mountain for the fifth time I began to beg,

“Please don’t stop baby…I need it soooo bad, make me come…please.”

Rena raised her head smiling and said,

“Get on top and fuck my face you horny bitch.”

I climbed on and did as I was told, I rode her like a rodeo star for what seemed like an eternity until she reached up and grabbed my nipples so hard I screamed and then it happened.

This was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had, I came so hard I lost me breath and passed out. When I awoke I looked down at Rena and her face and hair were drenched,

“That was wonderful and so are you.”

Rena smiled wiping her face said,

“Your first time…you know you almost drowned me,” then she laughed pulled me down and kissed me.

“Kiki I love you!”

More to come…

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