Eliza Parties Hardcore

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Programming note: There is some dialog in this story in Czech, and most of it is not translated in the body of the story though I do provide translations in the afterword. I did it this way intentionally, so that the reader can remain in the dark about what is being said just like Eliza is most of the time. Should they wish to. I don’t want to mislead anybody though, I don’t speak a word of Czech. Okay, that’s not true anymore. Thanks to this story I have now learned the Czech word for penis. But everything else is translated, poorly I suspect, by online sources. More on this in the afterword if you are interested.

Also you will notice that I sometimes have Eliza’s friend Tereza start a sentence by saying Mmm. This is not a moan or any type of sound of pleasure unless it is specifically stated that it is. Instead I use this as the sound that many non-native speakers of English make as they translate what they want to say into English.

Pronunciation note: In the story Tereza calls Eliza by the name Eliška, I won’t go into why that is here, but if you want to know how to pronounce it the way Eliza would hear it the š sound in Czech is pronounced like the shou in should. My understanding is that Eliška would then sound like Elishka, with a hard k. Again, I don’t speak Czech, so I could be way off on this.

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And now the story –

Eliza Parties Hardcore

FF, MF, M+F+ – con, oral, anal, dp, voy, exh, inc

* * * * * * * * *

When Eliza Dushku’s agent suggested that it might be a good time for her to consider taking a vacation he was surprised at the complete lack of enthusiasm he got in response. Whenever the pretty brunette had taken some time off before, whether it was her idea or, as was more often the case, his, she was always excited by the prospect. Not this time though. This time she seemed… downright reluctant. He found the reaction quite strange actually.

Of course if he had known the reason why Eliza was hesitant he wouldn’t have found it so odd after all, but the young actress was a big believer in keeping her private life separate from her professional one and this included holding things back from her agent. Given some of the stuff Eliza was fond of doing in private this was probably a prudent choice on her part. Unfortunately, this keenness for privacy meant that she hadn’t told him that she and her latest boy-toy had broken up just a few weeks earlier, leaving him to find out the same way he discovered any of her prior relationships had ended, or began for that matter, by reading the gossip sites on the Internet. So while she normally would have leapt at the chance to go somewhere warm and sandy to sit on the beach reading something trashy while sipping from a drink with the requisite little umbrella in it, she preferred to do this while accompanied by a young and studly, not flying solo. If for no other reason than she could spend just so much of her time reading and sipping, and then when she was finished doing that it was nice to have someone there so she could do something else that was entertaining and relaxing. Acrobatic as well when it was done right. Take that away and going to the beach was just, well, going to the beach. And that she could do without leaving California.

Obviously that wasn’t the only choice she had for a vacation, but Eliza wasn’t really into sightseeing all that much, so the thought of going to, say, the Grand Canyon, or to London or Rome didn’t hold all that much appeal for her. Besides which, she’d been to London and Rome for movie premieres and she hadn’t been all that impressed by either place. There again the experience was improved by having someone to do when the movie was over and the after-party had ended and the clubs were closed.

The same held true for just about any other typical vacation destination and plan also. They were all made better by having someone with her to fuck. It didn’t have to be a guy of course. Eliza would have been more than happy to share a hotel room bed with some bisexual cutie, but the suddenness of the offer would make it impossible for any of her usual friends and female lovers to go with her and hooking up with someone new in the limited time she would have before leaving would be a challenge. Eliza was good, but she didn’t know if she was that good. Hey baby, what’s your name? Want to go to Cancun with me for a week? And forget about trying to hook up with a new guy in that time. She was single, not crazy. She could take the holiday and try to find someone there to have some horizontal fun with she supposed, but unless she chose to go to a singles spot the odds of finding someone else who was both alone and hot were not high. And Eliza was not about to go spend two weeks at some meat market. Even if it was by the beach.

This left her… where exactly did that leave her?

Sadly, pretty much where she had started. Sitting on an opportunity to get away for a while to recharge the batteries before starting what was sure to be a pretty grueling work schedule and completely ambivalent about the prospect.

Except now she was also horny. All that thinking about how much she liked having a fuck buddy along when she travelled had gotten her engine revving a bit. Shit! Undecided and horny. Two things Eliza did not like being, particularly the latter if there was nothing she could do about it except go home and give her toys a workout. Dildos and vibrators were okay in a pinch, but she’d been relying on them a little too much in recent weeks and it was starting to reach the point where they weren’t getting the job done. At least not the way Eliza wanted it done. For that she really needed a guy. Or a girl. Cock, real or plastic, or tongue and fingers, Eliza wasn’t picky. It was all a matter of having someone else be the one getting her off. That made all the difference in the world to the brown-eyed sexpot. But, as fate would have it, in addition to being without a guy in her life, all of her usual female playmates had been busy working the last few weeks, leaving her sans cock or tongue. Of course if she had a guy or a girl at hand then she wouldn’t be having such a difficult time deciding what to do, now would she? Fuck! She left her agent’s office rather abruptly without giving him an answer, telling the puzzled man that she’d think about the vacation and get back to him shortly.

And that’s where she left things for the next week. She wanted to take the time off, before she started filming her new role and the opportunity passed her by, but she really, really didn’t want to go sit on a beach by herself. Unfortunately, it was starting to look like those were the only two options open to her. Stay in L.A. until filming began, or take a trip alone. No third alternative appeared likely to reveal itself in the few days she had left to make her decision. Until a chance comment to her grandmother about her dilemma prompted the elderly woman to make her own recommendation.

“Why don’t you go to Albania if you’re looking for somewhere to go? Meet your relatives. Show them that the Dushkus in America have not forgotten where they came from.”

“Grams that’s…” a really good idea actually. Albania. Somehow the thought of going to the country where her great-grandparents had been born was very appealing to the young actress. It wasn’t her first choice, and she would still have to travel there and back alone, but she was pretty sure that her family would pack her schedule with so many things to do and people to meet that she wouldn’t have that much time to worry about the fact that she was going stag. And now that she thought about it, being single for the duration might not be such a bad thing. Albania was not home and her relatives might not be that thrilled if she showed up with boyfriend in hand. She didn’t think that they were so provincial that they thought all unmarried women should be virgins, but she had learned that for some people what was acceptable for someone else’s daughter was not necessarily acceptable for your own. Showing up unaccompanied would neatly sidestep the whole issue. Or so she hoped. But if the chance did present itself for Eliza to do the horizontal mambo with some Albanian charmer… the wavy-haired girl felt a big grin settle on her face.

The decision made, Eliza informed her agent the next day that she’d be taking him up on his offer to take some time off so that she could go visit her relatives. Her choice of destinations surprised him a bit, there weren’t that many white sand beaches in Albania that he was aware of, but he was less concerned about where Eliza was going and more relieved by the fact that she really was going. Everyone needed a break now and then and his workaholic client was certainly no exception. Eliza had seemed a little on edge for a few weeks now, the time away would be good for her. Help her to relax. And he even had a solution to the whole travelling alone problem as well. He would arrange for someone to act as Eliza’s combination tour guide slash personal assistant while she was in Europe. Someone who could handle all the little details that would crop up and keep the actress company the entire time she was there. All he had to do now was to make the preparations.

It took less time than Eliza thought it would to get everything set up, including finding a suitable assistant to shepherd her around. Luckily for her they found someone who knew a whole lot more about the geography of eastern Europe than her agent did, such as where the best beaches in Albania were. Of course it cost quite a bit more than it would have if she’d had the time to plan the trip in advance, but Eliza’s career was actually going well for a change. Compensation from the Fates perhaps for the relatively rough shape her love life was currently in. At any rate she could easily afford the extra cost so she didn’t really mind having to pay more. Besides, there wasn’t enough time to bitch about it, she was flying out of Los Angeles for Tirana, Albania via New York and Rome a mere four days later.

Those four days passed in a flash, and before she knew it Eliza was at the airport getting ready to board her plane. Fifteen grueling hours later she landed in Rome. There she met Brigitta, the young German woman who was going to be her constant companion for the next three weeks. She was a pretty thing, standing just an inch or so shorter than her charge’s 5’5”, with brown eyes and wavy hair not unlike Eliza’s own, with the exception that it was dyed red. And she was the same age as Eliza, so in spite of the fact that one of them was a well-known actress and the other wasn’t they had a fair amount in common. They hit it off instantly and before the connecting flight for Tirana even took off they were giggling like schoolgirls, chatting about Hollywood and Eliza’s experiences on different movie sets or the latest trends in fashion. And boys. There was a lot of chatting about boys. From time to time Eliza caught herself giving her new friend sidelong glances when she thought the other girl wasn’t looking. It was more than just the casual resemblance they bore to each other that caused the fleeting looks, it was the very real fact that Brigitta was a hottie.

Now now Duckshoot, control yourself. You don’t even know if she swings that way. Not to mention that hitting on the person who was going to be guiding you around for the next few weeks probably wasn’t a good idea. If it turned out that the young girl was up for a bit of Sapphic fun it could get messy when it came time for Eliza to leave, and if she wasn’t open to the idea, well, then it could get messy right away. Neither option sounded very appealing to Eliza. She wrestled her libido back under control and listened to Brigitta spell out the plans she had made for their trip.

Plans that ended up being a complete success. Between the arrangements made by her family back in the States and her temporary assistant, Eliza was treated to the best vacation she’d ever had. She met so many relatives she didn’t even know she had she’d lost count after the first week. And the people, even those few that seemingly weren’t related to her, were so warm and so friendly that Eliza was having some trouble believing that they all knew she was American. In fact, the only complaint that Eliza could even wrangle up was that she had been so busy she hadn’t had any opportunity to try to hook up with any of the guys she’d been introduced to. And there had been many. Some of them seriously hot. And some of them weren’t even cousins! Or so Eliza thought. To be honest she couldn’t really remember, she had met an awful lot of relatives. But, since hooking up was not something that had been high on Eliza’s agenda, she really couldn’t complain about the lack of opportunity. Not seriously anyway. So when she brought the subject up with Brigitta a few nights before she was scheduled to return to the U.S. it was mostly just as a joke. However, the young German girl had a suggestion for solving that problem as well.

“Don’t go home. Come with me to Prague instead.”

“Why are you going to Prague?”

“Because I live there.”

“But I thought you lived in Germany?”

“Not any more. I moved to Prague 3 years ago. It’s the most beautiful city in Europe. And very cosmopolitan. You must let me show it to you! Please say yes!”

Eliza was intrigued. The thought of not returning home just then was a very attractive one. It might have taken some convincing to get her to agree to the vacation, but now that she was on it she was in no hurry to see it end. And some time in Prague sounded like it would be fun. The right kind of fun too. So just like that, and before she could change her mind, Eliza agreed. She would accompany her new friend to the Czech Republic. Brigitta was delighted, and after a few squeals of excitement she whipped out her cell phone and started to make the necessary changes and arrangements in their travel plans. Meanwhile, Eliza had a couple of calls to make of her own, starting with her agent. Luckily the time difference meant he wasn’t in the office when she called so she left a voice mail informing him of her decision. Not that Eliza thought it would be an issue with him, she wasn’t scheduled to start work right away upon her return, but this way there could be no argument. If he did have a problem with her revised plans by the time he caught up with her she’d already be in Prague. Nothing to be done about it then. Besides, any meetings she might miss as a result could always be rescheduled. Eliza smiled as she closed her phone and turned her thoughts to her newly extended vacation.

After a lengthy goodbye to her European family, complete with healthy doses of tears and laughter mixed closely together, Eliza and Brigitta boarded another plane for the short hop north to Prague. Arriving in her adopted home the Teutonic redhead immediately slipped into the role of tour guide and started to usher her companion all around the city. If meeting and flirting with the single men of Prague had been the primary reason for Eliza going there you certainly wouldn’t have known it from watching the pair. The days were filled with sightseeing and the nights were spent with a group of Brigitta’s friends going out to dinner or hanging out at someone’s apartment. And while this did provide an excellent opportunity for Eliza to really relax and get some much needed rest, it did nothing to fill one of her baser needs, which was, after all, the main reason she’d agreed to go there in the first place. By this point in time it had been so long since Eliza had gotten laid that she was in serious danger of violating one of the bedposts. And making plans for the other three.

Still, Eliza had no real complaints once again. Prague was every bit as beautiful as Brigitta said it was, and her friends were every bit as nice as she was. Even if they didn’t recognize Eliza from TV or the movies.

So on that Friday night, when Brigitta told her that they would be going someplace special with just a small group of friends, Eliza did not have any major expectations, and she planned to dress much the same way she had every other night that week, casual but sexy. Until, that is, she saw her companion’s choice of outfits.

“Whoa! Who let the hottie out?”

The redhead was standing in front of a full length mirror wearing a backless sequined top and one of the shortest skirts Eliza had ever seen.

“You like it? We want to…” she started to turn to face her friend, “Oh Eliza! No, no. This will not do!”

The “This” Brigitta was referring to were the jeans and blouse Eliza had chosen for the evening.

“Why? Where are we going?”

“Tonight, my beautiful friend, we are going to party. Hard.”

Finally. Now this was more like it.

And so it was that a little more than an hour later Eliza was standing in front of the same mirror wearing an outfit quite similar to Brigitta’s. Except that where Brigitta’s was backless, Eliza’s had a deeply scooped neck that went down the front all the way to her navel, and where the German girl’s skirt was so short it could easily have been mistaken for a belt, her American friend’s skirt was a touch, but not much, more demure. Another difference, but one which Eliza would not find out for a few more minutes, was that the Hollywood starlet was wearing a thong. Daring under the circumstances, but not nearly so daring as Brigitta, who had opted to go commando. A fact she kept hidden from her friend until they were heading out the door and she flipped up the back of her skirt to flash her naked butt.



Arriving at their destination Eliza joined Brigitta and her friends on the line of people waiting outside the club. It seemed unusual to the brunette that there were no guys on line but she chalked it up to one of the many cultural differences and let it pass without comment. As they moved toward the entrance Eliza noticed a sign by the door that had the name of the club on it and something else, something the young actress did not understand even though this time the words were in English.

“Hey Brigitta, What do they mean? ‘Prague’s biggest CFNM party’, what’s CFNM mean?”

“Clothed Female, Nude Male.”

“Oh.” Pause. “Wait a minute! This is a strip club?!?”

“Yes. And tonight it is for women only.”

“You brought me to a strip club!?!”

By this time Brigitta had paid the man at the door and she put her arm through Eliza’s and started to pull the brown-eyed girl into the club, “Relax. It will be fun. You will see.”

They entered the club and started to look for a table. The stage was situated in the center of the room, a long catwalk that looked much too narrow to Eliza’s eyes. Glad I’m not gonna be up there. Brigitta’s friends had found a space for them to the right of the stage in one of the u-shaped booths that lined the wall. On the opposite side, running parallel to the stage, was the bar and at the rear of the room was a raised area with 9 or 10 standalone tables that were already starting to fill up. As Eliza scanned the room her eyes fell upon one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Long dark, maybe black, hair, it was difficult to tell in the dim lighting inside the club, and with a naturally tan complexion and dark eyes the girl looked to be about Eliza’s height, maybe an inch taller. She was slender, with delicate arms, and the most incredible legs Eliza had ever seen on a woman that wasn’t in a fashion magazine. As her gaze travelled up the dark-haired girl’s body, eventually arriving back at her face, Eliza became aware that she was also being checked out, a nearly identical look of appraisal on the taller girl’s countenance. The mutual assessment finally ended, the two women smiled at each other, smiles that were just short of being leers. Mmm. Maybe Brigitta was right. Maybe this will be fun. It sure was off to a good start.

Eliza continued to smile at the young woman until one of Brigitta’s friends said something to her that caused her to look away. By the time she looked back the girl was gone. Damn! That chick was wicked hot!

The crowd had finished filing in by then, apparently they limited the number of women to something a little north of 100, guaranteeing everyone a seat at one of the tables or along the bar. As the last of the women found a place to sit the lights dimmed further and music began pouring from the speakers, followed a couple of minutes later by a man’s voice. Unfortunately for Eliza, he was speaking Czech.

“Halo devce! Jste pripraveni být zlobivý holcicky?”

“Brigitta, what’s he saying? I got the Hello part, but what’s the rest?”

“He asked if we’re all ready to have fun tonight.”

For some reason Brigitta’s friends found that funny and they started to giggle as Eliza gave her companion a confused look. Like anyone that didn’t speak the same language as everyone surrounding her, Eliza could not help but feel that there was more going on than she understood. She would find out soon enough that she was right.



After a brief, and mostly unintelligible to Eliza, opening monologue, the MC gave way to the night’s first stripper, to the wild enthusiasm of the women in the audience. And this included Eliza. The brown-haired girl didn’t have to speak Czech in order to understand this hunk of goodness. This language was universal. Even if he was dressed as a Luchador, complete with mask and cape.

Eliza didn’t need a transcript of the MC’s opening remarks but she did get enough from Brigitta to understand that there were six performers for the evening. Three strippers onstage plus the MC, and two servers that worked the crowd, plying the women with free champagne. Or, if champagne was not someone’s beverage of choice, there was the bar on the opposite side of the stage from where Eliza and her friend’s were sitting, where all manner of mixed drinks were available, also for free. Eliza doubted that she’d find any Absolut on the shelves there, but then, quality was not the point of the alcohol, was it?

From the moment the first stripper took the stage Eliza could see the two men moving through the tables, one to either side of the stage, offering refills from the open bottles they were carrying to anyone who asked. They were kind of hard to miss, first, because they were the only men in the crowd, and second, because they were wearing white dress pants but no shirts. They had shirt collars, complete with bow tie, and cuffs, complete with links to hold them in place, but the actual shirts were missing.

And judging by all the hands grasping at the bare skin as they passed, the ladies loved it.

Studlies. Okay. Perhaps Brigitta was right. This was really looking like a bit of harmless fun. Eliza cheered along with all the other women as the Luchador’s cape came off to reveal the well-muscled chest that had been hidden underneath. Harmless.

