Ellen Degeneres

ellen even though is a lesbian had her directer checking out her nice shapped ass, and wondered if she had ever had a mans dick up what was proably a tight pussy and also that nice ass of hers. so he planned on drugging her when he hjad a chance and taking her to a secluded plase, where he could do with her as he pleased,so one night one he found her on her way home he offered her a cup of coffee which he had drugged, when she was passed out he put her in his van and took her to the canadian wildeness. to become his slave. when she awoke with a head ace she ased where the hll am i, and realized that she was tied up. and heard
a voice say, are you ready to be come a women. he begane slowly taking off her clothes and trying to asure her over her screams that he was only interested in making her fell good.and was surprised to see she had on silk bra and panties.andafter he took off of her bra and pulled down her panties and cut them off of her legs she looked hot. and when he managed to sick a finger up her cunt she was as tight as a twelve year old. and be gan to at first swear and then after a slow movement with my finger in her pussy she began to cry like a baby. and the i began to suck on her and nipples and decided to give her some drugs to make her docile and harmless. soon i was able to untie her. and then i showed her my ten inch dick and she again began to cryas i inceted it a little up her tight pussy oh no please dont rape me i beg you i will pay you any thing you want,.. awwwy awwwy oh no it hurts some thing awul awwwy awwy your sooo biggg ah ah ahoh pleasedont stop iii mean stopppp it hurtsiiiii ammmmm commmmmmmmmming ohh nooo..after i came and pulled out she fell a sleep in my ams when she wohe up i was tuning her around and had pillows under her blly to make her ass stick up. what are you doing.. firs im going to fuck you in the ass then yuor going to suck it,.oh please not in my ass ohhhhh noooo stop that imeadiaelyyyyy, awyyyy awyyy oh oh shit dont worry when you where out i gave you a shot and the was able to give you a number of enemas so there wont be any shit ohhhhh you bastasrd awyyyyyy awyyyy ah ah ah stoppppp fuckinggggg meeeee ah ah your commming in myyy assss ohhh noooo please now what oh no not a spanking yes im going to spank the sperm out of your ass..then when your down spanking my butt fuck me some more honey

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