Elizabeth Gillies Takes a Trip

Title:  Elizabeth Gillies Takes a Trip

Author:  Tori

Codes:  MF, NC, ANAL, ORAL

Subject:  Elizabeth Gillies

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Elizabeth Gillies or Liz to her friends, decided she needed some downtime so she packed up her car and hit the road.  She headed east out of LA and drove to Vegas.  She’d been there a few times and always had fun.  Liz spent a couple of days losing money and having a great time and then hit the road again.  When she got hungry, she stopped for food.  When she got tired, she stopped, got a room and slept.  It was during one of the later that she found out just how cruel the world can be.

She had driven most of the day and stopped at a small roadside motel in Oklahoma just off of the interstate.  The place was practically deserted.  It looked rundown but it didn’t matter, she was only there to get some sleep and a shower.  She went into the office and asked for a room.  The man behind the desk got up and told her it would be $35.00, cash.  She handed him two twenty’s and pulled out her cellphone to make a call.  The guy gave her the change and then told her not to bother, there wasn’t a cellphone tower within a hundred miles.  She looked at her phone and saw that he was right.  She asked if the rooms had phones and he shook his head and pointed over to the truck stop.  He said, “They used to have payphones over there but they hadn’t worked for years.”  She laughed to herself and said thanks.  She looked around as she made her way to her room.  The only other buildings were the truck stop and what looked like an old honkytonk across the road from the motel.  She got her bag out of her Lexus, locked it up and went into her room.  There was a grand total of three channels on the TV but at least the room was clean and the bed was comfy.  She got out of her clothes and pulled on the old football jersey she wore to bed and crawled under the covers.

BAM!!!  She bolted up straight in the bed, startled by what sounded like a gunshot and looked at the clock, it was a little after 2am.  She got up and looked out of the window and saw pickups and old cars peeling out of the bar parking lot and racing down the street.  It took all of five minutes before the lot was empty except for one or two remaining cars.  She figured it must have been closing time and went back to bed.  Liz was just drifting back to sleep when all of a sudden, her door was kicked in and two men came in.  One of them held her down and pointed a pistol at her head and told her to keep quiet.  The other man grabbed her bag and her purse and then they both ran out of the room.  One guy jumped into her car and sped off with the other guy following in his truck.   Liz pulled the sheets up tight to her chin and sat there shaking like a leaf.  She couldn’t believe what had just happened.  A few minutes later, the motel manager came running in and asked if she was alright.  She told the guy what happened and asked her to call the cops.  He told her he was the cops, at least the local sheriff, and told her not to worry.  He’d make a call to the state cops and put out an all points on her car.  She followed him back to his office while he made a phone call.  The state cops showed up about fifteen minutes later and took her statement.  After they left, the manager gave her another room and told her to try to get some sleep.  She tossed and turned for almost an hour before finally falling asleep.

The slept most of the next day and finally woke up around 4pm.  She went down to the office and asked the manager if he’d heard back from the state police.  He said he hadn’t heard anything.  He then asked her how she was going to pay for her room.  She looked at him and said, “You have got to be kidding me.  I get robbed in your crappy motel and you’ve got the balls to ask me how I’m going to pay for it?”  The man came around the counter and put his hand on her shoulder.  “Look here sweet meat, you owe me $35.00 for today and in about twenty minutes you’re going to owe me $35.00 more.  Now, unless you’ve got some money hidden in that stuck up ass of yours, I don’t know how you’re going to pay me.”  She told the guy she was sorry.  The whole thing had her on edge.  He looked at her with a look she’d seen before.  The guy stared at her pretty face and then up and down her body and she felt a chill run down her spine.  “Well sweetheart, you could earn the money.”  She looked at him and knew exactly what he meant.  She felt him push on her shoulder and she slowly sank to her knees.  He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 7 inch cock.  “Go ahead girl, I know you Hollywood types suck cocks all the time.  Go ahead, one blowjob, one nights rent.”  She felt sick to her stomach and looked at the man’s cock and then took it in her hand.  She stroked it for a minute and then she took him into her mouth.  He tasted like he hadn’t showered in a week and the stench almost made her puke.  She started to bob up and down on his cock and thankfully it ended almost as soon as it started.  He filled her mouth with his load and then pulled out.  She got up and ran over to the trash can and spit it out.  She dry heaved a few times but didn’t throw up.  When she stood up the man said, “Rent paid in full.  Will you be staying another night Miss Gillies?”  He started laughing and went back to his desk.  Liz ran out of the office and locked her door.  She sat down and cried, disgusted with what she had just done.

