Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

By Joe Leaphorn

I was on the plane for a job in LA. Part of the deal to get me out there
was first class travel both ways. And first class on a 747 is very
special. I can’t say I like flying, but it’s part of the job. I guess I
hate the jet lag and the hassle rather than the flying.

Flying first class to Las Angeles is the worst journey I have to do
regularly, on the plus side there is nearly always someone I know
flying with me.

This was the case last week. I boarded late (it’s a habit now) and was
whisked in to the first class cabin up
front. There were a dozen or so
of the new sleeper chairs, and most were empty. Of the few people there
most showed little interest and a little more annoyance in the man that
had held them up for five minutes. Two of the faces meant nothing to
me, nameless fifty something businessmen, there was a dowager duchess,
well in to third age, who had to be going for the shopping or a quack
cure. The other face cracked into a broad smile, which I returned. It
was Liz.

She sat in the middle of the cabin in the second row. She motioned for
me to join her. I got rid of my flight bag, but saw where it got put
and then joined her. I’ve not worked with her much, but we do have a
few friends in common, and there was the time I taught Hugh to shoot
properly (for a film). I took the seat beside her, and we gently got

She said she was well and so was Hugh, Simian Films was doing well, but
not fantastically, and was off to LA for a producers meeting for the
next project. She looked great. She wore a full length fine wool
cardigan in a biscuit colour over an ankle long thin cotton button
through skirt, in dark blue and a white cotton blouse with Mexican
style embroidery. I could just see a hint of a white lace bra. Her feet
had little white slip-on shoes that were perfect for travelling. She
was turned a little towards me to talk and this showed me that her full
breasts were only marginally restrained.

It was clear that she wasn’t comfortable travelling as the taxiing
started so I got her to hold my hand. I’ve found that a little physical
contact can do a lot of reassuring. I also told her to squeeze as tight
as she wanted, if she needed too. This completely cleared my mind of
any apprehension.

The take off was smooth, and after a few minutes you could feel the
plane levelling out of it’s steep climb away from Heathrow.

The steward, a rather stunning petite blond of about five feet, came
round with the first of the comp drinks. I took an orange juice.
Drinking while flying is, for me at least, a killer and I had to be on
song within twenty four hours of arrival. Liz took a glass of
champagne, and that was when she stopped holding my hand.

We chatted about everything and nothing. She wouldn’t tell me about her
new project and I wasn’t going to tell her what I was going to do.
There is secrecy in every business.

After a while she called the blond and stood up to take off her
cardigan. This let me get a good view of her body. Liz is not a small
woman, but everything there is woman. Her breasts look full and firm,
and as she stretched the pattern of the lace bra and her nipples became
obvious. Her waist is slim, and this was accentuated by the looseness
of her skirt. The skirt itself fell smoothly over her bum and down to
the floor.

As she sat down she laid the skirt towards me so the small steel buttons
pulled the skirt open.

Her leg to the knee was smooth and lightly tanned. Liz is a very sexy
woman, and as I looked at her leg I did want to see more.

We chatted for an hour or so and we were well over the North Atlantic on
our way to iceland (to get from London to LA you fly almost over the
pole, look at a globe for the reason why) when the Captain interrupted
us. Over the intercom he mentioned that there was the possibility of
turbulence ahead, and that we where to use seat belts if asked. And
also that he was trying to fly around it.

The other steward, a taller brunette I didn’t take too, came forward to
see if all was well. Liz said it was. I just nodded.

The first bang hit without warning. The plane must have fallen fifty
feet, and the updraught was worse. Liz, couldn’t get her bet fastened,
was all but being thrown from her seat. I’m used to Hercs so it was
easy for me to stand up and lean on her as I reached for the straps and
clicked them closed. I had had to straddle her legs, as I had one hand
on her upper chest over her collarbone and another reaching under her
to pull the straps free. It would have been enjoyable to watch her
breast bounce around but I was more worried about her breaking a rib or
my taking a fall, as the shocks hit the plane. Finally the belt was
tight. Liz smiled and thanked me, I didn’t need any thanks, I’d just
had my hand under her bum and was happy enough.

