Elle Fanning Goes Undercover

Title:  Elle Fanning Goes Undercover

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Elle Fanning

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

Lt. Dan Michaels and his drug task force arrived at the house sometime after midnight.  He’d been tipped off by reliable informants that the quiet looking suburban home was actually being used by a drug gang.  With search warrant in hand, his team entered the home and began arresting the occupants.  He had about twenty men and women lined up in the living room when one of his men called him to a back bedroom.  When he entered, he saw the reason.  There, lying on her stomach and tied to the bed was a thin, long legged blonde girl.  She looked to be about 17 or 18 and she was completely drugged out of her mind.  She had also, quite obviously, been used for sex.  It looked like the girl had been there for several days and by her appearance, she’d been repeatedly sodomized.  He untied her and sat her up.  When he brushed her cum stained blonde hair away from her face, he recognized her immediately.  Elle Fanning opened her drug glazed eyes and mumbled something before she passed out.

Everyone in the house denied knowing that the young actress was there and they also denied having sex with the pretty teen.  They took her to the hospital and had her treated for a drug overdose.  The doctors ran a rape kit on her as well and it was discovered that as many as twenty men had sex with her.  Her parents were called and told the frightening news about their little girl.  They told Lt. Michaels that she hadn’t come home from a party two nights ago and they assumed she had stayed over with some friends.  It wasn’t the first time she’d done that and although she was just 17, they trusted her and didn’t think anything was wrong.

Two days later, Elle was awake and told the detective that she didn’t know how she got to the house.  She’d been out to the movies with some friends and the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital.  She was released and sent home with her parents.  Later that week, Lt. Michaels called her in to the station to ask her some questions.  He asked her parents to wait outside while he spoke to Elle alone.  He had her take a seat and then pressed play on his computer and let the pretty teen watch the sordid video.  She watched herself snorting coke and sucking cock after cock on her knees in the middle of the living room.  She watched herself begging for more drugs and more cocks.  She listened as she told everyone in the room that they could do whatever they wanted to her as long as they gave her drugs.  The rest of the disc contained scenes of her being repeatedly sodomized and given drugs.

When the tape ended, she looked up at Lt. Michaels and smiled.  She said, “I guess my little secret is out of the bag, isn’t it?”  Michaels walked over to her and said, “I guess so.  Tell me Elle, how long have you been a coke whore?”  Elle Fanning put her hand on his crotch and started rubbing his cock through his trousers.  “It started when I was twelve.  I was doing a modeling job and the photographer gave me some coke before he took my cherry.  It wasn’t long before he started fucking me in the ass.  Since then I love getting high and getting fucked in my ass” she said.  She looked up at him and pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked it.  “Look, we don’t have to tell anyone about this, right?  I’ll do whatever you want.”  She opened her mouth and took his hard cock into her warm mouth.  The veteran cop put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock down her throat.  Elle sucked him off like a well-seasoned street whore and soon had him feeding her his hot load.  When he pulled out, she swallowed it down and licked her lips.  Lt. Michaels zipped up his trousers and sat back down behind his desk.  “OK slut, here’s what you’re going to do.  From now on your tight little ass belongs to me.  I’ve got some scumbags out there that I need to bust and you’re going to help me do it, understand?”  Elle sat back in her chair and said, “I’ll do it as long as you never tell anyone about that tape.”  He stood up and opened the door.  He told her parents that she was free to go but he might have to have her come back to answer some more questions.  As they left, he saw Elle look back at him and smile.  She licked her lips one more time and blew him a kiss.  After they left, he sat back down and watched the tape of the pretty young starlet getting gangfucked over and over again.  He decided then and there that he was going to have a lot of fun tapping that fine piece of ass.

