Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Roberts

Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Roberts
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, cons
Celebs: Ellen Page, Emma Roberts
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Some months after the theatre quickie with Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen was visiting Emma Roberts in her home.  There was a script that both were considering doing, and they decided to meet up at Emma’s place.  It was a hot day that day, and, on arriving, Ellen was greeted at the door by Emma, wearing a yellow bikini top, and cut-offs.

“Hey, Ell,” Emma said enthusiastically, “c’mon in!”

As the afternoon went on, Ellen couldn’t help checking Emma out, especially her legs, and her feet, which were bare.  As she read off a line, Emma wiped a copious amount of sweat off her brow.

“You hot?”

Emma started giggling uncontrollably at this question. “Um, thank you!”

“Oh, no, I meant-”

“Yeah, I know what you meant.” Emma fanned herself off. “But, yeah, it is hot.  Want a drink?”

“Uh, a coke I guess?”

“Alright.” Emma got up, and headed for the kitchen.  As she went, Ellen couldn’t help but watch Emma’s ass move, and got a devilish idea.

Emma stood with the freezer door open, filling a glass with ice cubes.  When she turned around, she found Ellen standing right behind her.

“Oh, hi.”

“Hey, Em.  I was just thinking, there’s more than one way…to cool off…” Ellen then gave Emma a long and sultry tongue-kiss.  As they made out, Ellen untied Emma’s top, and pulled it off her.  Emma looked down at her now exposed breasts, as Ellen took an ice cube from the glass, and then pressed it against one of Emma’s nipples.

“Houh!” Emma immediately gasped.  Ellen then alternated rubbing both her nipples with the ice, making them hard and pointy, and then licking and sucking on them.  As Ellen did this, Emma bit her lip, and her brow furrowed.  Ellen then held the ice cube between her teeth, and lowered to her knees, trailing down Emma’s stomach with it.  On getting down there, Ellen pulled down Emma’s cut-offs, along with her panties, which were already so moist, they clung to Emma’s skin.

Ellen then took the ice cube out of her teeth, and started to rub the outside of Emma’s pussy with it. “Ohf…” Emma’s face screwed up, as Ellen slid the ice between her pussy-lips. “Oh, God, Ellen…” Emma panted, “I can’t believe this is happening…” Ellen pushed the ice cube into Emma’s pussy-hole, and then started to lick her pulsating clit rhythmically. “Oh…Oh, God…” Emma’s knees started to shake, as Ellen licked and ice-fucked her.  Finally, Emma came, her legs almost buckling.

As Emma caught her breath, Ellen remembered Jen playing with her butt, and got an idea. “Turn around,” she said, authoritatively. Emma turned around, curious at what Ellen had in mind.  Ellen pushed on Emma’s back, tilting her forward, and then Emma felt the ice on her butt-hole.

“Oh.  Oh…” This was…a new kind of experience.  Ellen rubbed Emma’s asshole with the ice, causing Emma to twitch and shake.  Emma then almost jumped, when Ellen pushed the ice cube all the way into her ass, and then started to lick the outside.  Already, Emma felt like she was going to cum, as the ice cube slowly melted inside her asshole.  Emma started to hump the fridge, as the orgasm built up inside her.  Finally, Emma came, almost falling to her knees.

Ellen came back up, and kissed behind Emma’s ear, before whispering, “Did you like that, baby?”

“Oh, yes,” Emma grinned.  She then turned around, holding the glass, still full of ice. “But now, I think it’s your turn.”

Over the course of the afternoon, they used up the entire glass of ice on each-other.  By the time it was gone, they were exhausted, but also very cool.

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