Before I could return to my seat there was a crash behind me. I could
see the head of the brunette from behind the divider lying on the
floor. There was already a pool of blood forming. The blond had
unstrapped herself by the time I got there. The Brunette, Sue I found
out, had been caught by a jolt and lost her footing going head first
into a cupboard door, and by the dent had done it very hard. Alice, the
blond, was a first aider, but I’ll admit my field training just kicked
in and I took over. She got me the first aid kit and a couple of
bandages. She seemed happy enough for me to make the running. The plane
was still bouncing all over the place. Keeping steady wasn’t easy. I
padded the wound as best I could, but I got Sue’s neck supported just
in case. I did a once over to see if there was any obviously wrong
apart from the head butt. She seemed okay so Alice and I held her
steady until we got out of the turbulence. Her skull wasn’t broken but
might be cracked, but the chances were that all was well. Most up front
hadn’t noticed, only Liz was trying to see what was happening.

It seemed like an age, but when the turbulence lessened and then
stopped, Liz came round to see what was going on. she helped take over
from Alice who had to see to the other passengers and tell the captain.
As she knelt beside Sue, Liz’s blouse gaped and I look straight at her
breasts held back by the full cupped lace bra. God they looked
wonderful, and right now I was very aroused. I could feel my cock
filling out and pushing up against my chinos. Action of whatever kind
does this to me. I used to get a hard on before every drop or in the
bus waiting for the off. It’s just how my body works – excitement
excites me. Liz must have known how her blouse looked but we both acted
as if it didn’t. As I’ve said before they, actresses, models and the
like, are so aware of their bodies, that there are rarely ever
accidents. But we had more important thing to do.

I heard Alice call the Captain and then a call from him for a doctor. A
few minutes later an Indian, no Pakistani man in his forties came
forward to treat Sue. I gave him the obs and then left it to Alice, him
and a third male steward to sort things out.

As I was finished washing my hands, blood gets everywhere, Liz started
to push me. She got me into one of the first class cubicles and slammed
the door shut.

"Are you as horny as I am?" she started with as she cupped her hand
around my cock. She pushed it back to my thigh as she closed for a
kiss. I wasn’t going to say no. As my hand held her head, hers undid my
trousers and let my prick free. I don’t always wear shorts and usually
not while flying so now she was holding me.

Even as we kissed she started a slow wank, that I had to stop very
quickly. She’d found the perfect rhythm for my mood and I could feel my
wanting to come straight away.

I took her hand away, and covered my over eagerness my asking her to let
me take off her blouse. All she said was "Don’t stop there."

I lead my fingers along the neck of her blouse and then dropped inside
to search out the edge of her bra. As one hand undid the small mother
of pearl buttons the other used the extra freedom to caress her smooth
breasts. Soon I was down to her waist and Liz had shrugged the blouse
back off her shoulders. And so it fell behind her. As she had shrugged
off the blouse I had held her breasts up and let them bounce off my
hand. They were heavy, and beautifully warm to touch. I could see her
areola and flat nipple in the centre. They were a dark brown with just
a hint of pink. Her bra had slim shoulder and back straps, and it was
the shoulder straps I eased down to let her breasts free. As the
transparent lace was pulled off her breast, they sagged only a little,
and I bent to kiss those nipples. With my tongue playing her nipples
back and forth I could feel her undoing the bra completely. I stopped
to look at her, standing there naked from the waist up.

Now she took the lead, my chinos, undone, were pushed to the floor and
Liz had her hands holding my cock towards her. Using this to guide me
she made me sit on the toilet. She started to ease her skirt down off
her bum, but I stopped her. I started to undo the buttons at the front.
I undid them all until there were only the three at the waist. Without
a pause or hint she lifted the edges of the front of her skirt apart
unveiling her panties and her glorious cunt. She was a beautiful angel
of fucking, and these wanton actions made her look all the more sexy.
Hugh had told me, bragged about, what a glorious fuck Liz was. Now I
would find out.

She wore French knickers with the same lace front as the cup of the bra.
My hand slid behind her to cup her bum, my little fingers slipping into
the crease between her cheeks. Using the loose fit of the knickers my
hands made their way around to the front. Here I could really feel the
heat of her body, and as I dropped lower, the stiffness of her pubic
hair. I could feel and see that it was trimmed just a bit, just to make
it neat, but still to leave a dark full mound. And as it turned under
her body, the wetness of her arousal was clear. I gripped the front of
her knickers trapping a few of her pubic hairs in my grip and dragged
them off. Liz sighed and rolled her hips as I pulled on her bush, so I
did it again. Her knickers fell to her knees and she stepped out of
the, as she did the dark curls parted and her dark slit opened. Beads
of juice ran on to the hairs around her lips. I pulled her legs apart
as she stepped over me and again her pussy winked at me. As she lowered
to my lap I guided her onto my cock.

