Ellen Turns – Ariana Grande

Title: Ellen Turns – Ariana Grande

Author: Grace Fairway

Celebs: Ellen Page, Ariana Grande

Codes: cons, FF, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

The concert was over, and Ellen had used her celebrity to get a free pass backstage. She chose to loiter around the dressing room, waiting for the rest of the pass holders to say their hellos and disappear. Finally, when she felt the time was right, she strolled up to the dressing room and knocked on the door.

Ariana answered, her face lighting up when she saw who it was: ‘Ellen, come in.’

Ellen stepped into the dressing room, nonchalantly reaching behind her and flicking the lock shut. She thought it best to avoid any accidental interruptions if she this was going to work.

It was a simple enough set-up – a mirror and chair to the left, a rack of outfits in the corner and a sofa to the right. I may get some use from that, Ellen thought.

‘I really enjoyed the show, Ari,’ she said.

The redhead’s face lit up.

‘Aw, thanks – that’s really kind of you, Ellen. Thank you for coming!’

‘My pleasure – I always love seeing you.’

And that was no word of a lie – as she said it, she cast an eye over the young popstar. She was still in the final outfit of that night’s show – a cropped blacked halter top, black leather mini shorts and a pair of over-the-knee white boots. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and she wore a headband with black cat ears.

‘So, what’s your plan for tonight?’ Ellen asked.

Ariana sunk into the chair at her make-up desk, and took a sip from a glass of lemon water.

‘I’m just gonna relax now,’ she said, ‘I’ve got my next show tomorrow, so I need to get all the rest.’

‘I know this great technique for unwinding,’ Ellen saw her moment, ‘I can show you if you’d like?’

Ariana smiled: ‘Oh my gosh, that would be amazing!’

‘Alright then,’ Ellen smiled, and reached out her hands, ‘I need you to stand up.’

Ariana took them, and stood. Ellen held onto them a moment longer, stroking the tops with her thumbs and enjoying their soft, before letting go. She moved behind the singer.

‘It’s a kind of massage thing,’ Ellen reached round, and gently stroked Ariana’s flat tummy. Was she dreaming, or did she hear a little murmur of pleasure? ‘It always helps me unwind.’

Her hands crept downwards, until she reached the shorts. Her left hand slipped between her thighs, and began to rub the material. There was no question about it now – she was hearing little whimpers of pleasure from the redhead.

Ellen’s left hand crawled up, and worked its way into the shorts. She started to play with Ariana’s twat, to increased sounds of pleasure. Ariana’s moans were like music to her ears.

She brought her right hand up, right under Ariana’s top, and she started fondling the redhead’s breasts and bra. Ariana didn’t think the pleasure could be increased – it was then that Ellen started kissing her neck, sucking it and leaving lipstick stains all over her.

It didn’t take long for Ellen’s experienced fingers to make a grunting Ariana cum. She’d never known a pleasure like it, and could feel herself squirting inside her mini shorts which, tight as they were, still allowed some of the juices to escape and start trickling down her legs.

‘Wow,’ Ariana said, ‘that was amazing!’

Ellen removed her hand from Ariana’s shorts, bringing them to the singer’s lips.

‘It gets better,’ she said, ‘open wide.’

Ariana did as commanded, sucking her juices and experiencing bliss in her own sweetness until she could take no more. She spun around, planting her lips on Ellen’s, and the two shared a long kiss, their tongues fighting to be sucked. Eventually, Ellen broke the embrace.

‘You’ve got me wet, Ari – wanna taste some of mine?’

‘God yeah!’

Ellen guided the redhead over to the sofa, and hitching up her black mini dress ever so slightly, she sat down. She had worn no pants, so her glistening pussy was on full display. Her hands on Ariana, she lowered her to her knees, positioning her face next to the pussy.

All Ariana needed was the scent of Ellen’s pussy to get her going. She’d never tasted pussy before tonight, but something about it felt – she stuck out her tongue and starting licking. Ellen began to gasp, groaning when Ariana began to prod her tongue into the pussy. The redhead’s inexperience quickly became a concerted effort to savour the taste, and she was rewarded when Ellen’s body jerked, coating Ariana’s face as she squirted. Ariana didn’t care, though – the flood of pussy juice was all she was focused on, and she tried to lap it all up.

Ellen lay back on the sofa. Ariana climbed on top of her, and the two shared another kiss – one made all the more delicious for Ellen as she tasted herself on Ariana’s lips.

‘I hope you’ll have me backstage again, Ari,’ Ellen eventually broke the kiss.

Ariana smiled: ‘After this, I’ll get you a lifetime pass!’

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