Ellen Degeneres New Wife 2

After the rape of shania and a night of sleep with shania in her arms, shania awoke to the reality of her situation.in ellens bed with a smell of sex on them.shania honey ellen will fill the tub so we can soak our stinky pussies good. and then your trainnig will begin.from now on you will do nothing with out my permisstion, I will feed, dress, bathe, and spank you when needed.at night I want you bare assed in our bed unless I tell you other wise.I will put in your tampons and change them when needed, and when Im busy you will be diapered. for peeing only, and will be changed and have your little pusy powdered and butt like
a baby. yes ellen but what about my career my singing cds and videos, our realationship will be a secret or the medea would have a field day with us being lesbiansto think of the super star shania being fucked buy me. and shania sucking on my boobs. ellen yes honey, after my bath I think I need a spanking and then a ass fuckingI liked it when you bent me over and fucked me in my butt last night,I was having fantasies of you rapping me be fore I came on your tv show.that is an awful big dog you have, he is a mastiff,you will get to know him later,,,,,,,that is another story..

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