Ellen Degeneres Submits

as ellen left her shower naked calling for anne to help dry her. litle did she know that for one hundred thousand dollar anne sold ellen for rape and humiliation. anne come here and help me or I will spank your little ass good.not tonight honey a voice said,in came a 6 foot five inch man blond with a muscular built,what are you doing where is anne,nevr mind miss now lets get you to bed.. ohhhh nooo you dont put me down you stupid ass Im a lesbian. not tonight your not. ohhhhh noooo please dont ahhhhhhh stop that get your finger outof my ass ohhhhh awyyyyy ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ehhhhhh ohhh myyyyy get that giant prick away from
meeeee ohhhhhh noooo please awyyyyy stop it Im to small for that ohhhhh awyyyyy awyyyyy ahhhhh ahhhget it out your killing meeeeee ohhhhhhh awyyyyyyy awyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhyes go on dont be afraid come for me. ohhh yes thats betterpump away ahhhh fuck me ahhhhhh ohhhhhhnow punish me put it in my tight ass….then spank me and make me yours ahhhhhh aHHHHHits nice to be a woman…..ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh.

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