Her cunt was slick and warm, and I just ran into her. She wasn’t loose,
but very ready. Only as her weight came onto my thighs as she lifted
her legs around me did I feel her tighten her cunt around me. The tip
of my cock pushed on her cervix as her vaginal walls rippled

Liz took the lead and showed me the pace she wanted to fuck at. Each
time she lifted off me she tightened her cunt so it felt like she was
milking me. I matched her stroke for stroke until we began to bounce
off the loo seat. Her tits, pressed between us, rubbed on my chest and
Liz had to bite on my ear to stifle the screams of arousal that caused.
Only as we climaxed did we kiss face to face. I could feel my cock
explode inside her as she gripped down pulling every last drop from me.

As we fell off this climax we fucked slower, and to a standstill. My
cock buried in Liz’s cunt did not wither, but was not hard enough to
fuck her. I could feel our fuck dribble down to my balls. I shivered
from the cooling damp.

She was there in a flash. A mouth sucking and licking me clean. And hard
again, but time was limited. Some one would wonder where we had gone,
and come looking. So before she could start full felatio I switched
places. Now my mouth acted as her’s had. I cleaned and licked at her
cunt removing every sign of our fuck, only side-tracked by her clitoris
as I licked back its soft hood. She pushed her feet higher and her legs
further open as I pushed deep into her body. I knew I was getting her
close to a climax when she pulled my head so tight into her pussy I was
sure I would suffocate. I kept going until I could feel her body
shudder. My tongue flicked in and along her slit as I pushed her clit
with my teeth and her cunt flushed our fuck out with the clear juices
of her arousal. I slowed my kisses letting Liz back to earth. For a few
minutes she let me lap at her sex, then she pulled me off.

We both knew that we’d been too long, but we had to get dressed. And in
that room that wasn’t easy. Neither was washing our sticky hands and
faces. Just before I left first, to check that the way was clear, Liz
kissed me on the ear.

There was no one in sight as I opened the door and then I hurried Liz
out and she dashed for her seat. I was half way there when Alice caught
me. I could smell the fuck on me, so I knew that she did too. She asked
me if I would pop up to the flight deck to meet the Captain and get his
thanks. She also pushed a small piece of paper in to my hand. I didn’t
have to look. She was sniffing me as we stood there. Her eyes were
dilated and her skin flushed, as mine was in my post coital rush. I
acted on instinct, and kissed her. She accepted my kiss and then
returned with her own. She sucked on my mouth, and I realised that she
must be tasting Liz. She was enjoying the taste as she kissed without
pause. A service bell chimed just behind her and she had to break the
kiss. She opened a draw and handed me a bag of mints.

I popped one in my mouth before going up to visit the captain.

He promised me a thank you from the airline and offered his own thanks.
Sue had come round but the doctor believed that she might have a
fractured skull and did have a four inch cut that would need stitching.
I made the usual platitudes and headed off to my seat.

Back at my seat, Liz showed me the bag of mints that Alice had given
her. Her wry smile showed me that she knew her secret was known by

The rest of the flight was uneventful except for two small events. First
of all Liz still hadn’t redone all of her skirt’s buttons so as she
pushed the seat back to relax, it flowed of her legs to mid thigh. As
only I, and the steward Alice, were around and awake, I don’t think
that she minded us looking. Right now I think she has the most
beautiful legs I’ve ever seen. She became far more demure was the plane
got ready to land. The other thing was Alice asking me to come back to
the crew compartment to see her. She had waited until Liz was asleep
before asking me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. She had given me
her number, and no steward would risk getting fired for a quick fuck.
In the crew area, there was a Eurasian woman only a little taller than
the tiny Alice, from what I could see she was even slimmer too.

Alice was direct.

"I ought to tell you know, this is Helen. We live together. We share
everything." Her look was serious, and Helen’s hopeful.

I answered the only way I could. "I’ve always believed in sharing with

Helen and Alice are off flights Friday, and we’ll see what happens then.

As for Liz. She was all fixed up by the time the plane taxied into LAX.
Only then did I see the blood on my chinos, too late anyway. We talked
lightly as we left and walked through LAX, I did get a few looks for
guards and police because of the blood. Liz was collected by the
Studio. I knew the driver and asked him to take extra care as a favour.
I was met by an old acquaintance, and went off to do my thing.

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