Elle MacPherson And Her sister Mimi

ELLE MacPHERSON and her sister MIMI
by Luke Ozvik

Elle MacPherson had come home after a long spell in the U.S. and felt it was
time to have a chat about that damn sex video with her little sister Mimi.
She didn’t say anything at first, preferring to enjoy a relaxing swim in the
ocean with her sister, then they headed back to Mimi’s beachside apartment and
grabbed a couple of Cokes. They sat down on the sofa as Elle began to talk…
"I watched the tape… I guess if you get drunk enough you’ll do anyone..?"
"Sis, if I get drunk enough I’ll do anyone or anyTHING!!!"

Elle leaned in close to her little sister, "How about your big sis?"
Mimi moved to within an inch of her sister’s mouth, smiling. "I wouldn’t even
have to be drunk to do that."
"You’re not drunk." Said Elle with a wicked grin…
"I know." Answered Mimi.
Elle opened her mouth to reply but before she could say a word her kid sister
had grabbed the back of her head and was pushing her tongue into her mouth, lips
pressed up against hers. Elle was stunned, but relieved her sister had gone for
it, as she felt a soft hand slip up her inner thigh and begin massaging her
pussy through her bikini briefs. Damn that felt good. She hadn’t felt the touch
of another woman’s hands for weeks. Mimi pulled Elle down on top of her as she
fell backwards onto the sofa. It felt good to have the ‘Body’ pressed up against
her, a perfect flat stomach and round breasts pushing against her own – damned
attractive – physique. Elle rubbed her chest up against her little sister’s
chest, feeling the fabric of bikini-top coming loose.
Elle slipped her hand inside Mimi’s bikini briefs and pushed two fingers into
her sister’s warming pussy, she started working them in and out. Mimi bucked up
toward the invading fingers and pushed her own fingers inside Elle’s briefs and
found her clit with the tip of a long finger.
The beautiful sisters rolled over on the sofa so they were side by side, mouths
locked together, hands in each others bikini briefs. They lay there kissing deep
and finger fucking for an age.
Elle pushed Mimi back and sat up, she pulled her bikini top up over her head
without unfastening it, and tossed it away. Mimi responded by leaping forward
and taking one of Elle’s tits in her mouth, sucking and flicking her tongue over
the nipple. Elle held Mimi to her chest by her hair with one hand, and with the
other pulled her sister’s bikini top up to free her firm young breasts, which
she begin to squeeze.
Mimi still had one hand down her sister’s briefs and was now working her fingers
(all four of them) in and out of her cunt.
"Oh, that’s so good." Moaned Elle. "That’s so good." She repeated, lowering her
head to kiss the top of Mimi’s head.
"You got any toys?" Asked Elle. "I need something inside me." She breathed
heavily as Mimi looked up into her eyes.
"Who needs toys?" Replied Mimi, slipping her hand from Elle’s bikini briefs and
raising it as a clenched fist for Elle to see. "I’ve got my fist!"
"Ooooh!" Elle smiled, slowly leaning back and spreading her legs wider… She
raised one leg to the side of her chest and held it in place with her hand,
supporting her head with the other arm behind her head.
Mimi slipped from the couch and kneeled in front of her older sister, she
slipped her fingers back into Elle’s pussy and pushed slowly forward, easing her
hand into ‘The Body’. "You like this?" She asked, an evil glint in her eye.
Elle replied with a long, deep, moan, arching her back and spreading her thighs
a little more. Mimi eased her thumb into her sister’s pussy, tight wetness all
around her hand, then her wrist as she pushed deeper… She could feel Elle’s
vaginal muscles gripping tighter, almost sucking her hand in…
"Fist fuck me, please…” Begged Elle, looking down into her sister’s eyes.
Mimi smiled, grinned. Elle felt painfully pleasurable sensations within her
pussy as Mimi balled her hand into a fist. Mimi took pleasure from the sticky
juices between her fingers as she formed her fist, once made she paused, then
rammed her fist forward a few inches forcing Elle to yelp.
Mimi was now half way up her forearm into her sister’s pussy. As she fisted, she
bent forward and started licking at Elle’s clit, producing another low moan from
the Australian supermodel.
"Oh God." Moaned Elle, her hand pressing against her face smearing saliva from
her mouth across her face as she felt her pussy stretching around her little
sister’s fist. Mimi continued to pump her fist and flick her tongue over Elle’s
Elle came hard. Harder than she had ever come with any man, at that moment she
believed that she had found the greatest lover on Earth – her sister! ‘Damn,’
she thought, ‘I’ll never be able to tell anyone about her.’