The next day she woke up and found that her football jersey and panties were gone.  She looked around and figured that bastard manager had come in during the night and stole them.  She wrapped a towel around her body and went down to the office.  The manager looked at her and smiled.  She asked him where her clothes were.  He looked at her and said, “What, you mean you got robbed again?  You have got to be the most unlucky person in this whole wide world girl.  Look here, there’s a box of stuff people left over the years, maybe you can find something that’ll fit.”  She looked in the box and the only things in there were some old soiled underwear, socks and a pair of cutoff jeans and t-shirt that looked to be two sizes too small.  She put on the cutoffs and t-shirt and saw him staring.  The shorts barely covered her pussy and the t-shirt left nothing to the imagination.  She started to walk out when she heard him stand up and say, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”  She turned around and he had his cock out and was stroking it.  “Your rent is due.”  She closed her eyes and dropped to her knees in front of him and he fed her his cock again.  This time it took almost ten minutes of her sucking and licking before her came in her mouth.  “Nope sweetheart, you don’t spit it out this time.  You swallow like a good little Hollywood whore.”  She closed her eyes and forced herself to swallow the vile liquid.  He used his fingers to open her mouth and made sure she had done what he told her to do.  When he was satisfied, she handed her a pair of white patent leather go-go boots and said, “Here ya go baby, these should complete that outfit perfectly.”  She grabbed the boots and ran back to her room.  She barely made it to the toilet before she threw up.  She didn’t know what she was going to do but she knew she had to get the hell out before he forced her to do more than just suck his cock.

Liz looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 9pm.  She looked out and saw the parking lot of the roadhouse was packed with cars and trucks.  She decided to go over and see if someone would give her a ride.  She was also hungry as hell.  She hadn’t eaten in two days and her stomach reminded her that it was empty.  She reluctantly put on the white boots and made her way across the street.  When she walked into the club, she looked around and saw a bunch of redneck cowboys and their dates dancing to a juke box playing old country music.  She watched them stare at her as she walked past.  She was embarrassed as hell, considering how she looked.  A few of the men slapped her ass as she walked by and whistled.  She knew she looked like a cheap whore but she had no choice.  She made her way to the end of the bar and asked the bartender for something to eat.  He looked at her and asked her if she had any money.  She told him no but if he gave it to her on credit, she’d pay double just as soon as she got back to LA.  He told her, “Look here missy, we don’t give no credit here.  You pay or you don’t eat.  Now, how are you going to pay for your food?”  Liz looked at him and said, “Is there something I can do around here, like maybe wash the dishes or something?”  He looked at and told her to follow him.  He led her into the kitchen and then into the back office and shut the door.  He told her to turn around and then she felt him reach around and undo her cutoffs.  They fell down around her ankles and he bent her over his desk.  She knew what was coming next and he shoved his cock into her pussy.  He fucked the pretty actress for several minutes and then came all over her back.  When he finished, he zipped up and asked her if she wanted fries with her burger.  He was laughing when he left.  She cried and pulled up her cutoffs and went to the ladies room.  She cleaned up the best she could and when she came out, the man tossed her a bag with her food and told her to get out.  “We don’t like whores hanging around here”, he said.  Liz heard everyone laughing as she ran out and went back to her room.  After she ate, she took a shower and went to bed.  She made sure to put her clothes under her pillow just in case the manager decided to try to steal them again.

The next few days were more of the same.  Sucking off the manager and getting fucked for food.  Several men at the roadhouse propositioned her but she just ran out and locked herself in her room.  She needed to get out and she needed to get out now.  She was laying in her bed when she heard something she hadn’t heard in days, it was a tractor trailer.  She looked out and saw a big rig at the pumps of the truck stop.  She looked out of her door and checked to see that the manager was in his office.  When she was sure he was, she ran across the street and approached the trucker.  He wasn’t bad looking and she figured he was in his early thirties.  “Mister, please, I’ve got to get out of here.  Can you give me a ride, please?”  The trucker looked at her and said, “Well sure sweet thing.  I’ll give you a ride if you give me one.”  She sighed and then started to walk away.  She stopped after a few feet and turned back.  “Mister, please.  I’ve had everything stolen from me.  I’ve been forced to stay in that dump over there for days and I’ve been forced to do humiliating things to pay for my room and food.  Please mister, I’m an actress.  Maybe you’ve heard of me, Elizabeth Gillies?  Well, that’s not important.  What’s important is that I’ll pay you a thousand dollars if you get me out of this hell hole.”  The trucker looked at her and said, “You sure don’t dress like a Hollywood actress.  You look more like every other whore that works these truck stops.  So tell me Miss Elizabeth Gillies, do you have the money on you?”  She told him she didn’t have the money on her but if he took her to a phone and let her make a call, she’d have it wired to him.  He thought about for a minute and then said, “On one condition. You get up in that cab, crawl into the sleeper and take those clothes off.  When I’m finished filling up, I’m going to move my rig over there and we have ourselves a little party, call it a down payment.  You do that, and I’ll take you with me.  Oh, but leave them boots on, they look hot.”  Liz thought about it and knew it was the only way out so she agreed.  She climbed into the truck, got into the sleeper and stripped off her clothes.  A few minutes later, the trucker got in and moved his truck to the back of the lot.