At this point Eliza stopped paying any attention to the waiter cum strippers roaming the tables and started to focus on the beefcake on the stage. With the cape gone the muscular figure was left wearing brightly colored orange and black tights, boots and, of course, his mask. The tights, as would be expected, were skin conforming and Eliza wondered how he was going to get them off without everything grinding to a halt and completely ruining the atmosphere. When he beckoned to a couple of the women sitting in chairs lining the stage to pull at his waistband the brown-eyed girl had her answer. He had to help them, the women had the leverage but didn’t really know how to pull, but between the three of them they got the tear-away tights off and he tossed them to one of the bartenders on the other side of the room. Now the male stripper was left with the boots and the mask and a nicely filled thong. Eliza was impressed. The whistles and cheers from the crowd told her she wasn’t the only one.

The performer moved about on the stage for a time, stopping in front of as many of the women as possible to shake his package, letting them paw and grope at him while fending off the hands that were trying to remove the one thing they most wanted to see come off. And it wasn’t his mask.

Pulling away from the sea of hands after a few minutes the stripper picked his cape back up off the stage and wrapped it around his waist, protecting himself for the time being from the increasingly rowdy women arranged around the platform. Eliza had a pretty good idea what was going to happen next so she wasn’t too surprised when he reached under the cape with one hand and started to wiggle his thong down his thickly muscled legs. Stepping out of the undergarment he picked it up and began to offer it to some of the women nearest him. Not as a souvenir as it would turn out but simply for the chance to kiss it. A chance it seemed most of the women were willing to jostle for. But some of the women were not satisfied with that and they began to call out for more. Again Eliza had no need to understand what was being said because the performer began to play to the crowd, bending forward and putting his hand behind his ear, as if he could not hear them. This only encouraged the women and they started to yell louder, calling for him to remove the cape, their meaning made all the more obvious when the man on the stage began to motion towards his covered crotch and the not at all small erection waiting there. Again, impressed.

“Tato? Tebe potreba tato?”

“YES!!” “ANO!!”

Even the girls with Eliza were screaming now and they all started to laugh as they got caught up in the excitement. Demonstrating that he was no novice at this, the stripper did not immediately give the audience what they wanted, instead singling out one very pretty girl standing at the far end of the stage on the opposite side from Eliza and unwrapping the cape just enough for her to get her hand in so she could fondle his cock. Okay, so maybe they took things a bit further here than in the States. No surprise there. It was still only mostly harmless fun. They were all adults after all. Even so, when the cape opened just a bit further and the girl’s head disappeared under it to join her hand, Eliza could not help but be a bit shocked.

Whoa. I don’t think anything like this ever happens at Chippendales.

And if it does, why don’t more guys want to work there?

However, Eliza had to admit, having never been to a strip club before, she didn’t really know what went on there. Besides, the girl was completely cut off from view by the cape, who really knew what she was doing under there? They could both be playing just for the audience and no one would ever really know. Right? Right. And even if the girl was getting busy, she was still covered by the cape. Relax Duckshoot. We’re all here to have a little fun.

Eliza’s growing acceptance to what may or may not have been going on under the cape was sidetracked for the moment when she spotted one of the servers by a table just beyond where the stripper and his frisky partner were. It wasn’t the server himself that kept her looking, but the woman he was talking to. The dark-haired beauty from earlier. At last.

No longer concerned with the onstage blowjob Eliza stared at the woman she was pretty sure was going to star in at least some of her fantasies in the coming nights. Even in profile, or maybe especially in profile, it was easy to see just how beautiful this girl was. Beautiful hair. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful nose. Beautiful cheekbones. Beautiful lips. Beautiful neck. Hell, Eliza was even willing to bet the girl had beautiful hands. She moved her eyes away from her new infatuation to see if she could prove herself right.

“Holy Shit!”

Eliza’s tablemates wrongly assumed she was reacting to the happenings on the stage but really the brown-eyed hottie was responding to what Miss Beautiful was doing instead. Eliza had seen the waiter standing there talking to her crush and had assumed, understandably, that that was all they were doing, her attention being focused almost exclusively on the dark-haired girl’s face. But once she moved away from her flame’s face, and down to her hands, Eliza realized the pair were doing a little bit more than talking. It didn’t happen instantly, if only because of the dim lighting in the club everywhere but directly over the stage, but Eliza could see that something was going on, that the dark-haired girl was doing something with her, yes, they were indeed beautiful also, hands. Something that Eliza could not immediately resolve. Something that looked… like…

“Holy Shit!!”

Laughter erupted from the women surrounding Eliza, even those whose English was not perfect were apparently familiar enough with the expletive, as they took it for granted that she was shocked by the display on stage. Well, they were half right.

But the duo onstage was by now the furthest thing from Eliza’s mind. It was the handjob the dark-haired girl was giving the waiter that had caused her to cry out so everyone around her could hear. And this handjob wasn’t being covered up by anything. Oh Shit!

Eliza wasn’t much of a fan of pornography, for one thing she simply didn’t have the time. And for another, who wanted to watch porn when you could actually be fucking instead? But it’s also not like she had anything against it, and she had, upon occasion, seen some. She did however draw the line at watching while being fucked. As far as Eliza was concerned, if a guy had to look at porn while in bed with her then something was seriously wrong with him. And she was soon showing him the door. But there was something very different about watching two performers go at it on the big screen TV as a prelude to sex, and watching two very pretty people actually doing, if not it at least something only a few degrees away from, it, just a few feet away. Even if the lighting was poor.

Although, if Eliza had stopped to consider it, she probably would have realized that it wasn’t just the fact that two people were doing something sexual right out in the open. After all, there was still the pair up on stage and Eliza wasn’t paying them one second of attention anymore. No, it wasn’t only the ‘what’ that captivated her, it was also the ‘who’. Almost any other woman in the room and Eliza would hardly have given the pair a… fourth glance.

So yes, Eliza was shocked, but not in a disgusted way. After all, she was no shrinking violet herself. Just ask any of her lovers, male or female. She was just more discreet about things. Usually. Yeah, she’d had sex in the backseat of a car – her and millions of other teenagers. No, not all together. Wiseguy. And yeah, she’d had sex at the beach in between the dunes. And in a field, under a tree. And… Okay, Eliza had taken some risks before, but she’d never had sex in the middle of a club where everybody could see. Though now that she was thinking about it, there was something very, very exciting about the idea. All those hot bodies, and all those people watching her with all those hot bodies… No Duckshoot, stop right there! That would never fly back home! For one thing, people actually know who you are back home! For another, it almost certainly had to be illegal in the States. If it was fun and if it felt good then odds were, it was illegal to do it in public. And finally, her brothers would kill her! So stop thinking about that and enjoy the show!

Eliza continued to watch the pair from across the room, her eyes glued to the dark-haired girl’s hand as it slowly worked the waiter’s shaft. Shit, that’s a big cock. Are all Czech men hung? She didn’t have much to go on, but so far they were batting a thousand.

As Eliza watched the handjob slowly came to an end, but the show was most definitely not over. The waiter lifted the bottle of champagne he was still carrying and offered to refill the dark-haired girl’s drink, but in a most unique way. Holding the cup so that it was underneath his dick, the waiter poured the champagne over his shaft and let it spill into the receptacle, getting appreciative laughs from all the women at the table. After she had taken a sip from her cup, the dark-haired girl apparently decided that she would rather sample the champagne that was still dripping from the waiter’s cock and bending forward in her chair she proceeded to take his pole into her mouth. Fuck!! That’s wicked hot! Again Eliza found herself wondering what it would be like to do something like that in front of a crowd of people.

By chance Eliza had ended up sitting to the outside of the u-shaped bench she and her friends shared and this gave her plenty of room to lean forward herself, attempting to minimize the distance separating her from the action across the room, no matter how small the amount. In fact, she was so focused, that she did not even realize that she was now being addressed.


No reaction.

“Šampanské?” A little louder.

Still Eliza did not respond, until, that is, she felt something strike her twice on the back of her head.

“What the…?”

The yelp brought out another explosion of giggles from her tablemates as Eliza turned to confront whoever was hitting her from behind, only to recoil in surprised laughter when she found the other server standing on the bench immediately next to hers, holding his member in his hand as he prepared to smack her once more.

“Šampanské?” He asked again.

“No, thank you. I’m not drinking champagne.” Eliza was still laughing as she smoothed the hair at the back of her head, but she was already starting to recover from the surprise.

“Ne? Chtel bych tebe dosti mít jeden pyj místo?” The way he pushed his hips forward while holding onto his unit left no doubt in Eliza’s mind as to what he was offering, even if she didn’t recognize the Czech word for penis.

Automatically Eliza started to shake her head and she brought both hands up so that they were between her face and the waiter’s cock. His nice, thick, long, cock. Damn. Three for three. Eliza was starting to think that she might have to spend a lot more of her future down time in Prague.

For the moment however, she had a very playful waiter/stripper with a very impressive erection to contend with. Not to mention a tableful of randy girls that were now trying to convince her to have a quick lick of the penis just inches from her face. In two languages no less. But wondering what it would be like to do something sexual in front of a large group of people, and actually doing it, were miles apart from one another, and Eliza was not quite ready to make that leap. Now if they were somewhere more private, well that would be different, and the brown-eyed hottie would probably be willing to give the lucky guy a quick toss. Maybe even more than her dark-haired obsession had done, especially considering just how horny, and getting hornier with every big dick that was waved in her face, Eliza was feeling. Speaking of dark-haired obsessions… Eliza took a quick glance over to the table on the other side of the stage only to discover that both beauty and the waiter were no longer there. Damn. Now where did she go?

Fortunately, Eliza didn’t have to look far for the missing woman. She was standing at the side of the stage directly opposite Eliza’s table and looking straight at her, watching the wavy-haired girl intently. When their gazes crossed and locked the dark-haired girl smiled, beautifully, at Eliza and lifted one eyebrow in question.

There could be only one interpretation. Are you going to do it? Eliza’s eyes went wide and she was just about to shake her head, regrettably, no, when she was distracted by something hitting her hand and she turned back to the waiter to find that he was now striking his shaft against her open palm. In a purely reflexive move Eliza caught his rod in her hand, her eyes going wide again when she realized just how big the server’s dick really was. Shit, I’d need a third hand to cover that thing. Almost as soon as her hand had wrapped around it though she released it and gave it a light swat.

“Get that thing outta here!”

With a laugh and an overblown look of pain the waiter rubbed his prick where Eliza had hit him, getting another laugh from the women in the immediate area. Thinking that shared laughter was a very good way to make a connection with someone, Eliza glanced across the stage to see how the dark-haired girl was reacting, surprised to find a pout on the girl’s face, every bit as overdone as the feigned hurt of the server. The smile faded from Eliza’s face as she realized she had a problem. Disappoint the dark-haired girl and run the risk of pushing her away before they’d even met, or do something she couldn’t even seriously consider doing if she was at home. Eliza thought about it for all of two seconds. Ah what the hell. What’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t cut loose and have a little fun? To the sound of the loudest cheers yet she leaned in and gave the waiter’s penis a quick peck where she’d smacked him and then another on the head for good luck. Mmm. Not bad. Of course it wasn’t like Eliza didn’t know what to expect. She had had a cock in her mouth once or twice before.

“Satisfied now?”

“Úspech na poslední!” The waiter crowed to the surrounding tables and Eliza could only assume he was bragging about his success, then he leaned down to her and said in heavily accented English “I’ll be back!” before moving off in search of other victims.

Looking back over to her hopefully soon-to-be friend Eliza was happy to see the dark-haired girl smiling at her and clapping lightly. Ah. That’s better. Now would probably be a good time to make a move.

Eliza turned towards Brigitta before getting up, ignoring the self-satisfied smile on her friend’s face, “Umm. I’m going to the bar, anybody want anything?”

Thinking that maybe Eliza was actually going off to follow the server with his dick hanging out, thereby seriously impairing the chances of the brown-eyed girl coming back anytime soon with the drinks, Brigitta smiled even more broadly and just shook her head no. She watched the brunette get up and head off then turned back to her friends.

“Ladies, Myslím, ze je na case, aby si tato strana zacala. Máme?”

Her question was met with enthusiastic agreement all around. Yes, it was time to get the party started. Brigitta and the girls got up to join the small crowd surrounding the still masked, but otherwise naked, stripper at the rear of the room. Neither the small group of women, nor the fortunate man, stood a chance.

Meanwhile, Eliza circled the other end of the stage, heading, as she had said, for the bar. She might not be in pursuit of the server as Brigitta had assumed, but she also wasn’t just going to walk up to the dark-haired girl and start talking. Under other circumstances, sure, but in the current situation Eliza wanted to take a more indirect approach. She already knew she wanted to get to know the dark-haired girl a lot better, now she wanted to find out just how mutual the attraction was. And one way to do that was to be seen approaching the bar, then wait.

She didn’t have to wait for long. But she also didn’t get quite the response she had been looking for.

Eliza had just gotten the bartender’s attention, no Absolut but they did have Belvedere, when she felt like she was being watched. She turned around and sure enough, there was the dark-haired girl, standing about ten feet away, just looking at her. But even after Eliza turned and they were facing each other, still the girl did not move, did not come to join Eliza at the bar. Damn. Now what?

The answer came when the dark-haired girl gestured with her head to Eliza’s right. Follow me. Hmm. It had been quite some time since Eliza had been the one that had to do the pursuing. Never with guys, but even with women Eliza was accustomed to being the one chased. It seemed to be a natural byproduct of being hot and a celebrity. People just chased after you. Okay, it was either do what the girl wanted or go back to the table and her friends. The hell with that. If Eliza had to be the one doing the following then so be it. She moved away from the bar and started to walk after the slender beauty.

There were hallways at either end of the bar, one at the rear of the room that led towards the women’s lavatory and one at the front that led towards the men’s room. It was the front hallway that the dark-haired girl turned down with Eliza only a second or two behind. As she rounded the corner she found the girl waiting for her and without a word her hand was grasped and they moved down the hallway together. Eliza assumed there was some other destination in mind but as they reached the door to the men’s room the dark-haired girl pushed on it and brought them both into the room. Okay, not what she expected, but since the club was filled almost exclusively with women, why not? However, the room was not empty. One of the strippers was in there, dressed as a football player, with a green jersey and white shorts and calf-high sweat socks, and he was bouncing a ball easily from knee to knee while he waited for his turn on stage.

“Odejít.” Eliza recognized an order when she heard one, regardless of the language differences. She is the bossy little thing. I like that.

“Podívejte se, kdo si myslí, ze ona má na starosti hned. Kdo je vás prítel dost?” Now Eliza had to laugh. Apparently sarcasm didn’t need any translation either. Pritel? Eliza had heard that word before from Brigitta. That was Friend, right? He was talking about her.

“Dovolené nebo nebudu sdílet ji s sebou.” No clue. They were starting to speak much too quickly now for Eliza to even catch the odd word here and there. The rest of the conversation went by while Eliza stood there silently.

“Jak si muzete být jisti, ze je zde, ze?”

“Podívejte se, jak je oblecená. Je zde pro nej. Ale az se dostanete ven nebudeme vedet, budeme?”

“Dobre, dobre, budu. Ujistete se, aby jí pro hry pozdeji.”

“Uvidíme. To je muj bratr ve své kancelári?”

“Ne, on je tam venku, jak se veci pripraven. Ach, je signál. Uz musím jít. Máte zábava, ale aspon nekteré pro me, ano?”

If it had been the dark-haired girl’s intention to get the stripper out of the bathroom it seemed she had been successful. Or it could have been the MC’s voice coming from the clubs sound system that did it. To Eliza it sounded like he could have been announcing the next stripper so that could have been the reason. Not that it mattered. Either way the man started to move towards the bathroom door.

As he was leaving the room he turned to say something else but the dark-haired girl shooed him out with her hand, speaking in English for the first time and answering at least one of Eliza’s questions, “Go! They are waiting for you! Go show everyone your limitations!” then, when he was finally gone, continuing on to Eliza, “Finally! We can talk now. It is always so noisy out there. My name is Tereza.”


“Ah, Eliška! This is my sister’s name as well! Welcome to Prague, Eliška!”

Eliška. Close enough. Eliza had never really had a nickname growing up, even though people often assumed, incorrectly, that her name was short for Elizabeth. Whenever someone had tried to give her a nickname it had never really caught on, the only exception being when she had worked on Kevin Smith’s movie. And even then the only two people to actually use his nickname for her had been Kevin, and, oddly, Eliza, and that only when talking to herself. To everyone else she was simply Eliza. However, Brigitta had explained the Czech fondness for using a diminutive for all given names, so hearing hers transformed from Eliza to Eliška was kind of cool. And the way Tereza said it sounded damn sexy.

“So what was all that about?”

Tereza smiled easily, appearing unconcerned at the question, “Mmm That? That was nothing. He was just being… difficult. Yes difficult.” Tereza’s English was good, but every now and then she would have to stop and search for a word, making it obvious that it was not her first language. Eliza accepted the explanation without further question.

Close up and in good lighting Eliza could finally see that Tereza’s hair was not quite black, but a very dark brown. Several shades darker than her own. And it was long and straight, unlike her wavy mass. Everything else about her was pretty much as Eliza had first thought, including the small difference in their height. The two women spent a few moments sizing each other up, both of them confirming their original opinions. They were a pair of smokin’ hotties.

All through the mutual inspection Tereza had never let go of Eliza’s hand and now she brought their hands up, holding them about chest high, and started to lace their fingers together, “So Eliška, what brought you here tonight?”

“I came with some friends. We wanted to have some fun.”

“Ah. And are you having fun?” The two women started to move closer together.

“I think I’m about to.”

Their lips met and they started to kiss passionately, no time wasted on being tentative, their tongues already wrestling from the opening seconds. While they kissed their hands were also busy, roaming over each other’s back and sides, pulling at their clothing as they tried to undress one another without breaking the lip lock. Tereza had somewhat more success at this than Eliza, as she didn’t really have to do anything except slip her hands inside the brunette’s top in order to be touching her breasts, while the shorter girl lost precious seconds trying to find a non-existent zipper. When that failed Eliza changed tack, giving up for the moment on Tereza’s certain to be beautiful tits and heading south instead. Sliding her palm up the outside of Tereza’s left thigh and onto her butt, Eliza let out a moan of pleasure when she found nothing but warm smooth skin under her hand.