Mimi slowly pulled her fist from her big sister’s pussy, keeping it balled into
a fist she knew it would strain Elle as it came out – it did. Elle’s eyes bulged
and she winced, crying out slightly as the fist pulled loose. Mimi opened her
hand, now covered with her big sister’s pussy juices, all slimy, and rubbed it
over Elle’s face – smearing her pussy juices into her mouth. Elle licked and
sucked at Mimi’s fingers.
Mimi climbed up onto the couch and lay back, spreading her legs and fingering
her pussy seductively.
"Elle, can you reach over into that drawer and grab my dildo? " She asked, like
it was the most natural question in the world.
Elle, slowly regaining her sense of location, looked around until she saw the
small chest of drawers Mimi had indicated. She slid the drawer open and found
the dildo – a strange looking dildo. It was nine inches long, flat and fat at
the tip, bowing fatter out to the middle, then getting slimmer (like a baseball
bat) until a large tennis ball sized swelling at the base. The whole thing was
purple-red and made of a slick rubber… It didn’t look like any dildo Elle had
ever seen before (and she had seen a few!).
"What is this?" Asked Elle holding the strange dildo up.
"Oh, that’s my dog-cock." Said Mimi nonchalantly. "Fuck me with it." She
ordered, spreading her pussy lips open.
Elle looked at her sister’s delicious looking pussy, then the strange ‘dog-cock’
dildo. "Wait a minute, what is a dog-cock, and why do you have one?"
"Well, it’s not something you have to think about for a long time…” Mimi
started… "It’s a dildo, and it’s shaped like a dog-cock, and I have it because I
love dog-cock!" She grinned.
Elle screwed her face up and squealed. "Ewwwww! Gross!"
"Are you gonna fuck me or what?" Mimi moaned, impatiently.
"Why in the hell do you think you love dog-cock? How do you know this dildo is
even the same as a dog-cock?"
"It’s not the same…” Started Mimi, "A real dog’s cock is much hotter and
slicker, and better."
"And how would you know that, if I may ask?" Queried Elle, almost sick – but so
horny thinking about her sister fucking a dog.
"I know because I’ve been fucking Elvis for years!" Grinned Mimi. Elvis was the
Alsatian that Elle had bought her sister for Christmas three years before.
"Oh really…” Elle was lost for words, she rolled the tip of the dog-dildo over
her lower lip as she thought for a second. "Is he here?" She asked, almost
shocking herself.
"Really?" Asked Mimi excitedly. "You really want to fuck my doggy… Oh I’ve
fantasised about this sooo many times." She was already out of the door, calling
for her little Elvis.
Elle sucked slowly and thoughtfully on the dog-dildo whilst she waited for her
sister to return. She imagined sucking the real thing – realised that she would
be sucking the real thing in a matter of minutes, shivers running down her
Mimi returned, leading Elvis by the collar. Elle gasped at the site of him – he
had grown so much in the two years since she bought him. She could only dream of
how big his cock would be, for now…
"Okay, roll over and lean on the couch." Ordered Mimi. Elle did as she was told,
rolling over and kneeling in front of the couch, resting on her elbows (which
were on the couch), feeling her breasts gently press against the material of the
cushions. She looked back over her shoulder to watch her little sister position
Elvis behind her – between her feet.
Mimi crouched beside Elvis and massaged his penis, feeling it grow in her hands,
"You’re going to love this…" She told her sister, smiling.
Elle saw the dog’s cock for the first time as Mimi pushed it backward between
his hind-legs. It was huge, at least nine inches long and shaped exactly like
Mimi’s dildo – Elle gasped, knowing what was about to happen – but not believing
she was going to really do it…
She watched as he sister bent forward and took Elvis’s cock into her mouth,
sucking slowly and gently, tasting his watery pre-cum as she sucked. Mimi slid
the length of the dog’s cock all the way back into her throat, then slid it all
the way out again and licked and kissed up and down the fat shaft. She smiled to
her sister as she did it, letting Elle watch every lick.
Elle was wondering what dogcock tasted like. “Hey sis, give me a taster” she
Mimi squealed, she couldn’t wait to see her sister experience her first taste of
doggie, she was sure it wouldn’t be her last. Mimi tickled the tip of Elvis’s
penis, a wad of watery pre-cum collected on her finger.
“Here you go, a quick taste of delights to come”, said Mimi, as she held out her
cummy finger to her sister. Elle sucked dutifully. ‘If it tastes this good, it
must feel damn good too’ she thought. Now Mimi felt Elle had sidetracked events
enough, still she could understand why, first time and all! But now it was time
for the real action to start.
"Okay sis, relax…” Began Mimi, "You’ve never experienced anything like this
before… I promiss."
