Eliza Dushku Story

Eliza Dushku

by jaroslav ©

Eliza Dushku was back in her home town of Watertown, Massachusettes doing some charity work. Since the car wash scene in the movie ‘Bring It On’ had been so popular, Eliza decided that a car wash would be a great way to raise money. Needless to say there was a lot business as almost every guy in town showed up to have Eliza wash their car in her tiny bikini. The other girls working the car wash were definitely jealous as she got all the attention.

Near the end of the day, a minivan pulled up with four guys inside all interested in Eliza. One of them rolled down his window and
began asking Eliza if she wanted to go for a ride. At first she just ignored him thinking he was some creep, but then she noticed that all four guys were gorgeous. She teased them a bit as she washed the side of the van. She used her tits to rub the soap into the windows which made the thin, wet fabric cling to her and show off her excited nipples. Just before rinsing the soap off with the hose she told the guys to open the sliding door when she done. As soon as they heard the water go off the door opened. Eliza tossed the hose away and hopped in before the driver quickly sped away. She found herself seated between two guys in the back seat.

They quickly introduced themselves as Damon and Jeremy before Eliza began kissing Damon. He quickly responded and soon their tongues were wrestling wildly. His hands were immediately on her perky, round tits and before long her bikini top had been ripped off. Jeremy was on the floor kneeling between her legs pulling her bikini bottoms off leaving her naked and completely exposed. Her calves wrapped around him as he lowered his head to her snatch and began sucking her labia. He poked his tongue between her lips and began licking the inside of her fuck tunnel while his fingers were roaming through her bush looking for her clit. His thumb brushed across it causing Eliza to yelp and buck her hips and push her crotch against his face.

The driver of the van, a guy named Matt, had immediately headed for his house after leaving the car wash. He was having trouble focusing on the road with Eliza Dushku naked in his back seat. His friend Ryan who had been in the passenger seat got up and opened his pants and whipped out his cock. Jeremy moved out of the way as Ryan pulled Eliza’s ass to the edge of the seat and began pushing his meat into her pussy. Eliza broke her kiss with Damon to watch Ryan’s cock sink deeper and deeper into her pussy. Jeremy now had his pants open and his cock in Eliza’s face which she quickly grabbed and took into her mouth immediately going down on him.

Her tongue slid all over the underside of his shaft before sliding up to his head and tickling the underside it. She then began taking long strokes with her mouth and massaging his balls with her hand. Ryan began pumping in and out of her cunt once she had stretched enough for the length of his cock to fit inside her. Eliza spent the rest of the journey to Matt’s house with Ryan’s cock humping her pussy and Jeremy’s cock between her lips and Damon fondling her firm tits and sucking her erect nipples. She managed to satisfy both Jeremy and Ryan as Matt was pulling into his driveway. He pulled into his garage and closed the door.

When Jeremy opened the side door Eliza streaked from the van and ran naked into the house. Damon was the first to find her in the living room and as a reward Eliza went down on his thick cock. The others were just seconds behind and finished undressing as Eliza’s tongue and mouth worked on Damon’s shaft and mushroom until he blew his load in her warm mouth. She carefully milked all the cum she could from his cock and swallowed it all making sure she didn’t lose a drop. Matt quickly replaced Damon in front of Eliza when he was done and she was only too eager to service his cock as well. With Matt’s cock she just sucked on the purple head allowing her to stroke the shaft with her hand. It didn’t matter much to Matt what she was doing since it felt absolutely fantastic. In about five minutes he was moaning loudly and Eliza took the rest of his meat into her mouth just before he deposited his salty cream which Eliza lapped up hungrily.

“I think my pussy needs some more attention,” Eliza said after she swallowed Matt’s load. She kneeled on the couch and rested against the back as Damon reclaimed his position from Matt and began rubbing the head of recharged cock against Eliza’s rubbery labia. With one motion he pushed in, penetrating her lips and sinking deep into her fuck tunnel. He grabbed her hips and started pumping just as Ryan moved around to the other side of the couch and Eliza took his cock into her mouth. She could taste her juices on his meat from when he had fucked her in the van and she began moaning as she felt Damon’s cock slide against the smooth walls of her pussy. Damon and Ryan quickly got in rhythm so that when one was thrusting into Eliza the other was pulling out. Eliza was in heaven with a thick cock to suck on and another humping her pussy. Small beads of sweat began to form over her naked skin as she felt the heat rising between her legs. One of her hands made its way between her thighs and rubbed her clit as Damon pounded into her cunt.

Damon came first filling her sex with his warm cream. When he pulled out Jeremy sat down next to her and waited for her to finish going down on Ryan. Moments later he grunted and sank his cock into her mouth and fired his load down her throat causing her gag slightly, but she managed to keep going and swallow his cream. She then stood up and turned around and impaled herself on Jeremy’s cock. Quickly she started bouncing up and down to finish her orgasm. The other three guys came around in front of her and began jacking off right in her face wanting to cover her with their cum on the outside as well as the inside.

Eliza leaned back against Jeremy as she fucked herself with his cock allowing him to get his hands on her round globes. Her squeezed and fondled them until she about ready to cum. He then slid one of his hands down her naked, sweaty body and found her magic button. He rubbed it until she was almost screaming and her body started to tremble from the orgasm that was rippling through her nubile body. Just as she was at the height of her climax Damon and Ryan blasted their loads over her. Their cum splattered on her face and tits and she began licking it off herself almost immediately.

Matt hadn’t shot his load, he wanted to save it for her cunt as he was the only one of the guys who hadn’t fucked Eliza yet. However, by the time she pulled herself off Jeremy’s cock, her sopped pussy was in no condition to fuck. So he bent her over the back of one of the chairs and rubbed her oily nectar over her ass hole before he began pressing against it with the head of his cock. It gave way slowly and he was able to sink about two inches of his cock into her ass before he had to stop and let her stretch.

The others watched as Matt began fucking the starlet’s ass. Every few moments he was able to slide another inch or two into her. Eventually he managed to get about six inches into her before she couldn’t take anymore. Slowly he began pumping in and out. He sped up every couple of thrusts until her ass cheeks jiggled with each thrust. Before long he was filling her anus with his hot cum.

Afterwards Eliza cleaned herself up in the bathroom and Ryan brought what was left of her bikini in from the van. It was in tatters from having been ripped from her body so Matt gave her an old T-shirt and sweat pants. She called a cab and before she left she told the guys that she would definitely be looking them up the next time she came home.

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