“Mmmm.” Damn! What is it with this town? The men are hung like horses and none of the women wear panties! Tell me they have a movie industry and I think I’ll have to move here!

For a few seconds Eliza held an internal debate with herself, trying to decide if she should leave her hand where it was, slide it around to the front, or just skip the introductions, drop straight to her knees and get busy with her tongue. Leaving her hand where it was really wasn’t much of an option, so Eliza quickly discarded it, concentrating instead on the other two. She had just about settled on doing both, sliding her hand onto Tereza’s pussy and then dropping to her knees, when the taller girl took the choice away from her by spinning Eliza around so that the starlet’s back was pressed into the dark-haired girl’s front. Tereza increased the contact by bringing both her hands up and under Eliza’s top and grabbing the brown-eyed girl’s breasts. The movement caught Eliza completely off guard and she gave out a surprised laugh. Under other circumstances this is exactly the kind of thing Eliza might have done herself. Having the tables, as well as her body, turned was kind of interesting. As long as it didn’t become a habit.

Eliza was just getting ready to say something along those lines, but not to put an end to it, Tereza’s hands felt fantastic on her tits, when the door to the bathroom opened and in walked the MC, “Tereza! Co delás? Ty by nemely být tady!”

Again Eliza did not really need to speak Czech to at least understand the gist of what was being said. It was obvious from his gestures that he did not want the two women in the men’s room. It was also obvious that he knew Tereza.

“Jak to vypadá mám delat?”

“Ano, ale proc jste nedelal venku?”

“Vzhledem k tomu, ze ona není jeste pripraven. Dejte mi cas. Vím, co delám!”

“V pohode, v pohode. Ale to je nekde jinde. Pouzijte úradu v prípade, ze potrebujete soukromí.”

“Dobre, jdeme.”

Throughout the brief discussion Tereza kept her hands exactly where they had been, doing exactly what they had been doing when the MC entered the bathroom, but now she dropped her hands and spoke to Eliza, “Come Eliška, this pooper spoils our fun. We must leave.”

Pooper? Eliza assumed Tereza meant party pooper, though how the girl was familiar with that idiom was a mystery. Of course if that was not Tereza’s meaning, then Eliza was pretty damn sure she didn’t want to stay in the bathroom anyway. Either way Eliza adjusted her top and started to move towards the door.

Exiting the bathroom Eliza turned to go back out to the club but was surprised when Tereza grabbed her by the hand again and began pulling her further down the hallway toward a closed door that opened into an office, with a conveniently placed couch. As soon as they were inside they were kissing again, hard and frenzied, the same as before.

At first the taller girl had rounded on Eliza, pushing her back and closing and locking the door in one smooth motion, “There Eliška, now we cannot be interrupted so easily.”

No interruptions? Eliza liked the sound of that. And she also liked being slammed back against the door, but not as much as she liked pushing Tereza back and spinning her around so that she crashed into the door. Two can play this game sweetie. Tereza held a very small advantage in height, but Eliza worked out all the time and was certain she was the stronger of the pair. The brunette held her new friend in place for a few moments, until, by unspoken agreement, they started to move towards the couch, Eliza walking backwards, her lips still pressed to Tereza’s and relying on the taller girl to guide her. As they moved they were once again trying to undress, with far more success this time as each girl concentrated on her own garments.

It wasn’t a long trip to the couch, but by the time they got there Eliza had already shed her skirt and top, leaving her dressed in just her thong. The back of her right knee banged against the front of the couch and she half sat half plopped onto the cushion, ending up pressed into the corner with her right foot up on the seat and her left one still flat on the floor. Tereza stood there for a moment admiring the mostly naked actress.

“Mmm Eliška, I like your tits.”

“Thanks. I’ve never had any complaints.”

Tereza waited a few seconds more, then reached up and in one swift movement pulled the short black dress she had been wearing over her head and tossed it to the side. As Eliza had already discovered the dark-haired girl wasn’t wearing any panties and she had no need of a bra, so she stood there fully nude, giving the shorter girl a similar opportunity to stare at her body.

The Czech girl’s breasts were not large, but they were perfect for her slender frame and her nipples were hard and pointing north. When Eliza was finally able to tear her gaze away she moved down over a flat, toned belly to a pubic area completely devoid of hair. And a clitoris that was already starting to swell and peek out from under its hood.

“Mmmm Tereza, I like your… everything!”

With a small, sexy smile Tereza dipped her head in acknowledgement of the compliment. She left it unsaid but Eliza would have bet her next paycheck that the taller girl never got any complaints about her body either.

The Czech girl held her pose a few seconds more, then lowered herself to the couch on top of Eliza, her left knee on the cushion in between the shorter girl’s legs and her breasts pressing into the brown-eyed girl’s larger ones. The pair kissed briefly but Tereza broke away after only a minute or two and started to work her way slowly down Eliza’s body, kissing random body parts as she went. When she reached Eliza’s tits she stopped her downward movement and spent several long minutes licking and sucking and biting the brunette’s nipples.

“Eliška, your tits…” Eliza smiled when she heard Tereza say tits. It never quite came out as Titz, sounding instead like a word with two syllables, tit-suh, “are wonderful. So much bigger than mine. I did not think they could be so big under your top.”

“Yeah, they’re deceptive. I like…” Tereza bit down hard on Eliza’s nipple at that moment, preventing the other girl from completing her thought for some seconds, “that.”

“I like that too.”

After a time the journey down Eliza’s body resumed, with another brief diversion at the wavy-haired girl’s navel to find out if she was ticklish, she was, but not enough, before arriving at the final destination. Under other circumstances there might have been a short pause here, but given where the two women were, and how they were both dressed, or undressed as the case may be, there was no doubt as to what was going to happen next and good reason not to hesitate. Eliza wasn’t about to start playing hard to get when somebody could come banging on the door at any minute. She pushed every bit as much as Tereza pulled the black thong off her body.

“Ah Eliška! This is another thing you share with my sister. You are both bare down there!”

Interesting way of putting it. Especially considering that Tereza was also completely waxed. But…

“Oh FUCK!” Eliza dismissed all other thoughts as soon as Tereza’s tongue touched her pussy.

Much as she had during their first kiss, Tereza was assertive with her tongue as she licked Eliza’s cunt. Her tongue was longer than most other women and she had discovered early on that if she used as much of it as she could, judiciously applied, she would always bring her partners, male or female, to extremely satisfying, and often quite loud, climaxes. She didn’t even have to think about what she was doing all that much to get there, allowing her to do whatever would give her the most pleasure, and by happy coincidence, providing the same to her partners. So where some might rely on a whole array of tricks and gimmicks, Tereza had no need, licking and sucking and pulling and biting as the mood struck. Of course it helped immensely when her partner was as hot as Eliza.

As for Eliza, thoughts weren’t the only thing that had been banished with the first touch of Tereza’s tongue to her snatch. Words had abandoned her as well. This wasn’t a normal condition for the wavy-haired beauty, but, what with the three plus weeks of vacation, and an additional three weeks before that, it had now been close to seven weeks since the last time Eliza had felt anything other than her own fingers or toys between her legs and she was friggin’ Horny. With a capital H! So where normally Eliza retained a moderate amount of control of herself, particularly when things were just starting, only to give it up little by little as she got closer to her climax, this time she lost command almost immediately.

“Unnhh… fffuuuhhhh… Ter… mmmm… fffuuuhhhhkk… gnnnhhh…”

The minutes passed as Tereza indulged herself in Eliza’s juices, licking and lapping at the brunette’s opening before returning to suck, gently at first but with increasing pressure, on the brown-eyed girl’s clit, then backing away again to pick up any newly formed liquids. Eliza was already close to an orgasm and Tereza was determined to delay it as much as possible, for both their sakes.

Another thing that Tereza was fond of doing when giving head to a woman, was to add a couple of fingers in. Nothing much, just enough so that she could give her lover the feeling of being entered but not be too much in the way of her tongue. She would need to reposition Eliza a bit to do this, not a lot, just enough to bring the brown-haired girl’s box closer to the edge of the couch. Fortunately Tereza was well practiced at this and she was able to get Eliza to move the few inches she needed without interrupting what she was doing. And without Eliza even noticing as well.

When everything was the way she wanted it Tereza slipped off the couch and onto the floor, her tongue never leaving Eliza’s twat. She licked the shorter girl’s pussy a few more times, driving the tip of her tongue into the opening for just that little bit of extra lubrication she could provide, and brought up the middle and index fingers of her right hand. It wasn’t Tereza’s style to stiffen her digits and lock her wrist as she fingered a lover, no, the dark-haired girl kept everything loose. Placing the tips of her fingers at the entrance to Eliza’s vagina, she started to push them in, her knuckles facing up.

Eliza moaned even louder as she felt herself being penetrated.

With both fingers bent slightly at the knuckles Tereza started to move them in and out of Eliza’s cunt by sort of rolling her wrist, not from side to side, but back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth. Like a cock but without all the potential mess.

While she was doing this Tereza stayed busy with her tongue, accepting the reduced area she had to work with easily. Unfortunately, or, depending on how you look at it, fortunately, for Eliza, this meant most of Tereza’s unusually large tongue was now focused on her clit. The combination of finger-fucking and increased attention to her clitoris was more than the brunette sexpot could take.


As she came Eliza’s pussy clamped down on Tereza’s fingers even as she pushed her ass off the couch with both feet. Her left hand came down to grasp Tereza’s wrist, further ensuring that the dark-haired girl would not remove her fingers before Eliza’s climax was over while her right arm flew up to cover her eyes. The two remained this way for long seconds until, slowly, Eliza’s muscles started to unclench and her butt returned to the cushions. A few more seconds and now Eliza was the exact opposite of clenched, practically every muscle in her body fully relaxed.

After another 20 or 30 seconds Eliza let out a short laugh and dropped the arm covering her eyes, “Oh Man! Did I need that!!”

Tereza laughed as well and she started to move her fingers inside Eliza once more, “You liked that? It was good?”

Eliza almost leaped forward, her hands going to either side of Tereza’s face as she pulled the taller girl to her, the only thing keeping her on the couch being the two fingers that were still slowly moving in her snatch, “Yes…” Kiss “I liked that very much.” Kiss “And yes…” Kiss Kiss “It was very, very good!” Long Hard Kiss.

“Your turn!” Eliza started to get off the couch.

“You will do the same for me? Good!” The music suddenly ended and the MC’s voice could be heard over the sound system once more, “But we do not have the time now. Later, yes?”

“Huh? I mean yes definitely, later, but why don’t we have the time now?”

“Now is time for games. Hurry and dress! We do not want to be late!”

Games? Eliza took the clothes that were being thrust in her direction and started to put them on. She realized immediately that her thong was not with the small pile but before she could even comment Tereza was grabbing her by the hand and pulling her out the door and down the hallway. The dark-haired girl’s excitement was infectious and Eliza found herself laughing along with Tereza as they re-entered the main part of the club and came to an unexpected halt.

Up on the stage the MC was talking into a microphone while gesturing to the audience with his right hand, trying to convince some of the women to join him on the platform for the first game. Eliza watched the crowd for a minute, seeing curiosity in a number of faces, but no one seemed willing to be the first to volunteer. That was when Tereza grabbed Eliza’s hand once again and started to pull her towards the stage.

“Come Eliška, This will be fun!”

What will be fun? She didn’t even have an idea what the game was going to be! But she allowed Tereza to lead her to the steps and on to the stage. That seemed to break the ice and after a couple of minutes four more girls had joined Eliza and Tereza onstage and the MC was ready to begin.

He had all the girls kneel down on the boards with their backs to the bar, then he proceeded to stop in front of each pair and cover them with a very large towel, cutting them off from the rest of the audience. It was at this point that Eliza started to wonder what kind of “games” they could possibly have at a male strip club.

She turned, or rather she tried to turn but the towel just turned with her preventing her from actually seeing her friend, “Tereza, What’s this…”

A round of cheers and whistles, and more than one comment that elicited much laughter from the audience, cut Eliza off midstream and she saw a pair of booted feet that she recognized as belonging to the MC come to a stop in front of them. The towel was lifted up then and Eliza’s eyes traveled with it, moving up from the boots along two large, heavily muscled, and naked legs, ending with the largest penis the brown-haired girl had ever seen poking in from under the edge of the linen.

Before she could completely decide if she was going to recoil or grab a hold of this meaty monster Tereza’s hand came up and, just like Eliza had earlier with the server but even harder, gave the thick shaft a solid whack, “Hej! Získejte ze odsud!” then switching to English, “Take that away!”

Jeez, if people keep smacking these guys on the dick they’re going to have to start giving them hazardous duty pay.

Playing to the audience as always, the MC gave out an exaggerated yelp and started to rub his unit where Tereza had struck him, letting the towel drop back down as he moved away. Thinking she had dodged a bullet, Eliza started to thank her friend only to stop when another pair of feet, this time wearing the sneakers and sweat socks of the stripping footballer they had encountered in the men’s room, stopped before them. Again the towel was lifted and the performer thrust his manhood into the space in front of and between the two girls. This time at least the pole was of a more modest size, in fact it was probably the smallest unit Eliza had seen all night. Okay, so they do grow some normal sized dicks here. I was starting to wonder. Are we supposed to do what I think we’re supposed to do with this?

“Umm, Tereza, look…” Eliza had lifted a hand up and before she even knew what she wanted to do she felt Tereza grab hold of her arm.

“Oh Eliška No! Please do not go! Stay and play with me! Please?”

“Umm, yeah, I don’t know Tereza. I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Why not? You have done this before?”

Eliza looked at the smooth flesh bobbing slightly before her. Sucked dick? Sure, she’d done that lots of times.

“Um, yeah, I have.”

“Then why not this time?”

With the front of the towel lifted the two girls could more or less turn to face each other without the cloth getting in the way and Tereza now rotated her head to watch Eliza. She also reached up and grabbed the erect rod and popped it into her mouth. Eliza’s eyes widened just a little. So they were supposed to do what she thought they were supposed to do with it.

Seeing the dark-haired girl smoking pole, up close and personal, distracted Eliza for a short time, but even as she watched she returned to Tereza’s question. Why not this time?

Eliza started to reply, an almost kneejerk response that she couldn’t do something like that with a guy she didn’t know, but then she stopped, cutting herself off when, from out of left field, the thought intruded – that’s not really true, now is it Duckshoot?

Let’s be honest here and face facts. You’ve always been up for a little frisky business if the conditions were right. Whether you knew the guy or gal for a few weeks, days, or even, Eliza glanced at the Czech girl on her right, placidly giving the stripper head while she waited for some kind of answer, a few seconds it didn’t matter. If you wanted to do it, you did it. And after all, weren’t you the one complaining that you didn’t have a chance to hook up with any of the hunks you met the last few weeks? And didn’t you agree to come to Prague when Brigitta said she could fix that? The brunette was being relentless with herself now, following this line of thought to an inescapable conclusion. And can you honestly say that if you had scoped out some guy here that was as hot as Tereza you wouldn’t have followed him just as quickly into the bathroom? No. You can’t. Well, technically, she could. But only because Eliza knew for a fact that if it had been a guy he would have been following her, not the other way around. But that would have been the only difference. A difference that made no difference.

So how was any of that better than sucking off one of the boy-toys here at the club? Did doing this somehow make her ‘easy’? Eliza scowled at that. She was not ‘easy’. And she wasn’t ‘hard’ either. She didn’t accept such ridiculous labels for herself. She gave her body to whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It was her decision. Always. And if it happened after knowing the guy or girl for only a short time, or a really short time, that was her business and nobody else’s. So, if doing this wasn’t really any different than hopping into bed with some guy or gal she’d just met, and she didn’t care what someone else thought of her, then what was preventing the brown-eyed sexpot from going for it and having some fun?

Aside from a club filled with people that is.

And that, Eliza had already discovered, wasn’t nearly the problem she would have imagined it to be. Besides, that little dilemma was neatly sidestepped by the privacy of the towel cutting them off from view of the audience. Okay, yeah, that was really just another technicality, everyone knew what was going on under the towel anyway. But even if the cloth hadn’t been there, what good reason was there not to just do it already?


None that made any sense anyway.

Tereza’s eyes widened and there was a huge smile on her face the instant Eliza reached up to wrap a hand around the stripper’s joint and she released the unit from her mouth, “Mmmm, Eliška, I am so happy! Filip does not know how much trouble he is in!”

No, he really doesn’t. Eliza didn’t reply out loud as she slid Filip’s cock between her lips and started to suck him. Seven weeks without a dick. It wasn’t a personal record, but it was probably six and a half weeks longer than Eliza ever wanted to go again. Now that she had determined she was going to do this she also determined she was going to do it right. It was time to bring out her ‘A’ game.

It started slowly, Tereza passing off Filip’s member to Eliza when she decided she was going to play after all and the brunette passing it back a couple of minutes later. But over time, as Eliza really got over her initial hesitation and got more into it, she started to get more animated, giving, what she liked to refer to as, her “full body” blowjob. In whatever position Eliza was in when she started, once she really got into the swing of things, she never stayed that way. And so it was this time, Eliza starting on her knees but after a short period she had moved into a squat and both hand and head were bobbing up and down vigorously on Filip’s meat. And the more Eliza got into it, the more Tereza was happy to stay out of the way. She still contributed, but she concentrated more on licking and sucking the performer’s balls now while Eliza did most of the work. Of course that wasn’t really all Tereza was doing. She was also rubbing the index and middle fingers of her left hand into Eliza’s gash, reminding her lover of their playtime in the office and contributing to the simmering heat that was already building in the shorter girl’s loins.

After a few more minutes like that, and with Eliza practically bouncing in place, the brunette couldn’t take it anymore and she shifted position once again, standing up and bending at the waist so that she could continue to suck Filip off. Tereza moved right with her, her fingers sliding rapidly in and out of Eliza’s increasingly slick pussy as time and time again the American girl inhaled Filip’s thick rod all the way to the root.

