Ellen’s Bedpost: Amanda Seyfried

Ellen’s Bedpost: Amanda Seyfried
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, cons
Celebs: Ellen Page, Amanda Seyfried
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Ellen was at the post-premier party for her new movie, in her usual bifauxnen attire, with half a glass of bourbon, her third of the night.  As she was enjoying her buzz, Amanda came up.

“Oh, my God, Ellen,” Amanda gushed, “your movie was so good!”

“Well, thank you.”

“I gotta confess, I’ve been trying to meet you at one of these for like forever!”

In her buzzed state Ellen just nodded, and stared at Amanda’s boobs, which were muffin-topping in that green dress she was wearing.  It was then that something dawned on her.  Amanda wasn’t the first major hottie to go ga-ga over her like this.  She started to wonder, “Is this just fan-girl behavior, or…” Waiting for a break in the conversation, Ellen decided to test her theory.

“Hey, do you mind if we go someplace a little quieter?”

Before she knew it, Ellen was in the ladies room with Amanda, making out.  Ellen couldn’t believe this was really happening.  The moment they entered the bathroom, Ellen placed her hands on Amanda’s head, and planted a big, sensual kiss on her lips, cutting off what she was talking about when they entered, and, to Ellen’s surprise, Amanda reciprocated, and even started pawing at her.

Ellen’s heart was pounding so hard, she was certain Amanda could hear it, as their tongues grappled.  Emboldened, Ellen started groping Amanda’s tits, and Amanda responded by grabbing and roughly squeezing Ellen’s butt-cheeks.

Suddenly, Amanda broke the kiss, and tugged on Ellen’s ear with her teeth.  She then whispered, breathily, in that ear, “Do you have a room we can go to?  Please tell me you have a room!”

“Yeah, it’s upstairs.”

In the elevator, the two continued necking, and a few times Ellen was afraid Amanda would tear her shirt off right there in the lift.

As Ellen got the door open, Amanda continued to paw at her, and again nibbled her ear.  Once inside, Ellen pushed Amanda against the door, and continued groping her tits, while burying her face between them.

“Oh, God, touch me…” Amanda reached behind her, and unzipped her dress, then let it hit the floor.  With Amanda’s tits now free, Ellen squeezed them roughly, and licked and sucked on her pink nipples.  Gently but firmly, Amanda pressed her hand on the top of Ellen’s head.  Taking the hint, Ellen started kissing down Amanda’s stomach, hooking her panties with her fingers when she got there.  Amanda kicked off her panties, and Ellen started kissing around her bush, before sliding her tongue into Amanda’s juicy slit. “Ohmygod!” Amanda moaned, her face screwing up as she felt Ellen’s tongue explore her dripping quim.  As Ellen ate her out, Amanda started to beat her ass against the door, making a slapping noise.

A few moments later, Amanda was on the bed, legs spread wide, as Ellen, now naked, buried her tongue deeper and deeper inside her steamy snatch. “Oh, God!  Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum!” About thirty seconds later, Amanda grabbed and pulled on Ellen’s hair, and then let out a high-pitched whine, as she came hard.

Ellen was now on her back, as Amanda started kissing down her chest.  When she got to Ellen’s nipples, Amanda gently bit them. “She seems to like biting,” Ellen thought.  Ellen lifted her arm over her head, and, to her surprise, Amanda started licking her armpit, and even tugging on her pit hair with her teeth. “This is weird,” Ellen mused to herself, “but I like it.”

Amanda kissed her way down Ellen’s stomach, and, maybe not as surprising this time, did the same thing with Ellen’s pussy hair as she did with her pit.  Ellen actually flinched a little when Amanda stuck her tongue in her pussy.  Ellen truly had no idea how badly Amanda secretly wanted her, until Amanda was just about literally making love to Ellen’s cunt with her mouth and tongue.  What really sent Ellen over the edge, though, was when Amanda did the teeth thing with her clit.  It took a surprisingly small amount of tugging, before Ellen came. “FUCK!” Ellen shrieked, as it hit her, and she screamed a few more times, as Amanda continued to nibble on her throbbing clitoris.

Some time later, Ellen lay there, grinning at the darkness, as a sleeping, smiling Amanda held her close. “When I get home,” Ellen thought, “I’m going to get a knife, and carve a notch in my bedpost.”

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