Elle Fanning Gets the Part

Title:  Elle Fanning Gets the Part

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Elle Fanning

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Next”.  The door opened and in walked a tall, thin 15 year old beauty.  Elle Fanning closed the door and she stood there letting the casting director look at her.  He had her turn around and then invited her over to take a seat in front of his desk.

He explained the part to her and then told her that he thought she was much too young.  He was impressed with her resume and would have wanted nothing more than to give her the part but there were several scenes involving nudity and he knew that the studio simply would not allow it.  The pretty girl smiled and as the director was explaining himself to her, she uncrossed her legs and let him see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  She ran her hands up her thighs and slowly pulled the material higher and higher, spreading her legs in the process.   The director, in his mid-50’s, took in her beauty and couldn’t stop staring at her sweet little pussy.  She had just a wisp of light blonde hair and he could she how pink and fresh her little love box was.  His cock was rock hard as the young teen ran her fingers along her slit and then brought them to her mouth and gently sucked them.

Without saying a word, Elle stood up and pulled her dress up over her head.  She stood there completely naked except for her heels and leaned over the desk.  The director stood up and came around the desk and gently pushed her down on the desk and ran his hands along her ass and between her legs.   She moaned softly as his fingers rubbed her little clitty and he felt just how wet she was.  He slid his fingers into her and rubbed her clit with his thumb and brought the sweet blonde to orgasm.  Elle dropped to her knees and took out his cock and sucked him into her mouth.  She had sucked a lot of cocks before and he soon was experiencing one of the best blowjobs he’d ever had.  He’d had some of the best young starlets in the business suck him off, including her older sister Dakota.  She used her hands and mouth like a pro and soon had her mouth filled with cum.  Elle held the cum in her mouth and looked up at him and let him watch as she swallowed the hot load.

The director took off his clothes and sat down on the couch and Elle came over and got on top of him, taking his cock into her soaking wet pussy.  He slid in with ease and wasn’t surprised to find that she was no longer a virgin.  Elle had lost her virginity when she was 12 to a fashion photographer.  Her tight pussy engulfed his cock and she began to ride him.  He let her do all the work and soon she was slamming herself up and down on his cock.  He took her young nipples into his mouth, one after the other, and sucked her sweet little tits.  She started to cum and he felt her juices coating his cock.  He stood up and pushed her against the wall and continued to pound the pretty girl.  Elle wrapped her legs around him allowing his cock to go deeper and deeper into her young hole.

After several minutes, the director set her down on the couch and pulled his cock out.  He grabbed her ankles and pushed them up against her shoulders and started to push his cock into her tight ass.  She asked him to be gentle because he was the first.  She reached her hands around her ass and pulled her cheeks apart allowing him full access to her virgin butthole.  He slowing inserted his big cock into her and she squeezed her eyes shut tight and bit her lip as he entered her.  He pulled out and rubbed his cock on her wet pussy, coating it with her sweet juices and then put it back into her ass.  When he was halfway in, her started to fuck her.  Slow and steady, he pushed his manhood deeper and deeper into the blonde beauties ass.  She began to enjoy the feeling and was soon begging for him to fuck her harder.  She screamed in delight as she took his big cock up her tight little ass and then she squirted all over his stomach.  She gushed like a water fountain as he slammed his cock into her.  He felt his balls tighten and then pumped her ass full of cum pushing his cock as deep as he could inside of her.  When he finally pulled out, his hot cum ran out and Elle took some on her fingers and licked them clean.  The director stood up and pulled her head over to him and she took licked him clean.  She looked up at him and ran her tongue across her lips and swallowed.

Elle had to do several more auditions with the director and some of the producers.  She eventually earned the part.  Her nude scenes were shot in such a manner as to not show her on nude on film but in reality, her male costars did indeed enjoy her naked body.  Rumor had it that she and one of her costars had actual sex in order to make the scene look as real as possible.

The End.

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