If Eliza hadn’t been so intent on the blowjob she was giving, she probably would have realized several things at this point. First, she would have remembered that she had never put her thong back on when getting dressed in the office. And second, it almost definitely would have occurred to her soon after that, that by standing up she was now giving the ladies, the bartenders and one of the servers on that side of the stage a pretty good view of her snatch, that part of it not obscured by Tereza’s hand that is, because the towel, while large, was not large enough to extend past her ass when standing. Finally, and this might have been the most important of all if Eliza had still cared, she would have noticed that Filip had also moved the front of the towel, uncovering both her and Tereza, removing the curtain that had cut them off from the audience and allowing everyone to see that, yes, she really was giving him head. If Eliza had still cared. By this point however, Eliza was far beyond all that and all she was really concerned with was the dick in her mouth and the fingers in her twat.

Not that the women in the audience had all that much time to watch Eliza ply her technique. It was only several minutes after the brown-eyed girl had risen to her feet and Filip had lifted the towel that the stripping footballer pulled away from Eliza with a cry, one hand slapping at his shaft in a desperate effort not to cum while he wagged a scolding finger at her with the other.

“Žena d’ábel!”

“Hey! I wasn’t finished!”

The MC, busy enjoying his own double blowjob from the pair of women immediately to Eliza’s left, heard the brunette’s cry and saw Filip hitting his shaft and called out “Máme vítezu!”

At first Eliza didn’t understand why Filip had pulled away from her. Didn’t he want her to finish him off? It wasn’t until she felt Tereza grab her upper arm and say “Eliška! We have won!” that she finally remembered that she was taking part in some kind of contest.

Oh right, the “game”, “Great. What did we win?”

Tereza did not answer right away because the MC was speaking once again, apparently addressing that very issue. “He says because we almost made Filip cum… Cum?”

“Yeah, cum is right. I wouldn’t exactly call it formal English though.”

“Well, because we almost made Filip cum we get to play another game. But do not worry, this is much less…” Tereza searched for the right word in English.


The dark-haired girl laughed and shook her head but didn’t try to explain any further. It didn’t matter anyway, Eliza was now fully into the spirit of things.

As it turned out Tereza was right when she said the next game would be less. It was certainly less daring. Two chairs were placed in the middle of the stage back-to-back, each facing the steps at either end of the platform. Once Eliza and Tereza had taken their seats the MC and the stripping Luchador came over and one of them stood in front of each of the girls, both men fully naked except for their boots. As the music started to blare from the sound system again the two men started to circle the chairs while the MC called out to the crowd, urging them to clap in time with the music. Suddenly the music stopped and the two men sat in the girl’s laps, the Luchador in Tereza’s and the MC in Eliza’s. The wavy-haired girl started to laugh out loud. They were playing musical chairs, with a twist.

Except it wasn’t really musical chairs. Because when the music started again the men didn’t get up, instead each grabbed the hands of the woman in whose lap they were sitting and, in time with the music, started to place them randomly on their bodies. Chest, arms, legs, knees, shoulders. Time and again the men would take the girls’ hands and time and again the girls would pull them away with a laugh. Until the music stopped. Then the two women, as Eliza found out when she tried to pull her hand away, were supposed to leave their hands wherever they were on the performer’s bodies, rubbing the bare flesh until the music started and the game began again.

The first two or three times this happened the MC deliberately avoided moving Eliza’s hands anywhere near his cock, but by the fifth run he was trying to put one hand or the other there just about every other time, obviously hoping the music would stop and catch the brunette with a hand filled with his dick. And each time he tried Eliza snatched her hand away with a laugh while the crowd cheered and clapped. Of course it was only a matter of time before the MC got exactly what he wanted.

So the next time the host put Eliza’s hand on his shaft she left it there. Then, without even bothering to wait for him to do it, Eliza brought her other hand down from his broad chest and wrapped it around his erection. And started to give him a double-fisted handjob. The women in the audience went wild.

Fuck me! It’s like jerking off a Coke can!

And what happens when you shake a Coke can too much?

Fortunately the music stopped before Eliza could find out.

The MC stood up and taking hold of Eliza’s hand he guided her to her feet, lifting her hand above her head almost as if she had just won some prize fight, then bringing it back down and gently kissing her knuckles, “Dekujeme, ze jste s námi hrát. Budu hledat si pozdeji.”

“I don’t know what you just said but I hope it means I’ll see you later.”

There was no indication that the MC understood Eliza any more than she had understood him and Tereza was now standing at her side as the large man started to speak into his microphone once more. The pair stepped off the stage together and went straight to the bar for some much needed refreshment. Since there wasn’t as much free space on that side of the stage Eliza and her new friend took their drinks and moved to the other side, coming to a stop in front of the now empty booth she had been sitting in when the evening started. So where is everybody?

Eliza started to look around the club for Brigitta and the others, pleasantly surprised when she found her German friend up on the very platform she had just vacated with one of the other girls as the MC explained the rules for what would be the next to last game of the night.

There were four women on the platform now including Brigitta and Karolína, plus Eliza’s old friend Filip. Huh. Guess he’s recovered. The footballer was lying down on the stage on his back while the women got down on their knees on either side of him, two to his left and two to his right. Meanwhile the MC continued to talk into his microphone, a can of whipped cream held in his free hand.

As games went the rules appeared to be pretty simple, simple enough that Eliza caught the gist of things even without the benefit of a translation. The MC would cover various parts of Filip’s naked body with whipped cream and the girls would lick it off, no hands allowed. First pair to clean off their side wins. Easy, right?

Of course not. What the MC didn’t tell the girls was that he would replace the whipped cream whenever he felt like it and most of the time he concentrated on keeping the stripper’s cock and balls covered with cream. Every time he replenished the cream around the guy’s crotch one of the girl’s would squeal and they’d all start laughing, but they kept cleaning the stripper’s body with their tongues.

Eventually Brigitta and her friend got the upper hand, cleaning all the cream away from Filip’s arm and upper leg, and they were able to focus on his dick. Brigitta finally figured out that the only way to get the MC to stop replacing the cream as soon as they licked it away was to swallow the man’s shaft while her friend covered his balls. The stripper’s head popped up from the floor when he felt his rod disappear into Brigitta’s mouth and he mugged for the audience, giving the women there a broad grin and two thumbs up then motioning to the pair not to stop what they were doing while the MC proclaimed them the winners of the game.

Eliza watched the contest with as much enthusiasm as anyone else in the audience as she stood there sipping her drink, appropriately enough complete with tiny umbrella. But unlike most of the women in the audience, at least so Eliza assumed, the more she watched Brigitta sucking Filip’s dick, the hornier she was getting. Yeah, she’d had a massive climax a short time ago, but even an orgasm as considerable as the one she’d had didn’t make up for seven weeks of forced abstinence. Not if you took into account all the licking and sucking and fondling of naked penises she’d both witnessed and participated in. So it was no surprise that as Eliza watched her friend sucking Filip off she started to move closer to her other new friend, until, not many minutes later, the brunette’s hand was rubbing Tereza’s back, a brief pit stop on its way down to the taller girl’s incredible ass.

“Eliška, are you trying to arouse me?”

“Is it working?”

“Mmm, you are ready to… pay me back?”

“With interest baby!”

The confusion on Tereza’s face was apparent, that was obviously not an idiom she was familiar with, and Eliza hurried to clear it up before the taller girl got any wrong ideas, “A figure of speech. But, yeah, I’m ready. Do you want to go back to the office?”


No? Eliza’s hand fell away from Tereza’s ass. Oh crap, too late!

“There.” The dark-haired girl turned so that she was facing Eliza and pointed back to the stage.

Since coming down from the stage Eliza had not ignored the rest of the club while she watched Brigitta and Karolína playing with Filip. A good number of women, maybe twenty, maybe more, had surrounded the Luchador and the two waiters and were getting friskier by the minute, moving beyond fondling and groping to oral sex, both giving and receiving. In fact, one bashful young thing had just pushed the waiter Tereza had been servicing earlier into a chair and looked to be getting ready to mount him even as Eliza watched. Seeing all this did give the wavy-haired girl some level of comfort, it’s not like they’d be the only ones getting busy after all, but it was watching her friend on the stage that closed the deal. If Brigitta could be so carefree about it then so could Eliza. She was an actress after all, used to being the center of attention, and, to some degree even seeking it out. And while this was technically a public place, it felt pretty private. Like a large exclusive party. A large, exclusive, sex party. So, there, right in the middle of the club where everyone could see them? Well why the hell not.

When Eliza looked back to Tereza with a big smile the taller girl swept her dress off with the same single, graceful motion she had used in the office and dropped it on the U-shaped bench behind her, then started to move with her new lover back to the stage. If Eliza had been prepared to simply mount the stage with Tereza and just go for it she was still a little relieved to find that they were actually going back up there to partake in one final game. As the winners of the first game they got to play against Brigitta and Karolína for the grand prize, two free passes to any future CFNM event at the club. Oh well, even if she couldn’t use the prize Eliza could always compete for the bragging rights. Though what she would be bragging about remained to be seen.

Brigitta came over to Eliza as soon as the wavy-haired girl had climbed the last step onto the platform, giving her a big hug and whispering in her ear, “Eliza! I am so happy you are having a good time! I told you you would!”

Eliza laughed and nodded, turning a little pink in spite of herself, “I am! I really am! If you had told me what kind of a good time I’d be having…” she left it there, no reason to say anything else.

“Just wait! This is only the beginning! There is so much more fun to be had!”

Not sure if Brigitta was talking about fun there in the club, or something the German girl had planned for later, Eliza just laughed and returned the kiss to her cheek as they separated and moved to their respective places so the game could start.

Two chairs were placed on the stage once more, only this time they were facing each other separated by about five feet. The MC started to explain the rules of the game to the audience as a tall man dressed only in a white cotton robe, the third stripper no doubt, brought out the supplies the girls would need. Two cans of whipped cream, two unpeeled bananas and two soft rubber squeegees. The objective seemed simple enough and once again Eliza didn’t really need Tereza’s explanation to understand what was required. One girl from each team would sit in the chair with the banana sticking up from between her legs while the MC would cover the fruit with whipped cream then the other girl had to use the squeegee to “shave” the banana. Without breaking it. Simple. Just like every other game they’d played that night. Until the tall stripper started to peel the bananas.

Tereza took her place on one of the chairs as the crowd whistled and cheered at her fully naked form. Karolína, not about to be overshadowed, or have her clothing covered in whipped cream, also stripped, getting her own enthusiastic reaction from the crowd before taking her seat. The two men then placed one of the bananas between each of the girl’s thighs and proceeded to cover both fruit and legs with at least half the cans of whipped cream, getting small squeals from the two women and lots of laughs from the audience. Once the bananas were covered the MC did the Czech version of ready, set, go and the contest was begun.

Brigitta wasted no time, dropping to her knees and starting to remove the cream from Karolína’s upper legs with the squeegee, avoiding the substitute cock for the time being. Eliza on the other hand just stood there for a moment contemplating her situation. If she knew the MC, and in this one small instance she believed she did, it wasn’t going to be as easy as they’d been led to believe. She met Tereza’s eyes and the two girls shared a sly smile.

“Eliška, why do you wait?”

Eliza didn’t answer right away, listening to the peals of laughter coming from the pair behind her, and when she did answer it was with a question of her own, “Let me get this straight. I’m supposed to remove all the cream without breaking the banana, right?”


“Do I have to use this…,” she held up the rubber squeegee “or can I improvise?”

“Improvise?” Eliza could tell from the way Tereza sounded the word out that she was unfamiliar with it. “I do not know this word.”

“Never mind, just sit back and enjoy.”

With that Eliza tossed the squeegee to the floor and got down on her knees in front of Tereza. Giving the taller girl a quick wink she proceeded to bend down and started to swallow the banana sticking out from between her friend’s thighs, the cheers from the audience, and the men on stage, increasing with every inch she worked down her throat. When she had the entire banana in her mouth Eliza lifted her head and, considerably pleased with herself, displayed her accomplishment to the rest of the club.

However, she didn’t stop there. With the audience still watching, Eliza turned to Tereza and, with one eyebrow lifted in question, moved her head towards the dark-haired girl’s, pressing their lips together and swapping the banana, pulling away only when the entire length of the fruit had been exchanged. Now it was Tereza’s turn to preen for the crowd.

After a few seconds posing Tereza could no longer keep from laughing and she was forced to spit the banana out into her hand where she split the piece of fruit in half and shared it with her partner. Eliza chewed her portion while she waited for the MC to declare her and Tereza the contest winners, only to be caught by surprise when he started to gesture at the remaining cream between her friend’s legs.

“Eliška, hurry! You must finish eating my cream!”

It was a good thing Eliza had just finished her half of the banana, otherwise she would have done a spit-take with the fruit, spraying the contents onto anyone near her. Finish eating your cream huh. Nooooo problem. Well, except for the third stripper who, having seen Eliza’s work in the produce section, had discarded his robe and covered his healthy erection in whipped cream and was now trying to convince the brown-eyed girl to give the audience an instant replay using his cock instead of the fruit.

Eliza paused just long enough to add one more mark to the tally of Czech men with big beautiful dicks before resuming her position kneeling in front of Tereza. Big wangs 5, regular sized 1.

“Sorry dude, but I already promised the lady. Stick around though. I might still be hungry when I’m done here.”

Whether the stripper understood her words, or just her tone, Eliza couldn’t tell. Either way he seemed to accept her decision readily, helped along no doubt by the number of women that were more than happy to take Eliza’s place on their knees in front of him. Putting the tall man temporarily out of her mind, Eliza bent down and started to clean the remaining cream from Tereza’s legs with her tongue.

There was still a fair amount of the whipped topping on Tereza’s limbs, but as soon as Eliza had taken a token lick of her right thigh the dark-haired girl lifted her feet off the floor, spread her legs wide and pushed her new friend’s head right into her snatch.

“Unnhhh. Mmmm Eliška…” Tereza gasped, then drawing out Eliza’s name and the subsequent words, pronounced each syllable even more distinctly than normal, “Lick. My. Pussy.”

Poocee. Like tit-suh, Tereza had a way of making the word sound incredibly sexy to Eliza’s ears. But then, Eliza found almost everything about her new lover incredibly sexy. Especially her Poocee. Eliza drilled her tongue deeper into Tereza’s snatch, getting another groan of appreciation from the dark-haired girl, not to mention a mouthful of cream. Whipped and poocee.

Having her head pressed into the taller girl’s twat didn’t bother Eliza in the least. If Tereza hadn’t done it Eliza surely would have the second the dark-haired girl started to spread her legs. Obscured by dessert topping or not, Eliza remembered vividly how beautiful Tereza’s pussy was and how badly she’d wanted to sink her tongue into it back in the office. The time since then had done nothing to dull that desire. Quite the contrary actually. All the naked bodies and dick sucking and fondling had only made Eliza want to taste Tereza even more. Yet one more item on the list of things the wavy-haired girl had gone without for nearly two months waiting to be checked off.

So being pushed face first towards the one thing she wanted more than anything else at that moment wasn’t a problem at all. And neither was the cream that was now coating the lower of half of her face and even getting into her hair. Eliza didn’t mind getting a little messy, not when a quick hop in a shower would quickly take care of that. If she had she would have definitely been in the wrong profession. What she did mind however, was the risk of staining her top. If it had to happen so be it, Eliza had sacrificed more than one outfit to great sex, but if it wasn’t absolutely required then, given her druthers, she’d really rather not ruin the top. Fortunately that would not be necessary, and with just the briefest of interruptions she was able to work the garment over her head and hold it out, confident that one of the men or members of the audience would take it and put it someplace safe for her. Eliza could tell that it was the MC that took the article of clothing from her when she felt him take it in one hand and reach down to cop a feel of her exposed tits with the other. She endured the groping good naturedly. If these guys could walk around with their cocks out all night and put up with all the pawing then Eliza could hardly complain if one of them grabbed her when she let her boobs out now could she. It, as was she herself now, was all part of the show. Besides, the MC’s big, rough hands felt good on her tits.

With a small part of her concentration focused on the two hands now fondling her tits Eliza turned the remainder of her attention to the pussy she was carefully licking. The small volume of frozen cream that had concealed Tereza’s cunt was already gone, leaving Eliza to enjoy the sharper tasting, but so much more delicious, natural lotion pooling in the taller girl’s opening. She divided her time between gathering up this small collection of liquid and softly flicking and sucking at Tereza’s clit, which was becoming more swollen and erect with every pass of Eliza’s tongue.

Tereza’s eyes were closed as Eliza pulled at her pleasure center and she pinched her nipples with both hands as she started to moan softly. Eliza continued to watch her lover’s face while she ate, her eyes staying focused on Tereza until she felt another pair of hands, this time female, on her body, sliding up and replacing the MC’s appendages on her boobs.

“Mmmm Eliza, and I thought you only did boys!”

Breaking away from Tereza for a second Eliza grabbed Brigitta behind the neck and pulled her in for a quick, hard kiss, followed by “And you’re next!” then returned to her task before the Czech girl even realized she was gone.

Brigitta smiled happily, pleased with the kiss, the promise, and the obvious pleasure Eliza was taking in going down on the tall brunette in the chair. It had been a bit of a gamble bringing the American actress here, but one that had clearly paid off. Eliza had shown herself to be open to a good time throughout their weeks together, but being this open, that was a happy surprise. Brigitta smiled again as she moved her hands to Eliza’s hips and started to coax her friend into a new position.

Eliza had been upright on her knees when she first started to eat Tereza out, but as time went on she got tired of the pressure on the joints and she shifted a bit so that her right butt cheek was now resting on the stage floor and her legs were folded back under her left as she leaned in to lick Tereza’s twat. So it was only a matter of moving into an upright position and swiveling her upper body to her left to kiss and playfully threaten Brigitta then back again to resume eating her new lover. But that was enough time for Filip to come over and slide his cock into Tereza’s mouth, causing her to have to moan around his member when she felt Eliza’s tongue probing her labia once more.

Damn. That was quick. I was only gone a second.

Of course Eliza wasn’t really annoyed that she had competition for Tereza’s attention. After all there were other things pulling, quite literally, at her that prevented her from giving the slender beauty all her concentration. It was to be expected in their current surroundings. And if Eliza had to share Tereza with one or another person for a short while so what, she was still getting what she wanted for the moment. Actually, judging by the small stream of fluids running out of the dark-haired girl’s box, she was getting everything she wanted and more. So let Filip enjoy the blowjob, Eliza was content.

