Eliza Dushku Gets Raped

This Story is not real so donot try it do read if under 18 are if you are offened

Title:Eliza Dushku Gets Raped

Wrote By Matt

it was 7:00pm one night and Eliza was walking her dog when a car turned the corner she was a little worried. The reason she was so worried was because last week she got phones calls from a guy he said that he was going to rape her. She ran into her house then Larry& John the guys that had been following her was ready to break in her house they walked up to the door and Played the roll of a cop they knock on the door Eliza opened the yes we didnot mean to scare you we were just
checking out the place your mom told us some has been calling your house Eliza felt safe so she has them in and they all three went and sat down in the living room Larry said we are going to tap your phones Eliza said ok John we are going to start in your room where is it follow me Larry said ok when they got to Eliza’s room Larry & John grab her and laid her on the bed she started screaming and kicking Larry took her shirt & pants off she was left in her Bra&Panties John jumped on top of her and started sucking her tits with her Bra still on then Larry removed her Bra&Panties they started fingering her she was screaming Larry pulled out his dick and shoved it in her she screamed in pain she get off me bastards John pulled out his dick and shoved it in her pussy she screamed and then John pulled out and turned her over and John Shoved his dick in her ass she scremed to the top of her lungs Larry then put his dick in her mouth and made her suck it when they was done they told never to tell and she never told.


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