Liz watched as the trucked started to undress.  She looked at his hard body and knew he worked out.  She also couldn’t help but notice that his ten inch cock was already hard when he joined her in the sleeper.  “Damn baby, you are one fine piece of ass.  You know, I do know who you are.  I’ve seen you on that show wearing those sexy short skirts and always wondered what it would be like to fuck you.”  He pulled Liz over to him and told her to start sucking.  She took him into her mouth and then felt him grab her head and start to fuck her mouth.  She gagged and did the best she could to take his cock down her throat.  He pulled out of her mouth and then pulled her on top of him.  He rubbed his cock along her pussy and ass and then he did what she feared most, he shoved his cock into her ass.  “NOOOO, not there, please.  IT HUURRTTSSSSSS!!!!”  “Shut up slut, you know you like it.”  He slammed his cock deep into her ass and held onto her hips as he sodomized her.  Liz shut her eyes and bit down on her lip and took the pain.  It hurt like hell and she told him, begged him, to stop, but he kept on ramming her ass.  She finally felt him cum inside her and then pushed her aside.  He reached over and grabbed her by the hair and forced her to lick his cock clean.  When she finished, he told her to stay put.  He got dressed and pulled the rig out of the parking lot and headed down the highway.

Liz had fallen asleep and woke up when she felt the truck stop.  She looked out and saw that they had pulled into a rest stop.  The driver got out and locked the doors.  A few minutes later, she heard the door unlock and when she looked up, she saw another man climb in.  “Hell baby, I didn’t believe that guy when he told me he had a real Hollywood actress in his truck but there you are.  Get ready baby, I paid a hundred bucks to fuck you and that’s just what I’m going to do.”  Liz had no choice.  The guy was on top of her in a matter of seconds.  He spread her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy.  Liz pleaded with the guy to stop but he slapped her face and kept pounding away at her cunt.  His sweaty body pressed down onto the tiny actress and she felt him cum in her.  Her degradation was complete.  She didn’t know how much more she could take.  The next thing she knew, another guy was climbing in and he fucked her too.  Liz was fucked and sodomized by ten more truckers over the next several hours.  She just laid there and let them defile her, one after the other.  When the last one left, the truck driver got in and made her suck him off.  He came in her mouth and then got into the driver’s seat and pulled back onto the highway.

Liz was sold to more truckers at several rest stops along the way.  She was a mindless fucktoy by the time they made it to Barstow.  Her body had been used and abused by over a hundred men during the trip and she prayed to God that it would end soon.  The trucker climbed on top of her and fucked her in the ass one last time and then gave her a twenty and told her to get out.  He told her she paid for her trip several times over and said if she ever needed another ride, to call him.  She got dressed and climbed down from the truck and watched him drive away.  She looked like hell.  Her face and hair had dried cum and sweat all over it and her body was bruised and sore.  She had a hard time walking and finally made her way to one of the payphones behind the truck stop.  She made collect call to her manager and told her where she was.  It took him a few hours to get there and was shocked when he saw her.  He put his coat around her and helped her to his car.  She cried and told him what had happened to her and then finally fell asleep while he drove.  When they got back to LA, he begged her to let him take her to a hospital but she refused.  She just wanted to go home.   He helped her into her house and she went upstairs and filled her tub with hot water and got in.  It felt good on her used body and she sat there and soaked in the tub until the water turned cold.  After she dried herself off, she stood in front of her floor length mirror and stared at herself and started to cry.  She was covered in bruises and the memories of the past several days filled her head.  She laid down on her bed and fell asleep and slept for the next two days.  Her manager was worried about her and called her Mother.  Her Mother came over and she told her what she had endured.  The nightmares of her ordeal continue to haunt her and she hasn’t been out of her house in weeks.  Everyone is worried about her and wonder when or if she’ll ever recover.  Only time will tell.

The End.

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