And she remained content even as the hands pulled at her until she was back up on her knees in the doggy position. She had a pretty good idea why Brigitta wanted her like this, and a part of her wished she could stop what she was doing so she could watch her German friend’s tongue enter her for the first time. But Tereza had already endured two interruptions with no complaint, Eliza wasn’t about to risk a third. Even if that did mean she’d miss seeing Brigitta take her first lick.


Screw seeing. Who needs to see something when you can feel it!

Despite her best intentions Eliza was disrupted one more time when she felt Brigitta’s tongue push its way inside her and she lifted her head to cry out, meeting Tereza’s eyes as she exclaimed again, “FFUCKK!!”

Filip backed away as Tereza turned her head and smiled at her friend, “Mmm Eliška, now we both get our pussy licked. Yes?”

“Yes, ah FUCKKK!”

After taking a few seconds to get used to the tongue working on her own muff Eliza was able to get back to the business of licking and sucking Tereza’s cunt. But, try as she might, it just wasn’t the same as before. She just couldn’t focus as tightly as she would have liked on her friend’s pleasure. Any other time or place and this lack of concentration probably would have bothered Eliza, just as she assumed it would bother Tereza, but there, in the club, and then, with all the naked men and women and tongues in pussies vying for attention, she accepted that it couldn’t be helped. If either one of them had really been interested in focusing their attentions on the other then they would have gone someplace where they could be alone, not gotten up on the stage in the middle of a room filled with randy women.

Not that Tereza was complaining about Eliza’s distraction. In fact she welcomed it. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a climax courtesy of Eliza’s talented tongue, rather that she saw it as her responsibility to make sure the brown-haired American had as good a time as possible. Tereza wanted Eliza to leave the club a completely satisfied customer. In every conceivable way. So the next time Eliza lifted her head to groan in pleasure, the dark-haired girl slid off the chair onto the floor in front of her and kissed her. Softly. Then she spoke directly into Eliza’s ear.

“Je pripraven. Udelej to.”

Huh? Eliza might have chuckled if she hadn’t been too busy moaning at that moment. Did Tereza forget she didn’t speak Czech? She felt, as well as heard, Brigitta shift position behind her and the tongue that had been giving her so much pleasure suddenly disappeared. Oh. She was talking to Brigitta. What did she say?

A split second later she realized her mistake.

“Oh Gohhhhhhdddd.”

For the first time in seven weeks Eliza felt a cock sliding into her pussy.


Eliza’s eyes closed and she grabbed onto Tereza for support as she felt herself being penetrated, the shaft slipping slowly between her lips and into her overheated canal, coming to a stop and immediately starting the trip back out. Oh God, Oh God. Oh Fuck, does that feel good! And for the first few seconds that was all Eliza cared about, how good it felt to finally have a dick back inside her. But then, after that initial rush, a couple of other things forced their way into her mind. The first filled her with a momentary panic and her hand whipped back under her body until her fingers touched the penis that was rocking in and out of her twat and felt… Whew! Thank God. He’s wrapped! Eliza was no stranger to risky sex. But there was risky-exciting, in the I-really-shouldn’t-be-doing-this-I-hardly-know-this-person kind of way, and then there was risky-crazy. Eliza wasn’t into risky-crazy. The second thing that concerned her was the fact that she had completely abandoned Tereza, starting something that she had not finished. That was something else that Eliza wasn’t at all into. And as soon as she was able to divert some of her attention away from the penis in her cunt – who’s was it anyway? Eliza wrapped her hand very quickly around the pole plunging into her, sensing what to her felt like a reasonably normal sized shaft. Ah. Filip. – she looked up to Tereza’s eyes, ready to apologize for not delivering as promised.

Only to be cut off before she could get so much as a word out, “Mmm Eliška, thank you so much! I think now I am ready for something big and… hard.” Tereza then kissed her on the lips again before standing up and calling out to one of the waiters, “Jan! Pojd’ sem a do prdele!”

With Tereza now on her knees a few feet away giving Jan a blowjob, and Brigitta also MIA for the moment, Eliza was left with nothing and no one to distract her from Filip, and his cock. She stayed as she was, up on her knees, while Filip continued to plow into her. Eliza loved doggy style. It always felt to her like the guy could get much deeper in that position. And average sized prick or not, Filip was getting quite deep into Eliza, filling her up and demonstrating that, despite being less gifted than the other performers, he knew how to use what he had better than many a lover from the Hollywood starlet’s past.

“Ach Boze. Tato Americká cícu je prísná!”

And judging from the laughter of the women nearby in response to whatever he had just said, and the wide smile on his face when Eliza turned to look back at him from over her left shoulder, he must have been enjoying himself nearly as much as she was. Good. If he was enjoying himself now just wait until she got on top of him and went for a ride. Eliza turned back so that she was facing forward again, her eyes closing momentarily then reopening, and she watched Tereza bend over and grasp the back of the chair the dark-haired girl had been sitting in some minutes before. Jan stepped up and after brushing his condom-clad unit along Tereza’s slit he pushed it into her and they started to fuck. Mmmm mmmm. That looks even hotter than watching her blow him.

The constant fucking was beginning to have an effect on Eliza and her eyes closed again as she focused on Filip’s dick, her head and upper body dropping down towards the stage floor as the pleasure continued to build. Every now and then Eliza would feel a hand, or hands, run along her torso as the women on the side of the platform closest to her reached out to fondle her breasts or touch her skin. She liked that. It wasn’t something she usually experienced when fucking a guy and the extra jolt to her senses was a turn-on.

Just as Eliza was starting to think that she might reach a climax in a short time there was an unexpected change in arrangement. Filip pulled out without a word and started to move away, apparently looking for another willing young hottie. Eliza was taken by surprise at this strange development, guys simply did not stop fucking her midstream, and could do nothing but watch him go silently. What the Fuck?!? But just as she started to get over her shock, and open her mouth to say something, another, somewhat larger penis shoved its way between her lower lips.


Eliza’s head whipped around to find the last stripper for the evening, the tall man that had tried to get her to show off her banana swallowing skills on his cream-covered member, on his knees behind her, his now, presumably, uncovered member balls deep in her pussy.

“Ahoj. Ty a já trochu se pobavit se. Ano?”

Before she answered what sounded like a question to her the word uncovered played itself over in Eliza’s mind and she reached back to confirm that her newest partner was also taking all the proper precautions. Satisfied that he was Eliza started to reply only to be cut off yet again when his hips slammed into her ass and they started to fuck.


Well nice to meet you too buddy! Guess when you don’t speak the same language even the smallest talk is unnecessary. Eliza turned back to face Tereza, happy to watch the dark-haired girl getting dicked while enjoying the sensations of pleasure this newer, bigger cock was sending through her groin. Small talk sucked anyway. But a hard dick… after nearly seven weeks without Eliza knew just how priceless that could be.

A motion on her left caught Eliza’s attention and she looked over to find Brigitta, now as naked as Karolína, energetically riding the Luchador over by the booth they had all been sitting in earlier. Way to go Brigitta! From the looks of things there was going to be one happy group of ladies when they left the club that night.

Turning back to Tereza, Eliza was just in time to see Jan withdraw and Filip step up to take his place. Oh. So they all did that. Guess that makes sense. There’s only six guys after all and…, Eliza glanced around her, lots of horny girls here.

“Mmmmpppfffff.” Okay, enough gawking, time to concentrate on fucking.

Doggy style was always fun, but after a while even the most ardent fan needs a change of pace. And Eliza was no exception. She pulled away from her living toy and motioned to him to get on his back while she pushed her skirt down her legs and tossed it off to the side. They might not speak the same language but just about every guy on the planet can understand the hand signals for ‘Get on your back. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.’ And if they can’t, well pushing and shoving seemed to work just as well for Eliza.

Waiting, barely, until the performer was exactly where she wanted him, Eliza started to swing a leg over his abdomen so she would be spanning him only to pause mid-straddle, reminded of her not-quite promise to suck the tall man when she was done with Tereza.

She backed off for a second and with a pull on the rubber covering his shaft asked “You have more of these, right?”

The blank stare directed at her confirmed that the man didn’t have the slightest idea what she had said. It was Tereza that answered instead.

“Yes Eliška, Lukáš has many more. All the boys do. Why do you ask?”

In answer Eliza simply pulled the prophylactic off the stripper’s cock and took it into her mouth, then letting it slip out just enough so that she could speak, looked up to her new friend and asked “Want to share?”

It was difficult to say which of the trio had a bigger smile on their face when Tereza moved over and bent down to join Eliza.

They passed Lukáš’ pole back and forth for a few minutes, competing in a friendly manner to see who could fit more of the rod down her throat, or get the louder groans from the tall performer. The sword-swallowing was called a tie, even though Eliza was of the opinion that she had managed to get just a bit more of Lukáš into her mouth than Tereza had. And the contest to make him groan, that had to be abandoned since both girls stopped paying attention when they realized they could be sucking on his balls rather than wasting time listening to him moan. Lukáš didn’t care, especially when Eliza and Tereza each took one of his nuts in their mouths to suck on.

After a few playful, but extremely pleasant minutes, Tereza produced a condom as if out of nowhere and proceeded to rewrap the large man’s penis, “Mmm Eliška, Will you go again?”

“Why don’t you take a turn? I like watching you get fucked!”

Tereza laughed lightly at that but demurred just the same, “Oh no Eliška, you are the visitor here! It is only right that you should go first!”

“Okay. If that’s what you want.” Eliza shrugged. She wasn’t about to turn down a chance to hop on such a nice looking pole. Not when her dry streak had just started to come to an end.

Eliza turned and resumed the move she had aborted earlier, straddling Lukáš and reaching back to position his dick at her opening then sliding down the shaft. Her eyes closed at the sensation, she could feel that a million times a day and never grow tired of it. When she hit bottom she adjusted her position, wriggling in place on top of him, then started to lift her hips back up.


Starting off slowly, Eliza began to move up and down on Lukáš, her eyes finally opening after nearly a minute of riding him. She was a little surprised to find Tereza still by her side, even though, now that she thought about it, she could recall feeling the dark-haired girl stroking her body while she got used to being on top of the tall man. She considered suggesting that Tereza go find one of the other strippers but didn’t. Honestly, she liked having her new friend with her for this. She got the best of both worlds when Tereza moved up to Lukáš’ head and lowered her pussy to his smiling face.

“Myslím, ze se vrátíte laskavost me!”

For the next few minutes the pair rode their particular part of Lukáš’ anatomy without speaking. And Eliza would have been quite happy to continue that way for however many minutes more she’d need to reach orgasm, but once again Tereza had other ideas. The Czech girl lifted herself off Lukáš and came back by Eliza’s side, her left hand again starting to roam over the brown-eyed girl’s naked back and ass. After a minute or so of this Eliza heard Tereza call out to Jan again, this time not mistaking the words as being intended for her. What was intended for Eliza however was the upward pressure on her ass and the next time she lifted her pelvis she felt Lukáš slip all the way out of her cunt. At the same time she felt someone moving behind her, but, having learned that if she just waited a second or so any questions she might have seemed to find their answers in subsequent events, this time she stayed silent. Jan’s cock sliding into her snatch from behind her proved her point.

Three different guys in a half hour. That was a new record for Eliza. Actually, three different guys in as many days would have been a new record, so that many in less than 60 minutes was really raising the bar. Since the day she lost her virginity the wavy-haired girl had racked up an undeniably impressive headcount, but always one guy at a time. Well almost always. Eliza had had one threesome with two guys. With girl’s however, it was a completely different story. Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes, Eliza was no stranger to any of it when she was playing with her girlfriends. But with guys it was always one at a time. Even the one threesome she had with two guys was more of a linear affair than an actual threesome as Eliza was used to thinking about it. She fucked one guy then when she was done with him she fucked his buddy. At no time did either of them touch her while she was with the other one. Much like it had been so far this night. Until, that is, Tereza decided to add Jan to the act. And even then it wasn’t like any other threesome Eliza had ever had. For starters Tereza was there, not really participating but acting kind of like a traffic cop. Furthermore, Lukáš and Jan were sharing Eliza much like she and Tereza had swapped the tall man’s member back and forth, except the men were not taking turns going down on the brunette actress, they were taking turns fucking her. With Tereza deciding who went when. Still, it wasn’t technically a threesome in Eliza’s eyes.

What it was was comical. Eliza felt Jan’s prick enter her and he started to pump in and out quickly until Tereza said something and he stopped and pulled out. Then the dark-haired girl was pushing back down on Eliza’s rump and she felt Lukáš’ dick slip back in. A few seconds of that and she was being pulled back up and Jan took a turn. Down and it was Lukáš again. Up, Jan. Down, Lukáš. Eliza had caught on to what was being done by the second time Jan had slipped inside her and she had started to laugh. It was like she was a Raggedy Ann sex doll, being passed back and forth by the boys. But the laughter couldn’t last, she needed the air for the moans of pleasure issuing from her when Jan, then Lukáš, then Jan, took their turns pounding her pussy.

Eventually this came to an end as well, as Jan, tired of sharing her apparently, pulled Eliza off of Lukáš and had her get on top of him in reverse cowgirl, pausing just long enough to take off the rubber he’d been wearing and replace it with a fresh one. Seeing this removed the last lingering doubt Eliza had been harboring. The guys were obviously every bit as concerned about being safe as she was.

When she had mounted Jan Eliza had assumed that she’d be the one doing the steering, but no sooner had his rod penetrated her than he was powering his hips up and down briskly, the force of his motion almost knocking the brown-eyed girl off balance. Tereza, who after a brief discussion with Lukáš, was on her hands and knees just a few feet from Eliza, with the tall man behind her and doing his own vigorous pumping, laughed at the wide-eyed look of pleasure and surprise on her friend’s face. Eliza was able to catch her balance only when she leaned back and placed her hands behind her, on Jan’s chest. Impressing Eliza more than he knew, Jan kept up this rapid-fire pace for a number of minutes longer.

“Jakub! Pojd’ sem!”

Eliza turned her head sharply to regard Tereza even as Jan continued to piston his cock in and out of her twat. She might have learned that answers came to her even without voicing the questions if she just waited long enough but look what happened the last time she did that. By coincidence Jan ran out of steam about then and now Eliza was certain that something was being planned for her and she lifted herself off the tired server’s member while she waited to see what would happen next. As it turned out Jakub was the other waiter, the one Eliza thought of as “hers” due to their extremely brief encounter at the beginning of the night, and he came over to stand in front of Tereza, while Lukáš pulled out of the dark-haired girl and went in search of someone new.

With Lukáš no longer slamming his pelvis into her ass Tereza was able to reach up and wrap her hand around Jakub’s shaft, motioning to Eliza to come over and join her. Okay, so they were going to share another cock. That’s fine. Eliza did kind of owe him after all. After letting three of the performers fuck her in rapid succession it would hardly be fair if all this guy got was a peck on the tip of his dick. And he did have a nice cock. Long and thick. Eliza moved over to kneel by Tereza’s side.

“Dueling blowjobs. An oldie but a goody.” Tereza gave Eliza another look of incomprehension but the brunette decided it wasn’t worth explaining “Never mind. Bad joke.” then looked up to meet the big smile on Jakub’s face. “Hi there.”

In the same heavy accent as earlier, Jakub responded in English, “I am back. You suck my dick now?”

Eliza sputtered in surprise as she looked from Jakub to Tereza and back again. “Um, yeah, I guess so. I suck your dick now.”

He may have been blunt, but he wasn’t wrong. Eliza opened her mouth and started to suck.

As they had done the first time Eliza and Tereza passed the penis back and forth between them, but this time without worrying about which one of them was going deeper. And it was a good thing they weren’t, Eliza thought that maybe in time she could take all of Jakub’s manhood down her throat, but in the few minutes she and Tereza worked on him, not a chance. Fortunately Jakub didn’t seem to care, in fact he was the one that acted to bring the oral sex to a hasty end.

“Lie down there.”

Oh shit. Shoulda seen that one coming. That’s gonna make it four. In one night. Ah Fuck it. If the slut fits… Face it Duckshoot, you know you’ll suck them all before the night is over if they ask. And if you’re willing to blow them… Well, it was true. And Eliza knew it. She’d already screwed three of them, and just thinking about the MC had her flowing like a river. So what was she going to do, deny the other two? Besides, just imagine the story she’d have to tell her girlfriends when she got home!

Tereza looked to where Jakub was pointing then exchanged a couple of quick words with him in Czech. He looked around for a second then hurried off, returning a few moments later with one of the white robes the performers wore when they weren’t stripping or working the crowd. He laid it by the edge of the stage and motioned to Eliza.

Moving over to where the robe had been placed Eliza got down on her back while Jakub hopped off the stage and got in front of her. For the first time in a while Tereza was not close by and Eliza glanced around to see what had happened to her new friend. Doing this meant she wasn’t watching Jakub and she yelped in surprise when she felt him grab her by the upper legs to pull her closer to him. Then he pushed her left leg up and rested her calf against his chest on his right side. This actually twisted Eliza a bit so that her upper body was turned to her right and she supported her weight on her right forearm. Then the next thing Jakub did was to lift his left foot onto the stage so that he had one foot on the platform and the other on the floor. And with his left hand he took hold of his shaft and plunged it into Eliza’s sopping pussy.

“Oh Fuu… Ooooffff!”

“Mmm. You are tight!”

And you’re fucking huge! Shit!

Much like each of the guys before him, Jakub started pumping at a pretty healthy rate as soon as he was all the way inside Eliza. He wasn’t going anywhere near as fast as Jan, or even Lukáš, but he was still pistoning in and out of the brown-haired actress at a good clip. Good enough for Eliza to feel the first faint beginnings of that telltale buzz that signaled an orgasm was in her, perhaps near, future. Mmmm. I can hardly wait.

After a short time in that position Jakub lifted his right foot onto the stage to join his left and he continued to fuck Eliza while in a crouch. She was turned completely on her right side now with her upper body still propped up on her elbow, and her left leg pulled tight against his chest while her right leg was stretched out between his feet.

“Unnnhhhh. Unnnhhhh.” Eliza was starting to gasp in time with each thrust of the server’s cock.