Several days later, Lt. Michaels picked Elle up at the studio and told her what he had planned.  He’d already cleared it with her parents.  He told them that he needed her to come in and look at some mug shots and that he’d bring her home later that evening.  As he drove, he pulled out his cock and Elle went down on him.  The veteran cop had gotten head from many a suspect but this girl was by far the best.  When they arrived at their destination, a skinny man came up and got into the back seat.  Michaels introduced him as Robert.  Robert was a drug informant and told Elle she was going to be bait in a sting operation to shut down one of the busiest drug dens in town.  Robert was going to use her to buy drugs and then, when the sale was completed, the cops would come in and arrest everyone.  Elle knew it was dangerous but she was so excited, she felt her pussy getting wet.  Michaels gave Robert some buy money and the two headed into the rundown building.

It was almost thirty minutes before Robert came out and gave the signal.  Michaels radioed his men and they entered the apartment.  They started making arrests while Michaels headed down the hallway to one of the bedrooms.  He found Elle getting fucked by two large black men.  She was deep throating one man while the other was behind her fucking her in the ass.  He stood there for several minutes before announcing his presence.  The two men quickly got off the young blonde and Michaels called in some of his men and had them take the two suspects down to the waiting police van.  Elle laid back on the bed and played with her pussy.  “Come on detective.  Fuck me.  I need it bad.  Fuck me hard” she said.  Michaels walked out and told his sergeant he’d be down in a few minutes.  When he went back in the room, he took out his cock and slid it into the pretty teen’s gaping ass.  He sodomized her hard for several minutes and then came inside of her.  He made her lick his cock clean and then tossed her clothes to her.  He waited in the living room while she dressed.  When they got back in the car, he asked her how she ended up in the room.  She told him that Robert had offered her up in exchange for some drugs.  She said she snorted a few lines and the next thing she knew, she was getting fucked.  She told him that two others had fucked her before he came in.  She also told him she was still horny so he sat back and let her pull his cock out of his pants.  She stroked him as they drove to a nearby motel.  Once inside, the cop used Elle for several hours before finally taking her home.

Over the next several weeks, Lt. Michaels involved Elle in three more drug buys.  Each time he found her getting fucked by the suspects and high on coke.  Each time he ended up taking her to a motel and fucking the shit out of her ass.  He couldn’t help himself.  The girl was gorgeous and she fucked like a porn star.  Her insatiable appetite for anal sex was driving him crazy.

Michaels had gotten wind of a major drug ring working out of a local motel so he called Elle and filled her in on what she was going to do.  This time, she might be in the room longer than before.  They needed to get as much evidence against the gang as possible.  Elle agreed and two days later they put their plan into action.  Michaels and his men got a room at the motel and set up surveillance.  The room in question had people coming and going all day and all night.  They watched the tall blonde beauty knock on the door and go inside.  Over the next several hours people kept going in only this time, they were staying inside for much longer than before, many as long as an hour.  When they spotted the alleged leader of the gang go into the room, Michaels ordered his men to move in.  The door was broken down and they arrested everyone inside.  Michaels found Elle tied to the bed on her stomach.  A large black man was fucking her asshole which was gaped open wide enough to drive a Mack truck through it.  She was also totally fucked up on drugs.  There were several other naked men standing around her waiting for their turn.  It turned out that Elle had sucked one of the men off for some coke and then, after tying her to the bed, they sold her to their customers.  They let anyone fuck her in the ass for a hundred dollars and kept her high during the entire ordeal.  Michaels got her dressed and carried her to his car.  He laid her on the back seat and took her back to the office.  It took several hours before she was straight enough to give her statement.

A week later, Michaels called Elle into his office and handed over the disc of her at the drug house.  He told her she was free to go and that he no longer needed her help.  She gave him a big kiss and thanked him.  She also said he could call her anytime.  He felt his cock getting hard as she walked out of the office.  Lt. Michaels was promoted to Captain as a result of his latest drug bust and at the trial, he made sure to mention that he couldn’t have done it without the help of an un-named informant who risked her life to help him.  Elle, meanwhile, was busy writing her new screenplay about a young girl that gets caught up in a police sting operation.  She knew it was going to be a huge hit.

The End.

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