Elle breathed deep and relaxed herself, letting her legs spread a little more
and loosening all the muscles in her pussy as Mimi backed Elvis closer to her
and ran the wet tip of his cock up and down Elle’s pussy lips.
Shudders of pleasure immediately began to run up
Elle’s spine, the feeling was amazing – and the dog wasn’t even inside her yet.
She squeezed her legs together in delight, her glistening pussy lips sticking
out between them. She was so wet.
“Oh, put it in, put it in." Moaned Elle.
Mimi spread her sister’s legs, and then her pussy lips with the fingers of one
hand then pushed the tip of Elvis’s cock into the pink slit. Elle moaned out
loud as the dog’s cock slid in slowly, inch by inch stretching her vagina open,
filling her up.
Elle pressed her face down into the cushions, squeezing her tits with her hands,
the pleasure was amazing. Mimi started to rock Elvis back and forward, using his
cock to fuck her sister. He allowed her to do as she wished, enjoying the
feeling of this human’s tight cunt around his meat.
Elle slid one hand down her belly, her fingers running through her pussy hair
until she could lightly touch Elvis’s cock as it slipped in and out of her
pussy. It was so hot, so slick with pre-cum and her own pussy juices, it felt so
fucking good.
All the time she was fucking her sister with the dog, Mimi made absolutely
certain that Elvis didn’t get his knot inside her. It wasn’t that Mimi was
worried that this may hurt Elle, she just wanted to get her own share of Elvis’s
hot cock in her own pussy!
Elle felt the burning pleasure of an orgasm every time she thought about what
was actually pumping in and out of her pussy. A dog-cock, a big fat, blood
gorged dog’s penis. Each orgasm was stronger and hotter than the previous –
better than anything she had ever experienced.
"You had enough?" Asked Mimi, wanting her turn.
"Mmmmmmm” Moaned Elle, biting her lower lip… “I want more."
Mimi rolled her eyes and allowed the last few inches of Elvis’s cock to push
into Elle’s cunt, allowing the knot to press against her pussy – but again,
careful not to let it push inside. Elle moaned again, louder this time, with
each thrust of the dog’s cock Elle moaned louder – building to an explosive
"Oh!" She moaned, Mimi pumped Elvis harder and faster.
"Oh yes, oh yes… Here I come." Moaned Elle again, her breaths becoming shorter,
her face turning red, her pussy burning.
“OH SHIT!" She screamed. "I’m coming." She screamed, tossing her head back, her
hair flying. She squeezed her thighs together, clamping Elvis tight in her
pussy. Her heart pounded as she caught her breath. Mimi pulled Elvis’s cock from
her pussy, pulling him out fast – the fatness of his shaft causing Elle some
pain as she pulled it clear. Elle collapsed forward onto the couch. Mimi lent
forward, still holding the dog by his wet cock, and kissed her sister on the
"Was that good?"
Elle turned her red face to look at Mimi, "That was wild!”, she said, blowing
Mimi a kiss. She spread her legs and rubbed her red raw cunt absent mindedly,
reeling in the experience.
"My turn now?" Asked Mimi. "You up for that?"
"Oh yeah."
Mimi took Elle by the hand and led her from the couch back onto the floor and
lay her down on her back. Mimi then lay down on top of her sister, her thighs
astride Elle’s face – her face between Elle’s knees – staring down at her
hard-dog-fucked pussy. Elvis didn’t need any hints, he mounted Mimi immediately,
his paws gripping her sides as his cock immediately hit home – driving into
Mimi’s pussy right in front of Elle’s eyes. Elle watched as the purple-red
veined shaft pushed in and out of Mimi’s pussy.
In this 69 position Mimi was able to lick her sister’s thighs and pussy as the
dog fucked her from behind. She moaned softly, feeling Elle’s hands explore her
body, slipping over her sides, her breasts, and her arse.
Elvis pummelled hard and fast into Mimi’s cunt. While Elle watched, she lifted
her head slightly to tongue at his shaft and her sister’s clit as he slid into
her. She could taste the dog’s come mixing with Mimi’s sex juices, it tasted
good, even better than before, – and her little sister’s pussy eating technique
was good too, she could feel another orgasm building.
Mimi came hard as she felt Elvis’s cum shooting into her pussy, so much of it
(as usual). She shivered and collapsed onto her sister, then supported herself
again taking her weight off Elle.
"Pull him out…” She instructed Elle. Elle did and her face was soaked as dog cum
poured from her little sister’s pussy all over her face, she caught as much as
she could, then sucked hard on Mimi’s pussy as Elvis staggered away.
The sisters stayed in the 69 position for the next hour, sucking and licking at
each other’s pussies. Loving every minute… Waiting for Elvis to be ready to go

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