Time however, was not yet on Eliza’s side, and after a few more minutes Jakub pulled out completely, taking her hand in his and kissing it as he said “Thank you. Maybe we will do this again later?”

“You know where to find me stud.”

Unexpectedly Eliza found herself alone after that, neither a male nor female playmate nearby. She took the opportunity to stretch, one arm going out to her side while the other was raised above her head at an angle, and to try to find her friends in the crowd. She had just found Brigitta up at the other end of the stage getting some Sapphic loving from an unknown blonde when she felt a pair of large hands wrap around her from behind and cover her breasts.

“Nice tit-suh.”

The word sounded the same as when Tereza said it but there was no confusing the much deeper voice, or the obviously male hands, with the dark-haired girl’s. Eliza glanced back over her shoulder to see the Luchador grinning at her. He squeezed her boobs again and repeated his compliment.

“Nice tit-suh.” Mmmm. That felt good.

“Thanks. I like your cock.” Eliza concluded her stretch and dropped one hand to grasp the Luchador’s unit, giving it a tug to emphasize her words.

“Nice tit-suh.”

Uh oh. Guess he doesn’t know anything else in English.

“Fuck you?”

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh and she brought her hand up to try to stifle the impulse, failing in the attempt. She knew the man didn’t mean it the way someone who spoke the language would have meant it, the inflection at the end would have been a giveaway even if it wasn’t obvious that he really didn’t know what he was saying, he had just learned a couple of words in English without any real understanding of them. But it was still damn funny. The Luchador, not knowing why Eliza was laughing but also not feeling self-conscious as a result, laughed right along with her, waiting to see what she would say. Or do. He was reasonably sure the pretty American would agree. After all he’d seen her fucking some of the other performers, why would she say no to him? His patience was rewarded when he felt Eliza turning in his arms, her hand still holding on to his dick. Number 5? Calling Number 5.

“Sure babe. But why don’t we start with a little treat first?” Eliza smiled as the stripper’s puzzled look turned into another wide grin as she started to drop to her knees. Funny how anything sexual never needed translation.

It was a swift blowjob though. Just long enough for Eliza to get comfortable with the guy’s size. He wasn’t as long as some of the others, but he was noticeably thicker. Mmmm. Now this will be fun! But this time I am definitely gonna do the driving! She popped the Luchador’s pole out of her mouth and he stepped back and reached down to his boot to pull out a condom. Ohhh! So that’s where they keep them!

“Lay down stud. I want to feel this thing inside me!”

Motioning with her hands again Eliza waited until her newest partner was flat on his back then got into place on top of him. Having already gone through a nice variety of positions she opted for the relatively straightforward cowgirl arrangement this time. The brunette wanted to be in control for a bit, and the best way to guarantee that was to be on top and face to face. Eliza had enjoyed each of her prior encounters that night, but they’d always ended just as she was starting to really get into it. That wasn’t going to happen this time. This time the brown-haired girl wasn’t stopping until she got what she wanted. All she had to do now was hope the stallion she’d mounted was up for the ride.

Eliza had no need to use her hand to suppress any chuckles she might have had at her mental metaphor. They died prematurely when she felt the Luchador’s thick penis start to stretch her pussy as she lowered herself onto him.

Oh Fuck! That’s big!

His wasn’t the biggest dick Eliza had ever had, but it was certainly the thickest of the night. The biggest she’d had, well it didn’t matter, not any more. Not if things worked out the way she expected them to and she went 6-for-6. Eliza already knew the MC would break any personal records for size that she had. Just thinking about it got her even more excited than she already was. She slipped down the Luchador’s rod the last couple of inches with another loud moan.

When she hit bottom Eliza immediately reversed course, lifting herself off the broad member as carefully as she’d dropped down. The wavy-haired girl had no intention of taking the entire trip so slowly, but until she was used to having such a big piece of meat back inside her she felt the need to take it slow. Fortunately the Luchador seemed to agree. Maybe because he could feel how tight Eliza was around him as easily as she could tell how full he made her feel or maybe just from the look of pleasure on her face. A look, in this case, almost indistinguishable from pain.

But it definitely was not pain that Eliza was feeling. The small smile on her lips that was already starting to grow as she started the journey back down her new friend’s prick was proof of that.

Down and up, down and up. Eliza took her time for the first few strokes, picking up speed gradually, until, after a minute or so, she was bouncing along at a very comfortable pace. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the Luchador’s muscular chest and her knees on the stage floor to either side of him. They didn’t speak much, he’d obviously already exhausted his supply of English, which, to be fair, was certainly greater than Eliza’s knowledge of Czech. But, then again, Eliza had never intended to visit the Czech Republic. She’d only gone there because Brigitta had implied that Eliza could find a nice hot stud, or two or three, to help end her dry spell. To which Eliza could now happily say, Mission Accomplished.

“Uuunnnnhh… Unnnnhhhh…” Oh Fuck yeah. Mission most definitely accomplished.

“Unnnhhh… Fuck you have a big cock!”

“Nice tit-suh.” Eliza was spared from having to answer by the arrival of Tereza.

“Eliška are you having a good time with Adam?”

Adam? Is Adam a Czech name? And just how often does Tereza come here that she knows all the guys by name? Although, if things were different, Eliza could imagine herself being a repeat customer if there was a place like this back home. Especially if the guys there were equally as gifted.

“Uuuunnnnnnhhhh…” It wasn’t much of answer but it would have to do.

Tereza stayed by Eliza’s left side and started to move her hands over the brunette’s body much the same way she had earlier. Eliza’s breasts were swaying nicely as she bounced up and down and the dark-haired girl reached under her body to squeeze them, getting another groan of pleasure as a result. With her left hand on Eliza’s tit Tereza started to caress the shorter girl’s back with her right, working her way lower and lower until she was grabbing the firmer flesh of the brunette’s ass.

When she felt her friend’s hand cupping her butt cheek Eliza decided it was time to let Adam do some of the work. If he was anything like his stripper friends she was confident she wouldn’t be disappointed. But, much to Eliza’s surprise, Adam did not start to jackhammer his dick home when she stopped moving on top of him. It’s not that he wasn’t moving at all, or even that he wasn’t driving his hips upward at a good clip, he just wasn’t going as fast as Eliza had expected. Of course if Eliza had seen Tereza move her hand quickly down to give the performer’s balls a gentle squeeze before returning it to the sexpot’s rump, or even the look the dark-haired girl had given the man, she might have understood better. But she didn’t see either event and as a result did not know there was good reason for Adam to proceed at a slower pace than his co-workers. Tereza wanted it that way. As usual, she had something in mind for her American friend.

Slower than expected or not, Adam’s pace was still enough to keep Eliza a happy girl. After all, it wasn’t how fast he went that made his manhood one of the biggest in Eliza’s experience, it was nature. Speed, or lack thereof, wasn’t going to change that. And if Adam didn’t fuck her as fast or hard as she thought he would it was no matter. Eliza would be back in the driver’s seat soon enough. And then she would go as fast as she pleased. Meanwhile she would enjoy the more leisurely rate, and the longer trip to her climax that would mean.

However, Eliza’s assessment of the situation did not include the finger she now felt probing her asshole. Oh Fuck! Mmmm. Do it! Do it!

Eliza had had fingers in her ass before. Both male and female. She’d also had dicks and tongues and dildos and vibrators and beads. And the occasional butt plug. She enjoyed it. Probably more than the next girl. And she’d even had some of the above while having her pussy stuffed by some of the other above objects. What she had not ever experienced, until now, was having a finger or fingers in her ass while she was fucking a guy. Not ever.

By itself… Tereza worked another finger in… themselves the dark-haired girl’s fingers would have been no problem. None at all. Tereza’s hand was every bit as slender as the rest of her. But combined with Adam’s sizable prick, the two… “Uunnnhhhh…”, the three fingers now in her ass were, not a problem, but they did serve to make Eliza feel fuller than she ever had before. It was an incredible sensation. Suddenly the brown-eyed hottie didn’t mind that Adam was fucking her at a reduced pace.

“Mmm Eliška, you are so tight! I cannot fit any more!”

More! Shit. Why don’t you hop on a log while I shove a fist in your ass and we’ll see about more lady! It wasn’t a complaint, the combination of fingers and cock felt wonderful, Eliza just didn’t think she could handle any more. Not yet anyway. Give her a few minutes and then see. The sudden absence as Tereza pulled her fingers out left Eliza nearly breathless.

“Nnnuuhhhh.” Okay, now that was a complaint. Eliza may not have been ready for Tereza to try to add another digit but that didn’t mean she wanted the dark-haired girl to abandon her completely.


Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! Did she…?

The new pair of male hands now grasping Eliza by the hips was her answer. For the first time in her life the wavy-haired girl had one cock in her pussy and one cock in her ass.

Eliza was being dp’d.

Breathless for real now Eliza closed her eyes and practically collapsed on top of Adam, the only thing keeping her even partially upright being the pair of hands holding her at the hips. The club, up to this point a virtual symphony of discordant noises, from the music still blaring from the sound system to the conversations and on to the grunts, groans, moans and cries of the men and women around her, completely disappeared, her personal universe shrinking, until it was only a rod in her pussy and another one in her ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Eliza’s breath returned in one long heartfelt moan of exquisite pleasure.

At first the only penis that moved inside her was the one in Eliza’s back door, but when she began to breathe again Adam started lifting his pelvis once more, thrusting his unit up into her cunt, his hips moving in counterpoint to the thrusts of the man behind her. Now this was what Eliza would call a threesome.


It was the dick in her ass that Eliza was keeping time with, her moans coinciding with each slap of, who was that anyway? It didn’t matter. Whoever it was he had a dick the size of a bowling pin. Eliza decided it was probably the MC.

Slap “OHH!” Slap “OHH!” Slap “OHH!”

“Mmm Eliška, do you like the way Filip is fucking you in the ass?”

Get the fuck outta here! Filip?!? No fucking way! This guy’s dick has got to be at least twice as thick as Filip’s! Eliza lifted her head from where it had fallen against Adam’s chest and turned to look over her shoulder. To find Filip’s grinning face mere inches away. Fuck! It is Filip! Eliza got her hands underneath her and lifted her upper body off of Adam until she was once again upright. She was still sandwiched between the two men of course, but at least now she was supporting her own weight on her hands and knees and not using Adam’s chest as a cushion. This, in turn, gave the former Luchador more freedom to move and he started to thrust his hips faster, his shaft plunging in and out of Eliza’s snatch more rapidly than at any time since she’d mounted him.

“Unnnnhhhh… Unnnnnhhhhhh… Unnnnnhhhhhh…”

The increased pace of the pole in Eliza’s twat was soon met by an acceleration in speed from the prick in her ass, but the two members were no longer working in tandem, one unit sliding into her as the other slipped out. Instead, over time, Adam and Filip went from alternating thrusts to coordinated plunges, until, eventually, they were both driving their cocks into Eliza’s body at the same time.


If the two men had started off pumping her pussy and ass together there would have been no way Eliza could have handled it. She was getting intense pleasure from the double penetration, more than she ever could have imagined, but it was equal part intense and equal part pleasure. Starting off with both men entering their chosen hole simultaneously would have tipped the scales towards intense. And while Eliza most likely would have eventually recovered, the balance shifting from a feeling of being stretched to the limit to a feeling of pleasure from being filled more than ever before, it would have been touch and go at the start. By starting off separately, the pair, and this was by Tereza’s intent, kept the intensity of the experience at a reasonable level so that shift of balance over to pleasure could occur much sooner. And as the level of pleasure increased so too did the volume of Eliza’s cries.

“Unnnhhhhhh, unnnhhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. OhhhHHHH. OhhhHHHH. OhhHHHHHH! OhhHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!! OHHHHHHH!!”

Back in her original position on top of Adam, but with the one rather significant change, Eliza was also starting to take in more of her surroundings again. Not surprisingly the first thing she noticed that wasn’t related to the two dicks persistently probing her orifices were Tereza’s hands, the right still roaming her back while the left had resumed its place squeezing her tits. The next thing she became aware of was a shriek of surprise that may or may not have been her name. She looked behind her and to her right to find Brigitta, bent over the stage while the MC pounded her from behind, staring at her with her mouth open and her eyes wide. As she watched the redhead turned to the MC and said something and a second later he pulled out and the pair moved up the stage, stopping when they were right next to Eliza. The MC didn’t even wait for Brigitta to bend over before he was back inside her.

“Eliza… Ooooffff… Eliza…”

Brigitta was unable to get anything else out as every time she opened her mouth to speak the MC slammed his dick home again, cutting her off before she started. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Eliza knew what the German girl was going to say, and she didn’t have the breath to spare to respond to her friend anyway. The MC might have the biggest joint in the place but Eliza had to deal with two of them, answering questions was not on the menu for the time being.

And the final thing that Eliza became conscious of, didn’t really have anything to do with her surroundings, but was more internal. After 40 plus minutes of almost continuous fucking, with multiple partners, and the hands, tongues, dicks and pussies related to, Eliza, not for the first time in those 40 minutes but this time she was determined to see it through to the end, started to feel the beginnings of a climax. It hadn’t been all that long since her orgasm courtesy of Tereza back in the office, somewhat over an hour, but after seven weeks of doing without, one climax, no matter how good, just wasn’t enough to satisfy the brown-haired sexpot. But this time, and in a way again courtesy of Tereza, because of the nearly continuous fucking, not to mention the crowd of women watching her throughout, but even more importantly because of the unique situation she found herself in, was going to be epic. All she required was for the two men to keep doing exactly what they were doing, and, just as long as nothing changed, she’d be on her way.

Nothing changed. Nothing changed. Like a roller coaster climbing towards its highest point, Eliza could feel the excitement building, ratcheting upwards with every united stroke of the cocks inside her. A minute passed and still nothing changed. Eliza’s neck and face were flushed and her eyes were closed again. Two minutes passed and the brown-eyed girl’s face started to contort in pleasure. Three minutes and Eliza’s right hand was moving back and forth on Adam’s chest. Four minutes. Five. Still the two men plunged in and out of her, perfectly synchronized, showing no signs of stopping, taking the sexy brunette to an orgasmic plateau and holding her there. Eliza’s movements were now more demanding, practically urgent, and she clasped Adam’s upper arm with her left hand to support her weight while her right moved rapidly up and down his torso. She dug her fingertips into him, leaving multiple marks, but neither of them cared, or even noticed. She was close. So so close. All she needed was that one last motion, the last action, and she would have her release.

In a move that might appear instinctual, but was actually learned from experience, Eliza started to force her body up and down and side to side, searching, searching, searching…

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! OH! OH! OH! OH!! OH!! OH GOD!! I’M CUMMING!! UNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!”

Eliza cried out as her climax arrived and she started to grip Adam’s arms tightly, as if she wanted to prevent him from moving. But both he and Filip continued to pump their dicks in and out of her, prolonging the waves of pleasure that were rolling over her and causing her entire body to quiver in satisfaction.

When her orgasm had mostly ended Eliza again collapsed on top of Adam, her stamina finally depleted. She didn’t get to stay that way for long however, as first Filip then Adam pulled out of her, the latter rolling her onto her back as he rose to his feet. Knowing what was coming Eliza forced herself up onto her knees as the two men ripped off their rubbers and stood in front of her. A motion to her left distracted her for a moment and Eliza turned to face it, seeing the MC pull out of Brigitta as he pulled his own condom off his shaft. Unfortunately, the diversion left Eliza facing in the wrong direction as Filip started to cum, his first spurts catching her on her right cheek and the corner of her mouth. Instinctively, she turned to meet this wet attack to her flank only to have Adam start to ejaculate onto her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Never having been in a situation like that before Eliza surprised herself as she remained relatively still, allowing the two men to finish cumming on her face. A unique ending to a most definitely unique affair.

The wavy-haired girl stayed as she was for a few seconds even after Adam and Filip had shot their loads all over her. Partly because she didn’t know what to do next and partly because she really didn’t know if the two men were actually finished. Her left eye was closed tightly, practically pasted shut by the cum dripping down from her forehead. Luckily for her help was on the way.

“Oh Eliza…” there was sympathy in Brigitta’s voice but she also could not help but laugh at the image of her friend covered in cum, “Let me help you with that.”

Expecting that help to arrive in the form of a towel it was Eliza’s turn to laugh when Brigitta started to lick the cum from her face.

Only to have her left side plastered as the MC, having followed Brigitta, started to drop his load on both of them.

Oh Shit! I think I’ve just been bukkaked!

“Tomáš! Co delás?!?”

It sounded like Tereza was scolding the MC, at least it did at the beginning. But the dark-haired girl, just like Brigitta before her, was unable to keep from laughing, somewhat diminishing the effect. Not that it would have mattered to Tomáš. His response to Tereza didn’t sound the least bit remorseful.

“Co? Jen jsem to jeste ucinit.”

Still chuckling, Tereza made a clucking noise at the large man then bent down to help Eliza and Brigitta to their feet. “Come Eliška, we must get you cleaned up. Look! That silly man got you in the hair!”


When Tereza helped the pair off the stage and started to lead them down the hallway at the front of the club Eliza thought that they were once again heading for the men’s bathroom. But Tereza’s idea of cleaning up was a bit more conventional than Brigitta’s, involving, instead of licking the cum off her face, an actual shower. There were a couple of showers in the club, but the one the dark-haired girl led the pair to was back in the office where she and Eliza first got to know each other.

Already fully nude for the most part, the ladies didn’t have to remove anything but their shoes before squeezing into the stall and turning on the water. Eliza was treated to the rare pleasure of having to do nothing but stand under the warm water while the other two girls soaped her body and washed her hair. Actually it was a good thing that the pair was there to do that for her. Eliza was still enjoying the fallout from her massive orgasm, both the lingering afterglow and the near total fatigue. A fatigue that was already starting to lift thanks to the shower and the hands caressing her body.

First Eliza and then Brigitta took their turn in the middle of the stream of water, followed lastly by Tereza, who had somehow managed not to get splattered by cum. The whole thing was a surprisingly quiet event, little more than appreciate moans as the girls took pains to keep their touch from becoming ticklish, or arousing. But they were women, so staying silent for any real length of time just wasn’t in the cards.

By the time the shower was ending, and they were just starting to dry themselves off, Eliza and Brigitta were already starting to talk about their experiences out in the club. That was when Filip walked in, carrying several of the white robes similar to, but of a smaller size, the one he was wearing but had neglected to close.

Tereza took the robes from Filip’s hands and laid them across the back of a nearby chair then turned back to the stripper as if waiting for something else. When it became obvious that he had nothing else she started to scold him in Czech, sending him away to get whatever it was she had expected him to have all along. Filip accepted the lecture good-naturedly turning to go and do what Tereza wanted. But not before he took a long look at both Eliza and Brigitta’s still naked bodies and then, with his knees spread wide and in a slight crouch, grabbed his cock and started to shake it at them. It was an obscene gesture that at any other time in any other place and coming from someone else probably would have disgusted the pair, but there and then and from the man that was apparently the class clown among the performers it could only be met with laughter. Even from the supposedly angry Tereza.

“Mmm take that away! It is too small to be of any use to us now!”

Even though he probably didn’t understand what she was saying Filip did as instructed, giving the nude women a big grin as he left. Eliza smiled back at him then looked over to Tereza, pleased to see that she was smiling at the stripper as well.

“So what was that all about?”

The dark-haired girl turned to face Eliza, the smile still on her face, “Hmm? Oh. That foolish man was to bring your clothing here. He forgot so I sent him back to get it.”

“Oh Tereza, you didn’t have to do that!” Eliza exchanged a quick glance with Brigitta, continuing when she saw her friend agreed, “We can do it. Really. We don’t want to impose. Besides, shouldn’t we be getting out of here?”

Now Tereza was puzzled and she looked from Eliza to Brigitta and back again, “Why?”

Eliza’s turn to be confused, “Because, um, isn’t this someone’s office? What if he comes back?”

Tereza went from puzzled to amused as comprehension dawned, “Yes? This is my brother’s office.”

“Your brother!!”

“Yes? Why not? He owns this club. He and Filip.”

If Eliza was surprised that Tereza would speak to an owner of the club the way she did to Filip, even if her brother was the other owner, it paled in comparison to the shock she was feeling as something else became evident to her, “Sonuvabitch!” All eyes were on her as she looked up at Tereza, “You’re a Ringer!”


It took some time for Eliza to explain what she meant to her friends. Even Brigitta, whose grasp of English was truly impressive, was not familiar with the word the way Eliza had used it. But once she explained it, and made it clear that she wasn’t angry over the mild deception, Tereza just shrugged and smiled, admitting that it was her job to help get the audience in the mood. And get some members, that might otherwise be a little reluctant, to shed their inhibitions and really get into the swing of things. Those weren’t the Czech girl’s exact words of course, but they did describe her role in things. And, as it had turned out, where Eliza was concerned the dark-haired girl had performed her part to perfection. Something the American actress could not help but admire. After all, Tereza was, in a way, acting.

Discussing Tereza’s subterfuge got the girls back on the topic of their recent exploits out in the club. As it turned out Brigitta hadn’t been with as many of the performers as Eliza, but she had been with Tomáš for a good portion of the time. She confirmed Eliza’s suspicion that fucking the large man was an eye-popping encounter. But she was quick to add that as large as Tomáš was he still didn’t compare to the combined size of the two men Eliza had taken on. The mixture of envy and trepidation in her voice was apparent and Eliza could not help but feel a little self-satisfied at what she had done. Granted she didn’t exactly set out to do anything, Tereza had arranged it all without Eliza’s knowledge, but she had gone through with it without flinching and therefore felt entitled to a little preening.

Still, Eliza felt a small amount of jealousy that Brigitta had gotten to be with the MC and she hadn’t and she mentioned this to her friends when they were done drying off, making it clear to the redhead that she didn’t actually begrudge her friend, she was just sorry she hadn’t had the same opportunity. Tereza was drying her hair with a towel when she heard this and after showing the girls where they could find a blow dryer excused herself for a moment. With Tereza roaming the club, still completely naked and obviously quite unconcerned with the fact, Eliza and Brigitta continued to dry their hair and otherwise recover from their efforts.

For a time. But desire, like any appetite, does not stay sated for long, and even with two powerful orgasms behind her Eliza was reminded of her first reaction to the red-haired girl, and subsequently her promise out in the club when she was going down on Tereza, when Brigitta’s still nude form started to brush against her while helping to dry her hair. Reaching up with her right hand Eliza brushed her knuckles against Brigitta’s abdomen, then let her hand trail down the outside of the shorter girl’s thigh only to come right back up on the inside, stopping with the side of her index finger just touching the redhead’s shaven labia.

“I promised you you would be next, didn’t I?” Okay, so “next” was a relative term. So what. Eliza didn’t think Brigitta was going to complain because she wasn’t literally the next person the American starlet had sex with.

Brigitta’s voice was husky when she answered and it almost cracked when Eliza started to rub her fingers along her lips, “YeEss.”

Before either girl even realized it Eliza was out of the chair with her lips pressed against Brigitta’s and the two women were taking the short trip over to the couch. Wow. Déjà vu. At least this time there aren’t any clothes to get in the way. The similarity to her encounter with Tereza shifted some with a role reversal that left Brigitta sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her feet in the air while Eliza took the Czech girl’s part and knelt on the floor in between the upraised limbs. She dipped her tongue into Brigitta’s snatch, pleased to find the German girl’s pussy was already wet. Mmmm. Damn this has been one wicked hot vacation! Eliza’s tongue probed her friend’s opening. The vacation, like Brigitta’s pussy, continued to get hotter.

There’s nothing new under the sun. Eliza didn’t know how accurate that saying might be when speaking in generalities, but she did know of at least two areas, areas where she had years of experience, where the expression was most certainly true. Hollywood, the regurgitation capital of the world, and sex. Especially oral sex. There were, after all, just so many ways it could be done. Regardless of whether it was giving head to a guy or a girl. Sure, you could maybe put a spin on something that a particular person had never encountered before, but for the most part, unless they were young or inexperienced, it was going to be a case of been there done that. And if they were young or inexperienced that didn’t make it new, just new to them. So to Eliza’s way of thinking, it wasn’t so much what she did when going down on a girl that kept her lovers begging for more, but how she did it that mattered. She was simply one of the most enthusiastic muff divers out there. Not quite as animated when eating pussy as she was when sucking a dick, but still quite energetic, sucking and pulling at her lovers’ labia whenever she wasn’t busy driving her tongue into their cunt or softly flicking their clit, taking as much pleasure as she gave. In this way, although she’d only had a limited chance to enjoy it, Eliza was a good deal like the woman she was currently eating. She enjoyed the act, and she enjoyed the results every bit as much. The creamy, liquid ones above all.

And Brigitta was very very creamy. Partly because Eliza was so passionate about giving head and partly because the redhead had spent just about as much time fucking and sucking as the Hollywood starlet had, and done almost nearly as much, with the dual exceptions being that she had only taken on one dude at a time. And she had not climaxed.

“Unnhh. Eliza… Yes… Oh yes!… Mmmm… Eliza!… Unnnnhhhhh… uunnnnhhhhhhh…”

The fact that Brigitta had wanted Eliza as badly as Eliza had wanted her probably didn’t hurt matters either. The only drawback, if drawback it was, was that the three factors taken together guaranteed the German girl a rapid journey to her release.

“Oh God! Oh God! Unnnnhhhhhhh… Unnnnhhhhhhhhhh… ELIZA!!!”

Short and, mmmm, sweet. Oh well. Sometimes it just works out that way. Eliza didn’t have much time left on her vacation, but she was now willing to bet that Brigitta would be a lot less eager to spend what time they did have left browsing some stuffy museum. So if the red-haired girl felt a little shortchanged by the quick orgasm there would definitely be other opportunities. Eliza took a few last licks of Brigitta’s twat and stood up, her hands going up to her hair as she used her fingers to fluff it out. She was trying to decide if she wanted Brigitta to try to return the favor or if she’d had enough for the time being. An uncommon thought for the wavy-haired girl, but then it had already been a most uncommon night. The decision was rendered moot when the door to the office opened and Tereza reentered the room, still delightfully naked.

Followed closely by the also very naked forms of Jakub, Jan and Tomáš. All thoughts were pushed out of Eliza’s mind when she saw Tomáš’ erect member head her way. Actually, it wasn’t all thoughts that were pushed from her mind. There was still room for one, single thought.

Damn that’s a big fucking dick!

And to the brown-eyed girl big dicks were kind of like jello. One glance at the MC’s thick rod and she was ready to go again.

Tomáš came to a stop beside Eliza, looking like he was about to say something to her. Something she wouldn’t understand and would need translated by either Tereza or Brigitta. Something that was completely unnecessary. Eliza had discovered that there was one very real benefit to not speaking the same language. It cut out a lot of the bullshit. She was naked. Tomáš was naked. And his cock was hard. What on Earth needed to be said? Eliza reached out and took the muscular man’s penis in her hand.

She hesitated after that, but only long enough to be sure that Brigitta would be seen to as well. The redhead was also standing now and she smiled as both Jan and Jakub came up on either side of her, their hands reaching out to touch her breasts and shoulders even as she mimicked her American friend and took their poles in her own. Eliza watched as Brigitta stroked the pair then dropped to squat in between them, taking Jakub into her mouth while she continued to fondle Jan’s shaft.

Good, “So that leaves the big guy here for us to share.”

Eliza seemed perfectly happy with the arrangement, but Tereza laughed and tried to pull away, “Mmm Eliška no! Tomáš is here for you!”

The wavy-haired girl was not deterred however. She started to get down on her knees, taking the taller girl down with her, “Oh no you don’t! You started this lady and now you’re gonna see it through to the end. Besides, watching you two fuck is gonna be almost as hot as fucking him myself!”

“But Eliška…”

For the first time Tomáš spoke up, cutting Tereza off before she could complete her sentence, “Tereza, v cem je problém?”

“Chce, aby na nás dívat do prdele.”

“Tak co? Udelali jsme to drív, ano? Je to soucástí jejich práce.”


“A ted’ budeme delat to znovu.”

“Hmm. Myslím, ze jo.”

Whatever the MC said it obviously did the trick and for the third time that night Eliza found herself sharing a man with Tereza. Although sharing Tomáš was something like splitting a jumbo pizza. There was more than enough to go around. The minutes passed as they took turns sucking the large man’s rod, Tereza in particular spending her time looking into his eyes as she inhaled him. When she next gave the member back to Eliza the brunette could see the impish smile on the taller girl’s face as she ducked down and started to lick and suck his balls, earning an appreciative groan in the process.

Whether it was the ball sucking or something else, Tomáš apparently decided right after Tereza was done that he’d had enough of the two women working his unit together. Possibly because it was not quite the novelty to him that it would be to most men. Whatever the reason, as soon as Eliza handed his cock back to Tereza he started to pull her to her feet, getting a hand under her left thigh as she stood and lifting her completely off the ground, bringing her crotch to his face so he could eat her while the dark-haired girl continued to suck his member. It was another first for Eliza in a night filled with them and she yelped in surprise as she felt her feet leave the floor. Damn! Any other guy she’d been with would have had a tough time, or even a hopeless one, lifting her like that, but Tomáš picked her up like she was nearly weightless.

Mmmm. Lick that pussy.

Tomáš worked Eliza’s legs onto his shoulders, then started to squeeze her ass while he went down on her. She placed her hands on top of Tomáš’ head to start but when his lips closed around her clit and he started to suck she grabbed onto his wrists as she began to lean back, shifting her pelvis forward and pressing her cunt harder against his mouth.

Back. And back. And back. Continuing until she was level with the floor, with Tomáš pulling on her clit all the while.

“Ahhhh Ffffuccckkk.”

Knowing it couldn’t last, and if it did it might kill her, Eliza was ready when the MC at last released her clitoris from between his lips. What she wasn’t at all prepared for was to be flipped over, going from facing the ceiling to facing the floor with one flick of Tomáš’ muscular arms. She yelped again, even louder than before.


Tomáš ignored the cry, catching her easily around the middle and stabilizing her and then went right back to sliding his tongue into her cunt.

Eliza didn’t know why the large man had turned her over but she quickly decided that she didn’t really care when she realized that her new position gave her a chance to do something else she’d never done before, a standing 69. With the tops of her thighs now resting on Tomáš’ shoulders it was easy for Eliza to bend at the waist, bringing her head down until it was next to Tereza’s. Who calmly inserted the MC’s dick into the brunette hottie’s mouth as if sharing Tomáš’ penis with a woman that was hanging upside down was something she did every day.

Bracing her hands on Tomáš’ thighs Eliza gave him a hands free blowjob, for the first time in her life actually stopping to consider what it would be like if she was the kind of woman that slobbered all over a guy when giving head, and suddenly very grateful she wasn’t. She was definitely in the wrong position for that.

The two women continued to service the burly MC for a few minutes longer until Eliza indicated she wanted to get down. Partly because she was ready to move things along and partly because there was a limit to how much time anybody could spend bottom side up, regardless of how much pleasure she’d been receiving. Tomáš lowered the brunette to the floor as easily as he’d lifted her, then reached down to his boot to pull out a condom. Five plus one makes six. Six in one night. Maybe she wouldn’t move to Prague after all. She didn’t think she could keep up the pace. However, when it was time for her to take a vacation again Eliza knew she wouldn’t have any problems picking her destination.

While Tereza rolled the condom down Tomáš’ shaft Eliza thought about how she wanted her encounter with the large man to begin. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse, even scissor, Eliza had done them all that night. And would be more than happy to find herself in one, or several or even all, of them again with the MC. But the standing 69 had given her an idea and when the rubber was in place Eliza jumped up, trusting that Tomáš would catch her as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Okay stud. Let’s do this.”

Tomáš probably didn’t understand her last sentence anymore than he’d understood anything else Eliza had said to him that night, but when the brown-haired girl reached down and, together with Tereza, guided his cock into her pussy, his English comprehension skills became unimportant. It would be a different skill set that he would be relying on now.

Five by five. Suddenly one of the starlet’s favorite lines of dialog took on new meaning. Five by five. That had to be the dimensions of a cross section of Tomáš’ prick. Flying cowgirl had sounded like a pretty good idea to Eliza when it first occurred to her, but once she was again airborne, supported by Tomáš’ arms and her own legs enveloping his midsection, and his dick was just starting to penetrate her, she began to have some doubts. In almost any other position gravity would have remained Eliza’s friend.


The door to the office opened at that moment, distracting everyone but Eliza and Tomáš, and in walked Filip, carrying a small bundle of clothes. The sight of which seemed to somehow displease Tereza.

“Tady jste! Takový jednoduchý úkol, který vás celou tu dobu!” She turned to Eliza and continued “Eliška, Filip has gathered your clothing and brought them here.” then turning back to glare at the new arrival she went on in English, “Finally!”

Eliza heard what her friend said, and even processed it, storing the information away for later when she would need it, but did not respond in any way. She was still taking the slow trip down Tomáš’ shaft, feeling the member stretch her pussy even more than Adam’s had not that long ago. It was an amazing, and just a little bit intimidating, experience.

As soon as Tomáš heard Eliza gasp as the head of his cock entered her he immediately tightened his grasp on her hips, slowing down the process and allowing the wavy-haired girl to proceed at her own rate. When he was only about half inserted in her he lifted her back up, again slowly, stopping when just the tip of his dick remained inside her. Eliza huffed out another breath, then started the journey again.

To anyone watching it might have seemed like a slow progression, Eliza taking in just a little bit more of Tomáš’ pole with each pass up and down his manhood, but to the brown-eyed girl, and the MC, the amount of time it took was unimportant. All that mattered was how good it felt. Eliza closed her eyes and let her head drop forward, her brow coming to a rest pressed against her newest partner’s. Finally adjusting to the size of the rod within her Eliza allowed Tomáš to pick up the pace. Within a very short time the American sexpot had forgotten any doubts she’d originally had.

Eliza had done flying cowgirl before of course, it was always a nice change from the customary heave ho, but in almost every other encounter it never lasted all that long. The guys she’d been with just couldn’t manage it. But for Tomáš that simply wasn’t an issue. He was so strong that he could repeatedly lift her off his shaft then let her drop down without seeming to tire. Eliza helped a bit, if only by taking some of her weight off Tomáš’ arms with her legs and her own arms, but for the most part the large MC did all the work. Minute… after minute… after minute. After minute. Until, ultimately, it was Eliza that needed a break. Two intense orgasms already under her belt and still this guy almost did her in. Whew.

When her feet hit the ground Eliza glanced around the office. Brigitta was over by the chair they’d been using while drying their hair, on her knees sucking Jan’s cock while Jakub fucked her from behind. Ooh. Doggy. I think I’d like that. And I can do Tereza while getting pounded. Big plus.

The idea was met with enthusiasm from Tereza and, once translated, a big smile from Tomáš. Although, now that she thought about it, Eliza couldn’t recall seeing any of the men without a smile on their faces. Completely understandable as far as the wavy-haired girl was concerned. She’d be pretty happy if someone paid her to fuck hot horny chicks all the time. This brought a wide grin to Eliza’s own countenance. Okay. So it wouldn’t be that much different from her current life. But no one was paying her!

Meanwhile Tereza got into position on the couch, but not the way Eliza had imagined it. Instead of sitting on the couch the dark-haired girl got up on her knees, facing away from Eliza but with her ass, and pussy, pointing backwards and within easy reach.


Eliza groaned out loud at the sight. She loved going to town on a girl when they were up on their hands and knees in front of her. Especially when their pussy was open, and wet, and dripping with desire.

“Unnnhhh. Eliška.” Tereza did some groaning of her own as Eliza’s tongue slipped into the taller girl’s opening and began to slowly, oh so slowly, travel along her slit.

Tomáš, still smiling, waited patiently while Eliza ate Tereza’s muff. Neither he, nor the American with the very tight pussy were going anywhere. So he waited until Eliza had her fill and then stepped behind her, squatting a bit and angling his penis downward before sliding it home into the brown-haired girl’s cunt. There were now three people groaning in pleasure.

Mindful of just how tight Eliza was, Tomáš kept his pace moderate to start. Which suited Eliza just fine. She’d pulled back a bit from the edge she’d been on during the flying cowgirl and was looking forward to climbing back up there, but not before she’d had some more fun dipping her tongue in Tereza’s box, and definitely not before the dark-haired girl went for her own trip on the MC’s enormous member. Eliza was determined to see Tereza ride this stud, even if it meant delaying her own climax. So having the large man adopt a modest tempo worked for her. She continued to work her tongue through the taller girl’s folds.

Of course even the most restrained rate can have an impact if it’s kept up long enough. And Tomáš had already shown that he did not lack for stamina.

“Unnnnhhh… Unnnnhhh… Unnnnhhh…”

To cum, or not to cum. Yeah, that wasn’t really a question. Eliza already knew she had another orgasm in her, in fact by now it would be a very pleasant and recent memory if she hadn’t hopped off Tomáš’ oversized prick earlier. But fair was fair and it was Tereza’s turn. Besides, not cumming now only meant pushing it off until later, not forgoing it entirely. Eliza signaled to Tomáš that it was time to switch. She swore she saw his smile grow wider.

However, in spite of the obvious delight the idea of fucking the dark-haired girl brought the large man, Tomáš was in no rush to begin. When he stepped back from Eliza he pulled the condom off his dick and offered it to the girls for another quick blowjob, then took Tereza’s place on the sofa with his rear close to the edge of the seat. The slender girl then turned so that she was facing away from the MC and straddled his legs, grabbing his dick in her hand and slipping it inside her. The moans returned twofold.

That’s when Eliza realized that Tomáš had not replaced the rubber he’d been wearing.

Eliza didn’t know what to do. Her gut instinct was to say something, but Tereza had to be aware that the penis she was riding was unwrapped. Didn’t she? What if she didn’t? Fortunately it became clear she did when the dark-haired girl leaned back against Tomáš’ chest and put her feet up on his muscular thighs, her head turned to look at him while she reached down with her left hand to brush her fingertips against his cock as it journeyed in and out of her. Okay, I guess she does know.

Shrugging it off Eliza concluded that Tereza was in a better position to know what was safe with her co-workers and what wasn’t than she herself was. And she had to admit, watching Tomáš’ large, smooth, and to her eyes beautiful, rod slowly slide into Tereza’s wet pussy then back out again was much much hotter without the condom. Getting even hotter when Tomáš pushed his legs wider apart, taking the dark-haired girl’s with them.

Fuck me. Fuck that dick cutie! Shit! This is so much better than watching porn!

Of course if watching two people fuck right in front of you is better than watching them on a DVD, then joining them must be better still. Right? Right. Made perfect sense to Eliza. So when Tomáš spread his knees as far apart as he could get them, and thereby giving the wavy-haired girl an even better view of his member and the snatch it was embedded in, it became almost impossible for Eliza to sit on the sidelines any longer. It was less than a minute later that she got up on her knees and leaned forward to lick the spot where the MC’s shaft disappeared into Tereza’s cunt.

“Unnnhhh!” “Fuuhhhh!”

Tereza’s hands landed on her head and Eliza felt the taller girl pull her in tighter as she concentrated her licking on the dark-haired girl’s clitoris.


For the next few minutes the trio stayed like that, Tereza and Tomáš coupled together while Eliza used her tongue as a facilitator, spurring the pair on the couch to a higher level of pleasure. But, as the saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And in this case the gander was Filip. If Eliza had been a good girl to sit on the bench while her new friends enjoyed themselves then Filip had been a friggin’ Saint. But when Eliza got up on her knees and flashed her visibly wet pussy at him, well, even Saints occasionally yield to temptation. Filip moved behind Eliza and thrust his erection into her opening.


It wasn’t Tomáš, of that Eliza could be certain, and not only because she could still see his huge cock plunging in and out of Tereza. Lukáš and Adam weren’t even in the room. And Jan and Jakub were still busy with Brigitta. Besides, it just felt like… Eliza closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations now filling her groin as the penis moved inside her… umm, Filip. And he was… yes, he was wearing a glove. Good. Tereza may have been comfortable going bareback, but for Eliza, as much as she might wish otherwise, she just couldn’t do it. Not in that situation.

Another few minutes passed while Eliza continued to massage both Tereza’s clit and Tomáš’ shaft with her tongue, until the dark-haired girl mumbled something to the MC and began to move. Eliza shifted out of the way, Filip pulling out of her just long enough for her to make the change then popping his dick back inside her again, while Tereza turned around and remounted Tomáš, this time facing him. The foursome had broken off into two pairs for the moment.

The dark-haired girl took her time spearing her snatch with Tomáš’ unit, and then moved up and down slowly on it for two or three passes before finally getting down to business. Within a couple of minutes she was moving faster than before, bouncing up and down on the host’s stiff rod as the juices practically poured out of her, coating his shaft. A few minutes more and the cries of pleasure were back and Tereza started to gradually lean forward, until her torso was resting on Tomáš’ chest and her head was pressed into the back of the couch next to the MC’s. As Tereza’s stamina faltered Tomáš took over, driving his cock up into her vagina from underneath.

“Unnnhhhh… Unnnhhhh… Unnnnnhhhhhh… Unnnnnnnnhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhh… OHHHHHHH… OHHHHHHHHHH… OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! TOMÁŠ!!!!”

If Eliza had been the one springing up and down on Tomáš’ member and making all that noise she knew that would mean she was close to cumming. And the last thing she would want would be an interruption. Of any kind, let alone one that was self-inflicted. So it was with some surprise, and amusement, that the wavy-haired girl watched as Tereza practically jumped off Tomáš’ manhood and, with completely understandable urgency, proceeded to tell him through words and gestures what she wanted to do next. The amusement Eliza found in the situation gave way to a real appreciation when the dark-haired girl got down on the floor on her hands and knees and Tomáš got into position behind her, just a couple of feet away. Mmmm, perfect. Now we’re both getting plowed doggy style.

Tomáš didn’t waste any time as he slid his pole into Tereza’s pussy again, going up and over as he leaned forward with his hands on the slender girl’s back. Eliza watched as the MC’s large unit plunged in and out of Tereza, gradually at first but picking up speed quickly until he was apparently moving at the same ground-eating clip he’d used while fucking her. Damn! Look at how wide he’s stretching her! Did I look like that? Ffuckk me. This is so fucking Hot!

For the next several minutes Eliza watched Tomáš and Tereza fuck while getting screwed by Filip herself. But it had been well over half an hour since Tereza had brought the MC back to the office and they had started to blow him. And since that time she, and Tomáš, had been going at it pretty much non-stop. With Tereza not too far behind them. And while no one was actually keeping score, Eliza was almost certain that the dark-haired girl was the only one in the room that had not yet had a climax. So while many things had caught Eliza by surprise that night, it seemed to be a recurring theme, discovering that the three of them were on the path to orgasm together was not one of them. Their grunts and cries of pleasure started to fill the room.

Tereza crossed the threshold first, screaming out Tomáš’ name over and over amid what Eliza decided were Czech curse words. Not quite as sexy as Spanish dirty talk but still effective. The next one over the line was probably going to be Eliza herself. Filip wasn’t the largest member of the troupe but he definitely knew what he was doing and for the last few minutes he had been hitting all the right spots again and again. When all spots became the right spot Eliza joined her friend, her body shuddering with her third climax of the night.

That left Tomáš for last. The large man was well practiced at cumming on a schedule, his job requiring him to hold off, or as had happened more often recently, feverishly tug at his unit in a desperate effort to ejaculate as the end of the show approached. But that was not the case this time. Fucking Tereza was a rare pleasure for him, and for most of the other performers, something she would do only when there weren’t enough women in the club willing to go all the way or needing someone else to break the ice before they would join in. Or if she was exceedingly horny. So when he got the chance the last thing Tomáš had to concern himself with was being unable to cum. It became even less of a problem when he got to warm up with someone as hot as Eliza.

Using the control years of experience working in the club had given him, Tomáš was able to keep from cumming before Tereza and then Eliza. When he was certain that the dark-haired girl’s climax had arrived and nothing he could do would interrupt it he pulled out and spun around, offering his cock, and his cum, to Eliza, who took him into her mouth eagerly, swallowing his entire load without missing a drop. A minute later it was Filip’s turn and he stood by Eliza’s side as she wrapped her lips around his shaft, letting his cum jet down her throat to join the MC’s in her stomach.

Mmmm. At least this time no one came in her hair.


Sometime later Eliza and the others were in the office, still quite naked, talking quietly. She was sitting on the couch with Filip crouched between her legs, gently licking her pussy. Not in any effort to arouse her, but just because it felt good and they both enjoyed it. Much the same as with Tereza and Tomáš, who were lying on the floor in front of her, the former on her left side while the latter was spooned behind her, his yet semi-erect cock gliding softly in and out of her. Because it felt good. Brigitta, Jan and Jakub were also there but not similarly engaged, the two men slumped in chairs and occasionally pointing at their limp staffs and laughing.

Tereza and the MC were mumbling together when the dark-haired girl turned back to Eliza and said “Eliška, do you and Brigitta have plans for the weekend?”

“Um, I don’t think so, but I’m going home… when is my flight B?”

“You are booked on the first flight out Monday…”

“Oh. That sucks…”

“And also on the same flight Thursday.” Eliza stared at her German friend, not quite understanding why she was booked on both flights, as the red-haired girl explained a bit sheepishly, “I was hoping to convince you to stay just a few more days.”

Yet another in a long line of very pleasant surprises. “You are so good! Have I told you how much I love you!” The affectionate praise brought a blush to Brigitta’s cheeks but the smile on her face showed how happy she was at Eliza’s words.

Turning back to Tereza Eliza continued, “So what did you have in mind?”

“We would like you to stay here and spend the weekend with us. We could have so much more fun.”

Eliza turned back to Brigitta who nodded enthusiastically. Okay, that makes two of us. But, what did she mean, here?

“Okay, we’re in. But, where exactly is here? And who is us?”

It took Tereza a few seconds to puzzle out Eliza’s last question, but when she did she giggled a little before answering, “Mmm, I am sorry, I did not explain, we have an apartment here in the building. We live there with Tomáš.”

Eliza exchanged another glance with Brigitta who just shrugged in return. That was part of an answer, but just part. “We?”

Tereza brought a hand up to her mouth and said something in Czech then continued in English to Eliza, “Oh, I am so silly sometimes! I am sorry Eliška, I mean Filip and I live there with Tomáš.”

“You and Filip?” She glanced down to the subject in question, who was still placidly working his tongue in her pussy. He met her gaze and waggled his eyebrows at her before returning to his task.

“Yes? Why not? He is my husband.”

Now that explained a lot!

“And you share the apartment with Tomáš?”

Again Tereza looked puzzled. “Yes? He and Filip own this building.”

“Oh I get it now! And your brother owns the club! A bunch of little entrepreneurs you have here.”

Tereza looked at Tomáš then back to Eliza, her eyebrows disappearing beneath her bangs as she said “But Eliška… Tomáš is my brother!”

Eliza goggled at the dark-haired girl and her eyes flew to the penis still sliding in and out of Tereza’s pussy as the blood rushed to her clit. Her orgasm, almost as hard as any other that night, came upon her so suddenly she felt light-headed, her hands clenching and her toes curling for long seconds until, finally, it was over.

Her brother. Holy crap! Now how were the next couple of days going to top that? Eliza smiled, daring them to even try.

The end.

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, so this is yet another story that I’ve been living with for a few years, almost since Eliza took her trip to Albania back in 2006. But unlike my last two stories this wasn’t something that I had a large percentage of completed only to be left languishing on a hard drive somewhere. No, for this story I had the idea and many of the scenes floating around in my head, but only 5 or so pages actually written. So the next 45 were all done in the last 6 weeks or so. Quite the change from the last couple of years where doing that many pages would have taken me, the last couple of years. My fingers are crossed that this will continue for a good long while. I’m actually enjoying this hobby again.

Now some words on the Czech dialog in the story. As I mentioned in the forward, I don’t speak Czech. So I used an online translator, three actually, to get the dialog. And for anybody that does speak Czech, as either a first or second language, I feel I should apologize, for two reasons. First, if you can read Czech you might come away with the idea that I think Czech people are dumb, or that they speak in simple sentences. This is definitely not true. The sentences lack complexity because most online translators seem to fall apart when you ask them to translate a complex sentence. So I had to dumb it down in order to get anything close to what I wanted. The second reason is due to my own lack of knowledge about other languages in general. I don’t mean that I don’t speak a second language myself – although I really don’t, High School level French does not count – I mean I just don’t know enough about languages to know how they relate to, in this case, English. For instance, do all languages have contractions? Or is that common to Romance languages only? In all the sentences that I translated from English to Czech there are no contractions. Is that because I didn’t have any, at the strong suggestion of the translation engine, in my original sentences, or is it because contractions are not common, or maybe don’t even exist in Czech? I don’t know. Or, as they would say in Czech, Nevím. So, on the off chance that someone out there that does know is reading this, I would sure appreciate hearing from you. Especially if you are a native Czech speaker. I’d kind of like to know how the translations worked out. One final word about the translations. If you do speak/read Czech you will likely notice that some words are spelled without the proper accents above some of the letters. This is not a failure of the translation site but a necessity in order to get this story properly coded for the site. For whatever reason some of the accents could not be translated into html and the letters were being replaced by ? marks. For example, d?v?e becomes devce. So in order to get something even approximating the original Czech I had to replace the Czech spelling with a hybrid English-Czech mashup. It was either that or the story would have to wait until we figured out how to fix this problem.

Condoms. In one of my stories. Yeah. But this is not going to be the new normal for me. The only reason the guys are wearing condoms in this story is because even I couldn’t suspend disbelief enough to think that Eliza, or anyone, would participate in what I described here without them. There are no STD’s in my fantasies, but pretending that someone would take that kind of risk is just not credible to me. So, yeah, condoms.

And then there are Brigitta and Tereza. If you want to imagine what Brigitta looks like I’m afraid you’re on your own here. Apart from looking a little like Eliza, but with dyed red hair, I don’t really have an image in mind for Brigitta. As you probably know by now she really isn’t much of a focus of the story. That would be Eliza of course, and Tereza. Now Tereza I have an exact image of. Because Tereza is based on a real person. Want to know what Tereza looks like? Do you know who Nella is? Sometimes goes by the names Jackie or Jana or even Terry. If you don’t know who she is you can do a Google search for her and you’ll find thousands of images, many of them hardcore. Why not just call the character Nella? Because someday I hope to do a story using Nella and two AU stories about her is 1 too many I think. So it goes.

Until next time,



Out in the club, before and during the first performer –

“Halo devce! Jste pripraveni být zlobivý holcicky?”
Hello ladies! Are you ready to be naughty little girls?

“Tato? Tebe potreba tato?”
This? You want this?


“Ne? Chtel bych tebe dosti mít jeden pyj místo?”
No? Would you rather have a penis instead?

“Úspech na poslední!”
Success at last!

“Ladies , Myslím, ze je na case, aby si tato strana zacala. Máme?”
Ladies, I think it is time to get this party started. Shall we?

In the bathroom with Tereza –


Podívejte se, kdo si myslí, ze ona má na starosti hned. Kdo je vás prítel dost?
Look who thinks she is in charge now. Who is your pretty friend?

Dovolené nebo nebudu sdílet ji s sebou.
Leave or I will not share her with you.

Jak si muzete být jisti, ze je zde, ze?
How can you be so sure she is here for that?

Podívejte se, jak je oblecená. Je zde pro nej. Ale az se dostanete ven nebudeme vedet, budeme?
Look how she is dressed. She is here for it. But until you get out we will not know, will we?

Dobre, dobre, budu. Ujistete se, aby jí pro hry pozdeji.
Okay, okay, I’m going. Be sure to bring her out for the games later.

Uvidíme. To je muj bratr ve své kancelári?
We shall see. Is my brother in his office?

Ne, on je tam venku, jak se veci pripraven. Ach, je signál. Uz musím jít. Máte zábava, ale aspon nekteré pro me, ano?
No, he is out there, getting things ready. Ah, the signal. I must go. You have fun now, but save some for me, yes?

Tereza! Co delás? Ty by nemely být tady!
Tereza! What are you doing? You should not be in here!

Jak to vypadá mám delat?
What does it look like I am doing?

Ano, ale proc jste nedelal venku?
Yes, but why are you not doing it outside?

Vzhledem k tomu, ze ona není jeste pripraven. Dejte mi cas. Vím, co delám!
Because she is not ready yet. Give me time. I know what I am doing!

V pohode, v pohode. Ale to je nekde jinde. Pouzijte úradu v prípade, ze potrebujete soukromí.
Fine, fine. But do it somewhere else. Use the office if you need privacy.

Dobre, jdeme.
Okay, we are going.

Back out in the club, during the games –

Hej! Získejte ze odsud!
Hey! Get that out of here!

Žena d’ábel!
Devil woman!

Máme vítezu!
We have our winners!

Dekujeme, ze jste s námi hrát. Budu hledat si pozdeji.
Thank you for playing with us. I will look for you later.

Still out in the club, after the final game –

Je pripraven. Udelej to.
She is ready. Do it.

Jan! Poj’d sem a do prdele!
Jan! Come here and fuck me!

Ach Boze. Tato americká cícu je prísná!
Oh God! This American pussy is tight!

Ahoj. Ty a já trochu se pobavit se. Ano?
Hello. You and I have some fun now. Yes?

Myslím, ze se vrátíte laskavost me!
I think you will return the favor to me now!

Jakub! Poj’d sem!
Jacob! Come here!

Tomáš! Co delás?!?
Thomas! What are you doing?!?

Co? Jen jsem to jeste ucinit.
What? I was just making things even.

Back in the office, after the club has closed –

Tereza, v cem je problém?
Tereza, what is the problem?

Chce, aby na nás dívat do prdele
She wants to watch us fuck.

Tak co? Udelali jsme to drív, ano? Je to soucástí jejich práce.
So? We have done this before, yes? It is part of the job.


A ted’ budeme delat to znovu.
And now we will do it again.

Hmm. Myslím, že jo.
Hmm. Okay I guess.

Tady jste! Takový jednoduchý úkol, který vás celou tu dobu!
There you are! Such a simple task takes you all this time!

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